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A T C A L P O L Y,
this issue
The United Sorority & Fraternity
Council (USFC) is excited
to introduce you to its first
newsletter, “Greek Speak”.
Over the past two quarters, the
USFC council, (a co-ed greek
council consisting of cultural
greek social organizations),
has taken great strides to
continue improving the quality
of the council’s infrastructure,
within the council organizations,
and other Greek Councils: The
Interfraternity Council (IFC)
and Panhellenic Association
(PHA). In this issue, you have
the opportunity to review the
USFC mission statement,
become familiar with the
Executive Board members,
meet the organizations and see
the great contributions these
organizations have completed
over the past two quarters.
Welcome P. 1
Mission Statement P. 1
Executive Board P. 1
Organizations PP. 2-11
Other Events P. 12
sorority & fraternity
advocate. communicate. educate.
Mission Statement
The mission of the United Sorority & Fraternity Council (USFC) is to create a support
group to help our organizations present their ideals, voice, and cultural awareness
to the Cal Poly community. We will accomplish this by providing better intra-council
communication and unity, increasing cultural awareness represented by Greeks in the
community, and increasing business efficiency.
Though each organization has a specific cultural focus, by no means is membership limited to individuals of
those cultures. All that is required is that you enjoy being around the current active members. Membership is
decided without regard to race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age or veteran status.
2010 Executive Board Officers
Meeting Dates
Tuesday evenings
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
United Sorority &
Fraternity Council
Treasurer/Serg. Arms
Garrett Lim
Danielle Lam
Katherine Chang
Victor Ramos
Diego Flores
Renoda Campbell
James Rymel
Brenda Gutierrez
Community Service
Arnoldo Guerra
Greek Rel: PHA
Greek Rel: IFC
Anh Nguyen
Touraj Yari
[email protected]
USFC Greek Speak |
Meet the USFC Organizations...
USFC provides an
a v e n u e f o r
individuals to
contribute to the
community and
university outside of
their own respective
-Garrett Lim
USFC President
| USFC Greek Speak
alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the first
and largest Asian-American interest
sorority not only nationwide, but also
internationally, with 47 chapters at
distinguished universities from coast to
coast. Our chapter here at Cal Poly was
established in the Spring of 1996 by six
strong women dedicated to promoting
the values of sisterhood, scholarship,
leadership, service, and AsianAmerican awareness. Now, thirteen
years later, our house is stronger than
ever and expanding rapidly. While we
will always hold dear in our hearts the
lasting tradition and strong foundation
our sisters before us have established,
we are only beginning another phase
as the addition of more sisters bring
with it many new ideas and insights.
We take great pride in the events
we host and participate in, and we are
always finding ways to get involved both
on and off campus. We hold several
fundraising events during the year to
raise money for our philanthropy, which
is Breast Cancer Awareness. During
Breast Cancer Awareness month in
October, we can be seen at our table
in front of Dexter Lawn, selling bracelets
and pins, and giving out pamphlets
that inform the public of breast cancer.
During one day of the month, we also
hold an event called Pie-a-KDPhi, where
we let Cal Poly students pay a small fee
in order to pie us. All proceeds that are
earned from these events are donated
to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and
the National Breast Coalition.
We also participate in various community
service activities off campus. During
Winter Quarter 2010, we coordinated with
Lambda Phi Epsilon and picked ice plants
at the state park, which were harmful to
the environment. We love giving back to
our community and do all we can to help.
KDPhi’s know how to work hard,
but we also thrive because of our
strong sisterhood. Our sorority is
closely knit with genuine girls, strong
leaders, and loving sisters. Every
year, we host the Central Coast
Conference, which brings our sisters
from all over the nation together here
in San Luis Obispo. We give other
chapters the opportunity to bond and
to experience San Luis Obispo.
On the 19th of March 2010, the brothers of Lambda Theta Phi and sisters Alpha Kappa Delta Phi gave
a campus tour to approximately 30 high school students from the Oakland, Fresno, and San Jose
areas. These students were a part of Californians for Justice, a grass roots organization dedicated to
empowering minority students into educated and active members of society. The students were broken
into three groups and given a one hour tour where they got to see the major highlights of our campus
as well as some of the housing complex. Along the way the students were encouraged to ask questions
regarding the “college experience” in order to get a better grasp on the responsibilities that come with
being a college student. Overall this was a great experience because through this opportunity we were
able to pass down our experiences to students who came from similar backgrounds and had the same
questions and perceptions of college that we once did.
