Sunny Jones Chapter 49, $an Diego Military Order of the Furple Heaft


Sunny Jones Chapter 49, $an Diego Military Order of the Furple Heaft
Sunny Jones Chapter 49, $an Diego
Military Order of the Furple Heaft
E-lUlail Bulletin
P.O. Box'1068
Lemon Grove, CA 9tS46
Cornmrndrr Ulyrau
turilirry Fnrldrnt
October has anlvedn fall has beguq I prayyou had a sa,fe, good September, a nice Labor Day
There will be some importa,nt events for tb.e Cha,pter in October, the next scheduled meeting
for the Chapter is Saturday October lOtJr and it will be a pot lock so brir+f a dish to share,
coffee and punch wiU be supplled by the Chapter. It will be held at the American Legion Hafl,
di-rectioD.s are below. jrnportaro.t event is that the Chapter's btngo Dj€ht at the VA Hospita,l wifl be October
39tb. and starts at 6:PM and runs to B.PM. Btngo Ni€ht is a,lways apprecieted by
the patients. Directions to tJre hospital are aJso below.
We have some importa,nt events in November that we should begin to prepare for. Our
Chapter will tal<e part in tb.e Vetera,D's Parade on November I lUr Veteran's Day, keep thirs in
mind and pla,n to be ther6, there fi]] b€ convertibles supplied that the Chapter members wlll
be able to ride in. lbis parade jrs impofta,ni, It gives a gfeat exposure of our Chapter to the
This November 82nd, Washingiton's bft'hday, luill b€ t'he tfi.ird a,nniversary of the dedioation
of our Purple Heart Monument at tJle Vetera,n's Museum.
Don't forget our December ISth luncheo& be sur6 to put that date on your oalender. It is a
wonderfirl time to visit and to meet each other a,nd our fa.rni]Jr members.
I wish to apolo€llze to all Chapter members, I have been matltng out Bilthday Caxds since
geptember 2OO7. I wua$r design tlrc bfthday card every September but due to health
problems for mJrseu a,nd fa.nily I was not able to redest€F a,nd put out new birthday carcls tJrig
Sept'ember but I hope to desi4p new Birt' Cards and start ma,king them a,nd mailing them
out a4laln tn Ja,Duary aOIO. God witling.
I wtsh to know how manSr of our members have problems opentng the Bu]letln in this format
that I a,xn using, I would appreciiate e-mall,s from anJr of you who are havlngl problems or have
arxJl questioDs about this BuUettn,
fuIJr e-mail address is: [email protected],
Rodney Banett, Chaplain Sunny.Iones Chapt€r #49
To get to the America,n Legion Hail from 8O5 go on Balboa to Convoy Street, turlr
Convoy a,nd tJr€ next sunal on Convoy js Armour Street, turn left on Armour and the
building ontJle right slde ls the America,n Legion HaJl, Albert ct. Hickman # 46O.
rl€ht on
To get to the Amel'ica,n Legion Hall from I65 go west on Balboa to Convoy Stpeet, turn Ieft on
Convoy and the next si€nal on Convoy jrs Armour Street, turn left on Armour a,nd the white
bujlding on the right side is the America;o Legion Hall , Albert J. Hickman # 46O
Bbgo l[u[t at VA Hoslrttal in the multipurpose room. Come volunteor to help set up,
distribute prizes, serve refleshments aJld clea,n up. We are there from 6 - 8pm and the
patients rea,$r appreciate our squlln€ aJ}d doing this for them. If you haven't helped witlr
Btago Night or baven't been there for awhile, pleaee come a,nd join us. MOPH Bi]]go Nl€ht irs
held whenev€r there is a flfth Thusday in the month. For furtJrer information caJl Alex at
858-874-6485. or ULYSSES MILLER 6I9-eOe-I695
The VA Hospital is on La .Iolla Dr. To get to it from Hwy. 5 or 805 go west on La Jolla Village
Dr, turn ri€ht on La .Iolla Dr. The Hospita,l irs on the right as you come up the hlll.
Inside ttrre hospita,l, a,Dy stalf member can direct you to the multipurpose room. Hoping to
meet you at the VA Ho8pita,l.
trlom Our Comna,nder
September was a month of reflection in so manJr ways. As the da;rs
wind dow!. to a preclous few' we must stop and consider not oDly what is
a.head of also what we have apcomplished. n€flection becomeg necessarJr
because it acts a,s a guldepost helping us to mea€ure wbere we have been
while a;Ilowi!8 us to make course corrections for tJle near term.
