Parent Transfer 101



Parent Transfer 101
Parent Transfer 101
This presentation is a brief summary of requirements. It does not take the place of official requirements in
college and university catalogs. Students should consult these resources and meet with a counselor regularly.
Transferring is a PROCESS!
much more than an application!
Research, planning, applications, app updates,
supplemental apps, sending transcripts, statement
of intent, deposits, etc.
sooner you start, the better!
most common way to lose admission offers is
to miss deadlines for transcripts, etc.
Choosing a University
Opportunities for SCC Transfers:
•Admission Priority upon transfer
•Great support
•Flexibility (f/t or p/t, live at home, explore
majors, etc.)
•Saves $$$ (if done well)
•Two roles: Student and Transfer Planner
•Research & select destination
•Plan for transfer and graduation goals
•Adjust (quickly!) to new school in Junior year
•Some schools don’t take transfers, or take very few
•Manage time, costs, resources differently
Choosing a University
Academic Questions:
Graduation rate
Loan Default Rate
Time to graduation
Employment or grad school admit rates after BA/BS
• 6 regional associations
• Beware if they only have program accreditation
Choosing a University
Academic Questions:
Do they have your major?
Are you a competitive candidate?
Is the school on a semester or quarter system?
Do you want a “sweatshirt school”?
Rankings, sports, etc.
Choosing a University
Environmental Questions:
Campus size, setting, and distance
• ~15,000 students (~9200 FTES)
• Small, user-friendly campus
• Most students from within 15 miles
• 500 to 60,000+ students
• May be city-sized
Students from broad areas
Campus demographics and culture
Cal State Long Beach Student Demographics
UC Riverside Housing
Transportation and housing
Financial Considerations
Cost of Education
Cost Comparison
Cal State Universities (CSUs)
$5472/year F/T tuition +
campus fees
Total w/room & board (on
campus), books, etc., ranges
from $20,000 to
University of California (UCs)
$12,804/year F/T tuition +
campus fees
Total w/ room & board,
books, transportation, etc.,
averages $34,500/year
Private & Out of State Universities
Cost: $5k - $50k +
Avg private tuition & fees 14/15:
$31,381 (US News)
• USC: $49,464/yr F/T tuition
• Total USC w/room & board,
books, transportation, etc.,
estimated at $67,212
6 Year Options:
3 yrs work @ $10/hr x 10 hrs/wk, 50wks:
3 yrs f/t SCC + 2 years f/t CSU:
1 yr avg f/t salary after grad:
6 yrs work @ $10/hr x 20 hrs/wk, 50 wks:
3 years f/t SCC + 3 years f/t CSU:
2 yrs SCC + 2 years CSU:
2 yrs avg f/t salary after grad:
- $55,000
Q: How long will college take?
Q: How & when do you want to pay?
•SCC estimates f/t cost of attendance (14 units) for commuter students at $11,937, including personal expenses
•CSUF estimates f/t cost of attendance for commuter student: $15,506, not including personal expenses (14/15)
•US BLS estimates avg salary of f/t, year-round worker age 18-24: $37,201
•By age 25-34 that increases to $59,828
Check out:
UC’s Blue & Gold Program
CA Middle Class Scholarship
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE),
Institutional & Private Scholarships
Pell & Cal Grants
Academic Planning
CSU/UC Upper-Division
(Junior Level) Transfer
Total number of
transferable units @
Santiago Canyon College:
Min 60 / Max 70
General Education
Major Preparation
Plan B or Plan C
(approx. 40 units)
(0-30 units;
Q: How long will this take?
Admission as an upper-division transfer student
Complete a min. of 60 transferable
 100/200 level courses
 Maximum of 70 units
Transferable GPA min: 2.0
 Most campuses/majors require higher
 Local priority service
 AA-T/AS-T degree gets guarantee
Major Preparation Good Standing at
last institution Golden 4 GE Courses:
 Area A1 of Plan B – Speech Comm.
 Area A2 of Plan B – English
 Area A3 of Plan B – Critical Thinking
 Area B4 of Plan B – Mathematics
Use Transfer Planner at
Impacted CSU Campuses & Majors
Most Impacted CSUs:
Cal State Fullerton – Campus + all majors
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – Campus + all majors
San Diego State – Campus + all majors
San Jose State – Campus + all majors
Cal State Long Beach – Campus + all majors
Commonly Impacted/Limited Majors:
Apparel Design/Merchandising
Fine Art
Business Administration
Criminal Justice
Social Work
These lists change annually – Check with Counseling, the Transfer Success Center, or for current information.
