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Practical Shooting - Putnam County Fish and Game Association
Putnam County Fish & Game Association
P.O. Box 418
Carmel, New York 10512
President’s Message
APRIL 2015
The snow is finally beginning to melt, warmer weather is just around the corner and Putnam County Fish
and Game is beginning to heat up!
I want to send a special “Thanks” to John Schippers and Frank Casella for their done installing the new
countertop and cabinets in the Shooter Lounge. I also want to thank Marion Fuscaldo and her team of “Leprechauns” for the great St. Patrick’s Day dinner. It was a huge success.
There are a number of events planned over the next few months. On Saturday, April 4th we are having an
Easter Egg Hunt and Pancake Breakfast. Bring the kids and enjoy the day!
April 18th will be the first Work Day of the year. After this harsh winter there is much to be done to get the
club in shape for the warm weather and the host of social and shooting events planned. This is a great opportunity for everyone to help your club and get Volunteer Hours done.
The best way to keep informed about your club is to attend the meetings. After a long week of work, the last
thing you want to do is spend a Friday evening sitting through a long drawn out meeting where very little
gets done. With the help of the Board members and the Officers of the club I have been able to keep the
meetings short. We stay on topic and we stick to business. The first three meetings of the year ended before
9:30. I will do my best to keep meetings short and informative. In addition to General Member meetings,
all members are welcome to attend our Board meetings. These are held on the last Friday of the month and
begin at 7:30pm. Board meetings generally run longer than membership meetings because we try to get as
much work as possible done so that we don’t have to bore you at the membership meetings.
Finally, I would like to wish all of our members Happy Easter and Happy Passover!
Tony Chirles
pril 10
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Nick Pagliuca
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Volunteers Needed
Calling all volunteers: we need general
clean up, plumbers, electricians, stone masons, welders, painters, lawn mowing, leaf
blowing, raking, chefs/cooks, kitchen help,
event set up and break down, and more!
Please email me with your skill/interests.
Thank you.
Marion Fuscaldo
PCFGA House/Grounds Chair
[email protected]
Work Day on Saturday, April 18
[email protected]
Shooting Events
22 Silhouette Shoots
Sat, 4/11/- 12 noon
Sat, 5/9/- 12 noon
Sat, 6/13-100yd Pistol Shoot - 9am to noon.
Sat, 7/11- 100yd Lever Action Shoot - 9am to
Sat, 9/5 - Black Powder Shoot - 9am to noon.
Training Classes
Sat., 4/25 NRA Defensive Pistol 8am - 7pm
Tues., 6/9 Refuse To Be a Victim 6 - 10pm
Thurs., 9/10 Preparedness Seminar 6 - 10pm
PCFGA St. Patrick Dinner Limerick - Marion Fuscaldo
there once was a club in Putnam
who had a corned beef dinner that was really ‘somethin
they ate every carrot and tater
and asked if there would be seconds later
but their appetites left nothin
Legislative Update – Nicholas S. Castellano, Legislative Committee Chair
Janet Hasson, the Journal News editor who was responsible for publishing the names and addresses of
pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland, has resigned. It is estimated that the newspaper lost
30% of their subscribers over that incident, and the paper is still in a court battle with Putnam County
because they want to publish our personal information as well.
After a huge public outcry, the ATF has backed down from their recent effort to administratively ban
M855/SS109 ammunition, and director B. Todd Jones has resigned with this event as the capstone of
his career. Your voice was heard loud and clear in Washington, and you should never stop letting it be
The DEC has adopted new freshwater fishing regulations. Details can be found on the DEC web site at and will be effective April 1, 2015.
Be sure to check in regularly on the club web site at for important legislative updates and alerts.
Rifle Range Lockers - Rich Gleason
We currently have a limited number of Rifle Range Lockers available for rent. The rental fee is $12.50
for April 2015 thru next September.
NOTE: The annual renewal fee for the next fiscal year starting in Sept. 2015 is $25.
If the demand exceeds availability, we will hold a drawing to determine who will be provided with the
opportunity to rent a locker. The drawing will held 5 days after the release date of the newsletter.
Those interested in renting a locker contact Rich G. at [email protected] or call (845) 6287669 and leave a message include your name, e-mail address or telephone number.
Safety Matters - Jerry Meenan
Greetings from sunny Boynton Beach, Florida. I am not going to rub it in, but most of you have experienced more cold and snow than a person deserves.
Whether you live in New York, Florida or any other part of the country, the NRA is launching an important change this year. According to the NRA Training Update the NRA is changing the format of
the Basic Pistol Shooting Course. The course is going to be blended, that is, the NRA shall provide
the classroom part of the course electronically, while the NRA certified Pistol Shooting instructors will
teach the students the range portion of the course. The “eLearning” component will allow the student
flexibility as to when they do their on-line work: days, nights, or weekends. The NRA states that the
work will include interactive applications, lecture, animation, review questions, and a final examination. After successful completion of the final exam the student arranges with a certified instructor to
do the “hands on” live fire part of the course. The NRA is responding to feedback from students that
they want more quality range time. The students want smaller classes, more range time and one-on-one
The instructors will assess the students and provide them an NRA course completion certificate. The
certificate is generally used by students in New York State to upgrade their restricted pistol permit to
“full carry” or to obtain an out of state pistol permit.
