Chapter One Questions


Chapter One Questions
APUSH Chapter 1 Reading Questions
The "discovery" of America by Columbus initiated a series of cultural contacts between Native
Americans, Europeans and Africans in the Western Hemisphere. Each of these people brought
preconceptions molded by their long histories to their contacts with the others. In turn, each group of
people was molded by its contact with the others.
1. Why did "Europeans sailing in the waking of Admiral Columbus" create a narrative of
superiority? (p. 3)
2. Why were the Aztecs so dominant? Where did they dominate? (p. 6-7)
3. Where were Eastland Woodland cultures located? What were their politics like? What was their
culture like? (p. 7)
5. How did linguistic ties (language barriers/misunderstandings) play a role in Native American
politics, esp. with regard to the arrival of the Europeans? How did it facilitate European conquest?
6. Did Native Americans and Europeans have any shared trading, civilization, religious or education
values? (p. 8-9)
7. How did the appealing death rate influence New England settlement? (p. 10)
8. The following questions are from the Featured Essay, “Columbian Exchange” beginning on pages
a. What plants and animals were transferred to each land mass and how did it transform each
b. What was the role of the horse in the New World?
c. How were Old World economies reshaped by the Columbian Exchange?
d. What is the Columbian Exchange?
9. What was a Spanish conquistador and what did they do? (16-17, 19)
10. What are basic facts about Columbus? Why did explorers like Columbus call the new land, Indies
and people Indians? Why is the new world called America and not Columbia? (p. 17-18)
11. What is the Treaty of Tordesillas and why is it significant? (p. 18)
12. For what reasons did the Spanish move to the New World? How did Spain hope to control New
Spain? What is the encomienda system? (19-20)
13. What were French reasons for migrating to the New World? (p. 21)
14. What are the different French and British views about Indians? Why did the British fear the
spreading of French influence?
15. What did Martin Luther’s reformation do to Europe? Why is that significant to Europeans
migrating to the New World? (p. 22, 24)
16. Who was John Calvin? What did he and Calvinists believe? What group of people who put his
teachings into practice known as?
17. What did an increasing number of wealthy gentlemen seek to do in the 1570s? Who was Sir
Walter Raleigh? Why did he name a marvelous region, “Virginia”? (p. 25)
18. Why was Roanoke, Virginia, a colony set up for Raleigh’s adventure, seem ill-fated from the
start? (p. 25)
Go to and type in the title for each Crash Course US History Episode. This is a nice
way to recap your Chapter 1 reading with fill in the blank notes (not all the details from the reading
are here, but this DEFINITELY helps paint a better picture for you). Please do not rely on this intead
of your actual textbook reading assignments.
Crash Course US History Episode #1: The Black Legend, Native Americans and Spaniards
*What did the Native Americans have?
*How were Native American populations decimated?
*Most native groups organized as ____________________
West coast Indians lived by _________________, _____________________ and __________________.
Great Plains Indians were ___________________________ and united under ___________________ best known is the
______________________________ Confederacy.
*To the first peoples, land was _____________________________ to use and not to own.
*The ________________________ were the first Europeans to explore the world.
*Ponce de Leon arrived in ___________________ in 1513 looking for _______________ and ______________.
*The Spanish wanted to colonize _______________ to set ______________ up _________________ and Spanish missionaries
came to ________________________ the local population.
*Other than Florida, the Spanish colonized ______________________. Franciscan friars became
Later, the economienda was banished.
*What is the Black Legend? How did the English use it to justify going to America?