Transforming foster care, one family at a time


Transforming foster care, one family at a time
Transforming foster care,
one family at a time
Angels Foster Family Network
2012 Annual Report
Welcome to
Angels Foster Family Network
Our Mission
Angels Foster Family Network is a foster family
agency with a unique focus on prevention, based
on the stable placement of abused infants and
toddlers with nurturing families who promote
healing and critical attachment, resulting in
healthy growth and development.
Angels Beginnings
Cathy Richman founded Angels in 1998, following five years of
service as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer
working within the San Diego County foster system. With the help
of the most current child development research, Cathy developed
a model of foster care staffed by professionals and dedicated to
placing victimized babies with the most carefully screened and
trained foster parents. She envisioned a select group of parents
whose motivation came from a love for children, and who
committed to their care for as long as they were needed. The
result was Angels Foster Family Network.
In 1999, Angels placed our first baby. Currently over 600 babies
have been rescued.
Our Message
Dear Friends,
On behalf of the entire Angels family, we would like to thank you for your heartfelt
support of our babies and our mission. Your commitment as donors, families, volunteers,
and caring members of our community inspires us to make rapid progress towards our
ultimate goal: transforming the foster care experience for all of San Diego’s very
youngest victims of abuse and neglect.
Each year, at least 1,000 children under age five will enter our County’s child welfare
system for their protection. Historically, many of these little ones have been bounced
from crib to crib, landing in an average of three homes in the first year. The research is
clear: This disruption of critical attachment between baby and loving caregiver is
devastating to healthy brain growth and happy futures.
The Angels model matches one exceptional family with one child or sibling set,
Board of Directors maintaining that all-important relationship until permanency is decided by the Juvenile
Court. This simple philosophy makes all the difference, building the firm foundation for
Ali Banaie, MD
successful development.
Christin Batt
Allison Canter
This report includes stories by and about our wonderful families and the children they
Stacy Fiske
serve. These are truly special people who’ve opened their hearts and homes to make a
Gretchen Gainor, MD
difference. They are doing the most important job there is – shaping the next generation.
David Hoffman
The 2012 annual report is dedicated to these families. The gifts they give are
Terri Horn
Kathryn McCoy
Leili Nassiri
Adriana Palomino-Scott 2012 was Angels’ most impactful year to date. With your help, we provided more children
with extraordinary families, and changed more lives than ever before. 2013 promises to
Steve Redfearn
offer continuing rapid growth. We will not rest until every young child in need has a loving
Larry Richman
family to help them heal.
Gary Rudolph
Michelle Sabins
We are deeply grateful to those who contribute so much. It is an honor to partner with
Nika Samimi
Premi Suresh, MD
Jamie Thomas
It has been said that one life lost is a tragedy; one thousand lives lost is a statistic.
Together we can see to it that every tiny life is given the opportunity to thrive.
With Thanks,
Rachel Zahn, MD
Executive Director
Adriana Palomino-Scott
Board Chair
Defining the Problem
80% of US prison
inmates were
once in traditional
foster care
San Diego County
has a child abuse
rate of 12.8 per
1,000 – higher than
state averages
Every 10
seconds a
child abuse
report is
Children ages
0-3 are the
most likely to
79% of the
children killed
as a result of
abuse are
younger than
4 years old
99% of children
entering foster
care have been
Angels Makes the Difference
Angels is the only Foster Family Agency in San Diego focused on healing infants
and toddlers by promoting healthy attachment with loving parents. We recruit,
screen and train exceptional foster parents who commit to the care of a child
until permanent placement is determined by the Juvenile Court. The care
provided by our families promotes healthy brain development in the critical early
childhood period, allowing young children to learn essential human relationship
skills. Angels carefully matches one child or sibling set with each family and sets
high standards that ensure quality care.
The Angels Model:
Research-Based and Proven
Infants and toddlers learn about their world through interactions with others.
Brain connections that lead to later success grow out of nurturing, supportive,
and predictable care. Young children need safety, love, and a stimulating
environment to develop important synapses in the brain.
If a child is securely
attached, they will
believe others
are trustworthy.
If attachment fails, a child
will learn that people are
untrustworthy and will be
suspicious of others.
Self Worth
If a child is securely
attached, they will have
a healthy sense of selfworth, knowing their
importance and place in
the world.
If attachment fails, they
will consider themselves
unworthy and inferior.
A securely attached child
will find it easy to relate
to other people.
Confident in their first
relationship, they will
more easily connect.
