the 2015 Annual Report



the 2015 Annual Report
Lyric Opera
2014-2015 BOARD of DIRECTORS
02 A letter from the General Director and CEO
03 Season in review
07 Mission, vision, and values
08 Education programs
10 Financial statements
12 Donors
President | Kenneth V. Hager
Vice President | Phyllis G. Leach
Treasurer | J. Michael Sigler
Secretary | Michael D. Frost, Ph.D.
Mrs. Paul D. Bartlett, Jr.
Scott Blakesley
Richard P. Bruening
Dr. Rita M. Burnett-Ferguson
Una Creditor
Ann King Dickinson
Maureen Durwood
Anne W. Elsberry
Melinda L. Estes, M.D.
Craig L. Evans
Michael D. Fields
Lafayette J. Ford, III
Caroline M. French
Jack Gabriel
Jane Loftus Gard
Joyce G. Holland
Beth Ingram
Julia Irene Kauffman
Dr. Maria A. Kunstadter
Albert P. Mauro
Carl L. McCaffree
John Middelkamp
Edward P. Milbank
Richard W. Miller
Sherrill Mulhern
Dr. Ernest Neighbor
Dr. Margaret Nickell
Michelle N. Ritter
Landon H. Rowland
Brogan Sullivan
Kevin R. Sweeney
Sarah Tiedt
Michael Viazzoli
Ex Officio Members
President, Lyric Opera Guild | Zack Hangauer
President, Lyric Opera Circle | Jacqueline Middelkamp
Lyric Opera Ball Co-Chair | Mary Leonida
Lyric Opera Ball Co-Chair | Carolyn Price
from the
As we look back on an incredible 2014-15 season, we celebrate the Lyric’s success in bringing the best of the world of opera to Kansas City.
The season was a strong affirmation of the Lyric’s commitment to providing indelible opera experiences that are viscerally exciting,
thought-provoking, and entertaining for our audience.
Our production of Silent Night was such a transformative opera experience. In addition to being stunningly beautiful and moving, it
exemplified the creative possibilities for important new work in our time. It is a piece which allows us, through the extraordinary medium of
opera, to express our humanity beyond the spoken word. This is the power of the art form we love; this is why we create opera.
The season also included two favorite operas in the best tradition of the repertoire, La Traviata and Tosca, plus a Rossini comedy with a
fresh take in our production of The Italian Girl in Algiers. These four emotionally contrasting and power-packed operas featured some of the
world’s most talented stars making their Lyric Opera debuts, and showcased the creative vision of some of the most sought-after directors.
We also furthered our goal of bringing the best of Lyric Opera into the community. As an arts company, we have a responsibility to think
beyond the stage. We must create conversations with different audiences and community members by developing new programs and
services to excite and engage people who may not know what opera can say and how it can offer a new lens to experience the world.
And there are exciting new developments to come. In the 2016-17 season, the Lyric is launching a Resident Artists Program to help develop
the next generation of opera performers, and we plan to launch an extensive family-friendly series of programming that will include
commissioning and developing short operas in English that grandparents, parents, and their children can enjoy together.
Of course, all of this is possible because of the generosity of our patrons, individual donors, and funding institutions. We are very grateful for
your support of our productions and our service to the community.
“Enjoyable musically and visually . . . [La Traviata’s]
melodies find immediate, delightful refuge in one’s brain.”
The Kansas City Star
“Joyce El-Khoury fit most opera-goers’ vision of Violetta – she
is stunning, elegant, and vocally she was unmatched.”, Kansas City’s Online Journal of the Arts
Joyce El-Khoury and Scott
photo by Cory Weaver
Violetta Valéry
Alfredo Germont
Giorgio Germont
Gastone Barone Douphol
Marchese D’Obigny
Dottor Grenvil
Flora Bervoix
Domestico di Flora
Joyce El-Khoury *
Scott Quinn*
Anthony Michaels-Moore *
Clark Weyrauch ~
Robert McNichols Jr.
Elliot Harrison Brown ~
Tyler Simpson
Kristee Haney
Ashley Wheat ~
Alexander Goering
Paul Dominic Griggsby
Josh Markley
* Lyric Opera of Kansas City Debut
~ Lyric Opera of Kansas City Apprentice
Four performances:
September 27, October 1, 3, and 5, 2014
photo by Cory Weaver
“Desmond Heeley’s gorgeous, Tony Award-winning sets and costumes, a
fantastically detailed lighting design by Kendall Smith...[and] soprano
Joyce El-Khoury, in her Lyric debut, sang with
thrilling, full-bodied clarity.”
-The Independent: Kansas City’s Journal of Society
Anthony Michaels-Moore
and Joyce El-Khoury
photo by Cory Weaver
“A rambunctious, big-hearted show of
impressive vocal talent.”
