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March 2015
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DONWAY Ford Lincoln SVT
DONWAY Ford Lincoln SVT
1975 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON
Sales: 416-751-2200
DONWAY Ford Lincoln SVT
1975 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON
Sales: 416-751-2200
DONWAY Ford Lincoln SVT
1975 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON
Sales: 416-751-2200
Main Street
March 2015
uBean There Done That!
Top 10 Secrets to Lower Car Insurance...........................6
Hands-free Devices Distracting to Drivers.......................8
INFOGRAPHIC: Global Road Safety...................................9
What’s in a Name?.......................................................... 10
VIDEO: Is it a Car? Who cares - it gets 72 mpg! ........ 11
What’s Your Car IQ? ....................................................... 12
Your Safety Depends on Your Brakes............................ 14
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Secrets to
Cheaper Auto
k. So maybe they’re thing you need to know to
not secrets, but they maximize your savings.
sure aren’t common
knowledge either. The more
you know about how insurGet a quote and
ance works, the more you’ll
apply online
be able to save off your preAuto insurance coverage may be
miums. Follow these simple
standard throughout your province,
tips and you’ll not only be- but insurance premiums are anothcome a more informed con- er story. Coverage from one compasumer, but you’ll have every- ny to the next can vary by hundreds,
if not thousands of dollars. The only
way to make sure you are getting
the best base price for your policy is
to compare, compare, compare.
Make sure all your
cars are on the same
Most companies offer a “multivehicle discount” for customers
who insure more than one car on
the same policy. This can bring you
savings off both cars.
Insure both your car
and home with the
same company
Again, this will qualify you for a
multi-line discount. Companies offer this savings as an incentive to
get your property insurance business too. It’s all perfectly legal and
it’s a great way to get another discount off your premiums.
Increase your
In a nutshell, the higher your
deductibles, the lower your insurance premiums. Insurance was really meant to cover you for damages
you could never afford on your own.
If you can afford a $1,000 repair
job, then raise your deductibles to
$1,000 and pay less insurance.
Older car? Think
about dropping your
collision coverage
If your car is getting up there in
age, you may want to think about
dropping the collision coverage on
your policy. You need to think about
this one though—it’s not always
a clear-cut decision. You need to
weigh the cost of the collision coverage with the value of your car and
your chosen deductibles. For example, if you had a 10-year-old car
that was worth about $1,000, and
your deductible was $1,000, that
collision coverage is not going to be
worth a hoot.
hicle information centre or compare
quotes to see how your dream-car
rates. This may influence your purchase.
Drive carefully
New driver? Take
a driver’s training
Your driving record is one of the
most influential factors in determining your insurance rate. Tickets affect your insurance rates for up to
three years and accidents stay on
your record for at least six! With a
bad driving record, you can find
yourself paying a lot of extra premiums over the years.
Don’t drive to work
The more you are on the road,
the higher your chances of getting
in an accident. Insurance rates are
higher for people who commute to
work. So taking the bus or sharing
a ride will not only help you save on
parking and gas, but will help lower
your insurance premiums.
Drive a “low-risk”
Insurance rates for
cars are based on the
previous claims history for that vehicle.
The more likely a car
is to be stolen or in an
accident, the more you
pay for insurance. If you
are buying a new
car, check with
you local ve-
Licensed drivers who have completed an approved drivers training
course in the last three years often
pay lower premiums. Safer drivers
pay lower insurance rates.
Have an anti-theft
device installed in
your car
Your car is less likely to be stolen
if you have an anti-theft device installed in your vehicle. Check to see
if your company offers an “alarm or
anti-theft discount” and consider if
the price of the device is worth the
added savings over the years. If you
already have an approved, factoryinstalled alarm, this will
be taken into account
your rate.¡
New Study Reveals Hands-free
Devices Are Distracting to Drivers
sing in-dash phone systems
may be more distracting
than making a phone call
on a standard smartphone, a new
study claims.
The findings add to mounting evidence that hands-free technology
may not be as safe as previously
According to new research from
the Foundation for Traffic Safety
and the University of Utah, in-dash
systems may increase mental distraction, elevating
the risk of
and accidents.
T h i s
dicts popular belief. According to
AAA, three out of four drivers believe
auto phone systems are safe to use.
The findings may prompt manufacturers to revise their marketing strategies for their hands-free
products. Auto phone systems have
been sold as safety features. Such
claims have been proven inaccurate
with the study, and manufacturers
may soon be required to change the
way they advertise their products.
