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High - Riverdale High School - Jefferson Parish Public School System
Principal’s Corner
Issue 1
October 2014
Dear Students and Parents,
Volume 1, Issue 1
Inside this issue:
Senior Rally and Favorites
PBIS and Rebel Idol
Homecoming Spirit
Week and Court
Homecoming Dance
Ring Day
Ring Dance
Sports Schedules
Football and Volleyball
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We received great news this week when our School Report Card and
accompanying School Performance Score were released. Riverdale
High is a Top Performing school, and we have earned a report card
grade of “B.” Report card grades are given for the previous school
year’s performance; therefore, they lag one year. I want to congratulate our students and teachers because they are responsible for our significant gains in our End of Course tests, which helped position
Riverdale High to attain a grade of “B.” Riverdale earned a “B” for
the 2011-2012 school year, and after the Louisiana Department of Education reconfigured the high school formula, we dipped slightly into
the “C” category for the 2012-2013 school year, only to regain our former “B” status for the 2013-2014 school year. Also, in the spring of
2014, U.S. News & World Report recognized Riverdale High School
as one of the best high schools in the state and awarded us Bronze
Level Recognition. This honor, again, is due to the diligence and exceptional work ethic of our students and our teachers.
I also want to thank parents and guardians for the support and encouragement you provide to your children which positions them to be successful. I remind the students, “Successful people make themselves do
things they do not want to do.” Homework, studying, preparing, outlining, reading, practicing, and conditioning are usually things students
do not relish. Teenagers need your guidance, your love, your advice,
and your involvement. Continue to insert yourselves into your teenagers’ lives because they need it. Engage your child or children in as
much conversation as you can, especially when they are in the car with
you. If you need anything from us, please do not hesitate to contact us
with a phone call or an email. Thank you for all that you do for your
child and for entrusting Riverdale High and Jefferson Parish Public
School System with his or her education.
With kindest regards,
Denise Carpenter
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Riverdale High School
Psychedelic Senior Rally
Tayler Goletz
Senior rally was a blast! From
the cooked burgers to the inflatable water slides, the senior class
enjoyed spending time together.
Seniors danced to the music, tiedyed t-shirts, and raced one another down the inflatable obstacle course. This year’s rally was
definitely one to remember.
Senior Favorites
Tayler Goletz
The 2015 senior class favorites were revealed during
senior rally. The senior class voted for each category,
and the winners wereMost Likely to Succeed: Mehvish Khalid and Matthew
Most Popular: Darius Bovie and Taylor Freeman
Class Couple: Branden Daigre and Mariah Green
Best Personality: Lilly Nguyen and Jewan Smith
Best Athlete: Donte’ Jackson and Aareion Jackson
Most Talented : Rachael McGee and Malik Sinegar
Most Outgoing: Emily Sharpe and John Bott
Most Involved: Keristen Edwards and Elijah
Best Dancer: Ambria Price and Tedric White
Most School Spirit: Angelle Moncada and Deon Turner
Volume 1, Issue 1
Page 3
PBIS Breakfast
Melissa Sindik
The PBIS breakfast was held on Friday, September 19th.
Teachers nominated students to receive PBIS awards based on
their outstanding qualities and contributions.
Freshmen Daijah Cotton, Shawntal Otis, and Kayla
Marshall enjoy their first PBIS breakfast.
Junior Enriqueta Cavalier and senior Samir Ali patiently await the start of the breakfast.
Rebel Idol
Iriel Nunnery
This year’s Rebel Idol competition was
a stiff one. Competitors Rachael
McGee and Deon Turner sang their
hearts out in their renditions of the
National Anthem. Both competitors
did a beautiful job, but ultimately, by
a round of applause, the student body
decided that this year’s Rebel Idol
winner would be Miss Rachael
McGee. Rachael went on to sing the
National Anthem at the Rebel-Lusher
homecoming game, where she again
succeeded in wowing the crowd with
her amazing vocals.
Rachael McGee performs at the homecoming
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Riverdale High School
Homecoming Week!
Lilly Nguyen
Spirit Week
September 22 – September 26
Who’s Who?
