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Nr. 11 | November 2012
First class on demand
Exceptional Sammy Jo
Scendix „Sire of the world“
First class horses on demand
Verden’s Niedersachsenhalle was almost completely sold out as the auction committee
that was distributed onto two four-in-hand carriages and that was waving the yellow
flag of the Hanoverian Association entered the arena to open the 127th Elite Auction in
October to rhythmic rock music.
By Jürgen Stroscher
Dehli by Duino/Fürst Heinrich carried
head number one and opened the
sale in an appropriate fashion.
Photo: Ernst
The Hanoverian 11|2012
“We witnessed an interesting and well structured
auction. We must be very satisfied with the result
that stayed in the middle of the price scale. The
share of foreign sales was very exciting, too. We
were able to welcome buyers from Uzbekistan for
the first time. The sales to England clearly showed
that we have increased our approval rating in Britain since the Olympic games. Hanoverian horses
consistently increase in popularity in South America. The market proved to be strong. We approach
the stallion sales and also the November Auction
and the Alsfelder Advent with a positive perspective,” breeding manager Dr. Werner Schade summarized. Flags representing 21 nations demonstrated
the interest of foreign countries in the Hanoverian
horse in an impressive fashion and like an ocean of
colors. Auctioneer Friedrich-Wilhelm Isernhagen
had just exited the first four-in-hand coach and regained his breath when four-year old State’s Premium aspirant Dehli by Duino/Fürst Heinrich demanded his full concentration. In a relaxed fashion,
the black mare showed off her basic gaits in perfection. The interest in this mare that was bred by
Family Schmidt in Mulsum was of no surprise. Judith and Sönke Schmidt from Sachsen-Anhalt finally held the last bid at 80,000 Euros. Even
though there is no relation, breeder and buyer
share the same last name! What a coincidence!
“We are very excited about Delhi; she is an exceptional mare. We shall carefully continue her training and prepare her for the sport of dressage. For
obvious reasons we also see the breeding perspective,” so the first reaction of the new and happy
buyer from Eastern Germany. The couple is very
engaged in the Hanoverian breed. They have
purchased foals in Verden in the past.
The three-year old chestnut gelding Dornvelder by
Desperados/Ehrenwort (breeder/exhibitor: Wilfried
Otten, Meppen) was the second horse of the dressage collection and obtained a final bid in the
amount 80,000 Euros. Dornvelder is a top horse
with a lot of natural impulsion and cadence. For
the first time a London’s silver medal winner Desperados FRH descendant distinguished himself by
obtaining a top price on a riding horse auction in
Verden. Dornvelder sold to a barn in the United
States where the young dressage talent will be
trained and prepared for a competitive dressage
career. This was the second horse for the buyers
from Illinois who attended the auction in person.
They felt very welcome in Lower Saxony.
Hopeful, young talents
The four-year old chestnut mare Cosima by Chacco-Blue/Plural (breeder/exhibitor: Gudrun and
Heinrich Luttmann, Kirchlinteln) was the top-seller
in the jumpers collection. She found a new home
in a renowned competition and training facility in
Lower Saxony for 75,000 Euros. The mare is considered to be a hopeful and young talent for international jumper competitions. She received the
state’s premium award at the mare show in Verden. She very successfully completed the mare performance test receiving the top score of 10,0 for
her jumping ability.
Dressage horses whose name started with the letter D were high in demand at this auction. Gut
Möderath for instance bought three-year old
chestnut gelding Dance on Top by Dancier/Fürst
Heinrich (breeder/exhibitor: Hinrich Engelke, Dörverden) also for Euro 75,000.00. De Niro’s blood
flows through the veins of Dance on Top via Dancier. The legendary Walk On Top by Wenzel descended out of Dance on Top’s damline. If Dance on Top
fulfills the hopes set in him, one of the reigning
European Team Champions of young riders called
Louisa Lüttgen from North Rhine-Westphalia will
try very hard to continue her successful dressage
career as an adult on him. Trainer legend Dr. Uwe
Schulten-Baumer who celebrated his 86th birthday
in January wagered on Desperados FRH as producer. The three-year old black gelding Du Mont who
a very promising son of the Olympic champion
(breeder: Heinrich Gießelmann, Barver), convinced
with his charm and his ease in all three basic gaits.
As the daughters will soon enough outgrow the
pony-age the couple Kampmann from Hamburg
took precautions and bid on the very noble fouryear old mare Sardera S by Sandro Hit/Londonderry
(breeder/exhibitor: Johannes Sabel, Gersten). The
auctioneer’s hammer fell at 50,000 Euros for this
black beauty with her immense moving potential
and her noble Hanoverian dressage blood. 15-year
old Sophie Kampmann has been State Champion
numerous times. She is a member of the federal
cadre and just this year she won a bronze medal at
the German Championships for pony dressage.
She might succeed with Sardera S in the German
Championships for big horses in a few years.
A strong result in the so-called middle price-bracket distinguished the 127th Elite auction. A total
of 33 horses sold for more than 25,000 Euros including nine horses that sold for more than 50,000
Euros. Numerous nationally but also internationally successful riders bought promising youngsters out of this elite-auction collection which attests to this year’s quality. The dark bay mare Front
Row by For Compliment/Regazzoni (breeder: Janne
Schäfer, Bissendorf; exhibitor: Carsten Johansen,
Bastad/Sweden), who is a dressage talent with
outstanding moving mechanics sold to the Breeding Farm Nymphenburg. Martin Schaudt is a regular customer at Verden’s auctions. He acquired
the chestnut gelding Sir Scolari/Del Piero (breeder:
Uwe Heinrichs, Balje; exhibitor: Jürgen Schwengel,
Raddestorf). Bavarians love Hanoverians, so too
for instance the siblings Werndl from Aubenhausen. The three-year old Don Corleone by Davignon/
Wilawander xx (breeder: Klaus Küver, LamstedtWohlenbeck; exhibitor: Henning Mues, StolzenauNendorf) is another promising youngster and will
move into the barn of Jessica Werndl.
After his retirement as federal trainer Jonny Hilberath now has more time to devote to his horses
Cosima by Chacco-Blue/Plural
impressed with her great talent over
fences. She sold for 75,000 Euros.
Photo: Ernst
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Friedrich-Wilhelm Isernhagen was
the auctioneer of Verden’s auction
program for an era of 37 years. He
was an invaluable component. He
developed energy and a passion
that fascinated every visitor and
held all spellbound. This unique career path will come to an end with
this year’s stallion sales. The auction
of the licensed and non-licensed
stallions will be his last sale.
Photo: Ernst
and the sport of dressage. London Magic by Londontime/De Niro (breeder: Hans-Jürgen Kruska,
Celle; exhibitor: Dr. Gudrun Maaß, Bremen) will
stay in Lower Saxony. With De Niro’s blood on the
damside of the pedigree and with the exceptional
abilities of the trainer, there should not be any limits to the development of this exceptional dressage talent. The Family Husenbeth daughters are
now also quite successful in the dressage arenas.
To add another talented horse to the barn cannot
be wrong. Lupus in Fabula (breeder/exhibitor: Hella Winkelmann, Colnrade) was Klaus Husenbeth’s
choice. This Londontime son received his nobility
from the dam’s sire Prince Thatch xx.
“I cannot yet grasp the fact that I now own Surf’n
Turf H,” the reigning Swiss Dressage Champion
Marcela Krinke-Susmely is overjoyed. The six-year
old chestnut gelding by Stedinger/Lauries Crusador xx (breeder/exhibitor: Frank Horn, Bremerhaven, Surheide) will spend his future in Switzerland.
“He is for my daughter. She already is a member of
the national cadre.” 15-year old Natascha is just
as excited, “I am so happy to be able to ride such
a horse in the years to come,” the young rider expresses her gratitude to her mother. “Mrs. Meyer
who is my sponsor is a regular customer here in
Verden. I have already had many top quality Hanoverian horses. We knew that we would only buy a
horse in Verden,” the top-level competitor who
just missed to qualify for London in 2012, explains.
The 47-year old dressage competitor does not give
up though. She’ll try again for 2016 – and maybe
this time on a Hanoverian!?
Dehli – A genuine
Jumper horses were in demand, too. Four-year old
Chianty Rufina by Chacco-Blue/Wiener Star (breeder: Anne Peter, Nortrup; exhibitor: Josef Kohne,
Herzlake) moves to the jumper barn of Family Diederichsmeier. This mare is a natural with great qualities at the fences. The mare Witara by Wiener Star
delivered another auction participant: The filly Es-
Every horse that carries head number one
receives special attention. The black mare
Dehli handled this task beautifully. She improved daily during the two-week long auction preparation period. The powerfully moving athlete received lots of applause during
the presentation which is not common.
spent a lot of time in the fields before she
was started under saddle at the Baumgart
facility. She returned to the breeder’s farm
and went back out onto pasture after she
had learned the basics. Then Michael Meyer
took her into training. She competed in four
riding horse classes in 2012 and won two.
She received a Ia-prize and became a state’s
premium aspirant at the mare show in Elmlohe.
Dehli was born on the farm of Family Schmidt
in Mulsum on April 1, 2008. Her moving potential was visible from the beginning onwards. Therefore the idea came up to sell her
as a two-year old on the Elite mare auction.
She was withdrawn because of a hoof-abscess. “I was disappointed at the time,” the
breeder Meta Schmidt remembers, “but
Dehli is such a good horse and I knew that
she had a career ahead of her.” Young Dehli
Family Schmidt raised grand dam Puschi by
the Thoroughbred legend Prince Thatch xx.
Puschi received the dream score of 10,0 for
her trot on the mare show . In addition to
Dehli’s dam Franziska Puschi also produced
the licensed sire Winnie the Pooh by Wolkenstein I who sold on the stallion sales in 1999.
