October 2009 - Schaumburg Jaycees



October 2009 - Schaumburg Jaycees
October 2009
From President Tami
Hello Schaumburg Jaycees!
Welcome to October – BOO!!!! Did I
scare you? I know, I can be pretty
frightening . . .
So hey, who’s ready for a GREAT
October in Schaumburg Jaycee land, and
a great kick off to our Holiday season?
Let’s get it started!
Our Outback
Fundraiser (do you have your tickets
yet??), Adopt a Highway, Yellow Ribbon
Support Group event, Football Social –
seriously, there are SO many great
things happening in October – come out
and be a part of all that’s going on!
Of course, September was a wonderful
month as well (what months aren’t
wonderful when you’re a Jaycee?)
Septemberfest was a grand success, we
have four new members to welcome to
our chapter, and we celebrated with
Jaycees from all over the state at the
recent GA (and have some awards to
show from the 2nd Trimester, too! Come
to the GM on the 12th to see what
honors YOUR chapter received from
Have I mentioned lately that we have a
FANTASTIC board for 2009? In case I
haven’t – we have a FANTASTIC 2009
board! Check out their articles & info in
the newsletter – SO many good things
coming up as the holidays approach.
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October Calendar of Events
CPG Training
Schaumburg Library
October 7
Outback Fundraiser
Benefiting WINGS
Saturday, October 10 - Noon - ???
General Meeting and 2010 Board
Fox and Hound Smokehouse and Tavern
Monday, October 12 – 7:00 PM
Adopt a Highway
Saturday, October 17
Yellow Ribbon Support Group Project
Thursday, October 22
Football Social
Sunday, October 25
Board Meeting
Monday, October 26 – 6:30 PM
Coming Soon:
11/5 - Best Pizza
11/8 - Holiday Entertaining
From the Prez (Continued from page 1)
Community projects, social events, opportunities to learn and grow – find what
speaks to your heart, and be an active part of your chapter as 2009 draws to a
close (can you believe we’re here already?) Here’s the great thing about having a
GREAT board – I know they’re going to talk about lots of upcoming events – so I
get to chat with you about other things. . . and you know how I like to chat!
Sitting at my desk the other day, stressed by a customer call, trying to figure out
why I wasn’t sitting on an island somewhere with a yummy boat drink & a
cabana boy (that being Rob, of course) nearby to bring me ANOTHER boat drink .
. . I stopped, took a deep breath, and thought about – ALL OF YOU. It was
wonderful! I thought about all of the great experiences that being a Jaycee has
brought to my life and all of the friends that I’ve made. I thought about all of the
skills (including coping skills!) that being a Jaycee has given me. It was a
complete refocus, and a realization that work is work, but who I AM is defined by
many other things.
What are YOU defined by? How does the world see you, and how do you see
yourself? Personally, I found a great opportunity to find out many things about
myself in this organization. I believe from the bottom of my heart that if you’re
looking for something, you can probably find it as a Jaycee. Of course, you have
to put in the effort to conduct the search . . . but it’s there if you’re willing to look
for it!
My challenge to every one of you in the last three months of 2009 is this –
CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Chair a project (this year or next year! We certainly
don’t stop December 31st!) Step up to a Board position (nominations at the
October GM!) Help at a project. Try something new. Commit to something, and
DO IT. This is YOUR life, and you only get one shot, no ‘do-overs’. What do you
want? If it’s not something your Chapter offers, BRING IT to the Chapter and let
others discover it with you! This Jaycee experience is YOURS to define. Make it
your own, and make it a bright light to look toward when you’re stuck (at your
desk, in traffic, we all get stuck!) Change your own world, and change the world
of others while you’re at it. Where else do you get an opportunity like this?
So am I still ALL FIRED UP as we head into October? HECK YEAH!! I hope every
one of you is FIRED UP, too!! There’s no other way to be when you’re a
Schaumburg Jaycee! YOU make a difference, YOU change the world!
Yours in Jaycees (especially Schaumburg Jaycees, Chapter of my Heart, the best
chapter in the WORLD!)
Prez T
Happy October Birthday
Congratulations, Rob!
Mary Rose Tigulo
Jeff Rodgers
Julie Sifferle
Happy Jaycee Anniversary
It’s an honor to announce that Rob
Catania has become the newest
Illinois Jaycee Ambassador #257!
Chuck Fries – 42 Years
Pam Brotko – 3 Years
Laura Kuhn – 1 Year
Eva Miranda – 1 Year
Rob was presented with his jacket,
tie, pin, certificate and patch at the
September GM!
Welcome New Members
In attendance were Chief
Ambassador, Dave Chapman, fellow
Ambassadors, Betsy Grindol and
Cathy Tampir, Senators, Pat Hart and
Chuck Fries, past State Presidents,
Garrett McNally and Tony Simoniak
and many others!
Patrick Higgins
Regan Jasinski
Scott McGee
Way to Go, Rob! You surely
deserve this recognition!!
Congratulations to
Emily Bliffert
on her recent engagement!
Something to think about -
Mary Kay Ash's mascot for her
cosmetics company is a bumblebee.
"Because of it's tiny wings and heavy
body, aerodynamically the
bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly.
But the bumblebee doesn't know
that, so it flies anyway."
to Connie Moy and her family
on the recent passing of her
beloved grandmother
Individual Development VP - Samantha Haught
Hello everyone.
Wow, October already!!! I do love fall though, food made of pumpkin, as well as
apple cider, and cinnamon. Mmmmm. Fall means staying indoors and enjoying
activities such as pumpkin carving. Social possibly?
I hope you all are looking forward to Outback on Saturday the 10th, and I will see
you at the October GM.
~Samantha Haught
Another great turnout!
Tami inducting new members,
Patrick and Regan
Betsy Grindol gearing up to
announce Rob Catania’s
Ambassadorship as Pat Hart, Cathy
Tampir and Chuck Fries look on!
New Ambassador, Rob with a
very happy Prez T
Rob with Chief Ambassador,
Dave Chapman
Sepfest Beer Booth Wrap Up
Yes kids, this is it! Here’s the recap info for our biggest fundraising event of the year!
Associate booth – 32 kegs, 22 cases malt beverage
Regular Member booth – 19 kegs, 10 cases malt beverage
(Yes, the Associates beat the Regular Members again. Just remember, it’s because they’re by the
FOOD, not ‘cause they’re so much BETTER LOOKING, as so many of them claim!!)
Tip Jars –
Associates – 467.03
Regular Member – 668.91
(So the Regular Members won this one AGAIN this year!!)
After all bills were paid (to Budweiser, the Village, and the repayment of the start up bank
to the chapter), we are left with a net income of
(Drumroll, come on, you know you’re doing it!)
Great Job, Schaumburg Jaycees!! This is the best year in the last
EIGHT years!
(please note – our total is slightly different, due to the fact that an unexpected/unplanned for tax on alcohol went into effect on
September 1st. This affected the beer booth as follows –
Half Barrel – estimated 67.00 ea, billed at 72.93 – 6.00 increase due to new tax – additional $300.00
Malt Beverage – estimated 27.35 per case, billed at 28.53 – 2.00 increase due to new tax – additional $46.00
If no new taxes are passed, pricing will remain the same for 2010)
Thank you again to all who made this event a success! You have
ensured our ability to make a difference in our community during
our 2009 Holiday projects, and also provided a secure footing for
the 2010 year to step off from. YOU make a difference!!
Sepfest Tip Jar Wrap up –
Tip jar donations this year totaled up to $1135.94 – and as we do every year, the Beer
Booth chairpeople (for 2009, Debbie DeKnight and Tami Curran) determine the
distribution for these funds. This year, things broke down as follows –
$150.00 to District 54 Special Olympics
$150.00 to Special Olympics Young Athletes Program
$150.00 to the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry
$246.00 to GiGis Playhouse
$240.00 to the Yellow Ribbon Support Group (troop support care packages – and WE
will be helping on 10/22 – check it out in the newsletter or at the October GM!!)
$100.00 to Strays (we purchased raffle tickets to support their upcoming event. Who
knows, maybe we’ll win!)
$100.00 to Almost Home Foundation (helping stray cats AND dogs in Schaumburg
Checks are written and funds are distributed! Hurrah!
OH – AND our Lincolns Lucky Logs project (at our Membership Booth) let us
contribute funds to TWO not-for-profit groups on Monday –drawn in a raffle $125.00 each went to SAA (Schaumburg Athletic Association) and the Schaumburg
Township Food Pantry. Both were VERY surprised and very grateful!
Thank you again to everyone who helped make the Beer Booth(s) and our
Septemberfest weekend a success!
Village Raffle at our Membership Booth
Presenting a check to SAA for being one of
our 'Lincolns Lucky Logs' raffle winners!
Presenting a check to the Schaumburg
Township Food Pantry - a winner in our
'Lincolns Lucky Logs' raffle!
Hmmmm, so that’s where we keep the beer!
Beer Booth Co-Chair Debbie hard at work!
Jen and Ashley with their Jaycee face paint!
In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got a new project in the works!
(Who, the Schaumburg Jaycees? NO WAY!)
We are creating a guitar to be auction on e-bay. The goal is to have this guitar decorated and
covered with positive, heartfelt thoughts, artwork, prayers and pictures thanking our great
servicemen and women. Items need to be approx 2 inches by 2 inches and must be no thicker
than standard type copy paper (colored paper and photos are fine, too!)
Bring your item(s) to put on the guitar to the October GM on the 12th, or e-mail to
[email protected] You can also mail your items – PO Box 68997, Schaumburg IL 60168.
All artwork/items MUST be received no later than October 23rd, 2009. (If you are mailing
items, please allow time for delivery by the 23rd!)
The guitar we will be decorating is a brand new Squier by Fender Stratocaster. It will come
with a hand made wood display case approx. 20 X 46 X 5 with a Plexiglas top and patriotic
fabric lining the inside.
The guitar body, front & back, will be decorated in a "collage" fashion and sealed with a
decoupage covering and then clear-coated if needed. If we need additional area to cover, there
will be panels added to the inside of the display case that will flank the guitar for viewing.
We will be updating pictures and info about this project on our website,
www.schaumburgjaycees.org - check often for updates! The actual auction will be on ebay
starting the second week of November 2009. We will have all info about the auction on the
Schaumburg Jaycee website the first week of November.
The guitar and display case will be EXTREMELY well packaged and shipped via UPS at no
charge or the winner can make arrangements with us to pick it up in person. Even though the
guitar will be a "one of a kind" piece of artwork, it will be fully functional and ready to play.
The e-Bay auction will be open to all, Jaycees and 'regular folk' across the country. We're
hoping for a great auction price, as all proceeds will be donated to the VFW National Home for
Children. Please take a moment to visit their website at www.vfwnationalhome.org to learn
more about this amazing organization – who’s mission statement is:
The VFW National Home for Children will provide children and families of members of the
VFW, its Ladies Auxiliary and active-duty military opportunities for growth and development
in a nurturing community, and by doing so, will serve as a living memorial to all veterans.
If you have any questions on how YOU can contribute to this fun new project and be a
GUITAR HERO, please contact Tami at [email protected]
State Director Connie Moy
Happy fall Schaumburg!
I know I’ve been saying this every month, but where has the year gone? I’m
sad the summer has come and gone, but that just means it’s time for all the
great holiday projects. There was a lot going on in September, but we have
plenty of great stuff to look forward to in October too.
We had our 2nd Trimester GA on September 18-20 down in Springfield. We
had a pretty good group head down to represent Schaumburg. It was a great
weekend of training, networking, and yes, we had a little bit of fun too! Who
wouldn’t enjoy Jell-O shots and drunken gummies from Bar Schaumburg?!
