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 INDEX Introduction How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel in 7 Easy Steps 7 Morning Rituals to Infuse Your Day with Angelic Energy Crystals and Prayers for the Seven Core Chakra Archangels Your Angel Altar Your Angel Communication Crystal Dreamwork with the Angels Doing a Daily Angel Oracle Draw as a Spiritual Practice Introduction
When I was 6 years old, angels lifted me out of my body and into the heart of the cosmos. I was shown colours and geometric shapes not found on Earth. Angelic music played and filled my soul with unspeakable joy. I felt loved and safe. The angels gave me this gift so that I would always know there was another reality… a more ​
real ​
and eternal ​
reality. This out­of­body experienced sustained me through an abusive childhood and helped me hold onto hope later in life too when things got tough but it wasn’t the last I heard from my angels... At age 15, I was miraculously saved from a rapist by my Guardian Angel who lifted him off me (yes, really!!) so I could escape even though he had pinned me down and was much larger than me. After a healing crisis at age 27, I become attuned once more to angelic energy and gradually began to perceive angels in subtle ways. At age 33, my Guardian Angel introduced himself by name as I was drifting off to sleep. I owe the angels my life. If it weren’t for some of the experiences they granted me, I would probably have checked out and I certainly wouldn’t have a clue about my Life Purpose. Life can be very harsh and it is easy to get lost in a world that preaches material success at the cost of pretty much anything else. This free guide is my way of giving back a little because I have been so blessed by the Angels. It will help you connect with your angels and align with your Life Purpose too, beloved Earth Angel! Brightest Angel Blessings, Lisa Frideborg Teesdale, April 2015 Angelorum on Facebook How To Connect With Your Guardian Angel in 7 Easy Steps
Did you know that 38% of people here in Britain believe in guardian angels?​
The number might seem surprisingly high today’s secularised society but many people who never set foot inside a church have experienced some kind of presence in their lives that they cannot explain away. On the flip side, the popularity of angels has also lead to it being a growing​
‘New Age Industry’​
and the monetization of angels does not sit well with many people who are becoming increasingly aware of $$$­grabbing self­made ‘gurus’ who are trying to charge for ancient wisdom that used to be freely available to everyone pre patriarchy. Good news:​
You don’t need to read books or attend classes to connect with your guardian angel!​
You just need to go within. It’s all there already. The following ​
7 Simple Steps​
may facilitate making the connection… * Make sure that you will be undisturbed for 30­60 minutes * Create a clean and inviting space so that you can relax fully * Light a candle with the intent of connecting with your Guardian Angel * Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and relaaaax deeply * Mentally ask your Guardian Angel to make him/herself known (they are genderless beings but can choose to appear as a certain gender) * In a relaxed state you may sense a gentle tingling, see some colours flash before your third eye and even hear your angel * Enter into dialogue with your angel – Ask anything you wish to know, such as your angel’s name… any advice your angel may have for you etc. Close the dialogue with gratitude for your angel’s loving presence in your life and know that you can always return to this sacred space. You may also like to make a note of your Angelic encounter in your journal. My own Guardian Angel made himself known to me one afternoon while I was napping, so (contrary to what some would have you believe) they can sometimes pop in uninvited. As I started drifting off to sleep, I could feel a warm and loving presence hovering above my bed. I asked his (although gender is not really an issue with angels) name and was given ‘Jeremiel’ – this was before I even knew who all the Archangels were and I had to Google Jeremiel to find out more! Some people say that Archangels cannot also be Guardian Angels but I know this to not be so, and I know of others too who have Archangels for Guardians. The fact that it was Jeremiel who made contact and not the other way around also busts the myth that you have to ask for them to make contact. This really should not come as a surprise if you consider that every angelic encounter and dialogue in the Bible was initiated by the angels rather than the people involved! I have since been given information that the Archangels are like divine messenger nodes in the Matrix and that the energy they project into 3D (which is far too dense for them) is just that – a projection, which allows them to take any form. Whoever your Guardian Angel turns out to be, please know that there is no job too small or too big for them to help out with, so talk to them frequently! 7 Morning Rituals to Infuse Your Day with Angelic Energy
