October/November 2011 - Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Church



October/November 2011 - Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Church
October/November 2011
Volume 6, Number 6
Beloved Parishioners:
I would like to convey my gratitude and sincere thanks to all our dedicated parishioners
who have worked truly countless hours toward
the construction of our new Parish Center.
When I gaze upon the building from one of the
Altar windows, my mind immediately begins to
consider all of the new great things we will accomplish as a community once we are in this
well-planned and modern facility. For us, this
building will be a state of the art facility for
teaching and learning. It will be a beautiful
place where we will host inspiring, uplifting
and celebratory events and activities. It will be
our gathering place as we continue to grow in
our Orthodox Faith. Each day the joy of anticipation grows as our building progresses.
There are still, however, numerous details to
be completed before we reach our final goal of
10 Youth Directors
12 Pasadena Greek Fest
our completed Parish Center. The area between and surrounding our Parish Center and
the Church must be completed, and the area
in front of the Church requires upgrading and
reconfiguration. In order to accomplish all of
this work, we will have to implement some
necessary changes. I am reminded of Christ's
lesson that there will be times, as His Followers, when life will not always be easy or go according to plan. In those times, we must pray
and be flexible and open to change. We will
experience some of the changes which will affect our Sunday worship. But I, as your Proistamenos, will do everything I can to make this
period of transition as smooth and painless as
Beginning in November, the trailers on the
North side of the Church will have to be removed and we will be without classrooms. So
our Sunday School Lessons, as they are currently taught and structured, will be modified.
The education of our children is of paramount
importance and must continue in some form
each and every Sunday. Christ said, “Let the
little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for such is the kingdom of heaven.” In order to maximize our time for teaching toward the end of the Liturgy, as of November 6th, the Orthros (the Matins Service)
will begin at 8:30 AM. Any Memorial Services
scheduled will be chanted at the end of the Orthros at 9:45 AM and just before the Great
Doxology. The Divine Liturgy will begin at
10AM. These minor adjustments will allow us
more time for the Sermon. The Sermon will be
our teaching opportunity for all family members. Parents and children will remain together
in Church, and at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, your priests will now gear the traditional
sermon to the entire congregation. We will
speak to our people young and old alike. A
message to be heard and experienced by all.
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PASADENA, CA 91107 – 5613
(626) 449-6943 Fax (626) 449-6974
Rev. Fr. Peter Stratos
Rev. Fr. Christos Kanakis
Alma Vorgias, Secretary
Vicki Kades, Communications
Sunday Services
Orthos 9:00 am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
Church office hours:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
9:00 am to 12:00 Noon
Closed on Saturday & Sunday
Ted Vavoulis – President
John Buzas – Vice-President
Eleni Vagenas - Secretary
John Patzakis – Co-Treasurer
Peter Stavropoulos – Co-Treasurer
Tashia Vagenas – Assistant Treasurer
Sophia Angelos, Chris Bicos, Tom Grafos, Jim
Hronas, Yvonne Riley, Christos Siatras,
Constantine Trigonis, John Vidalakis,
Perry Vidalakis
Andrew Demopoulos, Chairman
Fontaine Malisos
Jim Hronas
Irene Albeck
Esther Vavoulis
Presbytera Aida Stratos
Anastasia McClain, Director
Publication Reminder:
The Voice of Saint Anthony deadline is the 10th of the
preceding month. Please submit announcements electronically to Vicki Kades at [email protected]
St. Anthony's reserves the right to edit, alter or reject any content.
Thank you to Stephanie Soewers for editing the monthly bulletin.
Thank you to all that contribute photos to the monthly newsletter:
Judie Christopoulos, Vicki Kades, Maria Karras, Steve Pappas and
Esther Vavoulis, Tanya Christodoulelis
Esther Vavoulis, President
Sophia Syrengelas
Pantele Xanthos
To email any of our church groups, please go to
our website www.saint-anthonys.org,
and you will be able to contact us!
Father Peter’s Message Continued From Page 1
So many times, through the years when I have
spoken to gatherings of children, one or more of
the adults present has approached me and said
something like, “I have never heard that before
Father,” or “Is that really what we believe?"
All that means is that there is so much more that
we all can learn about our faith, no matter how
far along we may be in our journey. Therefore,
these new instructional messages will be beneficial for all of us.
These changes and new arrangements are only
temporary, but they are necessary. We all need
to be in our Holy Father's House each week, to
worship Him together, to hear His Holy Word in
the Gospel reading, to receive Holy Communion
and begin our week spiritually fortified. I pray we
will all embrace this change as a unique adventure in the life of our parish, with open minds
and loving hearts. We will all learn and grow together.
In Christ,
Fr Peter
We wish to welcome the newest member of the Saint Anthony family,
Garifalia (Grace) Eudoxia Kanakis,
born Monday, October 10, 2011 at
5:38pm, weighing 8lbs 11oz. 21 inches.
