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One of the greatest blessings that the
Circuit bestowed on me is that it allowed
me to travel to so many places. After all, if
I was going to be writing about these
parties, I needed to experience them all!
Luckily, my first long-term partner was a
travel agent (in the days when that meant
really great travel bargains). We embarked on the Circuit, just
as it was blasting off.
At first, the parties were fabulous and new and it was enough
to spend most of our four-day weekends in the clubs and
other party venues. We felt we'd done something cultural by
eating in the gay village during Montreal's Black and Blue
weekend or going to Vizcaya for White Party.
As time went on, it became more important to choose events
in locales I'd never seen before. Today, more than ever, it is
possible to choose first-rate parties that are set at exotic
locations or urban settings rich in culture. If you really do your
research, you'll find that there is a whole class of parties with
cute, intimate energy, which have always been some of the
real jewels of the Circuit.
Of course, the interesting aspect of Circuit travel is that there
are always journeys within the journey. There can be inner
journeys of the mind that are unrivaled in depth, clarity, and
realization. But there are also journeys that happen in Circuit
space via interpersonal relationships.
Relationships with others on the Circuit can build with
unimagined speed and intensity - whether it be with a gang of
you that comprise one of the temporary families that form
over a Circuit weekend, with someone that you hang with on
the dance floor for an hour, or with a weekend boyfriend. You
enter a different plane of reality when you travel on the Circuit
- life runs at a different speed and the clocks are all wrong.
You're playing out karma at an accelerated rate. Yet somehow,
at least for me, being on this plane is ultimately empowering.
I am successful when I come back from a Circuit weekend
feeling charged.
One of the keys to building such an uplifting experience is
choosing to integrate the party into a more balanced vacation
plan. None of our parties happen anywhere dull. There are
always places to explore if you choose a party somewhere you
haven't been before. And when you cross back and forth
between Circuit time and normal time, appreciating the magic
of being somewhere that is completely new, you somehow get
to bring more of that special energy back when you inevitably
return home from the multifidous journeys.
--Steve Kammon
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by Jamie Nicholes
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by T. Scott King
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A L L - G AY
Club Atlantis Vallarta
The Largest Gay Cruise in History II
Atlantis 15th Anniversary Cruise
November 5 – 12, 2005
All-new deluxe resort in
Mexico’s #1 gay destination
January 28 – February 4, 2006
3200 guests from Miami
prove bigger is better
March 5 – 12, 2006
Our non-stop celebration
from Ft. Lauderdale
See more of the world next time you travel with Atlantis’ brand new season of all-gay vacations.
Destinations you’ve always dreamed of, in the comfort of great friends, with great entertainment.
And yes, a few unforgettable parties with the top DJs from around the world.
CST# 2033720-40
Circuit Noise (Fall 2005 Issue).1 1
7/19/05 10:37:14 AM
All photos are actual Atlantis guests photographed by David Morgan NY
2 0 0 5
2 0 0 6
Summer in Alaska Cruise
Barcelona to Venice Cruise
Venice to Barcelona Cruise
June 4 – 11, 2006
The only way to experience the
wonder of this amazing state
August 27 – September 3, 2006
Italy, Greece, and Croatia
in 7 incredible nights
September 3 – 12, 2006
Greek Isles, Turkey and the
best of the Med in 9 nights
For information about these and our other
all-gay vacations see your travel agent, visit our
web site, or call us today at 800-6-ATLANTIS.
at l a nt i s eve nt s. co m
5 10:37:20 AM
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by Steven Kleine
It's 6:00 A.M. Everybody is all smiles. From the balcony, I watch a sea of
shirtless men. A powerrful green laser sweeps across the crowd. Strobe
lights flash to accentuate the many lights illumina
ating the dancing bodies.
Warren Gluck is at the controls, spinning a killer set of music that has
aken the crowd on a journey from uplifting vocals to sexy tribal to deep
progressive and trance and is now transitioning to morning music, its
pace matching the rising sun.
As the party winds down, people
start asking their friends if they are
going to the tea dance the next
afternoon. The scene could be
Fire Island, South Beach, Palm
Springs, Las Vegas or anywhere
that plays host to an outdoor
Circuit party. But it's not your
typical Circuit party; we're on a
ship surrounded on all sides by the
Caribbean. Welcome aboard the
newest Circuit phenomenon - gay
Besides the fact that the dance
floor is gently rocking, something
else is different here. Mixed in
with the usual Circuit boys are all
kinds of gay men and women.
Instead of water bottles, some
hold coffee cups looking like they
just woke up. And that is probably
because they just did.
It is no wonder that the gay cruise
industry has quickly developed a
following among the Circuit crowd.
For just a little more money than a
three-day Circuit weekend, you
can shake your booty with boys
from all over the world, while seeing
some of the prettiest landscapes and
seascapes anywhere. There is much
more to gay cruises than parties,
however. With the myriad of activities,
shows, tours, services, lavish meals, and
yes, parties, the hardest part of gay
cruising is planning your week so you
don't end up an exhausted mess when
you roll off the gangway on debarking.
Like any activity once dominated by
straight people, gay cruises have
evolved into a unique experience, one
that defies comparison to the straight
equivalent. A friend uses the term
"fabulosity" to describe the thing that
sets gay versions of events apart from
straight ones. And cruises are perhaps
one of the best examples of this.
From the moment you arrive at your
port of embarkation, things are
different. Here you might mingle with
straight people headed to other ships just seeing their reaction to the
thousands of gay men sets the mood
for a fun and frivolous week. In line, as
you wait for your turn to walk up the
gangway, there is house music playing
issue 45 fall.qxp
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while the
Atlantis or RSVP
everyone has what they
need while they are camping it up
with the passengers. As you board
the ship on Atlantis, you'll meet
Malcolm, the gay male version of
Julie McCoy. His arms are wide
open to give you a welcoming hug,
making each passenger feel like
part of the community and setting
the tone for the week. On RSVP,
comedian extraordinaire Danny
W illiams puts the first of a
thousand smiles on the faces of
eager guests.
Once on board, the boys get busy
customizing their stateroom doors
with pictures, beads, message
boards, or anything else to express
their individuality. You'll see dock
hands straining under the weight of
the numerous steamer trunks the
guests have brought on to enable
them to have the "perfect" outfit
for every occasion.
Page 5
The lifeboat
drill, normally a
becomes the first
chance to start your cruise as in cruising your fellow passengers.
Remember to bring an outfit that goes
with the orange of the life vests as you
will be required to actually don the vest
just to show that you know how. If you
are into spa services, run, don't walk to
the spa to make your appointment right
after the lifeboat drill. All the good
times fill up fast, especially for the days
at sea. And yes, you'll need some
detoxification during the week on your
luxurious floating party vessel.
Make sure you have some room on your
credit card, as you will spend more than
you think at the bar and the various
other places onboard. Your stateroom
key is your charge card so no cash is
needed. It is a great convenience, but
make sure you check your balance daily
(you can do this via the TV in your
room); otherwise you may be in for
some "sticker shock" at the end of the
issue 45 fall.qxp
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The first night of the cruise there is
normally some sort of ice-breaking
event. Whether it is a dog tag tea
dance or an underwear party, it
starts the process of getting
people into the proper, festive
mood. If you are going on your
first gay cruise, you will quickly see
that you should smile and say
'hello' to everyone.
If you
contribute to the fabulosity, it will
soon engulf you!
It is truly amazing what happens in
this new community you have just
joined. Something about sharing
the same space for a week causes
attitudes to melt and minds to
open. The result is twinks talking
to old queens, bears chillin' with
lesbians, and Circuit boys
debating politics with activist
preppy boys. It's all part of the
unique spontaneity of a cruise.
Some chance meetings turn into
shacking up for the rest of the trip
- playing cruise husbands, while
other times you may not see your
new acquaintance for the rest of
the trip.
One reason for the increased
popularity of gay cruises is that the
mainstream cruise lines have
started marketing to the younger
crowds, with commercials showing
thirtysomethings on the climbing
wall or having a blast on jet skis.
It's fostering a new perception cruises are not just for the retired.
This has transferred easily to the
gay community.
The gay cruise operators are
certainly not skimping on DJ
talent. On any given cruise you
could be touring a rainforest, an ancient
ruin, or a famous museum with Manny,
Brett, Warren, or Joe G by day, and
later be dancing to their grooves back
on the ship. Yet, seven days of the
current Circuit music can get old, even
for the most diehard Circuit queen. To
break the routine, both cruise lines hold
flashback theme nights and, perhaps
surprisingly, these events turn out to be
a whole lot of fun. The disco tea dance
and 80s and 90s theme nights have a
diverse crowd that really gets into the
music and brings a whole new level of
enthusiasm to these parties.
More than the average Circuit weekend,
gay cruises create a wonderful sense of
friendship and appreciation for the gay
community at large. Laughter and
sharing of memories comes easily here;
nothing is forced. The memories you
create will likely last a lifetime. If you
long for the days when dance floors
were crowded with smiling faces, and
you want to feel like you have found
paradise, come and join the thousands
of boys cruising on the high seas.
issue 45 fall.qxp
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Page 8
by Dennis Fleming
One of the fabulous things about being gay is that we have the innate
ability to twist everything in
n mainstream culture to suit ourselves. Below
are some common proverbs that have been altered to fitt our wonderfully
debauched lifestyle.
When the going gets rough, the tough bound and gag you then force it in.
When life gives you lemons, add butter and egg yolks for fabulous hollandaise
A friend in need is a fuck buddy indeed.
A penny saved means only 14,999 more for a White Party ticket.
You may lead a horse cock to cold water, but that might make it shrink.
When in doubt, sit on it.
Every good turn deserves to be flipped over for reciprocation.
The early bird always gets the bottom before he's loose and sloppy.
A dick in the mouth is worth two in the bush.
Behind every successful man is another man.
Behind every beautiful woman is a gay man who understands the importance of
backlighting and understated accessories.
Nice guys finish last, then let you do it to them.
It's not over until the fat lady sings a gay disco anthem.
An old dog must buy new tricks.
What goes around comes around (and usually needs a trip to the nearest health
What goes up must come down, unless you have a prescription for Cialis.
Those that can, do. Those that can't, rent the DVD.
Haste makes waste, and the reputation for being a lousy sex partner.
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Stereo Productions - Madrid, Spain / ICON Agency
13th Gay & Lesbian World Travel Expo &
Conference Oct. 5-7 2005 Montreal.
via &
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Page 10
PHUKETAn Idyllic Thai Paradise
For the last four years, Singapore has been host to the largest gay party
in Asia - Nation . However, Singapore's government declined the
application for this year's event. Quickly regroupin
n g, the party's
organizers decided to take their party to a more welcoming locale and
they chose Phukket, Thailand, as the location for this year's Nation party.
Last year's Nation attracted more
than 8,000 revelers.
This party provides the chance for
Circuit boys to experience one of
the world's more exotic parties and
the luxury of Thailand's premier
island destination.
