July 2006 Bridges to the World



July 2006 Bridges to the World
Bridges tothe Worl
Newsletter of the Sarasota Sister Cities Association I
Global Insights from Vladimir,
Russia at Aprit Luncheon
by Tom Halbert
Sarasota Yacht Club, 1100'John Ringling Blvd.
11:30-1:1S I pm
You will receive an addikfonal notice later
concerning the date and featured
presentation. At that time, if you wish to
e n d , please reserve Y&F seat and
luncheon early by sending your check,
endorsed to Sarasata SisFer Cities
t o Ms.Gat$e
The special relationship between Sarasota and
its sister city of Vladimir, RuSsia was the theme of the
membership luncheon program a€the Sarasota Yacht
Club Wednesday, April -1 9th. Members heard reports by
the Sarasota delegation that visited Vladimir last
September, which included city commissioner, Lou Ann
Palmer, Dr. Lori Pennington-Grey, Director of the Center
for Tourism Research & Development at the University
The group informed more than 70
members and
guests at the luncheon of ongoing initiatives in to
increase community involvement in education, tourism,
and government, while viewing multimedia presentations
of the delegation's visit to Vjadimir.
Particularly well received were the heartfelt
remarks by Yelena Bychkovskikh of Vladimir who, as a
result of the delegation visit, is now a student for a
master's degree in tourism at the U
Ms. Bychkovskikh sewed as the "PO
Vladimir's twinned relationships with 16 partner cities
around the world, including Sarasota. In that capacity,
she, represented Vladimir mayor Alexander Rybakov
and her former boss Yuri Victorich Federov,
the Department of hternational Affairs and
the group she had
Date TBD
the door, K yoa need to %ontactMs. Maxey,
she can be reached at (dfi1) 485-8596 OF
by e-mail: gmaxeybear&link.net.
Treviso to Becohe Sixth Sister
C i ~
SCA has received wdfd of the successfbl
selection of the Honorable Leonard0 Muraro as
president of the Province od Treviso, Italy.
formal acceptance of
us here b Sarasota n
greatty love and respect each
She said that her favorite is Sarasota because of the
"Thanks to our sister
opportunity to get tu
negative stereotypes
know from my own experih
Please turn to "VladimirLuncheon,"
on page 6.
lovely, centuries-old
Province of Treviso.
White here, the
1565 First Street, Sarasota, PL 34236
Please turn to
"Treviso,"on page 3.
Executive Board and Officers
President, BiII WaIIace
Past President, Linda Rosenbhth
V.P. Resources -Economk Development,
Caria Rayman
Education sr Culture,
Bloomer, PhD
Public Relations 8c Communications,
JohnThomas Hafbert
Citiesisr Candidate Cities,
David Laws
Sports, Scott Treibly
Treasurer, john Mitchell
Parliamentarian, Policy -81: Planning,
John Brown, Esq.
Greetings, Bonjour, Shatorn, Buenos Dias, zptatrz,
Our adventure produces a fruitfut year.
Could we have packed more into a nine-month period? Not sure
how, but, even now we still have important exchanges to complete before
closing our Gscal year.
Of come, SSCA is all about exchanges! Tbis year, we Vrrili have
completed 12 exchanges with our sister cities, a record year for us, with all
but one of our sister cities involved.
Vladimir, Russia. We had two exchanges, including a major
CYD Board Member, Vince Gkra
City Direcgors
Dunfernline, Scotland, Susan Mair
HamiEton,Canada, Carol FurIong
Vice, GIoria Grenier
Perpignan, France, Harry Dunn
Vice, Eva Frank
TeI Mond, Israel, Linda Rosenbluth
Vice, Betty Greenspan
Wadimir, Russia, bura Resch
Vice, Yelena Sychkovskikh
Treviso, Ita&, Mirco Chimdi
Vice, Bruno Pasquale
Committee Chairs
Cultural AfSairs and Board Member,
Hope Byrnes
ProtocpI, Mane Sealy-Schrock
Higher Education, Ray Young
Membership, KamIa Long
Luncheon Coordinator, Ciafle Maxey
Grant WFiter, Gloria Grenier
our sixth sister city (see separate story}.
,Isme1 received both SSCA city director, Linda
e city director, Betty Greenspan on separate visits. The
e's first overseas playwrights workshop, "Write A
1 Mond in March, and in May, four student
ghts competition, their teachers, and a
be honored and receive their awards in
HarniIton, Ontario, Canada sent the 30-member John Laing
Singers here for a week, orchestrated beautifully by SSCA city director,
Carol Furlong, and with them came Hamilton mayor Larry D
and Alice Witlems, o€ their nautic
ident William McIntosh and his wife
lms for the arrival of our first
g k Trust Scholar, enrolls at USF to round
Carolyn Bloomer, PhD
Newsletter Editor
SaIie OIMafIey, Esq
[email protected]
To get invofued in any ofthe
organization's acthities or for more
information, visit our website,
Please turn to "President'sMessage,'' page 4.
SSCA Volunteers
Support c
by Tarn Halbert
. .,
Twenty-four SSCA
NELGOME TO NEW & members participated with
the generosity of their time
and enthusiasm hthe “Our
Cdtural Connections” expo
Barbara J. Lupoff
at the Sarasota City
Allan & Jess Miller
AudiforiuW, June 16-18.
Kathryn Scott
President Dwight D.
Daniel & Monique
Eisenhower’s granddaughter,
Mary Jean Eisenhower, was
featured as keynote speaker
and Sarasota mayor Fredd
Atkins made special
presentations at the Preview
Gala on June 16th.
Nick & Merry Porter
The event was held to
Margaret Kristjanson
benefit the Literacy Council
trina Bronstein
of Sarasota and
AmericanYesRead, Inc and
involved more than 20
orrranization booths.
Barbara Billings
inzuding, the Congo Choir
fiom the Republic of the
Congo as they initiated their tow of US cities, nearly 20
Ioeal musical and ethnic dance goups, and six
international food and beverage vendors. Also featured
were Cliff Roles, 1220 AM
and Phil Yeh, the godfather
SSCA volunteers included Carol Arroyo; Dr.
visit ourculturdconnections.org
Sarasota and meet with
business, cultural, educational,
governmental and sports
sota area to prepare for future
“exchanges” between the citizens of Treviso and
A local steering co&ttee was recently
creatd to secure dates and begin to lay plans for their
visit. The committee includes SSCA Treviso City
Director Mirco Chiodi, Richard Storm, the Honorary
Consul o€ the Miami Itafian consulate; Dwight
Currie, Curator o€ Theatre Programming, Historic
Asolo Theatre at the Ringling Museum; Lee Linkous,
Box Office Manager at Ringrig and Carole
LaCentra, Tom Halbert and Bill Wallace from the
Sarasota Sister Cities Association. A large number
of additional SSCA members will be added as
detailed planning gets underway.
The local Italian support group for this
new relationship is the GuLE Coast Italian Culture
Society, Inc. whose president is Arturo Castraberti.
FST Participants from Dunfermfipe
See Their Work Performed at
Carnegie Hat1
Excemfed from a rnessaue from Germ
McMullan, Twinning Director ofDunferm/in& Scotland
to Susan Moic SSCA city director for Dunfermline.
”All the winning playwright‘s who have
taken part in the Florida Studio Theatre saw
their plays performed on stage in Carnegie Hall,
Dunfermline, Scotland.
Over two hundred family and friends saw
for the first time the winning plays. Included in
the evening’s event was a monologue written for
next year’s festivat. Written by Vicky Lawrie and
performed by Hannah Malocco, this one woman
scene stole the show. With such w$mg coming
from such a talented young lady, it is hoped that
we will be able to send more youngsters over to
Sarasota next year.
It was also announced that the FST has applied for funding to come to Dunfermtine and work with
our students on drama and writing. This may happen in the autumn.
After the performance there was a reception, which, it seemed, everyone of the audience attended
(typical Scots).
Although exhausted, the Sister Cities Executive Committee was delighted with the response of
encouragement from all who attended and hope to continue the winning ways for the coming years.”
Flesch, Vladimir C
working on a fo
is possible that
visits from Vtadimir, Treviso and Siming
(Xiemem) next January, February and
Yelena Bychkovskikh, Laura's new Vice
City Director for Vladimir, who spoke to us
at the Wacfimir luncheon, was invited by city
ioner, Lou Ann Palmer to be her
the Fourth of July weekend. Ms.
Bychkovskikhwas also expected to speak
to the Sarasota city commission on July
s is a real tribute to the
thyroid of your entkusiastic
peaking of which, your board has
sed your by-laws; created a new
andbook, including job descriptions-for alf board members;
Gtiated a reimbursement fund to help with airfares, primarily for
UT city directors to visit their cities beyond our borders; created a
ew vice-presidency for sports exchanges; approved new written
olicies for delegation and FST visitors; and held its annual review
I€ our strategic plan.
