Wine Consumer Advocacy Group Asks for Seat At the Table in New



Wine Consumer Advocacy Group Asks for Seat At the Table in New
For Immediate Release: August 22, 2013
American Wine Consumer Coalition Urges New York
State Liquor Authority to Protect Consumer Interests Instead of
Only the Interests of Alcohol Industry Stakeholders
(Washington, DC)—In comments delivered to the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA), the
American Wine Consumer Coalition (AWCC) asked that the NYSLA pay as much concern to the
interest of wine consumers as it does to the alcohol industry. AWCC's comments to the NYSLA
came in the context of hearings held by the NYSLA to evaluate Internet sales of wine and new
businesses sprouting up to help facilitate Internet wine sales. In its announcement of the hearing
on Internet wine sales, the NYSLA to announced its intent to "solicit industry input regarding
the regulation of Internet wine sales", yet extended no invitation to wine consumers. During the
hearings on August 19, no consumers testified in front of the NYSLA Board.
The AWCC's Comments to the NYSLA Board can be found at the Coalition's website.
In its written comments to the NYSLA Board, AWCC explained that “though not an “’industry’
participant in the traditional sense, the American Wine Consumer Coalition (AWCC) represents
the end user -- the consumer. And we all must remember that consumers – not ‘industry
stakeholders’ -- are most impacted by the decisions of this Board.
"Regarding the regulation of Internet sales of wine, AWCC urges this Authority to give deep
consideration to how its actions, declarations, advisories, and interpretations of the law impact
both consumer access to wine and convenience."
The AWCC believes it is critically important to consumers that as the NYSLA considers how to
regulate the new unlicensed "Third Party Providers" that introduce consumers to hard-to-find
and limited production wines, that the NYSLA also remember the burdens under which New
York wine consumers currently must operate, including being banned from having any imported
wines shipped directly to them from out-of-state wine stores as well as being banned from
purchasing wine while shopping for an evening meal in the state's grocery stores.
The state of New York recently received a grade of D+ in the American Wine Consumer
Coalition's recently released report, "CONSUMING CONCERNS: The 2013 State-by-State
Report Card on Consumer Access to Wine.” The AWCC urges the NYSLA to take a consumeroriented approach in its consideration of Internet wine sales lest the state's wine lovers find
themselves even further burdened by arbitrary state laws that serve to protect industry interests
rather than wine consumers.
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