Router High-Flex Green Efficiency



Router High-Flex Green Efficiency
Router High-Flex Green Efficiency
Router High-Flex Green Efficiency
Depaneling machine for separation of pcb´
´s with a cutting bit
efficient servo-drives
(high efficiency, low-maintenance axes)
Inline- or Offline operation
arbitrary contour separable
low consumption auxiliary equipment
stress-free milling
energy switch off
low costs for interchange parts
economic vacuum generation
with energy economy circuit
Router High-Flex Green Efficiency
dimensions (L x W x H)
1500 x 1950 x 1950 mm
by conveyor and fast feeder
approx. 960 kg
separation accuracy
+/- 0.12mm *
safety-PLC = safety integrated
integr. following process
only 1 handling
placement area
conveyor, carrier-system,
shuttle, palletizer, rotation table
* dependent on pcb panel/ centering holes
printed circuit board specification
dimensions max.
400 x 300 mm
400 V/AC, 50/60 Hz
material thickness
0.5 – 3.2 mm
6.5 – 8 bar oil-free and filtered compressed air
components height
tool bit side ≈ 8 mm/ Gripperside ≈ 70 mm
to take in to a tray (palletizing)
milling/ gripping by vacuum
gripper station, for automatic gripper changing
application area
The new High-Flex depaneling machine from the
contour control modus -> arbitrary contour
Green Line series, is conceived for the separation
dust extraction with ionization
of printed circuit boards use for Inline or Offline.
short set-up times
This High Flex Router sets accents in energy
low costs for interchange parts
efficiency and cost-efficiency.
sturdy steel frame
„High Flex “- > stands for high flexibility, with rising
Pematech AG
Robert-Gerwig-Strasse 23/25
78315 Radolfzell
Tel. +49 77 32 80 07-100
Fax +49 77 32 80 07-188
[email protected]
variant varieties and smaller to higher numbers of
items. This flexibility is reached particularly by the
automatic width adjustment for the conveyer
gripper concept. The separation of the printed
extensive cutting bit management
circuit boards is made by a milling system with
suction-gripper, multi-gripper or servo-gripper
cutting bit from 1.0 - 3mm
(automatic gripper change = grippe)
barcode scanner
remote maintenance module
stress-free milling from downside
simply gripping from above
transfer milling coordinates from CAD data

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