Unfortunately, we are losing six of those board members,
tho have enriched greatly our SSCA programs over these past
ears. We extend ow s
best wishes to Mary
, Barbara Hopton, Tfierry
;errara, Mike Nelson,
:hambon, and Lydia McIntire and delight in the fact that all are
emaining as members of SSCA.
Next year is shaping up as a repeat, so "gird your loins"
nd jump in, the water's great and we7dlove to have all members
s active participants.
, chairman of the Dunferrnline
elections."As a Liberal Democrat, 1 am
this race and t believe my
nomination has brought a balance to the
debate ahead and the choice of
candidates," says McMutlan.
At present, he represents West Fife
fe Council and, if successful, will be
Fife Councilior and member of the
ish Parliament.
"I'm looking forward to the
Visitors from Tel Mond and Dunfermline, on the
Beach. From top left, Dr. and Betty Greenspan,
Tami PhiIosoph, Iris Schor, Gerry McMullan, Nitzan
Barak, Miriam Foy, Kcrrirra: Ebrani, (from bottom
left1 Oren Xchor, Ryan Bower, Roni D u d , and
Tohar Struhl.
Dunfermline Boasts Five Wi ng Plays in
Young Playwrights Competition.
adapted froma Dunfemlrilepress release
The Young Playwrights Festivat competition, run by
the Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota, and with facilitation
by Sarasota Sister Cities Association, helps to promote
links with Sarasota and her sister cities. For the past three
years, SSCA has facilitated participation by secondary
school pupifs. In this competition, with approximately 6,000
entries each year from an international group of
competitors, D
rmline produced several winning plays.
The piays were performed by pupils from the schools
involved and provided a unique perspective n life from the
vantage point of young people.
Following are the Dunfennline winners and their
2005 Award Winners
"My Dream, Your Dream", by Kasia Grycuk, St. Columba
High School, Teachec Miriam Foy
""Sticks and S€oones,"by Rachel Ewing, Sarah Morden,
and Victoria Cummings, Queen Anne High School.
Teacher: Gabriel McNeil
"Personality Takes No Shape," by Mel-ksa Baiflie, Lorna
Cormack, Nicole Horn, and Alison McConway, Queen
Anne High School. Teacher: Gabriel McNeil
2006 Award Winner
"Blame the Driver," by Ryan Bower, St. Colu
High School. Teacher: Miriam Foy
en the president of Sarasota Sister Cities
Association, Linda Rosenbluth came to me many
Years ago and inquired about Florida studio Theatre and
I have to
I was quite
SSCA working
Sk€@iCd. She wanted t0 COnneCt O W “write A play’’
program with our sister cities. “WriteA Play” is a
Program that inspires Youth (age 5-17) to write Plays
and submit them to the Young Playwrights Festival.
I UndtXStOod how different GOUtrkS muld Share
artwork back and forth because a picture “shares” the
same language. A tree looks like a tree looks like a tree,
what comtv
you live in* I
would we exchange plays? We would have to have
interpreters, and even with an htevreter, understanding
how to write a play is difficult - here are the elements of
setting7characters, conflict and dialogue. It took years to
get the art of playwrightkg implemented in &e
edUCatiCXla1 system in FlOl-kb- But it took the Passion
Of One 5* gade
educator in Tel Mend, Israel, to get it
Five years ago, Tami Philosoph, a Tel Mond
educator, had heard about the festival fiom a SSCA
After discussing it with her principal she and
to write and send plays. Onetitled “Fear,” won. It was about
s - by dancing and celebrating life. It
seemed to me that this play represented the spirit of the
Israeli people - people choosing to celebrate life in the midst
of danger. And here, three young playwrigErts were
expressing it - and they were all, 10- year old girls.
That year, the girls traveled with one mom to
Sarasota to see their play performed on stage and to receive
a certificate of achievement by 3-time Pulitzer Prize winner
to the playwrights, d
I ,&
- &e
Edward d;be& his
audience, “Speak the truth. Whether it hurts you or hurts
others, your obligation as a human being is to speak the
truth.” Our mission has never changed. we seek to inspire
youth to write “the
to dig deep wit& themelves and
express what they see of the world through the power of the
word - though
And now,
received from Scotland, and Russia as wefj 3s Israel.
