The Newsletter of the Orange County Bicycle Club



The Newsletter of the Orange County Bicycle Club
Spoke n Word
The Newsletter of the Orange County Bicycle Club, Orange County New York
This month’s news
December 2010
The Crank’s Turn
Wrapping up the
Annual Meeting
Summary of the
club meeting.
RICE Treatment and
Carbon Fiber
News from
Power Training
A training
program from
Bryan’s Bikes
Greetings from the
North Pole.
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Please support our
sponsors with your
bicycle tires and
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tend to be time constrained by
responsibilities of their current positions
and unable to take the lead on
implementing new ideas. We always
Season’s End .....Our official season has
welcome club members who want to
concluded as of October’s end. Some
take on the driving of an idea. We have
members will continue to ride regularly
some suggestions for things like: 1) using
from the Big V, leaving at 9am on
Yahoo Groups for impromptu ride
Saturdays. Other impromptu rides will
notification – that would require
be posted on the calendar or listed in the
someone set it up and initiate it’s use.
Ride Info section of the website forum.
2) bringing a club Time Trial back on
( Feel free to
Wednesdays during the season – that
post any impromptu rides. All club
would require someone helping with a
members can sign up for the forum by
The club meeting went well. Please see
quick process on timing of rider starts
creating a user id and password.
our club Secretary’s account of the
and logging the time trial lapsed rider
Our annual club meeting was
details within this newsletter edition. It
time. 3) periodic informal get togethers –
held on Wednesday, November 17 at
includes the listing of the 2011 Officers
Requires some coordination of a locale
the Albert Wisner’s Community Room at
and Chairs.
and communicating that. 4) putting all
the (new) Public Library in Warwick. If
our cue sheets onto a site so Garmin
you have not been there, it is a facility
I would like to thank our 2010 Officers
well worth a field trip with the family on and Chairs for their help, ideas, time, and users can download them. Other good
in general all contributions they made to ideas have been suggested as well.
a Saturday afternoon.
keep our club running and evolving.
Please feel free to offer or take the reigns
on implementing any ideas!
There are many ideas that club members
continued on page 2
have about making improvements and
attracting new members. The Officers
I would like to welcome our new
Officers and Chairs, namely, Don
Karlowitz, our new Treasurer; Paul
Labrie, our new Vice President; Greg
Tsoucalas joining the Activities team;
and Walter Jung to co-lead Rides
Chairing with Tom Folkl. Myself and
the Officers and Chairs remaining in
place look forward to working with
Other club information…If you are
interested in Winter Spinning, there
are a number of places to participate.
There is a program being led by Lou
Daza out of Straubs Fitness; a spin
program being run out of Bryan’s
Bikes in Cornwall; other classes out of
some of the local gyms, as well as spin
instructors in the clubs who can
connect you up with classes. As a big
proponent of cross training, I
recommend mixing up your routine a
bit during the off-season. This can
have benefits for the body/mind. Core
training is especially important for
cyclists. In general, a weak core can
lead to back problems which can be
heightened by our riding posture. A
strong core can prevent back issues, as
well as help with power on the bike.
Good luck with your Winter plans!
Report on the Club
Annual Meeting
On the evening of November 17,
2010, President Mary Beth ”Cranky”
Henderson solemnly called the annual
meeting of the Orange County Bicycle
Club to order from her post at the dais
in Albert Hall. In reality, it wasn’t
really a dais, just a folding table with a
molded chair; and it wasn’t really
Albert Hall, rather it was the Albert
Wisner Public Library Community
Hall—or Albert Hall on the Wallkill.
And, to tell the truth, there was very
little solemnity involved. A quorum of
1/10 the club’s overall membership
President Henderson dispatched the
agenda as efficiently as any lifetime
bureaucrat, despite occasional
outbursts of protest from the floor to
the effect that the people were
hungry and needed bread. The
president might have responded, “let
them eat Gu,” but she reasonably
explained that our corporate structure
demands fasting at meetings, so it
would be best to make the meeting
Outgoing Treasurer Walter “Not
Freud” Jung delivered a comforting
income statement that showed net
income—in a troubled economy-- up
by more than 15% in comparison with
2009, due primarily to reduced
expenses. Unable to attend, Steve
“The Wall” Hoagland sent
membership statistics that showed a
slight increase in overall membership
over last year, up nine seats to 229.
Steve further showed that our
average age is 50, and that there is a
gender imbalance with twice as many
males as females. Our youngest
member is 3, and our oldest is 86.
About three quarters of us live in
Orange County, and the remaining
quarter is scattered among bordering
counties and states.