This event could not have arrived
at a better time for the suffering
Phuket. This once thriving resort
was one of the victims of last year's
messages through mobile telephone
networks, and trigger sirens on 50
warning towers.
The 3-day Nation party features eight
events organized by promoters from
four Asian cities - Hong Kong, Kuala
Lumpur, Taipei and Tokyo. The worldclass roster of DJs includes Manny
Lehman and David Knapp.
See the party listing on page 86 for more
While many of the properties that
had been damaged in the
December 26 disaster were quickly
repaired and fully operational just
weeks later, tourists have been
slow to return.
Tourism employs eighty percent of
the island's workers; they need our
help to recover from the tragedy
that continues.
A new disaster warning center will
link with the earthquake and
tsunami warning centers in Hawaii
and Japan. If a tsunami were
detected, the system would send
out alerts via the media and text
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:10 AM
Î Patong Beach
is the busiest and
most famous three kilometers of
soft sand. A great place to peoplewatch as you soak up the sun on a
beach chair or enjoy an
inexpensive massage. Patong is
also known for its wide range of
accommodation, nightlife, dining,
and entertainment options.
Î Karon
Beach features an
incredibly long stretch of squeaky
white sand. Normally it is more
tranquil than Patong, but because
Nation's host hotels are here, that
will not be the case the first
weekend of November.
Page 11
Chalong Bay is the main launch center
for boat and dive trips. Canoeing, island
hopping, wakeboarding, windsurfing,
kite surfing, deep-sea fishing, and scuba
diving are available. Phuket rates
among the top ten scuba diving
destinations in the world.
The dramatic limestone cliffs and the
islands of James Bond Island and Koh
Pannyi off Phang Nga Bay make for a
fantastic day trip.
Î Kata Beach
is the bigger of two
beaches called Kata: Kata Noi and
Kata Yai. These beaches are
calmer waters suited for a relaxing
snorkel or swim.
Î Kamala Beach
is known for the
breathtaking panoramic view of
Kamala Bay from the top of the
Khao Phanthurat (1000 ft. above
sea level).
More info:
issue 45 fall.qxp
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Page 12
by D. Michael Taylor
Travel is only glamorous in retrospect. - Paul Theroux
It is a truism that New Yorkers are proud snobs about the city they call
home, but it is equally tru
ue that once June arrives they can't wait to get
the hell out of town. Personally, I find that the only appeal to travel lies in
the inevitable return to the civilized world feeling tanned, rested and
superior once again.
Having said that, there is one
place that defies my loathing of all
things quaint and natural, and
that's Fire Island. The gay areas of
this humble sandbar off Long
Island have absorbed much of the
spirited urban character that
invades them during the summer
months without losing any of its
summer camp char m. Close
enough to still be considered a
day trip, but far enough away from
the crudeness of city life, the
squabbling sister communities of
The Pines and Cherry Grove call
out like a siren to old school West
Village and affluent society gays,
nesting beachcomber lesbians,
and all manner of B-list riff-raff
along for the ride.
To get there, you have to get to
Sayville first - a sleepy, adorable
little town that houses the ferries
which are your only connection to
the "gay Hamptons" that lie across
the bay. For plebes who don't
drive out to Sayville, the trip
begins at Penn Station. No longer
the Beaux-Arts monument that
provided such a dazzling entryway
into Manhattan until 1964, the current
pedestrian maze of underground
concourses that survive underneath
Madison Square Garden are crowded,
sweaty and impossible to walk through
without pushing several thousand
people out of your way. Replacing one
of the crown jewels of New York
architecture with a hideous hockey
puck of a sports arena has guaranteed
its owners an eternity filling the role of
Satan's towelboys. The stench of
athleticism upstairs seems to leak down
and mix with the world-class minimum
wage cuisine along the neon-lit
concourses, providing quite the eyeopening aroma on a Saturday morning.
It is, however, the only way to get on
the Long Island Railroad.
The LIRR can be just as daunting as the
New York subway system at first,
although during peak season you can
pretty much just follow the roving packs
of gay men. Once mastered, the
spidery network of commuter rails
reveals an efficient, if a bit grotesque,
system of transport to and from the city
for the hordes of Long Island. The line
out to Sayville has one poetic
connection at Babylon. The gay
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:59 AM
minions dutifully pile off of one
train and on to the next, then into
shuttle vans driven by friendly,
grizzled Sayville natives, and finally
onto the giant ferry expertly
manned by adorable young
suburban boys who have learned
not to snicker at the affected
fabulousness of its passengers.
As the Pines ferry slowly exits the
no-wake zone and kicks into full
throttle, the bay opens up into a
wide expanse of brackish water
and melancholy sky. City stress
melts away as the mainland
disappears behind you and the
thin, impetuous strip of sand that
is Fire Island slowly comes into
view. I always marvel at the fact
that such a tiny sandbar can defy
the ocean itself, preventing it from
coming any further while forming a
serene bay on the other side. As
the harbor comes into full view, the
bayside mini-mansions reveal
Page 13
themselves. The true wonder of these
ostentatious summer homes rapidly
becomes apparent once you realize
that not only the people but the food,
supplies, raw materials, mail, and even
the wireless internet service has to be
imported from the shore that just
disappeared behind the ferry.
The tiny Pines harbor complex, recently
infused with a healthy shot of financial
steroids, has all the sophistication of a
barn dance but contains all of the
amenities required to keep the natives
restless. Once five o'clock rolls around,
the boys dutifully march over to low
tea, where they wave to late ferry
arrivals, get drunk, and listen to bouncy
house classics. Then it's up to high tea
where the drinking continues. Finally, a
disco nap before loading up on party
treats for The Pavilion. The rickety old
wooden structure that houses the
weekly club night has spawned its own
unique genre of gay house and
become a mythic presence in the minds
issue 45 fall.qxp
12:00 PM
Page 14
of many. In reality, it is not much
more than a large shed. But if you
take a break from the dance floor
to slip out to the boardwalk, in the
middle of a wood under a sky filled
with stars, it's difficult to not be
awed a little by the infamous
Like a cunning therapist, Fire
Island allows you to experience it
in a multitude of ways, depending
on where your head is at and what
you are trying to get out of it. For
many, it is merely a scenic place to
strip down to party and play like
it's going out of style. It is, btw.
For others, especially the longtime residents, it is a very real
community of artists, designers,
politicians, activists and others
who have called this bohemian
haven home every summer for
several decades or more. If you
are lucky or smart enough to tap
into this side of the island, you will
discover a form of gay life that is
difficult to find in bars or online.
The rich mingle freely with the notso-rich and all pretension is left in
Sayville. I have had the honor to
meet some of the more fascinating
members of our community,
usually while doing the mundane
activities that a summer retreat
demands, like shopping at The
Pantry or wandering aimlessly on
the beach. Even the notorious
Meatrack, an idyllic network of
wooded paths between the Pines
and Cherry Grove where boys
fondle and gawk at one another,
resists the sinister implications of
its name. It's hard for anyone to
maintain an urban scowl in the
midst of a place so innocent and
What is it about the Pines and the
Grove that draws so many gays and
lesbians to Long Island every summer?
Like most of the things that we
appropriate, there's a certain stubborn
pride in just knowing that it's ours. It's
also a concentrated microcosm of
certain segments of the community.
Where else can you find Stonewall
veterans mingling with Chelsea hustlers
and influential gay politicians? Well, in
public at least. There's still a certain
exclusionary aspect to it, as there is at
any summer retreat that falls outside of
the price range of most people. But for
those lucky few that can afford it, or
know people that can afford it, it can
be an extremely edifying way to get a
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:12 AM
Page 16
by Rebecca Schlosser
In their book Last Night a DJ Saved My Life , Bill Brewster and Frank
Broughton admit to calling the DJ 'he' throughout because, they claim,
ety-eight percent of DJs are men. It's ironic that the male-dominated
Circuit would be one enclave where it is easier to find the two percent of
Y-chromosome-carrying spin masters. This article profiiles five of the
female DJs who grace our dance floors with their feminine presence:
Susan Morabito, Tracy Young, Kimberly S., DJ Pride, and Alyson Calagna.
Magazine and the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. She can move
effortlessly from deep, after-hours beats
to smooth, jazzy house, and her
incredible musical range has made her
ubiquitous in the dance party scene.
Most would agree that Susan
Morabito is responsible for
pushing the Circuit door open and
war ming the decks for other
female DJs to come. Susan is
known for many things: two
decades worth of gigs in New York
clubs and around the world, being
a Billboard reporter, being the first
female in twenty-four years to spin
at the testosterone-driven Black
Party, as well as gracing the tables
at high-profile events for
Susan began spinning in Cleveland,
Ohio in 1982 and moved to New York
in 1987, a time when the Mecca of gay
parties was The Saint, a members-only
male nightclub. For women, the venue
was near impenetrable. "It was flawless
in terms of sound and lighting," Susan
remembers. "In a way, it was a boys'
playground. The DJ was the high
priest, the boys were the saints, and the
dance floor was heaven." The only
women in sight were the occasional
guests of male members and a lone
female DJ named Sharon White who
inspired Susan to pursue the venue
herself. She was met with much
resistance from a group of managers
and owners who were baffled at the
notion of a female DJ being capable of
knowing what a male audience desires
She set out to prove herself, and a
major stepping stone was playing the
Pavilion in Fire Island Pines where she
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:12 AM
Page 17
took residency in the summer of
1991. "No one played the Saint
unless you played Fire Island; it
was a springboard to one's career
in the city," Susan recalls. When
The Saint closed, Susan was invited
to spin at the "Saint at Large"
parties which became some of the
earliest Circuit parties. "Just as the
Circuit was starting up, I was
beginning to acquire a name for
myself. Once I proved myself, I
found for the most part that the
boys were very welcoming."
Indeed, Susan continues to have a
loyal following that borders on
Miami and landed a residency at
Liquid, a hot South Beach club, where
Madonna discovered Tracy and hired
her to remix the hit song "Music."
Perhaps the hottest of today's
Circuit divas is Tracy Young. She
hit the scene running, becoming
widely known for her early
Madonna remixes. Her career
began thirteen years ago on DC
radio, where she was the first
female to host a mix show which
incorporated hip-hop, old school,
and dance.
Things quickly
accelerated when she moved to
W ith the recognition from such a
powerful music mogul, things naturally
snowballed. Tracy started playing
mega-events such as White Party Miami
and Winter Party. In 2003 she began
producing entire compilations for
Circuit parties, including White Party
2003: Flash Back - Fast Forward, the
debut project for her own label, Ferosh
Records. The August release of her
newest album, Dance Culture , will
feature exclusively licensed remixes for
Madonna, Cindy Lauper, and Chaka
Despite a rigorous career in the studio,
Tracy's success can't be chalked up to a
few big name CD covers but instead
relies on an innate talent for delivering
high-energy house sets with vocals.