And this year has been a banner year. Florida
studio Theatres received a gant from the State of Florida to
Mend to bring playmighting to four schoo~s;
Nitsanim, or Torah, Rabin, and shelanu. we had
fiom Dunfedme and Tel Mond attend the Young
r s Scotland and
playwrights Festival in May. ~ u ~ t ofrom
Israel also traveled to Sarasota to be inspired by the Festival.
They had a chance to meet other winning educators at a
bm& and dream
And the future holds so much more. In Tel Mond,
we hope to institute a ScholarSEp exchange so teen students
can attend our summer theatre workshop. We hope to
receive a state gmt to travel to Scotland this fall and to
proceed with plans to hold an Educator Immersion Week in
Sarasota for educators ~%-QEIaI1 of the sister cities to delve
into a week of creative inspiration. From our modest
beginning, we are developing an ongoing relationship.
But, perhaps this finle €et& fiom the Tel Mond
winning playwright, IO- year old Tohar, says it best in her
“beginning” English, writing to me in my native tongue7
bravely reaching out.
”Dear Kate,
I t m a k e m e s o happy t o g e t your
Young Winners of fhe Florida Studio Theatre Young
Flcrywrights Festival and Educators from Scotland
and Israel., Festival D q , May 6, 2006. Photo b y Maria
F i r s t of a l l I wish t o s a y t h a n k s
so much f o r all you have done The
Please turn to “YoungPlaywrightsz”on page 7.
said. She notes Wadimir
citizens are greatky
interested in having more
collaborative projects with
Sarasota. For example, she described Mayor
Rybakov as a soccer fan - actually more than a
fan, he is a soccer player himself. He woufd
love for an American high school
team to visit Vladimir for
ys (a Vladimir holiday) to
cal Vladimir team.
There are a lot of projects on
our list, and we can make them
Bychkovskikh shared
several interesting observations
about the uniqueness of the
various partner cities, inciuding
Sarasota. For example, she said
the Chinese never come in small groups usually with a delegatfun of 15 people. They
are very organized and seek to gain experience
in cultural areas in which Vladimir excels. A
conf'd from page I
ntaneous and carefree, less formal and not
"Americans a
reserved Eke Rus
. You are so reat, and like to get right down
to businessIa -Yefena Bychkovskikhsfomer parfpler-city representative far
Vladimir, Russia.
result of their last visit was to establish an
arrangement whereby 20 Chinese teachers will
visit Vladimir 40 learn how English is taught in
She described delegations from Italy as
very charming, friendly and never in a hurry, but
they fypically lose someone who becomes
ing learning about Russian
ng new friends.
from Vladimir's sister city,
Canterbury, England are '"very proper." One af
pervised coincided with that of a
fed by former mayor Richard Martin.
or Martin, the Lord Mayor of
d Vladimir mayor Rybakov had the
view Wadimir from the air together aboard
itary helicopter. The day's camaraderie
ended with an evening of the mayors singing karaoke.
"No matter how I love them all
D/fadimir's other partner citiesl, my
favorites will always be Americans.
You know, sometimes you simpfy
wing something or
nd there is actually no
she said. Americans are
s and carefree, less formal
d like Russians. You
like to get right down
s." Ms. Bychkovskikh
recalled that during the Sarasota
delegation visit to Vladimir, at the meetings of the Youth
Parliament, SSCA city director for Vladimir, Laura
Flesch, was talking about the Sailor Circus and how city
commissioner, Lou Ann Palmer used to be in the circus
when she was a teenager. She rem
Russians were amazed when Commissioner Palmer
said, "Let me show you," and quickly did a headstand
on the table. "At first there was surprise, but then
everyone staFZed talking and laughing and the ice was
"fsn't it incredible? How can you not love these
peopie?" says By&kovskiCiw1. The people of Vladirnir
ant simply fascinated with Americans, "just like you are
fascinated with Russians. I'
(Below) Former Sarasota mayor, Richard Martin (righf)joins city
commissioner, Lou Ann Palmer,
)el?],In presentingYelena
Bychkovskikh a Sarasota Honora
ken certificate and the key to the city
of Sarasota foilowing her
s on
en the
sister cities of b d i m ir,
Russia and Sarasota at
€heSarasota Sister
Sarasota Yacht Chib,
Aprit 19, 2006.
(Af r @ ~ t )Ms.
Bychkoviskikh speaks
to the luncheon guests,
as SSCA president Bill
WafEace and Sarasota
tnra Paher listen. Photos by
i n p a r t i c u l a r your
c e r t i f i c a t e f o r m e . I t was
v e r y n i c e of you t o do it and
I w a s v e r y g l a d e t o read it.