Franziska is now in foal to Quarterhall. Dehli
descends from the Dalia mareline which has
delivered very valuable horses including the
The Hanoverian 11|2012
top-priced and first-rate producer Londontime and the stallion Bequia by Belissimo M
who was approved in 2008. Meta Schmidt
summarized, “Next to her ambitious but loveable disposition Dehli’s strongest asset is
her rhythm. In addition to that the impressive basic gaits are firmly rooted in her line.”
Julia Martinn
Fürst Heinrich
Prince Thatch xx
St.Pr.St. Dolle
Filled with joy: Dornvelder by Desperados/Ehrenwort
was sold to the United States. Photos: Lafrentz
horses stay in Lower Saxony, seven go to North
Rhine-Westphalia, five move to Bavaria and four
horses found homes in Schleswig-Holstein.
poir de Luxe by Ehrenwort who sold on the May
A total of 24 Hanoverians sold to foreign countries. For the first time four horses found new homes in Uzbekistan, Eastern Europe. The demand
was just as high in Chile with four horses. Three
Hanoverians sold to Denmark, Great Britain, Portugal and the United States. It is very exciting to see
that the truly talented horses that sold within
Germany’s borders found new homes in either
competition barns or in breeding facilities. Fifteen
Zest for life and playfulness
The very young and rising generation of talents out
of the Hanoverian breeding program always have
to wait until the very end. The audience’s favorites
thanked the spectators by showing off their zest
for life and playfulness. Klaus Feldmann from Hessian traveled to Verden with his wife just to experience Verden’s elite auction in person. They could
not say no when the black colt Fürst Fabio (breeder/exhibitor: Gerhard Hladik, Meldorf) entered
the ring. “We liked the foal; the bloodlines with
Fürst Nymphenburg/Sandro Hit convinced us,”
Klaus Feldmann says. Klaus Feldmann and his wife
placed their focus on the breeding program from
Northern Germany when the Hanoverian Association expanded to Hessian. “At first the foal will be
raised on the farm of a friend in Lower Saxony.”
Auctioneer Friedrich-Wilhelm Isernhagen dropped
the hammer at 11,500 Euros for Fürst Fabio. The
chestnut colt Beppino by Balou du Rouet/Compliment (breeder/exhibitor: Dr. Michael Luehrs, Wagenfeld) created a lot of enthusiasm during his
presentation with his unusual markings, his temperament and his energy. He became the top selling foal at 20,000 Euros. The black colt Devillino
by De Niro/Prince Thatch xx (breeder/exhibitor: Joachim Schwarze, Obernkirchen) followed with a
sale price of 19,000 Euros. The average price for
the collection of 42 foals was Euro 6,659.52 that
was very close to the spring result. The expert audience was looking for talented youngsters. The
interest of foreign countries in our young Hanoverians increased, too. Seven foals found a new
home in Spain and four in Chile.
Riding horses
No. of horses offered
No. of foals sold
Total turnover
Average price
Highest price
Lowest price
62 horses
62 horses
Euro 31.862,90
Euro 80.000,00
Euro 10.000,00
Euro 10.000 to 14.999 7 horses
Euro 15.000 to 24.999 22 horses
Euro 25.000 to 49.999 24 horses
Euro 50.000 and more 9 horses
Horses sold to following areas
Niedersachsen 15
Schleswig-Holstein 1
Total Baden-Württemb.
37 horses
4 Denmark 1 Great Britain 1 Portugal
1 Switzerland
3 Hungary 4
25 horses
No. of foals offered
No. of foals sold
Total turnover
Average price
Highest price
Lowest price
45 foals
42 foals
Euro 279.700,00
Euro 20.000,00
Euro 30.000,00
High Level FRH by Hotline/Landfriese (breeder: Marion
Menck, Rübehorst) was raffled off benefitting the
Hanoverian Support Association FRH. Heike Sahlmann
was the fairy and drew the winner: a breeder from
the vicinity of Cologne who had entered the raffle on
the Internet Photo: Ernst
The 127th Elite Auction obtained a very healthy result with a total return of Euro 1,975,000.00 for
riding horses and Euro 279,700.00 for the foals
which allows for hope for a positive development
on the horse market. The average price of more
than 31,862.90 Euros for riding horses demonstrates a clear increase to the elite auction in the
spring. The sale of top horses to foreign countries
remains consistent; this allows for hope for a positive finish of the fiscal year 2012. After all the quality and the rideability of the Hanoverians that
participated in the 127th Elite auction was once
again more than convincing. n
Euro   2.500 to 3.999 11 foals
Euro   4.000 to 4.999
6 foals
Euro   5.000 to 7.999 16 foals
Euro   8.000 to 9.999
1 foals
Euro 10.000 and more 8 foals
Foals sold to following areas
Lower Saxony
20 Berlin
Rheinland-Pfalz 1 Sachsen-Anhalt
Schleswig-Holstein 3
28 foals
South Africa
2 Denmark 1 Spain 1 USA
14 foals
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Price Highlights
No. 1, Dehli by Duino/Fürst Heinrich
B. a. o.: Family Schmidt, Mulsum
80.000 Euro, Lower Saxony
No. 50, Dornvelder by Desperados/Ehrenwort
B. a. o.: Wilfried Otten, Meppen
80.000 Euro, USA
No. 15, Cosima by Chacco-Blue/Plural
B. a. o.: Gudrun and Heinrich Luttmann, Kirchlinteln
75.000 Euro, Lower Saxony
Farewell of Stakkato.
No. 4, Dance on Top by Dancier/Fürst Heinrich
B. a. o.: Heinrich Engelke, Wahnebergen
75.000 Euro, Northrhine-Westphalia
No. 27, Saucy Deluxe by Stedinger/Wolkentanz
B. a. o.: Hermann Ulbrich, Peine
72.000 Euro, Great Britain
Dablino FRH and Anabel Balkenhol.
No. 8, Schaljapin by Stakkato/Pablo
B.: Isabell and Harm Clüver, Völkersen
O.: Siegfried Pilz, Lilienthal
67.000 Euro, Great Britain
No. 21, Sierra Tiquilla by Scolari/Conteur
B.: ZG Rissmann u. Schulte-Lünzum, Brome
O.: Nadine Meyer, Despetal
67.000 Euro, Lower Saxony
No. 7, Sardea S by Sandro Hit/Londonderry
B. a. o.: Johannes Sabel, Gersten
52.000 Euro, Hamburg
No. 69, Perigueux As by Perigueux/Contender
B. a. o.: H Kuhlmann, Bramsche-Hesepe
52.000 Euro, Chile
Dornvelder –
the athletic beau
Dornvelder is one of the first descendants of
Desperados to participate in Verden’s auction program. In 2008 breeder Wilfried Otten
from Meppen decided which stallion to
breed to his St. Pr. mare Enya by Ehrenwort
and with strong convictions, “Desperados
was considered one of the up and coming
young sires at least here in our region at the
time. I saw him and was immediately enthusiastic. His successful career does not surprise me at all.”
Dornvelder grew up on pastures in East
Friesland. “He was always big and strong
and stood out of the rest of the herd,” Bree-
The Hanoverian 11|2012
der Otten explains with a smirk. “He loves
people and is very affable.” Dornvelder was
castrated at the age of two. He was started
under saddle at the beginning of the year. He
was presented to the selection committee
with one victory in a riding horse class and
was accepted for the Elite Auction right
away. He won three additional riding horse
classes before he came to Verden. Rider
Anett Mueller raved after the auction,
“Dornvelder has become more and more relaxed and has learned to stay on the aids
even better. He was favored by many.” Wilfried Otten added, “His rideability and his
performance willingness are his strongest
assets. His suppleness is truly impressive! I
wish the buyers a lot of success with Dornvelder. I am delighted that they got him.” The
big chestnut descends from the damline of
Firuza. Dornvelder’s dam is St. Pr. mare Enya
and has a foal on side by Sarkozy and is in
foal to Don Index. Enya’s right sister Woelkchen delivered Fairy Dancer by Fürst Heinrich
who successfully competes in dressage at
the S-level. Julia Martin.
De Niro
St.Pr.St. Wie Musik
St.Pr.St. Enya
St.Pr.St. Rubiena
Wolkenstein II
St.Pr.St. Gesa
Festive tribute to St.Pr.St. Sammy Jo: Dr. KarlOtto Jacobs, Hanno Heinrichs, Dr. Bonny-Jasmin
Jacobs and Dr. Werner Schade. Photo: Ernst
peted successfully up to the M-level again
during 2006. The performance willingness of
this mare is certainly exceptional and was recognized early on. She received a score of 9,0
at the performance test. Sammy Jo passes on
this attribute to her descendants.
Combining Sammy Jo with the blood of Escudo I has truly proven itself from a breeding
point of view. The first foal out of this combination was a hit right away. Celle’s state stud
sire Embassy I finished his performance test
with top scores and was awarded the Grande
Prize in 2010. He is one of the best sons of
his sire. The second Hanoverian-licensed son
of Sammy Jo called Embassy III also stood at
the State Stud Celle. His competitive career
differs from the ones of his siblings. He successfully competes in dressage under Mathilde Blais Tetreault from Canada. Victories and
placements up to Prix St. Georges are on his
success record.
Sammy Jo
Sammy Jo is the Hanoverian Mare of the Year
2012. The Hanoverian Association has awarded
the title “Hanoverian Mare of the Year” to mares
with exceptional offspring successes since 2007.
By Ulrich Hahne
he now 18-year old St. Pr. mare Sammy Jo
by Silvio/Calypso II became a member of
a very selected group of mares during the
Gala Night at the 127th Elite Auction in October when she was awarded the title Hanoverian Mare of the Year 2012. She was born on
the farm of Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs in Bierbergen and has never changed owners. She has
delivered 13 foals for his breeding program.
