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Child Sponsorship - The GOD`S CHILD Project
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Our direct cost to care for each child is
$120 per month for a child who lives with
his/her own family, and $160 per month
for each child who lives with a program
foster family. With the latter, $50 a
month goes right to the foster family.
We ask you to help sponsor a child with
an amount within your budget. Unlike
most other charities, we do not set a
fixed amount to sponsor a child. We
know that some people can give more,
and others less.
Children exchange letters, cards and
photos regularly with their sponsors.
Sponsors also have the opportunity to
visit their sponsored child and meet them
in person.
Visit our website today to
choose a child waiting for a
The GOD’S CHILD Project
[email protected]
P.O. Box 1843 | Bismarck, ND 58502
P.O. Box 50668 | Minneapolis, MN
About The GOD’S CHILD Project
The GOD’S CHILD Project is a
nonpolitical, international humanitarian
organization that develops and supports
health, education, family foster care,
community development, and human
rights protection systems in the world’s
poorest nations.
The Project, founded in 1991 by Patrick
Atkinson, currently cares for and
educates 5,000 orphaned, abandoned,
and poverty-stricken boys and girls. In
addition, we provide health and
community-based services for 8,700
widowed and single mothers and their
dependents in Guatemala, El Salvador,
India, Malawi and the United States.
The Project operates on the belief we
will break children and families out of
poverty through education, housing and
Sponsor A Child
You Can Help
Sponsorship is a unique opportunity to
connect and support one very special
child. By sponsoring a child with The
GOD’S CHILD Project, you form a
personalized relationship with the
project. This child becomes our
ambassador to you.
Currently, there are over 500 children
being sponsored by almost 1,000
padrinos, or godparents. The children
receive money for education costs,
clothes, shoes, food and medical care
every month. We pay school fees for
these children, and buy their school
uniforms, books and supplies.
To you this boy or
girl becomes the
personification of
all it is that we are
doing to help the
poor break the
chains of poverty.
The children in our sponsorship program
are orphaned, abandoned, or come
from extremely poor families who are
eager to escape from the poverty that
has trapped their family for generations.
In addition, we provide children and
their families with other essentials such
as food, medical and dental care, crisis
intervention counseling, clothing, and
lots of loving structure on which they
depend while they battle the dynamics
of poverty.

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