The Kansas City Star
Irene Roberts and Taylor
photo by Michal Daniel
“The entire lead cast is exceptional. Irene Roberts
captures the independent and clever spirit of Isabella
perfectly, her acting skills comparably matched to her
singing skills, which are impressive indeed.”, Kansas City’s Online Journal of the Arts
Irene Roberts *
Taylor Stayton *
Patrick Carfizzi *
Ben Wager
Heather Phillips
Samantha Gossard ~
Elliot Harrison Brown ~
* Lyric Opera of Kansas City Debut
~ Lyric Opera of Kansas City Apprentice
Four performances:
November 8, 12, 14, and 16, 2014
Patrick Carfizzi
photo by Michal
“Opera need not always be serious and
self-conscious to be beautiful and meaningful.”, Kansas City’s Online Journal of the Arts
Irene Roberts
photo by Michal Daniel
“One of [the Lyric’s] finest performances in recent
memory” and “an overwhelming display of humanity….
The huge, exemplary cast wholly inhabited
this performance. ”
The Kansas City Star
Liam Bonner and Craig Irvin
photo by Cory Weaver
Sean Panikkar
photo by Cory
“It is an unexpected experience to find oneself sitting
and watching an opera of such contemporary tone and
subject matter. Silent Night succeeds musically, and
dramatically, and more than anything else it proves that
opera as an art form is still alive and vital and relevant
as ever it was.”, Kansas City’s Online Journal of the Arts
Anna Sørenson
Erin Wall *
Nikolaus Sprink
Sean Panikkar *
Lt. AudebertLiam Bonner
Lt. Horstmeyer
Craig Irvin *
Lt. GordonCraig Colclough *
Jonathan Dale
David Blalock *
KronprinzDoug Jones
Father PalmerDaniel Belcher
William DaleCaleb C. Ashby
PonchelAndrew Wikowske *
British Major Ron Witzke
French General (Audebert)
John Stephens
Madeleine Audebert Samantha Gossard ~
German General (speaking)
Robert Gibby Brand
* Lyric Opera of Kansas City Debut
~ Lyric Opera of Kansas City Apprentice
Four performances:
February 21, 25, 27, and March 1, 2015
Sean Panikkar, Erin Wall, Liam Bonner
photo by Cory Weaver
Production Underwriters: David T. Beals III Charitable Trust, Bank of America, Trustee, Aaron Copland
Foundation, Hall Family Foundation, Master Craftsmen Foundation, National
Endowment for the Arts, and Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
A Pulitzer Prize winner, Silent Night is an exceptionally
poignant work, and its Lyric Opera premiere was especially
timely in light of the commemoration of the centennial
Erin Wall
photo by Cory
of the beginning of World War I.
Daniel Belcher
photo by Cory Weaver
“The lush, memorable score and principal singers cast an allure
in Kauffman Theatre … this production maximized drama and
tension with deft humanizing moments.”
The Kansas City Star
“Tosca’s themes of love and misery; hatred and desire;
jealousy and revenge; and art and love make an approachable,
entertaining opera. Puccini’s orchestrations are tender,
surprising, and dramatic, and never detract from the drama
on-stage. The Lyric’s production was impeccable.”
Melody Moore and James
Valenti, Kansas City’s Online Journal of the Arts
Floria Tosca
Mario Cavaradossi
Baron Scarpia
A Sacristan
Cesare Angelotti
A Shepherd Boy
A Jailer
Melody Moore *
James Valenti *
Gordon Hawkins *
Julien Robbins *
Ben Wager *
Scott Wichael *
Terence Murphy *
Micah Welch *
Matt Black *
* Lyric Opera of Kansas City Debut
Four performances:
April 18, 22, 24, and 26, 2015
Melody Moore and Gordon
Production Underwriters:
Proceeds from the 2015 Champagne Ball
Metropolitan Performing Arts Fund
Richard J. Stern for the Performing Arts
One of the most popular and beloved operas in the repertoire, Tosca
features some of the most beautiful music in opera, and was the
perfect way to finish our season.
Gordon Hawkins
photo by Cory Weaver
To make Lyric Opera of Kansas City
indispensable to the public through
transformational opera
experiences and broad service
which capture the hearts and
minds of our communities.
The 2015-16 season will further the Lyric Opera’s vision for the future as
it plays a vital role in Kansas City’s ongoing cultural renaissance.
That vision includes include the following goals for the organization:
Bring the art of opera to life as a living, breathing, relevant expression of humanity that
connects with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Produce the best work possible, whether the production is well known, less known, or newly
commissioned, and bring in the most talented guest performers, directors, conductors, and
designers from around the world to present it.
Create civic partnerships with other area institutions and organizations to broaden the Lyric
Opera’s reach into the community.
Provide education programs to make opera accessible to young people in our community,
offering both introductory experiences and more intensive programs such as training and master
classes with professionals, performance experience, opera camps, and creating compositions to
be performed by Lyric Opera singers.
Nurture the professional development of young artists through apprentice and resident artist
programs that include comprehensive training in singing technique, acting, movement, and
audition and role preparation, as well as performance opportunities.
Provide adult education and community engagement programs that offer current patrons the
opportunity to deepen their operatic experience, and to reach people who don’t yet know how
opera can offer a new lens to experience the world.
