Perspective - Iowa Junior Chamber



Perspective - Iowa Junior Chamber
October 2014
Volume 2, Issue 3
The Communicator
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All-State Recap
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UNI Tailgating
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By: Chris Puetz
Here we are,
#perspective. While visiting chapters we
almost done with
witnessed countless individuals, our
the year. Really in three months I will be
members, working to make their
the Chair of the Board and our 2015 Board
communities better and never asking for
will be in full swing, so I thought it would
anything in return other than a simple thank
be nice to share some things I have learned
you. It’s was during this time we talked
over the past few months
about how all the fun toys, the
and then how I’m looking to
newest iPhone, the super
wrap up our year.
successful corporate career, or
even having a big home or big
In July we had the honor to
bank account really meant
have National President Fay
nothing if we are not acting to
visit for what we coined Iowa
better our world and through
Tour 2014. In the matter of
those actions, ourselves.
just 36 hours we traveled
900 miles and got to visit a
Somewhere in time, society
bunch of the amazing
became more about the
Chapters across the state.
almighty” I” versus “us”. Some
During this time we also had
of us refer to this as the
many conversations, many
millennial generation but I
fueled by Diet Coke and
largely think this theme carries
Pixie Sticks, but those conversations really
well beyond any generation. This theme of
got me thinking, and this is where I came
“I” has crossed generations infecting
up with the title of this article
anyone and everyone, well, not everyone.
(continued on pg. 2)
Page 2
The Communicator
In my travels this year I have seen time and time again where folks are giving of themselves to
create a better tomorrow, and those folks are our own Jaycees. When looking at all of the great
things already accomplished this year by all of our chapters, I have to say it’s more exciting than
ever. Everyone here has perspective on what actually matters and is working to create a better
world. For this, I have to say thank you to everyone for an outstanding 2014, but the year is not
Now that the 2015 Board has been elected doesn't mean it’s time for me to slow down. We are
working hard to bring a phenomenal year end Convention and Banquet to everyone offering
second to none training to get everyone ready for 2015. We are also working harder than ever
on our expansion efforts with the standing goal of 5 new chapters before the end of the day,
December 31. So, Iowa Jaycees, it’s time to rally and finish strong! Let’s make these last three
months of the year better than ever!!
Chris Puetz
86th President, Iowa Jaycees
Iowa Jaycees, our year end convention is just around the corner and due to holidays and
having to get everything turned around in time the submission deadline for Third Trimester
Awards is DECEMBER 1 with submission deadlines for Year End Books JANUARY 6. Mark
your calendars and start turning in award submissions as projects are completed.
Page 3
Monticello’s project for this year was renovating Jacobs
Park, a city park in Monticello that hasn't had much upkeep for 30
years. We removed an old swing set, slide, merry go round, claw
digger and wooden play structure. We replaced them with a brand
new age 2-5 play system, swing set, dome climber, two springer
toys and a see saw. The equipment was funded by a waffle supper,
grants, including the Dubuque Racing Association and the US Jaycees, and local donations. We
started this project in February 2013 as a way to give our chapter and members more purpose
and to get our name out in the community. It has provided a sense of accomplishment for our
chapter and motivation to keep us growing in the right direction.
Clear Lake
With perfect blue sky and calm winds, this year's Boat, Bus, Bike
Poker Run in Clear Lake, Iowa, was held August 9. Participants used
whatever transportation they had to travel throughout the community to
obtain their poker stamps while also participating in a scavenger hunt with
questions focused around local businesses. Everyone was encouraged to
participate to not only learn more about the Clear Lake community, but
also for a chance to win great prizes donated from our sponsors. What is in
the middle of the logo for Clear Lake Optometry according to the sign
outside their office? How many pedals were on the bicycle art piece near City Park? How many
years is the Clear Lake Library celebrating this year? Participants had their hands full as the
clocked tick to return to the meeting spot by 5pm. We heard great compliments about our event
as well as many asking how they can get involved next year as not only participants but
sponsors as well. With our proceeds this year, the Clear Lake Jaycees unanimously voted to
donate $500 to the United Way of North Central Iowa. The money was then used for a school’s
backpack program that are sent home on Friday's with children that might normally go without
food for the weekend.
Page 4
The Communicator
Nicks Beard Challenge
For the past year, Nick Shaull (VicePresident) has issued a challenge to every
Jaycee Chapter, that if they could bring
1/2 of their members to a convention, he
would shave his famous beard.
At the fall convention in Cedar Rapids,
the Nevada chapter surpassed the
50% mark! Before the OYI Banquet on
Saturday, Nick shaved his beard with
the Nevada chapter present! Nick
said this will be an ongoing challenge
with every all state! Let’s make him
shave his beard at every convention!!
Page 5
Congratulations to Darlyce (Communications Director-Ames) & Nick Shaull
(Vice-President-Nevada ) on the birth of their first child!
Eva Lyn Shaull was born August 10, 2014 at 6:54pm via C-section. She weighed
7lbs 2 1/2 oz and was 21” long
Page 6
The Communicator
Red Region Events
Oct 10,11,17,18,24,25 -Schaller Jaycees Haunted House:
Opens at 8:00 until ?? Lights on matinee starting at 4:00 on
October 18th, $6.00 to enter, $5.00 to enter with a nonperishable
food item, Teen Dance & Costume contest Oct 31. 8:00 to ?, Chili
cook off costume contest dance 21 & over BYOB Nov 1 $6.00 (?)
