USS Ranger CVA-61 FACEBOOK MEMORIES. Departure fro


USS Ranger CVA-61 FACEBOOK MEMORIES. Departure fro
USS Ranger CVA-61
Departure fro Bremerton
March 5
You, being on a ship or on Land, can share you sighting by posting your photo of her. Just say when you saw her,
NOT where. The Cover photo was taken on
March 5th.
79 People Reached.
Container Ships, RANGER encountered, in Long Beach
March 17 30 People Reached
I have just posted a beautiful DRONE Video by Canal Pilot Captain Andrew on the USS Rangers Last
Voyage Page. I placed a set of clips from the video as a link. April 11 41 People Reached
View First Photo in Valpariso April 26 253 People Reached
Departure of Ranger delayed as weather get worse. 30 ft. waves and 30 knot winds predicted.
April 29
100 People reached
The USS Ranger Tow -Half-Way Point. May 7 70 People Reached
The Strait of Magellan - May 9. 2015
200 People reached
The "LAST PHOTO" May 13 253 People Reached
It looks like Crosby Leader must go to Argentina for Fuel. May 23 41 People reached
And there they go, leaving no ETA date in Brownsville, but should be about July 14th. This time the tug Crosby
Endeavor has stayed in Trinidad. June 26 85 People reached
ETA Brownsville UPDATE = 7-11-2015
July 2
108 people reached
LIKE this page to receive info on WEBCAMs on Brownsville July 10 107 people
Can You See her? It's !0:40
July 12
334 people reached
Heading in with assist Tug at 1300 hours.
She hit the beach line at 1357 hrs (1:57 pm)
July 12
July 12
277 people reached
474 people reached
After much anticipation, the USS Ranger made its way towards the the jetties at South Padre Island.
The shores of the jetties were lined with hundreds of tourists who wanted to see the ship up close. Most were
amazed by its massive size.
The aircraft carrier made its way past the jetties and then turned left to travel the 20 miles to International
Shipbreakers which is located at the Port of Brownsville July 12 177 people reached
The Rangers Brownsville Page is up:July 14
164 people reached
A BIG photo of Ranger has been added. July 14 5 people reached in 4 days
18 YOUTUBE Videos of RANGER have been added: July 15 125 people reached 4 days
Video link changed by Moniquea Garcia July 19 50 people reached in one hour
This one is the best of All
The Ranger is Moored
Thanks for your interest. Vern Bouwman
Navy Ship Historian: