Roswell Solar, Chaves County Solar, and Chaves



Roswell Solar, Chaves County Solar, and Chaves
Fact Sheet
Roswell Solar, Chaves County Solar, and Chaves County Solar II
About NextEra
Energy Resources
»» A leading clean energy provider
operating wind, natural gas, solar,
and nuclear power plants
»» Owns and operates a portfolio of
power generating facilities across
the United States and in Canada
»» The largest wind power generator in
North America
»» A subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc.,
with headquarters in Juno Beach,
»» More than 95 percent of our
electricity comes from clean or
renewable sources
»» Owns and operates two wind
facilities and one solar facility in
New Mexico
»» Visit us at
How A Solar Project Works
As sunlight hits the solar panels, the solar radiation is converted into direct current
(DC) electricity. The direct current flows into power inverters, where it is converted
into alternating current (AC). Finally, the electricity travels through transformers, and
the voltage is boosted for delivery onto the transmission grid for local electric utilities
to distribute the electricity to homes and businesses.
»» Located near Roswell in Chaves County,
New Mexico
»» Proposed as three projects of 70
megawatts (MW), 70 MW, and 30 MW to
be developed and constructed by the end
of 2016
»» At full build-out, capable of generating
enough electricity to power more than
40,000 average homes
»» Will be built, owned and operated by
subsidiaries of NextEra Energy
Resources, LLC
»» Located on about 1,300 acres of private
land formerly used for grazing
»» Will avoid approximately 370,000 tons
per year of carbon dioxide emissions
that would have been produced if the
electricity had been generated using fossil
»» Interconnection with the Southwestern
Public Service Company's 115-kilovolt
transmission system
»» In all, the proposed projects would use
about 700,000 solar panels with trackers
that would follow the sun east to west
each day to maximize energy production
»» Safe, clean and reliable power
»» Local employment opportunities
-- approximately 300-400 construction jobs
-- approximately 4-5 full-time operations jobs
»» Economic stimulus
-- facility payroll
-- increased purchases of local goods and
services during development, construction
and long-term operation
-- payments in lieu of property taxes
»» Educational opportunities
Environmental Permitting
Special Use Permits will be required from the
Extra-Territorial Zone Planning Commission
(Roswell Solar) and from the Chaves County
Commission (Chaves County Solar and Chaves
County Solar II).
As of January 2015
View from Southwestern Public Service Company's Chaves Substation near Roswell, NM

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