Purple Region Events
October - Family Halloween Party and Movie Night, Monticello Golf Club
Oct. 27-Kids Halloween Game Night: 5:30-6:30 p.m., Monticello High School
November - Toys for Kids Spaghetti Supper and Auction
December - Toys for Kids toys distribution
November 26th-December 30th-Symphony of Lights: Admission is $7/car or $2/person
for vehicles over 10 persons. Holiday light display at Eagle Point Park in Clinton IA. Open
to public. There will be a Family Walk on November 26th where families can walk through
the display. There will be a 5K Run through the display on November 29th. Mr. & Mrs. Claus
are in the lodge on the first 2 to 3 Sundays in December.
Black Region Events
Oct. 17th- FAC: Mac’s Tavern 316 W. 3rd St, Davenport 5:30-7:30p. $1 off pints
Nov 21st– FAC: Radicle Effect Brewerks (ATG) 1340 31st St, Rock Island 5:30-7:30p
Dec. 2nd– Jaycees Santa: Join us for our annual Jaycees Santa Shopping event on Tuesday
at 7 pm. We meet at Walmart 5811 Elmore Ave., Davenport, IA near the North entrance
(salon side). We give you a list, you pick out the presents, and the Jaycees pays the bill!
What could be more fun then buying presents for children who wouldn't receive gifts
Page 7
Dec. 12th-Jaycees Santa Wrap Party (FAC): Join us at the hall to
wrap and prepare the Jaycees Santa Gifts on Friday at 5:30 pm. We
will provide some food and drinks and all the wrapping paper, just
bring your Christmas cheer!
Progressive Dinner: Its time again for the best night on the town
deal you will ever find! Join the Davenport Jaycees for this year's
progressive dinner. Just like last year we will have a bus to take us on
our night out around the Quad Cities. The bus will pick us up in the
west parking lot of The Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf. From there we will go
to Barley & Rye in Moline for cocktails and the chef's fresh selection of appetizers. Then we
will move on to the main course at Woodfire Grill in Davenport where we will again have 3
amazing entrees to choose from. Our final indulgence will be dessert at Trattoria Tiramisu
in Bettendorf. Then after you have had your fill of amazing food and drinks you can waddle
back over across the street to the Waterfront parking lot to your cars. Space on the bus is
limited and you have to pay your way to confirm your reservation. The total cost for your
night is $30 for Jaycees Members, or $35.00 for non members. Cash or check please. Space
is limited to the first 35 paid guests so reserve your spot soon! Email Brett at
[email protected] to reserve your spot.
Email Verification
Many of you have heard about this topic already. Our membership requires
each person hold an active email address. For years this requirement was not checked
and on the National level, there are many members that cannot be reached by the
National organization. Starting in September all new members are required t verify
their emails, starting in January 2015 all renewals will also require this email
verification. So how does it work, easy. When a new member is entered or when
someone is renewed an email automatically is sent to the address we have on file for
the renewed/new member. In the email is a link which needs to be clicked to verify
the address is real and valid. Please make sure to watch for these and verify your
email address right away. You are not being signed up for a spam server and will only
receive a few emails from Nationals to make sure you are kept up to date on current
Page 8
The Communicator
2014 Fall All– State
Trimester Award Winners
Top Membership Project:
Cubs Trip M-Night-Davenport, New Member Orientation–
Cedar Rapids, Dinner Club at LT Farms-Clive, Gun Safety-Davenport
Top Management Projects:
Ames on the Half Shell-Ames, Ankeny Summerfest-Ankey,
Tailgating Olympics-Des Moines, Nevada’s Annual Bike Ride-Nevada
Top Community Service Projects:
Letter Writing Campaign-Cedar Valley, Independence Day
Celebration– Cresco, Café on the Vine Volunteer Appreciation Lunch-Davenport, Habitat for
Humanity Build-Iowa City/Coralville, Waverly Dog Park-Waverly
Top Community Fundraising Projects:
Inaugural Swinging for Autism Charity Golf
Tournament-Clear Lake, No Running Shoes Triathlon-Spencer
Top Individual Development Projects:
Speaker Series-Cedar Rapids,
Computer Literacy Project-Des Moines
Top Marketing Promotion:
Greater Waterloo Open Golf Classic-Cedar Valley
Top Government Project:
Amphitheater Dedication-Cedar Rapids,
80/35 World Survey’s-Clive and Des Moines
Gail Marshal Memorial Award (Kids):
Back to School Santa Project-Davenport,
Spring Egg Hunt-Ames
Dan Arthur (benefiting American Cancer Society):
Top Directors:
David Haley-Cedar Rapids, Neil Berthiame-Davenport
Top Local Treasurer:
Trent Von Ahsen-Cedar Rapids
Top New Members:
Top Local Members:
Relay for Life Concessions Stand–
Iowa City/Coralville
Justin Ward-Ames, Lindsey Rogness-Cedar Rapids, BJ Meany-Cedar Valley,
April Berthiame-Davenport, Stacy Voccia-Iowa City/Coralville
Becky Perkovich-Ames, Jason Riley-Cedar Rapids, Joan Kranovich-Davenport,
Janet Vu Nguyen-Des Moines, Shannon Bardole-Nevada
Top Local Vice President:
Top Local President:
Top Regional Director:
Top State Program Manager:
Top Cabinet Member:
Receiving Governorships:
Receiving Ambassadorships:
Loren Gardner-Cedar Valley, Christine Bruce-Davenport,
Sarah Grundfast-Des Moines
Breanna Wetzler-Ames, Andrea Hall-Monticello, Lisa Oxley-Nevada
Ryan Steines– Black Region
Darlyce Shaull –Communications Director
Kim Loy-Vice President
Nick Shaull-Nevada, Lisa Oxley-Nevada, Tom Welchans-Atlantic
Robyn Bahlmann
Page 9
Sept. 19-21 Cedar Rapids, IA

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