Fundația Misiunea Pâinea Vieții



Fundația Misiunea Pâinea Vieții
Fundația Misiunea Pâinea Vieții
Mondial Community Center
Dear family and friends of Bread of Life Community Center at Mondial, Lugoj,
This quarter we would like to share with you pictures of the Lord’s work going on at the Mondial
Community Center. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words and we trust these will help you
understand some of the people who have been blessed by God through others.
Hospital visit with the Nelsons
her Baptism
her new grandson
Meet Irina. She was treated by a renowned gynecologist from Timisoara who frequently services our
women from Mondial, gratis. We could never afford his prices but he has kindly treated Irina as if
she were gold. This is a magnanimous gesture which rarely happens to anyone living in Mondial. When
he first examined her he knew that she had cancer of the uterus. He hospitalized her for 3-4 days
in order to define the extent and found that she had a stage 3b inoperable cancer. When we came to
pick her up from the hospital in Timisoara, he met a top radiologist by coincidence and they spoke of
her future care. She had radiation treatments and then two more procedures in Oradea, about 3
hours away from Lugoj. We took her both times. Life is full of trials and she resolved to turn to God
and give her life to Jesus Christ. She now has peace and because of this good treatment enjoys the
birth of her grandson. She continues to be under the care of this physician who in our eyes is
extraordinarily wise, generous and kind.
It remains stunningly profound that such a
doctor, who works from morning to night, will
sacrifice time, wisdom, care and kindness to the
less fortunate. He remains a model for both
Randy and I and consider his friendship
precious. To the left is Manuela who is due in
early December and to the right is myself and
Mariana, both having experienced his surgical
help. We give all glory to God but to him
respect and look for opportunities to thank him
and bless his team.
Meet Nuța. She is a lovely, happy person who
did not attend any church because the music
made her cry. In this picture, our skilled
plastic surgeon was willing to excise this huge
“skin-tag”, again gratis. She had this on her
body for 23 years. Nuța is thrilled to have it
removed. And the doctors were so good to her.
She now comes to church; singing may bring
tears but she loves to hear God’s Word. What
a joy this doctor gives after doing gratis work
in Africa night and day for 2 weeks. He is truly
most generous and respected.
First Aid Clinic
Tamara serving as an RN
Nicolits, my Romanian counterpart
A surprise visit from Elena
Marza coming from
Christian Aid Ministries
After School Tutoring
Supervisor Magda Iliuta with
volunteering students from
Brediceanu High School
School bags donated by
Grace Christian Church
On 10 September, Mondial kids
received donated school
bags filled with materials
Luci oversees laundry, showers and dining room
because of your help
In the year of 2014 through August, we have done 292 loads of bed linen laundry, fed 2586 meals
and 5518 showers have been taken by adults and children. The medical clinic has served 330 people.
Meals are served every day at 4 PM. Showers and laundry are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
4 PM to 7.30 PM.
**We are praying for these additions to the ministry: a shed to store wood, enhancing the heating
system for shower water, and a dental clinic in an available room.
Field trip to Timișoara
Daniela, pictured on the left, and Catalin, on the right, donated 8 hours of their time giving makeup
and hair styles for some of the Mondial teens. This was a great opportunity to enlarge the teen’s
vision to complete high school in order to enter into a profession. The studio is the Nikolas Makeup
Academy owned and operated by Marius Lupu. The center picture is a before and after their work
was done. Both Daniela and Catalin have become dear friends and they really blessed us with their
talents. They also donated 8 large bags of clothing to the Foundation which provided for many.
**We give all the glory for this ministry to God, our provider and majestic Creator.
Translated into Romanian by Elena Adavidoaei.