She completed her mare performance test
with scores of 8,0 and better as a three-year
old. She received the St. Pr. award as a fouryear old and was accepted into the Program
for Hanoverian Jumper Horse Breeding. Until
2010 Sammy Jo had been without foal only
twice. These years were used to enter her in
competitions. She placed as a five-year old in
jumper horse classes up to the M-level in
1999 after having delivered two foals. After
delivering six additional foals Sammy Jo com-
Embassy II advertises the athletic genes of
this exceptional mare through his successful
sporthorse career. He is the shooting star in
jumper competitions in 2012. He won the
Grand Prix of Braunschweig, Munich, Lausanne and Crans Montana with German
Hans-Dieter Dreher! He placed second in the
Grand Prix of Aachen and Monte Carlo – and
all of this within one year!
These are certainly Sammy Jo´s most outstanding descendants. St. Pr. mare Emmy Jo will
be the one to guarantee the continuation of
this mare line at Family Jacobs, but only after
having proven her performance willingness
and ability in jumper classes up to the S-level.
Emmy Jo also was a member of the Champion Family-Jumping at the mare show in Hohenhameln. Together with Sammy Jo and St.
Pr. aspirant Crispy Jo PJ by Cassini II this family was awarded the Elite Family-status. Dr.
Ludwig Christmann wrote in DER HANNOVERANER, “Sammy Jo impressed with her remarkable perkiness at a proud age of 18.”
The spectators at the Gala Evening were able
to witness this fact.
Sammy Jo – a name to remember! A name
that underlines the importance of dam lines
in the breeding of horses! n
The Hanoverian 11|2012
onships. Dablino convinces with his elasticity, his
expression and his performance willingness. He
wants to work. He is also a real powerhouse and
incredibly rideable. He gives you a truly superb feeling!
We have a very good connection to Dablino’s breeder Weert-Arnold Sweers. My parents have visited
him a few times already and I have two full siblings
to Dablino as well as a descendant of Fidertanz
out of a right sister to Dablino FRH in my barn.
He became a
Anabel Balkenhol is one of Germany’s best dressage
riders with her mount Dablino FRH. She participated
in London as an individual after having won bronze
with the team at the World Equestrian Games in
By Britta Züngel
THE HANOVERIAN: Dablino FRH is your top
horse. What makes the chestnut so special?
Anabel Balkenhol, “Dablino originally came into
our barn as a sale horse. One of my dad´s acquaintances had pointed him out to us. We had
planned for Holga Finken to compete him in the
World Championships for Young Dressage Horses
in 2006. Afterwards we were going to sell him
again. In the same year my rising Grand-Prix horse
died and I convinced my dad to keep Dablino FRH.
By the way, he finished fifth at the World Champi-
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Dablino has always been excellent with respect to
rideability. As a young horse he could be rather
strong at times but that went away with training.
At first hewas a real chicken and very scared – we
had to work really hard on that. It was kind of a
mixture of fear and dominance. We worked a lot
together with Linda Tellington-Jones and Peter
Kreinberg to settle Dablino down quietly and gently. We had to practice long and hard until he realized that everything is okay when we halt and
salute and he did not have to be scared. My dad
had worked with Linda Tellington-Jones on Goldstern. The relationship still exists today. Peter
Kreinberg taught me how important it is for rider
and horse to just stand still quietly and to breathe.
The way he trains his horses is truly impressive. It
was perfect for such a dominant horse like Dablino
THE HANOVERIAN: London were your first
Olympic games. What impressions did you
bring back home with you from Great Britain?
Anabel Balkenhol, “On one side the Olympic
games were very impressive; on the other side they
were also very sobering. Very impressive – because
all sports take centre stage on a global level and
not just one individual discipline! Sobering was my
I competed in the Grand Prix as an individual as
the forth rider on the first day. The organization
had not fallen into place yet. Dablino FRH became
scared when we entered the ring. He broke into
the canter twice during the test and the walk was
not so good either. I was satisfied nonetheless. We
were the first pair to compete in the following Special which is always a certain disadvantage. I was
very happy with Dablino’s performance. He was
very good in the trot extensions and in the canter
parts. The judges did not acknowledge this which
was very disappointing. As the forth German rider
I could not qualify for the freestyle any way, as only
three riders from every nation are allowed participation. The thought that an individual rider is able
to finish in the top, is only possible in theory! As an
individual you are still kind of a member of your
team but then again you are on the outside. The
rules in dressage are not favorable. There are five
riders in each team in eventing and all five receive
a medal.
Nevertheless it was an incredibly interesting experience and the team spirit was great. Just to be
able to participate was grandiose just as the trip
home on the MS Deutschland was, too. The life in
the village and the entire Olympic experience was
fascinating and the atmosphere was warm and
welcoming. In the end though not much is left
from the Olympic idea. Medals are the only things
that count for many people and unfortunately participation alone does not earn much respect.”
THE HANOVERIAN: You discovered St. Pr. aspirant Davinia La Douce FRH who is a talented young horse on the last summer auction
in Verden.
Anabel Balkenhol, “ Davinia La Douce FRH is a Don
Frederico/A Jungle Prince daughter. In my experience Don Frederico’s descendants are performance
oriented and have a very good disposition. Davinia
caught our attention because of her great rhythm
and her impulsion during the try-outs. Even then it
was visible that her working ethics would be very
steady. She is very, very rideable and always works
with you. She exhibits an incredible willingness
and ability for collection. She will participate in her
first dressage competitions next year. I ride my
young horses at the lower levels, too; it is very important to me.”
fully listen to his horse and to try to understand the
language of his horse again and again in order to
be able to give the proper answer in applying the
correct aids. Every horse is an individual and must
be understood and dealt with as such.”
THE HANOVERIAN: What kind of relation do
you have to the Hanoverian?
Anabel Balkenhol, “My first show horse was Eichkater by Eisenherz/Lugano II. I participated in the
World Equestrian Games and the Olympic games
with Dablino FRH. I have received great support
from the Hanoverian Association for some time. I
am welcomed with open arms and the horses are
very good. We have registered our broodmares in
Hannover and I greatly enjoy the good cooperation.”
THE HANOVERIAN: How could the relationship between breeding and sport be improved?
Anabel Balkenhol, “More top horses must be
placed into the hands of good riders. The breed
associations must try to connect good horses with
good riders. One must be very flexible. Too many
talented horses do not find their way into international competition.”
THE HANOVERIAN: What would be your
wish from Hanoverian breeders?
Anabel Balkenhol, “I hope that the breeders do not
loose interest. I wish that people enjoy breeding
horses again.” n
Davinia La Douce FRH (breeder:
Robert Kühn, Hagen) is Anabel
Balkenhol´s talented up and coming
young horse. Photos: Rau
THE HANOVERIAN: Everyone talks about the
D-line. What are the reasons for these successes?
Anabel Balkenhol, “In general pedigrees are not
that important to me. However horses out of the
D-line are dominating the sport of dressage at present. The development of these horses over the
past years has been fascinating. The D-line mostly
produces certain favorable attributes like a correct
exterior, basic rideability, performance willingness
and moving potential.”
THE HANOVERIAN: You work closely with
your dad Klaus Balkenhol. What are the
most important basic principles?
Anabel Balkenhol, “My dad always said to focus
on yourself and enjoy every ride. He was never
presumptuous as a human or as a rider and was
always fair to his horses. His principle was to care-
The Hanoverian 11|2012
FRH Escada JS and Ingrid Klimke won the DerbyDynamic-Cup in Schenefeld in 2012. The winners of the
Grand Prix of Salland were La Toya and Sjaak Sleiderink.
Dablino FRH and Anabel Balkenhol convinced with their
performance in the dressage arena of Donaueschingen.
By Britta Züngel
FRH Butts Avedon An excellent dressage test helped FRH Butts
Avedon by Heraldik xx/Kronenkranich xx
(breeder: Friedrich Butt, Buelkau) and German Andreas Dibowski to finish the 3*-event
in Schenefeld/Germany in fifth position after
accumulating time-faults on the cross-country course and pulling a rail on the stadium
Ben Leuwer rode Daun by Derwisch/Tin Rocco (breeder: Willi Brandt, Selsingen) to victory
at the CIC* in Hamm-Rhynern/Germany.
St.Pr.A. FRH Escada JS
Ingrid Klimke and FRH Escada JS by Embassy/
Lehnsherr (breeder: Jürgen Stuhtmann, Bahlburg) finished the CIC*** in Schenefeld in
third position. The eight-year old finished on
her dressage score of 45 points. FRH Escada
JS won the Derby-Dynamic-Cup 2012 with
this first-rate result.
Flic Flac
Flic Flac by Fragonard xx/Leicester (breeder:
Manfred Kutzner, Marburg) finished the CIC*
in Hamm-Rhynern in forth place after an excellent cross-country round with rider Sabrina Mertens.
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Giselle by Grand Cru/Kings Lake xx (breeder:
Annegret Bohlmann-Buldtmann, Ahlerstedt)
and rider Cord Mysegaes finished the CIC* in
Ströhen/Germany in second place after a
good dressage test and a double-clear crosscountry round.
Light my fire (VA)
Light my fire by Likoto xx/Weltmeyer (breeder: Kathrin Wassmann, Badbergen) and Judith Sommer were in the lead after dressage
and stadium jumping in the one-star competition at Ströhen. The pair finished the competition in sixth place because of 8,8 time
faults on the cross-country course.
Windsor H
The Spanish team won the second-to-last
Nation Prize of the season in Montelibretti/
Italy. Windsor H by Wilawander xx/Ramiro’s
Son II (breeder: Guenther Hahl, Osterbruch)
was the best competitor of the team with his
rider Maria Pinedo. The pair took and excellent second place in the individual competition of the CICO***.
The German Driving Derby was decided in
Donaueschingen this year. Driving legend Ys-
FRH Escada JS under rider Ingrid Klimke is
Germany’s best rising eventer. Photo: Rau
brand Chardon finished in second place.