Are your mornings serene, joyful and filled with self­care… or are you running around like a headless chicken like so many of us? One of the main prerequisites to getting your day off to a great start is ​
rising early enough​
so that you do not have to rush. Your angels are on board with that too. They would like some attention before you head out for the day. The angels have countless blessings to share with you… and all they ask of you in return is a bit of time and some mindfulness. Below you will find seven of my favourite ways to infuse my day with ​
angelic energy and the qualities of ​
love ​
and ​
… * Already sipping on lemon water first thing in the morning? GREAT! However, you can make it even better by asking ​
archangel ​
(angel of beauty) to bless it and to purify, balance and make every cell of your body ​
as beautiful as possible​
(in the angelic sense, not in the size 0 model sense) so that you can radiate your pure light into the world. * Greeting the Sun is another wonderful way to invoke angelic energy, as well as connect with Nature. ​
Archangel Michael​
is the ruler of the Sun. He is the chief archangel and protects anyone in need because he, like all the angels because they are not bound by time or matter, can be in many places at once. Thank him for allowing the sun to rise another day and ask for his ​
throughout the day. * The Lunar angel is ​
archangel Gabriel​
. He rules Monday and the main flower associated with him is jasmine. Try swapping your morning cuppa for some organic green tea with jasmine and invoke his blessing. As ruler of the Moon, he can help you stay in tune with higher ​
intuitive guidance​
and to hear any angelic messages you may be getting during the day clearly. * If you have time, you might also want to light some incense. I recommend sandalwood for invoking ​
archangel Uriel​
and the angels of Peace​
but feel free to use any scent that makes you feel at peace. There are even ​
ready­made blends​
for each of the archangels that you can buy online. Offer up a ​
prayer for peace​
within self and in the world as you light your choice of incense. Personally, I like to keep it simple and use joss sticks because they are easy to get hold of, cheap and do the job. Recently I have fallen in love with ​
handmade Tibetan incense​
, made by monks. It is slightly more expensive but creates a wonderful uplifting energy in the room. * Play some ​
angelic music​
and invoke the blessing of ​
archangel ​
. Yes, there will still be mornings when you want to rock it out to Pink or Maroon 5 because you have moves like Jagger but on days you feel extra stressed, it may be a better option to start your day with some serene tunes that help you relax and just breathe… * Speaking of which, why not take 5 minutes and do a ​
healing breath meditation​
with Archangel Raphael?​
Raphael is the ruler of the ​
Element of Air​
and the main Healing Angel. Feel free to have some soft music playing in the background for this. (Trust me, Maroon 5 is not best choice for this.) All you need to do is sit or lie comfortably. Ask ​
archangel Raphael​
to help you release any energetic blocks before you begin… Focus on the sensation of the air going in and out of your nostrils for a few minutes. Use the breath to completely clear your mind. Any time your mind strays, simply bring it back to the sensation of cool dry air going in and warmer, moister air flowing out through your nostrils. Do not force your breath, simply observe. End the meditation by giving thanks to Raphael and bring yourself back to the room at a pace that feels comfortable. Now you have a clear head and are ready to make plans for the day! * The archangel to call on for help with work­related plans and for sticking to your goals is ​
archangel ​
, ruler of Saturn. Please be mindful that he will only work with you if you are willing to stay disciplined about ​
achieving your goals​
– no freebies with this rather stern angels. Archangels Cassiel and Raphael can also help you stay on track with your morning workout. Call on Cassiel if you feel like bailing on your routine and Raphael for help with finding the best type of exercise for your body type and any particular health concerns you may have. Crystals and Prayers for the Seven Core Chakra Archangels
