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Sept. 20, 2011
Gear up for the Fall
sports preview.
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Volume 35 Number 2
Congratulations to
everyone that made
the Spring Quarter
Dean’s List—pg.4
President Johnson
will hold open forum
Come join the Clarion and
President Steven Johnson for
an open dialogue with other
students to discuss your
experience at Sinclair Community College.
All students are invited to
attend a student forum with
President Johnson on Sept.
27 from 11 a.m. until noon in
the Library loggia.
The Library loggia is located
on the second floor of the li-
photo by Giustino Bovenzi
brary in the Northwest corner.
Th is forum will provide
you with an opportunity to
ask questions and engage in
an open dialogue about Sinclair with your president.
Students are encouraged
come prepared to discuss
Sinclair issues.
Please plan to arrive on
time –the forum will start
promptly at 11 a.m. and end
at noon.
DJ cancelled after
complaints were made
Coach Price evaluates his players during practice. When Price is not coaching he spends his time at Walt Disney World.
Coach Price spreads magic
Giustino Bovenzi
News Editor
[email protected]
Sinclair Community College head basketball coach
Jeff Price has a big reason to
Every summer, Price heads
down to Walt Disney World
in Orlando, where he has been
a cast member for 22 years.
Price works as an entertainer
at Walt Disney World.
“I can’t wait to get there,”
Price said. “Most people go
through a mid-life crisis and
they do something crazy, I
just go to Disney World.”
Price explained that his
role as a seasonal cast member, a minimum of 40 hours
per year, is based around
his out of state recruiting
that he does at the Amateur
Athletic Union National
Tournament in Orlando.
Even though his trip is partially for the recruitment of
basketball prospects, Price
looks at his annual trip to
WDW as a way to get away
from normal everyday life.
Over his 22-year tenure as
a cast member, Price has seen
the company (Disney) grow
tremendously. And even
though so many things have
changed over the years, his
optimism toward returning
still stays the same.
“When I fi rst started Space
Mountain was the biggest
attraction. Now you have
Expedition Everest, Mission
Space and I still like Rockin’
photo by Giustino Bovenzi
Students gather at the quad for Welcome Week. The event had informational tables, free food and prizes.
Talya Flowers
[email protected]
photos contributed by Jeff Price
Price represents Sinclair at Magic Kingdom
Rollercoaster,” Price said.
“The fi rst thing I’m going to
do when I get down there is
Price has worked all across
the Disney properties, both
as a full-time cast member
and a seasonal cast member,
the latter being his current
work status. While his main
role is in entertainment,
Price is cross-trained in merchandise; however, he insists
that nothing compares to his
entertainment role.
“We get an opportunity to create magic; and
that’s instant gratification.
Doesn’t matter how hot it is
or how cold it is, I’d work all
day in that heat for that feeling, that adrenaline. And
personally, that’s the greatest feeling in the world,”
Price said.
Price said a typical day of
work for him isn’t very typical at all. One day he could
be at Magic Kingdom, the
other he could be at a resort
working in a restaurant. But,
no matter where he is stationed for the day, he starts
out the same way.
Every day before work,
Price heads into Magic Kingdom, buys a bag of popcorn
and a coke-a-cola, sits on
his favorite bench on Main
Street, and looks at Cinderella’s castle while watching
the people go by.
“I’ll spend 45 minutes to
an hour just sitt ing in that
one spot because-that’s my
spot. I can see the castle. I
can see the trolleys coming
down. I can see all the people walking with balloons
knowing, hey– I’m home,”
Price said.
Every chance he has,
there is one particular shift
that sticks out more than
others. That shift is when
Price gets to work with Give
Kids the World.
“Whenever I see Give Kids
the World that’s the one I
really get pumped up for because I know I have to bring
my A-game,” he said.
Give Kids the World is an
organization in Kissimmee
that is paired with Disney,
which allows Price to perform and fulfi ll the wishes
of terminally-ill children, by
lett ing those children spend
a day with their favorite
Disney Characters.
“Some of the kids can’t get
to the park, because of their
illness. It’s a shift that I love
working,” Price said.
Price sees himself coaching for another 15 years, and
if he continues his role as a
performer at WDW that will
push him into his 60s. At that
point, Price said his role at
Disney might change.
“My goal, when it’s all said
and done, is to be the conductor of the Magic Kingdom
Railroad. That is how I want
to end my career there. That
is what we would call in the
basketball world, ‘game over
drive home safely.’ I could see
myself doing that until they
tear that conductor’s hat off
me,” Price said.
Courseview Campus continues to make headway
Georgia Howard
[email protected]
photo by Georgia Howard
The campus now offers more
degree programs for students.
Coming in to its fi ft h year
as Warren County’s only
public college, Sinclair Community Colleges’ Courseview
Campus is making efforts to
meet the increasing demand
for higher education in its
area, according to George
Sehi, executive dean of the
Courseview Campus.
“One of the biggest
challenges we are facing at
Courseview is the community expectation for more
programs,” Sehi said. “Here is
the real challenge, when students come to us they expect
us to offer whatever their area
of interests might be and we
are just not there yet.”
Courseview now offers
two new associate degree
programs; physical therapy
assistant (PTA) and computer information systems
(CIS) with a focus in network
engineering, which can be
completed entirely at the
campus. With the two program additions, the total of
see Courseview pg. 3
The date was set. The DJ
was scheduled to perform
outside and the plans for Welcome Week were underway.
But on Sept. 8, the Student
Leadership Association office
received some disappointing news. The DJ wouldn’t
be permitted to play music
outside due to city noise
“I feel like this is a community college and we should be
able to have fun,” Kollita Hollins, administrative support
for SLA said. “Student life is
sometimes noisy. I’m a litt le
bit disappointed about the
DJ not being allowed to play
music outside.”
DJ Clay Hampton wasn’t
allowed to play music outside
due to a complaint that the
college event would violate
the noise ordinance of the
City of Dayton.
“It is in my opinion that
we have to obey the City of
Dayton’s noise ordinance,” said
Sinclair Chief of Police Charles
Gift. “Music, especially when
amplified in the plaza area,
can be disruptive to the classes
taking place in the building
surrounding the event.”
Due to numerous internal
and external complaints in the
past related to music outside,
the DJ was cancelled and
instead students listened to a
boom box that could only be
heard several feet away.
“It is not unusual for a community college to have music
outside, but what I am more
concerned about is that myself, other student clubs and
offices will know what we
can and cannot do in regards
to music outside,” said Chris
Bridges, manager of SLA and
student judicial affairs.
Some students thought that
music outside would have improved the quality of the event.
“If the event had music, it
would be better because music
always makes things more enjoyable,” said Ashley Wallace,
who is studying automotive
technology at Sinclair.
However, other students
thought that the lack of a DJ
made the event more enjoyable.
“I think the event is fi ne
without the music. There is
school going on and music
just causes everyone to get
rowdy,” said Mark Jackson,
who is studying business
administration at Sinclair.
In the past, Sinclair has had
DJ’s play at several events outside, which includes, the Safety
Expo, Spring Fling and the
Wait2Text event, and the noise
ordinance was never an issue.
The SLA office said that it was
not aware of a noise ordinance
and has been planning and
hosting events for students for
many years –with a DJ involved
most of the time.
“[At the event,] the
students would have loved
to have music outside. DJ
Clay Hampton would have
played from 10 to 2, just four
hours,” said Karen Williams,
specialist/SLA advisor. “Just
support your college events.”
Despite the music conundrum, Bridges said that the
event was a success.
“Regardless of the music,
we had over 25 information
tables staffed by student
clubs, campus offices and
community resources for
students. The dunking booth,
photo hut, inflatable obstacle
course and caricature artist
were a big hit as well,” Bridges
said. “We saw at least 450
students and we were able
to help get them connected
to the college and have fun
while doing it.”
On Campus
Page 2 the Clarion
Sept. 20, 2011
campus calendar
marketplace menu
Sept. 20
• Addiction Discussion Group 12:00
p.m-1:00 p.m. Building 10 Room 423
Sept. 21
• COPE Effective Study Strategies
Workshop Building 2 Room 334
• Cajun Chicken Chili
Sept. 28
• Blue Cheese Buffalo Wrap
• COPE Time Management
Workshop 12:00 p.m-1:00 p.m.
Building 20 Room 334
• Hearty Chicken
Soup With Pasta
• Sinclair Talks in the Library Loggia:
Examining Border issues between
the United States & Mexico
• On Campus: Safety Expo on the
main plaza in front of Building 10
Sept. 27
• Addiction Discussion Group 12:00
p.m-1:00 p.m. Building 10 Room 423
• Salad, Caesar, Salmon
• Buffalo Mash
• Mushroom Barley Pilaf
• Blue Cheese Mashed
• Steamed veggies
Oct. 5
• Spicy Spinach
• Sinclair Talks in the Library Loggia:
Arthur Miller’s The Crucible
• Sinclair Talks in the Library
Loggia: Demystifying Credit
• Broccoli and Cheddar Soup
• Szechuan Beef
• Pepperoni Calzone
• Black Angus Patty Melt
• On Campus: Meet your college
president forum in the Library Loggia
• Cajun Chicken Chili
• Blue Cheese Buffalo Wrap
• Hearty Chicken
If you have an important event, please let us know!