The performing arts have an important social dimension, and we must provide ways for opera
lovers to find and meet each other, to introduce people to the art of opera and to each other,
so that they continue to attend and support the Lyric Opera.
The Lyric Opera’s education programs for
area students in the 2014-2015 season
In Lyric Opera Express, students in grades 3 through 6 perform for their school alongside
professional opera singers in the highly engaging children’s opera, Mystery on the Docks.
The Lyric’s Student Dress Rehearsal program, for students in the 5th grade and up, provides
an opportunity for students to attend the final dress rehearsal of one of our productions.
In Opera: Up Close and Personal, a professional opera singer, Lyric Opera staff member
and a pianist visit middle and high school classes for a close-up look at different aspects of opera.
S.T.A.G.E.S. is a totally unique summer educational camp providing high school students
instruction in the technical aspects of opera and musical theater production.
In Opera Camp, children and teens in grades 3 through 12 are introduced to the world of opera,
taught singing and acting skills, culminating in a performance and presentation for family and
Ginger Frost High School Honors Artists is a program in which ten talented students are
selected each year to receive free professional training in singing technique, acting, audition and
stage etiquette, and foreign language diction.
In our Apprentice Program, graduate students at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and
the University of Kansas participate in our productions, master classes, and workshop programs,
as well as role preparation and audition classes and special events.
Words + Music is an all-new collaboration that brings together teen writers in the Coterie
Theatre’s Young Playwright’s Roundtable and students in the Composition Department at the
UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. They team up to create new compositions to be
performed by singers from Lyric Opera education programs.
IN 2014-2015
The Lyric Opera’s adult education
programs in the 2014-2015 season
At Ease With Opera is an award-winning program featuring speakers who discuss an
upcoming production or a general topic in the field of opera, offering background and
insights into the art form.
Pre-Opera Talks, presented one hour before every performance, are entertaining and
offer a wealth of background about the composer, context, and history of the opera.
Opera to Go! is a program that brings singers from our Apprentice Program to perform at
area retirement communities. Sponsored by Country Club Bank.
Opera Goes to the Movies is a collaboration with the UMKC Continuing Education
Department, and provides a unique opportunity for movie lovers and opera buffs to explore
the relationship between the two art forms.
Veterans Who Love to Sing + Singers Who Love Veterans, the only such opera
activity nationwide, is a chorus featuring military veterans that has performed at the National
World War I Museum the Veterans Administration Hospital.
Our First Friday Opera Previews, held in conjunction with each of the productions in
the Lyric’s season at the Richard J. Stern Opera Center in the East Crossroads, and introduces
opera to the diverse crowds that come to the Crossroads Arts District for First Fridays.
IN 2014-2015
2014-15 REVENUE
Earned Revenue
Ticket Sales
Rental Income
Education and other programs
The 2015 fiscal year ended with:
Contributed Income
record net assets
an operating surplus
4% increase in total revenue over the
previous fiscal year
19% increase in contributed
income over the previous fiscal year
7% increase in total endowment
balance over the previous fiscal year
Individual, Foundation, and Corporate
Capital Campaign
Federal, State, and Local Government
In-Kind Contributions
Lyric Opera Ball
2014-15 EXPENSES
Program Services
Artistic + Production
Education and other programs
Management and General
Theatre and Building
Finance and Administration
In-kind Expenditures
Transfer of Capital Campaign Receipts to Lyric Opera Foundation
Marketing, Ticketing, and Patron Services
Lyric Opera Ball
Gifts given between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Each year, the extraordinary generosity of our contributors supports the artistic excellence and education programs of
Lyric Opera of Kansas City. This list includes combined giving of individuals, corporations, foundations, Lyric Opera Guild,
Lyric Opera Circle and government supporters. We are grateful to all who donated to the company through
the annual fund, Lyric Opera Ball, Guild Trips, Vinson Cole & Friends, and the Over There! Cabaret.
Richard J. Stern Society $50,000 and above
David T. Beals III Charitable Trust, Bank of America, n.a., Trustee
Anne and Howard Elsberry Family Foundation
Hall Family Foundation
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Husch Blackwell LLP
Mrs. Beth Ingram
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
William T. Kemper Foundation, Commerce Bank, n.a., Trustee
Lyric Opera of Kansas City Endowment Fund
Missouri Arts Council
Muriel I. Kauffman Fund for the Lyric Opera of Kansas City
National Endowment for the Arts
Oppenstein Brothers Foundation, Commerce Bank,n.a., Trustee
Mike and Vera Seeley
Maestro’s Circle $25,000-$49,999
G. Kenneth and Ann Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bruening
Cognios Capital, LLC
Cyr Family Charitable Remainder Trust
The Estate Of Lothar P. Krause
Dr. Michael and Ginger Frost
Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation, UMB Bank, n.a.,Trustee
Ken and Marilyn Hager
Ingram Family Foundation
Mr. Edward P. Milbank
J.B. Reynolds Foundation
Walter and Gayle Richardson
Bel Canto Society $10,000-$24,999
Virginia and Charles Clark
Mrs. Ann Dickinson
Estelle S. and Robert A. Long Ellis Foundation
Francis Family Foundation
Jack and Trudy Gabriel
Gary Dickinson Family Charitable Foundation
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Hilda Gibbs Trust Fund – Rae Ann DeVargas, Trustee
The Granary Fund
H & R Block Foundation
Joyce G. Holland
William T. Kemper Charitable Trust, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee
Mr. James M. Kemper
Lyric Opera of Kansas City Foundation - Polsky Fund
Lyric Opera Guild
Master Craftsmen Foundation, Sherrill Mulhern
Metropolitan Performing Arts Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Middelkamp
Midwest Trust
Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
Polsinelli PC
Richard and Sarah Porter
Michelle and Chuck Ritter
Mr. J. Michael Sigler
The Sosland Foundation
Sprint Foundation
Kevin and Erika Sweeney
Mrs. Jody Tillotson
Mr. and Mrs. C. Humbert Tinsman, Jr.
