The New $100 Bill is Here


The New $100 Bill is Here
The New $100 Bill is Here
The new $100 bill is out and it’s full of changes. While
this bill keeps all the old security features found on the
older $100, it has added a radical new security feature
found on the front of the bill.
Twist the bill and watch the 100 change
to the Liberty Bell. As you move the
bill around these images seem to float
around the blue security ribbon.
Tip the bill back and forth and the
copper ink turns to green.
Hold the front of the bill up to a light
and the watermark of Franklin appears.
The color of the big 100 on the back
of the bill is really made up tiny lines
of different colors.
The most obvious and newest security feature is the 3-D
security ribbon found on the front of the bill. By moving the bill, up-down, forward-backward, or in a circular
motion, the imbedded image in the ribbon changes from
a 100 to the Liberty Bell. The amazing thing about this
feature is that the images seem to float and move up and
down and back and forth in the ribbon, not just flip from
one image to the other.
Another security feature, while not new, is the color shifting ink located in the ink well and 100 on the bottom right
of the bill’s front. Tilt the bill and an image of the liberty
bell in the inkwell turns from copper to green. Same with
the 100.
On the back of the bill the large 100 obtains its color by
using a series of tiny lines printed across each number.
The lines are printed in a series of yellow-red-yellow-blue.
The yellow lines get wider towards the bottom of the
numeral to give each number a shaded look.
The security thread can be seen through
the bill. It lights up red under a UV light.
Rub the green ink on the back of a bill on a white
sheet of paper and you’ll see the green ink
transfer to the paper.
The old security thread is still in the bill and has USA
100 printed on it. This time it actually glows red under UV light. The old $100 bill’s UV thread seemed
to fade as soon as it got into circulation. Time will
tell if this one holds up. Another security feature
from the old bill is the watermark. The watermark
shows Franklin’s face when the bill is backlighted.
One thing the that Bureau of Printing and Engraving
that prints the bills does right is that they never delete a security feature, they only add new ones. The
old never-dry green ink is still on the back of the bill.
Rub the back on a white sheet of paper and some
green ink will rub off.
Micro-printing is all over this new bill and is even on
the back of the bill. Unless you have exceptional
eyesight you’ll need a magnifier to see it.
Infra Red ink stripes are on the back of the bill and
you need an IR camera to see them.
Micro-printing can be seen with a
magnifying glass. The arrows point to areas
where there is micro-printing.
The new bill contains other features that add to the
complexity of making a counterfeit bill but in most
cases are either overlooked or have been copied by
Bottom line - this bill is very secure and although
counterfeiters will try and make their own version it
will be difficult
Using a special IR camera allows you to see
the two IR strips on the back of the bill.
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