We are learning about Georges Seurat



We are learning about Georges Seurat
We are learning about
Georges Seurat
• Georges Seurat is a famous artist.
• He was a French Impressionist Painter
• He lived a long time ago, in 1859 - 1891
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
in 1884 (over 100 years ago)
Parade de Cirque 1889 ( this means
Circus Sideshow in English).
Look how the artist
uses a dotty paint
effect. This is
called pointillism.
Look at the
colours the
artist uses.
The Seine and la Grande Jatte, 1888,
Gray Weather, Grande Jatte, 1888,
Bathers at Asnières 1884,
View of Fort Samson 1885
Which painting do you like the best?
October 2014 - our Take One Project. Georges Seurat We made
boats using milk cartons, making sails which we fixed with a straw.
We recreated pointillism using a series of dots to create a
beautiful paint effect.

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