I enjoyed s o much from t h e
play o n t h e stage.
I m i s s you i n t h e ceremony.
Tomorrowwe w i l l t e l l about
t h e v i s i t t o Sarasotatothe
W e w i l l show t h e c e r t i f i c a t e
and t h e m e d a l t o t h e m
And I ' m v e r y p r o u d t o h a v e
I wilfbe happytobe intouch
w i t h you, it w a s honor for m e
t o know YOU.
I s e n d t o youmy l o v e a n d a l l
t h e best,
Tohar S t r u l "
Thus begins, the real relationship of
two cities, Sarasota, and
"speaking the truth" simply between human
beings. To quote Tohar, Y'm very proud to
have it" and it is "an honor to know you,"
Tohar, one little girl
ond, Israel.
We are grate
years ago, we
began a relatiomhip
arasota Sister Cities
Associ&ion, and found that more than a
drawing of a simple tree could be passed
between countries, more than a simple play
ass between people. Our hearts codd be
to you my love a d all the
best. :b
CYD Board Member Recalls Visit
with Dunfermline Visitor
by Knee Giura, SSCA Communify Youth Development Board
"Being able to mend time with Ryan
(Bower) and Gitzan (BGak) [during their-visit to
Sarasota for the Florida Studio Theatre Playwright
Festival] was great W, getting to see how kids from
other countries like to enjoy their ,time or certain
customs was interesting. The pl
process was
not too involved; the only problem was having to
work around their already existing schedules and
having to call different places for information, I
(we) ended up going to a teen music festival
Saturday ni&t and kayaking on Sunday.
Also, I hosted Ryan from Dunfedine and
he was the most courteous guest we have ever had at
our house. He made his bed right when he woke up
Theatre Honors Tel
Dunferrnbe Students in
By Susan Moir and Betty Greenspan
delegations of students
D u d d i e , Scotland!
a to accept their awards for their
Studio Theatre's Young
n Saturday May 5, they were able to
by the very talented
a special ceremony
Carolyn Michaels and Howard Miban, Vinee and
Debra Giura and Linda and Bob Rosenbhth were lucky
se the delegates and share this cultural
Their visit included trips to the Goldie Feldmm
Academy, the Rmgling Museum's new Tibbals Circus
Learning Center, enjoying a play and tow of the Asolo
Theatre (former D u n f d m e Opera House), Mote Marine
Church. Time was also available €or them to enjoy the beach
and do some shopping, too! Many thanks to ali those who
made our visitors' stay in Sarasota so enjoyable.
Our Tel Mond students were Roni Duani, Tohar
Strd, and Oren
and teachers, Tamar Philosoph and
Iris Schor &om Shelanu School, student Nitzan Barak from
Rabin High School, and teacher Karina Ebrani from Or
Tora School. Our Dunfermline student was Ryan Bower and
teacher, Miriam Foy from St. CoIumba High School. I
md even folded bathroom towels after every use. One
night, we played Playstation 2 together, somethingI would
never have thought I would be able to do with someone I am
hosting from another country. The chance to host Ryan
was a once-in-a-lifetime event that I would do again in a
the most fun with kayaking through the
seeing dolphins, and we even saw four
manatees. Nitzan also had a lot of &in kayaking and really
enjoyed the music festival the night before. I thought
most fun because they both got to be out
really nice day, see nature and just do
d easy.
Tfassistance is ever needed again in planning or
assisting with kids, I would like to help out."
by Harry Dunn, SSCA city direcfor, Perpignan
erpignan is a clty about which not much seems
P t o be known among the general population of
Sarasota. That having been said, it seems only fair
to point out that much of the population of France
seems to know little about Perpignan, other than the
name. The area seems to be relatively
ft seems appropriate to provide a few Perpignan
Poparbtion: 110,000
(165,Q80including suburbs)
Region: LanguedocRoussillon
&pa rtment: Pyrenees
Altitude: averages 30 meters
Claim to Fame: Salvador Dali
pronounced the Perpignan railway station to be the
'Center of the World". (That pronouncement is now
painted on the station ptatform.)
Distance from Paris: about 600 miles (and a wortd
Perpignan's location in Languedoc-
flown and street signs in both French and
Gatalonian demonstrate the duality. Those citizens
with a Catalonian heritage are nery proud of it.
