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For You!
Immanuel Lutheran High School, College and Seminary. Eau Claire, WI.
Volume 54
Issue 8
April 27, 2012
Online Edition
From the
By Carl Strike
Meet the Freshmen // 2
Senior Spotlights // 3-8
Guess the Faculty Member // 9
Arbor Day // 9
Talk to Tammy // 10
his year’s musical, for those who don’t know it,
takes place in Agrabah, City of Enchantment. In
this city, the lovely Princess Jasmine has only two
days to get married. While she thinks this is unfair, the
Sultan doesn’t listen to her as a father, and instead
keeps trying to get her to marry. However, the evil Vizier
Jafar and Iago, his parrot, are trying to rewrite the law
so Jafar can marry the Princess and become Sultan.
Meanwhile, a young man in the marketplace tries to
survive by stealing what he needs. On one such
occasion, he is fleeing the guards and meets Jasmine,
who is running away from the palace. They both
manage to evade the guards for a while, but then
Aladdin is captured. Jasmine goes to the castle to plead
for him, and Aladdin is thrown into Jafar’s cave. He rubs
the lamp, then we are introduced to the genie. They
escape the cave, and Aladdin is made a fake prince so
he can marry the Princess. To make a long story short,
Jafar eventually finds out, gets the lamp, and I’m not
going to give away the ending. You’ll have to find that
out for yourself.
On behalf of the entire cast, I would like to thank
Zach Franson, whose directing skills are going to make
this play just plain awesome, Nathan Libby, who fills in
for Zach, Joey Beekman, who did a great job with the
choreography, and Mrs. Beekman, who is making the
costumes. I guarantee that you will enjoy this musical,
and it will be worth your time to come and see.
R+R Recipes // 11
Student Body // 12-13
Carson Park // 13
Fun Things // 14
For Our Visitors // 15-17
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Abby Sydow
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Freshman Parents
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Abby Naumann Lauren Lisak
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Hannah Hulke
The Lord blessed the Wittorp family on June 1,
1996 with the gift of a baby boy, Samuel John. He
was born two months premature in LaCrosse,
Wisconsin while his family was traveling from Michigan
to Eau Claire for a wedding. Samuel was baptized
later the same day while he was in the neonatal intensive care unit. With
the prayers and support of family and friends, he was able to come
home after seven weeks in the hospital.
Samuel lived in Sister Lakes, Michigan and attended Faith
Lutheran School for kindergarten through second grade. When the
school closed, he went to public school for two years and then his
family moved to Eau Claire where he attended Messiah for the
remainder of his grade school years. He liked playing basketball, but
unfortunately broke one of his fingers during a game in eighth grade and
needed to have surgery and a cast!
You may already know that Samuel is quiet and has a bright smile. He
also likes to write and you may hear him quote movie lines from time to time. He is number five in a
family of six with older siblings Randy, Kimberly, Frank and Luke and one younger brother Levi. He
is enjoying attending Immanuel and growing in the Word of God.
Samuel Wittorp
Sarah (with an ‘H’) Joos was born in
Eau Claire, WI. She had big blue
sparkling eyes when she was little
and was often called “Bright Eyes” by
Prof. Buck when he’d see her at
church. As a toddler, Sarah loved to go outdoors, but often cried
when she would go on walks, until her family figured out that she
was afraid of her own shadow!
Growing up, Sarah had only boys to play with her brother (now
known as Juice) and the neighbors, who had a big scary black dog
that she feared. Over time, she learned how to deal with both– guys
and dogs– and now has a big dog, Bailey, of her own.
Sarah enjoys soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, music, card
making, hunting, her friends, and going to Immanuel with her cousins. She
has enjoyed her first year at Immanuel and can truly say that she has smiled every day
she’s been there!
Sarah Joos
Vol. 54, Issue 8
By Hannah Knutson
Hannah: Name?
Mary: Mary Elizabeth Bruckbauer
H: When were you born and where?
