June 2015


June 2015
Gator Express
J U N E 20 1 5
Editors: office staff
Commanders Comments
Hello Everyone,
For the last year I have had the honor and privilege of
being your Post Commander. I want to “THANK” everyone who has helped me over the year.
I want to wish incoming Commander Bill Simpson the
best and let everyone know I will still be here to assist
where ever I can.
The Post has a lot of activities going on and the door is
always open, please come support your Post.
Finally, Volunteers are the back bone of the Post,
will you be one ? You can contact the Post at 5535454 and we’ll let you know where you can help.
Finally there will be NO LEGION EXECUTIVE
BOARD MEETING this month.
Welcome to our new members;
Bob Wells, Jeff & Kath Morey, J.D.
Metts and Omarius Harris
Thanks for making OUR Post, Your
Post and being part of the 2nd Largest
Post in the State of South Carolina
Bill Simpson, 1st Vice Cmdr.
It is my duty to report with great sadness that
Please keep our deployed troops and their families following Legionnaires have reported to the
in your prayers.
Supreme Commander;
For God & Country;
Chuck Rein
Post Commander
Everett E. Lee, Carl S. Scott and
Reinier “Dutch” Kemeling
The Legion Family greatly grieves the loss of
these Comrades. May Almighty God give their
families comfort and strength during this period of
need. The Legion family sends their love and support during this time of grief.
Chuck Rein, Post Commander
Join us Saturday, June 27th for dinner and the comedic styling’s of Dan Mengini. An actor and one of Americas
Funniest stand-up comedian who was born in Bermuda and raised in the United States. Notable television appearances include Showtime's Homeland, USA Network's Necessary Roughness, Lifetime TV's Drop Dead
Diva, The CW's One Tree Hill, and a starring role on Adultswim's live action show The Restless Bell, and The
Rising Son.
We’re very excited to have him for ONE NIGHT ONLY!
Advance Tickets will be $ 15 per person or $ 25 per couple General Admission. V.I.P. (Dance floor) tickets are
$ 20 per person or $ 30 per couple. Cash bar available all night. Menu will consist of Pork Loin, Mashed Potato and gravy, vegetable, salad, roll & butter and dessert.
Doors open at 6:30 pm, Dinner served 6:45 - 7:45, Show starts at 8 pm.
Tickets are available for pre-sale through the office and the bar. You won’t want to miss this show!
P OS T P HO NE # 553 - 5 4 5 4
Get your newsletter and weekly up
dates via e-mail. Just e-mail the Post at:
[email protected]
And we’ll do the rest.
Rick Bernard
Lunch will be served once a month on
Saturday, date to be announced. It will
consist of
WHAT Mike is going to make.
Proceeds will help offset hospitality
Will you be the one who will help give final honors to a
Veteran that has reported to the Supreme Commander?
Will you be the one who will receive the gratification from a
family who has lost a loved one.
Will you be the one who will sacrifice your time and efforts
for the benefit of others?
Will you be the one who will represent the Post in the community?
Will you be the one who will become a member of an elite
If you are, then the “HONOR GUARD” is for you.
Contact me for info 843-814-6118.
Dave Coats
Honor Guard Captain
The Post will be holding it’s installation banquet for the Legion, Auxiliary, SAL and Legion
Riders on Saturday June 20th. Social Hour will begin at 6PM, dinner at 7PM, installation of
new officers at 8PM, followed by music and dancing until ?
All Legion Family Members are encouraged to attend this evening of fun and festivities.
Chuck Rein, Out Going Post Commander
Commander-Clyde B Chandler, 1st Vice-Fred Kiley, 2nd Vice-Brandon Colley
Adjutant, Finance and Membership Chairman-Donald G Goppert
Sergeant at Arms-Jeff Rockwood, Executive Board President-Brian Glynn
Installation of officer will be on June 20th please make plans to attend.
Next meeting Wednesday June 3rd 7:30PM, hope to see everyone there.
Clyde Chandler, Incoming Squadron Commander
Congratulations to the following Legionnaires on
their election to office.
Post. Cmdr. –Bill Simpson
1st Vice Cmdr. – Jim Kvam
2nd Vice: Brian Masterson
Chaplain – Bill Streuber
Post Service Officer – Tim Burnside
Sgt-at-Arms – John Nance
Historian – Open
Judge Advocate – Brian Wright
Executive Board: Nina Waddell, Rose Bistline and
Dave Gramiski, Oliver “Bud” Reynolds, George
Lori Murphy.
Thompson, Jennifer Beilstein, Albert Millon,
Chairman of the Board will be Shelagh Lammers.