From 2278 to 1344, Perpignan was the capitai of
the Catalan Kingdom of Majorca, and the castle still
stands. A IFhcentury treaty established the border
between France and Spain, placing the city of
Perpignan in France.
nificant commercial activity.
hills of the Pyrenees
from the
st". The Pyrenees
erranean in another
March Perpignan WineTasting Event, securing the many
raffle prizes that were given out that evening.
Within the past two years, Harry, with his wife
Happy, has visited
Perpignaq m t dignitaries there,
speaks French, (and continues to take lessons), and looks
forward to this new assigtmenq particularly in the area of
creating business exchanges.
I send a very special "Thank YOU' to Barbara
Hopton and Thierry Chambon, who, as co-ch&rs, have
done yeoman service in maintaining OUT relationskip with
Perpignan and executed that lovely Wine-Tasting Event
March 9*. Both had requested, during preparation for &e
that they be relieved of
bilities, and I am most plea
on the Perpignan Committee,
exce€lmtcontinuity during this transition period.
Harry has asked that Eva Frank, a native of
France, member of SSCA, and his French teacher, be his
Vice-Chak I have had the pleasure of meeting with Eva
and think it's an excellent choice. Welcome to them both.
create spectacular scenery. It is well located as a
base from which tourists can take day trips into the
mountains, or to the coast. The town of Ceret with
its Museum of Modern Art is close by, as is Amelie
Les Bains with its spas. Nearby Collioure was host
to Matisse and the Fauvist art movement and is a
charming small town on the coast, very popular with
tourists. Day trip options for activities and visiting
points of interests are mind boggling. Here are a
few: the Arago Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in
Banyuls Sur Mer (which has had a relationship with
ue shops in and arou
Cathar Casties, Figueras, Spain (D
and site of his museum) as well as
and museum in Cap de Creus, the medieval
Narbonne, even a trip to
ne French business magazine named Perpignan
as one of France's top small cities "on the
move". One reasun is that Perpignan's location puts
it on the route of the TGV (fast train) connecting
Perpignan with Paris, Avignon, Lyon, etc. The TGV
is being extended to Barcelona, which will put the
travel time between Barcelona and Perpignan at
only 45 minutes. The "super highway" connects
Paris to Perpignan and Barcelona by way of the
spectacular new suspension bridge in Milau.
Highway travel time between Perpignan and
Barcelona is now
e of hours. Both the
TGV and the auto
on be connected to
Pleuse h ~ r nto "Perpignm," on page 10.
Distinguished Volunteers & Leaders of
Sarasota Recognized
By Tom HaBert
Washington, D.C. - Five Sarasota residents and three
poliica1 leaders nominated by Sarasota Sister Cities
Association will be honored for
in the sister city movement
2006 in the nation’s
John E. Brown, Hope H. Byrnes, Michael R.
Pender, Sr., Wells Purmort, and Linda Rosenbluth will be
the ’Oth Sarasota city commissioner,
E. Robinson
be inducted into the ”* Anniver??ry
50th anniversary c
later arranged an exchange of
ota and Hamilton, Ontario.
ge in Santo Domingo, she
authorities, Miami-Dade officials, and a
local shipping comiany to send kontaiilers of school equipment
to that Dominican Republic capit& city. Hope encouraged a
the waterfront and was
t her
aced a ~ o n m e nfor
honored later
along with trees and plaques for each of Sarasota’ssister cites.
She or&zed and chaired Sarasota’s 1OO* Anniversary Dinner
at w&h Sarasota signed its official tie to Du&edhe,
Pender Sr.
has itbeen
member of Sarasota
cities Associatio;
wasa reorganized
in 1990,Sister
Treasurer from 1990 to 2002. He helped amend the articles of
incorporation, approved 011August 23, 1990, and opened the
first SSCA bafik account on June 13, 1991. He was involved
the first event since
- a baseball tournament
between youth teams of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic;
Hamilton. Ontario, Canada and Sarasota. He soearheaded the
establishment of a relationship between the Rotary Club of
The induction cere
‘‘I take ’Iace at the
and the Rotary Club of V I a h i r , Russia,and was
prestigious Warner TheBtre where a musical tribute to
m y local events that included holiday and boat
citizen diplomats, hosted by songwriter and singer John
included visitors from our sister cities.”
McCutcheon, will highlight the event.
“The inductees to the 50th Anniversary Circle of “Wells Punnor$ continues a 40-year tenure with Sarasota
Sister Cities Association, where he was president for many
years. SSCA was very active in the early years with many
exchanges of information and people comecthg with Boy
Smuts, Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, home stays and providing
to a Santo Domingo hospital before a period of inactivity
“Their work bui€ding
ships around the world as
ambassadors of goodwill has profoundly impacted the
way other countries view the United States.”
