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Silver State - ROP Academy
Silver State
2012 Annual
Performance Report
Dedicated to Improving the
Lives of Youth Since 1984
Silver State Highlights
Awarded $1.2 million grant to build one
of the largest solar arrays at a Nevada
High School
Won the State Track and Field
State Champions for Presidential
Physical Fitness
Volunteer Organization of the Year
Award from Lyon County
Message From the Director
Silver State Academy has been operating programs that “improve the lives of
youth” for almost 30 years. Having offered services for thousands of youth,
we are proud of our mission, our program and most importantly, the many
student successes of which we have been part.
As we begin a new year of providing treatment services to youth at Silver State
Academy, we reflect upon our student accomplishments of 2012, including,
35 High School Diplomas awarded
but not limited to: 35 students earning their high school diplomas, winning
7 students received their GED
the State High School Presidential Physical Fitness Championship, providing
11,353 hours of Aggression
Replacement Training (ART)
more hours of evidence-based treatment services than ever before, and the
6,849 hours of community service
8,613 family contacts made
14,762 hours of Positive Skill
Development: Targeted Skill Group
installation of the largest solar array at any high school in the State of Nevada.
Services to support high school students as they transition to secondary
education or employment were expanded by incorporating on-campus paid
67 students certified in Culinary Arts
vocational activities into the instructional program provided in classrooms
82 students certified in Welding
and resource rooms. As a result, students earned over $25,000 to assist them
in their transition back home or on to college/trade school.
Board of Directors
Lawrence W. Howell, Executive Director
Charles P. Westwater, President
Vicky Sauer-Lamb, Treasurer
All of the 2012 positive outcomes stem not only from the work of our dedicated
staff, but from the efforts of a collective campus community encompassing
neighbors, friends, families, board members, and partners in education.
Kimberly Anastassatos-Welker, Secretary
In January 2013, Silver State welcomed Dr. Nikki Isaacs as the new Program
Montoya Graham, Member
Director to the campus. Together we will all continue working to improve the
Dr. Jack Sutton, Member
lives of youth.
Lawrence W. Howell
Executive Director
Evidence -Based Treatment
Research has shown that high-risk offenders are in need of over 200
hours of treatment while in programming. Rite of Passage Silver State
Academy backs this belief by providing treatment classes and positive
skill development groups to the daily schedule. Because of the influx
of more aggressive young men, Silver State Academy has focused
on providing more hours of Aggression Replacement Training (ART).
Throughout 2012, students completed over 10,000 hours of ART.
11,353 hours of Aggression Replacement
Training, an average of 112 hours per
2,077 hours of Pathways, an average of 20
hours per student
8,200 hours of Positive Skill Development:
Cognitive Int. Group, an average of 81
hours per student
14,762 hours of Positive Skill
Development: Targeted Skill Group, an
average of 145 hours per student
4,765 hours of Thinking for a Change, an
average of 47 hours per student
As we move into 2013, the traditional Rite of Passage athletics, education
and vocational programming will continue to be coupled with a more
therapeutic approach at Silver State Academy. Multi-disciplinary teams
including coach counselors, case managers, teachers, medical and group
living staff will meet regularly to discuss each student’s progress and
discharge plans. A concerted effort is being placed on assisting students
with aftercare plans, college admissions and/or other ROP placement
such as in a group home with an emphasis on independent living.
During 2012, Silver State Academy continued to
provide students with a high quality education
and opportunities to earn a high school diploma
or GED. In 2012, Silver State had 124 successful
program completions. These students completed
the Rite of Passage program while also working on
their education and treatment issues. Silver State
Academy awarded over 40 high school diplomas
and GEDs during 2012, while each student
completed over 200 hours of evidence-based
Career Technical Education
In 2012, SSA students continued to gain
certifications in career technical fields. In 2012, 221
students were certified in various fields, 49 more
students than in 2011.
10 students certified in computers
67 students certified in culinary arts
30 students certified in construction
26 students certified in light manufacturing
82 students certified in welding
6 students certified in husbandry/4-H
Upon completion of high school, students are entering a highly
competitive workforce on a global scale. Today’s students need
skills well beyond those of their parents’ generation to be career
and college ready. They need the ability to integrate and apply
21st century skills, understand technical skills and knowledge,
and have a solid core academic foundation with emphasis on real
world, real life skills. Across the nation, employers are warning of
an impending shortage in workers in specialized fields. To combat
this problem, Silver State offers students various opportunities to
learn new skills.