Her life at the decks is still in full swing
with residencies at Space Miami and at
Roxy in New York; "I need to balance
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:13 AM
producing and playing live; they
have a yin/yang relationship. If I
produce a track, I need proof that
it worked on the crowd."
Tracy recently opened for Junior
Vasquez at Spirit in New York
during Pride weekend. "I wanted
the energy to be on the ceiling,"
she explained. Even with a
legendary headliner, there were
many in the crowd who had flown
cross-country for her high-tempo
opening perfor mance in the
cavernous space that was once
Page 18
hired her to work the smaller of two
rooms at a weekly party called "Factory
Saturdays" and it wasn't long before
she was closing out the main room.
White Party Palm Springs and several
other Circuit parties and traveling gigs
Kimberly produced the compilation
Rapture in 2001 and her latest venture
is a compilation CD for next year's
Fireball in Chicago. As far as being a
female DJ on the Circuit, Kimberly feels
that it is because she's a woman that
she's received such appreciation for her
talent. "We don't have the option of
throwing sexuality our way," she points
The West Coast boys just adore her
sound - especially for a tea dance. It's
her track selection that has driven her
popularity - you can always count on
her to deliver an upbeat, happy vibe.
Kimberly S. lives in LA and
balances local, national, and
international Circuit gigs with other
commitments such as running her
own DJ management company,
Werk It, and being a seconddegree black belt karate instructor.
The turning point of her Circuit
career was when party producer
Jeffrey Sanker discovered her at
LA's Girlbar and was impressed
with her excellent selections of
house, trance, and tribal tracks. He
DJ Pride hails from New Jersey and
New York, and like many other DJs, she
relocated to Miami five years ago to
nurture her career. She was already
armed with experience spinning in
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:14 AM
many famous Manhattan clubs,
such as Limelight, Tunnel, and
Palladium. She quickly acquired
local gigs and has also worked
events such as White Party Miami
and other Circuit parties around
the country. This is a huge year for
Pride; she's just become a
Billboard reporter, and is about to
produce her debut album. Del
Angel Music, a Miami-based
record label, caught wind of Pride's
mixing style, which combines just
about every form of house music,
from deep to funky, as well as tribal
beats, vocals, and disco grooves.
They also tuned into a unique
sound she developed through live
sets at the club Score in Miami.
Here she sets her turntables up
next to a live percussionist. "We
literally play off one another," says
Pride. "There's nothing like live
percussion. They [Del Angel] want
to get that tropical South Beach
sound… it's lush, it's sexy, and it's
not aggressive."
Beats and the tribal vibe define DJ
Alyson Calagna, who was born in
Page 19
Scotland before moving to New
Orleans where she grew up. Like Tracy,
she moved to Miami to sow the seeds
of her DJ career, and she too was once
the hostess of a radio mix show. After
making the decision to return to her
hometown of New Orleans, Alyson met
Mike Mazer, who once owned Salvation
in Miami. He hired her to spin at Club
735 and helped her secure Circuit gigs
at parties like Southern Decadence,
Winter Party, and several others. This
talented DJ is now a Billboard reporter
and maintains a tight relationship with
Mazer who currently works as her
Alyson has released
compilation CDs but her first love is
playing live sets. As far as what she
thinks of the boys who have added her
to the list of women they'll worship
while dancing? "They are a breath of
fresh air, truly appreciative of good
music," she says.
The Circuit is one of the dance scenes
that have truly warmed to the women
who've rocked its parties. Alyson
Calagna, Kimberly S., and DJ Pride all
had spots at this year's Valley of the
Dolls, a Circuit event with almost all
female DJs. And what do the boys
think? Mickey Weems, a writer and
intellectual who is using Circuit parties
as the basis for a current PhD study,
sees that moment in time when the DJ
bonds with the audience as intensely
spiritual. It takes immense talent for
any DJ to innately 'get it,' male or
female, so when a female succeeds at
engaging an all-male dance floor, it
makes it that much more special. Most
of the men who experience God at
Circuit parties might consider the
following question; when a party does
bring you to heaven, does it matter
whether the person in charge is a priest
or a priestess?
b 21
find new depth
8 philip ross munro 2005
The White Party Week turns 21 and, to celebrate, we unveil The White Party
Village on famous Ocean Drive. The best of Miami Beach comes together within
250 yards of each other.
Host hotels - The Savoy, The Victor, The Hotel and The Park Central - offer
beachfront views of Miami, daily special events all within a 5 minutes walk from
the panoramic ocean, the gay beach, and the best bars and restaurants,
as Twist and The Palace.
In addition to our famed Heatwave Pool Party, sun filled Muscle Beach Party, and
12 World Famous Marquee Dance Events, we are very proud to announce
Boy George
spinning at the renowned evening at Villa Vizcaya.
We turn 21 and invite you to find new depth in your experience of
The White Party Week. Enjoy and Party Responsibly.
Your One Source’s essential at the 21st birthday of...
8 philip ross munro 2005
the Original
the One and Only
Miami Beach
Fort Lauderdale
w w w . w h i t e p a r t y . o r g
1:23 PM
Page 1
Everyone Else Does.
On the Street: November 1, 2005
Ad Deadline: October 1, 2005
(818) 769-9390
distribution 2004.qxp
11:19 AM
Page 2
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at these Preferred Locations:
Atlanta, GA
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Cabana Waikiki
Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand
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South Beach Nightclub
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Indianapolis, IN
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Boom Boom Room
Las Vegas, NV
Blue Moon Resort
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Orbit at Space
distribution 2004.qxp
Minneapolis, MN
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Bourbon Pub / Parade
Oz Nightclub
New York, NY
Splash SBNY
Energy Kitchen
XL Lounge
Universal Gear
19th St Gym
Wear Me Out
G Lounge
Eagle NYC
Rainbows and Triangles
Spirit Nightclub
11:19 AM
Page 3
Palm Springs, CA
Saugatuk, MI
AEU Studios
The Dunes Resort
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Unique on Central
La Roca
Urban Body Men's Clothing
Club Underground
City Side
Tomes & Treasures
Provincetown, MA
Toronto, Canada
Millenium Coffee
12th St Gym
Mussel Beach
Crown & Anchor
Ptown Gym
Provincetown Deli
Tampa, FL
5ive Lifelounge
San Diego, CA
Vancouver, Canada
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC
Obelisk Bookstore
Nations Night Club
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Capital City Health Café
Gay Days
Always Tan
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Page 20
Ric Sena
How did Alegria come into being?
I was a theater producer in Brazil
for 12 years before I moved here.
After being in the U.S. for two
years, I did my first event at
Capitol City Brewing Company in
Washington D.C. during the
Millennium March weekend in
2000, with the help of my partner
at the time, David von Storch.
Alegria was born. The first two
events had Susan Morabito as the
DJ. After the second event, which
was held at the Sound Factory in
NYC in June 2000, Richard Grant
believed Alegria had potential and
gave me the opportunity to keep
renting the club on holiday weekend
Sundays. Starting in February 2001,
Alegria became a series and I invited
Abel to be my resident DJ. New York
was eager for something new. My
theater background and the sound of
DJs that had not been exposed to the
New York crowd gave me a good head
The first event of the series was Alegria
Tribal and it took place at the Sound
Factory in February 2001 with Abel. We
had 400 people and a lot of fun. At
that point I knew I had something, but
never thought it would grow so fast in
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:16 AM
numbers and popularity. The
following month, at the first Alegria
Xtreme, there were twice as many
people, and 50% more at the
following one on Memorial Day
weekend. By the end of the first
year, we had close to 2,000 people
at each Alegria.
To what do you attribute the
success of Alegria?
I believe a dance party has to be
about the music, but several other
factors are important. Consistency,
in my opinion, is one of the main
reasons for the success of Alegria.
People know what they are going
to get at Alegria. When I'm
planning my events, I make sure
they have everything I would like to
enjoy as a customer. The crowd
feeds from the music and
everything they see around them the décor, shows, perfor mers,
lights, special effects, venue,
Page 21
since that first event. They bring their
friends who bring their friends. At
Sound Factory and at Crobar, you can
see different tribes in different corners
of the club. The Alegria Boys are
known all over the world and that helps
the Alegria success. New York and New
Yorkers are amazing and that has always
attracted more people with great
energy from all over the world to come
to Alegria. Alegria would never be the
same anywhere else.
The people that create Alegria have a
very strong bond. Abel, Tony Moran,
Eddie Elias, and Roland Belmares are
more than just Alegria DJs - they are my
close friends. We are always in touch,
we hang out together, and we care
about each other. When these artists
come to play an Alegria event, they
want more than just to play it well.
They prepare in their studios for days to
bring the best, the newest, and the
unreleased to Alegria. They get behind
that booth so excited that I have no
doubt they will deliver the fiercest music
possible. All of us involved are very
proud of it.
One thing that usually pleases
everyone at Alegria is the crowd.
Many have been coming to Alegria
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:16 AM
With all the stress, politics,
expense, and risk associated with
producing parties, what drives you
to continue in this line of work?
For twelve years, I produced one
of the biggest stars in Brazil and I
got used to the stress. Producers
know how to deal with stress
better than anyone. Don't get me
wrong, I go crazy. My lover and
my friends know very well what a
pain I can be in the middle of a
production week. The risk factor is
there and I learn how to deal with
it. I've made money and I've lost
money. It's part of every business.
Most of the people just don't have
a clue as to how much it costs to
do it right.
The politics is, in my opinion, the
worst part to deal with. I work
hard. I design the décor, costumes
and shows, and I produce
advertising to supervising the
setup on the day of the event. I
run the event from beginning to
end, and I'm the last one to leave.
The last thing I have time for is
Page 22
politics. Kissing ass is not my thing. I
spend a lot of my time responding to
every single email I receive from my
customers. I believe that's a much
better use of my time than politics.
Sometimes all the elements of a party
come together beautifully: the crowd
shows up, the music and lights click, the
shows work. How does it feel to look
out over one of your stellar events?
Looking out over my full dance floor has
always been an important moment for
me at every Alegria event. It always
brings tears to my eyes. I always find a
couple of minutes to enjoy it with
myself. When I'm a few hours into an
Alegria, from the top of a staircase or
from the DJ booth, I see that ocean of
gay men enjoying themselves under
what I created and it gives me chills.
That is enough to keep moving forward
and working harder to try to make the
next one even better.
Photos 45.qxp
1:03 PM
Page 2
Summer Circuit
Photo Album
Find your friends.
V iew amazing performances and light
Perhaps even see yourself.
For even mor e photos, visit our r enowned
website, www.cir, for the
largest online library and ar chive of event
Photographer: Gary Steinberg
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Event: Queen’s Day Salvation
Photos 45.qxp
1:16 PM
Page 3
Are you a photographer? Do you
bring a camera to events?
Submit your photos to us and perhaps
we’ll feature
feature them in upcoming issues.
Contact [email protected]
[email protected] for
more information.