The five Circle of Distinguished Volunteers were
individually cited by SCI for:
“cFohn E. 3rowq a’ local attorney a d co
“Linda Rosenbluth
leader and educ8tor who is
has been a member oE the Sarasot
organizational skills. She
Association (SSCA) since 2997, where he was the fEst well known for her
1Mond, Israel when it was
Hestartedand became Sarasota C
adopted in 1996.
erson to hold the position
as City Coordinator for Sarasota’s five Sister Cities. She
developed the concept and helped implement a video camp
am which involved students &om all o€ Sarasota’s Sister
es that was recognized as “The Best Overall Youth
Program’’ by Sister Cities International in 1999. During her
presidency (2001Eammtarian of the
“‘HopeByrnes was SSCA pre
from 1994 to 2001.
and elevated the
comuriity. Her close
a video news program
involving students from all five of Sarasota’s
Cities. She took initiative in obtaining a White
Pfease turn to ’Disfinguished Volunteers,“ on page 12.
Sarasota Wl’l
by Tom Halbert
he first Sarasota Sister Cities event for the
new 2006-2007 season wit! be when
Sarasata joins New York City, London and
other major cities around the world in a
ms of 9/1*l/Ol
public musical tribute to
and their familie
11, 2006.
The concert ha
to provide an intern
aif communities together by reaffirming our
hope fur world peace and cdebrating life and
universal humanity.
The annual event is stilt in
planning stage fur Saraso
the City of Sarasota will a
ent as part of a world-wide
mmemoration. As with
nection Getting Closer
By Bill Wallace
r a three-year courtship, with unanimous
approval of the 16 members of the SSCA board who
were able to respond to our emaif voting, we have
begun the process of bringing in a sister city from
China. The
community is,what we would call the “city1’ (they call
it- ”district”)
SIMING. which
is located’in Xiam& “ut~”
- what we call “county”
(that could keep you up
nights!) and was the
strong recommenda8on of
the China Exploratory
Chair Dr. Carolyn Bloomer
and her committee
folowing their three trips
abroad 2nd thoro
evaluation. We have been invited to make a
presentation to the city commissioners in the near
future. I
‘Perpigncm,”Codd from page 8.
locations in fastern
eduled as a way
Sarasota Sister Cities Association Tel Mond,
Israel Trip, MARCH 2007
Smasota Sister Cities is planning an exciting trip to
Tel Mond, Israel in March 2007 to coincide with the
festive celebration of Purim It will be an &-inclusive
10-day tour of Israel with an optional 3 or 4-day trip
to the resort area Eilat in the Sinai desert and
fabulous Petra, Jordan. We will experience the
ancient and the modern as well as hig
Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cultures.
Dranitse, the retired commander of a tank division
in the Israeli Defense Force and president of Mabat
Touring Services, who was our guest at ow October
and who planned om 1998 Israeli tour, will
tour as well. Call Sue Rosin at 966-0000
a Lerner at 921-5613 if you are interested.
Don’t be disappointed!
deposit p-p.
reserves your seat. Sign
Teen Board Member Continues To Excel
There may not be a lot of teenagers who
give up their Saturday mornings to join others who aspire
io become comuniv leaders and be a part of a drug and
&ohol-&ee school experience, but that’s the direction
Vince Giura chose.
And he had to give up some 60 hours of those
Saturday mornings to graduate fiom the STAR leadership
f the CommUnty Youth Development
n, in order to go on to an “adult” board of
directors of a select group of organizations in the Sarasota
After graduating &om STAR as a ninth-grader,
Vince selected the Sarasota Sister Cities Association board
as the one on which he wished to serve and joined us as a
fbllboard member in Janwq, 2005.
The old adage of “if you want a job done give it to
a busy person” must be Vice’s personal motto. First,
Vince had the challenge of being a student at Pine View
Elementqy Sarasota’s school for d e gifted, At the end
of this school year (his sophomore year), he became a
member of the National Junior Honor Society, with a GPA
of 3.9!