M: August 31, 1994 in Golden Valley, MN
H: What's your favorite high school
M: My whole high school career was a
memory. It's hard to pick just one because I
was always with different people. High school
was just awesome.
H: Favorite class and teacher?
M: Computer 2-because of Ali and Brit Lit.
(goes off in some old English)
Prof. R cause he's funny and we get
H: Funniest class moment?
M: Every day in Brit Lit with Melissa-we never
shut up. Ha-ha. I think the louder and more
obnoxious you are the better time you have.
H:What makes you so special?
M: Seriously? Are you ever gonna meet
someone like me?
H: What do you do in your free time?
M: Bet you could tell em this...
H: Let's see..Read manga, read manga, watch
anime, hangout with her variety of friends, torment
people, see how many things she can get for free,
watch her massive collection of Disney VHSs, and
as always BE OBNOXIOUS!! ...In the best possible
way of course
H:What are you planning on doing after
M: Going into the Army Reserves (official
announcement to everyone) and after that going to
college for Graphic Design.
H: What College?
M: Probably Stout because it’s close to home and
friends and since I have to be in Reserves for 8
years, they are also military friendly.
H: Favorite Bible Passage?
M: Matthew 10:28, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but
rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”-I'm gonna get it tatooed on my
arm. It's a source of strength for my family.
ILC Meal-Taco Salad
H: Any advice for the underclassmen? Any senior
PopDr Pepper
ShowsHow I Met Your Mother,
M: If you want to do something, do it, no matter what people
think because your gut instinct will always carry you through That 70's Show, Big Bang Theory
Actor- Johnny Depp
to where you want to go. Don't be someone you aren't,
because you’re not going to be happy.
Bands-Depending on mood
its—Sad: Secondhand Serenade,
Gangster- HU, (See Mary's Ipod)
Mary in
10 years...
Melissa- Mary will marry a handsome-ish, 7 foot tall emohipster, in black converse and a sparkly dress. They will
have 3 kids who grow up watching anime out there and
being read manga for bedtime stories.
Liz Richardson: Mary will be living with her hunky
husband Eduardo in a house made of cheetah print duct
tape. She will spend her time designing games for
Nintendo and combing Eduardo's luscious mullet. =D
Ali Froelich: Just to be spiteful, I'd say dead. Mary's
gonna be playing Mario with her kids and husband.
“Don’t be
someone you
you’re not
going to be
Vol. 54, Issue 8
By Sarah Joos and Rachel Gerbitz
Benjamin John Mueller was born on
March 24, 1994. He is from Waukesha,
Wisconsin, and lives with his parents,
John and Barb. He has three older
siblings, Steph, Mandy, and Aaron. Ben
likes to play soccer and guitar, and is
interested in robotics.
When asked about his favorite
school memories, Ben stared at the
sky for about five minutes and said,
“Just put ‘refer to my senior paragraph
in the Lance.’” So sorry about that
guys. Ben enjoys playing guitar and
hacky sack in his free time.
If Ben could be a character from
any movie, he would be Epps from
Transformers. Ben’s words of the wise
come from soccer. He says, “Knee
over ball,” and I guess that will get you
After high school, Ben plans to
go to the Milwaukee School of
Engineering. Good luck out there, Ben!
Ben’s Favorites:
Class: Physics
Meal at School: Cookouts
Color: Red
Sport: Soccer
Prof: Not picking favorites
TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Zoe’s words to the young ones,
“Just Go
With it!”
“Say No to Drugs
Say Yes to Jess”
By Johanna Ohlmann
Zoe Madeline Sippert was born on April 1, 1994, in Eau
Claire, Wisconsin. She now lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She has
two younger siblings, Gunnard,12, and Senja, 8. Some of Zoe’s
favorite teams include: the Minnesota Twins, Denver Broncos, and
Duke. Some of her hobbies include: collecting t-shirts (she has over
80 of them and has been wearing a different one each day this
quarter) and she drives and goes on adventures a lot.
Zoe shared some of her high school memories: rooming with
Emily, car rides with Lauren, basketball, and also Jo and Abby–
they’re pretty cool! Also, Jess and Miriam are “The Bomb Diggity.”