Darco by Dimaggio/Davignon (breeder: Magnus Pahlsson, Great Britain) was a member of
his four-in-hand team.
HH Ashley
Rodrigo Pessoa did well on his home turf in
Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. He placed fifth in the
jumper class “Best of Brazil” with HH Ashley
by Acorado/Chasseur (breeder: Helmut Siefkes, Holtland) at the Copa Cabana. The pair
placed third n the team jumping competition
with teammate Drossel Dan and Alvaro de
Miranda .
Calme P (VA)
Wiener Neustadt/Austria offered international jumping competitions on two weekends.
Nina Brand rode Calme P by Calido/Alme
(breeder: Wilfried Niemann, Beverstedt) to
victory in the Grand Prix on the first weekend.
One jumping fault prevented a repeat of the
success seven days later; the excellent time
allowed for a fifth place.
Constantin B
Hans-Dieter Dreher and Constantin B by
Contendro/Espri had a grand start at the
“Athina Onassis Horse Show” in Rio de
Janeiro. They won the first speed class.
Caramsin (VA)
Caramsin By Cornet Obolensky/Argentinus
(breeder: Heinz Lenter, Meppen) is licensed
and performance-tested. The seven-year old
celebrated his first international success at
the CSI in Tallin/Estland. He won a jumper
class of the Youngster Tour with rider Kristaps
Neretnieks from Lettland. The pair finished
the final in third place.
Celly Negra
Celly Negra by Contendro/Graf Top (breeder:
Johann Westermann, Syke) finished the qualification for the Grand Prix of Tallinn in forth
position with rider Benas Gutkauskas.
AD Ashleigh Drossel Dan
Ashleigh Drossel Dan by Drosselklang II/
Ashleigh Brigadier (breeder: Collin Gronn,
Australia) and rider Alvaro de Miranda became “Best of Brazil” at the CSI in Rio de Janeiro. The pair won the class that consisted of
two rounds against tough South American
competition. He placed third in the team jumping competition together with Rodrigo Pessoa on HH Ashley.
Firth of Lorne
Katrin Eckermann rode Firth of Lorne by For
Pleasure/Stakkato (breeder: Meinolf Roelleke, Bochum) to victory in the Championship
of Donaueschingen/Germany. The eight-year
old stallion and his 22-year old rider from
Muenster won the jump-off with a 2 secondadvantage.
Flying Boy (VA)
Flying Boy by Fly High/Sao Paulo (breeder:
Horst Heidemann, Meppen) finished the opening jumper class in second place with his
rider Simone Blume on the second weekend
in Wiener Neustadt.
Forry Deluxe
Forry Deluxe by For Pleasure/Landadel (breeder: Wilhelm and Heike Strunk, Bochum-Stiepel) and rider Jan Wernke finished an international fault & time class in a forth place at the
CSI in Donaueschingen.
Hannoveraner News
Don Frederic by Don Frederico/Wolkentanz (breeder: Beate Wedermann, Wangerland) is the new up-and-coming-star in the
Linsenhoff barn. The breeding rights for the
three-year old premium sire remain with
Paul Schockemöhle. Similar arrangements
are effective regarding Totilas and Bretton.
Matthias Alexander Rath will ride the
Lars Nieberg saddled his homebred Galippo
by Giorgio/For Pleasure for the Middle Tour in
Donaueschingen and placed third.
The Grand Prix of Saugerties/USA offered one
million in prize money. Only one rider remained faultless in the very exciting jump-off.
George by Garant/Don Juan (breeder: Carsten Wiedemann, Uelzen) and his rider Jill
Henselwood finished this class in second
place after one jumping fault; this meant $
200,000.00 in prize money.
Franco Jeas by Friedenstraum/Lemon xx
(breeder: Rudi Seifert, Nordholz), the top
horse of event rider Andreas Ostholt has
died. The twelve-year old with whom the
rider from Warendorf became German
Champion in 2011 had to be put to sleep
during a surgery in Blenheim, Great Britain.
The pair had a fall at the international
3*-event competition in Blenheim. Initially
severe contusions were expected. A surgery
at a veterinary clinic near the show grounds
revealed irreparable injuries in the shoulder
Graf Sandro
Graf Sandro by Graf Top/Sandro (breeder: Dr.
Hilmer and Sabine Meyer-Kulenkampff, Behlmer) had his first placing in a jumper competition at the beginning of August. He celebrated his first international victory when the
ten-year old won a puissance with rider
Heinz Rövernich in Leudelange/Belgium.
La Cucaracha
Jan Sprehe and his mount La Cucaracha by
Landclassic/Cheenook (breeder: Hubert Knigge, Ahlden) started the Great Tour in Wiener
Neustadt with a forth place in the first competition. A third place followed in the second
qualification for the Grand Prix.
La Toya (VA)
La Troya by Le Cou Cou/Argentinus (breeder:
Wolfgang Michels, Lilienthal) won the Grand
Prix of Salland/The Netherlands against
tough competition from Belgium and the
Netherlands. 20 year-old Sjaak Sleiderink
rode the 10-year old.
Franco Jeas and Andreas Ostholt. Photo: Rau
HH Let’s Fly (VA)
The Global Champions’ Tour had a stop in
Lausanne/Switzerland. Rodrigo Pessoa rode
Let’s Fly by Lordanos/Forrest xx (breeder:
Uwe Dreesmann, Hesel) into third place in a
two-phase jumper class. The pair from Brazil
finished the next class in second place. Then
Rodrigo Pessoa traveled to Rio de Janeiro to
participate in the “Athina Onassis Horse
Show” where he and his mount HH Let‘s Fly
finished the first speed class in third place.
Germany’s team won silver behind
Switzerland at the European Championships of the Veterans that took place in
Dinard/France. Rhuna by Ravallo/Saporo
(breeder: Jürgen Helmke, Groß Sisbeck) was
on the team. Her rider Alfred Konzag
trained the horse himself from jumper
classes at the A- to the S-level.
The Hanoverian 11|2012
They took third place in an accumulator class,
Special in forth place with rider Fabienne Luetkemeier.
Jan Sprehe returned home from Wiener Neustadt with a third place in the final of the
Small Tour. His mount was Savoi by Stolzenberg/Lordanos (breeder: Eitel Wehrs, Steinwedel).
Degas by De Niro/Regazzoni (breeder: Christina Müller, Stade) had already been very successful in Germany under rider Christilot
Hansen-Boylen. Ashley Holzer from Canada
competes him now in North America. The ten
year old placed second in the Grand Prix and
in the Special at the renowned show “Dressage at Devon”.
Showman (Hessian)
Showman by Sunrise/Loriot (breeder: Rita
Feuerstein, Ober-Mörlen) and Andreas Brenner finished in third place with the fastest
4-penalty round in the Grand Prix of PiberKöflach/Austria.
Singapore (VA)
Wolgang Puschak rode Singapore by Stakkato/Glenfiddich into third position in a speed
class of the Middle Tour in Wiener Neustadt.
St. Pr. A. Stakki (VA)
The final for the rising generation of jumpers
in Donaueschingen led over a course with
jumps of 1,40 meters. The seven-year old
Stakkato Gold/Silvio daughter Stakki (breeder: Anne Seide, Damnatz) showed off her
ability placing forth with rider Jan Sprehe.
Jaybee Alabaster
The judges were in agreement when they
placed Jaybee Alabaster by Alabaster/Glorieux (bred in Australia) and rider Hayley Beresford in second position in the Grand Prix
Special of Breslau/Poland.
Dablino FRH
Dablino FRH by De Niro/Wanderbusch II
(breeder: Weert-Arnold Sweers, Krummhoern) and Anabel Balkenhol celebrated a dual
victory after having won the Grand Prix and
the Special in Donaueschingen/Germany.
Another De Niro son proved his talent in Donaueschingen: 12-year old D’Agostino by De
Niro/Shogun xx (breeder: Klaus Lahmann,
Dassendorf) finished the Grand Prix and the
Calme P and Nina Brand won the Grand Prix of
Wiener Neustadt. Photo: Privat
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Devon L
Diane Creech rode Devon L by De Niro/Wolkenstein II (breeder: Hans-Henning V. D. Decken, Stade) in Devon. The pair completed the
Grand Prix with the third-best result and the
freestyle in fifth place.
St. Pr. A. Djamila
Djamila by Dacaprio/Frappant (breeder: Werner Wesch, Bederkesa) celebrated successes
with her junior rider Valentina Croce from Italy at the CDI in Arezzo/Italy. They finished the
individual test in fifth- and the freestyle in
third place.
Don Johnson FRH
The Vienna Dressage Masters held their debut in Vienna/Austria. Don Johnson FRH by
Don Frederico/Warkant (breeder: Ulrike Meyer, Dedelstorf) and Isabel Werth celebrated
victories in the Grand Prix and in the freestyle
in front of the picturesque backdrop of
Vienna’s city hall.
Doolittle J (VA)
Doolittle J by Don Frederico/Regazzoni (breeder: Breeding Farm Julienhof, Vastorf) finished in second place twice at the CDI in Arezzo. Tatiana Miloserdova from Russia won
silver on the nine-year old in the Grand Prix
and in the Special.
Florencia B (VA)
Florencia B by Florianus/Davignon (breeder:
Rudolf and Reinhard Boesch, Buelkau) and
Katarzyna Milczarek Jasinka danced their
way into third place in the Grand Prix-Freestyle in Breslau. Earlier on the pair had finished the Grand Prix in second place.
Goldeneye by Grand Royal/Wenzel (breeder:
Uta Köneke-Rohde, Stelle) won the Intermediaire I in Arezzo with rider Gloria Colombo.
The pair finished the following freestyle with
a third-place ribbon.