Congratulations Fr. Christos and
Presvytera Jessica.
Na sas zisi!
Γαρυφαλιά Ευδοξία "Grace"
Special thanks to ALL the
2011 Pasadena Greek Fest volunteers
and sponsors!
See pages 12 & 13 for more
post-festival photos and information!
Moms N’ Tots
Since the start of Moms n' Tots 15 years ago,
this ministry is still going strong. Mommies and
their little ones are having so much fun as we
come together to learn about our church
through music, stories, and crafts. This is a
perfect way for kiddos and mommies alike make
new friends in our community and introduce children to our church at a very young age.
building. Regardless of the temporary displacement this year, we expect Moms n' Tots to have
another successful year and be a fun time for
mommies, daddies, yiayias, caregivers, and
kiddos alike.
Come November, we won't have access to the
trailers. We will be meeting every other Tuesday form 10:30-12:00 for playdates at parks,
field trips, and homes.
The schedule through December is as follows:
November 1st, 15th, 29th. Our Christmas Party
will be on December 13th. Locations TBA.
It is important that we keep our program going
strong, even during the transition into our new
Please contact Eleni Bicos [email protected]
or Sophia Syrengelas [email protected]
to be put on our mailing list. Information and
locations will be emailed on a weekly basis.
All the JR Goyan’s had a great time
working and participating in this
year's Pasadena Greek Fest!
Our fall schedule is quite busy with
lots of opportunities for fellowship and fun. We
plan to take several teams to Bible Bowl in December, so we will have a couple of Bible Jeopardy Game Meetings to prepare. Please contact
the church office for more information or if you
would like to participate.
We are meeting on Saturday, November 19th at
the Kamar's home in La Canada for game and
movie night. All Jr. Goyan’s are invited to join in
4 on the fun!
On December 3rd we will go to Bible Bowl in Upland.
Finally, we will have our Jr. GOYA Christmas Party on Saturday, December 10 at the Caire's
home in La Canada. Special thank you's to all
the families who have offered their homes for
our meetings and events.
Save the Date
Jr. GOYA Christmas Party
Saturday, December 10
Sunday School
2011/2012 Sunday School Staff
Room 1-Preschool-Staff-9-25-Niki Milward and Aliki Kivitne
Room 2-Kindergarten/First Grade-Mary Udria, Penny Wojicik
Room 3-Second/Third Grade-Mrs. Stavros
Room 4-Fourth/Fifth Grade-Jenny Tsouvalas, Janet Vagenas
Room 5-Sixth Grade-Irene Albeck
Room 6-Seventh/Eighth Grades-Staff-Judie Christopoulos will assistRoom 7-High School-Maria Grover
*Parents of children preschool to second grade are encouraged to escort child to their classes,
then return to church for the conclusion.
If anyone would like to participate by teaching or assisting, please contact Father Peter or Mrs. Albeck.
The curriculum is established and materials plentiful.
Godparent/godchild Sunday will be October 30.
Please invite your godparent or godchildren to church to receive Holy Communion together, recite
the Creed together, and to fulfill the promise of being their spiritual sponsor.
On September 10th the
Goyans put on a luncheon
for the VIPs at the
Vavoulis’s home. For the
luncheon the Goyans prepared and baked muffins
and cakes at the Dupas's
house the night before,
and the next morning they
met at the Vavoulis's house to set up and prepare the meals. It was a beautiful day, and the
VIPs sat outside and were served lunch by the
The Goyans and VIPs mingled, and the Goyans
asked the VIPs a few questions for them to answer. Here are a few of the questions and the
answers the VIPs offered:
With the wisdom you have today, what advice would you give to our youth today?
 go to church every Sunday ”Father Peter”
 stay in school
 always listen to your parents
 be yourself
 stay close to your family
 don’t have sex before marriage
Secret to a good marriage?
 the person you choose will make
up 99% of your happiness
 work together
 never go to bed angry at your spouse
 quailites: kindness, partner takes you first,
considers your feelings before his/her own,
patience, forgiveness, love, respect, and honesty
What are your happiest moments?
 Having our baby/kids
 having grandkids
 getting married or the wed-
The Greek Orthodox Youth of America, or GOYA,
is a national youth program of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, headquartered
in Garrison, New York. Its main activities are fellowship, service, and social activities. The orientation and implementation of the program reflects the Orthodox Christian Faith, Tradition and
Life. Its mission is to minister to youth workers,
young people and their families, enabling them
to fully experience the Orthodox Faith, and to
live a vital Orthodox Christian life.
GOYA is open to junior high and high school
grade Orthodox Christian teenagers. Teenagers
should be in seventh through twelfth grades to
The mission and goal of GOYA ministry is to lead
young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith.