Illinois has named a new state president for 2010…congratulations to Kathy
Krick, our current Area 1 VP! And how could I forget about the awards
dinner? How did you and your great chapter do, you ask? I guess you’ll just
have to come to the October GM to find out!
Second times a charm….I think that sounds better than a third! We have
revived and revamped the great Outback luncheon. Come out on Saturday,
October 10 and help support WINGS. They are so excited for our support, so
let’s make this a great event! Ticket prices have been lowered and all
proceeds will now be going straight to WINGS. Your wonderful local director
Ashley Sheridan has gathered some great donations for the raffle so get
ready to bid on what you want. Get your tickets now! See Ashley or me for
your tickets.
My favorite part of October is definitely Halloween. Anyone else excited for
costumes, candy, and haunted houses?! There are many chapters hosting
haunted houses this coming month, sounds like a great chance for
visitations! I will be getting further information on dates and locations
Also, keep your eyes and ears open for all the great holiday projects to come
in your chapter and throughout the region. If you recall from the beginning of
the year, I set a goal…to have visitations with each chapter! We are almost
there and I would love to see you all out with me to visit with Mundelein,
Gurnee/Lindenhurst, and Mt. Prospect. We can still visit with Palatine,
Hoffman Estates, Wheeling, and Elk Grove too!! They all have fun projects
coming up.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!!
The Ladies of the Schaumburg Jaycees
Ann, Connie, Tami, Jen, Ashley, Sam, Donelle and Sandi at the GA
National President John Weber signing
our Guitar Hero guitar!
Jen, Sam, Tami and Chicago President
Sue celebrating September birthdays!
All Fired Up at the Fall GA
in Springfield
September 18-20
Sam and State President Scott
11 to the Oct. GM to find out what she’s holding!)
Why Should I Attend a GA???
Attending activities outside the chapter is a great way to make new friends,
learn more about the Jaycees organization and gather lots of interesting and
exciting ideas from other chapters! Here’s what a few of our members have
to say about the GA they recently attended in Springfield……
Connie Moy - I am so glad to have finally attended my first GA. It was an amazing
experience I’ll never forget. We attended great trainings, met many fellow Jaycees
from all over the state, and even the US President John Weber. I definitely got
some great advice from and just had a great time overall.
Jen Sheridan - Attending the GA for the first time was such an incredible
experience!!! There was awesome training available to us! It was also great to
meet other Jaycee members from all over the state!!! I can’t wait to it again!!!!!
Samantha Haught - The GA is so much fun!! It’s a great way to meet Jaycees
from all over the state, and party with all kinds of crazy foods and drinks. I had
Elote (Mexican corn) which was delicious, and some drunken Gummy Bears. We
get all dressed up on Saturday night for dinner, and then change and take over the
hotel. There are lots of Jaycees staying up till all hours of the night in one hotel.
Now what could be better then that? Saturday during the day all sorts of great
trainings are offered. That is another great thing about this organization, all the
trainings you can partake in! The GA has fun, awards, and so many Jaycees from
all over the state; I definitely recommend everyone attends the year end GA. I
know I am looking forward to it!
Tami Curran - The 2nd Trimester GA was AMAZING. It gave me the
opportunity to catch up with lots of friends and meet some new ones - one
of my favorite things! I also took the opportunity to challenge MYSELF and
compete in the advanced write up competition. The trainings offered were
outstanding - things I know my company has paid thousands of dollars for
were offered to Jaycees for free - we just had to show up! The reason Jaycees are
different from ANY other group is due to the Individual Development
opportunities offered to each and every one of us, and this GA was a true
example of that. I encourage EVERY member to attend the year end GA in
Decatur - make the most of YOUR Jaycee experience!
216 E Golf Rd
When: Saturday, October 10th
Time: 12:00 -2:00pm
Lunch served at 12:00pm
Includes: Appetizer, Main Course, Side and dessert!