Photos 45.qxp
1:05 PM
Page 4
Photos 45.qxp
1:06 PM
Page 5
Colosseum Par ty
Gay Days 2005 Weekend
Orlando, FL
Photographer: Russ Youngblood
Photos 45.qxp
1:07 PM
Page 6
Photos 45.qxp
1:08 PM
Page 7
Photos 45.qxp
10:43 AM
Page 8
Photos 45.qxp
1:09 PM
Page 9
Photos 45.qxp
1:10 PM
Page 10
Photos 45.qxp
1:11 PM
Page 11
Photos 45.qxp
1:12 PM
Page 12
Photos 45.qxp
10:44 AM
Page 13
Photos 45.qxp
1:13 PM
Page 14
Photos 45.qxp
1:14 PM
Page 15
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:17 AM
Page 24
Saugatuck/Douglas Michigan's West Coast Jewel
Tucked between soaring sand
dunes and the glorious Kalamazoo
River, Saugatuck/Douglas features
beautiful beaches, eclectic cuisine,
and a cute resort-style nightlife in
the summer months.
In 1910 , the Chicago Art Institute
The sister towns started as a
established the Summer School of
thriving lumber town. By 1870,
Painting on the Ox-Bow Lagoon. This
Chicago and St. Louis natives
brought the first significant gay
commonly traveled here to escape
presence. Today, it is warmly nick-
the summer heat at the lakeshore.
named the "Fire Island of the
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:18 AM
Page 25
The boys hang out at Oval
Canoeing ,
Beach, once rated by Conde Nast
horseback riding can be arranged
Traveler as one of the world's 25
from several locales, while Saugatuck
best shorelines. An au natural,
Dunes State Park, Allegan State Park,
clothing-optional setting can be
found in the surrounding dunes.
vineyard feature premier hiking.
For almost 25 years, The Dunes
There are more than 30 art galleries
Resort, the largest gay resort in the
and a local calendar loaded with
Midwest, has provided a simple,
music, art, and film festivals.
comfortable place for gays and
lesbians to escape the doldrums of
Middle America.
Currently , more than 30% of
Saugatuck/Douglas' impressive
Sprawling over 20 acres, The
Dunes features a newly remodeled
tea dance deck as well as an onsite nightclub with top-name
Circuit DJs year-round.
restaurants, hotels, and shops are
gay owned and/or operated.
Space is limited at The Dunes Resort.
Book early for 2006.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:18 AM
Page 26
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:18 AM
Page 27
July 29 – August 4, 2005
PINES PARTY - Fire Island Pines, New York
Do you feel like you're starring in a romance, a comedy, or a drama this summer?
(And honestly, by this late in the season, who doesn't?) Well, gather up your
supporting cast and bring them to Fire Island TV. Complete with red-carpet
arrival, paparazzi, and celebrity hosts (have those witty, sound bite-friendly
comments ready), this year's Pines Party will humor all your showbiz delusions - er,
aspirations. Dress up as your favorite on- or off-screen personality and expect
lots of surprises and special performers all night, a groovy retro-60's 'Rat Pack'themed casino, sumptuous TV series designer sponsor tents and that wonderful
Fire Island vibe. The Pavilion will also be jumping throughout the week and
features DC's famous Rob Harris on Saturday night and Susan Morabito on
Sunday night. Tea dance DJs include Super Dave, Lina, Marco, and Carlos
July 30, 2005
This year's party is an early evening event at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic
Center Plaza. It's a venue complete with fountains, shade areas, and a
breathtaking view of the downtown skyline. DJ David Knapp is spinning, with a
special guest performance by diva Abigail. Joining Hearts is a community-based,
volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing housing support to
people living with HIV and AIDS in Atlanta. In 2005, the event celebrates its 18th
year of fundraising, proudly acknowledging that through its 18-year history, 100%
of every dollar raised through ticket sales and tips is donated to its beneficiaries.
July 30 – December 31, 2005
Tour Dates
North America
Join DJ/remixer Bill Bennett and for the Manhunt World
Tour , hitting 30 U.S. and Canadian
cities this fall before heading off to
Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Australia.
Bennett's butch brand of "Circuit
rock" (check out the kick-ass Boston
remix at turns
the "get on, get off" heat all the way
up as you dive into the live, in-theflesh version of your buddy list.
Happy hunting!
July 30
Aug 5
Aug 6
Aug 19
Aug 20
Sep 2
Sep 3
Sep 4
Oct 9
Oct 21
Oct 22
Nov 19
San Diego
San Antonio
St Louis
Ft Lauderdale
The Cuff
South Beach
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:18 AM
Page 28
August 4 - 7, 2005
GAY PRIDE - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This year, Amsterdam Pride celebrates its ten-year anniversary. The weekend
kicks off on Thursday at Cockring. Everybody, from muscle boys to fashion
queens and everything in between, will pack the immensely popular Salvation
party at Escape (This one will sell out-get your tickets now!) The party continues
with the Steamy After Salvation at Thermos Day Sauna - part dance club, part day
spa, and part bathhouse - talk about one-stop shopping! On Saturday, the whole
city becomes the party and celebrates Pride in the streets. For the occasion,
Amsterdam becomes one big open-air club where you can drink your beer or
smoke your joint on every corner. The unique pride parade on the Amsterdam
canals features more than one hundred of the most outrageous floats and over a
half million spectators. You can even buy a ticket to be on the White Party boat
and be a part of the parade. Saturday night's White Party is at Powerzone, which
features two floors of dancing, an outdoor terrace, and a swimming pool. The
theme for this year is "White Party Extravagance" so plan your outrageous outfits
accordingly. Prizes will be given for the best costumes and the sounds will be
provided by DJs Paul Heron, Wayne G., and Steven Redant. The full schedule of
events includes a Sunday tea dance cruise, street parties, after-hours events all
weekend long, the Joystick party, and a safe-sex party at Cockring on Sunday
August 13 - 27, 2005
This year, RSVP is sponsoring two back-to-back seven-day cruises. More intimate
than larger cruises, with 170 to 220 guests, these small ships are a more relaxed
way to feel the joys of an all-gay and lesbian cruise. Sail from Athens to Istanbul
or from Istanbul to Athens on one or both fun-filled tours. The exotic ports of call
include the famed Greek islands Santorini and Mykonos, Dikili, and
Kusadasi/Ephesus. Enjoy the thrill of a being on board a real sailboat in the
Dardanelles channels and the Sea of Marmara.
August 14, 2005
SOAKIN' WET - New York, New York
Soakin' Wet makes a splash for the 5th year on Sunday night, where DJ David
For recent changes or updates to this schedule, please visit us online at: and
Search 100’s of events by city, state, date or DJ.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:18 AM
Page 29
Knapp will be joined by DC's superstar DJ Rob Harris at this year's wet 'n' wild
dancefest. Put on your new A&F shorts, pack a pistol (water, of course), and head
to Pier 63. Partial proceeds from the party benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights
AIDS. See you there and don't be surprised if you get soakin' wet!
August 18 - 21, 2005
RED BALL - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Now in its fourth year, this year's Red Ball theme is "Touchdown on the Retro
Planet." Friday, there is a welcome happy hour at Georgie's Alibi in Wilton
Manors and later the Welcome Party is at Boom Nightclub with DJ Bryan Reyes.
On Saturday afternoon, there is a Red Ball Pool Party with DJ Johnny D
sponsored by, followed by a pre-party at the world famous Copa.
On Sunday, there's a brunch sponsored by Hamburger Mary's in Wilton Manors
before it's off to the main event, the Red Ball, with Retro DJs Marc Scott and
Robbie Leslie. Don't forget to wear your red! All proceeds from this weekend are
donated to Children's Diagnostics and Treatment Center taking care of children
living with HIV/AIDS.
August 20, 2005
LEATHER BALL XI - Toronto, Canada
Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition Inc. presents Leather Ball XI, Saturday night
at The Opera House. DJ Deko-ze spins. Warm up at the Welcome Party at the
Black Eagle on Friday. Dress code at the Leather Ball will be enforced.
August 21, 2005
THE MORNING PARTY - Laguna Beach, California
It's one of the most stunning locales on earth for a party - right next to the
crashing surf on West Street Beach in Laguna. It's always a perfect Sunday
afternoon. Music this year will be courtesy of DJ Phil B, who will spin from noon
to 5. By August, the ocean in Laguna is even warm enough to take a quick dip.
And nobody is ever in any mood to run right home, so all the boys from the party
- the entire, sand-coated lot of them - adjourn to the Boom Boom Room for
margaritas and more dancing to the sounds of Kimberly S. Host hotel is the
Coast Inn, the West Coast's only oceanfront gay resort, conveniently located right
upstairs from the Boom.
Info: Coast Inn - 949-494-7588
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:19 AM
Page 30
August 31 – September 5, 2005
SOUTHERN DECADENCE - New Orleans, Louisiana
When you think you're an experienced, well-traveled partier, with all your hardearned, world-weary ways and think you've seen it all, along comes Southern
Decadence to show you that you haven't even been looking at the right map.
Considered the "gay Mardi Gras" of New Orleans, it is now one of the largest
free street parties you can attend, and really is something you have to see to
believe. As is so often the case with these things, the actual facts surrounding
the party's inception seem dubious. One can be reasonably certain of at least
one thing - one lovely autumn morning, in or around 1972, something happened,
and mayhem ensued. This occasion is now observed annually with more
mayhem, a parade, costumes, noisemakers, drinking, dancing, and the namesake
decadence, in abundance everywhere (and right out in broad daylight!). Come
see and be seen in the wildest, decadent costumes on Decadence Sunday. New
Orleans hot spot Oz has a great balcony above Bourbon St. for overseeing the
street-level festivities below and welcomes top Circuit DJs Barry Harris, Tracy
Young, Manny Lehman, and Alyson Calagna for your dancing pleasure. The
infamous Chi Chi LaRue returns to preside over festivities upstairs at the Parade
Dance Club. Their weekend talent includes DJs Warren Gluck, Kimberly S, Joe
Gauthreaux, Rick Mitchell, Max Rodriguez, Darren Thomas, and Jayskee.
August 31 – September 9, 2005
Atlantis' Mediterranean adventure sails from Barcelona for the largest European
all-gay cruise in history. Travel in style aboard Royal Caribbean's new Brilliance of
the Seas . A unique feature of this ship is the dramatic eleven-story glass
elevators overlooking the ocean. The ports of call for this cruise include Nice,
Rome (Civitavecchia), Mykonos, Crete, and Naples, before returning to
Barcelona. There's something special about partying among the people who
invented nude sunbathing, wine, Greek sex, and the Caprese salad. Bring two
steamer trunks - you'll need beachwear, tourist wear, and lots and lots of
clubwear because when the ship is at sea be prepared to party just like it's the
land-based Circuit.
Look for the Circuit Noize QuickTrip Logo to make
fast travel and ticket reservations for selected events.