“We already know that drivers
can miss stop signs, pedestrians
and other cars while using voice
technologies because their minds
are not fully focused on the road
ahead,” Bob Darbelnet, chief executive officer of AAA, said. “We now
understand that current shortcomings in these products, intended as
safety features, may unintentionally
cause greater levels of cognitive
The research team conducted
the study by measuring the reaction
time of drivers through equipment
such as heart rate monitors. They
ranked common voice-activated
commands based on the level of
cognitive distraction that each task
generated. The team divided tasks,
such as updating social media and
composing text messages, through
a five-category system that is based
on the rating scheme for hurricanes.
The study found that using
Siri, the digital assistant for Apple
iPhones, generated a high level of
mental distraction. Hands-free use
of Siri was given a high category 4
ranking. The ranking is higher than
other common hands-free tasks.
The use of hands-free or hand-held
cell phones to make calls had a category 2 rating. The use of speechto-text tools to compose emails and
texts, on the other hand, had a category 3 rating.
While the study dents the
usefulness of hands-free systems, it does not completely
eliminate it as an option. AAA
hands-free technology can be
improved to lessen cognitive
distraction. ¡
“The new mechanical
wagon with the awful
name ‘automobile’ has
come to stay...”
New York Times (1897 article)
What’s in a Name?
he New York Times’ mention of
the name automobile was the
first public use of the term by the
media and helped to popularize that
name for motor vehicles. However,
the credit for the name automobile
goes to a 14th Century Italian painter and engineer named Martini.
Martini never built an automobile
but he did draw plans for a manpowered carriage with four wheels.
Martini thought up the name automobile from the Greek word, “auto,”
(meaning self) and the Latin word,
“mobils,” (meaning moving).
The other popular name for an
automobile is the car. The word
car is derived
word “carrus,”
(meaning cart
or wagon).
Oliver Evan’s “Rukto Amphibolos”
Henry Ford called his 1896 car a “Quadricycle.”
What other
names for
motor vehicles have
famous automobile
inventors used?
A check into the names inventors
used in their patent applications
revealed some interesting early descriptions:
— Oliver Evans applied for a U.S.
patent in Philadelphia in 1792 for a
“Oruktor Amphibolos.”
— George Selden received a patent
for a “road machine” in 1879.
— The Duryea brothers patented
their “motor wagons” in 1895.
— Henry Ford called his 1896 car a
Early media references to motor
vehicles included names such as:
autobaine, autokenetic, autometon,
automotor horse, buggyaut, diamote, horseless carriage, mocole,
motor carriage, motorig, motor-
vique, tin Lizzie, touring car and the
oleo locomotive.
Over time the automobile took on
a variety of other nicknames such
as auto, hot rod, jalopy, buggy, chariot, boat, roadster, wheels, coupe,
limousine and four wheeler.
And of course, for many owners
of cars that caused them more grief
than transport, other names were
used to express their frustration, including: clunker, rattletrap , fender
bender, gas guzzler, bucket of bolts,
crate, relic and heap.
What are the most common names people call
their cars?
as Bluebelle, Blue Boy and Bluey
According to AA-Populus Research, the most popular names for
cars include (in alphabetical order)
the following:
Names that begin with “Little,”
Babe or Baby
as Old Gal, Old Lady and Old Whitey
And included on the list are some
of the less common car names like
these gems:
Bertie or Bert
Bessie or Bess
Fred, Freddie or Freda
Penelope or Penny
Names with “Blue” in them, such
such as Little Beauty, Little Mighty
and Little Star
Names that star with “Old,” such
The Batmobile
Cactus Jack
The Crudmobile
Lightning McQueen
The Shed of Dread.
What’s Your Car IQ?
1. Which value measures the resistance to “knocking” in engine
FF Octane rating
FF Methane rating
FF Ethane rating
FF Butane rating
2. Which car manufacturer introduced a model called the “Shogun”?
4. Where is the annual TT racing
festival held?
FF Isle Of Wight
7. Who produced the V12 powered
Miura, the fastest production car
around in the 1960s?
FF Isle of Dogs
FF Lamborghini
FF Northern Ireland
FF Bugatti
FF Isle of Man
FF Aston Martini
FF Ferrari
5. How long is the world’s longest
FF 7 metres
8. Henry Ford produced the Model
T only in black paint. Why?
FF 21 metres
FF It was the fastest to dry
FF Mercedes
FF 3 metres
FF It was his favourite colour
FF Mitsubishi
FF 14 metres
FF Volkswagen
3. Which motorcycle manufacturer is known for its “Gold Wing”
6. Which manufacturer’s cars
were used by Crockett in Miami
FF Ferrari
FF Kia
FF Honda
FF Peugeot
FF Corvette
FF Mazda
FF Dodge Charger
FF Honda
FF He was colour blind
FF In mourning for Queen Victoria
9. Which car brand is the result of
a joint venture between DaimlerBenz and watch maker Swatch?
FF Kia
FF Opel
FF Smart
FF Fiat
10. What came between the Elite
and the Elise?
14. How did motor racing driver
Graham Hill die?
18. Who was the last F1 driver to
win the Indy 500?
FF Lotus Evora
FF Car Crash
FF Richard Burns
FF Lotus Exos
FF Plane Crash
FF Miki Biason
FF Stroke
FF Jacques Villeneuve
FF Heart Attack
FF Juan Pablo Montoya
FF Lotus Exige
FF Lotus Elan
11. Who died of a brain tumour in
2005, four years to the day after
he became World Champion?
FF Ingvar Carlsson
FF Richard Burns
FF Malcolm Wilson
FF Greg Carr
12. In The US, the Honda Accord
is the car most often what?
FF Broken down
FF Purchased
FF Stolen
FF Won on game shows
13. Which legendary designers
came up with the Testarossa for
FF Giugiaro
FF Pininfarina
FF Mordanie
FF San Ricardo
15. Knight Rider drove a customized version of which road car?
19. Who released the T70 racing
car in 1965?
FF De Lorean
FF Red Bull
FF Dodge Charger
FF McLaren
FF Pontiac Trans-Am
FF Lola
FF Ford Gran Torino
FF Ferrari
16. What is the name of the Plymouth Fury with a killing rage in
Stephen King’s novel?
FF Carrie
FF Christine
FF Mabel
FF Christy
20. How many cars can drive side
by side on the Monumental Axis
in Brazil, the world’s widest road?
FF 36
FF 160
FF 16
FF 66
17. Which company produced the
S7 in 2001, after honing their
skills by fine-tuning Mustangs?
FF Saleen
FF Chevrolet
FF Toyota
FF Cadillac
7. Lamborghini
14. Plane crash
1. Octane rating
8. It was the fastest to dry
15. Pontiac Trans-Am
2. Mitsubishi
9. Smart
16. Christine
3. Honda
10. Lotus Elan
17. Saleen
4. Isle of Man
11. Richard Burns
18. Juan Pablo Montoya
5. 14 metres
12. Stolen
19. Lola
6. Ferrari
13. Pininfarina
20. 160
Maintenance Check
Your Safety Depends
on Your Brakes
If your car has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the ABS light
on your instrument panel is illuminated, then your braking system
could have an excess accumulation
of metal particles resulting from
hen it comes to the safety of
your car, truck, SUV or van,
there is likely nothing more important than the braking system. As
time passes, your car’s brakes suffer wear and tear.
You will need to be alert to recognize the symptoms of brake problems. For example, if you
hear abnormal sounds when
you apply the brake, particularly a squealing or grinding
noise, then your brakes might
be worn to the point that they
should be checked. Other
warning signs include…
Dashboard brake warning
light illuminated
Brake pedal feels either
softer or harder than usual
Front-end vibration on ap-
plying the brake
Pulling to the left or right
on applying the brake
Some vehicles’ ABS systems will
automatically shut down if this oc-
curs, leaving you with braking but
no anti lock brake function to stabilize the car during hard braking. We
recommend that you report this to
your technician as soon as possible.
Once brakes start to show signs
of wear, they will continue to worsen
and could eventually fail completely
if not checked. So it is important
to have your car’s braking system
thoroughly inspected by a certified
technician sooner rather than later.
Typically, the technician would test
drive the vehicle to check for potential braking problems and would
also check the following:
Brake warning lights on the dash
control panel
Brake fluid level
Brake lining wear
Condition of the rotors, calipers,
drums, pads, pistons and brake
Even if you are not detecting any
of the typical signs of brake wear, it
is advisable to have a regular inspection of your braking system done by
a certified technician to assure that
your brakes are dependable. This
service will usually include:
Pulling the wheels to inspect
brake lines, hoses, pistons, brake
pads, calipers and drums
Flushing the brake system
Replacing the brake fluid (if it
has been two years since last replacement)
Your certified technician will be
able to tell you what type of brakes
you have, how they can be adjusted,
and if/when your brakes should be
replaced. ¡

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