Cost – Just $15.00 per adult & $10.00 per child
*Please Note – does NOT include ‘adult beverages’ or SERVER GRATUITY –
take care of your servers, they work hard!
Menu consists of:
Appetizer: Bloomin’ Onion (for table)
Salad: Caesar
Main Course: Steak, Chicken, or Salmon or Kid Chicken Fingers
Sides: Garlic Mash or Fries
Dessert: Cheesecake
Beverages: Non-Alcoholic
ALL proceeds benefit WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger)
Tickets=1/$1 or 6/$5
Questions, contact Connie at [email protected]
You can pay using PAYPAL on our website www.schaumburgjaycees.org.
Payments must be rec’d by September 28th
Proceeds Benefits:
WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger)
13domestic violence and homelessness.
WINGS help women and children end
Community Development VP
- Jennifer Sheridan
Fall is here!!! My favorite season!! You know why it’s my favorite season????
Because that means that we are coming into my favorite Jaycee
season……HOLIDAY!!!! I know what you are thinking…..YUCK! But look at all the
GREAT things we do during the holiday season!!!
Here is just a recap of all the exciting things we have coming up!!! If you have
any questions are want to sign up please email me at [email protected] or
the chair person indicated.
** OUTBACK FUNDRAISER is back!!!! Saturday, October 10th @ 12:00 pm. This is
new & improved! Now, ALL proceeds will be going to the WINGS organization
(Women In Need Growing Stronger). This organization helps women & children
get shelter, clothing, jobs, etc and we are proud to have all the proceeds to
them.(and I know they will appreciate it too!!!)
** YELLOW RIBBON SUPPORT GROUP EVENT will be held on Thursday, October 22
in the evening. We will be showing our support for the troops by putting together
care packages for them ourselves!!! How exciting to be able to put your own
personal touch to send to the men & women who are out serving our country???
We are looking for a Chair person for this event…..if interested, please email me
and let me know. And to make this even better, we will have a guest speaker
from the organization come to our October GM to talk about their organization
and what we can do to help! I am soooo excited about this!!!
** ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY will take place on Saturday, October 17th at 9:30 am (yes,
I know it’s early, but the earlier the better!!!). If you have signed up already,
THANK YOU!! If not, please do so!!! It will only take a couple of hours out of your
Saturday morning (the rest of the day is YOURS…..unless you want to get a nice
cold one after!!!) to help clean up our streets!!! We are also looking for a Chair
person for this event! If interested, please email me.
** HOLIDAY PROJECTS!!! The holiday will be here before we know it!! We have a
TON of awesome projects that are coming up!!!! Thank you to all that have
already signed up & signed up to chair these aweseome projects! Here are just a
few of the projects coming up………Village Tree Lighting, Thanksgiving &
Christmas Food Baskets, Wish Tree, and possibly more!!!! I will be sending out
emails to the chapter for each project coming up. If you are interested in helping
in any of these projects, please let me know!!!
Tired of reading yet??? I hope not! I can’t wait for this Holiday season!!! We
have had such a great year so far, why stop now!!!! See you at the next GM!!!!
Hey Schaumburg Jaycees – Time to think about 2010!
Don’t forget – nominations for board positions will be held at the GM on October
12th, Elections for the 2010 board will be held at the November GM, 11/9! Is it time
for YOU to step up? Here’s some of ‘Da Rules’ for your education – straight from
our own Constitution! (Ok, your goofball Prez added the ‘fun’ notes!!)
All nominated officers of this corporation shall be individual regular members in good standing, and
shall not have reached forty-one (41) years of age prior to commencement of their term of office with
the exception of the Chairperson of the Board. Any member in good standing may be appointed by 2/3
vote of the Board of Directors.
• All nominees for office shall have been a regular member in good standing of this organization
for a period of at least three (3) months and one (1) day prior to the end of the fiscal year.
• A nominee may not be a member of the nominating committee subsequent to the October
regular membership meeting.
• All nominees for office of President shall have held an elected office in this organization for any
concurrent six (6) months plus one (1) day prior to the end of the present fiscal year.