Members of GOYA are colloquially known as
"Goyans". If you or someone you know is interested in joining St. Anthonys GOYA, please send
an email to the GOYA email at st.anthony GOYA
Upcoming St. Anthony’s GOYA Events:
Saturday, November 5
Bowling @ LAlive 2:00pm-4:00pm
Fr. Christo talk & dinner 5:00pm-7:00pm
@ the Pappas home
November 11th-13th Big Bear Goya trip
Saturday, December 17
GOYA Christmas Pary
Saturday, January 7
Movie night and discussion 6:00 pm-9:00pm
Philoptochos is off to a good start! Our September meeting was held at the lovely home
of Marietta and Steve Bicos. Forty- five
members gathered together for fellowship
and a delicious potluck dinner. We thank
Marietta and Steve for their gracious hospitality.
Maria Kypreos and Fontaine Malisos attended
a fall conference for the Philoptochos Metropolis recently that was held at Saint Nicholas Ranch in Dunlap, California. Over sixty
women throughout the western states gathered at the Ranch for a most inspirational
and informative weekend.
The keynote speaker was Presvytera Pat
Tsagalakis who spoke about “Balance: The
Art of Giving and Receiving,” reflections of
Saints Mary and Martha, challenging Orthodox Christian women to find balance in their
In addition, Paulette Geanacopoulos, LMSW,
from the National Philoptochos Department
of Social Work gave an invaluable presentation about how to assist individuals and
families in need.
Philoptochos continues to sponsor serving
dinner to the homeless at Union Station,
Pasadena on the first Wednesday of every
month. If you are interested in participating
in this worthwhile project, please contact
Irene Albeck.
Save the date! Preparations are underway
for Saint Anthony Philoptochos’ 43rd annual
Christmas Benefit Luncheon on Saturday,
December 3, 2011, at the Langham Huntington Hotel. Invite family and friends to attend this festive event which is a Pasadena
All Philoptochos general meetings are held
on the fourth Wednesday of each month.
The October general meeting will be held at
the home of Helen Lambros on October 26.
We hope to see you there!
Save The Date
Saint Anthony Philoptochos’
43 Annual Christmas Benefit Luncheon
Saturday, December 3, 2011
Langham Huntington Hotel
Greek School
Τα νέα του Ελληνικού Σχολείου: δυναμική αρχή και
πολλές επιτυχίες Ξεκινήσαμε τη νέας σχολική μας χρονιάς
δυναμικά και σε ατμόσφαιρα γιορτής
Για πρώτη φορά φέτος συμμετείχαμε με τη δική μας
γιορταστική εκδήλωση στο ετήσιο φεστιβάλ της κοινότητάς
μας το Σεπτέμβριο. Μαθητές και απόφοιτοι. παιδιά και
ενήλικες, παρουσίασαν ένα ευχάριστο γλωσσικό –
πολιτισμικό πρόγραμμα στο κτίριο του Ιπποδρόμου Santa
Anita το Σαββατόβραδο του φεστιβάλ. Πολλοί επισκέπτες
ήρθαν να ακούσουν για τη γλώσσα και την παιδεία μας και
χειροκρότησαν τους εύγλωττους μαθητές μας επί σκηνής.
Ιδιαίτερα τιμητική ήταν η παρουσία της Γενικής Προξένου
της Ελλάδας στο Λος Αντζελες, κας Ελισάβετ Φωτιάδου, η
οποία μίλησε στο κοινό για την ελληνική γλώσσα και τη
διεθνή της σημασία. Η κυρία πρόξενος ανακοίνωσε τα
ονόματα των επιτυχόντων μαθητών μας στις φετινές
εξετάσεις Ελληνομάθειας του Κέντρου Ελληνικής Γλώσσας.
Πιστοποίηση Επάρκειας της Ελληνομάθειας: Οι φετινοί
κάτοχοι των διπλωμάτων ελληνομάθειας είναι οι:
Νικολίτσα Βαγενά, Αναστάσιος Γιαννούλης, Όλγα
Μαστροδήμου, Αναστασία Μενεμενλή και Ανδρέας Rauch.
Θερμά συγχαρητήρια σε όλους για την προσπάθεια και την
επιτυχία τους.
Το σχολείο μας διακρίνεται για σειρά ετών τώρα στο
σημαντικό αυτό διαγωνισμό γλωσσικής επάρκειας ο οποίος
τελεί υπό την αιγίδα της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης και του
ελληνικού Υπουργείου Παιδείας. Προσφέρουμε και φέτος
πλήρες πρόγραμμα προπαρασκευαστικών μαθημάτων για
τις εξετάσεις Ελληνομάθειας (επίπεδα Α1-Γ2).