One opportunity the students at Silver State Academy have is
to gain experience in a welding program. Students can earn an
American Welding Certification that is recognized as meeting
industry standards and taught by an American Welding Society
certified educator and inspector. The curriculum involved in the
program consists of 30% classroom instruction and 70% handson experience. During the 2011-2012 school year, 212 students
were involved in the SSA welding program, which consists of
over 15,600 hours of real world experience. One opportunity that
students took in 2012 was fabricating carports on which solar
panels are attached, giving SSA one of the largest solar arrays in
Northern Nevada.
By earning the Level One certification through the SSA welding
program, students have the pre-requisite skills needed to gain
entry-level employment. Some students’ experiences are so
profound that they choose to continue their education in the field
by enrolling in college programs.
During 2012, students at Silver State Academy continued to
participate in Nevada Interscholastic Athletics Association sports,
and student achievement continued to soar.
Wrestling team finishing 5th at State Tournament
Basketball team qualified for Northern Zone Championship
Track and Field State champions
8 football players selected for post-season honors
Presidential Challenge State Champions for 4th straight school
SSA also web-cast many home and away games, making it possible
for parents and friends to follow the action from their home
Through participation in an activity such as 4-H, students at Silver
State Academy have the opportunity to go out in the community
to learn new skills and compete in various events.
In 2012, students advanced to the Nevada 4-H State Show. The
students placed very high in market and showmanship classes, and
auctioned off their animals at the end of competition.
“I worked hard to be chosen
[to work on the solar
project] because I wanted to
learn more about welding
and get certified in it. Even
though it was hard work, it
was a fun, new experience.”
-Student Luis V.
Family Engagement
Family And Systems Therapy
At Silver State Academy, families are integral to the entire
treatment process and transition begins at intake. Therefore,
families are embraced from start to finish and are active partners
in their child’s growth. Families meet on the campus of Silver
State throughout the year to participate in various activities with
In 2012, students at Silver State Academy had over 8,600 family
contacts through family visits, phone contacts and video
conferencing. Additionally, students had opportunities to spend
weekends at home.
To facilitate parent visits to the Silver State campus, the Academy
provided transportation to parents who would otherwise not
be able to attend campus visits. In 2012, Silver State Academy
transported over 60 families from Los Angeles County, San
Bernardino County, Alameda County, and the Midwest. These
parent visits were planned around football games, graduations,
and other site events to allow parents to see their sons participate
in pro-social events.
“I need my family in my life because they
are my life. They are my motivation to be
-Student Oscar A.
In addition to providing transportation and encouraging family
contacts, Silver State Academy provides multi-family therapy
groups that utilize the Active Parenting curriculum. This focuses
on parent skill training and emphasizes basic principles including
effective communication, setting boundaries and limits, teaching
conflict resolution, and issues surrounding drug and alcohol use.
Students completed over 400 hours of Active Parenting in 2012.
Community Engagement
Silver State Academy takes pride in giving back to the community.
During 2012, Rite of Passage Silver State Academy students
donated over 6,000 hours to community service. The goal of the
community service is to allow the students to practice pro-social
skills and character traits emphasized through the Aggression
Replacement Training curriculum while also helping the
“I think community service helps me out a
lot. It makes me happy to know that every
Thursday I get to put a smile on people’s
-Student Khalil O.
In 2012, Rite of Passage Silver State Academy was named Volunteer
of the Year by the Lyon County Fair Board. Silver State also
performed community service for:
South Lyon Medical Center Long Term Care
Reno Homeless Shelter
Safe Haven Rescue Dog Shelter
Professional Development
Silver State Academy stands behind its philosophy that staff
will receive the highest level of training available in the industry
in order to guide, direct,
and develop our students.
Staff Training
Training in 2012 included
In 2012, Silver State Academy combined
general and departmental-
staff from all levels completed over
specific training that
7,500 hours of training.
enhanced the level of skill
of each employee.
Silver State
100 Rosaschi Road
Yerington, NV 89447
Phone (775) 463-5111
Dedicated to improving the lives of youth
S i l v e r St ate Ac a d e my
2 0 1 2 A n nu a l Pe r for m a n c e R e p or t

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