We began our journey in mid-April of zoog and we have moved steadily
toward a number of our goals. We have move to strengthen our financial arm
with vigor. We have smartly concentrated on recruitment of fellow patriots and
with that effort we have become a more resilient organization. We have
undertaken fratemal missions to the veteran community that will pay clividencls in the future. We
have kept our focus on achieving the four Objects of our Constitution: education, fratemalism,
history and patriotism.
Now, as tle view over &e horizon becomes clearer, tle days will become shorter. We only
need to put our heads and shoulders down and dig a little tleeper as we approach the finish line. The
goal is a safe aud soft landing. We are on course, on glide path, and awaiting final instruction of
"...clear to land."
Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas Laid to R6st
Friends, fami$r and collea€ues on October lpm celebratecl tJle llfe ancl
sacriflce of U.S. Border patrol Agent Fobert nosas d.urin€! a memolial
ceremony tn Pine Valley. Agent Rosas waa shot a,nd liiilled. cIuJJr a6,
near Ca,rrpo, Ca^lif., afi€r respondhg to suspicious activity in an a,rea
notorious for a.lien and drug smuggu"Dg.
fa,mily of Robeft nosas.
Comnander U[rsses Miller, AqJutant Al6x Qufiatana,r and Welfare
Iobefi Quimby of tJrc gunnJr clones Chapter of tJre MiUta.q,I
Order of tJre Purple Hearb preseut€d a plrlple Heaxt plaque to tJre -
From our Ladtes AuxiliaxJr ftesident CherTrl perez
Ladies Auxfliar5r
Please remember to m.ark your ca,lendars ficr our amual Holiday
Fa.mll5r Luncbeon on December 16m
I would a,lso Uke to invlte a,DJrone who rememberg what it waa Uke on
August 14th 1945 to share that memorywith Keep The Spllit of '40
Alive. Thank you to Roilney Ba,rrett for shartng hjrs memory of that
day wlth ns. I hope you all eqjoy reading his storlr a.s much a"s Luc,
Rachel a,nd I erJoyed workin4lwith hlm oD tt. For further fi0formation
a,boj.rt getttng Jroul story i:rcluded tn this proJect, contact me (Cheryl)
a,t [email protected] or 6194R6-5SO1.
Rodney Barrett 1g4S US Army
on Awust 14tb. 1945, I hadJust retumed from rgr flnal trip to the hjspita,t where I was
t'reat€d for a gunshot wound to the shoulder I received durtag a fuengnt betw.een tJle
clapanese a,nd I0Jr reglment, the abth Infarxtrrr Division, a?tn wouhound n€giment, in the
PhiUppitres. We were there traiaing for tJre invasiotr of clapa,n a.fter securing'Baleta pass. I/[e
were all sweating tJre invasion, aJod knew we were being tralned for a bnrtaf situatloD,
TX,at mornln€|, at about g:oo, we were getting ready to go to tJre fiflng range when the word
ca,me that Japan had sunendered. Tlvben the arrnouDcement was mad.e, we alt start€d.
cheering. Bomeone sa,id 'lt mi€ht be a ial,se aJ.axml" But we wepe so excit€d a,Dd I was so
relieved tJrat it mi€ht be ovet; tJrat we wouldn't have to trlaJre the invaaion woultt b€
heading home soon, it didnt da,rrpen
Sbortlsr after tJrat, the compa,qlr comnra,ndor calted. a,ssembly and we all got
When he announced tJre fact t'hat .Iapa,n had sunendered, th.ere was scrJa,rring
'Ito an6 we wer€
patting each otJrer on the back, now lio.owing it was true. After we 8ot settled down a€a,in, the
Capta,in told us about the big bomb. Up to this pojnt I had not known a:qrlhing about t&at
atordc bomb. I wasnt gleatly impressed with this bomb because at that time I did not know
anJrthing about th€ atomic explosions in .Iapa,n.
I a,nd others thought we would be going home to see our fa,mily's and kiss the glrl,s like we had
heard happened \,vhen the wsr ended in Europe. We thou€ht the boats would be comJn6;over
to take us back home.
But we were told that we would be part of tJ]'e ocoupation of qlapa,n and would not be golng
home. Instead, we wer€ to start inmediately to trajn to be a,n occupa,tion unit. I had never
tJrought about occupation aft,er the war and waa b€glnrjng to ]earn that the war waa not going
to be over for me sooL
Training for the occupatlon was kind of about face to the tra,inin€l we had for t'he War. We were
tawht a few corrmands in clapa,nese a,nd told that we would have to be kind a,nd polite to the
clapanese civilia,ns.
After about a month of waitirg, we were tra,Dsporbed from our ca,mp to Lingeyen Gulf by truck
aJxd Philippine traln. Ttre ships that were to ta,ke us to clapan were anchored there i! the Gulf.