Study all the time? Not Vince! He has other gifts,
as well. One is to excel on the hardcourt. This past year,
Vince was selected captain
team at Sarasota High Schoo
game at “shooting guard.”
season’s end, Vice was hand-picked to play on
the Sarasota County
team, an all-star team which, at
this writing, had wo
ournasnents in statewide
cornetition and will comete in Miami for the AAU state
Vince Guira, SSCA Community Youth
championship, Vmce wilf play his varsity ball next year at Sarasota
Development teen board member at the
Florida Sister Cities Convention at the
Maintaining a 3.9 GPA, practicing and playing ball
Helmsley Hotel on Lido Key in
afternoons and on weekends - there certainly must be something
Sarasota. Photo by GayEe Mmey
‘“spare”time, There was! On
d” at Temple E m u e l .
s three years of special study after his bar mitzvah (becoming a
involves extensive participation with his rabbi in the worship
e was then nominated by his rabbi to become a young ambassador of the Jewish Federation.
youngsters are nominated each year, only €ive boys and five girls are selected. Following
erviews, he was selected as one ofthe 10 to go to Israel this summer. There he will be
that is relevant to life in Israel today, so that upon his returq he can
xperience. He hopes to encourage other teenagers to go to Israel and help
of violence and bombings and “display a more realistic picture of what is going on” in
&msota Sister Cities Association congratulates Vincent Giura for his accomplishmentsand
for his dedicated service to our board-*
Leadership Circle
honorees nominated by SSCA were individually cited by
Sister Cities International for:
“DistiguishedVoIunteers,”cont’d from
page 9.
“Lou Ann Palmer, Sarasota city c o d s s i o n e r and
three time mayor, has been invohed with SSCA for 16
years, piaying a prominent role in the reorganization of
SSCA in 1990. She contimes to be extremely
sister cities’ elementary schools, through her Rotary
Club she has also made ties to Rotary Clubs ia OUT sister
Inductees for the 50th Anniversary Circles were
nominated by local sister city programs. Inductees were chosen
because of their involvement in sister city activities and
significant efforts to build cross-cultural international
The sister city movement is marking the 50th
anniversary of its founding in 2006. The movement dates its
to a W t e House Conference on Citizen Diplomacy
by President Dwight D. Eisenhowef to bring
forging ties with communities abroad. On
September €1, 1956, President Eisenhower exhorted delegates,
“to help build the road to an enduring peace” and a Civic
Co&ttee was appointed by the president to set up tam
aftiliatiom linking US- cornmities with counterparts around
the globe. Today, it is a
roots movement that reaches
around the globe to 134 countries.
The 50th Anniversary Conference, which takes place
Jrdy 23-15, 2006, will involve more lan 1,000 sister city
Florida State activists &om throughout the globe. Conference activities will
Senator, has been a member
A since 1993, inciude embassy receptions, visits to Capitol Hill, workshops on
having served as Vice President and a member of the economic development, and the National Summit on Citizen
board of directors. Senator Johnson legislativelycreated Diplomacy,
the Florida Arts Council and served as chairman for two
years, assisting Sarasota Sister Cities cultural grants.
Representing more than 2,500 comtn&t.ies in 134
He has served on the National Endowment for the Arts countries, Sister Cities Intamtional is a citizen diplomacy
for nine years, and made two ofsicial trips to France to network creating and strengthening partnerships between the
le exchanges, sister city partnerships
are tailored to local interests and increase global cooperation at
the grassroots level. Sister Cities International promotes peace
through mutual respect? mderstandiing and cooperation by
focusing on sustainable development, youth and education, arts
and culture, hmnanitariaa assistance and economic growth
to 2001.”
Hope B p e s and Wells Purmort will be inducted to the
“Billy E. Robinson, Sarasota City Auditor & Clerk, has
Sarasota Sister Cities
s reorganization in
in guiding SSCA
proper support to the
e has visited several
cal SSCA
League of
clerk in the state of
50th Anniversary Circle of Distinguished Volunteers, and
nies during Sister Cities International’s 50th
in Washington, D.C. John E. Brown,
will be inducted to the 50th Anniversary Circle of Distinguished
Volunteers in absentia; &ng with Saasota c
Lou Ann Palmer, who will be inducted in abs
the 5O*
Anniversary Loca€Government Leadership Circle.
About Sarasuta Sister Cities Associution
Sawsota’sSister Cities program h d u d e s offici& relationships with Santo Dominga, Dominican Republic {emeritus);
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Perpignan, France; Tel Mond, fsraet; Runfermline, Scotland; and a special partnership with
Vladimir, Russia. 1% mission is to develop relationships with people and cities that have similar interests to those of
rasota. This unique program encourages CUI
and edumfional exchanges, business opportunities, and tourism. The
program approaches international relations by encouragin
rect personal and professional friendships.

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