Destination Earth ® body products


Destination Earth ® body products
Product Ingredients
Environmentally friendly toiletry
products have been designed,
developed and manufactured to meet
the standards of Destination Hotels &
Resorts’ environmental program,
Destination Earth.
Toiletry formulations are
developed using Gilchrist &
Soames Naturally Kind platform of
ingredients with an exclusive
double fragrance signature.
All liquid formulations are
developed to be free from
parabens, phthalates, petrolderived ingredients, mineral oils,
urea, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol,
DMDM hydantoin and are free of
all sulphates (SLS/SLES).
All formulations are cruelty-free
and never tested on animals.
All packaging is 100% recyclable
and printed with soy based or
water based inks.
All toiletries are manufactured
within the USA and warehoused in
Gilchrist & Soames’ Indianapolis
Product Categories
1.35 fl oz - HDPE Tinted Tubes with
flip top cap for shampoo,
conditioner, body wash and body
10.0 oz - Wall Mounted or Vanity
Mounted Dispensers with
Destination Earth graphics for
shampoo, conditioner, body wash
and body lotion
1.25 oz - Pure Vegetable Aloe Skin
Care Bars packaged in either a
printed sleeve or carton
2.0 oz - Pure Vegetable Exfoliating
Bath Bar in either a printed sleeve
or carton
A collection of corresponding
necessity items consisting of
Shower Cap, Shoe Mitten, Vanity
Kit, Sewing Kit, Shave Kit and
Dental Kit
DESTINATION EARTH AMENITY PROGRAM: Destination Hotels & Resorts has
partnered with Gilchrist & Soames, a producer of luxury products for the finest hotels and
resorts around the world, to create a unique Destination Earth guest room and Spa amenity
PROGRAM EVOLUTION: The inception of the program began in the Spring of 2009 to
leverage the Destination Hotels & Resorts collection of properties and create a custom
product line to complement the Destination Earth program and offer a high quality selection
of bathroom amenities that are free of any harmful ingredients and are environmentally
friendly. The operations group and key spa leaders at Destination Hotels & Resorts’ properties
explored 12 companies before choosing Gilchrist & Soames as a partner for guest room and
spa amenities. Countless fragrances were tested before selecting the unique double fragrance
offering. The group enlisted advice from industry experts as to the formulations of the
products and what guests would most appreciate and value.
Survey (Feb 2009, Cone Inc.):
34% of American consumers indicate they are more likely to buy environmentally responsible
products today. 70% of Americans are paying attention to what companies are doing regarding the
environment today, even if they cannot buy until the future.
2009 National Leisure Travel Monitor:
80% of travelers consider themselves environmentally conscious. 38% of leisure travelers would
select an environmentally friendly hotel if they knew about the hotel’s commitment to the
Q2 2009 U.S. Travel Association and Ypartnership:
51% of consumers will continue to patronize "green" travel service suppliers regardless of an
economic downturn. 48% of travelers say that continuing to support environmentally responsible
travel service suppliers is a necessity, even in an economic downturn. Awareness of the term
“green travel” also improved from 9% in July 2007 to 22% in July 2009.
AAA launching eco designation: AAA will include an “eco” icon in its TourBook editions to indicate
properties that promote environmental and energy conservation. The “eco” option will also be
included as an advanced search option in AAA’s hotels section on its website.
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: The Destination Earth program along with the Destination
Earth amenity collection will help position Destination Hotels & Resorts at an appropriate
leadership position within the competitive set for environmental initiatives now being
implemented throughout the hospitality marketplace. As the environmentally friendly
product market continues to evolve, Gilchrist & Soames will adopt best practices and make
these available to Destination Hotels & Resorts.
FINANCIAL SAVINGS: It is anticipated the Destination Earth guest room and Spa amenity
collection will lower the aggregate Cost Per Occupied Room in guest supplies.