One thing Zoe really likes about ILC is being able to see her friends
all the time.
Some Fun Facts about Zoe are that she is allergic to a lot of
things (cats included, but not peanuts), her favorite place on earth is
Target Field, and she wrote her Spanish story “Super Piggy” about a
stuffed animal her siblings fight over who gets to sleep with.
No, Zoe will not be coming back to ILC next year, but she
does have some other plans in mind. She plans to live at home and
attend The University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley, for her generals.
Prof: Lau and Sippert
School meal: Beef Stroganoff
Band: Led Zeppelin
Book: The Adventures of Zoe and Lauren
Bible Passage:1 Peter 5:7
Vol. 54, Issue 8
By Carl Ryan
C: So, where are you originally from?
M: I was born in Marquette, Michigan.
C: How many siblings do you have?
M: 3 siblings, 1 older brother and 2 older sisters.
C:What’s it like living in Canada?
M: It’s pretty awesome. There are some subtle differences, though, such as J-walking. In Canada
you can walk across the streets and expect the cars to stop for you. At first, when I got here, I just
walked across the streets. I got a different reaction from the cars. Bathrooms are also called
washrooms and 8th graders are called beaners.
C: How often do you get to go home?
M: 2 times, Christmas break and summer break.
C: How long does it take for you to go home?
M: If I’m driving, it takes about 34 hours of straight driving. I usually split it up in 4 days. If I’m flying,
it takes about 5 and a half hours to Spokane and then another 6 hours of driving to my home in
C: So are you American or Canadian?
M:I’m technically an American citizen. In Canada, I have landed immigrants status. It’s similar to a
duel citizenship.
C: What do you like doing in your free time?
M: I love rock climbing, curling, backpacking, hiking, skiing,
and soccer.
C: What is your favorite meal here at ILC?
M: I like the special meals (like the Christmas and
Thanksgiving meals.) But for regular meals, stroganoff is the
C: Do you have any favorite Profs?
M: In no particular order: Reim, Sullivan, Schierenbeck, Roehl,
and Sippert.
C: What activities and sports do you play here at ILC?
M: I’m on the activities committee, Flash, Crossroads, Peru
mission trip 2012, Robotics, the musical, and the play. For
sports, I play soccer and, in the past, basketball.
C:Any words of wisdom for your fellow Lancers?
M: Remember the words for Philippians 4:4-7: “(4) Rejoice in
the Lord always: and I say rejoice. (5) Let your moderation be
known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. (6) Be careful for
nothing; but in everything in prayer and supplication with
thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (7)
And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall
keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” And also remember to put your game face on
and a smile :)
Oh, the Things You Will Hear
By Rachel Gerbitz
While listening to the radio, you can hear some pretty interesting, out there, stuff. As a frequent
radio listener, I wanted to share what I hear.
- 90-year-old Betty White pranks Ryan Seacrest on Twitter
- Man in Alabama arrested for his pants sagging too low
- 9-year-old boy rescued from his chimney after trying to lower himself inside
- Eat chocolate, lose weight
- Miranda Lambert finds a dog that looks like Batman on the side of the road
- The unhappiest day of the week is Tuesday
- Recent survey says that the “perfect man” is six feet, toned with good
fashion sense, non-smoker, eats meat, college degree and makes $76,000 a
year, loves shopping (?), football and reality shows, and calls his mom twice a
- Dress found on Titanic in perfect condition after 100 years
Vol. 54, Issue 8
Guess the
Faculty Member
By Aaron Joos
Aaron Joos: What is your earliest
childhood memory?
Mystery Member: When I was a baby, I rode
with my mother in a horse-drawn sleigh in the
winter. The sleigh tipped over spilling us and
the other mothers with infants into the snow.
J: What was your 1st Job and 1st car?
MM: Car- 1979 red Chevy Malibu 4-door (this
eventually got crushed by a tree that fell on it)
Job- Painting the walls of my high school in
the summertime (Missouri)
J: How much can you bench press?