As outgoing tour chair, I noted with
pleasure that the Country Roads Fall
Foliage ride drew nearly 700 riders,
and that most of them left happy. I
also noted that we raised a good deal
of money for our beneficiaries, much
more than we have in recent years. I
stressed that Jim Loughran was key to
the event’s success, and thanked him
in absentia for the skill, energy,
resources and enthusiasm he threw
into it. I also thanked my co-chairs
Robb “Cardinal” Daly, “Flash” Dick
Batchelor, and Susan Glusica. We
acknowledged areas for
improvement. In an open
discussion on the merits and
drawbacks of partnering with another
organization, we took note of
suggestions that we must be careful
not to dilute the traditional purpose
of Country Roads, which is great big
Web chair Frank Wolfe praised the
redesigned web site, and hoped to
improve its changing content. He
lamented that the Forum has not yet
recovered from its coma following the
demise of the original OCBC web site a
couple of years ago, and responded
with interest to a suggestion that we
institute a subscription email
discussion list.
continued on page 3
Past President Robb Daly then floated the raft of club officers for 2011, who were elected by acclamation. Mary Beth
Henderson will serve another term as President; Paul Labrie will be the Vice-President; Don Karlewicz will be the new Treasurer;
and I will serve again as Secretary.
Tom Fokl will continue to chair the Rides Committee, with the help of Walter Jung. Steve Hoagland will serve again as chair of
the Membership Committee. Joe Maggio will take over editing and publishing The Spoke ‘n’ Word. Ryan Muehlbauer will serve
again as Public Relations chair; Robb Daly will again run the Club Century; Peggy Cullen and Carol Kalajian will continue in their
capacity as Club Peddlers; Susan Glusica will organize the 2011 Country Roads tour, and Greg Tsoucalas will join the Activities
Committee. Greg can’t hold the Activities Chair alone; at least two more people need to join with him in order to make the
Winter party, Club Picnic, and bike rodeo happen.
…..Rodger Friedman
RICE Treatment
---More than 30 years ago, Dr. Gabe Mirkin coined the term RICE for the treatment of athletic injuries. It stands for rest, ice,
compression, elevation. Now a study from the Cleveland Clinic shows that one of these recommendations -- applying ice to
reduce swelling -- actually delays healing by preventing the body from releasing a hormone called IGF-1.
Dr. Mirkin explains, "When germs get into your body, your immunity sends cells and proteins into the infected area to kill the
germs. When muscles and other tissues are damaged, your immunity sends the same inflammatory cells to promote healing.
The response to both infection and
Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut
tissue damage is the same." The problem with cold therapy, according to the new science, is that it delays IGF-1-carrying cells
from rushing to the injury. Treatment for an acute injury still includes rest (stop exercising), compression (elastic wraps) and
elevation to reduce swelling. But, Dr. Mirkin now agrees, keep the ice in the freezer.
Carbon Fiber Concerns
It's just one man's opinion, but he's in a position to know. A fellow named Aaron Goss, president of Aaron's Bicycle Repair, Inc.,
in Seattle, wrote to trade magazine Bicycle Retailer and Industry News to express concerns about the ubiquity of carbon fiber
cycling products.
Goss is an admitted carbon cynic. He says flat-out, "Our view has always been that carbon fiber's disadvantages outweigh its
supposed advantages."
In the category of food for thought, here's some of what this professional mechanic wrote to his peers in the cycling industry:
---"We are seeing an exponential increase in damaged and broken carbon fiber parts, forks and frames."
---"Carbon should be reserved for race use only. Everyday bikes should be metal."
---"We find it reckless that everyday folks can buy ultralight carbon fiber parts that they assemble themselves and then ride on
rough roads."
---"I would say, conservatively, one in 10 [carbon] seatposts is damaged from improper installation."
---"Customers don't like hearing that they need a new handlebar or a fork after a crash."
---"Check out the Busted Carbon blog for JRA [just riding along] broken carbon:"
---"We have created a web page to educate our customers:"
---"Steel trumps all other materials when you factor in durability, repairability and recycleability. It is pleasing to see the industry
turning again toward the greenest of all frame materials."
Submitted by Robb Daly; from
Orange County Bicycle Club
Use these winter workouts to raise your power threshold 10-15%
Proven workouts developed by Chris Carmichael/Lance Armstrong’s coach
Workouts will be 1-1 ½ hour with an optional short run weather and time permitting immediately after.
Bring your bike, ride our NEW STATE OF THE ART TRAINER with Power, Heart Rate, Cadence, Time and
Speed. Riser block and mat also provided.
Option to purchase this new trainer that only you rode after the program at a reduced price.
1st class will consist of a FIELD TEST where your Power, Heart Rate and Cadence #’s will be recorded,
then Carmichaels training zones calculated by Gary and given to you so you can use them for the
following classes.
Classes will be held on Monday and Thursday Evening 6pm at Bryan’s Bikes 248 Main St. Cornwall NY.
Classes will be lead and ridden by Gary Walters, USAT Level 1 coach and graduate of Carmichaels
Coaching College. Gary has over 27 years of Triathlon experience. Accomplished in many multisport
events including Sprint to Ironman Triathlon.
Cost is $480.00 for the entire program, zone calculations and instructions on how to use zone training to
improve fitness and increase power.
Class will be limited to the 1st 6-7 people to sign up for the entire program. Arrangements can be made to make up
missed classes in the event of a personal conflict. There will probably be 2 weeks during the 12 that there will be no
classes but optional workouts can be provided.
