Schedule for the week of August 19th-August 25th



Schedule for the week of August 19th-August 25th
August 18, 2013
Pastor’s Corner
Dear People of Divine Savior and our cherished visitors:
Our Gospel today might catch us off-guard at first. Jesus is
speaking in rather drastic ways. One aspect of the context of
this passage from Luke’s Gospel is that he wrote his Gospel
some sixty or so years after the death and resurrection of Jesus.
Paul was one to emphasize that no one of the believers in Jesus
would die before He returned again. Paul had to face the fact
that people were in fact dying and Jesus had not returned.
Essentially, Paul encouraged the people to make the necessary
adjustments and to believe that God in God’s wisdom and
goodness would take care both of those who had already died
as well as those currently alive.
We all know how we human beings are when what we have
expected something to happen at a certain time but doesn’t.
We tend to become less interested in the whole matter. So,
when Luke was writing his Gospel near the end of the first
century, he realized that part of his responsibility was to wake
up people and to get them out of their sleepy-minded ways.
Today’s Gospel is meant to do exactly that. But as we believe,
this Gospel is just as pertinent and alive for us as it was for
Luke’s faith community. As some people say, it is high time to
wake up the sleeping giant known as the Catholic Church.
Certainly, all the efforts and statements of Pope Francis have
thus far been focused on what the real mission of the Church is,
namely, that we find ways to take care of the needy and those
who have been pushed to the margins for whatever reason but
especially those pushed there because of the Church.
There are those who would like to re-enact our first reading.
Some are not happy with Pope Francis because of his fairly
thorough discontinuance of most anything to do with pomp and
expensive adornments. It seems that some of these same
people are upset as well with the Pope’s near constant call for
the Church to reach out to the needy and marginalized. We
tend not to like change, but Pope Francis wants all members of
the Church to live out our baptismal commitment to continue
the missions of Jesus.
When Jesus says that he had come not to establish peace on the
earth but rather division, Jesus is calling us to renew our
commitment to make evident in our lives that our first concern
in life is sharing the good news of God’s love for all. We
might think it horrible that Jesus would somehow support
animosity and division among family members. We need to
understand that in Jesus’ day, His culture saw the family and
village as the elements one needed to be faithful to in order to
What Jesus was asking His people and what Jesus is asking us
is to choose Him over family, village or culture. Some people
are simply too frightened to choose to live by the values of
Jesus because they are afraid of the repercussions they might
experience from family members who insist on family
traditions. In line with our second reading, we are to turn over
to God every burden and hindrance that might hinder us from
being faithful followers of Jesus.
~Fr. Roman
Schedule for the week of
August 19th-August 25th
Monday—August 19th
Daily Mass
Tai Chi Chih
Cub Scouts
Hall A
Tuesday—August 20th
Bible Study
Divine Mercy Chaplet
9:30 Choir Rehearsal
Yth. Conf. Rm.
St. Cecilia Rm.
St. Cecilia Rm.
Wednesday-August 21st
4:30 Choir Rehearsal
11:30 Choir Rehearsal
St. Vincent de Paul Mtg
Thursday — August 22nd
Rosary Group
St. Cecilia Rm.
Friday — August 23rd
Saturday— August 24th
Sunday— August 25th
Rosary Group
5:00 Choir Rehearsal
Lg. Conf. Rm.
NEW BOOK IN SEPTEMBER! We will be reading
“Life! Celebrate It (Listen, Learn, Laugh, Love) by Luci
Swindoll. This light-hearted read will give you practical
tips for joining with God through the acts of listening,
learning, laughing, and loving your way through life.
Each month we meet to reflect and discuss one chapter.
This book has four chapters so we will be done by
December. You can choose to attend one of two meeting
times: 2nd Thursday of the month (first meeting
September 12) from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. OR 2nd Tuesday
of the month from 7:15 to 8:30 p.m. (following the
Tuesday 6:30 Mass; first meeting September 10). Youth
Conference Room. Purchase your book on-line or order
ahead through your favorite book store. For more
information or to register, please contact Zori Friedrich at
Weekend of August 10th & 11h
Regular collection: $ 12,765
Order of Servants of Mary: $ 5,663
Mass Intentions
August 17th
4:30pm Zoe Perrin (D)
Josephine D’Arienzo (D)
August 18th
7:45am People of the Parish
9:30am People of the Parish
11:30am Lee Steiner (D)
5:00pm People of the Parish
August 19th
8:30am Lee Steiner (D)
David Ganancial
August 20th
6:30pm Bernardo Ibanez (D)
August 21st
8:30am Pacita Laiz (D)
August 22nd 8:30am Rosemary Boyd (D)
August 23rd
8:30am Rosemary Boyd (D)
August 24th
8:30am Robert Baylon (D)
Vocations Cross
Sunday, August 17th at the 4:30pm Mass,
Pat Green, will take home the Vocations Cross
to pray daily for Vocations to the Priesthood,
Diaconate and the Religious Life.
Catholic Communication – Help Us Connect the World
with God’s Word!
If Jesus Christ were on earth today, how would he spread his
message? The Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC)
believes Jesus would use every means available, so it makes
use of media outlets to evangelize and promote gospel values.
You can truly make a difference right here in our diocese
through your donation to today’s collection. Half of all funds
collected in our diocese are used for local communications
projects such as our diocesan newspaper and televised Mass
for homebound persons. To learn more about CCC’s national
communications projects, please visit
ccc/ Please give generously in today’s collection. Envelopes
are in the Vestibule.
Presented by Jeff Cavins on video, this exciting 8-part
DVD series briefly covers salvation history in a series of
eight half-hour talks that are complemented by group
discussion questions, useful maps and charts, and brief
assignments for home study. This study makes the
complexity of the Bible simple through an easy-to-follow
narrative approach and an ingenious color-coded Bible
timeline. This is a great way for Divine Savior parishioners
to "get your feet wet" and learn how to begin authentic
Catholic Bible study. Please contact Katie Karras at 9897400 or email [email protected] to RSVP. The
deadline to RSVP is August 30th. There will be a charge
of $20 for materials and materials will only be ordered for
those who have paid in full. The 8-week series is
scheduled to run Tuesdays at 6:30pm during September
(10, 17, 24) and October (1, 8, 15, 22, 29).
Pray for our Military Personnel wherever duty calls them to serve, homeland or overseas. James Aleschus, Robert
Atwood, Anthony Brooks, Jonathan Brooks, Tad Byrnes, Aimee Chabot, Elsie Cruz, Matt David, David DeLaCruz, Greg
DeFilippo, Alisen Dowell, Joe Downey, Andrew Durham, Brian Eberhard, Andrew Edwards, Tom Feyoe, Mathew Fox, Timothy
Fox, Gary Garbers, Cody Garcia, Kyle Garcia, David Gridley, Susan Hocker, Stephen Holtclaw, Yutaro Hosaka, Ben Isla, Tyler
Kenobbie, Nicholas Koelfgen, William Kraintz, Tyler Kraintz, Andy Kuehn, Dayna Landry, Nick Liby, Maria Liranzo, Kelly
Mancini, Doran Martin, Dustin McCay, Garrett McMann, Aaron McMurray, Francis Montojo, Cameron Mooney, Ian O’Sullivan,
Joseph M. Paddock, David Petisor, Steven Perry (McAlpine), Logan Rasmussen, Tim Reid, Neal Ridge, Tony Rodriguez, Nicholas
Roha, Ryan Roux, Jacob and Nikki Steeb, James Thatche, Jadyne Trujillo, Aimee Vigil, Danny Walsh, Rico Wasco, David
Wentling, Kyle William and Brian Wright. Please contact Mary, 988-4984 to add or remove names as space is limited. If your
loved one is out of the military please call Mary to take them off the list.
Children’s Faith Formation
Early Childhood Development
Kindergarten-5th Grade
This Weekend
Saturday, August 17 &
Sunday, August 18
Registration for all 6th-12th graders for the Edge and
Life Teen youth ministry programs will occur after
all Masses this weekend. Please see the Life Teen
and Edge table in the vestibule. If you have any
questions regarding Edge, please contact Denise at
[email protected] For questions about Life
Teen, please contact Nick at [email protected]
We Need More
Children’s Faith
Formation Catechists!
A Thank You and an Invitation from the Social Justice
The Foster Care office in Sacramento county sends a huge
thank you once again for the generosity of our parish in
June. Over $1000 in gift cards were given to the Foster
Care office to be distributed to youth as they are needed.
Children’s Faith Formation has 11 positions to fill in order to
start the new fall session.
The 8:20am groups need Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade
catechists. Grades K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th also need assistants.
The 10:20am groups need co-catechists and assistants for grades
K, 2nd, and 5th.
The Children’s Faith Formation for the 2013/2014 year will begin
on September 15th, 2013.
Catechists, co-catechists and assistants positions start with very
helpful training. Support from our experienced catechists will
make this a fun and rewarding opportunity.
Please contact: Shery Maier, Coordinator of Children’s Faith
Formation call 990-6735 or
[email protected]
Jgs 2:11-19; Ps 106:34-37, 39-40,
43ab, 44;Mt 19:16-22
Jgs 6:11-24a; Ps 85:9, 11-14; Mt 19:23-30
Jgs 9:6-15; Ps 21:2-7; Mt 20:1-16
Jgs 11:29-39a; Ps 40:5, 7-10; Mt 22:1-14
Ru 1:1, 3-6, 14b-16, 22; Ps 146:5-10;
Mt 22:34-40
Rv 21:9b-14; Ps 145:10-13, 17-18;
Jn 1:45-51
Is 66:18-21; Ps 117:1-2; Heb 12:5-7, 11-13;
Lk 13:22-30
Our helping relationship with Northridge Elementary
continues as we begin a new school year. The school
welcomes volunteers from the community to help children
be successful in their education in many ways. If you
think you might want to help out you’re invited to a
Volunteer Orientation at Northridge Elementary, 5150
Cocoa Palm Way in Fair Oaks on Thursday, August 22
at 9:30am in Room 5. For more information call Joyce at
Adult Initiation into the Catholic Church
If you or someone you know is interested in
knowing more about joining the Catholic
Church, please contact Sharon Laitinen at 9897400 or [email protected]
Baptism, Confirmation and First Communion for
children, ages 7-17
It’s time to register children/teens seeking baptism or want to
complete their initiation into the Catholic Church. The RCIA
process is adapted for children/teens who consider themselves
beginners in their faith journey. To register to get more
information about these Tuesday evening sessions, call Sharon
Laitinen, 989-7400 x104.

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