Το δίπλωμα ελληνομάθειας εξασφαλίζει αναγνώριση ξένης
γλώσσας σε πανεπιστήμια των Η.Π.Α. και, στις ανώτερες
βαθμίδες του, αποτελεί γλωσσικό τεκμήριο για φοίτηση σε
ελληνικό πανεπιστήμιο και για την ανεύρεση εργασίας στην
Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση. Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες
παρακαλούμε επικοινωνήστε με τη διεύθυνση του Ελληνικού
Σχολείου η συμβουλευθείτε την ιστοσελίδα:
Θερμά συγχαρητήρια και στη δασκάλα του σχολείου μας
Δήμητρα Κάσδαγλη, η οποία αρίστευσε στις εξετάσεις του
επιμορφωτικού προγράμματος εξ αποστάσεως “Διαδρομές
για τη διδασκαλία της νέας ελληνικής ως ξένης γλώσσας”
–επίπεδο Ελληνομάθειας Γ2+ για διδάσκοντες. Πρόκειται
για ένα πρόγραμμα κατάρτισης υψηλών αξιώσεων, το οποίο
καλύπτει την ανάγκη να διδάσκονται τα ελληνικά στο
εξωτερικό από δασκάλους με τα απαραίτητα εφόδια. Η
Δήμητρα, με την αφοσίωση και τη λαμπρή επίδοσή της στο
πρωτοποριακό αυτό πρόγραμμα, προσφέρει το καλύτερο
παράδειγμα προς μίμηση σε όλους τους μαθητές, εντός και
πέρα από το Ελληνικό Σχολείο. Χαιρόμαστε μαζί της και την
καμαρώνουμε! Τα νέα της προσόντα έχουν ήδη αξιοποιηθεί
στο φετινό πρόγραμμα μαθημάτων.
Το φετινό πρόσωπο του Ελληνικού Σχολείου. Φοιτούν 65
παιδιά και νέοι, ηλικίας προσχολικής έως λυκείου.
Προσφέρουμε πλήρη σειρά τάξεων, από προνηπιακό έως
προχωρημένο επίπεδο και προπαρασκευή ελληνομάθειας.
Μία πρόσθετη τάξη για παιδιά Δημοτικού στεγάζεται στο
Hill Harbison House, San Marino. Λειτουργούν επίσης 4
τάξεις ενηλίκων (Αρχάριοι I έως Προχωρημένοι ΙΙΙ), με
σύνολο 16 μαθητές.
Από τις 4 Νοεμβρίου και για το υπόλοιπο της σχολικής
χρονιάς οι τάξεις μας θα στεγάζονται στην παρακάτω
New Hope Church (PCUSA),
700 S. Rosemead Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107
Greek School Program, Pasadena
Greek Fest 2011 Presentation
Students & teachers celebrate with the Consul General
of Greece, the honorable Elizabeth Fotiadou
(center, with microphone)
Greek School News: dynamic start and
many accomplishments.
The new school year 2011-12 kicked off dynamically and in a celebratory mood.
Greek Fest 2011. This year, for the first time,
the Greek School held its own festive program at
the Pasadena Greek Fest, in the Santa Anita
Race Track Building on Saturday, 9/17. A talented group of our students, children, youth and
adults, shared their experience of Greek language and culture to an appreciative audience,
and was warmly applauded. Our distinguished
guest was the honorable Elisabeth Fotiadou,
Consul General of Greece in Los Angeles. Mrs Fotiadou eloquently spoke about the importance of
Greek in a global world. She then introduced the
students of our school who succeeded in this
year’s examinations for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (May 10-12, UC Irvine): Anastasios Giannoulis, Olga Mastrodemos, Anastasia
Menemenlis, Andreas Rauch, and Nikolitsa Vagenas.
Certificate of Attainment in Greek: Our
warmest congratulations to the above students,
for their efforts and excellent results.
The St Anthony Greek School has been participating with distinction for a sequence of years in
this important program of language certification
which is implemented by the Centre for Greek
language, Greek Ministry of Education, under the
auspices of the European Union. We offer fullyear preparatory courses for the Certificate,
covering all 6 levels of language proficiency
The Certificate gives foreign languages credits
at U.S.A. schools and universities, and serves as
proof of attainment in Greek in the European ed-
ucational institutions and work market. For more
information please contact the Greek School or
visit the website
It is our great joy this year to congratulate our
teacher, Dimitra Kasdagli,
who received a certificate of
excellence for her completion
of the course “Routes in
Teaching Modern Greek as
a Foreign Language ” –
Certification of Attainment
in Greek for Teachers, Level C2+. “Routes” is a univerDimitra Kasdagli
sity-level, distance training
course that addresses the crucial need for teaching Greek as a second language by properly
qualified instructors, expatriates and foreigners,
at all levels and all age-groups. Dimitra’s participation and excellent performance in this innovative course offers a valuable role model for all
students, within and beyond the Greek School.
