All Varieties are Not Created Equal Contest Elevator Drop Points



All Varieties are Not Created Equal Contest Elevator Drop Points
All Varieties are Not Created Equal
Wheat varieties may look similar on the outside,
but they all perform differently under the kernel.
Processing performance is becoming more
important as buyers are seeking out specific
varieties and planting areas in their purchase
decisions, excluding locations where they know
poorer performing varieties are planted. The
competitiveness of the global market is raising
the bar on what is expected from wheat quality.
Yield still plays an important role in choosing
varieties, but more importantly planting wheat
that demonstrates the processing traits customers prefer will keep your wheat competitive in
the world market. Clean wheat that is high in
protein, test weight and vitreousness garners
a better price than generic wheat, but the final
customer is also demanding wheat that has the
milling and processing properties they need.
When deciding what to plant, consider end-use
quality as well as yield, disease resistance and
agronomic factors, as all varieties are not equal.
Contest Elevator Drop Points
Elevators throughout the state are acting as drop
points for the contest. Producers can bring their
samples in to be bagged or simply pick up sample
bags and deliver them at a later date at any of the
elevators listed below:
F Beach - Beach Co-op Grain Co.
F Benedict - McLean Elevator Co.
F Berthold - Berthold Farmers Elevator
F Colfax - Colfax Farmers Elevator Inc.
F Crosby - New Century Ag
F Devils Lake - CHS - Lake Region Grain
F Edgeley - Dakota Prairie Ag
F Falkirk - Falkirk Farmers Elevator
F Fessenden - Fessenden Co-op Assoc.
F Gladstone - Southwest Grain
F Milton - CHS Inc.
F Powers Lake - Powers Lake Elevator Co.
F Russell - Souris River Co-op
F Scranton - Scranton Equity Exchange
F Sterling - South Central Grain
F Tolley - Renville Elevator Co.
F Valley City - Columbia Grain International
F Williston - Horizon Resources
If you are not near a collection site you can contact
the NDWC office at 701-328-5111 for bags and entry
ND Wheat Commission
Crop Quality Contest
2401 46th Avenue SE, Suite 104
Mandan, ND 58554
To see official contest rules online and download
entry forms and instructions, visit the ND Wheat
Commission online at:
$400 • $250 • $150
sponsored by the N.D. Wheat Commission
Contest Entry Deadline­
s OCTOBER 15, 2009
Samples must be delivered to participating
elevators, or mailed or delivered to the N.D.
Wheat Commission office by October 15.
and the following industry partners:
– ADM Milling – General Mills
– Horizon Milling – N.D. Mill
– U.S. Durum Growers Association
Awards given to the top 10 performing entries in each
category: hard red spring & durum.
Picking Top Wheat Performance
Samples will be visually judged for cleanliness,
kernel uniformity, kernel size, defects and protein
levels in the first round. Only the top 10 samples
from the first round will be sent to North Dakota
State University for official FGIS grading and
testing for falling number, thousand kernel weight
and percentage of large and medium kernels, plus
end-use evaluation:
s HARD RED SPRING samples will be tested for
milling extraction, ash content, farinograph
absorption and mixing properties, loaf volume
and bread quality.
Enter & Let the Wheat Compete
Hard red spring and durum samples can be
dropped at elevator drop points listed on
this brochure.
Sample Requirements
5-pound minimum commercial farm sample
Must have been harvested in 2009
Single variety of wheat
No handpicking
s DURUM samples will be tested for semolina
extraction, ash content, speck count,
mixograph, pasta color, cooked weight, cooking
loss and cooked firmness.
Samples will not be returned, but score sheets will
be provided to each of the top 10 sample producers.
No data will be provided for other entries.
* Winners will be notified in early December.
Entry Information Required
Elevator drop points have sample bags and entry
forms available. Entry forms ask for the following:
Producer name, address and phone number
Class of sample entry: Durum or HRS
Name of wheat variety submitted
Approximate planting and harvest date
Producers wishing to mail samples to the N.D.
Wheat Commission must include the above
information with their sample. Producers can
obtain sample bags, entry forms and shipping
instructions from the N.D. Wheat Commission by
request at 701-328-5111.
Building Bigger Better Markets
The North Dakota Wheat Commission works for
producers, using their checkoff investment to
market and promote wheat domestically and
worldwide. Checkoff support helps build better
varieties and gives producers advantages against
disease and other factors. Producers help build
top performing varieties, like the ones to be
awarded in this contest, ultimately improving
their bushels per acres, their customer’s
satisfaction and their bottom-line.
For more information, call the North Dakota
Wheat Commission at 701-328-5111 or

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