MM: More than my sister.
J: If you could have dinner with anyone,
alive or dead, who would it be and why?
MM: Lecrae- he has an interesting life story.
J: What do you do during the summer?
MM: God’s Kids Bible Camp!
J: Name 3 items in your fridge right now.
MM: Chobani, Buffalo, T-Bone
J: Have you ever killed anyone?
MM: No. However, I’m expecting the Niner’s
defense to shut down the Packer’s offense
week 1 in Lambeau.
El Día de
By Nathan Buck
Food gets moldy when you leave it out for
a while. Surprisingly, so do leaves. And no one
really likes mold. (if you do, that's your problem)
But on one sunny Wednesday, the
campus of ILC was suddenly relieved of
garbage, leaves, and a whole lot of other stuff
“How did this come about?”, you might
Well, it was accomplished by many
different students in many different ways.
Raking squads mechanically raked everylast corner of our campus. They successfully
cleared those moldy leaves and other unwanted
A crew of Arbor Day veterans gave the
buses a 'bath' while rocking out to Nick
Marzofka's tunes.
A freshman taskforce cleared all the
rocks and bushes of garbage, (look forward to
this next year, you visitor day 8th graders)
The senior and junior couples cleared the
ILC highway of garbage and debris, while
guided by the fabled, 'Prof. Sully-Bear'.
And for an amazing work-day-finale,
almost every-last student and collegian walked
the length of Prof Road; clearing leaves at a rate
of 39 bushels and a peck per minute!
To top it all off, every Arbor Day
participant was entitled to hamburgers, brats,
hot dogs, and ice cream treats.
Hats off to all the participants, and look
forward visitor day students. Your day of work is
coming up!
Talk to Tammy
Hello, my name is Tammy. I solve problems. I also habla Español. I will hear any
of your problems and try to solve them. My forte is giving advice on real problems like
“Should I eat steak or ribs?” or “What’s your favorite planet?” But I guess I could
answer all the sappy relationship problems. If you think you found out who I am, you
didn’t.You can either submit your problems to Lydia or Jo, or you can run down to the
creek on a Saturday night during the full moon cycle and scream out your problem
really loud. I think I’ll hear you then. And remember, help me, help you, help The
I have nothing to do this weekend. What can I do?
-Utterly bored
Dear Bored,
There are plenty of ways to make a weekend
great. I’ve seen people go to Shopko and
play hide and seek, and I’ve seen some
people go to restaurants for half-priced
appetizers after 10, and I’ve also seen some
people go down to the fields at night and
chase each other with buckets of water.
I’ve been getting tired of the same old meals
down in the cafeteria. How do I spice things up?
-Craving home cooking
Dear Craving,
Sometimes I have that problem too. What you
should do is try using different sauces or mixing
some together. And sometimes, as crazy as it
seems, it tastes good to make the main meal into
a sandwich. Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole
tastes really good as a sandwich. There’s a code
of food that I live by also, “When in doubt, use
bacon bits.” Bacon makes everything taste better.
Vol. 54, Issue 8
R R ‘s
By Rachel Schaser and
Rebecca Naumann
With just 3 ingredients and effortless steps, in no time you
can have homemade Butterfingers that are clones of the
candy bars we know and love! (Some may say that these
are even better than the originals). This is the best recipe I
have come across in two years of baking!
Homemade Butterfingers
16 ounces, weight Candy Corn
16 ounces, weight Creamy Peanut
3 cups Milk Or Dark Chocolate
Preparation Instructions
1. Line a pan with wax paper.
2. Melt the candy corn in the microwave in a medium bowl, stirring every 30 seconds. Continue
heating for 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until melted and smooth. Stir in the peanut
butter until equally distributed and smooth. Pour into prepared pan and smooth. Place in the freezer
for 10-20 minutes until firm.
3. In the meantime, line a large baking sheet with wax paper.
4. Take the chilled bars out of the pan and cut them into mini-Butterfinger size bars. They don't have
to be perfect!