Hofnarr by Hofrat/Wie Weltmeyer (breeder:
Friederike Peters, Ahstedt) was one of the
successful Hanoverian horses in Arezzo. He
placed forth in Intermediaire I and fifth in the
freestyle with rider Cristina Pilella Proto.
Le Baldi
Le Baldi by Lauries Crusador xx/Garibaldi II
(breeder: Otto-Rudolf Fuchs, Meinerzhagen)
was one of Celle’s state stud sires. He was
trained in dressage after the stallion performance test. He participated in a dressage
show in Fot/Hungary and placed third in the
Grand Prix and in the Freestyle under Gabor
Nemeth from Hungary.
him. The twelve-year old placed fifth in the
team test and second in the freestyle right
behind Wiona in Arezzo.
Viva’s Salieri W
Viva’s Salieri W by Viva Voltaire/Salieri (breeder: W. Charlot Farms, Ontario) was born in
Canada. Tom Dvorak rode him into fifth position in the Grand Prix Special at the CDI in
Saugerties/USA; it was an excellent result.
Le Primeur
The rising generation of dressage riders competed at the international level in Leudelange/Luxembourg. Le Primeur by Lauries Crusador xx/Golfstrom II (breeder: Siegfried
Buhmann, Stade-Buetzfleth) did well with rider Estelle Wettstein in the division for young
riders. The pair won the freestyle and placed
second in the team test.
Rivaldy by Royal Diamond/Grannus (breeder:
Erich Cassens, Emden-Uphusen) and Nicolas
Vandekeybus from Belgium placed in the top
three internationally for the first time. The
pair finished the Freestyle for juniors in second place at the CDI in Leudelange.
Rockabella (VA)
Rockabella by Rosentau/Weltmeyer (breeder:
Guenter Lübbers, Hoogstede) found her way
to Italy after having been sold to Great Britain on the foal auction in 2003. She placed
forth in Prix St. Georges and in Intermediaire
Freestyle at the CDI of Arezza. Nausicaa Maroni from Italy presented the mare.
Rocko Barocko (VA)
Rider Carlotta Marconi and Rocko Barocko by
Rotspon/Matcho AA (breeder: Simone Klatt,
Hahausen) left the CDIJ in Arezzo with a forth
Simply Nymphenburg was
the Champion at Devon
The new champion of six-year old dressage
horses of the FEI Young Horse Division in Devon/USA is Simply Nymphenburg by Sir Donnerhall/Weltmeyer (breeder: Peter Enders,
Groenloh). Dr. Cesar Parra rode the striking
Hanoverian gelding to an unchallenged victory. The dark bay received his excellent
scores from the renowned judges Christoph
Hess and Stephan Clarke. Simply Nymphen-
Santo Stefano Francis
Four of the top five competitors in the FEI individual test at the CDIJ in Arezzo carried the
Hanoverian foal brand. Leading the way:
Santo Stefano Francis by Fabriano/Wenzel II
(breeder: Barbara Fuchs, Sant’ipplitio/Italy),
the winner with rider Camilla Mauro.
In forth place twice in Donaueschingen:
D’Agostino and Fabienne Luetkemeier.
place in the freestyle for juniors. Earlier on the
pair had finished the team test in forth place
and the individual test in second place.
The only seven-year old Rosmarin by Rosentanz/Weltmeyer (breeder: Josef Brinkemoeller, Georgsmarienhuette) finished the Prix St.
Georges in second place in Devon. Kimberly
Herslow rode the black-brown whose dam is
a full sister to Celle’s state stud sire Wolkentanz.
Warhol by Warkant/Saint Cloud (breeder:
Friedrich Sievers, Gifhorn) completed the Intermediaire Freestyle in forth place with his
rider Francoise Hologne-Joux in Leudelange.
Wilde Wilma
Annachiara Menin from Italy and Wilde Wilma by Worldly/Wanderkoenig (breeder: Hinrich Siedenburg, Lilienthal) successfully finished the outdoor show season with a third
placement in the FEI-team test, another third
place in the individual test and a fifth place in
the freestyle at the CDIJ.
Royal Angelo (VA)
Royal Angelo by Rotspon/Pik Bube (breeder:
Hans-Heinrich Müller, Stade) left Verden’s
Arena of Lower Saxony as a non-licensed
stallion. Now Arianna Petroncini who is a
young rider from Italy successfully competes
St. Pr. A. Wiona (VA)
One of the best up-and-coming horse/rider
combinations in Italy is Wiona by White Star/
Archipel (breeder: Hans-Hermann Brunckhorst, Buxtehude) and Claudia Brambila.
They won the freestyle after placing forth in
the individual test in Arezzo. n
burg was a member of the dressage cadre of
Verden’s elite auction in the fall of 2010. He
placed third at the Federal Championships
for five-year old dressage horses with rider
Tessa Frank one year later. Dressage competitor and trainer Cesar Parra who resides in
the United States has been riding the gelding
now for a short time. Cesar Parra is very excited about the progress Simply Nymphenburg already made, “Simply is on his way to
become one of the best international dressage horses. He always does his best and
pays attention to the aids of his rider.” Hanoverian horses also earned silver and bronze:
Elite mare Rohannah by Rienzi/Donnerhall –
bred in the US – became Reserve Champion
with rider Lars Petersen. Her dam is a full sister to Celle’s state stud sire Dauphin. The
stallion Somer Hit by Sandro Hit/Rotspon –
also bred in the US – followed in third place
with rider Alice Trajan. Elite mare Radiance
HVH by Rotspon/Welser (breeder: High Valley
Hanoverians, USA) was the best of the fiveyear old Hanoverians. Her dam Whitney BH
had received the Elite mare status from the
American Hanoverian Society. Radiance HVH
won the silver medal with rider Ashley Marascalo. n
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Breeder‘s portrait
“A horse is not
only beautiful!”
It was Klaus Jürgens’ dream to breed Hanoverian
horses. He built up a successful breeding program
in a short period of time.
By Juliane Kruse
laus Jürgens (67) from Sehnde-Bolzum has
four active broodmares. He has only been a
Hanoverian breeder since 1981 but he knows
what he is doing. He started to breed animals early on: first doves, chickens and pigs. The goal he
always had in mind was to breed horses successfully. “A good horse is not only beautiful but also
willing to perform with a good interior and exterior.” His expectations are high. Klaus Jürgens grew
up with agriculture. After school he completed an
agricultural apprenticeship. He met his wife Astrid
while studying agricultural sciences. He took over
the agricultural farm of his parents on the outskirts
of the Hildesheimer Börde after his studies. He ran
the agricultural business as a sideline business.
Klaus Jürgens taught young farmers after having
completed a teacher’s training college to become a
teacher in agriculture. His wife Astrid was a teacher,
too. The business was expanded after the couple
retired. A countryside hotel was built on the wellmaintained property. The actual farming on the
farm has been turned over to a farming community
as the three children Yvonne, Katharina and ArndChristian chose a job outside agriculture after they
had completed their studies. Only the breeding of
horses remains an independent family business on
the farm of Family Jürgens.
Klaus Jürgens travels a lot. Next to many other activities he often visits mare shows, auctions, stallion pre-inspections and horse shows. “A breeder
who wants to get ahead needs to know what the
market demands and which direction the breeding
will go in future,” Klaus Jürgen says. “Furthermore
you must not avoid competition and show your
products on mare shows and stallion inspections.
To breed means to select!” This is very important
to the former teacher. “I learned to evaluate horses
and it is therefore important to me to prove to my
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Astrid and Klaus Jürgens from Sehnde-Bolzum. Photo:
students and to my family that my breed philosophy holds its own.”
The beginnings
More than 30 years ago the young family father
looked for a suitable filly that needed to fulfill
three conditions: The pedigree had to be performance-oriented, the exterior had to show no major
weaknesses and she had to be feasible. As the family spent its vacations in Cuxhaven Klaus Jürgens
was able to attend the region’s mare shows and
educate himself about the breed. He discovered
Fatima at the Hanke Wrede farm in Cappel. The
breeding program started with the mare Fatima by
Furioso II/Domspatz out of the damline of Ackerwelle. She came to the family farm as a weanling
on October 1, 1980. She was presented on mare
shows as a three –year old but did not receive a
premium award. Fatima was bought to become a
broodmare but she also served as the family’s riding horse especially for daughter Yvonne. “You
must prove your abilities,” Klaus Jürgens says. She
competed up to the M-level almost every weekend
from May until October. Always successful! The
mare was not only in a league of her own in respect to her jumping ability but also as a broodmare. She delivered 15 foals; nine successful competitors, one state’s premium mare and two approved
sires called Escude by Escudo and Graf Noir by
Graf Grannus who is a successful jumper producer
in Italy. The competition horses are Piet Mondrian
by Picard, Chablis by Calypso II, Sympatico and
Sarkozy by Stakkato. St. Pr. mare Grandessa by
Grannus out of the Program for Hanoverian Jumper Horse Breeding remained on the farm. The
mare finished her performance test in Hoya and
Breeder‘s portrait
received the dream score of 10,0 for her style as
well as for her ability. She has twelve descendants
including three jumpers with successes at M-level.
St. Pr. mare Shakira by Stakkato remains in the
breeding program. She followed into her dam’s
footsteps and received the dream score of ten twice for her jumping. Shakira has one successful offspring. Her son Chacco Chacco by Chacco-Blue
was approved at the Hanoverian licensing in 2009
and sold to the breeding farm Tannenhof. This year
he participated on shows for the first time: three
showings and three victories!
The second successful mare- and jumper line came
to the farm by accident. “We met Wilhelm Klausing
while attending a foal show,” Klaus Jürgens tells
us. Wilhelm Klausing has bought several colts from
Klaus Jürgens. He bought two colts and gave one
filly as a trade one year. That is how Argentina by
Argentinus/Pokal out of the damline of Pension
came to the farm. Argentina’s first foal by Watzmann was a direct hit! Wilhelm Klausing raised
Foxhound K who was approved in Verden and was
internationally successful. Argentina produced two
St. Pr. mares with Contendro called Charisma and
Carentina. Carentina received a 9,0 for her canter,
her rideability and her style at her performance
test. She received the score of 10,0 for her ability.