If attachment fails, it will
be difficult for the child
to form other
attachments and
relationships will be
To grow up mentally healthy, the infant and young child should experience a
warm, intimate, and continuous relationship with his mother (or mother
substitute) in which both find satisfaction and enjoyment – John Bowlby, 1951
Choosing the Best Parents
Angels selects exceptional families for the infants
and toddlers in our care. Angels foster parent
requirements begin with state regulations and go far
beyond to provide the best developmentally
informed care possible for the children in our home.
Angels understands the importance of finding
qualified parents and knows that children who
experience life with healthy families show significant
improvement in all areas of their development and
growth. Angels parents are flexible and realistic
about the fostering requirements and have a stable
lifestyle and excellent coping skills.
To ensure the mental and emotional fitness of our
foster parents, Angels administers the MMPI-2
(Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) to all
applicants. The MMPI-2 is the most widely used
personality test in the United States and ensures
healthy foster parents for each child.
– Richard Levak, PhD
The Inside Story
People say that it takes a village to raise a child.
“After being part of Angels Foster Family Network, I
realize the significance of this adage. The experience
of caring for a child who has been removed from all
that is familiar and normal to live in the unfamiliar
setting of my home is challenging – a challenge I look
forward to every day.
As an Angels parent, I have had the opportunity to
welcome two sweet, beautiful, and bright toddlers
into my home at two different times. Loving these
babies is the easy part. Caring for them while their
families are working to rebuild their lives would not
be possible without my village – the village made up
of many special people whom I have partnered with
on this journey.
At training, monthly picnics, and informal play dates, I have found unwavering
support. Other Angels parents, both new and experienced, as well as Angels Staff,
guide and mentor me to be the best mom I can be. Sharing a passion and dedication
to the children who need us is inspiring and infectious. Other people often ask how I
am able to do what I do. The answer is obvious: It takes a village to raise a child, and I
am proud to be part of the “village” that is Angels Foster Family Network.”
– Elizabeth, Angels Foster Mom
Innovative Training Program
Angels trains outstanding
families to meet the specific
developmental needs of children,
newborn to five years old.
Our Foster Parent Training is an
intensive and thorough preparation for
fostering, led by the Angels Staff. The
class is a total of 24 training hours over
a four day period and is held frequently
throughout the year.
Disturbed Attachment Cycle
Baby has
a need
Trust does
not develop,
Baby cries
Needs not
The program includes:
met by
• The fundamentals of PRIDE Training:
the standard in foster parent training
• Normal child development
• Attachment Theory
• TLC-focused training on children with special needs
• Trauma informed care: “healing the wounds”
• Grief and loss
• Parenting, play and stimulation
• County roles and responsibilities
Path to Certification
2012 Angels Family Profiles
Total Families: 89
33% increase from 2011
North Inland
North Coastal
North Central
75% have a stay at home parent
72% are home owners
82% are between the ages of 30-50
An Angels Family Speaks
“The last 13 months have given us 3 beautiful newborns, 2 broken hearts, a lifetime
of love and a whole new vocabulary. In all the years of our marriage, we never once
talked about fostering. We never talked about the affects of meth use vs. shaken
baby syndrome, or the difference between parole and probation. We don’t consider
ourselves “foster parents”, we are a foster family. We treat these precious babies as
we do our own children. No different.
A year and a half ago, we wouldn’t have had the slightest idea that it would be this
easy…or this hard. We wouldn’t have believed that our two awesome kids have
hearts the size of a small country! We know this today because Angels Foster Family
Network showed us. All we did was open our homes and hearts. We experienced an
outpouring of love, strength, knowledge and true passion. Angels calls it “The
Model”. Our 9 year old daughter and 12 year old son are making a real difference and
they love every second of it. I can’t ask for anything more.
The lack of sleep from mothering a newborn, the emotional roller coaster of
watching a 17 year old try to figure out how to be a mother while incarcerated, and
the constant unknown lingering above is difficult. But when I saw one of our Angel
babies celebrate her 1st birthday with her new parents after being born addicted to
meth and beating 3 diseases, I know our family is right where we belong.
Tomorrow, I will take a deep breath and welcome what the world has in store for the
Macalaguim’s. This foster family has lots more love to give and we are thankful that
Angels Foster Family Network is with us every step of the way!”