Individuals seeking to use the new NRA blended course in New York State as part of their application
to obtain their first pistol permit may encounter problems. Many conscientious instructors working
within the constraints of New York State law and the NRA’s requirements to earn a Basic Pistol Shooting certificate will be hampered in their efforts. The approach used has been to teach the classroom
portion of the course and use airsoft or pellet pistols on the range. The NRA requires that to earn their
certificate a student must participate in live fire exercises using real guns and live ammunition.
Safety Matters - Jerry Meenan (cont’d)
Therefore, the instructor would provide the student an official letter documenting their classroom training to submit with their application. Once the student received their pistol permit the instructor would
follow up and complete the live fire exercises and issue the student their NRA certificate. There is an
exception in the NYS penal code that allows for a student under very rigorous conditions to handle and
fire a pistol during training prior to getting a pistol permit. Westchester County actually has a provision
to assist applicants in obtaining permission to do just this. Most people find it so draconian that they do
not attempt it. Questions surround the admissibility of using an electronic course in a similar way.
Furthermore, the instructor bears a significant responsibility for providing safe pistol training. The traditional course was eight hours. The instructor could assess the student’s ability and attitude throughout
the eight hours. Now the instructor may only have a few hours to accomplish this. Because of this limitation some instructors may not be comfortable issuing a certificate to a person of questionable attitude
or ability because of liability issues. In addition, the instructor’s name and instructor ID number appear
on the certificate. State licensing agencies pay serious attention to that information.
Lastly, the NRA will be charging a fee for the electronic portion of the course. As of yet they have not
determined what the fee will be. So now the students will be charged two fees: one by the NRA and
one for the shooting component of the course.
The NRA is going forward with the blended Basic Pistol Shooting course for 2015 and in years to come
other basic shooting courses, for example, rifle and shotgun will adopt the blended format, too.
In 1871 the NRA had a primary goal to: “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.”
In 2015 the NRA will use electronic technology to further the efforts of new shooters in the safe handling and accurate shooting of pistols.
Practical Shooting
Maybe you’ve tired of the same old stand-‘n’-shoot at the same old targets, over, and over, and over. Or
perhaps you’ve exercised your right to own a defensive handgun, acquired a concealed carry license,
and are now wondering where and how you can hone your defensive pistolcraft skills in a sporting
“Practical Shooting” is a fun, fast-paced, action shooting sport, using courses of fire and scenarios that
challenge your mind, your body, and your hardware. The only restrictions on course designs pertain to
safety and standardized targets; beyond that, the sky’s the limit! Multiple targets, moving targets, partial targets, knock-down steel targets, no-shoot targets that cover or obscure “shoot” targets, barricades,
doors, windows, walls, tables, all these and other props are mixed together to create constantly changing situations which challenge you to shoot and think! As Practical Shooting is freestyle, you provide
the solution to the shooting problem, and both your score (points) and speed (time) are factored.
Safety First, Foremost, and Always!
Owning a gun doesn’t make you a safe shooter any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.
In fact, it WILL make you a dangerous one if you’re not willing to learn how to safely control the force
at your fingertips.
Firearm safety is ultimately a matter of personal responsibility and self-control; two key qualities
stressed in Practical Shooting. The shooter is always responsible for his or her actions and safe gun
handling. Safety violations will lead to disqualification from matches. The careless will find other
shooters intolerant of sloppy gun handling; they expect to compete under safe conditions. Practical
Shooting is SAFETY IN ACTION: SAFETY is the watchword of the entire program! Practical Shooters instinctively practice safe gun handling under pressure, and they demand the same of others. Before
you are allowed to compete in any match or organized practice, a Practical Shooting Safety Check and
Orientation is always required — always
Practical Shooting (cont’d)
Your Safety Check and Orientation
At your Safety Check, you will need to have:
A serviceable and safe handgun, minimum caliber 38 spl./9mm. All of the critical safeties on your
handgun must be functional.
A safe holster on a belt; the muzzle of the handgun must point downwards to the ground within three
feet of you when standing naturally relaxed, the trigger must be covered, and the belt upon which the
holster and allied equipment are carried must be secured at waist level (no shoulder holsters, S.O.B.
holsters, “Tactical” thigh holsters, fanny packs, etc.)
Magazines or speed loaders, and carriers for same. Bring at least 100 rounds of safe ammunition
Ear and eye protection.