All Officers will be installed on June 20th at the Post. Randolph Turner, Dennis McCay, Frank Adams,
Gernald Korinek, L.C. Chapman, Mike Porcelli,
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Post families
Caz Zukowski, Chris Beilstein, Todd Walker, Matwho have illness in their lives and hope for better
thew Perry, Dean Nimocks, Dave Hanson, Bill
Farmer, Fred Smith Ross Osterritter, Cecil “Sonny”
Our next meeting will be Monday, June 1st at
Rash, Terry Gomez.
Richard “Rick” Bernard was reappointed as Post
Shelagh Lammers
Looking forward to working with you this upcoming
Congratulations to the new elected Officers for
President - Jackie Johnson
1st Vice - Shelagh Lammers
Secretary - Vickie Kiley
Treasurer – Carol Austin
Chaplain - Lisa Murphy
Historian Sgt-at- Arms - Alice Lang
Bill Simpson, Incoming Post Cmdr.
QUART $7.00
PINT $3.50
Randolph Turner, Hash Maker
There are two Honor Flights in the planning stage.
May 13th from West Columbia, September 12th
Charleston. Any WWII or Korean War Veteran interested can contact Rick Bernard, Post Adjutant for
applications at 553-5454. If he’s not available,
please leave a message and he will get back to you.
Bussers & Servers are needed to help at parties and
other Post functions. High School students are encouraged to apply, contact the office at 553-5454 for
more information.
I'd like to announce that the office has a new
face. Please stop by the Post sometime to welcome
Dawn Payne to our team. I believe she will be a
HUGE asset to our company.
I'd also like to thank everyone that has helped me out,
I know I said this last month, but YOU GUYS ARE
Finally, next month the Post will be doing something
special during the 4th of July weekend , start planning now to attend.
Danielle Long, Club Manager.
VA Hospital Visit Chairman
May 2015
On May 6 we saw 52 patients with 8 volunteers and on May 13 we saw 42 patients with
7 volunteers. It was a good visit with lots of
smiles from our comrades at the hospital. I
would like to thank all those who make the
visits happen.
If you have never gone to the hospital please
come out with us. We arrive at the Post on the
first and second Wednesday of the month at
6:00pm and leave for the hospital about 6:156:20. We visit the wards on the third and
fourth floor and are usually back to the Post
before 9:00pm.
For more information call Bill Streuber at
(843)469-8154 or send me an email at [email protected].
Next Visits:
June 3 and 10
May’s Volunteers:
Frank Greis, George Thompson, Jim Kvam
Debra & Bud Reynolds, Bill Simpson,
Dave Greeno, Roger Harshlargs
Another year has come to a close for the Legion Riders and
a new begins. I want to Thank All of the Riders for another
Great year and the support that y'all have given. Without
your help the Legion Riders couldn't help our fellow Veterans. Again " Thank Y'all". Now for the Officers that elected
for year 2015-2016. Director: Bruce Richburg, Asst. Director: Pete Johnson, Secretary: Tim Burnside, Treasure:
George Linker, Road Captain: Billy Dennis, Sergeant at
Arms: Troy Ruppert, Chaplain: Jennifer Beilstein. Some
of the rides that are coming up in June: the 6th is Chrome
and Fire Veterans to Veterans poker run, at LCHD starts at
10:00 am. Comfort Bags program for our Homeless Veterans. The 13th is a Veterans Info. Expo. at LCHD starting at
11:00am. For information on Veterans benefits. Also on the
13th. after our meeting we are planning a ride to Skynyrd's
Grill in St. George for lunch. On the 27th. Our Road Captain
is planning a ride to the Veterans Café in Myrtle Beach
for the day. We are planning more rides just for the Riders. I
know that you can not make All of the rides but the rides that
you can ride on, come join us! Don't forget this will be our
10th Annual Christmas in July Ride on the 12th of July.
mark it on your calendar. Our June meeting will be on the
13th at 10:00 am on the bar side.
Bruce Richburg
ALR, Post 166, Director
Bill Streuber
VA Hospital Chairman
2nd Vice Comments
Purchases made for meals and drinks are on a
The Post does not accept debit /credit cards
and there is an
Well the Elections are behind us and congratulations to all
the new Officers, E-Board members, and appointees. Installations will be this month with the Post, Ladies Auxiliary,
The Sons of the Legion and Legion Riders on June 20th.
Next event in the banquet hall, Saturday, June 27th, Comedy and Cuisine night. Dan Mengini will be the Headliner.
See the Comedy and Cuisine section for more information.
please note and thank you for your support.
Keep your eyes open at the Post for flyers on the 4th of July
Management events. Plans are still in the works at this time.
