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This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship…
The Unbearable Lightness of being...vegetarian: dishes indicated by pomegranate
Zakuski (Starters)
SALAD SAMPLER PLATTER: allow our wait staff to orient you to the possibilities.
OLIVIER: Perhaps the most typical of Russian salads. One of Napoleon's few lasting conquests.
Russian version of potato salad -8
SALAT VESNA: Fresh cabbage, berries, herbs, and serious love. -7.50
LOBIO: Beans! We love it; and with walnuts, ah...It is eaten to awaken the appetite. -8
KAVKAZ BEET SALAD: Glorious beets, walnuts and unexpected spices and herbs. -8
CARROT SALAD: Carrots, garlic, walnuts and more…Overwhelms the defenses of all your
senses. – 8
IKRA BADRIJANNAYA (” Poor man's caviar") - Eggplant with a delicate infusion of herbs,
onions, olive oil, and garlic. A vegetarian's dream of heaven when in hell. -9
GEORGIAN GREEN SALAD WITH CHEESE:A zesty introduction to your main course. -9
Dumplings and Pies
KHACHAPURI: Georgian cheese pie. "Life without Khachapuri is not worth living." Evokes
passionate praise from the lips of any Georgian. Served Sunday through Thursday -7.50
ADJARULI: Traditional Georgian cheese-filled bread, served with poached egg. Typically
served on Friday and Saturday. Please ask your waiter for availability. -13.50
CHEBUREKI: Fried turnovers stuffed with ground meat, onions, and herbs. -10
PELMENI: Siberian meat dumplings, garnished with yogurt-dill-garlic sauce. -9
VARENIKI: Peasant-style potato-cheese dumplings topped with caramelized onions. -9
RUSSIAN BORSCHT: Deep reddish-purple beetroot soup with beef simmered for hours to
produce culinary magic. Served hot with a dollop of sour cream at your pleasure. A meal in itself
if ordered with Khachapuri. -9
VEGETARIAN (or VEGAN) BORSCHT: Cabbage beet soup with mushrooms -8.50
Many of our items contain walnuts! Please alert your server to any food allergies.
No more than 4 credit cards per table.
GOLUBTSI: Village-style cabbage rolls filled with a ground meat and herbs mixture. -17
CHAKHOKHBILI (Georgian Eagle): This aromatic casserole will make your mouth water.
Large pieces of chicken simmered with onions, tomatoes, basil - plus, of course, the chef's secret
spices. Try a glass of young red wine with it and you will fly like an eagle. -17
CHICKEN TABAKA: Cornish Hen flattened and fried until crispy, traditionally served with
garlic and pomegranate sauce. -18
BEEF STROGANOFF: Try this indulgent, yet restrained marvel. Russia's claim to fame. -19.50
AJAP SANDALI: Traditional Georgian vegetable ragout. Expect eggplant, onions, bell peppers,
a bunch of herbs, and a unique “khmeli-suneli” seasoning. Our Georgian improvement to Western
Civilization. -12
CHAKAPULI: A celebration of spring in your heart! Lamb, onions, tarragon, wine, and plum
sauce. Should any be left over, it is best on the second day, or on the seventh day - when God
created Georgia! -19
SHASHLIK: Skewered meat roasted over charcoal. Served with marinated red onions and a side
of rice. Served Thursday through Sunday. It is said that this dish saved the Yalta Accords
between Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt in 1944.
Your choice of meats: pork loin -18, chicken -17, lamb -21.50 (ask for availability)
SMOKED RAINBOW TROUT: Slowly cooked over a hardwood fire. Traditionally served at
room temperature -17
BABUSHKA’S SURPRISE: Baked apple filled with sweet fruits, walnuts, and honey. -7
MEDOVIK TORTE: Russian traditional honey cake. Escape with this sinful retreat. -8.50
TOAD SWEAT ICE CREAM: Not for the faint of heart. -6
To Quench Your Thirst
RUSSIAN TEA: Russian way of tea drinking – sugar cube behind your cheek! -3.50
TURKISH COFFEE: black as night, hot as love, sweet as sin and powerful as damnation -5
SOFT DRINKS: Scary and drop dead Blenheim ginger ales, Cheerwine and juices –4
To the Health of Wives and Lovers - May they Never Meet!
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