– Amy, Angels Foster Mom
2012 Angels Babies
Drug Exposure
Physical Abuse
Parental Substance Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Domestic Violence
Parental Mental Instability
Parent Incarceration
4-12 months
< 3 months
Adoption - Angels Family
Reunification - Parents
Reunification - Mother
Reunification - Father
Reunification - Relative
Adoption - Other
Transferred to County FH
Unknown (still open)
Financial Statement Highlights
Revenue and Expense Totals
Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Foundation and Corporation Contributions
Local Government Contributions
Individual Contributions
Special Events
Revenue In-Kind
Program Expense
Administration Expense
Fundraising Expense
Total Revenue/Total Expenses
Program Expense/Total Expenses
Total Assets
Current Assets
Long-Term Liabilities
Current Liabilities
Total Net Assets
Revenue Sources
Interest and Dividend Income
Expense Allocations
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue
Assets and Liabilities
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities
2012 audited financials available upon request.
“The work done by Angels for children in need is exemplary, and I
am honored to be able to help financially.”
– Patricia Martin
$25,000 +
Congressman and Mrs. Darrell Issa
Rivers of Hope
The Parker Foundation
Irwin and Florence Zahn
$10,000 – $24,999
Farrell Family Foundation
Todd and Nicole Mikles
Brian and Adriana Palomino Scott
Kevin Quinn
Dan and Barbie Spinazzola
Patricia Woertz
$5,000 – $9,999
A Better Place Foundation
AMN Healthcare
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Phil and Catherine Blair
Foster Family Private Foundation
Craig and Meredith Garner
Jim and Kim Grant
Tom and Mary Ellen Grant
Karla Hertzog
David and Christy Hoffman
Kirby & McGuinn, APC
Linda Loehr
John Rooney and Cindy Kuelbs
Silvergate Bank
Thorsnes, Bartolotta and McGuire
Turk Family Foundation
US Bank
Zumasys Inc.
$2,500 – $4,999
Boys and Girls Club Foundation
Stacy Fiske
Fertility Center of California
Fixtures Living
Leslie Gladstone
Joe Guimond and Amy Simpson
Fletcher and Mack Higgs
Barbara Hoffman
Kathryn McCoy Design
Rachel Kim
Stephanie Kourie
Bob Lazarus
Maggie Meyer
Perkins Cole LLP
Redfearn and Associates
Berke and Diane Reichenbach
Larry and Cathy Richman
Peter and Stacy Slover
The San Diego Foundation
The TJX Foundation
Universal Protection Services
Laura Varga
$1,000 – $2,499
Tom and Corrine Baer
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Vincent and Judith Ann Bartolotta
Laurie Bleakley
Martin and Cynthia Buser
California Bank and Trust
Allison Canter
Robert Carne
Charriol USA
Conrad and Christa Burke Foundation
Edward Couch
Gigi Cramer
Dave and Patti Down
Enlightened Hospitality Group
French American School
Paul and Angela Gange
Terrie Georgi
Len and Anat Gregory
H. Fort Flowers Foundation
Randall and Donna Haragan
Mark and Melissa Howard
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Intrepid Shakespeare Company
Jewish Community Foundation
Greg D. Judkins
Kleiner Cohen Foundation
La Jolla Kiwanis Foundation
Sara Lichfield
Charles Lucchini
Sara Lucchini
Patricia Martin
Emily Palmer
Geneviece Parsons
Jennifer Perkinson
Project Linus
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Steve Redfearn
Brian and Valerie Robbins
William and Patricia Ross
Barbara Ryan
Scott and Kristen Saham
David and Karen Schillinger
Siemens Caring Hands Foundation
Slater and Truxaw, LLP
Brandy Sloaterman
Solace & The Moonlight Lounge
Kay Spafford
Premi and Preetham Suresh
The MBK Foundation
The Toby Wells Foundation
Tim and Elizabeth Truxaw
WD-40 Company
Catherine Yermanos
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Hewlett-Packard
David and Brenda Zito
Michele Zousmer
$500 – $999
Greg Ausley
Ali Banaie
Barney & Barney
John and Christin Batt
Steve and Stephanie Bazir
Mina Cannon
Vicky Carlson
Alexander and Susan Casdin
Gary and Stacy Chiang
Mark and Misty Connelly
Culinary Underground
Jeanette Day
Richard Feferman and Stacy Fullhorst
Steve Fitzwilliam
Nathan and Mindy Fletcher
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Bill and Natalie Gore
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Jeremy Hersch
Mark and Marianne Hoffman
Sue Hoffmeister
Thomas Hunt and Joanne Berg
Jeffery O’Neill and Kathryn McCoy
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La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
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Randy Stubbs
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Weiss-Wisdom Household
Peter and Rachel Zahn
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1906 Lodge
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Agility Studio
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David and Linda Hall
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Hane Sushi and Bar
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