Courtney S. Turner Charitable Trust, John H. Mize, Jr./Bank of America, n.a., Trustees
Waddell & Reed Financial Inc.
The Estate of Annie Zinn
As head of the Board of Trustees of the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Gayle Richardson’s
father had a passion for opera that left an indelible mark on her growing up. Her love of
opera has followed her from Chicago to Boston to Kansas City where she and husband
Walter have enjoyed watching Lyric Opera of Kansas City grow and flourish.
The Richardsons travel all over to see opera and are particularly a fan of hometown diva
Joyce DiDonato and Lyric Opera of Chicago star Renée Fleming. But it is here in Kansas
City that they are excited to see the next generation of opera stars from our young artists
program. As her father passed down an appreciation for opera to the next generation,
Gayle and Walter hope to do the same.
Gayle Recently sponsored
Liam Bonner in Silent Night
and presented him with his
favorite Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints.
We are thrilled to support our hometown
opera, which offers Kansas City all the arts
rolled into one – song, dance, drama, visual
art and symphonic sound. Every production
has been both glorious and approachable.”
-Gayle Richardson
Gifts given between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Impresario $5,000-$9,999
Lyric Opera Angels/ Corporate Council $2,500-$4,999
ArtsKC Regional Arts Council/ Arts KC Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Backstrom
Baird/J. Michael Sigler
Bank of Kansas City, N.A.
The Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation, Inc.
Don and Nan Chapman
Continental Steel Fabrication Company
Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Country Club Bank
Mrs. Una Creditor
Pat and Don Dagenais
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Durwood
EPR Properties
Dr. Melinda Estes and Dr. Harold Morris
Mrs. Caroline French
Donald J. Hall
Halls Kansas City
Cliff and Lucy Jones
Leigh Jones- Bamman
Ed and Ann Kander
John Kander
Drs. Kunstadter and Sigler, DDS
Lawson Steel Erection
R.A. Long Foundation
Lee and Carl McCaffree
McCownGordon Construction
Buck and Tollie Myers
Kenneth and Roswitha Schaffer
Dr. Richard F. Seitz, MD
John and Marny Sherman
Fred Stimpson Charitable Trust
Stinson Leonard Street, LLP
Mr. Michael Waterford
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Baty
Ruth Beedle
Leonard and Irene Bettinger Philanthropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Blakesley
Helma Christiane Bloomberg
Boulevard Brewing Company
Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Brandmeyer
Robert and Pamela Bruce
Dr. Rita M. Burnett
Doug Burton/ Natalie Kohrs
Donna and Ed Carper
Bruce and Cathy Cavitt
Mr. Charles Andres and Ms. Julia Chapman
Commerce Bank, n.a.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard “B.J.” Craig
Craig Associates, PC
Dickinson Financial Corporation
DST Systems, Inc.
JE Dunn Construction Company
Craig and Dawn Evans
Michael D. Fields
Andrew and Victoria Flower
Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette J. Ford III
Dr. Fred D. Fowler
Jane and Keith Gard
Dr. Katherine Florendo and Dr. Charles Gibbs
J. Scott Francis and Susan Gordon
Susan and Zack Hangauer
Marcia and Stephen Hill
Mrs. Janet Hyde
Dr. Robert E. and Dr. Rebecca Johnson
Judith L. King
Mr. Michael Klein
Mary Leonida
Merchant and Gould, P.C.
Phyllis G. Leach
Joe and Beth Lillian
Elaine and Benjamin Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mauro
James Miller and Ursula Terrasi
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Miller
Sherrill Mulhern
Diane and Ernest Neighbor
Drs. Margaret and Barry Nickell
Lt. Col. Robert L. Owens
Mr. Maurice Peve
Gary and Anita Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Landon Rowland
RubinBrown LLP
Matthew and Heather Ryan
Deborah Sandler
Schweiger Construction Co.