Carentina remains in the breeding program. She
has proven that she passes her performance ability
on to her offspring. The champion mare jumping at
the Herwart von der Decken-Show in 2012, St. Pr.
A. Diarada KJ by Diarado is her daughter.
um sire in Verden in 2008, was “Best Dressage Sire
of Norway” in 2009, won his stallion performance
test in 2010 and won the Championship of Scandinavia in 2011. Ray Ban is stationed at the breeding Farm Tullstorb Dressage. He is the up-andcoming horse of the internationally successful rider
Jan Brink.
Klaus Jürgens need not worry about marketing his
horses. “The genetic potential of my horses is of
utmost importance to me. I breed my mares very
selectively,” the breeder explains. Many of his successful horses have found new homes all around
the world through Verden’s auction program. Klaus
Jürgen now raises the young colts. They grow up
on the fields of Reinhard Braack, Drochtersen.
Klaus Jürgens presents them at the stallion preselection sites. He also uses the Internet to market
his horses. His daughters Yvonne and Katharina
hold a great share in the horse business as they
train the young horses and present them on shows.
A versatile training’s program is very important to
Klaus Jürgens. “In earlier times I rode, too. Now I
do the ground work and my daughters train the
horses.” Both daughters received a state’s premium mare each out of Argentina. With that Klaus
Jürgens guarantees the continuation of his successful breeding program. n
Klaus Jürgens and Fabio Ladwig with
St.Pr.A. Diarada KJ by Diarado/Contendro. Photo: Schwöbel
Successful dressage horses
Klaus Jürgens is not only a successful breeder of
jumper horses; he is a just as successful dressage
horse breeder. “Dressage horses sell earlier than
jumpers.” It was important to the breeder to have
another leg to stand his business on. He started his
dressage horse-breeding program with St. Pr. mare
Welfenkrone by Weltmeyer/Delano. After successes
on the Ratje-Niebuhr- and the Louis Wiegels-Show
he now has a strong performance oriented mare in
his barn. Six fillies and three colts were born; three
fillies received the State’s Premium award. St. Pr.
mare Naddel by Natiello xx is one of them. Former
state stud manager Dr. Burchard Bade bought her
for his friend Adolf Jelges. Naddel became Reserve
Champion Mare at the Federal Mare Show in Neustadt/Dosse and show champion in Hohenhameln.
Her son Lauscher by Londonderry is stationed as a
breeding stallion in the State Stud Celle. St. Pr.
mare Lorena by Londonderry is another broodmare
on the farm. She has been class champion several
times in Hohenhameln. She is the dam of premium
sire Ray Ban by Rascalino. Ray Ban has his own
successful career to show for: He became a premi-
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Hannoveraner Verband
The Horse Centre Alsfeld became the training and
marketing centre for the Hanoverian Association
after the Hessian and the Hanoverian breed associations were combined upon an unanimous decision during the Hessian Meeting of the Delegates
in 2005. The Hessian breed direction was already
oriented towards the north as its breeding rules
are mainly based on Hanoverian and Westphalian
principles. This fact and the open and far-sighted
views of both Presidents Gerhard Senckenberg
(Hessian) and Manfred Schäfer (Hannover) favored
a cooperation.
in the south
The Hessian Horse Center in Alsfeld has been the
official “southern base-station” of the Hanoverian
Association for seven years. This department
developed into a showcase of a facility where a
young team invests a lot of energy and engagement.
By Monia Schierenberg and Hanna Grell
eographically Alsfeld is located in the middle
of Germany, 80 Kilometers north of Frankfurt,
and presents an ideal site for training and marketing of horses. The Hessian Equine Centre was built
in 1992 in the immediate vicinity of the Hessian
Arena that was built two years earlier. Today the
facility that extends over an area of 10,000 square
meters is the most southern outpost of the Hanoverian Association. It offers an indoor riding arena
with a riding area of 20X60 m and grandstands for
300 visitors, a stable with 38 box stalls, a second
barn with 19 box stalls and a tack room, a warmup and a lunging arena, an outdoor ring of 50x100
m as well as office and staff quarters.
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Training and marketing of young horses is spelt in
capital letters in Alsfeld. The programs Alsfeld offers are versatile and include the starting of young
horses under saddle, the presentation of horses on
auction selections, mare performance tests as well
as the preparation of stallions for pre-selections
and approvals. It comes to no surprise that the
great majority of about 30 horses in training is six
years old or younger. Most horses are three- and
four years old and are being prepared for the Hanoverian auction program. Each year there are
about fifty horses from Germany or abroad waiting
to be cared for and trained. At present three
grooms and three riders attend to the horses’
needs. Daniel Fritz is the managing director in Alsfeld. He took over the position from Bernd Osterloh in April of 2012. Elke Fietzner is responsible for
the entire bureaucratic organization in the office.
She has been employed in Alsfeld for more than 17
years. Daniel Fritz is supported by Meike Heil who
is in the third year of her apprenticeship to become
a trainer, by trainer Christoph Hoffmann, by Daniela Deist who is an apprentice for horse management and service, by Ricada Weist who is completing a year of professional preparation and by the
groom Virgelia Vollmüller. “It helps, if you know
how to ride before you start an apprenticeship.
Nobody teaches you the fundamentals of riding.
There is just not enough time,” Daniel Fritz explains. And that holds true. There is not a lot of time
for newcomers to get used to the new surroundings. From the first moment on they are involved
and after only a few days the newcomers become
fully-fledged team members. While walking down
the barn isle we ask Meike what she likes best. She
responds without hesitation, “ All the people are
very friendly!” and “There is always something going on.” This impression is confirmed immediately.
Even though time is of the essence, visitors in Alsfeld are welcomed with open arms and given a
The day starts with stable work that all share. Next
the grooms start cleaning the horses and tacking
them up. The riders start training. With thirty hor-
Hannoveraner Verband
ses and three riders each rider has to attend to ten
horses; this requires perfect organization. Every rider works the same horses every day. He/she determines the order of go which is documented on
a magnetic board so the grooms know which horse to get ready when. This is not only advantageous for maintaining the tight schedule but it also
helps to have enough time for customers especially during the winter months when even more
horses are stabled in Alsfeld.
Daniel Fritz emphasizes the high value he and his
team set on giving horse owners ample opportunities to watch or even ride their horses during the
training period. Horse owners are always welcome.
Alsfeld offers consultations on which steps to take
next and future training programs for the horses as
an additional service. A veterinarian check and radiographs are also performed in Alsfeld.
The possibility of presenting horses on horse shows
goes without saying. For instance Dancing Shadow
by Dancier/Fabriano sold on the elite auction in the
fall of 2011. He has been stabled up in Alsfeld for
further training since the beginning of the year.
Daniel Fritz has riden the four-year old black stallion in riding horse classes four times since then. The
pair won three classes and placed second in the
forth class. Another success story: Like Primeur by
Le Primeur was inspected on the mare show in Alsfeld. She successfully completed her mare performance test and now collects ribbons in jumper
horse classes at the A-level. “The mare performance test is part of our service program,” Daniel
Fritz explains. “Most participating mares are with
us in preparation for eight weeks and not only for
four like in Verden. The longer preparation time
pays off: 85 percent of the mares completed the
test with a score of 7,5 and/or better and received
the states premium aspirant award.”
The southern base station has also established itself as a selection site for auctions and the stallion
licensing, “This year eighteen stallions traveled to
Alsfeld to be presented to the pre-selection committee. We prepared a Dancier/Solero son who is a
member of the actual licensing collection,” Daniel
Fritz comments with pride.
There are several highlights in Alsfeld every year .
Traditionally the year opens with the Day for Young
Horses. This year the event took two days. In addition to a dressage class for older horses, jumper
classes and free-jumping competitions were offered, too. Next to the mare show of the regional
Hessian/South Germany Association called the
“Alsfelder Advent” is the largest attraction on the
event schedule. This year the auction will take
place for the forth time. “We are especially glad
that this marketing platform has established itself
so quickly. The good reputation of Verden’s auction
program positively effected us here in the centre of
Germany,” So managing director Fritz. “The close
cooperation with the association’s central office is
essential to us,” he explains. “Every now and again
there is an exchange of personnel between Verden
and Alsfeld. We exchange horses, too where required. If we have customers but not the right horse,
the trailer gets hooked up in Verden and the right
horse gets delivered.” n
This are
Monia Schierenberg
and Hanna Grell
Monia Schierenberg is 18 years
old (photo left) and from Bad
Arolsen. She has not been
active with the Young Breeders
for some time now as she has
focused on riding instead. 2010
she was a member of the cadre
of Hanoverian Young Breeders
and became German Champion
with the entire team. She wants
to start an apprenticeship for
horse management and find a
job in the horse world after she
has finishe high school.
Hanna Grell was born in Fritzlar
in 1992 and grew up in
Wildungen. She sat on a horse
before she was able to walk.
Influenced by her aunts she was
infected with the equine virus
very early on and competed as a
four-year old in lead line-classes. Her familyhas breed
German riding ponies since
2008. She has been a member
of the Hanoverian Young
Breeders since 2010. She
attends college in Kassel to
become a middle school teacher
in athletics, German philology
and protestant theology.
The Horse Centre Alsfeld.
The Hanoverian 11|2012
„Brand and Drive“
in France
“Brand and drive” was the motto of the inspection tour
across France. The foal vintage was of very good quality.