Enter to Win FREE Airline and Party Tickets online at:
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:19 AM
Page 31
September 1 - 5, 2005
END OF SUMMER BLOW-OUT - Fire Island Pines, New York
It's Labor Day Weekend and the boys of New York descend upon the Island one
last time. Everybody knows the energy on Fire Island snowballs all summer, and
Labor Day is the grand finale. Everyone in your house has either hooked up, is
not speaking, already has next year's house rented, or is just so done with the
whole thing - but regardless, they will be out bidding a misty-eyed farewell to
summer. On Saturday night, the incomparable Susan Morabito rocks the Pavilion,
followed by Randy Bettis the next night. Tea dance DJs include Super Dave,
Randy Bettis, Lina, and Joe Gauthreaux. Bring your copy of In September, The
Light Changes to read on the beach, and give the season one last razzle-dazzle.
September 2 - 4, 2005
LABOR DAY - Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas kicks into high gear for the close of summer with poolside dancing
during the day and all-night extravaganzas at the only gay hot spot on the Las
Vegas strip - Krave nightclub. On Friday, Krave Men presents DJ Sobe spinning
the remixed 80s - you know, songs you know the words to! On Saturday
afternoon, head over to a pool party at the host hotel, the Alexis Park Hotel,
where you can dance to the sounds of DJ Talla. That night, Jeffrey Sanker's
Everything You Desire presents DJ Tye in the early evening with an after-hours
that goes until ten in the morning with sounds by DJ Billy Harding. DJ Talla
returns to the Alexis Park Hotel for a second installment of the afternoon pool
party. And it all winds up back at Krave with DJs Talla and Billy Harding featuring
two rooms and two distinct sounds.
September 2 - 4, 2005
LABOR DAY - Provincetown, Massachusets
On Friday night, DJ Monty Q gets things kicking at the Crown and Anchor. David
Flower Productions is at it once again bringing the only unique and fun events to
the gayest place on the East Coast. On Saturday, the Provincetown II will set sail
at 4pm from Macmillan Wharf for the now-famous Sunset Boat Cruise. Once the
sun is down, join hundreds of guys to dance the night away at The Boatslip Resort
with the fantastic sounds of DJ David Knapp.
September 4, 2005
ALEGRIA - New York, New York
All those hot summer months of sun and faithfully going to the gym have paid off.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:19 AM
Page 32
Everybody's sporting that golden glow and the amount of rippling muscles at an
Alegria event is enough to constitute a bodybuilding convention. Anyone who's
not on Fire Island this weekend will be at Crobar, sweating and sparkling with
New York's finest partiers at New York's sexiest party. Resident DJ Abel spins.
Be sure to include in your weekend, a visit to our friends at G Lounge and Splash.
September 4, 2005
LABOR DAY - Los Angeles, California
The seasons don't really change in California, which is why you don't see the LA
boys getting all wistful this time of year. Instead, the party continues on as if
summer never ended. Sunday is the big party night this weekend with two huge
parties that run from 8 to 8. The creative force behind this year's wildly successful
Pandora parties brings you Men at Work with Peter Rauhofer, Labor Day Sunday
at Avalon. Also on Sunday, the traditional Resolution returns to the Mayan with
DJ Paulo, Alyson Calagna, and one other DJ to round off the bill.
September 4, 2005
LABOR DAY - San Francisco, California
The smash-hit Giant Sunday tea dance returns for the long holiday weekend with
Circuit fave DJ David Knapp! Held at the all-new, fully remodeled 1015 Folsom,
Giant brings tea dance fun to a new level. Six action-packed hours of hot boys,
booming sound, and porn star go-go gods - all in an ultra-plush setting. The
Sanctuary party at San Francisco's Sound Factory follows with plenty of men,
music, muscle, and dancing 'til 6am! NYC DJ John Le Page is back to please the
hot daddies, with LA DJ Casey Alva opening the show.
September 23 - 25, 2005
CHROME PARTY - Columbus, Ohio
Over seventy-five percent of the gay men in the U.S. live within a three-hour drive
of Columbus… or something like that. It's also the headquarters of Abercrombie
& Fitch. Either one could explain why the parties here are always swarming with
hot guys. Join them again this year for Chrome's third installment, "Journey to
the Future of Chrome." Net proceeds from the weekend benefit Camp Sunrise,
Ohio's first and only summer camp program that caters specifically to the needs
of children affected by HIV/AIDS. DJs include Rick Mitchell, Monty Q, Bryan
Pfeifer, and Roland Belmares.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:19 AM
Page 33
September 24, 2005
FOLSOM ST. FAIR - San Francisco, California
It's a city where "formal dress" on an invitation usually means "Don't chicken out
and wear Levi's underneath - buttless chaps are that way for a reason!" No
surprise, then, that San Francisco pulls together the hottest leather festival
anywhere, as nearly half a million woofy leathermen and their fans descend on
this city, all looking to scratch that one particular itch. The hottest of the hot will
be out looking for it at Magnitude on Saturday night - DJ Joe Gauthreaux
provides the sweltering soundtrack and the Dungeon Bed lounge (dark corners
will be everywhere) pretty much guarantees the hottest, sexiest venue to let those
fantasies play out. Or, drop your pants and dance at the Underworld Black Party.
The world's largest underwear party is back, and it's all about those locker room,
dark alleyway, and other fantasies your dark side craves - rubber, latex, leather,
jockstraps, briefs, boots, and bad behavior! This full-scale fetish ball features
good-looking and good sounding LA DJ Kio Kio (see DJ Spotlight on page 92),
plus over 1000 boys in briefs all at Space550. Regardless of where you started,
follow the crowd over to Aftershock and DJ Abel. Because that old saying is
wrong - sometimes more is, in fact, more, and you know you want it. You're not
done yet! Sunday night, your weekend hits a high note at REAL BAD - now in its
17th year. DJ Reed McGowan spins at 1015 Folsom. Get your tickets early,
because this will sell out! Where do you think you're going? Don't forget about
the late night Sanctuary Party with DJ Matt Consola spinning dark, progressive,
sleazy sounds to help you finish off a very hot weekend in The City. Now you can
go home. Boy.
October 1, 2005
SLEAZE BALL - Sydney, Australia
Everybody knows about Sydney Mardi Gras, but the truly discriminating party boy
ready to play with his kinky side heads to Sleaze every spring. Since first
appearing in 1982, it's one of the longest-running events in the world, and its
organizers have promised that 2005 will be even sleazier than ever - considering
that last year's theme was "porn," they've obviously set their sights, er, really
really low. (In the good way, of course.) Outrageous costumes, glitter, muscles don't dream it, be it! Check the website for updated info as it becomes available.
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Page 34
October 5 - 11, 2005
BLACK & BLUE FESTIVAL - Montreal, Canada
Black & Blue is a party like none other. A whole week of activities ranging from
art exhibits, movie screenings, and athletic events, to the famous dance parties.
It is all crowned by the magnificent Black & Blue main event on Sunday night.
This year is the 15th anniversary and no doubt a grand spectacle is being planned
to commemorate the occasion. Black & Blue XV, The X-TREME BALL, takes place
once again on the main field of the Olympic Stadium with DJ Danny Tenaglia as
well as Chus & Ceballos, back for an encore after their triumphant Black & Blue
debut last year. The crowd at the main event is mixed, as thousands of straight
friends of our gay party community join us in a celebration that has earned a
reputation for breaking new ground in the gay party world by hiring DJs and
drawing a crowd to which we're not ordinarily exposed. This party fosters a kind
of cultural interchange that is unique to the Circuit. The parties the rest of the
weekend are, of course, good old back-to-basics Circuit parties. Montreal has
some world-class clubs, and this week they're packed full of hot guys from all over
North America and Europe. World-class events include the Leather Ball, Military
Ball, and the ever-popular Recovery Party on Monday night.
October 15 - 23, 2005
It's Atlantis' most popular cruise of all time, back this year with an all-new
itinerary. Setting sail from San Diego aboard Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the
Seas, the eight-day adventure visits five beautiful Pacific beaches in Ixtapa, Puerto
Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. While at sea, the wide-open outdoor
pool deck aboard the Radiance becomes the perfect venue for those famous
Atlantis dance parties. The water adds a dimension you've never seen on land.
With concert sound and massive light and laser shows, four leading DJs will keep
you dancing until the sun comes up or the ship docks in yet another glittering
seaside resort. Book your stateroom soon, they're going fast!
October 20, 2005
HALLOWEEN - Vancouver, Canada
ToyBoxBoys Productions, in association with the Vancouver Men's Chorus, is
producing the silver anniversary of the largest gay Halloween event in the Pacific
Northwest. This is the 25th anniversary of Vancouver's most flamboyant, fun, and
fabulous party. This year's event is at the Commodore Ballroom with its
legendary sprung dance floor. DJ Brian Gorr of Seattle provides the soundscape.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:19 AM
Page 35
October 21, 2005
Tom Weise and's Hustlaball Berlin is back at the legendary Kit Kat
Club (of Cabaret fame). Berlin's famed nightlife scene has a licentious underside
that rivals anything you'll find in any other northern European capital and it's a
city where a party full of porn stars and hustlers feels right at home. The mayor of
Berlin, who happens to be gay, officially recognizes this year's mega-party. The
sprawling event is on three floors and features an ultra chic VIP lounge. At the
turntables are DJ DeMarko (NYC), DJ Jack Chang (London), DJ Dana (Berlin), and
DJ RedTomCat. The MC is Lady Bunny and the entertainment features porn stars
Adam Dexter (Colt Studio), Alex Fuerte (Hot House), Arpad Miklos, Tommy Ritter
(Rascal Videos), Eric Rhodes (Falcon Studios), and many others. It's an evening of
ultimate fun, with sexual pleasures of all kinds being showcased. Keep an eye out
for the Hustlaball CD and DVD later this year.
October 27 - 31, 2005
HALLOWEEN - New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans is the gay destination for Halloween, especially if you like a costume
ball. There are four days of benefit events that provide funding for Lazarus
House, a residential facility for men and women living with HIV. Saturday's
costume ball is like no other - gangs of friends dress in group themes with each
group getting their moment in the spotlight on stage. A lot of these boys go all
out. The Bourbon Pub video bar and The Parade dance club have a non-stop
weekend planned with DJs Joe Gauthreaux, Kimberly S, Lydia Prim, Rick Mitchell,
Jayskee, and Darren Thomas. On Sunday, Dark Shadows V features Susan
Morabito. Across Bourbon St. is Oz, the other traditional gay party hot spot in
New Orleans. Expect top-drawer DJ talent, hot and bad stripper boys, and a
crowd that likes to get rowdy.
October 30, 2005
METROPOLIS HALLOWEEN - San Francisco, California
Halloween, San Francisco style... drag queens, porn stars, and costumes-oh the
costumes! It's all so much bigger, louder, and more outrageous! Pull that outfit
together for Saturday - glitter, feather boas, full-body airbrush paint, get a new
tattoo if you must, you'll fit right in! If you wouldn't be caught dead in it any
other night, then it's perfect for Saturday night's Metropolis Costume Ball
Extravaganza. This glamorous affair, with DJ Roland Belmares providing the
musical backdrop, will feature everyone's favorite supermodel - RuPaul - live on
stage as well as Falcon porn star Josh Weston and a major costume contest.