Richard Seitz and Sherilyn Seitz
Shook Hardy & Bacon, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Sosland
Mary Lou Spalding
Spencer Fane Britt & Browne
Michella M. Stiles, MD
Richard Stitt and Brian Staihr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swift
Linda and Steve Taylor
Ms. Sarah M. Tiedt
Rev. Paul Turner
Dr. Alfred E. Twomey
Michael and Lisa Viazzoli
Dr. Linda E. Voigts and Mr. Gene Voigts
Ms. Lynne Weilert
Lantz and Laura Welch
Dr. and Mrs. John Yungmeyer
Meet Andy
Victoria Flower
Victoria and Andy Flower met in Victoria’s homeland of England while Andy was
working abroad. In 1997, they moved to Kansas City, where they now live with their two
After making Kansas City their home, they found that the more people that they met
in the community, the more they saw them attending the Lyric Opera. With Victoria’s
already strong interest in the opera, this led them to becoming members of the Lyric
Opera Guild and Lyric Opera Angels, and they are thoroughly enjoying the experience,
as well as the new people they have met. They are eager to cultivate an appreciation
for opera in their young children, especially when there are more family operas to
attend, which is in the Lyric Opera’s plans for the future!
The arts in Kansas City have recently exploded
in number and quality. We love how the
Kauffman Center has showcased the
talent of the Lyric Opera.”
-Andy Flower
Gifts given between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Aria Society $1,500-$2,499
Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Batlle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Black
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Braswell
Lawrence Cohen and Donna Gould Cohen
Ms. Suzanne C. Crandall
DeBruce Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Steve DeBusk
Mr. Mark Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Moulton Green
Dr. Yong Yun Han
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Higgins
Richard B. and Martha Jane Katz
Mr. and Mrs. H. Elvin Knight
Mr. and Mrs. William Kort
Legacy School of the Arts
Linda Lighton, the Lighton Fund
Mr. Brian D. Williams and the late Mr. C. Stephen Metzler
Richard and Bernadette Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Lynd K. Mische
Opera America
Jean and Allen Parelman
Ms. Carolyn J. Price
Ms. Glenda Richter
Jack and Jean Rosenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Schellhorn
Stephen and Dolores Schroff
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scott
Ms. Suzanne Shank and Martin Smoler
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sherrow
Joshua & Jane Sosland Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Louis and Frances Swinken Supporting Foundation
US Bank
Virtuoso $1,000-$1,499
Terry Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William Atkinson
Mr. Beal and Mr.Van Zandt
Bert Berkley
Ken and Jeanne Bertelson
Blue Ridge Bank & Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown
Meg and John Brugnoni
Stephen and Susan Bubb
Arden and Mary Ann Carr
Mr. Rajeev J Chandra
Mr. Arthur Chrisenberry and Ms. Carol Chrisenberry
Dr. Edward Christophersen and the late Miki Christophersen
Mr. Walter L. Cofer and Ms. Nicola R. Heskett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Copaken
Mr. and Mrs. John Edgar
Susannah S. Evans
Falcon Financial Group/UBS
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fenske
Robert Friauf
Ellen and John Goheen
Ms. Lisa Merrill Hickok
John and Sharon Hoffman
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Jackson
Wayne E. Lippman
Ms. Sherry Love
Thomas M. Macon, Chairman
Barbara Marshall
Neighborhood Works, Inc.
David and Gene Ann Newcomer
Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Noon
James B. Nutter & Company
George and Suzy Pagels
The Parmelee Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Patton
Tom and Janice Pearson
Pioneer Financial Services
Kevin and Jeanette Prenger
Gigi and Gary Rose
Stephen Rose
Sally Ruddy
Wesley Sandness
Wilda and Hal Sandy
Mark Schwiezer
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scott
Andrew and Linda Sigler
Eric and Kristie Sigler
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Slaughter
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Smith
Barbara and Jack Spilker
Brogan and Lara Sullivan
The Trudy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wang
Howard and Irene Weiner
Sarah Ye
Yummy’s Choice
Gifts given between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Comprimario $500-$999
Anonymous (2)
Atterbury Family Foundation
Automated Ingredient Systems