• No member with the exception of Chairperson of the Board shall be eligible to seek or hold
office in any Jaycee Chapter, Region, or State Office while seeking to hold office in the
Schaumburg Jaycees without prior approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors of the
Schaumburg Jaycees.
Any regular member in good standing may be placed in nomination by a 1st and 2nd motion for any
office at the October regular membership meeting by any member in good standing. At the annual
election an eligible member may run for an office upon notice of intent to the nominating committee
only in the event there is no candidate for a particular office.
So what do you need to do? Ann Stechly will be handling our Election Committee function, she is our
2009 COB and is not running for a board position with the Chapter. Contact Ann and let her know that
you are interested in a board position (and which position, too!) You will need to be nominated for the
position, and have the nomination seconded, at our GM in October. How the heck do you do that? Talk to
two of your fellow Jaycees who will be at the meeting. Ask one to nominate you, and one to second the
nomination – it’s as easy as that! Of course, if you ask your good pal & they want to make a speech about
how GREAT you’d be at the job & just give you a great big warm fuzzy, that’s cool too . . . but that’s up to
you (and your pal, and how much you’re willing to pay them! HA!) However all are comfortable
nominating is FINE!
Also please note – nominations will be open one last time at our November GM, prior to the official vote.
Only regular members in good standing are allowed to vote in the elections. Proxy votes are accepted
from regular members in good standing IF submitted in writing to the Election Committee 3 days prior
to the vote on November 9th. The nominees for all positions will be published to all regular members
via e-mail within one week after the October 12th GM.
(Note – any associate members who would like to get a copy of this listing are welcome to do so – please
send a request via e-mail to [email protected] Nominees will also be published in the November
edition of the Schaumburg Jaycees Shout Out.)
Membership Development VP
- Scott Felgenhauer
Hello Fellow Jaycees!
What a busy and successful past month we have had. With Septemberfest and call
nights, ice cream socials, and coffee talks, we have attracted an excellent group of
new Jaycees. By showing others what we are all about, by finding out more about
each other, it allows us to be able to help as many as possible and to each grow
individually. Everyone should be proud of the efforts put in over the last month,
and I’m excited to see what we can all do by the end of the year.
With the next three months, come many opportunities to help others out. It also
allows us the avenue to get exposure for those activities. Yes, of course, our
number one goal is to help others out, and do that by asking for nothing in return.
However, if it attracts more energetic, thoughtful, caring individuals to our
chapter, let’s use it to get the word out. For those of us that have been around
during this time of the year, we know what a great feeling we get by the upcoming
projects. For a lot of us, this will be the first time this year, and just wait! You are
going to love it, but let’s help out to spread the holiday cheer AND to get other
people involved. Remember, to come and check out projects or meetings one
doesn’t need to be a member, but it’s a great way to find out more about us.
Thank you to everyone for your hard work. It’s because of each of you that our
chapter continues to grow and maintains our status as one of the strongest
chapters in the region. Please remember to talk about us and invite people to join
in the fun. Keep fired up about us, and people will become fired up. Always
remember that this organization is about helping others and ourselves, but also
about having fun. This time of year promises to be fun, hard work, and very
rewarding, all at the same time. As always, the work will get done, but the fun will
be had, and at the end of the day, we’ll all be very proud to be a Schaumburg
Thank you and see you all at the next general meeting!
Scott Felgenhauer
2009 VP of Membership
Don’t forget about the Member
Incentive Program!!
Want to know more? Talk to Scott
Felgenhauer or e-mail
him at [email protected]
Membership in the U.S. Junior Chamber has its privileges!
