Angelic Insight Reading


Angelic Insight Reading
Angelic Insight Reading
James Himm Mitchell, M. A.
Intuitive Guidance Counselor
Reading for (male seeker)
Created on July 19, 2016
“What can I know about the present nature of the relationship with my Angels to improve
the connection with them?”
Hi, I’m James Himm Mitchell, Certified Angel Card Reader™, and I want to thank you
for your interest in an Angelic Insight Reading. I was inspired by my Angels to create
this reading (as well as the others detailed on my Angel Card Readings service page),
and then was guided to create this demonstration as a way to give you an experience of
this particular reading.
This text version is for those who would like to have a reading via e-mail. In it, I will
explain the dynamics of the layout; introduce the deck I’ll be using for the reading, as
well as the question being explored through the reading; and then move through the
individual cards in the readings, and sum them up as a whole.
Again, thank you for your interest in the Angelic Insight Reading, and now let’s get to the
question and the deck…
Thank you, Seeker, for your interest in having an Angelic Insight Reading with me.
Here’s the question you asked:
What can I know about the present nature of the relationship with my Angels to
improve the connection with them?
The deck I’m using for your reading is the Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle
Cards. I was led to use this deck, as it’s great for daily use, and your question, to me, is
rooted in the sense of working on deepening the connection with your angels regularly.
After praying over the cards and invoking the Angels, I shuffled the deck, focusing on
your question. I cut the deck and fanned out the cards, drawing three: The first card will
represent the situation as it currently is; the second card will represent any insight and
guidance from the Angels, or a possible action step you could take to improve the
connection; and the third card rounds things out with a probable outcome with the
The first card in your reading is There’s Nothing to Worry About. The title of the card
is enough of an answer to your question. I mean, could you ask for a response to be any
Looking at the image, I see the angel on the card has a dove in hand, which for me
symbolizes peace. The message in this bit of imagery is for you to have “peace of mind”
about your relationship and connection with your Angels.
I then see the rainbow around the dove; the rainbow is my symbol for the Angels, as they
first introduced themselves to me in a dream as shafts of light, each one a different color.
So, I see a rainbow as the “full spectrum” of the Angels.
I then notice the backdrop being the universe, with the idea coming to mind that things
are “out of this world” between you and your Angels. My eyes drop down to the text and
the words “this situation is under the perfect control of Divine providence and universal
order” stand out.
I’m thinking to myself this reading is off to a great start.
I turn over the next card, and we have Relationship.
Just when I think this reading couldn’t get any better! I love this, as the title of the card is
actually a word in your question, Seeker.
The appearance of the unicorn on the card points out the “magic” of the relationship (as I
interpret the unicorn, as a symbol, to represent magic) and the angel and unicorn facing
There’s Nothing to Worry About just reinforces the messages of the previous card.
And then the words “bloom and prosper” pop out from the text on the card, suggesting
that the relationship and the connection are both continuing to grow and develop.
And I then notice that the word “safe” appears on both cards, which I’m receiving as a
message being emphasized by the Angels that you’re being watched over and protected.
And then it occurs to me that the angel on There’s Nothing to Worry About can be a
representation of Archangel Michael, the chief angel of protection, because of the sword
in its sheath around his waist.
I’m getting a sense that both Archangel Michael and your guardian angels want you to
know that when you’re in spaces (playing off the outer space backdrop on There’s
Nothing to Worry About) when you’re not feeling safe, you can call on them for
protection as your guardian angels are always around you.
Moving to the final card, I turn it over and find we have Time to Go.
Looking at the image first, the words “zipping along quite nicely” popped into my head,
which I took to mean that the relationship with your Angels was definitely progressing.
And then I noticed the very last line on the card, which reads, “…and we are with you
through each phase and cycle.” Phases and cycles indicate time (a word in the card’s
title), and says to me that relationships go through phases and cycles over time; this also
implies that you will be relating and connecting with your angels for some “time” to
I also notice the angel racing toward the Relationship card, as if to reinforce that card,
much like Relationship facing There’s Nothing to Worry About. It was like each
successive card was pointing back to There’s Nothing to Worry About.
And the movement also bears a message. The unicorn on Relationship is moving at a
natural, steady pace, while the angel on Time to Go is moving much faster. This shows
things “picking up speed” as time goes on.
Summing up, your Angels want you to know that there’s nothing for you to worry about
regarding your relationship with them, and they want that message to give you peace of
mind. The relationship and your connection with your Angels are progressing quite
nicely, at a natural, steady pace. Your Angels want you to notice the signs and
synchronicities that come your way, which you’ll recognize as their form of “magic.” In
time, you’ll see your connection grow and develop, gaining momentum.
Also, Archangel Michael and your guardian angels want you to remember to call on them
to protect you when you’re not feeling safe. Your Angels want you to feel safe and loved.
And that will bring your reading to a close.
Seeker, I hope I’ve been able to offer you some insight in “relation” to your question. I
enjoyed having the opportunity to conduct this reading for you and hope to hear from you
in the future.
James Himm Mitchell, M. A.
Intuitive Guidance Counselor
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