Mrs. Cheryl A Barad
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Barksdale
Philip and Jane Ellen Benson
Peter and Sarah Beren
Mr. Erik Bergrud and Ms. Kimberlee Ried
Janet and Scott Bjerke
Harvey S. Bodker
Mr. Richard W Boyer
Dr. Stanley and Margie Brand
Charles Bruffy and Donald Loncasty
Mr. and Mrs. James Budde
Jim Calvert and the late Kay Calvert
Kirk and Tamara Carson
Rachelle Chase
Mr. Forrest Chumley and Ms. Barbara Valent
Mr. C. L. Cocke
Mr. H. Hurst Coffman
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Crouch
Glenn Dale
Dr. Dale and Julie Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew DeCocq
Dr. Michael De Priest
Mrs. Edith Marie Downing
Mr. and Mrs. David Embry
Rev. and Mrs. William J. Fasel
Ms. Ellen Feldhausen
William and Barbara Gaeddert
George and Frances Gerritz
Douglas and Ann Ghertner
Michael and Judy Graf
Jared and Carol Grantham
Dr. Richard Kent Gutknecht
Beth Hamilton and Chris Wilson
John and Johyne Hamra
Mrs. Barbara Haviland
Barnett and Shirley Bush Helzberg
Ryan and Pauline Henne
Henry and Mary Beth Hershey
Paget and Tom Higgins
Ms. Becky Higgins
Dick and Sue Himes
Mr. Paul Hirsch
Caroline and Blair Hosford
Mr. Andrew Hsu
Larry and Gretchen Jacobson
Topper and Linda Johntz
Rosemary and Lt. Colonel Daniel Karp
Drs. John and Ann Kenney
Jolle Kirpensteijn
Paul and Lori Kirpes
Margo Kren
Lawrence Lyric Opera Guild
Mr. Patrick Lysaught
Marshall Watson Interiors, LTD
Kathleen Marx
Mr. Todd Mayfield
Matt and Abby McCaffree
Mr. Andrew McDonald
Jacquie McKinney
Steven and Christine Meuten
Kathy and Bill Migneron
Patricia E. Cleary Miller, PhD
Ms. Britt Miller
Patrick and Terri Modlin
Mr. Eric Morgenthaler
Chester H. and Gudrun S. Neumann
Matthew and Kathleen Nordhus
Mrs. Michaela Pearce
Dr. Douglas A. Pearson
Drs. William and Diane Peterson
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
PNC Financial Services
Mr. Joseph Jackson Pruitt
Jochen Rathert
Jeanne Redick
Ann T. Reed
Don and Rita Reed
William and Elizabeth Reed
Todd and Carrie Reiser
Jill Reynolds
Dr. R. A. Rich
Dennis and Palle Rilinger
Lawrence and Pamela Scott
Mr. Clarence E. Simmons, Jr.
Mr. Mark R Simmons, Jr
Lisa Sirridge
Greg and Ann Smith
James and Mary Staton
Brian and Dian Steele
Pat and Jack Stelmach
Rita D’Agostino Stollman & Steve Stollman
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Sullivan
Tom and Helen Sullivan
Mr. Steven E. and Dr. Evelina Swartzman
Ms. Linda Sybrant
Mr. Dennis Tilson
Donald R. Smith and Mary Ungashick Smith
Mrs. Gail E. Van Way
Matthew and Jane Webster
Ms. Mary Weilert
Brian and Michele Weith
Clyde and Katie Wendel
Ronald and Sharyl Wright
Gifts given between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Chorus $250-$499
Dr. Robert and Harriett Anderson
Andrew and Mary Ellen Barkley
Mrs. Joan Beeks
Mr and Mrs. Rolf Borchert
Sherman and Becky Botts
Ms. Newell Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Buchmann
Maria E. Chastain-Brand
Mr. William Clamurro
Wanda Cole-Frieman
Dr. and Mrs. George A. Colom
James and Barbara Cook
Rita M. Cortes
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cronemeyer
Doug and Terri Curran
James and Diana Cusser
Dixie Davidson
Frederick and Constance DeSieghardt
Mary Nan Dupont
John and Julia Duty
Martin and Sandra Eisenman
Chrystal Elwood
Mary Emig
Mike and Dannette Fields
Terry Frazier and Vic Thompson
Chris and Martha Gabel
Marcia Garvin
James D. and Peggy Goodwin
Judge Jon R. Gray and Dr. Valerie E. Chow
Ms. Darlene Green
Ms. Jennifer Haile
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hall, III
Mrs. Paul H. Henson
Sarah Beeks Higdon
Rodney and Roberta Hipp
Jeanne Hollister
Joan Horan
Houghton Mifflin Matching Gift Program
Dr. John R. Hugo, DDS
Nathaniel Imparato
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Ingram, III
Ms. Margaret Jackson
Russell and Susan Johnson
Duane and Cosette Kelly
Charles Martin and Celia Kingsbury
Ermalyn Kubart and Clinton J. Ludeman
Ms. Betty Laird
John Lake
Rodney and Margaret LaMothe
Drs. Douglas Law and Patricia Cox
Dan Prindle and Rosanne Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Madden
Francie Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mayer
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Mayo
Michael and Marcy Mazzarella
P. Alan McDermott
Mr. Joseph McGrath
Bess and Ron Michaelson
Mike and Brenda Mitchell
Ms. Pharra Mucke
Walter and Daisy Muff
Andrea Norris and Tom Beisecker
Jack O’Benar in memory of Erna O’Benar
Mark and Lynne O’Connell
David Oliver and Mary Gresham
Ms. Jane Ott
Mr. Reid Oyster
Mr. Dominic DeCicco and Dr. Diana Pacicca