Besides receiving the opportunity to impact your community, your annual membership fee entitles you to:
JAYCEE CREDIT CARD -- Everyone these days is getting inundated with credit card applications, but
the one to choose is the The U.S. Jaycees Platinum MasterCard. The more Jaycees using this card, the more
leverage our organization will have in negotiating discounts and benefits for members. This credit card has
no annual fee, balance transfer options, and a 0% or low introductory APR for the first six billing cycles
following the opening of the account. For an application, call 800.JAYCEES
MOVING BENEFITS – Wheaton World Wide Moving, a leader in moving household goods, corporate
relocations, and international shipments since 1945, will provide discount benefits to members of the US
Jaycees. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country Wheaton can service all of your needs.
As a member of the US Jaycees you’ll be entitled to multiple shipping discounts. To receive a moving
quote and information on your membership discount contact Drew Hopkins at 800-296-0417 x109. Be sure
to speak to our account executive Drew and mention that you are a member of the US Jaycees to get your
AVIS CAR RENTALS - Use your AVIS Worldwide Discount (AWD) number (T306000) when calling
800.331.1212 to make reservations to take advantage of our 10% member's discount. Reservations can also
be made directly from a special JAYCEES only section of the AVIS website.
BUDGET CAR RENTALS - Use your Budget Car Rental discount code number BCD#Z859600 when
calling 800.527.0700 to make reservations or online at www.budget.com to take advantage of our 5%-25%
member's discount.
PRESCRIPTION DRUG BENEFIT – As a member of the US Jaycees save up to 55% on your
prescription drug needs. This no cost benefit is available to use at over 59,000 pharmacies such as
Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. Go to this website and print your Prescription Card and begin using it
today! www.myfreerxcard.com/jaycees.html
AUTO & HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE – The US Jaycees have partnered with Liberty Mutual to
provide discounts on your auto and homeowners insurance. Details on how to enroll in the program to
follow soon.
CONSTANT CONTACT – The US Jaycees have teamed with Constant Contact, a leader in email
newsletters, marketing, and online surveys, to provide our members and their chapters these valuable
solutions for personal, professional, and Jaycees use. Details on how to enroll in the program to follow
WIRLESS SERVICES – Need to update your cell phone? Renew your contract? Or get new service?
Working with the largest carriers in the industry the US Jaycees can provide it members with discounts on
new phones and service. Details on how to take advantage of these savings coming soon.
Have ideas for additional benefits?
Want more info on the benefits above?
Go to www.usjaycees.org and go to the Member Resources page, or call the National Service Center at
A Note from the Editor
- Cathy Tampir
Greetings Everyone!
I’d like to take a moment to welcome Rob Catania into the ranks of the Illinois
Jaycee Ambassadors! I was thrilled to be on hand to see him get this
recognition and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor!!
I would also like to commend Tami Curran on how incredibly well she is leading
the chapter as this year’s President and how truly impressed I am by the way in
which she has brought everyone together – working toward a common goal!!
You are ALL doing such a phenomenal job this year! You are continually taking
on new and exciting challenges and opportunities and making them successful.
Way to go, Schaumburg Jaycees! You make an old associate like me very proud!
Keep up the wonderful work you do!
Ambassador #241
Anoka, Minnesota is believed to be the first city in the United States to put on a
Halloween celebration to divert its youngsters from Halloween pranks. When residents
of Anoka awoke to find their cows roaming Main Street, their windows soaped and
their outhouses tipped over, they decided something had to be done.
In 1920, George Green and other Anoka civic leaders suggested the idea of a giant
celebration. The idea was adopted by the Anoka Commercial Club and the Anoka
Kiwanis Club; both giving their full support. In September of that year, a Halloween
committee was organized. Working hand in hand were businessmen, teachers from the
Anoka public and parochial schools, parents, and students. For weeks before the big
event, more than a thousand Anoka school children made plans and costumes for the
big event.
A parade was scheduled for the evening. Participants included local and neighboring
bands, drum corps, the Anoka police and fire departments, the Kiwanis club, the
Commercial Club, and the Anoka National Guard; all working together to make the
evening a success. Hundreds of bags of popcorn, candy, peanuts and other treats were
given away to the children who marched in the parade.