Any questions call:
Bryans Bikes @ 534-5230 or
Gary Walters @ 914-213-9894
Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut
Greetings from St. Nick
Best wishes for the Holidays to all OCBC members, and their families and
friends. Santa Claus
Orange County Bicycle Club
OCBC Saturday Rides December
2010;check with ride leader to see if
they are riding.
AA - The Hump
Ride the traditional Hump at a 20-23
mph pace (36 miles)
Ride Leader: Dan “Palletman”
McNeilly (845) 497-3988
[email protected]
Ride Leader: Paul “Artic” Labrie (845)
837 9607
[email protected]
The Buzz
Join the Killer B’s on a variety of
different hilly routes depending upon
the group’s mood and who leads at 1820 mph pace (30-35 miles)
Ride Leader: Ralph “Soho Barber”
Miranda [email protected]
B (SOB) Smarter Other B’s
Join the B’s on a variety of different
routes with regrouping in several
places. Expect 16-18 mph (25-30 miles)
Ride leader: Tom Gustainis
Power Pokers
The course varies, but expect 25-30
miles of delightful riding through the
scenic routes. Expect 14-15 mph pace.
We’ll periodically re-group to keep
everyone together.
Ride Leader: Walter “Not Freud” Jung
[email protected]
The Poke
The course varies, but expect 25 miles
of delightful riding through the scenic
routes. Slow pokers and ultimate’s are
definitely welcome to join. The
distance and pace will be adjusted to
suit all riders in the group. Expect 1013 mph pace.
Ride Leaders: Harriet Greenberg and
Bill “Iceman” Siegel
parking lot on North Church Street.
(845) 342-3098 [email protected]
Pine Island Polka Night
When: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Where: Bank of America Parking Lot
in Pine Island
Description: Expect 14 - 17 mile
distance with the group generally
breaking into two groups (Pokers and
B riders). We'll use mostly low traffic
roads. The plan is to ride every
Tuesday, but call the ride leaders to
verify. For those wanting to ride ahead
of the group Cue sheets are available.
Ride Leaders: "Slippery" Steve Jinks
and Ryan Location: Bank of America
Parking Lot Pine Island Turnpike
(County Route 1) Pne Island NY
Facilities: None at this location.
Contact: Steve Jinks Email:
[email protected]
The Ultimate Poke
The course varies, but expect 25 miles
of delightful riding through the scenic
routes. Expected pace 10 mph. New
riders should ride the Ultimate or
regular Poke ride.
OCBC Weekday Rides October 2010
A - The Hump
Ride the traditional Hump at 19-21
mph pace (36 miles) No regrouping
Washingtonville ride
When: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Where: Washingtonville Stop'n Shop
Parking Lot
Description: 20-25 miles around
Washingtonville countryside at a 'B'
pace (15 to 16 mph). Location:
Washingtonville Stop 'n Shop Parking
Lot Brotherhood Plaza
Facilities: Pharmacy and supermarket
all located in Brotherhood Plaza.
Bathrooms are in Stop 'n Shop.
Contact: Rob Dosch Email:
[email protected]
Harriman Park Ride
When: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: Sterling Forest Visitors Center,
Warwick NY
Description: A/B 20-35 miles with
regroups, lots of climbing and lots of
fun. Afterwards we stop at Rhodes
Tavern to refuel.
Ride Leader: Paul Labrie
[email protected]
Facilities: Clean port-o-potty
Joe Fix It’s Ride
When: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Where: Joe Fix It's Bike Shop in
Description: Ride 20 to 30 miles
depending on daylight. Rides vary
week to week thanks to Cardinal
Robb's work on the cue sheets.
Typically enough riders to have
several groups (A, B, and P riders).
Location: Joe Fix It's Bike Shop Main
Street Goshen NY Directions: Located
in the heart of Downtown Goshen. Joe
Fix It's back door opens onto North
Church Street. Park in Municipal
Chester Trailside
When: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Where: Chester Train Station
Description: A & B ride of 20-27 miles
over back roads, Sometimes riding
small parts of Routes 94, 17M & 207.
Pokers welcome to ride Heritage Trail.
After the ride we usually meet at a
Clayton Delaney's or another local
establishment for food and
refreshment. Location: Chester Train
Station Winkler Ave Chester New
York Directions: Located in Old
Downtown section of Chester.
Heritage Trail located here. Parking
available. Facilities: Portable toilet
alable. Contact: Tom Folkl Email:
Note to riders: Weekday
night rides are probably
over for the season, or may
be changed to an earlier
time. Consult with the ride
leader for status update.
Orange County Bicycle Club Officers
Public Relations
Mary Beth “Cranky”
Ryan Muehlbauer
845 981 7194
845 258 3036
[email protected]
[email protected]
Club Peddlers
Vice President
Peggy Cullen
Paul “Artic” Labrie
[email protected]
845 837 9607
[email protected]
Carol Kalajian
[email protected]
Don Karlewicz
SNW Editor
[email protected]
Joe Maggio
845 258 4121
[email protected]
“The Artful” Rodger
Activities Chair
845 351 2510
Greg Tsoucalas
[email protected]
President Emeritus
Steve “The Wall”
Richard “Big Bianchi”
845 534 9110
845 988 1528
[email protected]
[email protected]