John and Susan Parker
Debra and Allen Parmet
Mr. Arthur Peterson and Ms. Evelyn Peterson
Dixie Pollard
Drs. Charles and Susan Porter
Keith Praiswater
Nikki Privitera
Ann and Paul Raikula
Nanci Regan and Robert Lunn
Mr. Christopher Rhoades
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Ricci
Ms. Catherine Robins
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Roht
Kevin and Margaret Rooney
Anita Toby Grow
Charles F. and Rose M. Schwankl
Del and Bev Sherwood
Spectra Energy Corporation
Robert Stokes and Cindy Pratt-Stokes
Fredrick and Abigail Woods Tempel
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson
Timothy Todd and Katherine
Mrs. John J. Turley
Mr. Darrel Tyree
Mr. and Mrs. Paul White
Robert Wilshire and Anne McDonald
J. Robert Wise
Larry and Beverly Worrall
Sara Bower Youngblood
Julián and Tasha Zugazagoitia
Gifts given between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Supernumerary $150-$249
Robert and Carolyn Adkins
Ellen and John Aisenbrey
Ms. Kate Alberts
Ms. Ida B. Anderson
Anonymous (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arens
Ms. Vicki Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Barbour
Donald and Connie Bennett
Janet Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Beres
Roger Bond and Victoria Hermes-Bond
Jack C. and Peggy Bondon
David Stewart and Nancy Bosche
Ron and Kathy Bremer
Dr. V. Eileen Broadie
Mr. Hugh Bruner
Mr. John Brunk and Ms. Patti Leathers
Henry Buck
Dick and Sharon Cahill
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Carr
John Carullo
Sharla Cerra
Masahiro and Ruth Chiga
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark
Delbert Clevenger
Greg Coffey and Deborah Carr
Daniel Coomer
George and Jane Cornwell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daniels
Don and Rita Davis
John C. and Barbara C. Decker
Sallie and Martin Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dickinson
Jan and Wayne Dillard
Robert and Edna Dillon
Kenneth J. Doll
Carol R. Ducak
Mary Jane Duff
Melanie Elfrink
Ms. Stacie Eliades-Becker
Helen J Embery
Sara Engber
Jon and Avis Erickson
Harold Ewy
Sandy and Frederick Farr
Ms. Dona Flory
Ms. Rebecca A. Foerschler
Jerome and Jeanne Frieman
Dan and Mary Carol Garrity
Dr. John George
Richard and Winifred Gill
Leo R. Goertz
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Grantham
Denis and Jennifer Greene
Mr. Lawrence Hamel and Ms. Lynnis Jameson
Sandra and Gerald Handley
Mr. Ben Hansen and Ms. Tonya Witmer
Mrs. Nathalie Haren
Ms. Ann Hauser
Clark and Ann Havenor
Roger and Connie Heard
Drs. Gary and Joanne Hindman
Joe and Norma Hoagland
Richard and Lynda Hobbs
Sally Holm
Dr. Dale Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hughes
Bill and Margo Humenczuk
Jacqueline Ikerd
William and Sandy Jackson
Donald and Georgette James
Speight Jenkins
Janice Jensen
Gary E. Jones - Tax Defenders LLC
Dr. Karen M. Jordan
Charles S. Joss, Jr.
Patrick Kaine and Joanne Barbera
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Kindred
Ms. Colleen Kirch
Mr. and Mrs. James Knapp
Alexander East and Jon Kowing
Eric and Leslie Kulick
Catherine M. LaBianco and Charles D. Bouska
Ms. Harriet Langley
Muriel O. Levinson
Liberty School District
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lieber, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Littlejohn
Melissa Locher
Mr. Keith Majors
Ambience Furs
Mr. and Mrs. John Massman
Hon. Patrick and Patricia McAnany
Dr. and Mrs. W. C. McCoy
Carolyn McDill
Drs. June and Ken McDonald
Dr. Barbara McGrath
Douglas and Nina McKenna
Karen McKinney
Donald G. McMican
Mr. and Mrs. George McNeish
JoAnn Meierhoff Charitable Foundation
Merck Partnership For Giving
Kurt and Marilyn Metzl
Dr. Burney Miller
Ms. Marti Moore
Maria Raquel Morales
Thomas and Heather Morrow
James and Laura Mytinger
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Novak
Drs. V. Carlos and Maria Palmeri
Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Paradelo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parizek
John M. Pearson
Dr. Deloras Pemberton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Penner
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pentlin
Timothy W. Peters
J. David and Melinda Petet
Mr. Stephen Platt
Carrie Pohl
Ms. Maggie Presson
Michael and Usha Rafferty
Charles and Judy Rice
Edward and Charlotte Ronan
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Ross
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson R. Sabates
Ms. Joyce Schwartz
Dr. Stan Scott
Sheryl Sievers
Hal and Nina Sinclair
Ronald Sipes
Kelton W. H. Smith
