Quality and Performance Built Right In


Quality and Performance Built Right In
Quality and Performance Built Right In
Please note: all photos in here are of the (High-Efficiency Models) the only standard model photo is
below, that has the Heatmaster logo above it.
Standard models have 2 smoke by-pass with the chimney at the back.
The (High-Efficiency Models) have 3 smoke by-pass's with chiminy at the front
STANDARD Models) Color's: Gray or Green
(High-Efficiency Models) Color's: Gray or Green
MF- 5000e
With other name brand units the dealer will tell you to cut the sq feet in half for our cold northern
winters, not the case with Heatmaster, if it is model MF5000 it is made to heat 5,000 sq feet, we have
customers heating 7 to 8,000 sq feet with a MF 5,000
Romppai's has everything you need to do a complete heating system from start to finish we can install it
all for you. or you can DIY it, if you do make sure you download all install files, so it is installed right, a
bad install, is a big loss, and you are not going to get the full benefit of the Heatmaster SS unit
HeatMasterSS carries a full line of high quality parts
for your furnace including pumps, fittings and heat
exchangers. For more information on our parts or
to arrange product installation please contact your
local HeatMasterSS dealer.
Box 158
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada
R6W 4A5
Phone: (204) 325-9792 Fax: (204) 325-9803
Toll Free: 1-877-325-9792
The most popular design on the market,
the HeatMasterSS MFSeries provides
quality workmanship and materials with a
design built for performance and efficiency.
Constructed using 409 Titanium-Enhanced
Stainless Steel, a unique rocker grate/ash
pan system, and primary and secondary
draft air injection, the HeatMasterSS MFSeries
furnaces are the best value on the market!
Crafted with premium workmanship and innovative design, our MFSeries
furnaces work with any existing heating system and follow the HeatMasterSS
standard with features including:
Stainless Steel
Durably constructed with Titanium-Enhanced 409 Stainless Steel to hold up
longer than other steels against wear, tear and corrosion.
Rocker Grates and Ash Pan
Our often imitated never duplicated easy-to-use design make cleaning quick
and simple.
32" x 44"
42" x 56"
54" x 60"
Fire Box Door
20" x 20"
24" x 24"
30" x 42"
50 x 72 x 84
66 x 84 x 96
82 x 96 x 110
Weight (lbs)
Water Capacity US Gallons
Approx BTU’s
Approx. Heating Space Sq. Ft.
Dimensions (W" x L" x H")
How It Works
Unique design forces heat and
smoke from the fire to travel
the length of the furnace three
times to allow for maximum
heat transfer, a slower burn
and increased fuel efficiency.
Water Jacket
Rounded design means fewer welds,
stronger construction and optimal
heat transfer. Water flows into the
jacket through the perforated return
pipe that allows for even distribution
along the length of the jacket and
superior heat transfer into the water.
Water flows down the sides of the
jacket, drawing heat from the fire
box before reaching the bottom
mounted supply line, sending heated
water back to your house, pool or
other structure.
Burn 20–30% Less Fuel
Unique design ensures maximum heat is drawn from the fuel, whether burning
wood or other bio‑fuels.
Adjustable Forced Air Injection
Adjustable primary and secondary air injection feature allows for greater
efficiency. Compatible with dry or green wood.
Lifetime Warranty
We stand behind every furnace we sell with a Lifetime Limited Workmanship
and Corrosion Warranty.
Forced Air Injection
A rear mounted, adjustable
draft blower injects air at both
the top and bottom of the fire.
Air injected from below the fire
provides great oxygen, ensuring
a complete top to bottom burn.
Air injected from the top of the
fire burns excess smoke and
gasses not typically burned by
other wood furnaces, ensuring
maximum efficiency.
Rocker Grates and Ash Pan
Allow for easy firebox maintenance and clean-up while
providing the flexibility to comply with numerous fuel types.

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