Don't even think of showing up in street clothes. The party continues on Sunday
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:19 AM
Page 36
with a very special Giant Halloween tea dance back at the spectacular new 1015
Folsom. Here, the costume is optional, but the dancing is mandatory Masterbeat DJ Brett Henrichsen will see to that.
October 30, 2005
Most of the buff boys of Alegria won't be dressed up for this gay holiday - they'll
be sporting those fabulous physiques that they work so hard on. But you won't
care - there are tricks and treats aplenty at Ric Sena's wildly popular Crobar
event. Resident DJ Abel provides the deep tribal sound, with production design
by Ric Sena.
October 28 - 30, 2005
A whole weekend of events with DJ Paulo bringing his signature sexy, tribal beats
to this year's Skeletons Ball on Saturday night to an exciting new venue
overlooking the city. DJ Michael Tank starts things off at Taboo on Friday. After
Paulo, head over to Dawn of the Dead with DJ Pride. This party undoubtedly
wins our award for best (most honest?) name for an after-hours party ever. And
wrap things up with the Little Diablos tea dance with DJ Seth Gold. This being
Texas, where everything is bigger, obviously there's still more: the Pandora's Box
closing party with DJ Josh Gram. The weekend is brought to you by the Texas
Circuit Boys, an innovative young group of promoters working to turn the focus
of Circuit parties back to fundraising for deserving causes.
November 4 - 5, 2005
NATION - Phuket, Thailand
Nation returns in its fifth year, bigger and better than ever before. For the first
time since its debut in Singapore in 2001, Nation makes its maiden foray abroad
to the resort island of Phuket. This party has evolved into an international festival
comprising eight high-octane parties held back-to-back over the weekend. The
crown jewel of the festivities is Nation V which features state-of-the-art
pyrotechnics, lasers, and lighting, as well as a world-class roster of DJs including
top Circuit DJs Manny Lehman and David Knapp from the US, Kate Munroe from
Australia, and other rising stars on the Asian Circuit scene from Singapore,
Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Nation V is also co-hosted
by seven leading party organizers in Asia. International hotel chains Crowne Plaza
Karon Beach Phuket and Hilton Phuket Arcadia are the appointed host hotels.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:20 AM
Page 37
November 5 - 12, 2005
RSVP Tikehau - French Polynesia
Never has RSVP provided a more relaxing vacation than this soul-refreshing
escape. Immerse yourself in the simple elegance and casual style of this private
island resort. Your vacation includes eight days and seven nights in mesmerizing
French Polynesia. With a stunning bungalow to call your home, the whole Pearl
Beach resort reserved for RSVP guests, breathtaking blue lagoons, and secluded
white sandy beaches fringed with palms, this vacation is sure to be a delicious
retreat from reality.
November 5 - 12, 2005
CLUB ATLANTIS - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
The all-new Palace Vallarta resort is Atlantis' home for a spectacular week of fun,
sports, parties, and entertainment. Designed to create a relaxing beach vacation
in a welcoming gay and lesbian environment, Club Atlantis Vallarta is completely
private and conveniently located near Puerto Vallarta. It's the perfect beach
resort and a great way to get the most out of Mexico's most famous coastline. As
night falls, Club Atlantis comes alive as we present some of the top gay talent in
the outdoor theater, including comedians, singers, and surprise guests. The party
continues in the nightclub every night with Atlantis' theme parties and
outstanding DJ talent. Best of all, it's a true all-inclusive vacation where
everything - deluxe accommodations, meals, sports activities, entertainment,
parties, room service, gratuities and even drinks - is included for one low price.
November 22 - 28, 2005
LATIN FEVER 8 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
It's not just a party, it's a really cool vacation! Head to sunny Puerto Vallarta for
Thanksgiving weekend where Will Gorges & Gilles Belanger are bringing you six
boy-packed parties at hot local clubs and hotel rooftops, featuring American
imports DJ Warren Gluck, DJ Cary Stringfellow, and Mexico's own DJ Ramses, DJ
Marco, and DJ Oscar Velazquez. This unique party south of the border is so
special that those who come once always come back for more. See for yourself
what all the raving is about.
November 23 - 28, 2005
WHITE PARTY WEEK - Miami, Florida
The most glamorous week on the party Circuit celebrates its 21st birthday this
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:20 AM
Page 38
year. A dazzling array of parties and events, some old favorites and some exciting
new additions, light up the million-dollar sandbar. New events include a gay
celebrity volleyball tournament on the beach, a champagne afternoon fashion
show, a gay-celebrity discussion and roast sponsored by The New York Times,
and a Big Band event (yes, you read that right). Returning to blow the lid off of
Miami's famed clubs and beaches are White Heat, the Heatwave pool party, the
venerable Muscle Beach party at Ocean Drive and 12th, and the crown jewel of
AIDS fundraisers, The White Party at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. At Vizcaya,
the crowd is as much a part of the show as anything else with 3000 beautiful
people in white, many of them in costumes you simply won't believe. With
dancing under the stars, a food court of delicacies from some of Miami's hottest
restaurants, and ten acres of the most breathtaking renaissance gardens in the
country, this is not your typical party. The exciting new addition this year is the
White Party Village, created to accommodate the many divergent international
and national guests into one 500-yard square block area on spectacular Ocean
Drive. Host hotels include the Savoy, the Victor, The Hotel, The Raleigh, the Park
Central and the Courtyard by Marriott. White Party Week is what other parties
would look like if you wrapped them in mink, served champagne and invited
Madonna (relax, it's just an expression). You can practically hear the flashbulbs
now, can't you? And it's all for a good cause, too - the whole week benefits Care
Resource, Florida's One Source for HIV/AIDS services.
November 26, 2005
Houston's hottest nightclub, South Beach, brings you the legendary Tony Moran
for this Saturday night blowout. The hottest boys of southern Texas will be home
for Thanksgiving, so don't miss this special evening of dancing and fun.
December 26, 2005 – January 1, 2006
Have you recovered from all your Thanksgiving weekend debauchery in this
beautiful seaside resort? Good! Most of the people who saw what you did have
probably forgotten what you look like anyway, so come on back! Will Gorges &
Gilles Belanger have done it again - fireworks, muscle boys, drag queens…
Expect the unexpected! There are more boy-packed parties than you
can count on this NYE 2006 and it's just south of the border down Mexico Way.
For recent changes or updates to this schedule, please visit us online at: and
Search 100’s of events by city, state, date or DJ.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:20 AM
Page 39
December 30, 2005 – January 1, 2006
NEW YEAR'S EVE - Los Angeles, California
It's official - LA's favorite weekend on the Circuit schedule is New Year's f*ckin'
Eve, baby! Get some rest, eat all your spinach, fasten your seatbelt, and hang on
tight. Are you ready? Friday night, you asked for it, here it is - Jeffrey Sanker and
Resolution are bringing DJ Abel back to the Mayan for the first time since he tore
it up on Memorial Day. Also on Friday, Brett Henrichsen both spins and produces
Last Dance. Saturday night, Brett and Masterbeat join forces with Atlantis Events
to bring you the big spectacular New Year's Eve bash at the world famous
Hollywood Palladium. Since opening in 1940 with Frank Sinatra, the Palladium
has been home to the Grammys, the Emmys, and has hosted legendary concerts
with classic artists such as the Rolling Stones, The Who, and now - Deborah Cox.
That's right - the one and only dance diva and Broadway star starts the party off
with a once-in-a-lifetime hour-long concert, performing her incredible lineup of #1
club hits with her live band and dancers. After the concert, DJ Manny Lehman
takes control of the turntables and turns the 40,000 square foot Palladium into
the largest and most decadent nightclub in the world. Hope you saved
something - there are two morning parties to keep your bell ringing well into the
New Year. Brett Henrichsen and John Brady bring you an after-hours spectacular
at Avalon. Jeffrey Sanker and Resolution present Touch Me in the Morning with
Victor Calderone at the Mayan.
December 31 – January 1, 2005
NEW YEAR'S EVE - San Francisco, California
Big, ominous, super-stimulating, memorable... sounds like Colossus New Year's
Eve in San Francisco. Gus invites you to dance your way into 2006 at the largest
New Year's event on the West Coast. An amazing venue with increased capacity,
sonic sound, and blistering lights and lasers are some of the highlights. DJ Roland
Belmares and others to be announced spin this twelve-hour dance marathon!
Lick your dance wounds on New Year's Day at a very special Mass reunion / Giant
tea dance recovery party! Break out the pajamas and hit up 1015 Folsom as DJ
Phil B joins Gus and hundreds of hotties for a night of tea dance madness. This
event will feature massage, treats and munchies, movies, and a very cozy bean
bag room!
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Page 40
December 31, 2005
G POP - New York, New York
Named for the popping of champagne corks as the New Year is rung in, g Pop is
amazingly festive and energetic without being excessively chaotic or expensive.
Each year, g lounge is beautifully decorated in sapphire balloons and silver
streamers. The shirtless bartenders sport bow ties and serve a complimentary
champagne toast at midnight to mark the occasion! And what would New Year's
Eve be without the perfect mix of house, R&B, and party favorites, spun flawlessly
by DJ Dr. Brooks.
January 28 – February 4, 2006
In 2005, Atlantis chartered the Navigator of the Seas for the largest gay cruise in
history. In 2006, it returns for a true sequel - a bigger, bolder, and grander
spectacle with an all-new Western Caribbean itinerary. The Navigator boasts
some of the most amazing features on any ship today - a rock-climbing wall, fivestory promenade, full basketball court, inline skating track, and ice skating rink.
(Don't you just love cruise ships? Like a floating city but only the fun stuff-not a
DMV office or grocery store checkout in sight!) There's also a five-story theater,
an authentic 50's diner, a world-class casino, a spectacular three-story dining
room AND a nightclub called The Dungeon (exactly who is running this ship?).
There's also complimentary 24-hour room service (although, with all that's going
on up on deck, including exotic ports of call like Cozumel and Belize City, if
you've chosen to spend 24 hours in your stateroom, it's likely that food is not
high on your list of essentials). Atlantis will turn the Navigator's outdoor decks
into the largest outdoor celebration ever at sea, with spectacular lighting, lasers
to light up the sky, and concert quality sound. And the high-tech nightclub hosts
a wide range of musical styles, and a sensational "after-hours" scene. All of this
featuring six of the leading DJs working today.
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Page 42
Kio Kio
Kio Kio prefers to spin
after-hours parties. He
feels that this time slot
has allowed him to
develop an
underground edge that
is his own individual
style. It is also a time
slot where people tend
to really let their hair
down - letting loose
and giving themselves
the freedom to move.