5. Melt the chocolate in a clean medium bowl in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds and
continuing to heat for additional 30 second bursts until smooth.
6. Using a fork, dip each piece into the chocolate, turning to cover completely. Take the bar out of
chocolate with fork and tap lightly on the side of the bowl so that excess chocolate falls off. Place on
the wax paper lined baking sheet. Continue with Butterfingers until all are dipped. (If at any point
your chocolate becomes too hard to dip, simply return it to the microwave and heat for another 1015 seconds and stir. Do this throughout the process as needed.)
7. When all bars have been dipped, place them in the freezer for an additional 5-10 minutes. Enjoy!
The Student Body
By Nate Buck
Common Brawl
Chapter 5
We continue the exciting saga of The Student Body, here on The Flash. To review....
The revolution is in full swing! Students capture the AC as a diversion! Another team of ten
invades Ingram Hall for a secret document! But the students are losing! The AC is recaptured by the profs and collegians, with the help of the newly arrived sem-students! Only
eight students are left for a final stand in the commons area! Is this it? Now, to
Narrator: “The eight students race down to the gym as the profs and their allies are re-grouping. Karl taps into the
radio system and attempts to contact General Joos.”
Karl: “Joos! Repeat, Joos! We were overrun! Camping in the gym. Send backup, now! We are low on
weapons and soldiers! Copy, Joos? Joos!”
Nathan: “Karl, where's Joos? We need to contact the AC group.”
Karl: “Joos is down, repeat, all the AC group is down. This is it. This is all we have. I suggest we leave.
Maybe to Bermuda, or even Nigeria...”
Dwight: “No! Germany!”
Jacob S: “Let's go.....Kentucky!”
Derek D: “No, we'll need soldiers at each strategic area. I'll take the kitchen and cafeteria area.”
Caleb N: “You're right. I'll take the lounge and the office corridor between Lau's and Sullivan's office.”
Nathan: “I'll take the back commons entrance with Dwight and Sam Schiernbeck. Jacob, you should take
the front hall entrance...”
(Suddenly, Kenny bursts through the emergency gym doors)
Jacob: “Whoa, slow down, guy.”
Derek : “Uh, Kenny...... How in the world did you get in here? Those doors don't open from the outside.”
Kenny: “You're right...... How in the world did I.....”
Jacob: “Kenny, you're just in time. You can be a sniper from the roof.”
Kenny: “Actually, I was just leaving.....”
Dwight: “Oh no you don't.” (Pulls Kenny back and leads him to the roof)
Derek: “Kenny, think fast.(throws him a weapon) Take this. I've got a arsenal of spit wads to go with it too.”
(A slightly revolted Kenny races up the stairs and takes up his position)
Nathan: “Let's go!”
(The students race to their positions. Their arsenal is incredibly powerful: Kenny W-The grossly-outfitted
GutterSnipe; Sydow- Potatozooka 3000; Derek D-semi-auto Squirt Gun; Dwight K-Superhero Cape (It works);
Caleb N- Extreme Power Vacuum; Karl-His Wits; Sam S-Box of Unknown Items; Nathan B- A Robust Rock.
Together, these weapons comprise the second greatest arsenal known to man (Second 'behind' Jacob Sydow's
ultimate weapon) They were ready when the first wave came.
Vol. 54, Issue 8
Narrator: “Kenny picked off four enemies before they even reached the bottom of the hill. Nathan, Dwight, and
Jacob barricaded the door. For a while, the profs and their allies stood at the base of the hill.....until Mrs. Johannes
and Prof Gullerud charged down in armor suits! Kenny tried, but they got through and broke through the door. As
the three students battled the two armored staff members, Derek faced Sam Rodebaugh and three others in the
cafeteria. Caleb Noeldner pushed enemies trying to climb through the lounge windows. Sam and Karl fought Aaron
Gullerud, Ethel, Prof Buck, and Mrs. Pfeiffer in the gym. It was a long and valiant fight. In the end, after two hours,
68 enemies were in the gym, seven students were tied up, 23 people (including Karl) were unconscious, two of the
hoops had crashed to the ground, and Kenny was still hiding up on the roof with the important document Nathan
recently gave him. Could one student, a lone junior, rescue the rest of the Freedom Fighters? And what's in this
mysterious envelope? Well, sadly, Kenny can't defeat all the opponents single-handed. But who can?