We were taxen to tJ]'e shiF in landing cra.fts a,nd there climbed onto the ship on the rope nets
with eveq/€l we owned on our backs, which was our pack and duffle ba€s. This operation
wa€ Just tJre reverse of what we would have done if we had la,nded and invaded clapan. The
day we were loaded on the ship for Japa,n nra€ September Send 1945 a,:od my SOtJr birthday. I
was Bo physicaJ]y sick, I could hardly malre tb.e cllmb, Afier rsgtin€ a;nd heavlD€lseveral times
over the side of tJI€ ship, I reviv€d. It was ayear later before I linaily did got home in August
of 1946.
I prajrsed God tJlat tJle war waa over alrd we did nob have to be in tJle invasion that would have
taken thousands of lives on both sides.
1945, irs a v6ry impona,nt day in tb.e hlstory of our DatioD, and should
never be forgotten. The day tJre Japanese swrendered and a long war had ended.
Suhnitt€d by:Ba,chel Perezohula Vista, CA - United States
n€htlonship to StorJrteller:Youth volunt€er
The day, Au€ust
.Ia,mes M. SlmF Elected NationaJ. Commander at the ??tn Amual Conv€ntion of the Militaxlr
Order of tJre Purple Hearb in Rogers, ArkaEsa"s.
As one of his first acts, Com.urander Sims announced tJte goaJs and
objectives of the Order for tJle coming yea,r. Tlle MOPH wiU
conttoue to focus on and improve its service to veterans, their
fa,Irrilies, aiod ou"r
communities. R€cogrlzing ilscal realities, emphasis tbjs year will
be on fostering a more active involvement of chapters a,nd
departments to vetera,n eupport activlties. trtnded by g|rants
provided W tJre MOPH Sertnce Foundatlon and a.ssisted by the
Ladies Auxiliary, the MOPH will expand its progra,ms thathelp
eDsure all vetera,Ds receive the benents they have earned from the
Deparbment of Vetera;o Alfairs. The MOPH \MiU a€a,in oonduct
job fairs to assirst vetera,ns in flnding emploJErent a,nd provides
tral4tng on how to establi,sh and fund tJreir owa smaJt businessinterprises. under
vetera,n AffaLrs volunteer gerslce (vAvs) progra,r\ MopH memberja""oss
tb.e country rrill
continue to volunteer their time a,nd compaasionate serqice to aaslst vetera,Ds
at va
Facilitiee. concunently,_t'h.6 MOPH Service Ftogla.m. wiu continue its operauon
of a nationlvide net'lMork of trained gervice Ofiicers ana asJi,stants; accredited bytie
Oeparument or
vetera'ns affalrs to provide vetera,ns' beneitts experbs at various ve6ra,Dg
Adnlnistration regtonaJ. ofllces, hospitals, vet centers, a,nd state and coputy veteran.q,
va s Kevin secor, veterane Bervice orga,nization Liaison, wants you to know this:
'I hav,e received manJr reports veierans are being contact",i uv i,-"itti"nt carpe
clroupu representrng that tJley are helping admhister VA prescriptions
and stattag
t'ha!_tJre pharm€cy birlng procedures have changled and tJrey are th""ero""
ing vetera,n credit card numb€rs fcr prescription pa|rurente ln of flling their
prescriptions. THIS I8 FALSE I I vA DoEs Nor cAr,L vETnnANs AsKINe
VA has not cha.n€lett
its processes for dispensrng prescription meclictoes.
Bet you didn't know
In the late I ?oos, ura,DJr houses consisted of a large room with onl;r one chair. con4only,
loDg wide boaxd folded down &om the waJl" and was used for dihhg. ihe
',head. of the
household" a,l'vva,ys sat to th6 chair wblle everyone etrse ate eitting t t,11; floon. occasiona,lgr
guest' who was usuallsr a man, would be invited. to sit in thir
auring a meal. To sit in tJr.e
chair mea,nt you were importa,nt and to charge. lhey ca.lled tJre one sitti;g fn tJre chair
"chair ma,n." Today tn business, wo uae the expresglon or title ,,Chairman" -or "Chatnna,n of
Personal bygtene left much room fon improvemont. As a result, maJrJr women and
men had.
developed acne scars W adulthood. The women would. spnead. beb's *al o*"
fa,cial skin
to smootJl out thejr complexions. when tft.ey were speaking to each other, jf a woma,n
to stare at another wonran's face she wag told., ',mind your o-wn bee's lir*.
"'snorrld. tne wouran
smile, tJre wa:r would crack, hence tJle tortrr ,'crapk a imire.,, Jn addltion" when tJrey
sat too
close to tJle file, tDe wax would melt tJrerefore, the expreggion ,'losing f,ace.',

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