Kio Kio's first break was at
Twist in Miami. DJ Bugie
introduced him to the decks and
often allowed him to spin a few
songs up in the booth during his
once a week set.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:21 AM
When the after-hours Pump
opened in South Beach, they
selected Eddie X as their Sunday
morning resident, but they didn't
have anyone for the first Saturday
morning that they were to open.
They asked Kio Kio to fill the spot.
The patrons loved the music,
overlooking the few train wrecks
that happened in that first
His favorite recent performance
was at Gay Pride in Sao Paulo,
Brazil. While the venue wasn't
perfect (a tent), the energy of the
parade put both DJ and crowd into
an ecstatic head space.
When Kio spins, he tries to make
everyone feel sensual, carefree,
and good about themselves. His
spinning is very grounded in his
own love of dancing. He loves to
ratchet up the sexual energy of a
dance floor.
He lear ned his craft by being
totally addicted to it. Once
introduced to the mechanics of
spinning, he bought a couple of
turntables and practiced all the
He feels that while the technical
aspects of DJing are something
that can be lear ned, it is the
passion for this art form that makes
a great DJ.
Page 43
While he does love boys, he enjoys
spinning a mixed event because he
feels that having women on the dance
floor helps to mix up the energy and get
people out of their mold.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:22 AM
Page 44
The Legend of Real Bad
by Leif Wauters
The infamous Folsom Street Fair is one of the largest open air leather
gatherings in the world. Thiis San Francisco weekend plays host to many
over-the-top, fun, and fetish-flavored events.
But none of them can match the
camaraderie and intimacy of the
party that has closed these manly
festivities for the last sixteen years.
Perhaps one reason is that this
party began as a circle of friends,
and this concept is one that the
organizers have strived to maintain
to this day.
REAL BAD began in the late 80s
when three friends came together
with a desire to create a
celebration of life. Jim Guequierre
and his lover Jeff Swenton decided
to have a party at their home in the
Castro immediately following the
Castro Street Fair. Jeff's high
school friend Marc Lagasse was the
third member of the team. They
brought in a DJ and served
margaritas to the invite-only crowd.
Although this premier REAL BAD
was small, those in attendance
could feel the magic in the seeds
they were planting.
The party's organizers had
relocated from the East Coast,
bringing their knowledge of some
quality DJs that were largely
unknown in the West. This was a
time before a DJ could easily build
a reputation that spanned the
country. From the beginning it was
decided that this party should be
used to introduce new DJs and
new sounds to the Bay Area. That
first year it was DJ Buc who would
Images Courtesy of GRGR/WEST
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:22 AM
Page 45
wow the crowd, and who
undoubtedly created a lot of the
magic of that special evening. Buc
would later go on to become the
first DJ to gain an international
reputation on the Circuit.
DJs such as Susan Morabito,
Michael Fierman, Warren Gluck,
and Julian Marsh, who had built
great reputations on the East
Coast, accepted the invitation to
spread their sound for the cause.
Many previously under-promoted
DJs from around the world have
been launched into the spotlight
with their REAL BAD performances
including Lydia Prim, Rob Davis,
Wayne Arnold, and most recently
Jack Reina.
Images Courtesy of GRGR/WEST
until Club Townsend closed its doors in
In 1990, the group decided that
the party should become a
fundraiser and that it should grow
beyond the capacity of a private
home. Club Townsend donated an
empty space that adjoined the
main dance club. The size of the
space was perfect, but it was
virtually empty and needed a lot of
REAL BAD, however, continued to look
for just the right venue. It was thrown
in numerous locations including 715
Harrison, known at the time as
Dreamland. Eventually it found a
home at its current location, 1015
Folsom, a world-class space that has
hosted the event since 1999.
Building a comfortable party space
in this empty shell was a very
ambitious undertaking for the allvolunteer group. They cleared out
the debris and brought in sound
and light equipment. When the
crowd of friends arrived, they knew
that because of the energy of the
people, they had succeeded in
holding onto the intimacy and soul
of this special event. When the
party ended, the doors were
opened on to the front club. The
ensuing late night celebration
Thunderdome, which lived on as a
successful holiday weekend party
It was in 1995 that the organization
decided they needed to take full
advantage of San Francisco's largest
street fair of the season. They moved
the party back a week to Folsom
weekend, which had become one of
the greatest fetish gatherings in the
world. Because there were so many
out-of-town friends that were already
coming to visit that weekend, they were
able to grow the circle of friends even
more. Being the closing party for
Folsom also cemented the reputation
of this party. You can imagine that a
dark dance floor with so much exposed
flesh gets a little randy after a weekend
as charged as Folsom.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:23 AM
Page 46
Images Courtesy of GRGR/WEST
It was always important to the
event's organizers to be grounded
in rich traditions. The energy of
that first margarita party continues
on to this day, though it has
morphed to a different time and
purpose. It is now an afternoon
gathering in July where the party's
DJ and the beneficiaries are
revealed to the public and where
the hosts commit to selling tickets
to their friends. Tickets to REAL
BAD are available primarily
through the party's hosts - the core
concept which creates the circle of
friends. You can sign up to be a
host on their web site and very
limited tickets are available at the
Initially a different beneficiary
dedicated to the advancement of LGBT
civil rights was chosen each year to
receive grants from the proceeds and
many nationally recognized non-profits
were recipients. In 1998, GRGR/WEST
began spreading the wealth by
choosing a Bay Area, HIV-focused
group to share the proceeds.
The circle of friends may have grown
over seventeen years, but their mission
to "Be bad… do good" remains true.
They invite you to participate in the
legend of REAL BAD immediately
following Folsom Street Fair.
Visit for more
The all-volunteer organization that
produces REAL BAD is called Grass
(GRGR/WEST). The party is
produced without major corporate
underwritten by local and
nationally recognized LGBT
businesses. This allows 100% of
ticket sales to go to the
beneficiaries. The largest ever
donation of $80,000 was raised in
2004 by the sold-out, single-night
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:24 AM
Page 48
(you never know who's listening)
"That outfit would be cute if you
were a top."
"I am a top."
"Mmmm… More like a lid."
"For the life of me I cannot remember the
name of that outdoor venue in South
Beach where David Knapp would spin on
the Monday evening after White Party
"I need to have sex soon.
I'm starting to get turned
on by household
"Are you going to the
"My official answer is 'no'.
See you there."
"I'm not into all that - it
takes too much eye-handtongue coordination."
mber the
d spin on
te Party
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:25 AM
Page 49
"Happy Vernal Equinox!"
"What does that mean?"
"May your sap rise and spew
washing you and yours anew!"
"That one has brain
damage. His head is so far
up his ass, every time
somebody fucks him, his
head gets smashed."
"I think I'm so nasty
sometimes... then I talk to
my friends."
"I love to lick Asian ass, but
twenty minutes later you
wanna lick another one."
"Which sunglasses should I wear?"
"Well, you're going to West
Hollywood and those make you look
more like an upscale tweaker."
"Tact is for those who
aren't witty enough to
be sarcastic."
"Don't they have leg
machines at your
"I take so many
pills a day... the
ones I forget are
the vitamins."
Submit your own “Overheards” to us at
[email protected]
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:27 AM
Page 50
In Amsterdam REDISCOVER the uplifting vibe that many of us have
missed at parties. The music is ecle
ectic, with sounds for all, gearing
towards trance, the predominant sound of Western Europe.
A sense of visiting Oz
prevails in this quaint
cobblestone streets, to
the men walking hand in
hand, to the scent of
marijuana in the air,
Amsterdam is clearly
worlds away.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:28 AM
Page 51
QUEEN’S DAY (late April)
GAY PRIDE (August)
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:30 AM
Page 52
Î Architecture
Buildings from the 16th to 20th
centuries, with many from the
1800's, fill the center of the city.
These brick, 3- or 4-floor buildings
line the canals, and provide a story
book feel that much of Europe lost
during the war. Skinny buildings,
perhaps only 15 feet wide, with
steep, ladder-like stairs, lean forward
over the streets to enable the
hoisting of fur niture into the
Î Museums
With over 100 museums, Amsterdam
has some of the largest and oldest
artwork exhibits in Europe. Known
best for the works of Rembrant and
Van Gogh, the city has two
museums, each dedicated to the
artist. The recently relocated Stadler
Museum of modern art boats six
floors of recent acquisitions.
Marijuana & Mushrooms
Î Soft
drugs are legal
in The
Netherlands, for personal use only.
Café's serve coffee, but Coffee
Houses serve hash brownies and a
selection of marijuana as well as
coffee and other energy-type drinks.
"Smart Shops" feature marijuana
growing kits, paraphanalia, and a
selection of fresh (not dried, those
are illegal) mushrooms with varying
degrees of "trips", from intense to
Î Leather Scene
Probably one of the biggest leather
scenes in the world can be found in
the War moestraat section of
Amsterdam. Dozens of bars and
leather/bear/daddy crowd line the
streets. Events every weekend
feature slings and scenes and, once
a year, the largest party,
Playgrounds, is held during leather
pride weekend.
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:31 AM
Page 53
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by Jamie Nicholes
years in his local market. Ultimately, he
caught the attention of Peter Rauhofer.
Now, after having already been a
cultural hero and local legend within the
Israeli club scene for over 25 years, Star
69 Records has signed him to the label
and the product of that union is First
Time , Offer's first domestic release.
This disc has not left my car since I
bought it - it's everything I was hoping
it'd be and then some. It's unmixed, it's
full length and it's everything he's done
so far with his most recent protégé "kitten with a whip" vocalist Maya. It
contains several songs that hadn't been
available prior like "First Time" and
"Heart Breaking". And, to top if all off,
Offer even remembered to include CD
Text so you can play it in the car and
have the titles display on your CD
player. I love every song. I think Offer is
the biggest thing to come along since
Hex Hector and Thunderpuss. My only
bitch is that it should have said
"featuring Maya" on the front cover
instead of beneath the disc under the
tray. Sure, Offer's the production and
writer of the music, but she's the voice
we all remember and the writer of the
lyrics that burn themselves into our
brains. Let's give the girl a bit more
First Time
Offer Nissim
Star 69 Records
Offer Nissim is the biggest export
from Israel since Judaism. Offer's
career as a DJ, producer and
remixer began back in 1979 and
has only continued to grow since.
The achievement that allowed
Offer's U.S. crossover occurred with
his discovery and following
production for transsexual singer
Dana International, who in 1998
went on to win the Eurovision Song
Contest with the Offer-produced
track "Diva".
Offer's notoriety and subsequent
popularity grew exponentially
thereafter with 17 releases in two
issue 45 fall.qxp
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Page 55
credit than just "accompanist".
Offer also looks like Cher's long
lost brother (look at those lips, tell
resemblance). Anyhow, if you
don't love this album, then you're
dead inside.