At your Safety Check, you will need to demonstrate these safe gun-handling skills:
Clearing and checking your gun
Loading and making ready
Draw and fire from various starting positions
Safely reloading your gun while stationary, and while moving
Safe down and cross-range movement
Safely engaging multiple targets from multiple shooting positions
Safely clearing a jam
Unloading and clearing
Your Guns, Gear, & Ammo: Getting Started
First, shoot a few matches. You can actually get started with minimal equipment: A safe gun and holster, ammo carriers, a belt, and several hundred rounds of ammunition. Eye and hearing protection are
mandatory. You can start with two magazines (or speed loaders), but most shooters carry four or more
(courses of fire requiring up to 30 rounds are not uncommon). Your gun must be serviceable and safe.
Start with the gun you selected for personal protection – your first few matches with it will tell you a
lot! Don’t rush out and spend money on any equipment – you’ll be sorry later! Study what other shooters are using and ask them about their guns and gear; they’re always happy to help new shooters. Gun
store commandos and Rambo wanna-be’s have no place in our sport, so leave your camouflage clothing
and your shirts with those clever and/or obscene sayings at home. Practical Shooting is a sport – not
SWAT training, not combat training, not militia apprenticeship! Un-sportsmanlike appearance and/or
behavior will get you barred from the range.
Your First Match
Nervous about your first “public performance?” Most people are! Relax and enjoy it! Moreover, everyone you meet had a first match too; we’ve all been there. You’ll find that both experienced shooters
and Range Officers are friendly and helpful with new shooters. We all enjoy Practical Shooting, and
we want to get you started right! Above all else, though, forget speed! Walk through the match – it’s
the smart move. To be good at this (or any other) sport, you have to pay your dues, learn the fundamentals, and be able to apply them on demand. Forget speed – think safe and smooth! Forget your time
– concentrate on getting all “A” hits. Forget winning – think about your front sight. Practical Shooting
is very much a mental game. Finally, concentrate on controlling your gun! Nobody wants to see you
get disqualified on your first time out because of a safety violation, but it will happen if you try to run
before you can walk, or try to miss fast before you can hit anything slow. Concentrate on learning safe
gun handling practices – speed will come with practice and experience (or, put another way, it’ll happen by itself or it won’t happen at all – don’t “try” to go fast). Always, always, always pay attention to
your muzzle direction and where your trigger finger is!
*Adapted from USPSA Introduction to Practical Shooting
Corned Beef Dinner
March 15, 2015
Photo Credit: Marilyn Miller
Corned Beef Dinner
March 15, 2015
t: Car
Calendar of Events
Saturday, April 4
Pancake Breakfast (9:00am)
& Easter Egg Hunt (10:00am)
Open to members & families only.
Arts & Crafts – Face Painting – Egg Hunt*
*egg hunt is for children 12 and under
$ 5 per person; 12 and under – free admission
Reminder: air gun range is open.
Parental Supervision
Required – Bring your own eyes/ears
& 177 flat nose pellets. Please rsvp
Friday, April 17
Hudson Valley Friends of NRA Dinner, Stony Point, NY
Saturday, April 18
Work Day
Sunday, April 19
PCFGA Pasta Dinner & Board Game Night* (5:00pm)
$8.00 per person.
RSVP by April 15. [email protected]
*Bring your favorite board game or cards.
Saturday, April 25
Mid-Hudson Friends of NRA Dinner, Fishkill, NY
Sunday, April 26
3D Archery Tournament & Swap Meet
Saturday, May 9
NRA Day 3-Gun Event
Sunday, May 24
Memorial Breakfast
Sunday, June 14
Flag Day Observance & Luncheon
Sunday, July 19
PCFGA Annual Picnic (raindate Aug 2)
Friday-Sunday, Ju;y 24-26
Putnam County 4H Fair
Saturday, August 15
Big Screen Movie Night Under the Stars
Monday, September 21
September Equinox Family Dinner
Thursday, September 24
Putnam County Friends of NRA Dinner, Jefferson Vally, NY
Sunday, October 25
Pumpkin Carving Family Style
Sunday, November 15
Game Night Dinner
Thursday, December 17
Volunteer Recognition Holiday Dinner
Saturday, December 19
Breakfast with Santa
Protect yourself and your family from today’s criminal. Attend the Refuse To Be A Victim®
crime prevention and personal safety seminar, a program of the National Rifle Association.
You will get the tools you need to develop your own personal safety strategy, including information on:
The Psychology of the Criminal Mind
Home & Phone Security
Automobile & Travel Security
Personal & Technological Security
Information on Self-Defense Tools & Training Options
And more!
Date: June 9, 2015
Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm (Please arrive early to check-in, doors open 5:30pm)
Location: Putnam County Fish and Game Association, 290 Drewville Road, Carmel, NY
Cost: The seminar cost is $15.00 per person (includes all seminar materials & extra handouts)
and is open to ALL PCFGA members and their families!
Logon to now to register (must
register in advance)!
For more information contact Steven Donahoo - [email protected] or call
(914) 471-5632!
NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar for PCFGA Members & Their Family Members
Putnam County Fish & Game Association
P.O. Box 418
Carmel, New York 10512