Kenny wanders around the campus, careful to avoid suspicion. He has all his belongings on his back
including his van, and is walking out of ILC, planning to find work in Chicago. As he gets to the tall tree in the road
center, a figure dressed all in black emerges. He takes the package from Kenny, nods, and runs quickly towards
the AC. Kenny stands in wonder for a while, then continues on his way.
Narrator: “With everyone now tied up, Darin in the Infirmary, and Kenny working as a bartender in Chicago,
what hope do they have now? Hopefully not jail, but they might be heading in that direction. It's finally time to
release all the fury of, 'The Man in Black'. But on whom?”
By An Old Baseball Player
t's baseball season once again and whether you're spitting seeds, eating brats, drinking pop, or
swinging a bat, there's no better place to do it than at Carson Park, the home of your own
Immanuel Lancers Varsity Baseball Team. From the ideal infield to the smooth rolling outfield,
from the spectacular grandstand to the right field fan deck, from the sunny sky right down to all the
players and fans, we are certainly blessed to be able to play at this historic baseball park. Our
players get to play on the same fields and sit in the same dugouts as Baseball Hall of Fame player
Hank Aaron, who got his start playing for the Eau Claire Bears back in 1952, and in honor of him, the
city erected a statue of him in front of the stadium. Bob Uecker, The Brewers radio announcer, also
played at Carson Park. The park itself was donated to the city of Eau Claire back in 1914 by the
estate of William Carson, a lumber baron, but the baseball stadium wasn't started until 1935. The
first game played at Carson was on May 4th in 1937, which means that on this May 4th, our own
Lancers will be playing on the 75th anniversary of the first game ever played in Carson Park. Your
Lancers are also playing here this Saturday, when we host a double-header against Spencer. I hope
to see you all there!
So Now You Know:
Things that may interest you, or things you don’t care about
but get to learn anyway!
! The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.
! In the famous Beatles song “Paper Back Writer,” the French folk song “Frere Jaques” can be heard in
the background several times
! France has the highest per capita consumption of cheese in the world.
! More Americans have died in automobile accidents than have died in all the wars ever fought by the
! Garden snails travel at a speed of roughly .03 mph.
! Tomb robbers believed that knocking Egyptian sarcophagi’s noses off would forestall curses.
! The poison-arrow dart frog has enough poison to kill about 2,200 people!
! Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries do.
! More than 20 billion pickles are eaten every year in the United States.
! The horned toad squirts blood from its eyes when it gets angry.
! If each count was one second long, it would take 31,709 years to count to one trillion.
! Drinking caffeine after noon can mess with your sleep cycle. Even if you don’t have trouble falling
asleep, you may not be reaching the most restorative part of sleep.
! Dolphins, porpoises, and whales sleep with one side of their brain at a time.
! Yawning, which can be socially contagious, stretches your neck muscles and increases your heart
rate, which increases your alertness.
Take It Easy - The Eagles
We Got Us - Canaan Smith
I’ll Be - Edwin McCain
I Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
Springsteen - Eric Church
Be Like That - Three Doors Down
You Are (feat. Blake Shelton) - Lionel Richie
This Is Home - Switchfoot
A Woman Like You - Lee Brice
My Front Porch Looking In - Lonestar
Remember Me - Celtic Thunder
Stars - Everly
Catch You While I Can - David Nail
Out Of My Head - Fastball
I Hope That’s Me - Brad Paisley
Quicksand - Everly
Vol. 54, Issue 8
By Hannah Knutson
Visitors’ Day
Almost everyone has a great time at Visitors' Day. I didn't really know anyone when I came to
ILC for Visitors' Day but I met a bunch of really cool people and made some great memories from
that weekend. Here's what some people have done in the past for Visitors' Day. Hope all the visitors
make new friends, hangout with old friends, and have a great weekend.