By the 1930s, the festivities had expanded as had the attendance at the parades. There
were over 2,000 costumed children marching down Main Street. It was estimated that
20,000 spectators lined the streets to watch this night-time spectacle. In 1937, 12-yearold, Harold Blair, donning a sweater embellished with a Halloween Capital insignia,
carried with him to Washington, D.C. a proclamation naming Anoka the Halloween
Capital of the World.
Anoka has always worked to keep a family spirit alive in its Halloween festivities.
Activities have included pillow fights, a kangaroo court, fireworks displays, royalty
coronations, concerts, dances, window painting contests, house decorating contests,
celebrity appearances, costume contests, style shows, story-telling, races and, in the
1960s, a snake dance that took long lines of participants in and out of area businesses
and homes.
Anoka's Halloween celebration continues to be world class. Participation in the night
parade and Grand Day parade has grown to include units from all over the midwest.
The original concept of having costumed students parade down Main Street continues
on as well on the Friday preceding the Grand Day parade. Anoka residents can watch
their grandchildren or great grandchildren continue the tradition they started so many
years ago.
Libby’s Pumpkin Roll
1/4 cup powdered sugar
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 large eggs
1 cup granulated sugar
2/3 cup LIBBY'S® 100% Pure Pumpkin
1 cup walnuts, chopped (optional)
1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar, sifted
6 tablespoons butter or margarine, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Powdered sugar (optional for decoration)
PREHEAT oven to 375° F. Grease 15 x 10-inch jelly-roll pan; line with wax paper. Grease
and flour paper. Sprinkle a thin, cotton kitchen towel with powdered sugar.
COMBINE flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves and salt in small bowl.
Beat eggs and granulated sugar in large mixer bowl until thick. Beat in pumpkin. Stir in
flour mixture. Spread evenly into prepared pan. Sprinkle with nuts.
BAKE for 13 to 15 minutes or until top of cake springs back when touched. (If using a
dark-colored pan, begin checking for doneness at 11 minutes.) Immediately loosen and
turn cake onto prepared towel. Carefully peel off paper. Roll up cake and towel together,
starting with narrow end. Cool on wire rack.
BEAT cream cheese, 1 cup powdered sugar, butter and vanilla extract in small mixer
bowl until smooth. Carefully unroll cake. Spread cream cheese mixture over cake. Reroll
cake. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least one hour. Sprinkle with powdered
sugar before serving, if desired.
The Who’s Who of the Schaumburg Jaycees
Tami Curran
Chapter President
[email protected]
Chapter Management VP
Jennifer Sheridan
Community Development VP
[email protected]
Samantha Haught
Individual Development VP
[email protected]
Scott Felgenhauer
Membership Development VP
[email protected]
Sandi Fisher
[email protected]
Michelle Morse
[email protected]
Connie Moy
State Director
[email protected]
Rob Catania
Sergeant at Arms
Laura Kuhn
[email protected]
he Schaumburg
is a chapter of the United States
Junior Chamber, is a leadership training
Michele Doonan
[email protected]
organization that gives young people between the ages of 18 and 40 the tools they need to build the
bridges of success
for Director
themselves in the areas of business
development, management skills, individual
Christie Martin
[email protected]
community service, [email protected],com
international connections.
Ashley Sheridan
Local training,
Cathy Tampir
Newsletter Editor
[email protected]
Gina Pecoraro
Chapter Webmaster
[email protected]
Bobbi Manka
Senior Advisor
[email protected]
Schaumburg Jaycees, P.O. Box 68997, Schaumburg, IL 847-879-1193
Who Are the Jaycees?
The Schaumburg Jaycees, a chapter of the United States
Junior Chamber, is a leadership training organization that
gives young people between the ages of 18 and 40 the
tools they need to build the bridges of success for
themselves in the areas of business development,
management skills, individual training, community
service, and international connections.
The Jaycee Creed
We believe... that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
that economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
that government should be of laws rather than of men;
that earth's great treasure lies in human personality;
and that service to humanity is THE BEST WORK OF LIFE!

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