How to remove dangerous Tocue Ransomware



How to remove dangerous Tocue Ransomware
How to remove dangerous
Tocue Ransomware?
Tocue ransomware is another malicious program that silently infiltrates your
system, with the motive to trouble you. The nasty activity starts with the file
encryption process.
Understanding Tocue Ransomware
DJVU ransomware has welcomed another malicious threat for computer users.
Tocue Ransomware is the name! Tocue file extension virus injects the system with
strong financial motive. If your system is infected by .Tocue File virus
ransomware, this article will help you about how to find and fix .tocue file virus.
Once tocue ransomware sneaks in your system, it will immediately begin to
execute its mal intentions. This nasty ransomware encrypts the stored files on your
system and hold them hostage until your pay the ransom amount. Cyber criminals
demand hefty amount of ransom in return for .tocue decryption. Furthermore, the
ransom is demanded usually in bitcoins, it is a type of crypto currency. In order to
make the encryption strong, powerful cryptographic algorithm is used. Moreover,
it appends a unique extension .tocue, which makes the files unreadable. If your
system suffered from the virus attacks, it is of utmost importance to delete .tocue
file virus ASAP.
Threat Summary
Targeted OS
Tocue Virus
Once in your system, this infection will encrypt your files
and makes them unusable. Eventually, you will be asked to
pay hefty ransom in order to recover .tocue file virus.
If victim fails to make the payment you might lose all your
encrypted files permanently. Additionally, viruses of such
kind may increase the malicious payload on compromised
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Distribution Technique
Primarily, .Tocue File virus is a masked file that might seem legitimate. Such files
are distributed via spam e-mails, generally! These e-mails are sent with deceptive
messages embedded within the malicious file attachment. The source of such emails may seem legitimate however, sender hide malicious macros within it.
Generally, they are sent using the name of some well-known shipping company. It
informs you about an undelivered package or a shipment that you made.
In any case, when you access the attachment in your system, it will release the
malicious macros of .Tocue extension. Once in your system, it will exploit in your
system and increase the malicious payload.
Hence, always avoid the suspicious e-mails and delete them immediately from
your inbox. The link given may redirect you to questionable websites. Once you
reach certain sites, your system will be exposed to the risk of Tocue ransomware.
To conclude, we can say, the major two reasons for such infiltration are – the
reckless behavior of users and lack of proper knowledge.
Threat Behavior
Being a variant of the most infamous DJVU ransomware family, it has the same
methodology of infiltrating the system! The malicious activity begins with
encrypting the files and culminates at extorting money. In order to execute its mal
intentions, it infiltrates the system and scans for targeted files. Once the files are
located, it appends .Tocue extension and makes them unreadable.
Apart from it, it generates a unique decryption key to recover .Tocue files. As the
key is secured at the hacker’s server, it is a challenging task to obtain it. Hence, the
blackmailing begins here! Hackers say, if you fail to make the payment within the
specified time, they will destroy the decryption key and your data will be lost
permanently. Hence, with the fear of losing the data/files, victim users get ready to
pay asked amount. They got trapped in the hacker’s tricks! Unfortunately, reality
has a different face!
In addition to extorting money, the malicious Tocue ransomware may alter the
Windows registry entries as well. Eventually, it may result in malicious malware
booting along with Windows start-up process.
Details of Ransom Note & Ransom Amount
After successfully encrypting the files, the malicious crypto virus drops a copy of
ransom – demanding message in each folder. The notification of Tocue attacks is
dropped in a text file named – ‘_readme.txt’. It pops-up the message on your
screen every time you try to access any locked file.
Furthermore, the developers ask for hefty amount of ransom in exchange of the
.Tocue decryption tool. Generally, it demands $980 to enable the decryption key.
However, if you are a lucky victim, you can assert a discount of 50% in the
ransom. To become the lucky one, you have to contact the hackers within first
72hours of .Tocue file virus attack. As a result, the ransom will be reduced to $490
for you. In any case, you have to make the payment in bitcoins!
In addition, if you are unaware about the transactions in bitcoins, hackers provide
you the solution. You can contact them at the given e-mail addresses, in case of
any difficulty regarding the payment. In case of Tocue virus attacks, you can
contact the developers on – [email protected] or [email protected]
However, it is not the end users!
Hackers trick you into believing that you can restore data after successful payment.
Hence, they allow you to send one of the .tocue files, which they decrypt for free.
And this is how you fall in the real trap!
Hence, instead of funding these criminals, download Tocue ransomware removal
tool in your system. Moreover, below are a few possible steps to decrypt .tocue file
virus, without the key.
Be aware! Be cautious! Do not end up believing these devils!
Removal guidelines for Tocue Ransomware
STEP B: Delete the suspicious file from Configuration Settings
STEP C: Remove malicious file from Command Prompt
STEP D: Restore the system files & folders
Tips to prevent your system from Tocue Ransomware