Open House: Farmer’s
April 15, 2010
This year we participated in the Open
House Farmer’s Market Showcase
Night. The evening began at 6:00
p.m. and lasted until 9:00 p.m. We
had an informational table with flyers
and display boards describing our
organization and the events the
chapter participates. This event was a
great way to expose our organization
to incoming students. We were
accompanied by a variety of student
clubs from Cal Poly, representing the
wide range of ways in which students
can become involved at our university.
Spring Conference 2010
April 18, 2010
The Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha
California Graduate and Alumni
Chapters organized a Leadership
Conference in Santa Barbara for all
California sisters. The day was filled
with a wide range of activities including
a Graduate Workshop, Yoga, and Arts.
MS Walk
April 24, 2010
Sisters from the California North Area 1
region participated in the Multiple Sclerosis
Walk in the Bay Area. Each sister in the
area raised a minimum of $30 towards
the cause. Sisters participating were from
San Jose State University, University of
California Berkeley, San Francisco State
University, California Polytechnic State
University, and Humboldt State University.
Additional Spring Quarter Events:
Founder’s Week
May 3 – May 7
Immigration Awareness Board Dexter Lawn
May 3 – May 7
LTA Jeopardy Night
May 5
Poppin’ Prizes Fundraiser
May 6
USFC Greek Speak |
USFC E-Board has
enhanced my Greek
Life by creating new
friendships and
advancing my
-Victor Ramos
USFC Treasurer
Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority, Inc. was founded on October 24, 1986 at Sacramento State
University. Since then, the values and sisterhood of Lambda Sigma Gamma have flourished all
throughout the state of California with 21 chapters from Chico to San Diego. Epsilon Chapter
at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo was established on April 21, 1991.
Epsilon Chapter prides itself in partaking in various philanthropic events. This Spring Quarter,
Lambda Sigma Gamma has participated in various events such as the March of Dimes raising
monetary donations in order to give hope to more than half a million babies born prematurely
each year. Lambda Sigma Gamma also participated in Relay for Life and collected over $1000
in donations towards cancer research. The Chapter also holds fundraisers; most recently
Woodstock’s fundraiser, a bake sale and an ongoing recycling fundraiser, the proceeds
benefited March of Dimes, Relay for Life and our yearly Summer Institute Scholarship.
One of Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority, Inc.’s purposes is scholastic excellence. Epsilon
Chapter works hard in maintaining this pillar in high standard. All sisters attend a Study Skills
Seminar held by the Academic Skills Center on campus. Weekly study hours are held in the
library where sisters are able to study together and be a resource to one another. We are
each other’s best support system; a home away from home.
| USFC Greek Speak
Chi Delta Theta (CDQ)
As sisters of ΧΔΘ we value 5 points…
Sisterhood. We traveled to our
sister chapters twice a month to
meet pledges, reconnect, and attend
formals. We are very proud our Zeta
Colony recently gained recognition as
a chapter on UCLA’s campus after 2
years of hard work!! Our SLO Chapter
actively builds sisterhood by making an
effort to personally hang out with our
sisters one-on-one.
Academics. Third Floor of Cal Poly’s
Kennedy library with a table full of
snacks--chances are you will find a Chi
Delt studying during the weeknights.
Through our dedication and hard work
we received the highest GPA in the
United Sorority & Fraternity Council
for Fall Quarter 2009. Some of our
ladies were able attend the First Annual
Alumnae Career Conference at UCLA.
We had the chance to talk to some
of our successful alumnae, which
left our ladies “..completely & utterly
INSPIRED…Spent the day talking
one on one with beyond successful
Chi Delta Theta founding mothers and
alumnae about career paths &
blessed to have opportunities like this”-Isabella Villacampa
Community Service. We supported
practice and gathering attendees.
