How to remove malicious Madek Ransomware from your system



How to remove malicious Madek Ransomware from your system
How to remove malicious Madek Ransomware
from your system?
Understanding .Madek file virus
Madek Ransomware has emerged as another dangerous variant of DJVU
ransomware family. Discovered in July 2019, this malicious crypto virus attacks
the Windows Operating Systems. Once, it sneaks in the host system, it scans for
the targeted files. It may include your personal documents, images, audio-video
files and even backup files. The destructive ransomware appends its .madek
extension to filenames. Hence, here begins the execution of malicious activities!
It might seem a normal data encryption, however that is not the case! Madek
ransomware uses a powerful algorithm, which is impossible to decrypt manually.
In order to decrypt .Madek files, you will need the unique decryption key.
Unfortunately, it is secured on the hacker’s server. Furthermore, hackers exchange
this key for hefty amount of ransom. Hackers claim that, if the victims fail to make
the payment, they will lose their data permanently. Hence, with this fear in mind,
users try to make the payment as quick as possible.
However, paying ransom is not the way out! It supports the evil idea of the
hackers. This article will assist you to get rid of Madek ransomware in simple
Threat Summary
Targeted OS
Madek Virus
After successful encryption, it makes the files unreadable.
Furthermore, it asks for large ransom to restore the lost files.
Distribution Technique
The hackers use numerous tactics to propagate the malicious Madek extension in
your system. The various methods, allow the developers to increase their victim
count, which eventually boost their profits. Among all, spam campaigns are the
most frequently used method.
Spam attack begins with sending hundreds of e-mails consisting of malicious
attachments. These e-mails look legitimate and trustworthy, however the danger
lies deep within the attachment. These e-mails are sent with forged header
information and informs about an unauthorised shipment or undelivered package.
In any case, as soon as you download/open the attachment, your system will be
exposed to the risk of .Madek file virus.
The list of deceptive methods is long! Software cracks are also used by hackers
these days! Although, it is a useful program, yet the cyber criminals have designed
its infected versions. Originally, it was designed to crack the paid versions of the
licensed applications/software. However, now a day, instead of cracking the
licensed version, they silently install the malwares in your system.
To conclude with, the two major reasons for this infiltration are reckless behavior
of users and lack of proper knowledge.
Threat Behavior
Alike its siblings, it possesses all the qualities to encrypt files. It uses a strong
encryption algorithm to corrupt the files. Once the files are successfully encrypted,
it appends .madek extension with the filenames.
Simultaneously, it creates a text file – ‘_readme.txt’ in every folder containing
Madek files. This file, informs the users that they have been trapped in the Madek
scam! Furthermore, it tells that you can recover .Madek files only with a unique
key. Unfortunately, it is true! This Madek decryption tool is stored on the remote
server. Getting the key is not an easy task!
Hackers demand for large ransom in exchange of this key. Sum equal to $980 is
asked to enable the decryption key. Remember, if you contact the developers
within 72 hours of Madek attack, the ransom will be dropped down to $490 (50%
discount). Keep in mind, it is a trick to encourage the victim user to pay the ransom
ASAP. Moreover, with the fear of losing the data, victims get ready to pay the
asked amount.
Scroll down for the possible ways by which you can protect yourself from
ransomware like Madek.
Removal guidelines for .Madek file virus
STEP A: Reboot your system to Safe Mode
STEP B: Delete the suspicious file from Configuration Settings
STEP C: Remove malicious file from Command Prompt
STEP D: Restore the system files & folders
Tips to prevent your system from .Madek file virus

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