Player Name: ______________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________ Player Weight: ___
Players 2012 SPW Team: ________________
2014 Division: Midget Jr. Midget Pee Wee Jr. Pee Wee
Mighty Mite Tiny Mite
Flag Cheer
Equipment Sizes: Helmet _________ Shoulder Pads __________ Game Pants _________ Game Jersey ____
By signing below, the parent/guardian of the player acknowledges and consents to the
following rules and policies of Scottsdale Pop Warner and further acknowledges
terms and conditions, along with all other required documents, constitute a legally
binding agreement between the Parent/Guardian, the Player, and Scottsdale Pop
1. All registration fees and other charges are non-refundable.
2. Scottsdale Pop Warner will provide each tackle football player with a helmet,
shoulder pads, leg pads and game uniform (jersey & pants). Players are required
to provide their own practice uniform consisting of a white football jersey, white
football pants, cleats, and mouth guard.
All equipment furnished by Scottsdale Pop Warner is and remains the exclusive
property of the League. Failure to return all equipment at the end of the season (not
later than 11-15-14) will result in a charge of $250, which the parent/guardian
agrees to pay to Scottsdale Pop Warner.
Players are expected to attend all practices, team meetings and games. Games will
be scheduled on holiday/fall break weekends. Failure to attend team events will
result in reduced playing time or suspension.
Players, parents and coaches will be held to highest standards of sportsmanship and
conduct. Failure to comply with League rules and codes of conduct will result in
reduced playing time or suspension from the league.
At the present time player certification is scheduled for August 9 & 16, although
these dates are subject to change. All players must be in attendance. Failure to
attend certification, provide league required information, or be certified in an
age/weight bracket will result in an inability to participate in league play.
The Board or Head Coach of each team reserves the right to reduce or suspend a
player from participation in practices and/or games based upon injury or
player/parent conduct.
8. Scottsdale Pop Warner reserves the right to assign a player to any team or division,
based upon the player’s age, weight and/or team personnel allocations needs.
Scottsdale Pop Warner does not guarantee that a player will be assigned to any
specific team or coach.
10. Arizona Pop Warner is implementing a Division 1, 2 and 3 structure for the 2014
season. Scottsdale Pop Warner and Arizona Pop Warner reserve the right and shall
have the sole discretion in assigning teams to a particular division.
11. Scottsdale Pop Warner does not and will not guarantee any particular practice
field and the field locations may be different than the previous year. Players
will not be assigned or re-assigned to a particular team/field based upon the
player’s home address and proximity to any particular practice field.
12. Scottsdale Pop Warner home games will be played at Desert Mountain High School
with away games scheduled at various other locations, including as far away as
Queen Creek. Games will begin as early as 8:00 AM with players arriving as early
as 6:30 AM, including away games.
) Rr1tA113 lDyHIs1SrRBIBIRQ 161R2tsGDl113 RS1WDUr1IIHIM1TAe1UgAt1tR, 1but1sADll1
not be required to, have each tackle player over the age of 11 complete a baseline
concussion test, by a medical professional at the selection of Scottsdale Pop
Warner and/or Arizona Pop Warner. An additional charge of $25 may be
assessed for player testing.
Signature of Parent/Guardian:League Officer
By: D a t e : [This
Printed Name:
area for Scottsdale Pop Warner Use Only]
2014 Player Fees & Charges:
Flag Football Registration Fee
Tackle Football Registration Fee
SPW Field Assessment
Cheer Registration Fee
Voluntary Contribution
$ ________
(Scottsdale Pop Warner is a 501c3 non-profit organization and your
contribution may be tax deductible)
Family Discount
<$ _____ >
($25/child for each additional child @ same registration)
Total Fees $ _______
Items submitted, accepted and approved at
registration (Note any missing items):
______ Player Photo
______ Weight Verification
______ Birth Certificate
______ Report Card
_____ Player Contract and Parental Consent Form
______Player Physical Form
______ Volunteer Application
_____ Application of Scholarship/Waiver of Fees
Approved by:

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