By Dr. Ludwig Christmann
he President of the Society for Hanoverian Breeders in France (AFEACH) Edouard
Dewez and Dr. Ludwig Christmann from the
Association’s central office in Verden conducted the inspection tour of the Hanoverian
Association in France this year. Now qualityrich Hanoverian breeding farms with a clear
emphasis on dressage can be found in every
part of France. 52 foals were registered which
is a slight increase to last year. The quality of
this year’s foal vintage was simply outstanding. Most were of modern type that we
strive for and had above average movement.
Even though a tour like this cannot be compared to a foal show we still compiled a list
with the top foals. The best colt clearly was a
very impressive son of Fidertanz out of a dam
by Donnerhall/Lauries Crusador xx out of the
breeding program of Haras du LH. He was
pulled out of the field for the presentation
and impressed with his extravagant movement, expression and a correct exterior. This
is the third successive absolute top foal from
the dam Donna Laura out of the proven breeding program of the deceased Hans-Guenter
Berner. Quattoleur by Quando-Quando out of
Donna Laura was the top selling foal on
Verden’s elite foal auction in 2000. During
the dispersal of the farm of H.-G. Berner the
mare found her way to France. Last year she
had a filly by Ampere. It was the best foal on
the show in Saumur.
This year the commission saw the best filly in
the deep South of France. Pablo Bouillot has
built up a Hanoverian breeding program of
very good quality near Arles in the middle of
the Camarque over the past years. Six foals of
high quality were presented. The best foal
however was not directly his, but beöonged
to Carlos Pinto who boards Claudia who is a
daughter of Carbid in Pablo Bouillot’s facility.
Her filly by Quarterback impressed with typical attributes of her sire: type, striking chestnut color and especially movement with very
high elasticity.
We would have loved to have seen a larger
number of Hanoverian mares bred in France
among those presented for inspection on this
trip. Mostly we saw older and imported mares from different breeding areas that – because of their pedigrees – were acceptable
for the main studbook. There were a few
gems like full-sisters to the stallions Florencio
and Rubin-Royal which were presented on
Haras de Hus. We speculate that the young
Hanoverian mares are or will be used as competition horses. It probably is also a learning
process for French breeders to present mares
for inspection even if they go into competition. While traveling the idea was born to possibly organize a central show next year. The
area in the northwest of France between
Nantes and the Bretagne appears very suitable as a breeding centre for Hanoverian horses has developed there. n
Colt by Fidertanz
out of Donna Laura by Donnerhall, o.: J. C. Ferrand
Filly by Quaterback
out of Claudia by Carbid, o.: Carlos Pinto
Filly by San Amour
out of St.Pr.St. Priscilla by Prince Thatch, o.: J. C. Ferrand
Filly by Soliman de Hus
out of Rumira by Rohdiamant, o.: Haras de Hus
Filly by Lord de Hus
out of Donau Hit by Diamond Hit, o.. Haras de Hus
Filly by Soliman
out of Walkyrie de Hus by Fürst Heinrich, o.: Haras de
Filly by Quaterback
out of St.Pr.St. Rosentanz by Rotspon, o.: J. C. Ferrand
Colt by De Niro
out of Samira by Samarant, o.: Pablo Bouillot
Colt by Sir Donnerhall
out of Riviera by Riverside, o.: Marianne Eichenberger
Filly by Fürstenball
out of First Time by Fidermark, o.: Julia Leborgne
Jean Claude Ferrand and his team presented
Donna Laura who is a daughter of Donnerhal,
with her colt by Fidertanz. Photo: Christmann
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Hanoverians impress in Saumur
Hanoverians dominated at the French Federal
Championships for four to six-year old dressage horses in Saumur on the facility of the
IFCE (the home of the Cadre Noir): The stallion Danciero de Hus by Dancier/Royal Diamond (breeder: Wolgang Söhner, Krautheim)
became the Federal Champion under his rider
Guillaume Recoing. Tempo by Brentano II/
Donnerhall (breeder: Marion Schwarze,
Obernkirchen) won bronze with rider Fabien
Godelle. The bronze medal again went to a
Hanoverian in the final for six-year olds; Sunny Girl by Don Frederico/Ex Libris (breeder:
Florence Grandet, France) and rider Jean Michel Aubry. Bronze was again awarded to a
Hanoverian in the division for four-year olds.
This time it was the licensed stallion Ultra
Time by Londontime/Rotspon (breeder: Britta
von Behr, Dörverden) under his rider Jean
Paul Largy.
The youngest in the competition had their
platform in Saumur, too. Horses with the Hanoverian brand dominated the foal championships. Hanoverians took first through third
Federal Champion Danciero de Hus and Guillaume Recoing. Photo: privat
place in the division for fillies! Savanna de
Hus by Soliman de Hus/Fürst Heinrich (breeder: Haras de Hus, France) won ahead of Quixotic Star LH by Quarterback/Rotspon (breeder: Haras du LH, France) and Shampagne
D’arion by Sarkozy/Baroncelli (breeder: Isabelle Furlanetto, France). Friday Thirteenth LH
by Fidertanz/Rotspon (breeder: Haras du LH,
France) took third place as the best Hanoverian colt in the division for colts. n.
First Foal Show of
Haras de Hus
The breeding farm Haras de Hus had invited
to its first national breed show in Saint Lo
that is the centre of sport horse breeding in
France in the Normandy. Eligible for participation were descendants from jumper stallions from Haras de Hus. The show consisted
of a foal show with about 100 participants
and a free-jumping competition for 2-year
olds with an enrolment of 45 horses and for
three-year olds with an enrolment of 19 horses. A total amount of 40,000.00 Euros could
be won in prize moneys. The victorious colt
– a son of the Holstein sire Conrad by Conair/
Locarno and out of a dam by Mister-Blue –
received a check over 10,000 Euros. Descendants of Hanoverian sires also made a
good impression. Two Levistan descendants
placed in the top six in the foal show. Hanoverian sires offspring dominated the competition for two-year old jumpers. Five out of
the top six descended from Hanoverian sires,
i.e. For Hero, Cosinhus and Levistan. The win-
Dirk Längle and Edouard Dewez represented Hanoverians in France. Photo: private
ner was by For Hero who is a For Pleasure son
and out of a full-sister to Stakkato. The Hanoverian Association had a booth at the event
which was attended to by Edouard Dewez
and Dr. Ludwig Christmann. Dr. Christmann
was also invited to judge the foals together
with the Hanoverian branding commissioner
in France called Dirk Langle, the international
judge Patrick Collard and a successful French
jumper horse breeder. The good cooperation
between Haras de Hus and the German Hanoverian Association was once again documented and intensified. n
The Hanoverian 11|2012
dam of a very typy and powerfully moving
colt by the sire Romanov Blue Hors.
Bella Italia
That’s the motto of the inspection trip for the
Italian Hanoverian offspring. Not only the
beautiful country but also the quality of this
year’s foal vintage got us excited. The Italian
breeders clearly go for quality with a great
amount of expert knowledge and the use of
performance/sport-tested stallions and dams.
Ricardo Volpi’s farm in Umbria was the first
larger site on the tour. This breeder is an exception in the country as his emphasis lies on
breeding Hanoverian foals with dressage talent. The sport of jumping dominates in Italy.
Eleven presented foals showed off their good
quality. A colt by Decamerone/Brentano II
was absolutely striking because of his convincing movement. Another colt by Fidertanz/
Sir Donnerhall emulated him. St. Pr. mare De
Nirels by De Niro/Lauries Crusador xx was the
A Breeding Event
in the far North
The Finnish Hanoverian Breeder’s Club organized a first-rate event called the 3rd European Breeding Event at Finland’s largest
equine centre in Ypaejae. Young people are
educated in all areas around the horse at the
National Equine College that is located in
southwest Finland and was built on more
than 300 hectares. It is an ideal location for
foal and mare shows, mare inspections and
riding horse classes. It would also serve very
well as a marketing platform for breeders.
The members of the horse-breeding club that
was founded in 2009 planned a perfect and
well organized event that was open to all
warmblood breeders; this was a useful measure as it encouraged a larger number of horse enthusiasts to enter their horses that then
guaranteed a better comparison. In addition
to Hanoverians horses from the Finnish
Warmblood Breed, Oldenburg horses and
ZfdP participated. Representatives of the respective breeds evaluated the horses but not
the foals.
Helena and Jukka Niiranen from Ypaejae presented three homebred two-year olds after
the Hanoverian mare inspection. A well-developed and harmonious chestnut filly by Fi-
The Hanoverian 11|2012
A number of jumper foals complemented the
list of top foals at the next sites that were the
breeding farm Valleluva in Rome and the
breeding Farm La Magnifica in Tuscany. A bay
colt (breeder: Bruna de Paolis, Rome) by Lincolm L who is the internationally successful
jumper stallion that lives on Valleluva impressed there. The dam is St. Pr. mare Elaisa
del Chirone by Escudo and out of St. Pr. mare
April Love ZH who also produced All Star by
Argentinus who is an internationally successful jumper under rider Dennis Lynch.
Bruno Funari from Rome is the breeder of an
interesting colt by Perigueux/Come On that
showed outstanding movement. Emiliano
Lonzi presented foals of good quality on the
breeding farm La Magnifica. One colt by Diarado/Calypso II stood out because of his type,
his movement and his exterior. He left
dertanz/De Niro won. She impressed with a
lot of rhythm in the trot and a very secure
walk. A very attractive but not yet as developed daughter of Fiorano/Don Vino was also
awarded a Ia-prize.
A Hanoverian Championship held its debut.
Its format was a riding horse class for three-
The Hanoverian judging team consisting of Jan
Crome-Sperling and Maren Schlender congratulate Scatman and rider Maria Pyykoenen.
Photo: Ukkonen
nothing to be desired for. The pedigree of
another colt was rather interesting. He was
by Goldfever and out of the dam of Grey Top.
Five additional foals represented the sire
Grey Top - certainly an above average first
vintage here on La Magnifica.
The first own foals were born in northern Italy at Scuderie della Malaspina being two
colts with dressage pedigrees. One was sired
by Quasar de Charry, the other by Dancier.