Our hard work paid off as we
earned First place in Theta Chi’s
Best Sorority Dance Crew, an event
that benefitted Big Brothers Big
Sisters of America, and Nu Alpha
Kappa Fraternity’s Miss Greek
Universe, an event that encourages
students to join the Bone
Marrow Registry. W e a l s o
teamed with Sigma Omega
Nu Sorority for a Women’s Shelter
Cleanup and Driven Towards
Sisterhood’s (DTS) Clothing Drive.
very excited about PolyCultural
Weekend held in April 2010 as
we participated as performers,
conditionally admitted incoming
freshmen students of color. We
also performed a Tahitian dance at
Cal Poly’s Open House weekend.
Social Activity. We shared exchanges
with Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity,
Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity,
Omega Xi Delta Fraternity, Sigma
Omega Nu Sorority, Driven Towards
Sisterhood, Theta Chi Fraternity, Pi
Alpha Phi (UCSB), and Nu Alpha
Kappa Fraternity (UCLA).
We co-hosted alongside our brothers
of Omega Xi Delta, our 16th Annual
Lantern Festival, the largest AsianAmerican awareness event on
campus featuring cultural booths,
cultural entertainment and free
admission to the public.
Cultural Awareness. We feel
that Cal Poly should be a more
culturally inviting school. We were
As participants in the MultiCultural
Center’s Step Show hosted by Driven
Towards Sisterhood, we were grateful
to have the opportunity to witness the
unity, pride, talent, and passion of
many cultural organizations from our
campus as well as other universities
in California.
We’ve had a successful year and we
hope to see USFC Orgs grow even
further in their recognition within the
Cal Poly Community.
USFC Greek Speak |
Driven Toward Sisterhood
I t i s a r e w a r d i n g
position; you
get to be in the i nside
circle making
decisions that
a f f e c t t h e c o u n c i l
in a positive manner.
-Ricardo Cruz
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc is the “Last
Created and Best Designed” African-American
sorority within the Divine Nine. The sorority’s
aim is to enhance the quality of life within the
community. Public service, leadership development
and education of youth are the hallmark
of the organization’s programs and activities.
Our club, Driven Toward Sisterhood, is an active
interest group of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
We embody the mission of Sigma Gamma Rho by
addressing concerns that impact society educationally,
civically, and economically.
Community Service:
Driven Toward Sisterhood along with Southern
California Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. alumnae
and Sigma Gamma Rho from the UC Santa Barbara
chapter, successfully packed and shipped 60 Hair
| USFC Greek Speak
Care Packages to the female soldiers serving in Iran
and Afghanistan. Driven Towards Sisterhood raised
enough extra postage funds to cover an additional 50
future care package shipments.
Our sponsor for the packing party, Luster Products’
Pink Brand, continued their generous support of our
efforts by providing Hair Relaxer Kits, Shampoo,
Conditioner, Oil Moisturizer, different Styling Gels, and
Conditioning Hairdress for each soldier. As always, we
are most thankful to the entire Luster Products team.
MultiCultural Center Step Show
During Spring Quarter we successfully planned, hosted,
and participated in the MultiCultural Center’s first Step
Show. The Step Show contained six participants from
USFC and African American fraternities from Southern
California: Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi. It is
our hope to continue this tradition here at Cal Poly.
Sigma Omega Nu is the first Latina interest sorority ever created at Cal Poly, S.L.O. The women
of Sigma Omega Nu felt that this organization could help bring Latina women closer together while
making Cal Poly life easier and more exciting.
Sigma Omega Nu strives to provide its members with moral, academic, and family support. Together
members have worked hard to inform the community on the importance of Latina/o issues. The
sisters have participated in various Youth related programs in addition to other community service
programs. Our chapter's philanthropy is with the San Luis Obispo Women's Shelter. We have also
volunteered time and money for the American Heart Association as well as the AIDS Foundation.
We also participate in other events held in the community throughout the year; these events have included
Relay for Life, Cesar Chavez Day of Service, Make a Difference Day and CultureFest. Sigma Omega Nu
also prides itself on holding Reina Del Sol, our annual cultural talent show. The purpose of this event is to
promote cultural diversity both on the Cal Poly campus and in the San Luis Obispo community.
Members of Sigma Omega Nu hope to obtain the support of all women by being positive
role models. We strive on creating supportive and lasting relationships with each other.
