IMF Bangor hosts family day



IMF Bangor hosts family day
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Northwest Navigator> KITSAP/EVERETT EDITION • Friday, AUGUST 13, 2010
IMF Bangor hosts family day
By MCSN Wade Oberlin
PSNS&IMF Bangor Public
MCSN Wade Oberlin
Family members of Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF) Bangor site employees board the USS
Louisiana (SSBN 743) for a tour of the boat during their Family Day Event held at Naval Base Kitsap
Bangor Aug. 7.
Puget Sound Naval
Shipyard and Intermediate
Bangor site recently hosted
a family day for more than
2,300 family members and
friends at Naval Base Kitsap,
Bangor, Aug. 7.
The six-hour event
enabled the work force to
show relatives and friends
the TRIDENT submarine
maintenance performed at
the command which included tours of the facilities and
a docked submarine. This
provided a rare opportunity
for people to view the world
of submarines, their maintenance, and to see where
their loved ones work.
“It was pretty cool, being
able to see what my dad
does for a living,” said Tyler
Sartor, son of computer
repair shop employee Paul
Sartor. “I’ve never set foot
on base before, so it’s really
exciting to see the place he
works at.”
The tours began with
families gathering at building 7000 to register. From
there, groups were given the
option to visit the maintenance and weapons shops
of building 7000 and 7001,
or continue to take a bus to
the waterfront and tour the
USS Louisiana (SSBN 743).
Both Blue and Gold crews of
the Louisiana worked very
closely with IMF to help
make this tour a reality.
“It was amazing how
everyone came together as
a Navy family to get this
event set up. I feel great and
it’s nice to have people come
down to the boat and see
what we do,” said ET2(SS)
Anthony Reever, a family
day volunteer from the the
Louisiana Blue crew.
In addition to seeing the
different work areas of IMF,
families were also treated
to extra events including a
Silent Drill performance by
the Marine Corps Security
Force Battalion Ceremonial
Drill Platoon, bouncy houses for children, a look at
diving and explosive ordnance gear, and food provided by the IMF Welfare
and Recreation Committee
and from the Louisiana.
The event was a great
success, thanks to the
overwhelming support of
many Naval Base Kitsap
commands for their support and coordination in
assisting IMF in ensuring
families have a fun-filled
day of activities, exciting
tours, and a chance to see
where their family members
work. It also gave the commands an opportunity to
show the important work
accomplished in supporting
submarine service.
USS Maine celebrates 15 years
By Lt. Kellie Randall
SUBGRU 9 Public Affairs
Sailors aboard the USS
Maine (SSBN 741) (Gold)
celebrated the 15th anniversary of the ship’s commissioning with a small
ceremony at the Keyport
Undersea Museum July 29.
Members from the
Northwest Chapter of the
Universal Ship Cancellation
Columbia #106 sponsored
the event that included a
birthday cake and an address
from the Commanding
“Occasions like these
keep the Navy, the strong,
close knit community that
it is, and remind those of
us in uniform how privileged we are to be a part of
such an incredible organization,” said Cmdr. Richard
Massie, USS Maine (SSBN
741) (Gold) Commanding
SUBGRU 9 photo
USS Maine (SSBN 741) (Gold) Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Richard
Massie, and Chief of the Boat, Master Chief Sonar Technician John
Messier, cut a birthday cake commemorating Maine’s 15th commissioning anniversary, after a ceremony at Keyport Undersea Museum.
Officer. “Groups that highlight our naval heritage, such
as the fine men and women
of the Columbia Chapter of
the USCS, help us to keep
our slogan ‘Remember the
Maine’ alive and well.”
Members of the local
USCS chapter created commemorative cachets and
postmarks in keeping with
their tradition of recording
naval history through the
naval postal system.
Back to school physicals
Designated Drivers
Save Lives
This ad is placed in this newspaper as a courtesy for M.A.D.D.
Naval Branch Health Clinic Everett is offering school
and sports physicals for first graders and above who are
enrolled in the clinic. Physicals are scheduled for Aug.
26, from 1 to 4 p.m. Remember to bring your student’s
ID card, immunization record, medication forms, and
applicable school district physical form and/or sports
physical form. Call the TRICARE Regional Appointment
Center at 1-800-404-4506 to schedule an appointment.

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