My Visitors' Day Experience:
I went to my brother Luke's baseball with Steph Lau instead of going to the musical like everyone
else cause I never really got into musicals. After the game my brother David and his friends were
outside the commons talking and one of them yelled, “Hey Knutson's sister!” I got called that all the
time that weekend :) They also tried to convince me to go up to the dorm late just to see what would
happen to me.
Paige Louderman:
Campus tour with Nick Marzofka cause he made it funny. He showed up the old robotics room which
was basically just a closet that was cluttered with stuff all over the place.
Mary Bruckbauer:
My favorite part of Visitors' Day was a game they played called 'Three Heads' and you had to pick
which one was telling the truth-that was really fun. The wood tour with Tom Naumann when he took
us across the creek to the stone bridge and people were freaking out that they were going to fall in
but they never did.
Cora Gerbitz:
Hannah Gerbitz and Jo Thierer took me and Rachel Schaser to McDonalds for breakfast. Prof.
Sullivan doing the ABC dance.
Preview: Banquet 2012
By Sarah Tester
You’ve seen the t-shirts, eaten the pies, and smelled the roses. So what’s the point of all
these things? Banquet! The sign up sheet was out, and the people have dates. The day is drawing
near. Let’s all hope the trees are blooming; we want some pretty pictures! Speaking of pictures did
you know that the location of banquet dinner is on a gold course? That’s sure to be a nice
background. So girls, find those fancy dresses you love! Boys, make sure you have suits that fit. It’s
time to get spiffy!
From the Editors:
Lydia Albrecht and Johanna Ohlmann
Welcome to Immanuel!
We have attended ILC for almost three full years now. These years will definitely be years
that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. We have so many happy memories that overshadow
the few unpleasant ones we have.
One great aspect of ILC is you’re surrounded by people who believe the same thing you do.
You create bonds with people that will last a long time. You can count on these people to help you
through the rough times and share a lot of great times with you.
But the best part about ILC is that everything is pointed towards Christ. We have two chapels
daily which help strengthen our faith as well as religion classes every year. We are taught to reflect
Christ’s love in everything we do, whether it’s attending classes, playing sports, working, cleaning
campus, or even walks to Shopko. We can personally say that ILC has definitely strengthened our
We are looking forward to seeing the new freshmen next year, many of whom are here today.
We hope that your experience here is just as great as ours. And if you ever need advice or comfort,
we’re here for you, because we’ve been there. Lord’s blessings on your travels, and we hope to see
you back here on the campus of Immanuel!
Nestled in the quiet beauty
Of the tall green pines
God has set our Alma Mater
Guiding hearts and minds
Built on Jesus’ words of promise
Oh, Lord, bless her well
Thus may e’er our Alma Mater
Be Immanuel.
Vol. 54, Issue 8
By Mike Honcho
Welcome, welcome young visitors
Today you’re likely tiny inquisitors
Wandering around dazed and confused
I’ll answer your questions and tell you my views.
Where are you? You are here.
You are here, at ILC to be clear.
It’s ancient, from the age of the stone
So listen up sonny, and put down the phone.
You may see nestled in the quiet beauty
Cross Country chased by Coach David Ude
most tall green pines may have vanished
But here, now we offer Spanish
Si! It’s fine. Green and White
For God’s glory Lancer’s fight
We win trophies gallore, bronze, silver, and gold!
At Quiz Bowl we rocked, or so I’m told
I’m no genie, but three I will grant thee
Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Yum! It’s McCathy’s!
A whole new world, but please no cats
Cause in the dorm, you’ll be no street rats.
The smoothest pepband, none can play grander
Or you, (yes, you), can be our #1 fan, sir
There’s a role for all, you can even create
Poems for the Flash, (after I graduate)
How was your visit here at ILC?
Was it awesome and great as you hoped it would be?
Watch the musical, Aladdin, laugh, shed a tear
Then we shall see in August...and the next four years.