As sisters of Sigma Omega Nu we will continue to stress high commitment, professional
and social ethics, as well as our dedication in continuing our exemplary commitment for
a strong sisterhood.
USFC Greek Speak |
Each year, the collegiate chapters of Gamma Zeta
Alpha Fraternity, Inc. participate in our nationally
sponsored Diabetes Prevention and Awareness
Week. Gammas throughout the state put on a
series of events, including screenings and nutrition
classes, with the purpose of aiding those diagnosed
with diabetes and increase awareness within the
community. With the support of a local Jamba
Juice, The Omicron Chapter of Gamma Zeta Alpha
Fraternity, Inc. raised $200 for the American Diabetes
Association (ADA) which allocates money to discover
new ways to detect, treat, and cure diabetes.
The Omicron Chapter scheduled a date with
Kermit McKenzie Junior High School in Guadalupe,
CA providing a nutrition workshop and a blood
screening for the local community. The workshop
informed people about Diabetes, its causes, and
reasons why Latinos are more prone to the disease.
We’ve taken strides to support Latinos on the
Central Coast through awareness and prevention.
| USFC Greek Speak
Additionally, as Latinos succeeding at the University
level, we feel it is crucial to use our accomplishments
and our resources to alleviate access to higher
education that many within underrepresented
communities face. It is for this reason that Gamma
Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is proud to be the
first Official Greek Sponsor of the California State
Academic Decathlon. Working with local Academic
Decathlon offices, our collegiate chapters participate
in judging county competitions. Brothers aid in
event logistics and serve as speech judges for the
competition. The purpose of our involvement is
outreach to current high school students and provide
information on eligibility and admissions to public
and private universities. This year, the Omicron
Chapter sent over 15 members to the Los Angeles
Unified School District (LAUSD) Academic Decathlon
competition. Over 60 teams competed at this event.
The Omicron Chapter enjoys encouraging young
students to strive for a higher education.
Our organization also provides support for the Makea-Wish Foundation. Every year our prospective
members organize a Bowl-A-Thon. This event raises
funds to provide a “no strings attached” gift for children
who suffer from unknown diseases and/or struggle
with their health on a daily basis. Each prospective
class fundraises in order to make more wishes a
reality for these children. The program gives our
prospective members the opportunity to participate
in hands-on community service and gives them great
insight into the work our organization does. The
Omicron Chapter’s Epsilon class successfully raised
$450 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation this year.
Nu Alpha Kappa (NAK)
Pacheco Elementary Community Service
Miss Greek Universe 2010
The NAK brothers assisted Pacheco Elementary school PTA
during it’s semi-annual Family Night. As kitchen coordinators,
we set up water tables, prepared tables for the families,
and cut burritos for the guests while students assisted us
by placing oranges on the plates. While eating dinner, the
students performed a show for the parents. Overall, it was
a great night.
The Founding Chapter of New Alpha Kappa hosted
its First annual Miss Greek Universe pageant.
This is a philanthropic event where we registered
over 60 individuals to Be A Match Foundation
for the National Marrow Donor Program. The
sorority student contestants were Van Nguyen
(alpha Kappa Delta Phi), Hillery Nguyen (Chi
Delta Theta), Sara Adams (Chi Omega), Laura
Gregorich (Kappa Alpha Theta), Hillary Fraser
(Sigma Kappa) and Lizbeth Hernandez (Sigma
Omega Nu), participated in Evening Gown, Talent,
and Question/Answer competitions. Without these
great ladies, this event would not have taken place
so thank you!
Twister with Lambda Theta Alpha
and Driven Toward Sisterhood
During Winter Quarter, we had a fun social with two sororities
in which we used a web site called in which
we donated over 27,000 grains of rice to people around the
world. It was a quiz-type web site where every correct answer
donated 10 grains of rice to a worthy country.
Multicultural Center Step Show
Psi Class
D u r i n g S p r i n g Q u a r t e r, f i v e o f o u r m e m b e r s
participated in the MultiCultural Center ’s
California Step Show hosted by the
We welcome the following gentlemen : Paul Gauna, [BUS]; L a d i e s o f D r i v e n To w a r d s S i s t e r h o o d .