Mr. O’Neill and
Monday Night Football
Kicking off the week!
Brittany Gallenger and Baylee Wilson
their rebel night football pride.
and Baylee Wilson
Twin Tuesday
show their Rebel football pride.
Can you spot the differences?
Mr. Chiantella
face off.
Way Back Wednesday
Throwing it back into the class levels’ decades!
We can’t hide our REBEL PRIDE!
Saturday Night Fever freshmen get
groovy in English II Honors.
Night Lights!
Riverdale Rebels vs. Lusher Lions
Riverdale takes the win over Lusher
with the score of 37-23.
Congratulations to our 2014 homecoming court (pictured left): Wednesday Lewis, Destiny Martinez, Karen
Gallegos, Megan Pearson, Delisia
Davis, Emily Sharpe, Aareion Jackson, Angelle Moncada, Lilly Nguyen,
and Tatyana Lee.
Volume 1, Issue 1
Page 5
Homecoming Dance
Ambria Price
The homecoming dance took place on
September 26, 2014, the day after
the victory against the Lusher Lions.
Students were very enthused about
going to the dance. During the dance
it was obvious to all that Rebel nation was having a ton of fun. The DJ
was ―booming‖ and the varieties of
fashion were flashing. A few students were interviewed to see what
they thought about the dance:
Senior Delisia Davis said, ―This
year’s homecoming was the best
out of all my years of going to
This year’s homecoming was
bittersweet for most seniors because it was their last high
school homecoming. Homecoming kicked off how the rest of the
school year will go for the seniors: the first of many lasts.
Senior Angelle Moncada said,
―Homecoming was very fun and
memorable, considering I was on
the homecoming court. If I could
do it all over again, I would.‖
Ambria Price
There were many different types of
fashion displayed during the homecoming dance. Fashion varied from
long dresses to high-low dresses and
from suits and vests to dress pants.
For girls, the most popular dress colors were red and blue, while the guys
dressed up their blazers with bowties.
Both boys and girls were dressed to
Homecoming Queen
Ambria Price
During the dance our 2014-2015
queen and maids were introduced
for the second time: second maid
Megan Pearson, first maid Emily
Sharpe, and Homecoming Queen
Aareion Jackson. Aareion has been
a part of the Rebel family since her
freshman year and shared her
homecoming experience with
friends Tatyana Lee and Embriah
Chandler (left) and brother Donte’
Jackson (right).
“Style is a way to
say who you are
without speaking.”
-Rachel Zoe
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Riverdale High School
Ring Day
Austyn Peacock
On October 13th, the Senior Class of
2015 was given their memorable senior rings. On that Friday, seniors
were honored with one of the most
treasured high school memories in the
form of a ring.
Ring day was led by Senior class President Keristen Edwards, Senior Vice
President Angelle Moncada, Senior
Class Treasurer Lilly Nguyen, and
Senior Senator Darius Bovie.
The 187 Psychedelic Seniors were presented their rings in the Central
Courtyard at 8:30 AM.
The Ring ceremony was truly a memorable day for the Psychedelic Seniors,
and now they can carry the memory
for the rest of their lives. With their
rings they can now remember the
hard work they have done to get to
where they are now and always show
their Rebel pride.
Volume 1, Issue 1
Page 7
Ring Dance
Rochelle Luminais
On October 11, 2014, Riverdale hosted
the senior ring dance. Seniors spent
the night taking pictures and having
fun with their peers.
Ring dance was a blast from the past.
Riverdale's own Psychedelic Seniors
danced the night away.
Ring dance is held the day after ring
day, so seniors were very excited
about receiving their memorable
rings. All the guys looked snazzy in
their dress pants, and the girls looked
lovely in their beautiful dresses. The
senior girls had their hair and make-
up done and the senior boys were all
cleaned up, as well.
Overall, the ring dance was a success.
The seniors had an amazing time and
made even more memories that will
stick with them forever.