Her new skills have already been placed in use in
this year’s curriculum.
Greek School profile, 2011-12. We have currently 65 registered children and youths, ages
pre-school to high school, attending the full
range of classes from Pre-K to Advanced and
Preparatory for Certification. An additional extramural class for elementary school children is held
at the Hill Harbison House in San Marino. Our
adult program includes four classes, Beginners I
to Advanced III, totaling 15 students.
Relocation schedule: Starting November 4 and
for the rest of the school year classes will be relocated at New Hope Church (PCUSA), 700 S.
Rosemead Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107.
Eleni Tsaggouri
(left) & Georgia
Tripodis (right)
make Greek playful
& enjoyable for our
youngest students
every Monday
“Season Finale” by Rev. Deacon Niko Bekris
There are few things
worse than the torture
of waiting the whole
summer to find out
what happens after your
favorite TV show’s season finale! You watch a
show the entire season
(typically September to
May), only to see a dramatic conclusion to all
of that year’s stories in
a two-hour episode that
ends in a cliffhanger, and makes you wait three
months to find out what happens next. Torture!
I think the first time I ever saw a season finale, it
was the “Who Shot Mr. Burns” episode of the
Simpsons. As you can guess from the name,
typically something “shocking” happens in the
episode to grab your attention- a glee-club member has her baby, a character’s parent in Gossip
Girl dies, someone gets married, and on and on
and on. And, as is almost always the case, ratings go up in the process.
We here in the Metropolis Youth Office are going
through our own “season finale,” if you will. Last
August 15, after being a deacon for almost three
years, by God’s grace I was ordained a priest at
the Annunciation Cathedral in San Francisco by
His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos. As of the
first of this month, I am being assigned to the
Cathedral on a full-time basis, and another youth
director will be stepping into my position at the
Metropolis. His name is Mr. Paul Gikas, and I am
convinced he will do a great job serving you.
He’s originally from San Diego, and has spent a
lot of time in Chicago, and serving the Mother
Church in Constantinople, as well. He has a wife
and a three year-old son, and I know he’s going
to be great in San Francisco.
As the next “season premiere” begins for the Metropolis Youth Office and for me, I would like to
take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank
you to God, first and foremost, and to Metropolitan Gerasimos for giving me this assignment
three years ago. Thank you to all who have
helped in any way, shape or form (and there
have been many of you) in the Metropolis youth
events that we have put together, also. Each of
you have helped the Lord reach a young person’s
life in doing so. Finally, thank you for welcoming
me with open arms each time I visited your
church, camp or retreat center. It has been an
absolute blessing and joy for me to make such
beautiful friendships up and down the west coast.
Please do keep in touch (I’m still on Facebook,
but sorry, I haven’t put texting back on my
phone plan yet…)!
The beauty of this season finale is that you won’t
have to wait three months to find out what happens next. On the contrary, nothing will skip a
beat. God willing, every Metropolis youth ministry will continue in 2011-2012 bigger and better
than before, and you’ll become friends with your
new Metropolis Youth Director in the process.
And, hopefully, I will still see you at FDF, summer camp, the young adult winter retreat in Tahoe and any other event we may attend together. Let’s continue to try our best to follow our
Lord as best we can by praying for each other,
loving one another, and “committing ourselves,
and one another, and our whole life to Christ our
God.” God bless.
Fr. Peter's Sunday sermons are now posted online.
Thanks to Nick Kleissas for digitizing
and converting the audio to MP3 format.
*This does not replace church. Fr. Peter stresses the importance of
church attendance and being at church on time.
Message from the Paul Gikas, New Metropolis Youth Director
“Greetings from the Metropolis Office of
Youth and Young Adult Ministries”
By Paul Gikas
Bartholomew, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate for these
years and I will always be deeply grateful to our Lord
God for this experience. At the same time, I feel equally
blessed to finally be back home in the Metropolis of San
Francisco and to have the opportunity to serve it under
the guidance of His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos.
During my first couple of weeks in the office I have realized the great challenge that exists in creating Metropolis programs for you, our young people, in all seven
states because of the great distances that exist between
many of our parishes. But where there is a will there is a
way. And if God’s will is involved then anything is possible. Right? Therefore, as I am now trying to make
plans for future events I would love to hear from you,
our young people, about any ideas you may have for
events, or anything else you might like to see from the
Metropolis Youth Office. So I invite you, and anyone
else who may be reading this, like our reverend clergy,
young adults, parents or youth workers, to e-mail me
with any suggestions or thoughts you would like to share
with me about how I might be able improve our Metropolis youth programs. I know that many of our youth participated in a very important survey this past year but for
those of you who didn’t, this is another opportunity for
you to express yourselves.
I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly
greet all of you as your new Metropolis Youth Director.