Merlin Spencer
William and Kathleen Stafford
Dr. Gregory and Janet Starks
Mr. William Steeb and Ms. Jo Beth Paradis
Marilyn Stokstad
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomen
Richard Todd
Amanda Toomey
Verizon Wireless Foundation
Ms. Mary Denise Wagner
Dr. James and Elfrieda Waltz
Mr. Thomas Whalen
Dr. Stephen and Diana Whitney
Ms. Nancy McGuire and Mr. Richard Williams
Robert Simpson
Dave and Nan Wilson
Gregory Wilson
June S. Windscheffel
Richard and Debbie Wood
Mr. Raymond Zbacnik
Jackie Spears and Dean Zollman
Gifts given between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Lyric Opera Friends $1-$149
AmazonSmile Foundation
Barbara Anderson
Brian Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Mary Appel
Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation
J. Balloun
Dr. Bradley Barth
John E. Bechen
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bembynista
Ms. Elizabeth S. Benefiel
Tom and Kathy Bennett
Arthur Benson
Ms. Mary Beveridge
Ms. Jan Bloomingdale
Lawrence and Lynne Bodle
Aaron Boorem
Joel Bourque
Bruce and Linda Bradley
Marie Braswell
Anne Bray
Walter and Patricia Brayman
Melissa Brookshire
Judith B. Brougham
Thomas and Mary Beth Butch
Marilyn Bynum
Judith Calliham
Elena Carrington
Sara Carson
Gale Carter and Dan Gauthier
Shawn and Amy Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chapman
Ms. Kathryn A. Cheek
Mary Ciochon
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cloud
Clarence Copple
Mr. and Mrs. James Cowley
Ms. Marilyn Cox
Karen Crowder
Lynn Dale
Ms. Anita Daniels
Pat and Liz Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Deal
James Dickerman
Kathryn M. Dixon
Thomas Dow
Mr. James Driscoll
Lori Duncan
Tom Duncan
Daniel and Patricia Durkin
Robert and Jennifer Edwards
Mr. Kenneth Eiler
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Evans
Jeanne Field
Mr. and Mrs. Antoni Firner
Mr. Michael Fischbach
Angela Fitzpatrick
Mr. Evan Gamsu
Dr. B. Williams and Cheryl Ginsberg Charitable Fund
Lawrence and Joanna Glaze
Stanley L. and Geraldine Goldberg Family Fund
Sharon Goldstein
Elizabeth Gomez
Stephen and Kristin Graue
Mr. Mark Harms
George Heiser
Dr. Anita Herzfeld
Alice Hixson
M. Hogan and D. Harvey
Ms. Belinda Holmes
William and Sondra Hopkins
Laura Horigan
Nikolas H. Huffman
Robert and Anne Hutcherson
John Jacobs
Drs. David and Judy Jacobs
Mr. Saunder James
Mark Johnson
Jon Johnson
Bonnie Joranko
Kansas City Musical Club
Mr.and Mrs. Richard Keene
Mrs. Mary Kerscher
Lesley T. Ketzel
Mrs. Jean H. Kimmel
W. Russell King & Susan M. Clevenger
Dale and Diane Kuhn
Robert Kuzelka
J. D. Larson
Samuel and Karen Latshaw
Greg and Karen Lauber
Song-Ping and Li-ying Lee
Tom Leising and Karen Fenton
Ross and Betty Lillard
Cathleen Lovetere
Evan R. Luskin and Andrea C. Kempf
Patrice Maese
Franz Blaha and Linda Mahloch
Peter and Mary Majerle
Alexander and Carmen Mallouk
Sara Markt
Roxanne and Ben Martin
Mr. G. Dale Mathey
Barbara B. McCorkle
Linda McCurry
Charles and Candace McDowell
Joseph and Sharon McKinney
Mr. Ivan Medrano
Daniel Meeker
Mr. Alvin Meyer
Howard and Pat Mick
John Miller
Mission Hills Arts & Fashion
Mu Phi Epsilon
Asel Mukeyeva
Cheryl Myers
Richard Nelson
Daniel Newman
Ms. Marianne Notley
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. D.A. Nowowiejski, PhD
Dr. and Mrs. Erik Nye
Steven Oberweather
Mr. Jack B. O’Hara and Mrs. Marie Bell O’Hara
Padgett Family Foundation
Leslie and Mary Ellen Page
Jeffrey and Diana Patterson
Janet and Tom Peard
Robert and Gabrielle Person
Vanessa Phillips
Mr. Michael J. Polk and Mr. Zachary S. Keeter
Pamela Pretz
Kathryn Pruessner
Mr. and Mrs. James Ruhlen
Richard and Beverly Rush
Mary Savage
David and Mary Savage
Alison Scholes
Candice Schroeder
Thomas Schuberth
Schwab Charitable Fund
Steve and Napaporn Schwegler
Uri and Marlene Seiden
Becky and Jack Selzer
Ms. Ava Serrano
Michael and Anne Shaw
Judy and Steve Sherry
Mrs. Merna Siegler
William and Jennifer Sims
Mr. William Smith
Lt. Col and Mrs. Albert St. Germain
Terry and Karen Stair
Jug Stanovcic
Richard Starks
Linda Stenger
John and Barb Stephens
Linda Talbott
James Tippin
Karlea Trautman
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Tulipana
David and Norma Upshaw
Margaret Vargo
Jeffrey and Alisha Walker
Connie Wallace
Ms. Amy Walters
Jean Wender
Dr. Wilma B. Wilcox
Thomas and Jean Williams
Bruce J. Williams
Jefrey R. Witsken
Mike and Maggie Wood
Lyric Opera
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Silent Night photos (front and back cover) by Cory Weaver

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