A few seniors were interviewed on
their ring dance experiences:
Senior Lilly Nguyen said, ―Ring
dance was a great way to start
off the senior year with my
class. It was very memorable,‖
while senior Tayler Goletz said,
―The ring pops and the fish
bowls were very cute. It was a
very nice set-up. The juniors
did a good job. Snaps for them.‖
Seniors Mehvish Khalid, Karen Gallegos, Matthew Pham,
and Lilly Nguyen take a selfie.
Seniors Lloyd Buchanan and Angella Moncada
enjoy the night.
The Class of 2015 dances ―The Wobble.‖
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Riverdale High School
Sports Schedules
Muhammad Shahid
Football Schedule
09/05/14 - Riverdale vs. Archbishop Hannan -7:00 PM
09/12/14 - Riverdale vs. Newman - 7:00 PM
09/18/14 - Riverdale vs. Grace King - 6:30 PM
09/25/14 - Riverdale vs. Lusher - 6:30 PM
10/02/14 - Riverdale vs. Higgins - 6:30 PM
10/10/14 - Riverdale vs. East Jefferson - 7:00 PM
10/16/14 - Riverdale vs. Lakeshore - 7:00 PM
10/23/14 - Riverdale vs. Pearl River - 6:30 PM
11/01/14 - Riverdale vs. Salmen - 2:00 PM
11/07/14 - Riverdale vs. Franklinton - 7:00 PM
Head Coach – Brett Bonnaffons
Asst. Coach – Kenny Bourgeois
Asst. Coach – Colt Colletti
Asst. Coach – Mark Longo
Asst. Coach – Bruce Figgins
Asst. Coach – Derek Francis
Asst. Coach – Lamar Johnson
Volleyball Schedule
09/23/14 - Riverdale vs. Patrick Taylor - 4:00 & 5:00 PM
09/30/14 - Riverdale vs. East Jefferson - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/01/14 - Riverdale vs. Lakeshore - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/02/14 - Riverdale vs. St. Scholastica - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/07/14 - Riverdale vs. Salmen - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/09/14 - Riverdale vs. Franklinton - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/14/14 - Riverdale vs. Lakeshore - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/15/14 - Riverdale vs. Grace King - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/16/14 - Riverdale vs. East Jefferson - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/21/14 - Riverdale vs. St. Scholastica - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/23/14 - Riverdale vs. Salmen - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
10/28/14 - Riverdale vs. Franklinton - 4:30 & 5:30 PM
Head Coach — Rachel Lindelow
Asst. Coach — Sallye Raymond
Volume 1, Issue 1
Page 9
Delisia Davis
REBEL NATION is proud to introduce the 2014-2015
football team: Donte’ Jackson, Damian Edwards, Aikeem Youngai, Darius Bovie, Dorian Joseph, David
Compton, Carl Russell, Christian Smith, Tyson Joseph, David Collet, Anthony Foster, Charles Burbank, Josh Clarke, Devin Williams, Danny Cola, Andre’ Sims, Tim Beasley, Eliott Harris, Perry Brown,
Da’Shawn Green, KiJuan McGee, William Bee, Cornelius Kemp, Devin Cotton, D’Andrei Pittman, Ronnie Gaudin, Anthony Bodie, Zakarri Brown, Nick
Tacke, Jamod Warner, Joe Parker, Kendrick Phillips,
Jorge Diaz, Edwin Sanabria, Michael Coleman, Justin Frost, Alex Adams, Brandon Silva, Omar
Elsaadawy, Brandon Jones, Malik Clark, Ryan Taylor, Johnny LaRocca, Monterio Ursin, Devin Quintana, Tedric White, Dontell Bryant, and Tyrus Butler.
Delisia Davis
REBEL NATION is proud to introduce the 2014-2015 volleyball team: Elena
Barahona, Samantha Barker, Liya Blitzer, Shannon Bradford, Brittany Carriere,
Leslie Dicharry, Shana Hill, Nehemie Joseph, Tatyana Lee, Najai Martin, Micah
Martinez, Samantha Payne, Paula Rieder, and Sierra Ryan. The Lady Rebels are
wrapping up their last month of play under first year Head Coach Rachel Lindelow. Come on out to the RHS Gym to support your Lady Rebels in their remaining