CA - Child Sponsorship


CA - Child Sponsorship
Step 1: Get Connected
• Choose a child from those listed on our website. See the sponsor page on our website:
• Or email the Sponsorship Coordinator at [email protected] who will help you select a child or children.
Please let her know if you already have a child in mind that you would like to sponsor so she can check for
availability of that child.
• Be sure include your email address and mailing address and you will be added to the list of sponsors and
connected with your sponsor child. You will be emailed a photo of your child and a bit of background
Step 2: Set Up Your Payments: Variety of Options
• Set up automatic withdrawal through our website via Paypal. See the donate page at
(you may need to check to see if the receipt you get from Paypal is sufficient for use with your taxes in
• Set up automatic withdrawal by mailing or scanning and emailing in one of our auto w/d forms (ask us to
send you one by emailing us at [email protected])
• Send monthly checks of $35 (per child) to the address below. Checks should be made out to COPI and
please write “Shadow of His Wings, Guatemala” in the memo.
Children of Promise-Canada
(AKA) BALL Canada
PO Box 37003
Kitchener, Ontario
Canada N2A 4A7
Phone: 519-579-5440
Any questions regarding this process should be directed to [email protected]
Step 3: Enter into the Relationship!
Feel free to write to your sponsored child. I can’t tell you how the children’s faces light up when they receive their
very own mail from their sponsor – and they do love to write back! Communications can be mailed to:
Proyecto Santiago de Latinoamérica
Sponsorship Program
Finca Yalú
Monjas, Jalapa
Guatemala 21006
Thank you again for your interest in sponsorship! May the Lord richly bless you!
Visit us online at! Thank you for your support!
How can I communicate with my sponsored family?
Cards, letters, and small gifts can be mailed to:
Proyecto Santiago de Latinoamérica
Sponsorship Program
Finca Yalú
Monjas, Jalapa
Guatemala 21006
A good rule of thumb regarding mail is to keep it to envelopes, largest of which being 10”x13”. Pictures and other
flat items are welcome. Anything larger than that WILL be intercepted in customs and will cost us money to
import into the country and be held up for additional time. Please be advised that mail takes 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.
You will also receive periodic cards and letters from your sponsored child! Feel free to communicate with our
Sponsorship Coordinator at anytime regarding ANY questions you have at any time.
Small gifts for your sponsor child’s birthday or for Christmas are accepted (NOT required!), but please stick to a
$15 maximum in value. Gifts do not have to be expensive to really touch a child’s heart. A photo of your family, a
sheet of stickers, or a lip gloss are all treasures for them to receive!
Should you come to visit, we would love to accommodate special time with your sponsored child.
What does my Sponsorship cover?
Sponsorship funds cover the overall expenses of the children that are in each home. These sponsorships cover a
percentage of the costs of education (teachers, uniforms, school books, supplies, special activities, etc.), house
parents, substitutes, food, clothing, dental/medical/optical/psychological care, administration, utilities, vehicles,
gas, insurances, etc. The list is endless!
Our program allows for each child to have 6 sponsors. We never neglect a child because their sponsorships are
not filled, so please know that your sponsorship funds help all the children, but your love, prayers and
relationship are with your sponsored child. Only you as a sponsor are able to correspond with your child and only
you as a sponsor are able to have one on one translated time with your child when you come to visit.
Sponsorship is a meaningful way for YOU to partner with US in helping run the home and provide for all
their needs!
How will I know if my package/card is received?
Our Sponsorship Director will notify you when the card/package arrives. You are also welcome to send an email
letting us know that you are sending something, and we will be on the lookout for it!
Visit us online at! Thank you for your support!

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