As we begin the journey of ascension and open up to have all 12 chakras activated, we must first align the seven core chakras. The Archangels can help with this. To connect fully and clear any energy blocks, you can use crystals and prayers for each of the chakras. The prayers are meant to be spoken out loud, as the sound vibration of your voice enables further clearing/healing. It is great if you can hold the crystals one by one or place them on your chakras as you do this exercise but you do not need to have all the crystals mentioned at hand. It is enough to visualise the colour of each chakra. You do need some time to ground and centre before you begin. Make sure that you will not be disturbed. Light a candle and invoke the protection of your Guardian Angel. Light some incense if you like. Sandalwood or frankincense work will for clearing your energy and raising your vibration. Visualise each chakra in turn, starting with the root chakra. Breathe into the chakra deeply, three times (in through your nose and out through your mouth). Set the intent to use your out breath to clear any blockages. Then say the prayer for that chakra out loud. Spend a minute feeling the difference before you continue to the next chakra. The correspondences below may or may not resonate with you. That is OK. You are free to ask your angels and do your own research. It is not important that we all have identical beliefs but it is important that we align ourselves with and​
give expression to that which we believe and have tasted/experienced for ourselves. For a while, I was confused about how the Angel ruler of Mars, Samael/Chamuel, could be the angel of the Earth/Root chakra, while Uriel (ruler of North/Earth) is the angel of the Solar Plexus/Fire chakra. Then it clicked that this is how the Archangels help us pierce the illusion and experience the ‘As above, so below.’ Also, the Fire of the Root/Earth chakra is found in the kundalini (sexual/creative) energy which will rise through all chakras as blocks are cleared. Archangel Uriel rules Earth but is a an angel of pure Fire and brilliant light. He can help us stabilise the often volatile third chakra with his angels of peace. However, if this does not resonate, I urge you to find correspondences that work for you. 1. Root Chakra (red) ​
­ Archangel Samael (aka Chamuel). Hematite, ruby, red jasper Prayer:​
I invoke the healing power and protection of Archangel Chamuel for my root chakra. Mother­Father God, be my strength and my foundation. Amen 2. Sacral Chakra (orange)​
­ Archangel Gabriel. Carnelian, moonstone Prayer:​
I invoke the healing power and protection of Archangel Gabriel for my sacral chakra. Bless all my relationships with truth. Amen 3. Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow)​
– Archangel Uriel. Yellow calcite, citrine Prayer:​
I invoke the healing power and protection of Archangel Uriel for my solar plexus chakra. Help me radiate the peace of God into the world. Amen 4. Heart Chakra (green)​
– Archangel Raphael. Green aventurine. Prayer:​
I invoke the healing power and protection of Archangel Raphael for my heart chakra. Help me see all of creation with the angel eyes of unconditional love. Amen 5. Throat Chakra (blue)​
– Archangel Michael. Aqua aura, blue calcite, blue aventurine Prayer:​
I invoke the healing power and protection of Archangel Michael for my throat chakra. Help me express my Higher Self in all my communication. Amen 6. Third Eye Chakra (indigo)​
­ Archangel Zadkiel (aka Sachiel). Sugilite, lapis lazuli Prayer:​
I invoke the healing power and protection of Archangel Zadkiel for my third eye chakra. Open my third eye to see the reality beyond the illusion. Amen 7. Crown Chakra (purple/white)​
– Archangel Jeremiel.​
Amethyst, clear quartz Prayer:​
I invoke the healing power and protection of Archangel Jeremiel for my crown chakra. Transmute all obstacles to oneness and help me align with my Life Purpose. Amen Once you have completed the exercise, seal your aura off with any colour light you feel drawn to work with. Trust your own intuitive guidance on this and don’t be afraid to experiment. Try doing this exercise first thing in the morning for seven days and watch your life change! Dreamwork with the Angels
The angels love to connect with us in dreamtime because that is when we are in a totally relaxed state and free to interact outside the body. Make it a habit to invoke the protection of Archangel Michael before falling asleep and the assistance of Archangel Gabriel with dream interpretation, as well as with any healing work you might be doing for self and/or others while sleeping. To make sure you do not miss any important dream messages, take the following steps: ● Set the intent to remember your dreams and ask your Guardian Angel to help. ● Keep a dream journal or recording device by your bedside. ● When you first wake up, lie still with your eyes closed and press your inner ‘replay button,’ revisiting the dream in as great a detail as you possibly can. ● Write it all down and don’t worry about trying to make sense of it at this stage. ● Close with a prayer to Archangel Gabriel for help with the interpretation. ● Revisit the dream journal entry in the evening and write