Family Bandirali presented the second vintage being a blood influenced foal by Contendro/Waldstar xx and another youngster by
Stolzenberg/Sandro Hit. Two fillies added to
the positive impression we had from this inspection trip: one by Dancier/Achenbach
(breeder: Laura Paleari Crippa, Casatenuovo),
the other by Acorado II/Wanderbusch II
(breeder: Gloria Cavenaghi, Porto Valtravaglia). We left Italy with a very positive impression on the breeding status of Hanoverian
horses. Maren Schlender
and four-year old Hanoverians. Three threeyear olds and nine four-year olds entered the
competition. The unchallenged winner in the
three-year old division was Scatman by Sarkozy/Fürst Heinrich (breeder: Henning Grotefendt, Hessen; owner: Satu and Tuomas Juurinen, Vihti) who was approved as a breeding
stallion just last year. His trot and canter were
very good; his walk was excellent and not to
be surpassed in its rhythm, diligence and its
length of stride. Sandora by St. Moritz/Weltmeyer (breeder: Hans-Hinrich Dodenhoff, Bötersen) took the lead in the division for fouryear olds. The owner Kira Kanerva presented
the typy and very rideable mare that convinced with three good basic gaits.
The foal show offered a purse of Euro
3,000.00. 50 foals were presented including
20 Hanoverians that placed in the top half of
the five divisions. The foal with the highest
score became the overall champion. Two foals shared first place. Next to a foal by Sir
Donnerhall, a colt by San Amour out of St. Pr.
mare Brooklyn by Belissimo M (breeder: Sanna Aalto, Ruokolahti/Finland) showed off his
outstanding and elastic movement. Another
colt followed in third place. He was by London Baron who is a son of Londontime and is
stationed in Finland and out of a dam by Sandro Hit (breeder: Marika Nevala, Ypaejae/
Second Hanoverian Day on
the Breeding Farm Lindhof
The Breeding Farm Lindhof opened its doors
for a Hanoverian Day for the second time. This
event was placed in a beautiful ambiance and
was the central registration site for Hanoverian breeders in Austria combined with a foal
show that was judged by Gerhard Senckenberg and Dr. Ludwig Christmann. The level of
quality was remarkably high. A colt by Danone I/Londonderry (exhibitor: Breeding Farm
Neumann-Ulrich) became the champion foal
followed by a filly by Dannebrog/Welt Hit
from the Breeding Farm Lindhof and a filly by
Jazz/Don Vino from Josef Erlinger. The Breeding Farm Neumann-Ulrich was able to repeat last years success.
An attractive show program was organized,
too. It was a very good opportunity for the
Breeding Farm Lindhof to introduce Jürgen
and Jennifer Hoffmann. The renowned German-American trainer duo uses the Breeding
Farm Lindhof as its new “European Base”.
Jennifer Hoffmann presented Rubinio by Ru-
The Hanoverian Day took place on the Breeding Farm Lindhof in Austria for the second time.
bin-Royal who is a stallion that is licensed for
Hannover and – as the grand finale – she presented the mare Donna Lisa by Dancier. The
pair had won the Hanoverian Championship
for three- and four-year old riding horses at
the international Dressage and Jumper Festival in Verden two weeks earlier. About two
hundred spectators came to this second Ha-
Things are happening
in Sweden
Hanoverian inspection sites that are located
further north were included in the tour for
the first time. Claes Hellqvist who is the Assistant President of the Swedish Hanoverian
Society welcomed the members of the inspection committee Lorenz Linnet from Denmark and Dr. Ludwig Christmann and Kathrin
Meiners in Enköping near Stockholm. Four
mares of nice quality and two foals were registered. A six-year old daughter of Lauries
Crusador xx (breeder: Manfred Kregel, Laatzen; owner: Claes Hellqvist) caught
everybody’s attention. The inspection tour
continued on to the southern parts of Sweden. Pernilla Stroem who is the President of
the Swedish Breed Society had organized a
central show that included a mare performance test and a small mare and foal show
on her picturesque farm called Tygelsjoegarden. Two breeders accepted the invitation to
the mare performance test. Both mares greatly impressed with their rideability and both
became elite mare candidates; they were
The proud breeders present the champion foal
by Insterburg/ Weltmeyer.
three-year old and very typy Shakira by Soliman de Hus/Wolkentanz II (breeder: Dr. Michael Luehs, Wagenfeld; owner: Svante
Holmqvist, Esloev, who bought the mare as a
foal) and four-year old La Bonga by Lauries
Crusador xx/Bolero (breeder: Kai Ehlers, Freiburg; owner: Eva Johansson, Simlangsdalen).
Nine-year old Weltlicht by Wind Dancer (owner: Pernilla Stroem) beat three-year old Sha-
noverian Day on the Breeding Farm Lindhof.
They greatly enjoyed the combination of superb Hanoverian horses, good food and live
music all placed in a most beautiful location.
Maja Seifert who is the lady of the house/farm
announced a repeat of this fabulous event for
2013. n
kira on the final ring of the small show.
Weltlicht’s outstanding type and her incredibly elastic movement were very impressive.
Ten foals participated in the foal show. The
top group was of very good quality. A very
typy and powerfully moving black filly by Insterburg/ Weltmeyer (breeder: Malin Erlandsson, Rostanga) was selected as best filly.
Pernilla Stroem presented the best colt who
was a son of show champion mare Weltlicht
and the sire Rubin-Royal. President Pernilla
Stroem expressed her satisfaction at the end
of the day, “The response I received from
many breeders was filled with enthusiasm
and happiness. Offering a commentary on
every participating horse was well received
and very helpful to visitors and owners.”
Dr. Uwe Bublitz moved from Lower Saxony to
Sweden last year and started a veterinary office. We celebrated a reunion! He was very
helpful with the registration of foals. A highly
motivated and quality-conscious core of Hanoverian breeders has formed in Sweden. The
work of the board in this young breed society
is productive. The enormous distances in this
beautiful country will present an organizational challenge for the future. n
The Hanoverian 11|2012
Highlights 2012/13
Great Britain
From the November-Auction to the Bundeschampionat: Corona and Sandra Auffarth.
November 30/December 1
4th Alsfelder Advent
| Dressage | Jumping | Leisure |
January 18/19
| Dressage | Jumping | Leisure |
April 12/12
128th Elite-Auction
Hanoverian riding horses and foals
May 3/4
| Dressage | Jumping | Leisure |
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A son of Christ licensed
The British Hanoverian Horse Society (BHHS)
organized its annual show at the Moulton
College in the tailwind of Great Britain’s so
successful Olympic games and the victory of
the British Hanoverian mare Woodlander Farouche at the World Equestrian Games for
Young Dressage Horses. This show once
again clearly demonstrated how quality-minded the breeders in Great Britain are. The
name Woodlander Stud from Lynne Crowden
appeared rather often in the placements. This
stud farm produced World Champion Farouche. Woodlander Stud presented the two-year old stallion Clapton who was licensed during the course of this event. Clapton is a
black stallion by Christ and out of St. Pr. mare
Limoncello by Londonderry/Benz. The high
share of refining blood on the damside of the
pedigree had strongly influenced the noble
black whose movement is developed out of a
very active hind leg. The dam St. Pr. mare Limoncello also participated in the mare show
and became the winner of the class for six- to
nine-year olds. She was also the dam of the
champion foal of the show that was a very
typy and elastic colt by Hotline with a just
exceptional walk.
The champion mare of the show was also
bred by Woodlander Stud. St. Pr. mare Louisiana by Longchamp/Davignon had already
proven herself as a broodmare with her approved son Wavavoum by Weltregent. The
mare impressed with a lively presentation;
her movement in the trot and especially in
the walk was paramount. Her opponent in
the quest to earn the title of Supreme Championess was three-year old Ballet Time by
Bertoli/Wittinger who was presented by Nicole Nelson. This mare impressed greatly with
her magnificent movement and her dressage
horse qualities. She became the Overall Reserve Champion and was the winning mare
of the young classes where she had competed against a first-rate yearling filly by Danone/Feiner Stern (breeder/owner: Roisin Close)
and against the winner of the two-year old
division that was a filly by Fabregas/Riverside
(breeder: Sandra Turner; owner: Carrie Turner). I would like to mention the winner of
St. Pr. mare Louisiana by Longchamp/Davignon
became Supreme Champion Mare. Photo: BHHS
the division for four-year olds called Suilven
by Sir Donnerhall/Werther (owner/exhibitor:
Fay Thomas). This mare also completed the
mare performance test during this event
where she exhibited her outstanding dressage talent and her high rideability. She became Reserve Champion Mare of the older
age groups. The Champion in this division
was a chestnut mare that carries proven
dressage blood on the sire side of her pedigree through Don Ricoss and on the dam side
through the sires Breitling W and Cavan Blue
Hors. Her movement confirmed these strong
influences. Her breeder/owner is Tara Osborne.
Nine mares participated in the mare performance test. In addition to the mentioned
daughter of Sir Donnerhall the following mares also stood out because of exceptional
dressage talent: Wild Dance by Walentino/
Laptop (breeder: Ros Palmer; owner: Lucy
Pye) and Illusion by Ivernel/De Niro (exhibitor: Ben St. John James). The pedigree of two
other mares reflected a predisposition for
above average jumping ability: Elizabeth of
Westoak by Elroon – Escudo (breeder: Sue
Simmons; owner: C. Wilson) and Emotion by
Embassy/For Pleasure (breeder: Hermann
Klindworth; owner: Alison Reddy). n
Editorial: THE HANOVERIAN is published by Hannoveraner Verband e. V., Lindhooper Str. 92, D-27283 Verden,
Germany, e-mail: [email protected] Editor: Britta Züngel, Translations: Yvonn Zuther, Paul Kershaw

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