University of California:
Admission as an upper-division transfer student
Complete 60 UC transferable units
 Maximum of 70 accepted
 See UC Transfer Course list
Transferable GPA min: 2.4
 Realistically: 3.0+
 Many campuses/majors require higher
Major Preparation
 Some majors require all prep completed
prior to transfer
Golden 3 GE Courses:
 Area 1A of Plan C – English Composition
 Area 1B of Plan C – Critical Thinking
 Area 2 of Plan C – Mathematics
• You Are Here
Use Transfer Planner at
Competitive UC campuses & majors
 Most
UC Berkeley (aka: Cal)
 All
The Most Competitive:
Most Sciences, especially Bio and
Most Engineering
Business/Econ/Business Econ
Transfer Guarantee Agreements
Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)
•For CSUs
•Guarantees admission to CSU system.
•Can give an edge when applying at
competitive schools
•Same major preparation for intended
major at all CSUs
•18 majors currently available
(see website/handout)
Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)
•For UCs
•Santa Barbara
•Santa Cruz
•Guarantees admission
•Must meet campus specific requirements
•Apply September 1-30
Transfer Guarantee Agreements
Transfer Alliance Program (TAP)
• For UCLA
• Grants priority consideration based
on completion of SCC’s Honors
Historically Black Colleges and
Universities (HBCUs)
• AA-T/AS-T or 30 units with 2.5 GPA
guaranteed to participating HBCU
(currently 9 schools)
Arizona State University
•Guarantees admission to CA transfer
students w/ completed H.S. or GED
and have either
•24 units w/ 3.0 or higher
•AA degree with 2.5 or higher
•Complete CSU GE or IGETC
certification w/ 2.5 or higher
University of Redlands
•10% tuition discount for students
transferring to any of their 8 SoCal
campuses in Business program
Timeline for 2-Year Transfer
First Year
Gather information, explore options,
and make a plan
Fall Semester: 15 units
•Attend TSC’s “Transfer 101” workshop
•Explore SCC Student Services web site and contact offices that can help
•Follow TSC on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, and subscribe on
•Ask lots of questions at a Transfer Fair
•Meet with a Counselor to explore goals and create a comprehensive Ed Plan
Make connections at SCC and at prospective universities!
Timeline for 2-Year Transfer
First Year
30 transferable units complete
Goals and plan established
Spring Semester: 15 units
•Meet with university rep(s)
•Take university tour(s)
•Attend TSC’s Pre-Professional seminar (Pre-Med, Pre-Law, etc.)
•Attend TSC’s TAG workshop to learn about guaranteed/priority admission
•Visit the Career Center and meet with your counselor to update your plan
Develop focus and direction!
Timeline for 2-Year Transfer
Second Year
Revise plan as needed,
get transfer apps in the works
Fall Semester: 15 units
•Attend TSC’s TAG, App Essay, Application, and “Now What?” workshops
•Submit TAG and university applications!
•UC TAG apps due September 1st – 30th
•CSU apps due Oct 1st – Nov 30th
•UC apps due Nov 1st – 30th
•Private & out of state app periods vary greatly
•Meet with university rep(s) and take tour(s)
•Meet with Counselor for progress check, G.E. Certification, and Degree
Make it happen!
Timeline for 2-Year Transfer
Second Year
Follow through on the details
and meet critical deadlines
Spring Semester: 15 units
•Application completion:
•Submit supplemental app/update if required
•Submit ALL transcripts (H.S.; all colleges, military, etc.)
•Submit ACT/SAT or other test scores if required
•SIR/SIE & deposit
•Update FAFSA
•Submit SCC Scholarship Application
•Update TSC on your destination, and enjoy Commencement!
60 transferable units complete
Good luck at the University!
Transfer Resources
Downloads; Schedules for University Reps, Transfer Fairs,
Workshops, University Tours
Explore majors and campuses at CSU & UC
Find colleges, career info, financial aid & scholarships/grants
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Robert Waldren
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