down your interpretation. Bear in mind that not all dreams contain prophetic messages. There is a particular type of dream that does carry VERY important messages though and this is a ‘dream vision’ ­ You will know it by how real it seems. So real, in fact, that when you wake up reality seems dull by comparison. This happens when the angels have an important message for you OR when someone who loves you is saying hello from heaven. My personal experience of the latter happened a few years after my grandmother has passed. She visited me in my dream, looking younger and healthier. She took me by the hand and showed me her garden in Heaven. She had been a keen gardener in real life too but nothing could compare me for the beauty she share with me in that dream. Waking up was painful. I just didn’t want to leave. This was almost 25 years ago and I still remember… and that is how you know it was a dream vision. Normal dreams fade fast… not so with dream visions and visitations. People who have the ability to guide their loved ones in Spirit like this are known as dream weavers. Their main Archangel is Gabriel and he is the one you should turn to if you would like to learn this skill for doing healing work while out of the body in dreamtime ­ another thing dream weavers are able to do. Keep a piece of selenite under your pillow or on your bedside table to facilitate angelic dream recall or to enhance your dream weaving skills. It might also be worth clearing your chakras each night before you go to sleep so that you can be a clear channel for dream work and interpretation if this is something that interests you. Your Angel Altar
Ideally, you would have a whole room in your house for prayer, healing and meditation… but let’s keep it real ­ not many of us are in that position. What you can do instead is create a strong focal point for angelic energy ­ an Angel Altar ­ that you can visit any time you want to connect with the Angels. And you don’t have to stick to just ONE! You can have one in the living room and one in the bedroom if you like. If you are a true angel lover, you will probably have angelic reminders dotted all around the house. However, the altar is different ­ it is sacred space and what goes on it matters… so what would you put on your Angel Altar? It is entirely up to you whether you would like to keep it very simple and just keep a candle or two and your ​
angel communication crystal​
on the altar. For those ceremonially inclined, it is nice to have a representation of the Angels of the Cardinal directions: Uriel (North), Raphael (East), Michael (South) and Gabriel (West). This can be done by either placing candles or crystals in the four directions. Candle correspondences for the Elemental angels: Uriel:​
White Raphael:​
Green Michael:​
Gold Gabriel: ​
Blue Crystal correspondences for the Elemental angels: Uriel:​
Clear quartz or yellow calcite Raphael:​
Green aventurine or peridot Michael:​
Amber or lapis lazuli Gabriel: ​
Moonstone or carnelian You can also decorate your altar with angel statues, bells, incense and flowers. A nice touch is to choose an altar cloth that represents the colour of your own Guardian Angel. It is also ideal if you can keep your Angel Oracle or Tarot cards on the altar, as well as the journal you use to write down any messages you receive from your angels. Your Angel Communication Crystal
After you have made contact with your Guardian Angel, you can go shopping with him. Ask him to guide you to the best crystal to help raise your vibration and receive clear messages from him. When buying a crystal, how to choose depends on what your strongest clair is. If you are claircognizant, you may just walk into the shop and ​
. If you are clairvoyant, the crystal that wants to be with you will stand out visually. If you are clairsentient, you are probably best off using the palm of your for scanning the crystals until you get a ‘hit’ through a tingling sensation or a difference in temperature compared with surrounding crystals. A clairaudient would typically hear either the name of the crystal or ‘that one!’ as your eyes rest on ​
your ​
crystal. After you bring your crystal home, you need to cleanse it. There are several methods for doing this. Most crystals are OK to cleanse under the tap but some crystals, such as selenite, will erode under water. Personally, I like to place the crystal in a glass bowl and cover it with filtered tap water to which I add a pinch of sea salt. I would leave it out in the moonlight over night on a full moon. For selenite, I would gently wipe the crystal with a soft cloth and then pass it through some frankincense or sandalwood incense. Some people like to bury their crystals in the ground to properly cleanse and recharge them with the energy of Earth. Others prefer passing them swiftly through the flame of a candle. Choose the method that most appeals to you. Once the crystal has been cleansed you can begin using it for angel communication in meditation. Simply sit quietly and focus on your breath to ground and centre, then ask your angel for any messages they may have for you. Doing a Daily Angel Oracle/Tarot Draw as a Spiritual Practice