Soup With Pasta
• Cream of Mushroom Soup
You can reach us at [email protected]
• Cheesy Meat Lasagna
• Carved Roast Turkey
• Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
• Vanilla Maple Mashed
Sweet Potatoes
• Lemon Zest Broccoli
• Fried Buttermilk Chicken
• Vegetables, Roasted, Garlic
• Baked Italian Panini
• General Tso’s Chicken
• Broasted Potatoes
• Four Cheese Stromboli
• Fried Okra
• Chicken Ciabatta with
• Beans, Green, Carrots
Fire Roasted Salsa
• Honey Chicken over Rice
• Chicken Buffalo Cobb
• Cajun Chicken Chili
Salad Pizzaz
• Blue Cheese Buffalo Wrap
• Cheddar BBQ Bacon
• Taco Soup
Angus Burger
• Cream of Mushroom Soup
• Taco Salad
• Cajun Chicken Chili
• Cheesy Baked Ziti
• Blue Cheese Buffalo Wrap
• Bowtie Pasta
• Turkey Rice Soup
• Spanish Rice
• Potato Chowder
• Herbed Zucchini
• English Style Fish an Chips
• Chesapeake Corn
• Salisbury Steak
and Tomatoes
• Baked Macaroni and Cheese
• Chicken and Vegetable
• Corn Fritters
Lo Mein
• Steamed Veggies
• Italian Deli Calzone
• Spicy Onion Pepper
• Grilled Chicken BLT
• Oriental Plate Combo
• Cajun Chicken Chili
– choose any three
• Blue Cheese Buffalo Wrap
• Chicken Mexicali Flatbread
• Taco Soup
• Cubano Grilled
• Potato Chowder
Chicken Sandwich
It is the Clarion’s policy to correct all errors. If you notice any errors in the Clarion
newspaper, please contact us through e-mail
at [email protected] or by phone at (937)
512-2958. Write “Correction” in the subject
line of the e-mail. All corrections will appear
in this space.
weekly crossword
weekly sudoku
The objective of the
game is to fill all the blank
squares in a game with the
correct numbers. There
are three very simple constraints to follow. In a 9 by
9 square Sudoku game:
• Every row of 9 numbers
must include all digits
1 through 9 in any
• Every column of 9
numbers must include
all digits 1 through 9 in
any order.
• Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9
square must include all
digits 1 through 9.
Every Sudoku games
begins with some squares
already filled in, and the
difficulty of each game is
due to how many squares
are filled in. The more
squares that are known,
the easier it is to figure out
which numbers go in the
open squares. As you fill in
squares correctly, options
for the remaining squares
are narrowed and it becomes easier to fill them in.
Sudoku Tips: Start by
looking for numbers that
occur frequently in the
initial puzzle. For example,
say you have a lot of 5’s in
the initial puzzle. Look for
the 3x3 box where there is
no 5. Look for 5’s in other
rows and columns that can
help you eliminate where
the 5 might go in that box.
If there is a 5 in column’s 1
and 2, then there can’t be
a 5 anywhere else in either
of those columns. You
know then that whatever
leftmost 3x3 box that is
missing a 5 must have it
go in column 3. If you can
eliminate all the possibilities in that box except for
1 square, you’ve got it
1 English horn, e.g.
5 No Doubt lead singer Stefani
9 Hard stuff
14 Old apple treatment
15 Gaelic tongue
16 Part of A/V
17 “Will you marry me?” is one
20 Play flawlessly on the green
21 Gets ready for market, as livestock
22 “Stillmatic” rapper
23 Commoner
25 4:00 English drink
26 Levi’s alternative
27 Big pitcher
29 General Arnold of WWII
32 Steak au poivre flavoring
36 Danish toy brand
37 Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego
38 See red?
39 Orenburg’s river
40 Elizabeth of “Jacob’s Ladder”
41 Administrative area on Ireland’s
south coast
44 Street sign abbr.
45 Shroud of gloom
46 Much
47 __ anglais: English horn
48 Fall short
50 GI entertainers
53 Bit of moral fiber
57 Skateboarder’s wear
59 Bit of wedding toast effervescence
61 Peregrine’s place
62 Reason to warn boaters
63 Caramel candy brand
64 Pollster’s find
65 Sardine’s cousin
66 Wilson of “Drillbit Taylor”
1 Lustrous synthetic
2 2010 tennis retiree Dementieva
3 Alleviates
4 Pearl __ earring
5 Less violent
6 Authored
7 Lawyer’s letters
Answers on page 7
Room 8027
(937) 512-2744
[email protected]
(937) 512-2958
e-mail: [email protected]
News Editor
Graphic Designer
Advertising Representative
Talya Flowers
Giustino Bovenzi
Jonathan Hammond
Elizabeth Copas
phone: (937) 512-4576 fax: (937) 512-4590
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The Clarion is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, Columbia
Scholastic Press Association and Ohio Newspaper Association.
JonVelle McCray
Georgia Howard
Sandy Hilt
8 Bordeaux ball team?
9 Turkey-roasting tool
10 “I’m __ here!”: “Bye!”
11 Comic strip dog
12 Mount sacred to Judaism
13 Geologic periods
18 Indian capital
19 Unlike leftovers
24 Old English epic poem
26 Org. for Paula Creamer
28 Birdhouse songbird
29 Po’ boy relative
30 Ice cream thickener
31 Mexican War president
32 Bear with a hard bed
33 Mountain sign no.
34 Turpentine source
35 Not nerdy
36 “Peanuts” fussbudget
41 “Cheers” barmaid
42 Hotel room choice
43 New Eng. school since 1701
45 Asked, burst open, extracted, or
broke, as the ends of this puzzle’s
four longest answers
47 Curry flavoring
49 “The Jungle Book” pack leader
50 Violin stroke
51 Hôtel room
52 Cineplex name
53 Gibberish singing style
54 Mother of Chaz
55 A bit beyond raw
56 Breakfast order
58 River to the Mediterranean
60 Slangy dismissalw
Answers on page 7
Jonathan Hammond
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the students of Sinclair Community College by a student
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Page 3 the Clarion
Sept. 20, 2011
Courseview Campus continues to make headway
cont. from front
degrees now offered at Courseview is eight.
“We are starting this fall
with 20 students (in the PTA
program) full-time and that’s
going really well,” Sehi said.
“We have got our new lab established there and clinicals.”
The lack of space puts a
restraint on the number of
programs that can be added
to the campus but Sehi said
they are trying to fi nd ways
to add programs like communication, that don’t require room for labs or other
key components that take up
space in other degrees.
In addition to the new
programs, plans have begun
to start building onto the
30 acres of land across the
street from the Courseview building, which was
acquired by the institute
about eight months ago.
With an enrollment pushing 1,300 students in Fall
quarter, not including University Parallel students,
the campus has reached
its maximum capacity and
needs to expand to continue serving the community
appropriately, Sehi said.
“We don’t have a deadline
but we are working on it to
make it happen. In the near
future we will have new facilities,” Sehi said. “We are offering classes at King’s High
school in order to be able to
tartan spotlight
photo by Giustino Bovenzi
photo by Georgia Howard
A Courseview rep. hands out information at Sinclair’s main campus
offer enough sections for our
As for other endeavors
going on at the campus,
Sehi said he is proud that
the campus is a part of the
Developmental Education
Initiative funded by the
Bill and Melinda Gates
foundation. The program
has allowed Sinclair and
two other colleges in Ohio
to explore approaches in
getting students prepared
for college, retaining them
throughout the process
and then giving them the
chance to be successful in
the workforce.
Another thing that Sehi
said he is excited about is
that the campus has started
a very strong Student
Leadership club that has
given a voice to the students
and has been well received
by the college and the
community alike.
“The college made the
absolute right decision to
expand its footprint in Warren County. The demand
has been high and exceeded
our projection in terms
of enrollment, which is a
clear indication of the need
in higher education,” Sehi
said. “What’s most exciting is to be able to build a
campus that will be here for
the next 200 years or so and
that we know will provide
educational opportunities
for so many - thousands of
people – that is the most
exciting thing.”
meet Rich Dell
Rich Dell is a mail clerk in Building 7 and has been working for Sinclair Community College for 26 years. He is well
known around campus for his signature handlebar mustache and the bright colored shirts that he always wears.
What makes him Interesting?
Every year in July, Dell participates in a local fishing tournament held by Ron Lebatsky, former chief of police at Sinclair, and
this past tournament Dell won first-place for catching a 27¼ inch
carp that weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds, 10 ounces.
The past few years that Dell has competed in the tournament,
he came very close to winning.
“The last tournament I lost to a kid by four ounces,” Dell
said. “But when it weighed in at 12 pounds, 10 ounces, I told
them, I’ll take it!”
Dell said that his journey as a fisherman began as a child and
ever since fishing has been a hobby of his.
Dell has plans to continue fishing in the tournament for the
foreseeable future and hopes to win again next year.
Finding your rhythm to succeed in life
Talya Flowers
[email protected]
As part of an interactive
workshop, professional
speaker Stan Pearson II took
students through the acronym S.A.L.S.A. in Building 8
stage area at Sinclair Community College.
Last week, the Student
Leadership Association invited
Pearson to showcase his work
for the students because of his
unique and engaging approach.
“Stan not only had a message, but he made it fun. His
approach is unique and engaging. I would love to have
him back to Sinclair because
he is all about the students,”
said Karen Williams, specialist/SLA advisor.
S.A.L.S.A. stands for
support, act, learn, strive
and accept. Th rough dancing, students learned the
acronym as well as got the
motivation to move through
life with all of its obstacles
and situations—then learn
how to succeed.
“A few years ago, I owned
a Latin dance studio. But
when I moved to Atlanta, I
still believed in the power of
the dance,” Pearson said. “I
just wanted a more creative
way of delivering the message
with the movement because
I feel that active learning is
more powerful.”
Pearson teaches those five
principles, support, act, learn,
strive and accept because he
felt those words resonated
more with people. As a way to
make learning more enjoyable,
he then incorporated dance.
One employee of Sinclair
said she enjoyed the workshop and would love to see
him come back to Sinclair.
“I enjoyed the workshop
because it was very encouraging for the young people. I
thought that Stan did a great
job connecting dance to how
we can excel in our lives,” said
Valerie Mayfield, administrative assistant for academic
advising. “Those key steps
help us to excel in all of our
life challenges and struggles
that we go through.”
While the students learned
the different dance moves
of salsa, Pearson gave them
tools to take with them after
the workshop was over.
“The workshop was phenomenal,” said William Manning, who is studying accounting at Sinclair. “I learned how
to make myself better because I
can use what I learned today.”
As a child, Pearson said he
was bullied, teased and often
felt like he didn’t belong.
“[I just felt] that I wasn’t
black enough for my black
friends, and too dark for my
white friends at one point. It
wasn’t until, I got comfortable
in my own skin that I was able
to help others out,” he said.
That motivation and positive thinking eventually led
him to develop the interactive
workshop. He began to help
photos by Talya Flowers
Stan Pearson II demonstrates S.A.L.S.A. to students and encourages
them to overcome obstacles and find success in their own lives.
students learn to be comfortable in their own skin.
“Despite what you may be
going through, keep pushing
and be better today than you
were yesterday,” Pearson said.
As for the workshop,
Pearson said he is going to
continue to bring a positive
message through dance.
“At the end of the day,
the workshop is all about
students and adults learning
about themselves and taking
a chance,” Pearson said. “You
will fi nd shy students asking
people they don’t know how
to do a certain step. And
that is what S.A.L.S.A. is all
about…depending on others
to get you to your success.”
For more information,
check out the Facebook page
Stan Pearson II.
Page 4 the Clarion
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Baker, Teresa L
Baker, Theresa
Baker, Zachary D
Balaguer, Emilie
Balazs, Mitchell J
Baldasare, Nicholas T
Baldwin, Linda L
Baldwin, Nathan D
Ball, Alyssa J
Ballard, Amber A
Ballard, Bryen M
Ballard, Eli N
Ball, Caleb M
Ballein, Eric R
Ballinger, Kristen N
Ballmann, Dominique M
Ballweg, Julie F
Bambeck, Andrew C
Bandish, Cheyanne M
Bandura, Jason A
Banerjee, Surjo
Bangerter, Amy M
Bangert, Shannon M
Banks, Eric W
Banks, Jenessa R
Banks, Monica L
Banner, Angela L
Banner, Rex L
Banning, Benjamin A
Bansal, Geeta
Bantz, Brad W
Baptiste-Lyons, Justin D
Barajas, Sarah E
Bardoorian, Victoria K
Barga, Heather S
Barger, Kyle R
Barhorst, Craig P
Barkad, Fardowsa A
Barker, Brad D
Barker, Jason L
Barker, Katie E
Barker, Mike B
Barker, Victoria R
Barlow, Megan S
Barnes, Alicia D
Barnes, Deanna M
Barnes, Teri J
Barnett, Tamara L
Barrera, Diana A
Barrera, Shelley K
Barrere, Brittany N
Barrett, Brandon D
Barry, Jonathan J
Bartenberger, Kevin T
Bartlett, Alice L
Bartlett, Angela M
Bartlett, Ashley C
Bartlett, Cheryl A
Bartoli, James M
Barton, Brianna A
Barton, Matthew W
Bates, Aimee L
Bates, Heather N
Bates, Michael C
Battle, Elisabeth S
Baudendistel, Kathleen M
Bauer, Kimberly A
Bauer, Sean J
Baughn, Phyllicia M
Baum, Eric I
Baxley, Leah J
Bayero, Tammy L
Bazler, Lisa A
Beach, Candice Renee
Beach, Christopher P
Beal Dupree, Dianne M
Beal, Daniel J
Beal, David A
Beall, James B
Beam, Neal
Bean, Ann M
Bear, Philip S
Bearsby, Dawn
Beasley, Lindsey E
Beatty, Jamie R
Beaty, Cynthia E
Beaudoin, Casey H
Bebris, Alexander P
Bechtol, Jeff S
Bechtolt, Matthew A
Beck, Camie A
Becker, Stephen E
Beckett, Curtis R
Beck, Michael S
Becks, Katelin M
Beck, Tara M
Bedinghaus, Donna M
Bedrowsky, Shannon M
Bedwell, Lori K
Beeckman, Megan R
Beediwala, Sabrina I
Beegle, Joshua E
Beegle, Noah E
Beeman, Elliot J
Beene, Yolanda A
Begovich, Ashley R
Beilharz, Taylor J
Beireis, Christy M
Belanger, Alexandre
Belden, Sarah
Bellante, Gina M
Bellar, April L
Bell, Gregory R
Bellinger, Christine M
Bell, Jonathan M
Bell, Nathaniel T
Bell, Ryan C
Bell, Trevor A
Bench, Jacob E
Bench, Samuel J
Bendinelli, Kristi L
Bennett, Amanda
Bennett, Dustin L
Bennett, Hannah K
Benson, Cheryl A
Benton, Thomas L
Benton, Tiara R
Benton, Vincent B
Berelsman, Jacob T
Berger, Angelia M
Berger, Melinda S
Berger, Stacy I
Berger, Steven D
Bermea, Megan M
Bermudez, Eric A
Bernard, Cory D
Berning, Russell D
Berroa, Matthew R
Berry, Chelcy Lynn
Berry, Christina L
Berry, Chrystle D
Berryhill, Edward E
Berry, Jessica R
Bertoia, Nick R
Betancourt, Kevin J
Betsinger, Bryan J
Bettendorf, Jessica A
Bettinger, Justine N
Betts, Megan E
Beu, Samantha M
Bey, Jayne M
Bicknell, Paul M
Bieker, Ambrosia R
Bierley, John M
Biggs, Dorena L
Bigley, Bradley K
Biko, Agustino H
Binder, Zachary P
Bingamon, Mara N
Binkley, Andrea M
Birdi, Waljinder
Birkhead, Charles E
Bir, Matthew R
Biscoe, Stacey N
Bisengimana, Claire U
Bishop, Marnie K
Bishop, Scott Alan
Bistrek, Leslie D
Bittner, Erin E
Bizwinayo, Adolphe
Bjerke, Eva D
Black, Alexandra N
Black, Antonio L
Blackburn, Arthur W
Blackburn, Ryan M
Black, Carol S
Black, Elizabeth Ann M
Blacketer, Arenthia C
Blackford, Stacy A
Black, Matthew A
Blackson, Jane M
Blair, Brittany R
Blair, Bruce E
Blair, Jeffrey S
Blair, Jennifer M
Blair, Jesse L
Blair, Lucas G
Blake, Jessica M
Blake, Richard E
Blake, Stewart P
Blanchard, Karlee J
Bland, Kristin Marie
Spring 2011 Dean’s List
Blanton, Desiree’ N
Blanton, Kristen L
Blauser, Brooks J
Blay, Sheila
Blazer, Lisa J
Bledsoe, Misty L
Blevins, Chester
Blevins, Jamie M
Bloemhard, Maaike M
Bloomer, Alvin H
Bloomer, Jeffrey M
Bloomingdale, Daniel J
Blosser, Sarah R
Blossom, Anne K
Blossom, Lawrence M
Boateng, Mavis N
Boatman, Rebecca A
Bobb, Sara E
Bobosh, Seth M
Bocanegra, Sandra
Bochenek, Nadya T
Boddie, Tonya L
Boehmer, Jennifer L
Boellke, Amanda J
Boellke, Bryan R
Boerkoel, Cheryl A
Boggs, David P
Boggs, Heather L
Bogue, Tyler B
Bohannon, Larry D
Bohannon, Rachelle E
Bohannon, Stacey Jo
Boitnott, Gregory M
Boland, Peter A
Bolds, Zenique F
Bolen, Travis L
Bolin, Billy J
Bolinger, Ellen M
Bolinger, Kammie S
Bolle, John H
Bollinger, Kimberly A
Bonamassa, Christie L
Bonham, Jacob M
Bonham, Jamie N
Bonner, Cristen M
Bonner, Shawn T
Booker, Vernon S
Booth, Benjamin B
Booth, Randal T
Borden, Martina N
Borden, Susan D
Boroff, Kari L
Borrero, Victor M
Borror, Holly N
Borton, Steven T
Borts, Melinda A
Boscarino, Demitria K
Bosscher, Nate
Boster, Stephen C
Bostick, Becky S
Bost, Joseph R
Boston, Eric S
Bottles, Rick L
Bouchair, Melissa L
Boudreau, Michael J
Bourgeois, Sara L
Bourke, Sarah N
Bourkiza, Driss
Bourne, Marlen D
Bouschard, Levi S
Bouzara, Nadia
Bovenzi, Giustino E
Bowden, Stacy L
Bowen, Christopher L
Bowen, Jamey A
Bower, Heather M
Bowerman, Todd M
Bowermaster, Amara R
Bowersock, Matthew L
Bowlin, Angel L
Bowling, Joshua C
Bowling, Kimberly I
Bowman, Amber L
Bowman, Andrew J
Bowman, Jessica
Bowman, Melanie A
Bowman, Michael E
Bowser, Britton M
Bowser, Daniel J
Boyce-Stephen, Geborah
Boyce, Amy Y
Boyd, Alisa M
Boyd, Charles D
Boyd, Cynthia J
Boyd, Michael J
Boyd, Michelle L
Boydston, Aeok L
Boyer-Goubeaux, Saran
Boyer, Jessica N
Boyington, James J
Boykin, Amanda D
Boykin, Nichol C
Boyle, Elizabeth B
Braaksma, Casey W
Brackman, Jessica R
Bradam, Stacey L
Braddy, Jamie L
Bradford, Mark E
Bradley-Hutchison, Joseph
Bradley, David W
Bradley, Jennifer D
Bradley, Jessica M
Brandenburg, Kristen L
Brandenburg, Michelle N
Brandenburg, Valerie C
Brandon, Alyssa N
Brannan, Chelsea E
Brannon, Brandy K
Brant, Mark A
Bratton, Lisa R
Brazeal, Ben K
Breen, Robert C
Brehm, Dennis D
Breig, Nicole L
Brenner, Richard D
Brewer, Camilia T
Brewer, Clare R
Brewer, Donald R
Brewer, Jeanette L
Brewer, Rachael G
Brewer, Rick A
Brewer, Sylvia A
Brewster, Clinton P
Brickel, Melissa A
Bricker, Thomas R
Bridges, Heather K
Brincefield, Daniel L
Bristol, Jennifer L
Britton, Sarah A
Brock, Ashley N
Broderick, Patricia A
Bromagen, Ryan L
Bromaghim, Ashlee A
Brooks, Cassandra A
Brooks, Chris A
Brooks, Damarco K
Brooks, Jeremy A
Brooks, Jimmy E
Brooks, Kathryn L
Brooks, Krista M
Brooks, Rachel N
Brooks, Sara M
Brook, Victoria F
Bro, Ronni L
Brotherton, Jeremy D
Brotherton, Steven M
Broughton, Jordan M
Broussard, Angela J
Brown, Abriel L
Brown, Anna L
Brown, Autumn R
Brown, Bethany M
Brown, Brian C
Brown, Camille N
Brown, Cheri A
Brown, Christa E
Brown, Christina L
Brown, Dawanna G
Browning, Elizabeth P
Brown, Jerica E
Brown, Joshua R
Brown, Julie C
Brown, Kevin C
Brown, Kris M
Brown, Laurie D
Brown, Lindsay H
Brown, Lisa K
Brown, Marshall A
Brown, Mitcheal P
Brown, Pamela L
Brown, Ransom J
Brown, Robin D
Brown, Sheila K
Brown, Tracey L
Brown, Wesley T
Brown, William A
Brubaker, Alysse M
Bruenning, Benjamin M
Brumfield, Michelle L
Bruner, Patricia D
Bruner, Ryan M
Brun, Pamela E
Brun, Rachel E
Brush, Rebecca L
Bruss, Hollie M
Bryan, Christina M
Bryant, Denice
Bryant, Derek M
Bryant, Jennifer B
Bryant, Kelsie N
Bryant, Sharon M
Bucci, Daina N
Buchanan, Charles E
Bucher, Charles R
Bucher, Sherry L
Buchholz, Dana Ann
Buckner, Nicole D
Buck, Ronald Keith
Buddenberg, Chad E
Budzek, Jennifer K
Buehner, Deron L
Buhler, Michelle R
Buirley, Hayley N
Bullio, Leslie M
Bullman, Jason
Bullock, Kelli M
Bumgardner, Lesley Ann
Bunker, Scott
Bunnell, Jenny R
Buntin, Diane K
Burdette, Madeleine C
Burdette, Pamela M
Burger, Emily A
Burger, Gretchen M
Burger, Nicholas A
Burke, Terry W
Burke, Tim A
Burkett, Denise A
Burkhard, Jonathan M
Burneka, Angela L
Burnett, Amanda L
Burnett, Amber D
Burnett, Joey L
Burnett, Kellie A
Burnett, Laurel E
Burns, Christopher S
Burns, Daniel B
Burns, Hannah M
Burns, Joseph R
Burns, Kelsey E
Burns, Latoya M
Burns, Lyndsey M
Burns, Sandra E
Burns, Vonnetta H
Burrows, Randy S
Burton, Brooke A
Burton, Jennifer C
Burton, Kathy J
Burton, Riley D
Burton, Stephen C
Burt, Tara N
Bush, Alicia N
Bush, Danielle R
Bussert, Aaron J
Butler, Brittany A
Butler, Melissa M
Button, Jessica Lynn
Butts, Tiffany F
Buzbee, Tabetha G
Byers, Chris A
Bynum, Sarah M
Byrd, Brian A
Byrd, Dustin R
Byrd, Stephanie R
Byrd, Steven V
Cabatu, Chelsey K
Cable, Richard A
Caden, Debora K
Cagle, Sebastian R
Cahill, Sasha N
Cain, Aubrey L
Cain, Berit J
Cain, Jennifer L
Cajamarca, Jose L
Caldwell, Christopher R
Calhoun, Janet E
Calin, Ion
Calkins, Wendy J
Calle, Sandra M
Callon, John M
Calloway, Jacqueline M
Camacho, Marilyn L
Camden, Bryan T
Cameron, Joshua M
Campbell, Amanda L
Campbell, Anna K
Campbell, Christopher J
Campbell, Hayley
Campbell, Hernika A
Campbell, Holly R
Campbell, Jamie L
Campbell, Katherine T
Campbell, Patricia A
Campbell, Sarah E
Campbell, Sherry L
Campbell, Tena L
Campbell, Vicki L
Cano, Adrienne N
Cantrell, Ashley N
Cantrell, Kristine K
Cantrell, Sharla N
Capehart, Camie M
Cappoen, Kelly L
Capulong, Paula
Cardenas, Anthony E
Carey, Lashandra D
Cargle, Brandi N
Carnahan, Kevin T
Carnes, Jeremy A
Carone, Vincenzo M
Carpenter, Lonnie K
Carr, Christopher R
Carroll, Toni L
Carson, Daniel J
Carson, Tamra L
Carter, Kari L
Carter, Michael J
Carter, Monique M
Carter, Niki G
Carter, Phillip M
Carter, Russell
Carter, Stacy S
Carter, Thomas A
Cartolano, Mario J
Cartwright, Brittany N
Casanova, Jon L
Casey, Cheri L
Casey, Sheila M
Cash, Anthony B
Caskey, Kevin L
Cassano, Rhonda L
Cassel, Kerry S
Cassidy, Daniel J
Cassino, Natalia E
Casteel, Michael D
Castle, Marlis M
Cates, Holly L
Cattrelle, Michael A
Caudill, Daniel B
Caudill, Danielle B
Caudill, Jamison W
Cavender, Sarah E
Cavendish, Brittany A
Centers, Renee E
Cetone, Christina A
Chamberlain, Brian K
Chambers, Clarence E
Chandler, Richard
Chaney, Mark E
Chaney, Timothy W
Chapman, John A
Chappie, Amy E
Chase, Carianne L
Chase, Christopher D
Chase, Kathryn K
Chasteen, Sherri L
Chavez, Tammy V
Cheers, Christina M
Cheffer, Tonya L
Chen, Jen-Chi
Cherry, Celia E
Cherry, Michael R
Cherubin, Chloe A
Chesaro, Suzzan J
Chess, Barton D
Chester, Karen S
Chick, Tina M
Chidester, Alison D
Childers, Erica L
Childers, Preston J
Childers, Rachel E
Chinn, Linda C
Chinn, Matthew E
Chmiel, Nathan H
Chockey, Matthew A
Choi, Eui Hyeon
Chong, Nicole M
Chrisman, Anthony M
Christensen, Mary C
Christian, Connie C
Christman, Andrea C
Christman, Christopher D
Christophel, Jennifer L
Church, Erin M
Cinar, Serif Ugur
Cizadlo, Timothy J
Clabaugh, Matthew A
Clark, Alisha C
Clark, Donna N
Clark, Jessica N
Clark, Jillian J
Clark, Joshua A
Clark, Justin L
Clark, Lisa M
Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Matthew A
Clark, Miranda L
Clark, Nathan B
Clay, Kalila D
Claywell, Charlie R
Cleeton, Debora S
Clegg, Matthew S
Clem, April A
Clement, Colleen M
Clements, Earl E
Clemments, Rachel M
Clevenger, Holly D
Clevinger, Michael L.
Cline, Amber N
Cline, April L
Cline, Caitlyn E
Cline, Roxanne M
Cloud, Brittany J
Clouse, Lauren C
Nathaniel F
Clutter, Laura A
Clyburn, James W R
Coates, Tischa E
Coby, Kyle M
Cochran, Melissa D
Cockerham, Tammy M
Cockerham, Toni F
Cockrell, Janet L
Coe, Christopher D
Coffee, Chris W
Coffey, Jessica L
Coffey, Mike S
Coffey, Sarah E
Coffey, Sarah M
Coggins, John D
Coghill, Brent G
Cohens, Dominique C
Colbert, James M
Coldiron, Casey M
Cole, Ellen P
Coleman, Joseph So
Coleman, Katrina D
Cole, Nikolea A
Cole, Timothy R
Cole, Zachary J
Collier, Sara D
Collins, Amanda J
Collins, Ashley K
Collins, Autumn D
Collins, Brooke E
Collins, Dustin A
Collins, Jason M
Collins, Nicholas M
Collins, Rebecca S
Collins, Robert P
Collinsworth, Kevin M
Collinsworth, Zachary R
Collins, Zachary L
Colliver, Scott T
Collucci-Lopez, Breeny R
Columbe, Laura N
Colwell, William
Combs, Amanda K
Combs, Andrew P
Combs, Courtney E
Combs, Heather V
Combs, Holly M
Combs, Jesse E
Combs, Joshua M
Combs, Kelly D
Combs, Ryan D
Combs, Shawn J
Comer, Brie A
Comer, Craig M
Comer, Cynthia A
Comer, Gregory A
Commons, Douglas E
Compton, Linda M
Condy, Jeanette M
Cone, Alan J
Confer, Richard C.
Coning, Alison L
Conkle, Kristen L
Conley, Alicia D
Conley, Benjamin B
Conley, Jeffrey B
Conley, Michael D
Conley, Michelle
Connine, Melissa J
Connors, Jessica L
Conrad, Jennifer L
Conrad, Sabrina N
Conrads, Michael A
Constable, Susan D
Cook, Angela Y
Cook, Brianna C
Cook, Christy L
Cook, Jessica J
Cook, Jessica M
Cook, Josh C
Cooney, Chris K
Cooper, Amy E
Cooper, Angela C
Cooper, Birch K
Cooper, Chloe A
Cooper, Danielle B
Cooper, Michael T
Cooper, Nicole
Cooper, Rebecca A
Cope, Kristen M
Copeland, Alan T
Cope, Samantha A
Copner, Shannon L
Copper, Joshua J
Corley, Lassonia B
Cornelius, Kurtis
Cornelius, Phil A
Cornett, Julia M
Cornett, Kevin
Corpe, Teresa L
Correale, Megan D
Coscia, Keith M
Cotterman, Amy M
Cottingim, Katie M
Cotto, Hannah R
Cottom, Renee F
Cotton, Jennifer I
Cottrell, Theresa A
Couch, Andrew M
Coughlin, Karen A
Courtney, Jason
Covert, Gina M
Covey, Kary L
Cox, Angela R
Cox, Krisanna L
Cox, Nathan M
Cox, Sandra E
Coyle, Anne M
Coy, Leslie A
Crabill, Christine L
Crabtree, Aaron J
Crabtree, Brian S
Crabtree, Santania R
Craft, Kimberly J
Craig, Adam
Craig, Audrey R
Crain, Charles E
Crane, Miriam A
Craven, Yvette A
Crawford, William D
Crawley, Sandra Y
Craycraft, Terry R
Creech, Leslie N
Creech, Stacey L
Creekbaum, Cynthia M
Cress, Brenda L
Cress, Fawnda L
Cretcher, James R
Crickmore, Regina A
Criner, Chad A
Critz, Steven N
Crock, Benjamin M
Crombie, Lynda L
Cromer, Jessica S
Cromer, Laura R
Cromes, Christopher S
Crompton, Tamie L
Croneberg, Eric O
Crooks, Alexandra L
Crosby, Nathan A
Cross, Adam V
Cross, Todd L
Crouse, Jay J
Crowe, Eddie E
Crowe, Hannah F
Crowe, Zara A
Crowley, Barbara A
Crum, David L
Crum, Nathaniel S
Crutcher, Aaron L
Crutcher, Pearl E
Crutchfield, Lara M
Cruz, Giessel A
Culbertson, Kathryn J
Culbreth, James M
Culbreth, Nicholas M
Cullen, Patrick J
Culliton, Josh P
Culpepper, Christianna L
Cummings, Alexandra J
Cummings, Chris L
Cunningham, Michael R
Cupp, Kathy M
Currier, Scott N
Custer, Adam S
Cyphers, Robin A
D’Autremont, Ross E
Dabe, Brian A
Dahlstrom, Ashley M
Dail, Sydney B
Dale, Alex S
Daley, Jessica R
Dalton, Shirley R
Dalton, Tracy L
Damon, Belinda K
Damron, Lora L
Dangi, Neha
Daniel, Joyce A
Daniel, Karen L
Danklef, Danielle R
Dankworth, James A
Dant, Linda S
Dao, Trung V
Daoud, Lama J
Darling, Jessica L
Darnell, Michael E
Daughenbaugh, David M
Daum, Robyn P
Dauner, Brent E
Davenport, Ebony D
Davenport, Keith L
Davenport, Lisa K
Davidson, Ashley L
Davidson, Tiffany L
Davidson, Todd G
Davidson, Tracy L
Davis, Alesha N
Davis, Andrea N
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, Christine A
Davis, Christopher L
Davis, Gregory P
Davis, Jessica L
Davis, Kayleigh D
Davis, Patricia A
Davis, Teresa L
Davis, Tyler J
Davis, Tyler J
Davy, Samuel O
Dawson, Chad C
Daye, Melissa K
Day, Jeffrey A
De Lano, Heather M
De Los Santos, Carlos A
Deady, Amanda M
Dean, Joel D
Deaton, Angela D
Deaton, Leslie E
Deaton, Lindsay
DeBrosse, Mark A
Decker, Jennifer M
DeDiemar, Amanda M
Deeter, Jonathon M
Deeter, Justine E
Degennaro, Cathy R
Degraaf, Arri M
Dehart, Andrew M
Deibler, Thomas E
Deichert, Daniel J
Del Vecchio, Christopher A
Delaney, Courtney E
Delaney, Melinda A
Delay, R. Yvonne
Deleon-Basler, Victoria L
DeLong, Dan L
Delos Santos, Lucila D
Dement, Shelli R
Demeter, Zachary J
Demetriades, Maria K
Demidova, Galina I
DeMoss, Alex D
DeMoss, Jill A
Denhoed, Aart W
Denlinger, William E
Denner, Melinda A
Denney, Stephenie L
Dennis, Bradley S
Dennis, Joshua R
Dennison, Sara C
Denniston, Matthew C
Denton, Jan E
DePasquale, Paul L
Depoorter, Benjamin R
Dermer, Angela N
Dershem, Leslie A
DeSaro, Jennifer A
Desroches, Raquel T
DeVan, William A
DeVilbiss, Brittney J
DeWall, Dianne L
Di Trapani, Sofia E
Diandaga, Devona
Diaz, Stacy L
Dickard, Angela R
Dickman, Paige M
Diehl, Derrick T
Diehl, Marci J
Diehl, Paige T
Diercks, Gregory J
Dietrich, Kimberly A
Dietz, Adam M
Dilley, Nicole B
Dillhoff, Coy A
Dillon, Candace A
Dillon, Gregory S
Dillon, Jacqueline M
Dillon, Jeffrey T
Dils, James R
Diment, David J
Diop, Magatte
Ditmer, Alexander D
Ditmer, Donna E
Divvleeon, Tametha J
Dixon, Leslie J
Dixon, Sherri L
Dixon, Tor A
Dobbs, Brandy S
Dobrozsi, Bridgette C
Dockery, Heather R
Doherty, Michael A
Dole, Joanne L
Dolphin, Carleigh L
Donahue, Beth L
Donahue, Joshua M
Donaldson, Megan N
Donisi, Jeffrey C
Donthnier, Michael J
Dop, Laura B
Dorko, Joseph G
Dorko, Robert J
Dornbusch, Evan L
Dorn, Christopher J
Dorsey, Lamar D
Doty, Michael I
Dougan, Robert T
Douma, Marwana H
Doyle, Robert D
Doyle, Tammy S
Drake, Harry WH
Drake, Jackie G
Dresback, Sasha M
Drewry, Charles W
Driver, Brandy L
Drozd, Amanda N
Druin, Amanda M
Drumm, Hilary A
Dubbs, Kourtni P
Ducker, Howard
DuColi, Tara L
Dudley, Kandice L
Dudley, Kyle J
Dudlik, Tracy D
Sept. 20, 2011
Dues, Shawn J
Duff, Eugene F
Duff, James A
Duff, Michelle L
Duff, Nathan W
Duffy, Christopher M
Duffy, Joseph P
Duggan, Gerald F
Dunaway, Krista M
Dunham, Ashlee M
Dunham, Jennifer R
Dunkin, Lauran K
Dunkman, Bryan D
Dunnaway, Andrew T
Dunn, Bradford M
Dunn, Christina M
Dunn, Kelly R
Dunson, Jasmine L
Duong, Nhu Lan D
Dupras, Joseph S
Durham, Kelsey L
Durnell, Colleen Z
Dursch, Christina M
Dwillis, Teri L
Dyer, Christy M
Eads, Matthew J
Eads, Wesley G
Eardley, Stuart P
Earich, Katina M
Earls, Kimberly J
Early, Clifton A
Earnhart, Randall L
Easterling, Kimberly A
Eastman, Janet K
Eaton, Stacy A
Eblin, Brian J
Eblin, Brianna M
Eblin, Joe E
Ebright, Marquita
Eby, Elijah M
Eccleston, Breanna M
Echelh, Fatiha
Ecker, Dianna D
Eckhardt, Brittany N
Eck, Kristin S
Eckman, Christina F
Eddy, Zachary N
Edmonds, Andrew C
Edmonds, Raymond S
Edwards, Ann
Edwards, Annika
Edwards, Anthony A
Edwards, Charles R
Edwards, Mark H
Edwards, Michael W
Edwards, Robert G
Edwards, Robin E
Egelston, Kevin L
Egerton, Courtland G
Eickleberry, Nicholas J
Einwald, Emily L
Eisele, Richard
Eisentrager, Kristen N
Eitel, Mary I
Ekberg, Matthew G
El Honi, Abdalwahab A
El Sabagh, Safia M
Elam, Matthew S
Elder, Benjamin D
Elifritz, Charity A
Elizondo, Sarah J
Elking, Jonathon D
Elking, Kelsey M
Eller, Lee E
Elliott, Mary L
Ellison, Sean D
Ellison, Sylvia
Ellis, Susan D
Elmore, Donna J
Elmore, Linda E
Elyea, Tara L
Emmons, Chelsea M
Emmrich, Thomas K
Empson, Alexandria A
England, Michelle D
Engle, Danielle L
Engle, Samantha L
Engle, Terry P
Ennis, Angela S
Eppley, Ricky L
Epstein, Jason S
Erbacher, Cathrine J
Erbaugh, Erin L
Erisman, Jacob C
Erkhembayar, Bolor
Ernst, Danielle E
Erwin, Chelsea L
Erwin, James E
Escher, Matthew J
Estepp, Joshua M
Estes, Matthew R
Estes, Stephanie D
Estle, Charity D
Etherington, Ashleigh M
Evans, Bethani J
Evans, Brandon M
Evans, Danniele M
Evans, Jennifer L
Evans, Kimberle A
Evans, Lindsay C
Evans, Lindsay M
Evans, Liza C
Evans, Megan R
Evans, Sarah R
Everett, Colton L
Evergin, Jasmin
Evers, Maggie M
Eversole, Matthew R
Ewry, Christopher S
Ezerski, Candice M
Fagan, Raven N
Fagerland, Peter J
Fago, Katlin F
Fago, Patrick S
Fairburn, Matthew J
Fairchild, Gregory E
Falco, Frank A
Falco, Vince
Falkner, Jessica H
Falldorf, Adam C
Fallen, Gregory K
Fannin, Athena K
Fannin, Zachary W
Fannon, Pamela S
Farley, Denise B
Farmer, Courtney A
Farris, Beverley K
Farthing, Michael R
Farwell, Michael L
Fass, Gina M
Fassold, Amanda N
Faulkner, Cody X
Faulkner, Jesica L
Faulkner, Joshua D
Faulkner, Michelle L
Faulkner, Sheila J
Faulkner, Timothy A
Faun, Susan J
Favorite, Marsha M
Fears, Elaine M
Featherstone, Sharon M
Fecke, Kurt A
Fedele, Nico C
Federer, Tabatha N
Feigenblatt, Rebecca
Fellner, Judy A
Fellows, Deanna L
Fenno, Charles W
Ferguson, Jennifer L
Ferguson, Jessica M
Ferguson, Kenneth M
Ferguson, Lee A
Ferguson, Megan S
Ferguson, Mindy M
Ferguson, Tamabra M
Ferguson, William C
Fernandes, Jessica K
Ferralli, Casey D
Ferris, John D
Ferris, Joseph M
Fertic, Ashley A
Fettig, Cori J
Fields, Audrey
Fields, Melissa G
Fiely, Doug W
Fierst, Bethany L
Figgins, Todd M
Figueroa, Summer M
Filbrun, Matt T
Files, Angela V
Finfrock, Aaron M
Finney, Ronald E
Firman, Lauryl D
Fischer, Sherri A
Fisher, Mary A
Fisher, Meredith L
Fisher, Tyrel K
Fisher, Wendy N
Flach, Mark A
Flanders, Susan R
Fleming, Craig S
Fleming, Ryan K
Fletcher, Amanda B
Fletcher, April D
Fletcher, Kara L
Flora, Leah A
Flores, Stacy E
Florio, Heather
Florkey, Brandon L
Flowers, Talya A
Flynn, Andrea L
Flynn, Jonathan M
Flynn, Philip M
Fmura, Michael I
Fogg, Grace E
Fogle, Bradley S
Folchi, Brandon M
Folker, Christopher L
Folk, Victoria E
Fondoh, Jude M
Ford, Nathan D
Forester, Rachel A
Forest, Shelby N
Forkner, Lauren E
Forney, Tasher S
Forrer, Danielle L
Forsythe, Michelle A
Fortkamp, Adam L
Foster, Carolyn R
Foster, Cindy M
Foster, Dawn R
Foster, Israel Allen
Foster, Lisa R
Fourman, Mary K
Foust, Susan L
Fouts, Rosemary C
Fowler, Kyle L
Fox, Amanda C
Fox, David M
Fox, Dawn R
Fox, Melissa R
Fox, Michael J
Fox, Vanessa I
Francis, John R
Francis, Jonathan D
Francis, Matthew C
Franklin, Anne M
Franklin, Sarah
Frantz, Leslie Ann
Franz, Marie N
Franz, Morgan R
Frawley, Concetta C
Frayer, Sherrie L
Fraysier, Harrison J
Frazier, James R
Frazier, Michael A
Frazier, Mikah M
Frazier, Vanessa R
Freckman, Kevin T
Freeland, Coartney J
Freeman, Ben T
Freeman, Brieyanna M
Freeman, Lucas R
Freeman, Steven T
Freeman, Theresa M
Freer, Mark W
Freer, Robin S
Free, Shaun A
Free, Terry D
Freiberger, Darcie C
Freistuhler, April N
French, Christopher J
Frenchik, Matthew S
Frenser, Leslie D
Freudenberger, Becca L
Frieszell, Kody L
Frilling, Craig A
Fritz, Ashley M
Fritz, Frenches L
Frost, Kimberly M
Fry, Jeremy R
Fry, Rebecca A
Fugate, Ashley D
Fugate, Justin L
Fulk, Kelsey E
Fulks, Sarah L
Fullam, Wendela J
Fullenkamp, Deborah A
Fuller-Yahle, Joy L
Fuller, Ciara F
Fuller, Gregory W
Fuller, Shareef J
Fuson, Kara R
Fyffe, Kaitlyn L
Gabbard, Connie R
Gabbard, Jacob N
Gadd, Rubysue C
Gallagher, Amanda S
Gallaher, Gerald H
Gallivan, Susan J
Gall, Joshua
Galloway, Michael T
Gambill, Kristina S
Gamble, Sara D
Gammie, Daniel S
Gannon, Joshua S
Gannon, William C
Gant, Melissa S
Garcia, Amanda B
Garcia, JoAnn M
Garcia, Peter S
Gardner, Trish A
Garey, Clifford
Garippo, Alison L
Garland, Philip
Garner, John A
Garrett, Jessica D
Garrett, Tristan J
Gartin, Chad M
Garza, Leeza M
Gaston, Michael L
Gausel, Mark A
Gayhart, Franklin E
Geasey, Nicholas M
Gebhart, Brigett A
Gehl, Debra M
Gehl, Lisa R
Gehring, Michael A
Geib, Kaitlyn M
Geiger, David P
Geisler, Amy R
Gentry, Harold W
Gentry, Nick L
Gentry, Raleigh D
George, Adam W
George, Alyssa D
George, Patrick B
Getman, Josh D
Gevedon, Joy R
Gibbons, Amy D
Gibbs, Ann J
Gibbs, Christine Ann
Gibbs, Nicholas C
Gibson, Chelsea C
Gibson, Linda S
Gibson, Lori M
Gibson, Rachel A
Gibson, Samantha D
Gibson, Shane D
Gibson, Tisha K
Gibson, Virginia A
Giere, Jamie R
Gifford, Ashley L
Gifford, Katie M
Gilbert, Chelsea N
Gilbert, Elizabeth A
Gillespie, Aaron J
Gillespie, Lee A
Gillespie, Samuel J
Gilliam-Gray, Janice K
Gilliam, Armistead W
Gilliam, Jennifer A
Gilliland, Timothy F
Gillis, Michael S
Gillum, Janelle K
Gilmer, Barry L
Gilmore, Emily S
Ginter, Seth D
Girvin, Thomas L
Gisewite, Amanda L
Givens, Nicole L
Glago, Frank J
Glasener, Alex W
Glaze, Ryan M
Gleitsmann, Mareike I
Glynn, Sarah E
Gnau, David L
Gniazdowski, Melanie R
Godbey, Lori L
Godina, Katherine E
Godsey, Jared D
Goenner, Deborah A
Goenner, Kimberly M
Page 5 the Clarion
Goetz, Stephanie M
Goff, Ciara N
Goins, Dorian L
Golden, Scott A
Goldschmidt, Jodi C
Goldsmith, Jamie P
Goltzene, Heather K
Gonet, Brogan M
Gonzalez, Cristal
Gonzalez, Juan C
Gonzalez, Orion G
Good, Brenda K
Goode, Kristina M
Good, Lindsey A
Goodrich, Alicia R
Goodwin, Samantha N
Gopperton, Hannah E
Gordon, Donald D
Gordon, Melissa K
Gormley, Dustin A
Gorska, Jadwiga Z
Gose, Christina M
Gosnell, Justin S
Goss, Andrew J
Gough, Nick R
Gould, Brandon M
Gould, Courtney N
Gourley, Penny P
Graden, Ashley C
Grafel, Tatyana A
Graham, Laura J
Graham, Mary K
Graham, Rachel B
Graham, Renee A
Gramann, O Joy M
Grandin, Zachary J
Grant, Ernest L
Grant, Jessica D
Grassmann, John C
Gravel, Amy M
Graves, Ashley N
Gravitt, Julie M
Gray, Brent K
Gray, James D
Gray, Jeremy P
Gray, Michelle L
Gray, Stephanie M
Greaney, Maureen E
Greathouse, Shonta M
Green, Brian M
Greene, Brandy N
Greene, Matthew J
Green, James M
Green, Manique D
Green, Marianne M
Green, Marsha L
Green, Wesley M
Greenwood, Caitlyn E
Greenwood, Michelle
Greenwood, Nicole E
Greer, Jeffrey E
Greer, Zoila E
Gregg, Benjamin L
Gregory, Austin W
Gregory, Eoghan
Grenko, Matthew H
Gresham, Chelsea D
Grewell, John C
Grewe, Nicole D
Grib, Alyssa M
Grieshop, Heather L
Griffin, Lindsey E
Griffith, David E
Griffith, David L
Griffith, Joanne M
Griffiths, Ray P
Grile, Barbara
Grilliot, Douglas J
Grimberg, Julianne
Grinaldi, Erin R
Grippon, Kayla O
Grody, Kristin D
Groff, Christopher
Grogean, Emily M
Grooms, Eva C
Grosick, Tracy L
Grossklaus, Kathryn M
Gross, Solomon
Groves, Michael I
Grubbs, Justin R
Gruden, Melissa M
Grywalski, Jennifer E
Gudger, Melanie A
Gudorf, Gabriel L
Gudorf, Kylie M
Gudorf, Ross B
Guerrero, Karla V
Guffey, Brian T
Guillozet, Brooke A
Guinn, Adriane M
Gulasa, Roy S
Gulker, Tyler J
Gullatte, Johniece R
Gumbert, James E
Gutierrez, Charles K
Guy, Wanda L
Haas, Michael D
Habegger, Megan D
Habib, Kevin C
Hacker, Joyce Ann
Hack, Justin
Hagenbuch, Christopher J
Hahn, Christopher A
Halbrook, Sarah A
Hale, Myron K
Haley, Allison M
Hall , Timothy J
Hall, Abby L
Hall, Andrew K
Halley, John C
Halligen, Sabrina E
Hall, John L
Hall, Justin L
Hall, Rayna M
Hall, Tabatha A
Hall, Yvonne R
Hamblin, Kevin I
Hamby, Kirah
Hamilton-Williams, Lesley B
Hamilton, Angela J
Hamilton, Robert D
Hamilton, Robin M
Hamissou, Mamane Moutari
Hammond, Ashlee M
Hammond, Jonathan D
Hammond , Tina M
Hanby, Thomas G
Haney, Erin L
Hanley, Lisa P
Hanna, Deborah L
Hannah, Amy L
Hansen, Benjamin L
Hanson, Theodore C
Hardin, Amanda J
Harding, Kyle C
Harding, Lara J
Hardin, James B
Harker, Alexandra M
Harkins, Ashley M
Harkins, Heather N
Harkleroad, Alex G
Harkless, Chris A
Harlan, Lisa F
Harleman, Julie D
Harlow, John C
Harlow, Krista R
Harmeling, Clark A
Harmeling, Sarah A
Harmon, Donna S
Harmon, Kristin N
Harness, Johnny L
Harp, Anna M
Harpenau, Nicole M
Harper, Charles E
Harper, Cheryl A
Harp, Russell L
Harrington, Danielle L
Harris, Amanda R
Harris, Amber D
Harris, Brandi L
Harris, Kari L
Harrison, Alicia M
Harry, Niki F
Harshbarger, Alyssa J
Harshman, Lisa M
Hartenstein, Stuart J
Hart, James E
Hart, James W
Hartman, Christa M
Hartman, Michael A
Hartzell, Stephen D
Harvey, David M
Harvey, Deborah J
Harvey, Eric E
Harworth, Claire O
Haskell, Stacie A
Hassan, Rakshanda
Spring 2011 Dean’s List
Hastings, Rebekah M
Hater, Todd B
Hatfield, Zane T
Hatley, Megan J
Hatton, Courtney M
Hauck, Karen D
Hauser, Carrie M
Hawes, Edna N
Hawkey, Nathan J
Hawkins, Christine A
Hawkins, Elizabeth M
Hawkins, Kevin Michael
Hawkins, Randi N
Hawk, Michael R
Hawks, Alicia H
Hawley, Anthony D
Hawley, Robert P
Haworth, Todd M
Hayden, Garry Timothy
Hayden, Janera M
Hayes, Douglas M
Hayes, Jessica
Hayes, Patrick A
Hayles, Marissia M
Haynes, Marcellus A
Haynes, Sara E
Hay, Robert E
Hay, Shaun M
Hayward, Samuel K
Hazen, Marilee H
Head, Anthony T
Head, Rashida Z
Heard, Derrick
Heard, Marinda S
Heard, Stacy A
Hearl, Claudia
Heath, Christopher M
Heath, Marcus A
Hedges, Christina H
Hedges, Jessica M
Hedges, Kathryn L
Heeter, Diane K
Heeter, Lucas D
Hefferon, Taylor M
Heffley, Gina
Heflin, Nechelle D
Hegner, Megan C
Heier, Jodie L.m
Heinrich, Kelli M
Heinz, Eric L
Heisle, Rickita L
Heizer, Sean A
Helke, Jeffrey L
Helke, Jon D
Helman, Ashley K
Helms, Greg I
Helm, Teresa J
Helser, Shannon M
Helton, Emily R
Helton, Philip A
Hemmelgarn, Joshua M
Hemmelgarn, Lindsey D
Hemphill, Daniel B
Hemsley, Justin D
Henderhan, Jacqueline L
Henderson, Britney D
Henderson, Brittany J
Henderson, Kirt E
Henderson, Richard L
Henderson, Tammy R
Henderson, Victor A
Hendricks, Dara J
Hendrix, Luka S
Hendrix, Shalonda M
Hennecke, Larena
Hennen, Jennica E
Henninger, Laura H
Henning, Robert B
Henry, Emily S
Henry, Jarrod W
Henry, Joseph A
Henshaw, Kristin M
Henson, Blake T
Henterly, Amanda L
Hentschel, Rosemary T
Hepner, Benjamin I
Herald, Eliza M
Herbst, Amy L
Herman, Wrenn
Hernandez Vega, Maria G
Hernandez, Zachary D
Herndon, Kayla C
Herrera, Isabel Noemi
Herrle, Reuben A
Herron, Diana M
Herron, Kristin L
Herzog, David M
Hesselgesser, Brooke A
Hess, Kim L
Hess, Stacey M
Hester, Katie M
Hetzel, Tommie L
Heys, Jamie L
Hicks, April E
Hicks, Basil T
Hicks, Harry H
Hicks, Hayden L
Hicks, Julia E
Hieatt, Tracy E
Hildebolt, John M
Hilderbran, Kara K
Hilgeford, Kora L
Hill, Amanda M
Hill, Autaum E
Hill, Clarence W
Hill, Mirriah
Hill, Stephen M
Hilsdorf, Thomas C
Hilty, Carla R
Hinders, Julie F
Hindson, Patrick L
Hinegardner, Tamara L
Hinkle, Elizabeth E
Hinojos, Roberto I
Hintze, Steven E
Hixon, Olga V
Hjellming, Mary M
Hobbs, Alexandra R
Hobbs, Elizabeth M
Hobbs, Heather M
Hobby, Christopher D
Hockenberry, Ashley D
Hockenberry, Wendy L
Hodge, Shelly M
Hof, Amanda J
Hoff, Bryan L
Hoffer, Rita L
Hoffman, Randall D
Hofmann, Nathan C
Hogan, Rebecca S
Hohne, Joel A
Hoke, Kelli A
Holbrook, Barry R
Holbrook, Sheila M
Holden, Amy L
Holdren, Sidney
Holiga, Christopher R
Holland, Douglas M
Holley, David P
Holliday, Jayne M
Holliday, Michael J
Hollingsworth, Matthew
Hollon, Casey J
Hollst, Todd A
Holman, Ta’Shae M
Holmberg, Valerie K
Holmes, Raymond D
Holsapple, Brian L
Holt, Clifford L
Holt, Jessie M
Holtzman, Daniel S
Holway, Ryan C
Honaker, James P
Honig, Robert W
Honshul, Tracie L
Hooper, Molly
Hooton, Rosetta J
Hoover, Katherine S
Hopkins, Melinda G
Hopper, Kristy M
Horn, Amanda N
Horn, Brandi R
Horner, Dustin A
Horning, Jennifer A
Horn, Misty J
Horvat, Elizabeth K
Horvath, Joshua S
Hosford, Paula S
Houck, Janell R
Houdeshell, Scott E
Hounshell, Nicole C
Houston, Stephen T
Howard, Andrew M
Howard, Angela M
Howard, Emily L
Howard, Jane L
Howard, Jennifer S
Howard, Toni M
Howard, William K
Howar, Heidi N
Howdyshell, Michelle D
Howe, Kristofer T
Howell, Jeanette E
Howell, Paul D
Howell, Timothy L
Howett, Brent T
Howland, Julie K
Hoy, Chris D
Hoy, Jessica R
Hoyt, Rachelle L
Hsu, Anne
Hubbard, Chris M
Huber, James J
Hubler, Carl E
Hucke, Marie B
Huden, Amanda M
Hudson, Donita M
Hudson, Meaghan K
Hudson, Megan R
Hudson, Pegge J
Huerta, Ekaterina
Huffman, James M
Huffman, Natalie T
Huffman, Teresa A
Hughes, Joseph A
Hughes, Kristen N
Hughes, Michael A
Hughes, Valerie K
Hughley, Linda J
Huitt, Julia M
Huizing, Kristine R
Hull, Melissa L
Hull, Paul G
Human-Thomas, Kyle H
Humbarger, Scot A
Humphrey, Natalie J
Hunter, Jason R
Hunter, Rian Ds
Huntington, Caleb J
Hunt, Julie S
Huntsberger, Jacob B
Hurley, Chelsea N
Hurley, Sharon M
Hurst, Albert C
Hurst, Aubrey M
Hurst, Lyndsey L
Husko, Allison M
Huson, Mike R
Hutchinson, Ryan A
Hutchison, Danielle M
Hutchison, Pamela Y
Hutson, Ronald C
Hutton, Bailey E
Huynh, Khoa D
Huynh, Kien H
Hwang, Esther I
Hyer, Brian M
Hyland, Brian D
Hylton, Holly M
Hylton, Tanya M
Hymes, Charlisa M
Hypes, Christina M
Ice, Madonna R
Imwalle, Katherine E
Ingle, Robert E
Innis, Ryan L
Inskeep, Haley R
Ippisch, Leah J
Iramina, Eishichi
Ireland, Vicky L
Isaac, Nanette
Isaacs, James D
Iskandarova, Gulsara M
Issa, Adnan
Issa, Mansour A
Issenmann, Emily A
Ivery, Shimar E
Ivory, Ericka D
Jabari, Hamideh
Jackson Brown, Mya L
Jackson, Anthony D
Jackson, Christopher S
Jackson, Courtney T
Jackson, Jeffrey A
Jackson, Ladonna Faye
Jackson, Sharita L
Jackson, Tamara S
Jackson, Val W
Jacobsen, Kristina M
Jacobsen, Susanne B
Jacobs, Marilyn F
Jacobs, Miranda E
Jacobs, Sarah E
Jacobs, Savannah C
Jacobus, Angela S
Jacoby, Erica C
Jacoby, Nathan E
Jacques, Heather N
Jahn, Carol L
Jalanbo, Hussam
Jalanbo, Rawan
James, DeMarlon T
James, Dennis
James, Laquon W
James, Peggy J
James, Steven L
Janeway, Gary S
Jankowski, Sarah S
Janney, Christopher
Janning, Amy C
Jansen, Elaine M
Jarbeau, Bryan K
Jarvis, Ken R
Jarvis, Stacey A
Jasnowski, Amanda
Jazek, Madalyn E
Jeffers, Elizabeth A
Jefferson, Caitlin N
Jefferson, Julie M
Jeffery, Ryan C
Jenkins, Casey A
Jenkins, Delena C
Jenkins, Michael A
Jenkins, Sarah M
Jenkins, Seth M
Jenks, Tina M
Jennings, Kara L
Jensen, Brandy N
Jensen, Melody L
Jernigan, Mark R
Jingco, Marianne L
Jin, Rui
Johns, Anne N
Johnson, Allante J
Johnson, Allison A
Johnson, Amber N
Johnson, Angela K
Johnson, April L
Johnson, Bradley C
Johnson, Carl A
Johnson, Charles C
Johnson, Charles W
Johnson, Elicia M
Johnson, Erica C
Johnson, Erin N
Johnson, Floyd S
Johnson, Hiram E
Johnson, Ishmar M
Johnson, Jennifer C
Johnson, Katherine C
Johnson, Kimberly J
Johnson, Michael L
Johnson, Michelle
Johnson, Monica S
Johnson, Nathan G
Johnson, Nicholas A
Johnson, Ralph A
Johnson, Rebecca J
Johnson, Renae
Johnson, Ronald G
Johnson, Stacy L
Johnson, Tony E
Johnston, Caslynn J
Johnstone, Daniel S
Johnston, Lacie L
Johnston, Samual J
Jonas, Matthew A
Jonas, Michelle M
Jones, Alicia S
Jones, Angela M
Jones, Bobby D
Jones, Candace M
Jones, Caretta M
Jones, Daniel W
Jones, Derek M
Jones, George E
Jones, Jameson L
Jones, Janice M
Jones, Jewell E
Jones, Kathleen L
Jones, Lance E
Jones, Montana E
Jones, Pamela
Jones, Pamela D
Jones, Randi C
Jones, Shannon J
Jordan, Anitra N
Jordan, Bobbie J
Jordan, Keyona R
Josselyn, Christopher M
Juhl, Kevin C
Jundi, Bayann K
Junker, Steven J
Jurcsisn, Timothy A
Justice, Amy K
Justice, Gwenie M
Kahut, Benjamin L
Kalback, Kaysa I
Kalfas, Katie M
Kalis, Andrew W
Kall, Yolanda V
Kaminski, Stephen L
Kaney, Jonathan E
Kapayi, Yoram K
Karacia, Charlene
Karigirwa, Marie M
Karns, Brian J
Karns, Teresa L
Kash, Rebecca D
Kaska, Christopher W
Kasler, Kelly M
Kaspar, Christopher R
Kastle, Kevin A
Katawick, Jessica M
Kauffman, Dana E
Kearney, James R
Kearns, Matthew B
Kearns, Mitchell D
Keaton, Matthew J
Keeble, Jennifer N
Keech, Douglas J
Keechle, Heather J
Keene, Mary Y
Keener, Elizabeth T
Keener, Matthew T
Keener, Rebecca A
Keen, Kayla K
Keeton, Melissa L
Kegley, Jason M
Kehoe, Antonio D
Keiser, Chelsey L
Keiser, Holly J
Keita, Cheri L
Kelble, Adam J
Keller, Cathaleen M
Keller, Elizabeth S
Keller, Luci M
Kelly, Justin M
Kelly, Peggy S
Kemp, Donna M
Kemper, Heather N
Kemper, Jacque L
Kemphues, Michele D
Kemp, Wendy B
Kennedy, John M
Kennedy, Leanne M
Kenney, Michelle M
Kent, Deborah I
Kern, Jacob A
Kerns, Cassandra E
Kerns, Heather E
Kern, Susanne M
Kerr, Sydney F
Kerry, Amy C
Kerschner, Zachary B
Kesler, Michelle A
Kesse, Kathleen T
Kesselem, Nancy L
Kessie, Rachel A
Kessler, Trisha L
Ketner, Amanda R
Kettlehake, Kayla R
Keyser, John C
Khan, Danish A
Khan, Mirlaiq A
Khan, Nusrat A
Khudher, Najlaa M
Kidd, Timothy H
Kiger, Christopher R
Kilby, Wesley A
Kimble, Dennis H
Kimble, Jeffrey L
Kimerling, Kyle J
Kim, Jean Hyunjin
Kim, Miae
Kimsey, Alexander K
Kimura, Kaz D
Kincaid, Brandy N
Kindell, Graham B
Kindred, Danielle A
Kindrick, Charles R
King, Adrienne R
King, Bonnie J
King, Charles E
King, Dawn L
King, Elise C
King, Elizabeth
King, Gisela I
Kingham, Abigail L
King, James W
King, Jamon A
King, Kasey W
King, Nicholas E
King, Nigel A
King, Rosemary J
Kinley, Teresa R
Kinsey, Deborah A
Kirirah, Martin Njoroge
Kirkendall, Kevin D
Kirkland, Patricia L
Kirkwood, Caitlyn L
Kiser, Tiffany A
Kissel, Brandon W
Kissell, Robert W
Kistler, Michael N
Kite, Amanda R
Kittel, James D
Klatte, Zachary S
Klaus, Taylor A
Klein, Douglas M
Kleinhenz, Paul J
Klein, Kenton D
Kleinsmith, Joann
Klimek, Emily R
Kline, Darren K
Klink, Hannah L
Klink, William S
Klosterman, Carol L
Knapke, Grace N
Knight, Cindy L
Knight, Jeremiah E
Knight, Kenyatta Y
Knight, Lolita L
Knight, Sharon J
Knipp, Amelia A
Knisely, Andrew J
Knittle, Samantha J
Knopp, Joan M
Knouse, Elizabeth A
Knowles, Crystal K
Knull, Jennifer L
Koch, Susan M
Koehler, Diane M
Koeller, Hannah M
Koester, Joshua S
Kofoed, Diane A
Kohls, Olena I
Kohorst, Jason E
Kombrinck, Christopher
Koon, Arianne C
Koonce, Kelsey L
Koronich, Stephanie R
Kosier, Allynne S
Kovacs, Shawn M
Koverman, Stephanie R
Kozuch, Kristina J
Krafka, Anthony M
Krall, Noah W
Kraus, Kenneth D
Kraus, Kristen M
Kreimer, Megan
Kreitzer, Paula J
Kreitz, Linda L
Kremer, Kim A
Krenz-Manley, Tanja
Kresse, Matthew B
Krier, Amy A
Kroger, Caitlin M
Kroll, Christina M
Kroll, Kimberly A
Krull, April D
Krull, Ryan M
Kruse, Brittany C
Krutka, Felicia A
Ksenich, Dan H
Kuck, Tonia E
Kuhlman, Lauren N
Kulp, Michael P
Kuns, Larry E
Kuntz, Kevin M
Kuzminski, Laura A
Kvidera, Angela R
Kvidera, Jeffrey A
Kwiatkowski, Christopher R
Labelle, Gretchen E
Lacey, Dawn M
Lachut, Tim M
Lacy, Patricia J
Ladd, Alvin L
Ladd, Christopher A
Lai, Jessica B
Lairson, Leah M
Lally, Cynthia M
LaLonde, Lori R
Lamantia, Heather M
Lambes, Jamie L
Lamb, Jaimie L
Lamb, Kimberly L
Lamm, Paul M
Lancaster, Justin M
Lande, Justin R
Landes, Clinton G
Landis, Joseph J
Landrum-Springer, June F
Landry, Jennifer M
Lane, Amanda S
Lane, Bethany B
Lane, Jessica N
Lane, Monique Q
Lane, Victoria Erin
Lang, William A
Lanum, Richard D
Larner, Jennifer
Larsen, Julia F
Larsen, Justin M
Lash, Natalie H
Lasley, Matthew R
Latham, Joshua R
Latsko, Michael V
Lauber, Daniel G
Lauber, Jennifer K
Lauber, Matthew T
Lauber, Michael J
Laughman, Tyler D
Lauofo, Brianna S
Lause, Barbara E
Lavezzi, Elizabeth L
Lavy, Brittany A
Law, James G
Lawler, Christopher M
Lawless, Russell W
Lawrence, Lauren K
Lawrence, Natalie K
Lawson, Elmer L
Lawson, Luke A
Lawson, Luke P
Lawson, Mike K
Lawson, Shawn S
Laws, Steven D
Lay, Emily A
Lay, Tiffany M
Leach, Andy L
Leach, Tonya M
League, Jessica R
LeBlanc, Brandon C
Lecaros, Cesar
Leckey, Holly C
Lecompte, Rachel L
Ledbetter, Laura
Ledford, Holly N
Lee, Carla F
Leedy, William R
Leeman, Rebecca A
Lee, Shaquez J
Leeson, Wendy A
Lefeld, Craig H
Leftwich, Lawanda R
Lehman, Pamela R
Lehrer, Caroline E
Lehwald, Chelsea C
Leis, Evan A
Leist, Thomas M
Leiva, Jaime A
Lemaster, John H
LeMaster, Kristin A
Lemieux, Amanda L
Lemke, Lora M
Lemon, Jeremy M
Le, Ngan T
Leonard Stacy, Gina M
Leonard, Amanda J
Leonard, Lesa G
Leroy, Beverly A
Lesher, Jesse L
Leslie, Darrell S
Levalley, Joshua A
Leverette, Benjamin J
Levine, Zachary A
Levingston, David B
Lewandowski, Carl F
Lewandowski, Christa L
Lewinsky, Rachel E
Lewis, Anthony R
Lewis, Brittany N
Lewis, Charles D
Lewis, Coleman R
Lewis, Janell A
Lewis, Jesse E.
Lewis, John D
Lewis, Joseph L
Lewis, Joy L
Lewis, Kathryn N
Lewis, Matthew C
Lewis, Patricia M
Lewis, Rachel F
Lewis, Ronnie W
Leybourne-Fugate, Melissa L
Leyes, Jessica A
Libertini, Christa D
Liffick, Jeffrey I
Liggett, Eden M
Lim, Mei Leng
Lim, Nymo
Lincoln, Samuel R
Lindberg, Benjamin A
Linden, James M
Lindholm, Kristen M
Lindsay, Jennifer E
Linnell, Eric N
Linton, Alisha Y
Lippke, Yelena
Lipps, Troy D
Lipsey, Kashif A
Lischke, Jamie L
Lisec, Jesse M
Liston, Heather S
Litchfield, Dorothy R
Litko, Amy S
Littlejohn, Loren P
Littleton, Tyler A
Liu, Hui
Livingston, Kathrine R
Loaiza, Alejandro
Lochtefeld, Adam J
Lockhart, Tracie R
Lofino, Joseph A
Lofland, Brian S
Loftus, Alyssa C
Logan, Chelsea M
Logan, Daniel M
Logan, Jeffrey A
Lolli, Felicity A
Long-Baker, Mari E
Long, Graham J
Long, James R
Longstreath, Marcy A
Looper, David L
Lopez, Abril E
Lopez, Jessica C
Lorenzo, Loren L
Loritts, Janelle J
Lorton, Bonnie L
Loupee, Gretchen E
Love, Julia A
Love, Lisette
Love, Raven A
Love, Rochelle L
Lower, Jodi L
Lowe, Robert R
Lowery, Bethany K
Lowery, Greg A
Lowery, Roy
Lowrance, Aimee L
Lowry, Amanda M
Lowthian, Hillary N
Loy, Cathleen R
Loyd, Amber M
Loyd, Brent E
Luburgh, