Lugano an Action-Packed Destination of Switzerland- Pdf (1)



Lugano an Action-Packed Destination of Switzerland- Pdf (1)
Lugano | an
In spite of being the third most prominent financial, banking and business center, Lugano does
not show signs of hastiness in the environment. It is also the town with beautiful gardens and
flowers that may take you into the fragrant dreams of the quixotic times.
Paired up with the financial and business centers, it has various elegant and aristocratic
boutiques, street cafes and bars making it a chirpy place for tourists. Its Latinate verve confers
the sense of world-class city with a hint of a small town.
Lugano lies in the Bay of Lake Lugano with Mountains localized in a manner that provides
artistically lucid views. Visitors are usually attracted by the traffic-free streets with in-built
sacred and historically significant buildings made in Italian-Lombardy styles along with limited
museums, lake and the eminent number of events that take place every year. Pleasant climate
and tranquil springs of Lugano make it one of the top places to visit in Switzerland.
The town-center comprises of Latinate style buildings, arcades and squares. It also displays
vivacious variety of sub-tropical plants in the parks located all around Lugano. The Parco
Civico a plant found near the lake side invites you to ponder on the beauty and serenity of the
ambiance. Belvedere Gardens located at the lakeside showcase most of the sub-tropical plant
species including Camellias and Magnolias along with alluring modern works of Art.
For Art aficionados, Lugano features MASI (Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana) that
showcases art forms and paintings by infamous Klee, Jawlensky, Renoir and Degas. If you want
an extravagant panoramic view of the town depicting Lake Lugano and the Alpine, you need to
visit Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bre. You may also feel delighted when you’ll come across
the art forms of Ticino village center while taking the path for walking from Mount Bre to the
Bre village. There is another way that leads to the Lake Lugano where you can cohere yourself
with the calmness of sea and can spend the entire day in a marvelous way. No wonder Lugano
ranks amongst the exhilarating & beautiful places to see in Switzerland. A Switzerland Tourist
Visa is all that it takes to explore the beauty of this enchanting city of Switzerland.
Prominent attractions of Lugano:
San Lorenzo Cathedral- The Cathedral is build above the old town of Lugano. The visit
to this sight is worthy for it showcases the Lombardy renaissance style in its
construction with myriad baroque artifacts inside.
Hesse Museum, Montagnola- Hesse Museum is a small yet intriguing museum. It was
built for the adopted son of Ticino who was a writer.
Parco Civico Ciani- Located near the shores of Lake Caresio, it is considered as the
green zone of Switzerland. It comprises of century-old trees that have magnificence,
enough to move you.
Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli- It is a very old church made in the 16th century by
the lords of Renaissance.
You can also find these events intriguing:
Lugano Festival- It is a prominent cultural and traditional attraction for the tourists who
are mainly into classical music and alluring art forms. An interaction with the culture of
the Swiss canton of Ticino.
Blues to Pop- It is a festival with on-stage performances of the experts from various
music genres such as blues, pop, rock & jazz. Music lovers belonging to other Genres as
well are recommended to not miss this event. You will find progressive, reggae and
myriad of music styles will make your heart roar with excitement.
Pasqua in Citta- Translated in English as “Easter in the City”, this festival transforms
the entire city of Lugano to a cheerful stage. The city of Lugano & Swiss Tourism
Department work together to promote this exhilarating event. It is held in various main
squares & streets of the City Center. The travelers who visit Switzerland during this
event get to savor & buy delicacies & products of the local tradition. It is an exploration
for all the tourists, regardless of their age.
Festa de Autunno- It is an exhilarating party for the regional products and gastronomic
delicacies. This unique festival also features various wine tasting ceremonies.
Laguno Jazz Festival- Jazz is the oldest musical art form, most probably all the recent
trendy genres hold their origin from Jazz. This event is considered as the main musical
event of the Lugano city of Ticino. It has free of cost open-air jazz concerts comprising of
one of the best artists. It is typically organized on the month of June or July.
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