Information of IMDIA Auditor Change



Information of IMDIA Auditor Change
Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association (IMDIA)
Kompleks PT Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia
JL.Raya Bogor Km.29 13710, Indonesia
Tel +6221 870-2852 Fax +6221 871-7864
E-mail [email protected]
August 10, 2012
Dear IMDIA Member
Information of IMDIA Auditor Change
Nowadays, we hope you always keep the spirit joy of your stage and company reached
more advancement.
Thank you very much to IMDIA member for supporting and advising to Indonesia Mold
& Dies Industry Association (IMDIA).
Any way Mr. Toru Yamaguchi IMDIA Auditor belonging to PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor
Manufacturing is July 10, has returned to Japan by order of his company.
According to Clause 12, Subsection 5 of the Clause of Incorporation IMDIA, "in the
Board of Directors and auditors, if cannot stay in Indonesia by the convenience, the
predecessor recommend to a replacement, and then approved by the Board of Directors,
information to the Member.
Based on above, Mr. Yamaguchi has recommended Mr. Sugita, in Direction Meeting on
August 10 hope the approval by Board of Directors and then inform to the member.
Have been placed in the new auditor Mr. Sugita with regard to the use of membership
dues were kept from everyone, please give a fair and more transparent audit.
Mr. Sugita like to hope that we will enjoy and contribute to improve people's lives and
economic development of Indonesia from the company and also IMDIA.
Name: Masanori Sugita
Address:Jl. DR. KRT. Radjiman Widyyodiningrat Jakarta
Best Regards,
Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association
Chairman Makoto Takahashi

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