If you haven’t heard yet, Fr. Niko was recently ordained
to the Holy Priesthood on the Feast Day of the Dormition (Falling Asleep) of the Theotokos on August 15 and
is now serving as the second priest at the Annunciation
Cathedral here in San Francisco. I know that many of
you will miss Fr. Niko but you should still see him at
many youth events throughout the year!
As this is the first Bulletin that I am writing, I thought
you might like to know a little about me. I am originally
from San Diego, CA and grew up at St. Spyridon’s
Greek Orthodox Church there. I graduated from our Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in the year
2000 and then moved to Athens, Greece to continue my
studies in Modern Greek. After about one year our
Archdiocese asked me if I would like to work at our Patriarchate, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, in Istanbul, Turkey, assisting with the English language needs there. I accepted and ended up staying at
the Patriarchate for over eight years. During this time I
met my wife, Sophia Gikas, who also gave birth to our
son, Styllianos Theodoros Gikas, whose picture from his
baptism you might have seen in the April 2010 edition
of National Geographic magazine. Words cannot express what an honor and blessing it was for me to serve
our Patriarch, His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch
I look forward to hearing from you and meeting as
many of you as possible during the course of this year
and to seeing the presence of Christ our Lord in your
young hearts and lives!
September 2011 Online Sermons
09-25-2011 1st Sunday of Luke Fr. Spencer Kezios teaches us about the
similarities between the present day suffering of the women of Somalia
and the Theotokos. (9:21)
09-18-2011 Sunday after Holy Cross Fr. Chris teaches us the Cross is the
symbol of our faith. (4:59)
• 09-11-2011 Sunday Before Holy Cross Fr. Peter relates his early priesthood
assignment to provide spiritual assistance for a young, pregnant, and newly
widowed parishioner as a result of the 9/11 tragedy. (18:44) • 09-04-2011
12th Sunday of Matthew Fr. Chris teaches about Salvation (3:39)
We would like to thank everyone who helped
put on this year’s festival. The festival would
not have been as successful as it was if it were
not for the countless volunteers that committed their time and talents. Thank you to everyone!
We had a record year on many accounts, and we hope to have a detailed report finalized in
time for the next newsletter. There are still a couple of large invoices that have not been finalized, such as Santa Anita and Dolphin Rentals, so we don’t have a final number on our
profits, but we are near the $110,000 - $120,000 range. We are also planning on having our
own Fest Section in the Newsletter to provide better communication year round. In the
meantime, here are the initial numbers reported comparing 2010-2011:
$ 20,844.00
$ 21,378.00
$ 7,959.00
$ 2,014.00
$ 1,844.00
$ 33,191.00
$ 41,600.00
$ 8,409.00
$ 10,112.00
$ 18,773.00
$ 8,661.00
Greek Coffee
$ 1,552.00
$ 12,807.00
$ 16,510.00
$ 3,703.00
$ 23,389.00
$ 27,519.00
$ 4,130.00
Kids Games
$ 2,421.00
Kids Food
Kids Rides
Bar Annex
Var %
$ (1,839.00)
Lamb Chops
$ 13,388.00
$ 14,414.00
$ 1,026.00
$ 18,533.00
$ (3,200.00)
Feta Fries
$ 13,233.00
$ 24,574.50
$ (1,968.00)
Wine Bar
$ 12,265.00
$ 18,756.00
$ 6,491.00
Stewardship (as of September 30, 2011)
Burkard, Penelope & Frank J.
Buzas, Danielle & Nicholas
Buzas, Pamela & John
Caire, Terese & John
Chames, Jim
Christodoulelis, Helen
Christodoulelis, Tanya & Jimmy
Christodoulou, Christine/Christakis
Rev. Peter & Pres. Aida Stratos
Christodulelis, Eva & Charles
Rev. Christos & Pres. Jessica Kanakis Christopoulos, Lynette & Anthony
Pres. Maria Mylonas
Christopoulos, Judie & Gus
Abrams, Jennifer & Robert
Christy, Angene
Adamopoulos, Virginia & Peter
Coccia, Tina & Ginseppe
Akopiantz, Aphie
Cocores, Christine & Ted
Akrotirianakis, Barbara & Nicholas
Cokias, Jason & Karen
Akrotirianakis, Sherese & Joseph
Courlas, Angelos & Marianna
Albeck, Irene
Courlas, Georgia & George
Albeck, Mark Gregory
Dallas, Athena & Saterios
Alex, Helen & Angelo Paravantis
Damilatis, Dimitrios & Eleni
Alexopoulos, Sophoclis P.
