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to the Guideposts Angels Brochure PDF
Story After Story of Heavenly Intervention Proves
God’s Angels are Always at Work!
ind convincing
proof that
angels indeed walk among
us. These stories will bring
you comfort and renewed
faith, as you see again and
again that God takes an
interest in our lives. And
loves each one of us.
These stories reveal that God is always ready to bless our lives with His powerful
positive influence. They affirm how God responds to us when we ask for help for our
loved ones and ourselves. They may even remind you of a time when God’s care
infused your life. Or a time when a lift on the wings of one of His angels brought you
peace, serenity and hope.
Just return the enclosed FREE Home Preview Certificate in the postage-paid
envelope provided. We’ll send you the two-book set Guardian Angels and The
Power of Miracles the amazing new collection by the renowned Joan Wester
Anderson to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Keep it FREE for 30 days. If you
find these compelling true stories provide healing and comfort, keep the set for the
low Guideposts price of just $18.96 payable in two installments of $9.48 each, plus
shipping and processing — that’s a savings of over 35% off the retail price!
If you decide not to keep the books, simply return them to Guideposts within
30 days and owe nothing. The FREE Angel Note Cards are yours to keep regardless.
This extraordinary two-book set makes a wonderful gift so order additional
sets by referring to the back of the 30-Day FREE Home Preview Certificate
for details.
256 pages
These stories will renew your spirit, increase your faith, and uplift your life. As
you, too, in the same way, are truly loved!
Act Fast!
This Hospitality Angel could
] A Guideposts
240 pages
Experience angels on earth…
Send for this inspirational
2-book hardcover set – for
yourself… or, for someone who
needs to know somebody cares.
over 35%
Off the retail price!
Exclusive with a
special introduction
to each volume by
the author – not
available in stores.
True stories that
God is near, sending
His angels and working His miracles in
the world.
Attractive 7” x 7”
editions – 496
touching pages in all.
be yours,
Guideposts Guarantee of Satisfaction
This special offer is brought to you by the editors
of Guideposts Books and Inspirational Media Division.
Our aim is to create products that will satisfy,
enlighten, and inspire you. We guarantee your
satisfaction by giving you a 30-day FREE trial. If, after
30 days, you are not completely satisfied, simply
return the two-book set and owe nothing.
No purchase necessary.
See flyer for details.
39 Seminary Hill Road • Carmel, NY 10512
Printed in USA
Fourteen-year-old Robert was about to climb over a wire fence,
but he felt pushed back, as though something invisible prevented
him from touching it. Little did he know a downed power line was
lying across it, and he could have been electrocuted…
A terrible fire rages toward their farm
and a family escapes with their lives. Grandmother starts
a prayer chain, asking for a circle of angels to protect their
home. Upon their return, they find green grass encircling
their property and a smoldering chaos beyond it…
hese true accounts reveal how God constantly watches
over, protects, guides and loves us throughout our lives.
And some stories show, how He allows loved ones who
are now with Him to watch over us and bring us comfort.
This is your opportunity…
] To be touched by these mysterious and heart-stirring stories
of heavenly guardians and miracles — a powerful reminder
of God’s care in our lives.
] To feel God’s nearness, watching over us, protecting and
guiding us through our lives.
] To be moved by the discovery that you are never alone, and
remember that God hears and answers prayers — sometimes
by sending an angel!
] To revisit the small coincidences which occur in your life and
let in the possibility of divine intervention.
] To trust in the fact that angels are indeed walking beside
you, and you can soar on their wings when you’re feeling
uncertain…lost…or alone.
When Steve’s van ran out of gas on a remote
Kentucky highway on a freezing night at 4:30 AM,
he heard the cries of a woman desperate for help.
Was it just a coincidence of events that led Steve
to that very spot; just when he was needed most?
When the store Mayre Lou
worked at was robbed, and her life was
spared, was it because she prayed Psalm
91 that morning? Did the invisible wings
of angels circle her in protection?
All God’s angels
come to us disguised.
~James Russell Lowell
After three years, an eloquent preacher
who mysteriously lost his voice. He regains it
while addressing a large congregation as he
speaks about Psalm 103, a reminder not to
forget gifts of God.
Praise the Lord, you his angels,
you mighty ones who do his bidding,
who obey his word.
~Psalm 103
Send joy – and angelic
thoughts – with our
Angel Note Cards,
featuring four distinctive
illustrations of angels.
especially for Guideposts,
they’re FREE – and yours to keep as our
thank you gift, just for sending for a 30day home preview of Guardian Angels
and The Power of Miracles.
With fourteen best-selling books, more than a thousand
magazine articles, and millions of copies of her books sold,
Joan Wester Anderson has become one of America’s
most beloved and comforting writers.
She has appeared on Oprah, 20/20, The Nightly News
with Tom Brokaw, and has been featured in several documentaries, including Stories of Miracles on The Learning
Channel. Ms. Anderson believes that in these uncertain
times, we long to be reminded that we are not alone.
In this two-book set, Ms. Anderson has captured the
essence of the miraculous in everyday life.

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