Masterbeat: S.P.F. 20
Summer Party Favorites
Mixed by Brett Henrichsen
Master Entertainment
While summer started off in LA with
its trademark overcast "June
Gloom", this disc's sunny
composition seems to have scared
away the clouds since its release
and has ushered in the mostcherished season with all the
anthems necessary to keep you
dancing through the nights of
these warmer months. The first
disc includes Peter Rauhofer's
heavy remix of David Morales'
comeback track "How Would U
Feel", Blaze's belt-a-long anthem
"Most Precious Love" featuring
Barbara Tucker on vocals, Inaya
Day's gospel-themed "See Mom,
I'm still a good churchgoer and
won't turn into a 'Whitney'!" followup to "Nasty Girl", Eric Kupper's
remix of RuPaul's new one, and the
revamp mix of the mid-90s classic
"Everybody Be Somebody" by
Ruffneck featuring Yavahn.
The second disc boasts more
amazing offerings. I am glad to
see I'm not the only one obsessed
with Offer Nissim. Apparently, he
makes Brett Henrichsen's panties just as
wet as mine since two of Offer's tracks
are featured - "Rain" and "That's The
Way I Like It" both featuring Maya, from
the recently released full-length First
Time, and his flawless remix of Kristine
W's much delayed, but even more
adored, "The Wonder Of It All". You'll
also find the unreleased tribal mix of
"Illusion" by Benassi Bros. with vocalist
Sandy (from the tattered-n-tor n
relationship cut "Get Better"), the new
track from Sun (the artist who brought
you Chris Cox mixed, in-the-clubs-only
"One With You"), "House of Jupiter" by
Casey Stratton (which reminds me of all
those warm, uplifting house tracks that
used to end the night at clubs back in
1998) and the disc closes nicely with
Stellar Project's "Get Up Stand Up",
one of those beautifully light and fluffy
Euro dance tracks that managed to
make enough of a mark in American
clubs. This disc will take you back to
the club on a strobe-drenched podium
when you're sweating in the kitchen
while attempting to impress your
summer love with the marginal culinary
abilities that are more likely to produce
a semi-edible product that you'll be
forced to declare as "Cajun."
issue 45 fall.qxp
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Page 56
Suzanne Palmer
Star 69 Records
Dezrok, Fred Jorio and Blue Room, the
long-delayed artist album Home is a 14track flogging of stellar Circuit anthems
including the recent hit singles "Luv 2
Luv", "Home" and "Sound of the
In the instant-gratificationobsessed world of the Circuit,
staying power and professional
stamina are ter ms as easily
understood as the garbled
gibberish of a party boy under the
influence of a double-stack. A hit
song, a killer remix, these are what
the Circuit world thrives on.
Anything but a disposable voice and
another pretty face, Suzanne Palmer
solidifies herself with the release of this
album that she's not satisfied to hit hard
and then run away. Suzy P.'s gonna be
the one to beat you all night and have
you still begging for more when the
dusty light of dawn spills across the
club's sticky floors.
It's only rarely that an artist actually
gets her beginning within that
world and manages to stay above
the fog machine haze and in the
spotlight for nearly a decade.
Suzanne Palmer's partnership with
Peter Rauhofer began back in 1997
with his Style album on the Twisted
record label. Since then, Palmer
has managed to pair her own
songwriting with other standout
writers and producers to create a
body of work as stunning as her
voice's undeniable strength.
Produced by Cevin Fisher, Orange
Factory, Eric Kupper, Angel
Moraes, Murk, Peter Rauhofer,
Buy these releases and all your other
dance music favorites at
issue 45 fall.qxp
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Page 57
the 60s-era mantra of psychedelic
substances married with communitycreating music. Though Tiesto has
definitely been going in harder, techtrance directions with his own artist
albums in the last couple years, his
original allure of dreamy, stunning
trance always comes back around in
these compilations. In addition, this is
also the first ISOS album that consists of
two discs. Apparently, so much music
that falls under the category of "lovely
and amazing" has come out in the years
since volume 3 was released that two
discs were warranted in order to bring it
all to our attention, framed in a
distinctive Tiesto construction. Personal
favorites across the two discs are "Do
What U Want" (JASEfos), "La Noche"
(Coca & Villa), "The Force Of Gravity"
(BT), "Gravity" (Grayarea) and "The
Loves We Lost" (Allure), which uses a
gorgeous sample from an old Paula
Cole song.
In Search of Sunrise 4
B.H. Songbird [Stu]
If you've heard any of the previous
three In Search of Sunrise albums,
then this newest installment really
needs no sales pitch or clever
anecdote. You know already that
it's the kind of album that you can
buy without fear and that you will
love it from start to finish without
ever having heard anything from or
about it previously. I can safely say
that the first two volumes of the
ISOS series (along with bootleg
recordings from the Radio One
broadcast of Paul Oakenfold's 2year DJ tour "The Essential Mix")
are what opened my eyes to the
combination of beauty and beats
that is trance music. In the years
that followed that discovery, I
remember many a night sitting in
my dor m room at UCLA,
surrounded by candles and
listening to Tiesto while writing
hundred-page papers about books
I never read. Kinda hippie, I know,
but trance and rave were heralded
by some as the second coming of
Though everything in between is just as
tasty, use one of these tracks as your
jumping-in point. Starting in the middle
is a great way to really experience a mix
CD. It's like a magazine, you can't start
from the beginning, the end is much
more appealing, right? You can't be
disappointed with this album. It's just
too good for that.
Buy these releases and all your other
dance music favorites at
issue 45 fall.qxp
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Page 58
by T. Scott King
My first trip with Joe was to Palm Springs. It wasn't to the White Party,
just a weekend romp at a clothing-optional resort. It's not that we were a
couple with an arrangement - Joe and I weren't a couple at all. Just
We were the type of friends who
had met, fucked it out, and moved
on to being close enough to sleep
in the same bed and not have any
issues if we ended up inadvertently
spooning. Both single, confident
gay men who lived in San
Francisco, Joe and I made great
travel buddies.
check-in first thing in the morning, and
bring back coffee and bagels (this is
before we knew that carbs caused
These escapes became a comfortable
routine, so I was unprepared when Joe
suddenly moved to Seattle for a new
job. Of course, that was just the start
of the change. With the new job and
trying to buy a house, Joe was very
busy in Seattle. He also met and
started dating someone. Before long,
our communication was down to email.
Mine were kind, thoughtful missives
romanticizing our friendship and
travels. Joe's were tales of him and his
new beau, house hunting, how
beautiful Seattle was, and how great his
new job was. Painful though it was, I
had to accept that Joe was no longer
wearing the "Be Fri" half-heart
pendant, and I should think about
taking my "st end" half off.
After Palm Springs, there was New
Orleans for Decadence, Seattle for
a reminder of why we lived in San
Francisco, Washington DC for the
March, Orlando for Gay Day at
Disney (and to remind us we were
still young), Chicago for IML, San
Diego for heat stroke, and Palm
Springs a dozen or so more times.
Our trips were frequent and fun
and fraught with random sexual
encounters. But we were still
respectful: of each other, our
friendship, and of ourselves. In
order to keep that respect, there
were rules. We usually shared a
room, so if you hooked up, it had
to be in the trick's room. Lighting
a candle after a visit to the
bathroom was mandatory. If you
spent the night somewhere else,
you were expected to call and
Then I received Joe's 'post London'
email. Not only was I not invited, I
didn't even know about the trip until
after! I responded immediately.
Nothing says hurt feelings like a bitchy,
passive-aggressive email. Joe saw
through my thinly veiled, bitter, 'happy
for him' ruse and invited me to take a
issue 45 fall.qxp
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Page 59
very weekend; they lived close to Palm
Springs. He did include the cursory, "Is
that okay?" to remind me that I was
being a bitch if it wasn't. But, it wasn't.
trip with him to Palm Springs - for
old time's sake. I jumped at the
Our trip would be a late birthday
present for me. We'd stay in the
same room of the same hotel we
had always stayed in. I would
arrive on Friday morning, Joe late
on Friday afternoon. We'd spend
our days sunning and drinking by
the pool and our nights dancing
and partying, just as we always
had. There was even a plane that
stopped in San Francisco on the
way back to Seattle so we could
leave on the same flight out
Monday morning.
Friday went by rather quickly. Joe's
flight arrived late. After he got in, we
grabbed a quick dinner, had a couple
drinks and headed back to the hotel.
Before getting into bed, Joe brought a
pillow and a light blanket into the living
room and placed it on the couch next
to where I was sitting. The hint was
Saturday came and went with the b/f
arriving early and the three of us lying
by the pool not drinking. Joe had
neglected to mention that the 'BF' was
in 'AA.' I went out by myself Saturday
night, intent on finding someone to go
home with for the sole purpose of
sleeping in a bed.
On the Thursday before our trip,
Joe called. His boyfriend would be
joining us on Saturday. Though
they both lived in Seattle, the b/f
would be visiting his family that
issue 45 fall.qxp
11:34 AM
When I got back to the room
Sunday morning, three coffees and
three bagels in hand, I found a
note. 'Went to breakfast, be back
by noon.' Three coffees and a
bagel and a half later, they arrived
at the pool. Sunday went by much
like Saturday did, with the addition
of coffee jitters and a bad sunburn.
We didn't go to the beer bust. We
got Jack in the Box and watched
TV in the air-conditioned hotel
room and went to bed (or couch)
Page 60
both now better off for all that we had
been through together - good and bad.
And, he told me what I wanted and
needed to hear - that, boyfriend or not,
I occupied a place in his life that could
never be filled by anyone else.
The next trip I took was to Seattle. On
this trip, I stayed in a hotel, went
sightseeing by myself, had several
enjoyable meals with Joe and his
boyfriend, and met a nice and nicely
muscled nurse with a shaved head with
whom I spent my last night in Seattle.
On my way back to the hotel in the
morning, I called Joe. Not to check-in
or find out what he wanted on his bagel
- this time it was just to thank him for a
nice weekend. Joe offered to take me
to the airport later that morning, and
told me not to eat breakfast; he was
bringing coffee and low-carb bagels
and couldn't wait to hear all about my
At the airport Monday morning, we
checked in and sat not talking,
both undoubtedly happy that at
least we didn't have to sit next to
each other on the plane. Waiting
to board, we sat in that awful
silence - like when you have a bad
breakup with a boyfriend and have
to go get all your stuff from his
house while he's there. When our
plane stopped in San Francisco, I
looked back and made eye contact
with Joe. I gave the half-smile and
the head nod and walked off the
plane, wondering how many
journeys might be ending.
T. Scott King is a freelance writer and
graphic designer living in San
Francisco. He can be reached at
[email protected]
It took about three months for me
to get up the nerve, but finally, ego
in check, I called Joe. We didn't
talk in-depth about what had gone
wrong in Palm Springs. We simply
agreed that the trip had not been
enjoyable for either of us. I
accepted responsibility for being
needy and acting immaturely and
he owned up to breaking some of
our rules and changing others
without telling me. We had a nice,
long talk about how we had
changed, how our lives had
changed, and how our friendship
had changed. And how we were

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