Brian (Bat) Masterson
2nd Vice Commander
P AG E 5
Greetings from Cabane 1067
Gator Wreck has passed and we had a wonderful
turn out. As usual, the Dames came through with
food for the hospitality room and Saturday lunch,
setting up the ballroom for the banquet (which only
took us 45 minutes to do), and, in general, helping
in every little way. Then you all went home and
transformed into the beautiful ladies you are. Awesome job!
This is my last official letter as La Presidente
for Cabane 1067. Congratulations to all the Officers who were elected for 2015-2016. I know you
will do a wonderful job.
Thank you, Dames, for all your help during this
past year. You are what makes this a successful
Cabane. I cannot begin to tell you how many
Dames from other Cabanes have told me how well
we all work together and how we always make it
look simple to get things done. You have been
there whenever things need to get done and I do
appreciate each and every one of you. The support
you have given me has been awesome. “Thank
you” just doesn’t seem like enough. You are my
heroes and my inspiration.
Another big thanks goes out to Voiture 1067 for
allowing the Cabane to be a part of your world. So
many Voitures will not support a Cabane; you,
however, not only allow us to exist, you are always
there if we need something. Again, I thank you.
June 13th is the installation of new officers.
Both the Cabane and Voiture will be celebrating
the installation of the new leadership and bidding a
fond farewell to the old. Please plan on attending
to show your support.
In July we will be hosting Palmetto Grande here
in Goose Creek. Please plan on attending; you do
not have to be a Grande Officer to attend Grande
Rendezvous. There will be more information regarding this matter given out at Rendezvous.
Once again, thank you all.
Please keep our Voyageur Militaires and Dames
who are in sickness or distress in your prayers. Let
them know you are thinking of them.
May our active duty men and women, both at home
and abroad, come home safely. Pray for and support our troops.
Yours in service,
Dell C. Simpson
La Presidente, 2014-2015
Cabane 1067
Over the years I have notice that when members of our Legion family, move or have a change of address, they fail to
notify the Post. When this happens, the following actions
take place:
1st. Your Newsletter that keeps you informed of Post activities no longer reaches you.
2nd Your magazine, whether it is Legion, Auxiliary, or S A
L, with all those articles that are important to you can no
longer be delivered.
3rd You lose certain benefits that go with being part of the
Legion family.
Remember, if you are moving or recently have had a
change of address, please drop the Post a line to let us know
where you are. Your membership is important not only to
the Post, but to your own organization, whether it is Legion,
Auxiliary, or S A L. Your membership is the key to the success of the American Legion and by keeping in touch; you
are helping keep us strong.
Rick Bernard
40 & 8 REPORT
Fellow Voyageurs,
We survived the month of May and many, many,
many thanks are in order. I want to thank the American Legion for their support for the annual wreck weekend. The
Wreck Committee, the Wrecking Crew, the Ritual team,
and the Cabane, all of who when above and beyond to make
the weekend a total success. Each of you are my hero, and I
salute you all.
We have installation this month, the 13th, and of
course Father’s Day on the 21st so mark your calendar. Relax a little, enjoy the beginning of summer and get ready to
celebrate the our Nation’s Birthday next month.
Remember our Voyagers in sickness, visit them
when you can and assist in any way possible.
Best Regards,
Terry R. Gomez
Chef de Gare
Do you know that it takes about eight months of
planning to host Liberty Call Charleston?
Do you know that this event reflects on the Unit
and how well we are organized?
Do you know how much our out of town guests
enjoy coming to Liberty Call Charleston.
To all the members of the Kitchen Crew that helped
us make it through the month of May. We had a lot
of activities going on and could not of done it without all of your hard work. “THANKS”
Mike Porcelli, Kitchen Manager
If you know the answer to these questions would
you please tell me why only 29% of the Unit attended this year’s event.
Should we even have Liberty Call Charleston
2016 ? That is for the Unit to decide.
Shipmates: After the negative questions above,
want to include this positive note. Our out of
town guests were impressed with the hospitality
and friendliness shown to them during their visit.
I had very good comments on our event planning
and organization up to and including the rental
van for shuttle service. One of the last comments
I had from J.D. Hunnicut was that it looked like I
was being manager, chaperone, duty driver etc.
My response was that since I am Skipper of the
Unit, I felt I was responsible to make sure our
guests had a good time, and would want to come
back and visit again. Liberty Call is a lot of work
and planning, and we can use more assistance in
putting on a top notch reunion. Just my two cents.
Our meeting this month will be on Wednesday, June 24th at 19:30.
For more information on all our activities
contact Rick Bernard, Yeoman at 553-5454
Finally, welcome to our new shipmates, glad
to have you as a part of our Unit.
Dean Nimocks, Skipper
Repairing and refinishing Charleston Benches
and Patio Furniture painting.
Buying Charleston benches in need of repair.
Call a Veteran at :
(843) 297-5246 and ask
for J.R.