Whether or not you believe in the power of the cards to tell fortunes or not, Angel Oracle and Tarot cards make wonderful tools for connecting with your own intuitive guidance. You can make this a daily spiritual practice at the start of each new day. This practice will bring you a host of benefits if you do it the right way, i.e. ​
. Here are a five tips that will enable mindfulness for your daily draw. 1. Create the right ambiance​
for mindful contemplation by lighting a candle and maybe some incense. Some people prefer silence and others soft meditation music playing in the background to drown out noise pollution. Feel free to experiment. 2. Use your breath​
to relax your body and clear your mind. Take a minute to allow the breath to ground and centre your energy. Breathe in light and breathe out love until you feel that your energy field is clear and your body relaxed. 3. Set the intention​
to receive clear guidance for the highest good of all. Ask for this ‘… in Love and Light’ out loud three times to create a strong energetic resonance and attract only pure divine guidance. 4. Keep a journal​
. It’s worth revisiting any thoughts you popped down in the evening for further insights. 5. Remind yourself often​
. Place the card where you can see it clearly and be reminded throughout the day. Your ​
Angel Altar​
would be the ideal place for this. If you are new to the Tarot but curious about using it for your daily Angel card draw, I recommend the ​
Angel Tarot Deck​
or the ​
Archangel Power Tarot​
by Doreen Virtue as the meanings are written on the cards. There is also a book, ​
The BIG Book of Angel Tarot​
, by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine about the symbology specific to the Angel Tarot Deck, astrological correspondences, reading tips, spreads and more. As for Angel Oracle decks, there are so many to choose from. Having a few different ones to is like having access to more than one spiritual teacher… I have listed some of my favourites below: * ​
he Angels of Atlantis​
– Nice big cards without winged humanoids. Ideal for those of you who prefer to see angels represented by light and colour, as well as for anyone with an interest in sound healing. * ​
Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards​
– Gentle angelic guidance. There is a companion book but usually, it is enough to just read the message on the card and allow your own intuitive guidance to do the rest. * ​
Angels of Light Cards​
– For those who are more interested in the message than the artwork. The backs are all the same and the fronts only have text on them. Very uplifting messages. * ​
The Archangel Oracle Cards​
– Doreen Virtues classic Angel oracle, with three messages each from the 15 Archangels she works with. * ​
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards​
– Wonderful for understanding the angelic lessons relating to each chakra. The stories channelled from the Angelic Realm by Tori Hartman really bring the lessons home. Once you have the right tools and set the intent for the highest good, you can expect the following 7 benefits from your daily draw practice: ● Greater alignment with your Life Purpose.​
Trust synchronicity to guide you on your Path and it WILL happen! ● A sense of peace.​
You will have a feeling of being looked after by the Universe (which is true because you ARE!) and this will help you relax into your beingness with a greater sense of peace. ● Things will make more sense.​
The daily draw will help you connect the dots throughout the day, speeding up synchronicity. ● Improved relationships.​
If you heed the advice given, your relationships will take on another dimension as you become more mindful about your interactions. ● Improved imagination and creativity​
. As you connect with the card intuitively you will begin using your imagination more and more – especially if you dialogue with the card. Try ‘talking’ to a character in the card, asking them what message they have for your highest good, just for today. Being curious about the colours and symbols used in the cards helps too. You may find that this daily exercise of your intuitive faculties inspires creativity on many levels. ● Objectivity.​
Striving to understand the card message on a deep level and the greater context of all that is happening in your life will help you to stop taking things personally. ● Increased happiness levels.​
Because all of the above means that you are honouring your soul’s wisdom, you will begin radiating who you truly are… and deep, deep down we are all pure joy, beauty and love.