Food Mix it Up



Food Mix it Up
Whether you’re an avid baker, a
gourmet chef, or a novice cook
the Bodum UK Bistro food
mixer deserves more than just a
brief look. With the cool breezes
of autumn turning our thoughts
to hearty homemade breads and
decorative icings, flavoured butter
creams and elaborate meringues
to dazzle family and friends,
The incredibly stylish Cooks Stand
Mixer provides you with all of the
power and tools required to create
tasty desserts and treats for your
family, without breaking the bank.
An affordable price tag, combined
with an impressive build quality
and user friendly controls, make it
a strong contender for best budget
mixer on the market today. If
you’re thinking about purchasing
this kitchen mixing machine, be
sure to read our list of the 6
important things that should know,
•Six power level settings
•Free food mixer cookbook
•Large 5.2 litre stainless steel dish
Andrew James Mixer and Stand Food
Mixer are awesome product but there
are a few things to know. Check out
our review and description. Contact us