Darlas, Paula
Anastasiadou, Vasileia
Darlas, Tom
Andrianopoulos, Christyann & Alex
Darlas, Kim & Bill
Angelos, Sophia & James
Darlas, Laura & Taso
Darras, Mary Ann
Anton, Helen & Gus
Demetriades, Demetrios& Elizabeth
Arapostathis, Mary
Demopulos, Elizabeth & Andrew
Arviso, Angie & Allen
Demopulos, Michael
Aspiotes, Georgia
Demopulos, Nicholas
Athans, Tina & Dean P.
Demos, Anna
Attalla, Philip "Ted"
Demos, Nick & Maria
Balas, Argiro Julie & Dino
Dewar, Mary & Andrew
Baliotis, Tina & Demetre
Diamond, Anastasia
Bannoura, Michale & Renee Gharib
Dimitrakopoulos, Efterpi/Panagiotis
Becker, Connie & Brian L.
Dousis, Athanasios D.
Becronis, Christina
Driscoll, Tiffany & Sean
Beleos, Athena
Drulias, Rosann & Bill
Betinis, Harriet
Dupas, Katherine & George
Bicos, Allison & John
Dupas, Evangeline & Theodore
Bicos, Eleni & Chris
Duran, Carrie & Chuy
Bicos, Kalli & Dino
Economu, Aphrodite & Adam
Bicos, Marietta & Steve
Efstathiou, Theodora & Dean
Bicos, Mary
Fletcher, Wendy, Emanuel Johson
Bissias, Peter N.
Floutsis, Penny & Ted
Blaszcak, Georgia & Frank
Fryer II, Kay H. & Norman L.
Bogosyan, Margarita
Fuerst, Nicolette & Jay M.
Boltinghouse, Helen
Gaeta, Maddy & Anthony
Bonorris, Bill
Gallagher, Eleni & Matthew
Bonorris, Donna & Pete
Gallanis, Pete & Danila
Bonorris, Helen
Gatsoulis, Dorothea & Philip
Bottcher, Kelly & Bob
Gavalas, George & Cleola
Bougdanos, Elizabeth & Eugene
Gelt, Brian & Pana
Boulgarides, Athena
Genkos, Mary & Thimios
Bouras, Tom Athanasios
Georgakopoulos, Eleni & George
Bowers, Connie & Terree
Giannoulias, Eftehia & Andrea
Bozikis, Demetra
Gittings, Maria & Bryan
Broussinos, Angeliki & Chris
Grafos, Tania & Tom
Brown, Joseph M.
Grover, Maria & James
Haralambos, Aliki
September 30, 2011
$225,006 COLLECTED AS OF 09/30/2011
Haralambos, Kathleen & Anthony
Haralambos, Page & Tom
Harper, Chris & Stella Anguiano
Harper, Christina C.
Harper, George
Housos, Gus & Dena
Hronas, Maria & James W.
Jacovides, Helen
Johnsen, Eleni & Robert
Kades, Christine
Kades, Vicki & Louis
Kalambakas, Vivian & Nick P.
Kalivas, Anastasia
Kalivas, Elene & George
Kalivas, Pota & George N.
Kallas, Mark & Debra
Kamar, April
Kamp, Harry
Kaparos, Lily & Stefanos
Kaplanis, Joan & Peter
Kappos, Anthia Marie
Karagias, Helen & Tasos
Karaioannoglou, Jeanne & Phaedon
Karamaras, Andriana & John
Karatzas, Chris
Karatzas, Mersina & John
Karvelas, Marina & Kosta
Kasdagli, Dimitra & Mark Nastri
Katem, Basil N.
Katsafados, Theoni & Pete
Katsas, Asimina & Andreas
Kazaltzes, Gina & Nickolas
Kechris, Sotirios A.
Kefalas, Evelyn & John
Kefalas, Mike
Kefalas, Nina & Modestos
Kiotas, Stavrula & Alex
Kirimis, George D.
Kirimis, Nitsa & John
Kitridou, Rodanthi C.
Kleissas, Athena & Nick
Kokoris, Maria & Nicholas
Kolokotrones, Carolyn & James
Koudanis, Helen & George
Koulos, Jenny & John
Koulos, Joanna&Konstantinos
Koutis, Steve
Koutras, Alexander E.
Koutsoukos, Lin & George
Kundanis, Christine
Kypreos, Maria & James
Lakon, Valerie & Peter P.
Lappas, Dino & Virginia
Ledis, Stella & Rene
Levandis, Melissa & George
Livanos, Parri
Loutsos/Grajeda, Anna,Georgia
Lucas, Anthia & John S.
Lucas, Katherine
Macris, Catherine & George
Makris, Maria & Ted
Malahatis, Sofia & Mike
Malina, Dorothea
Malisos, Fontaine
Manousadjian, Sonia
Marshall, Robert
Martin, Debbie & Sam
Mathioulakis, Claudia & Stan
Mavredakis, Vivian & George
Mavridis, Angela & Peter
McClain, Anastasia Sarantopoulos
McNulty, Jennie & Chris
Mechalas, Bess
Messerotes, Greg
Messerotes, Vera
Millward, Niki M. & Steve
Mobayen, Chrissa & Syrus
Moreno, Eva Elizabeth
Moutzouridis, Vasiliki & Pete
Mowrey, Anthony &Tina
Mowrey, Robert D.
