How to remove malicious Dutan Ransomware from your system



How to remove malicious Dutan Ransomware from your system
How to remove malicious Dutan Ransomware
from your system?
Understanding Dutan ransomware
According to researches, ransomware of DJVU family is making its presence feel
since December 2018. DJVU ransomware family has a new feather in its cap!
Developers called it – Dutan ransomware! This malicious crypto virus, alike its
cousins follow the same methodology and motive. Let us understand in detail, the
menace caused by .dutan file virus.
Once in the system, .dutan ransomware immediately searches for the targeted files.
These files are easily found on any PCs these day, it includes, audio-video files,
images, documents & backup files. Hence, we can say that .jpeg, .pdf, .html, .docx,
.mp4, .mpeg are a few favourite extensions of Dutan ransomware.
Once these files are located in the affected system, it initiates the file encryption
process. Under this process, malware makes the files unreadable by appending a
unique extension to the filenames. .dutan will be attached if your files are infected
by Dutan virus. In addition, it also generates a ransom – demanding message in
each folder having corrupted files. It is basically a text file, which notifies you
about the ransomware attack. Furthermore, it assists you with the steps to enable
the decryption key for you.
Scroll down to find quick and easy removal steps for .dutan file virus.
Threat Summary
Targeted OS
Targeted Bowser
Dutan Virus
Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
Distribution Technique
Dutan Ransomware – New strain of DJVU ransomware family. Alike its cousins, it
propagates via the most famous gateway i.e. spam campaigns. Under such attacks,
an e-mail is sent, with a word document or PDF attachment. It looks legitimate
however, the danger lies deep within the content/attachment. Once opened on the
targeted system, the files trigger the macros of .dutan. At times, instead of
attachments, a hyperlink is provided within the content of e-mail. Once clicked,
they might lead you to certain questionable websites.
Users, have you heard about Trojans? This malicious program is designed by
cyber criminals to carry out malicious activities. Once it makes it backdoor entry, it
opens gateways for other malicious payloads.
To conclude with, there are two major reasons for such computer infections, lack
of proper knowledge and reckless behavior. Hence, install a good antivirus in your
system & scan on regular basis.
Even if you feel that your system has been trapped by Dutan ransomware, follow
the below steps to remove Dutan ransomware.
Threat Behavior
The moment, Dutan virus infiltrates your system, it begins the malicious activities.
Typically, .dutan file extension blocks the access to your files encrypting them. It
gains the access of your system through the malicious file attachments in spam emails. Once, it infiltrates the system, it appends ‘.dutan’ extension to the encrypted
filenames. For example, ‘Apple.jpeg’ will be renamed as ‘Apple.jpeg.dutan’. The
encryption algorithm used by this malicious program is strong and generates a
unique decryption key for every .dutan file. This key is stored on the server of
Dutan ransomware developers. After successful file encryption, you can no longer
open/read your files. For Dutan data recovery, you are bound to purchase the
decryption key by the hackers. Simultaneously, this devastating software creates a
ransom note file named - ‘_readme.txt’. Every time you try to open your virus
encrypted files, the created ransom – demanding note will be displayed on your
screen. The ransom note provides a link which enables you to download the
decryption tool.
As mentioned earlier, the powerful algorithm makes it next to impossible to
decrypt all files manually. Decryption tool or key is what you will need for data
recovery. However, getting the decryption key is not an easy task! Stored on
hacker’s serve, it is only exchanged for large amount of ransom.
If you do not want to get trapped in such scams, focus on the steps to remove
Dutan ransomware from your system. Undoubtedly, it is a challenging task without
the key. However not impossible!
Removal guidelines for Dutan ransomware
STEP A: Reboot your system to Safe Mode
STEP B: Delete the suspicious file from Configuration Settings
STEP C: Remove malicious file from Command Prompt
STEP D: Restore the system files & folders
Tips to prevent your system from Dutan ransomware

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