Tomorrow Wiser Leadership Generation


Tomorrow Wiser Leadership Generation
Tomorrow Wiser Leadership Generation
1. Organization Overview
2. Why RIZE
3. Strategic Pillars
4. Team Pledge Goals
5. How to get Involved
6. Contact
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
Organization Overview
R I Z E (Revolutionary Independent Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs) non-profit
organization serves to promote self-belief, unity and creative entrepreneurship
amongst young Zimbabweans through Education, Empowerment and Leadership
Development. RIZE Organization registered Companies House No: 08563908.
Our Mission
Bring about the essence of being Proud Zimbabwean by starting a youth
movement across the nation and the diaspora.
Bridge the generational gap by supporting active participation and working
together of our Elders and the youth to rebuild the Bread-basket of Africa
Our Vision
Bred tomorrow`s future, a wiser leadership generation.
Promote, showcase the heritage and culture of Zimbabwe as a brand.
Rebuild, grow and support our communities by investing resources into projects
promoting creative entrepreneurship in youth culture.
Support our education system with Scholarships, Grants and other resources
that enables capacity development.
Our Foundation Principle
Identify the Purpose, Potential and Opportunities of Youth in our community and
champion collaborative initiatives that unlock their full capabilities.
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
 Platform for Youth Voice, Mentorship, Education and Entrepreneurship
 Champion youth designed programmes for the Youth led by Youth.
 Promote community engagement to foster long-term growth strategy
aimed at achieving self-sustainability of our society.
 Promote active participation, advocacy and contribution of young people
in Key Economic Agendas.
 Bring Hope to the masses and re-energise self-belief in rebuilding our
nation Zimbabwe.
 As generation evolved, we (Youth) are ready to have our efforts noticed to
take part in rebuilding our economy.
 We understand our `own` and it is virtually impossible for the older
generation to role-play us in the society.
 RIZE Organization will implement BACK-TO-BASICS grooming strategy
focused on nurturing unity, self-belief from primary and secondary school.
 We are the passion-fuelled generation determined to cultivate positive
attitude in appraising Zimbabwe through unification and patriotism on
another level.
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
Strategic Pillars
RIZE Organization is a platform for young people to VOICE, develop, expand and
drive their talents & interests. We champion youth initiatives through 4 strategic
RIZE Entrepreneurship program is centered at engaging the youth as businessminded people by offering opportunities to broaden their knowledge and skills
through Mentorship focused on transferable core business competencies in
strategic management and leadership.
RIZE embrace the Need to groom young people to start or get involved in
entrepreneurship ventures at a tender age. RIZE Mentorship program will equip
the young people with strategic tools and techniques focused on long term
sustainability of those projects or business ventures.
Entrepreneurship empowers young people to build a vision for their
Build confidence while increasing leadership skills.
Develop and strengthen young people entrepreneurial mind-set.
Gain creative problem solving and decision making skills ready for market
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
Youth development is a backbone focus for RIZE in preparing youth for success
by resources facilitation, education and community engagement aided through
Youth Empowerment and Capacity Development programmes.
Investing in Youth creates economic value-added contribution to the
nation and instills positive attitude in young people becoming great leaders.
Youth Empowerment is a cultural process by which young people gain decision
making authority in the society about changes they want to implement for their
Capacity Development is the skills building process and improving knowledge of
people, organizations and society to create and more diverse socio-cultural
enabling environment in which all entities effectively in synergy make use of
resources around them.
New vision generation leadership is the new hope of Africa, those who are
dynamic and intellectual agile. The ones that understand accountability, good
governance, transparency and have zero-tolerance on corruption, a parasite that
had destroyed the African dream.
The RIZE VOICE is a strategic pillar of the organization that promotes unified
collaboration and build close communities relationship ties of local Zimbabwean
and the diaspora centered at 2 projects: RIZE Movement & RIZE CAMPAIGN.
Everyone has to Role play in REBUILDING our nation Zimbabwe.
RIZE MOVEMENT is the REACH-OUT program focused on bridging the
generational gap between our elders and the youth and encourage close
community relationship ties between local Zimbabwean and the diaspora.
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
RIZE CAMPAIGN is the RAISING AWARENESS program focused on inviting back
expatriated talent to re-invest skills and resources back home. The Campaign
also encourage advocacy in young people and actively participate in key
economic agendas and to be unified as one voice.
Arts & Culture help us celebrate our diverse society and bring a lasting economic
benefit to communities through inspirational creative work that empowers
others. RIZE Organization has identified that there is a cohesion between art &
culture and youth lifestyle. We want to foster an atmosphere and a culture that
is highly creative in which young people can be themselves in showcasing their
RIZE Organization will use arts & culture as a powerful media vehicle platform
to reach our message to the world.
ABRA Tribe International
ABRA Tribe International is our media powerhouse house
strategic partner delving in media and entertainment,
fashion and events management. ABRA Tribe
International is a network of young entrepreneurs
whose mission is to use innovation and passion
integrated with entertainment and multimedia
talents so as to bring about an African Identity that
can be proudly expressed, inherited and appreciated
Why Music
In a social context music defines a person.
Music is a powerful identifier who you are and where your belong.
Music can bring a purpose to life.
RIZE Organization has identified that Music (Arts and Culture) play a pivotal role
as a common denominator in our society with more youth involved, supporting
and participating.
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
Team Pledge Goal
Create new generation leadership with high performance as delivery value
while demonstrating transferable managerial fundamental skills.
 Strategic thinking and decision making :
Always seeking for information continuously and exploring
 Developing individuals ,teams and the organization :
Through listening, coaching and facilitating, learning and
 Inspiring :
Positive Influence, communication strengths, connecting and
motivating one another.
 Continuously Improvement :
Proactively removing barriers to action and focus on value delivery
with monitored performance milestones to enhance the key drivers
of the organization.
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
Get Involved
One can get involved in with the organization through various ROLES:
 Partner Network
o Our partnership program connects leading Entrepreneurs, Social
Responsible (SR) Organization and Blue-chip companies to foster
growth and create opportunities for the youth by providing
Resources, Certified training, mentorship etc. Partnership Tier
range from Global Partners, Alliances, Education, Marketplace and
Events Partners.
 Advocacy
o Speak out, raise awareness & get involved in generating
conversations that bring solution-oriented, positive contribution to
the society. Restating fundamentals of constitutional rights and
policies on economic agendas governing public interest in all
sectors (HealthCare, Political, Education, Environment etc.).
 Volunteering
o Our volunteer program connects young people to the best
opportunities that match their goals and passion. We make
volunteer program fun, enjoyable, easy and accessible to
individuals and groups with training support and intiatives.We will
take care of you-type of an environment!
 Sponsoring a Cause or Project
o One can support the Non-profit Organization outreach programs in
Education funding, Youth Development, Entrepreneurship Hub,
Arts & Culture to help our society get in the path of selfsustainability. Mentorship is welcome, as a valuable input resource
that provide strategic guidance and direction for young people.
RIZE Organization
[email protected]
Please contact us on
[email protected]
Or visit us
RIZE Organization
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