Murad, Mark & Evangeline G.
Nichols, Joyce & James
Nicolaidis, Nicolas
Nikolaidou, Maria
Nunez, Alyssa & Angel
Ochoa, Alexa
Palamiotis, Thetis
Panagiot, Harry & Anastasia
Panagiotacopulos, Aliki & Nick
Pantazis, Aleka & George
Papaioanou, Athanasia
Papaioanou, Sara & Nathaniel
Pappas, Cathy & Peter
Pappas, Christine & Steven N
Pappas, Dean C.
Pappas, Hope & Constantine
Pappas, James P.
Pappas, Parry
Pappas, Peter A.
Pastis, Leah & Arry
Pastis, Patricia
Pastis, Vivian & Gust S.
Patzakis, Andrea & John
Pavlis, Mary & Eleftherios
Paziouros, Konstantina & Nick
Pegadiotes, Georgia & Sam
Pegadiotes, Ioanna & Stelios
Pegadiotes, Maria & George S.
Pegadiotes, Stan S.
Perris, Georgia
Petropoulos Anastasios & Eleni Tsaggouri
Pla, Thena & Fernando
Plumtree, Maria & Ken Stephen
Plumtree, Martha & Wayne
Polychronis, Eleftheria/Theodore
Polykandriotis, John & Ira Lu
Poulos, Yiota
Rellos, John
Riley, Evangelia & Thomas
Roumbos, Popi
Sahpazis, Georgia
Saigh/Suchy, Mark & Mara R.
Scolinos, Mary
Serban, Athena & Mihai
Serras, Nika & Dennis
Shankwiler, James & Alexandria Darras
Siatras, Christiann &Christos+
Skandale, Elizabeth
Skandale, Helen
Skandale, Katherine
Soewers, Stephanie & Randy
Stavropoulos, Demetra (Litsa)
Stavropoulos, Peter T. & Theodora
Suchy, Gregoria & Raymond W.
Svitak, Mike & Sophia
Syrengelas, Sophia & Christos
Tarazi, Ellie & John
Theoharatos, W.Jeannie & Christos
Tirado, Elizabeth
Tobia, Gary
Tousley, Tricia & Arthur
Treantafelles, George P.
Treantafelles, Georgia & Andrew
Treantafelles, Helen & George
Treantafelles, Ioannis K.
Treantafelles, Vivian & Stan
Trigonis, Fotene & Constantine
Tripodes, Dean S.
Tripodes, Dena & Nikitas
Tripodes, Koula J.
Tripodes, Steven G.
Tsagalakis, Joanie & Sam
Tsevdos, Alice
Tsianos, Nick P. & Elena
Tsianos, Pandora & Peter
Tsouvalas, Jenny & John
Udria, Mary & Juan
Uduji, Simona & Robert
Vagenas, Eleni & Peter K.
Vagenas, Georgia & John
Vagenas, Janet & Peter
Vagenas, Margaret & Spiros
Vagenas, Nicolicha & Vasilios
Vagenas, Polly & George
Vagenas, Tashia & Alex
Vartvitsiotis, Nikole
Vavoulis, Esther & Ted
Vayos, Charlene & Nick
Vidalakis, John & Diane
Vidalakis, Zoe & Perry N.
Vlahos, Tasia, Effie & Tommy
Vorgias, Alma & Zacharias
Vorgias, Teresa
Walker, Elizabeth & Damion
Webster, Jennifer & John
Whisler Nicolaidis, Maria Alicia
Williams, Cleo & Peter
Wood, Cindy C. & Grant
Wooten, Rhea & Mike
Xanthos, Lisa
Xanthos, Pantele J.
Yagjian, Anita & Michael
Zarifes, Tina & Peter
Parish Pay
To sign up, please visit
www.ParishPay.com and
enter our zip code, 91107
on the left-hand side of
the home page and select
St. Anthony. Alternatively, the direct link to the
St. Anthony sign up page
is :
Or you can call Parish
Pay directly at (866) 727
4741 (1 866 PARISH 1),
and have a customer service representative enroll
you over the phone.
Every effort has been made to ensure the
accuracy of this stewardship list.
Please forgive us if there are any errors or
omissions. The printed list is from the date
above. Any steward-ship additions or
changes that were made after the above
date will not be add-ed or corrected in this
Saint Anthony’s
Greek Orthodox Church
778 South Rosemead Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
US Postage
Arcadia, CA
Permit No 390
Return Service Requested
More Pasadena Greek Fest on pages 12 & 13

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