Victor Quijas [AERO]; Francisco Choto [ARCH]; Ricardo W e p e r f o r m e d a t r a d i t i o n a l d a n c e u s i n g
Ramirez [ARCE]; Nicholas Simon [GENE]; Xavier Rodriguez m a c h e t e s . L u c k i l y, n o o n e w a s h u r t d u r i n g
USFC Greek Speak |
our performance.
[BCHEM]; and Christian Nunez [ME].
Greek relations is
all about bridging the
g a p b e t w e e n
all of the councils so
t h a t t h e G r e e k
community remains
strong & and unified.
-Touraj Yari &
Anh Nguyen
USFC Greek Relations
We the brothers of Omega Xi Delta Fraternity, the first Asian interest fraternity established at Cal Poly,
pride ourselves on our three pillars: brotherhood, cultural awareness and gentleman-like conduct.
We stand by these pillars and are very active within the school as well as around the community.
One of our most well known events is Lantern Festival, which we host annually with Chi Delta Theta
Sorority. It is the largest celebration of Asian culture on the Central Coast, and it is completely put
together by our two organizations. We bring performers from all over California, and we collaborate
with cultural organizations on campus to sell delicious foods. We also participate in events like
CultureFest and PolyCultural, the latter created of by one of our own.
We are also well known for our diversity, as we are the only greek organization to ever win the
President’s Diversity Award. While we do take our work seriously, we also like to have fun, Omegas
were on the 2010 Greek Week championship team. As a fraternity we have very close bonds with one
another, because we take our brotherhood pillar as seriously as the rest. We also pride ourselves as
gentleman, as we have a very good reputation on this campus.
Omega Xi Delta is a life changing
experience, which teaches you
about cultural diversity, builds eternal
friendships and prepares you for life.
| USFC Greek Speak
Lambda Phi Epsilon (LFE)
The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon hosted its 12th Annual West
Coast Brotherhood Rally (aka Splatfest) this past February. Splatfest is a weekend where our
chapter invites all 45+ Lambda Phi Epsilon chapters to have a brotherhood paintball tournament
right here in SLO. We also host a large club event that is open to the public. In conjunction with
the club venue, we donate ticket proceeds to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of SLO County. Our
sister sorority, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, joins us in this weekend of madness and fun as this same
weekend also marks their West Coast Sisterhood Rally.
Cal Poly does not have a large Asian American population. It may be a surprise to some people
that the largest National Asian American interest fraternity would have a chapter here in SLO.
However, it is the hard work and dedication of the brothers of this chapter that makes Splatfest
possible year after year. Splatfest is one of the key reasons Lambda Phi Epsilon was able
to establish a chapter here in SLO. Lambda Phi Epsilon hopes to continue increasing Asian
awareness and provide services to the community and University.
USFC Greek Speak |
fo D
The USFC council held its
Informational night during Spring
Quarter. This was the Executive
Board’s attempt to spark council
interest from the newly crossed
members of 2009-2010, to offer
insight into what the USFC does
and to explain each officer’s
responsibilities. The night started
out with an ice breaker. University
Police Officer Godfried presented
an alcohol and hazing awareness
presentation. Each council member
gave a general outlook on the
council’s mission and goals, and
reviewed officer’ responsibilities.
The goal of the event was to
educate younger members and
discuss different ways they can get
involved in the future.
In May 2010, The USFC Executive Board hosted USFC Day at Laguna Lake Park. USFC Day was created
to bring the council organizations together in a day long sporting event. The USFC Executive Board worked
from ground zero to establish an event that would strengthen our bonds as a council.
Ten USFC organizations were split into randomized teams with corresponding colors. Teams were
integrated so that individuals from different organizations would have the chance to bond with
and meet new people. The day consisted of icebreakers, relay races, tug-of-war, flag football and volleyball tournaments.
In another effort to encourage unity, organizations were paired off and assigned a task for USFC Day. For
example, Sigma Omega Nu and alpha Kappa Delta Phi were responsible for facilitating icebreakers. Each
organization brought a side dish that complimented the BBQ. One of the goals of USFC is to increase intracouncil communication and unity. USFC Day helped us take a step forward to completing this goal.
| USFC Greek Speak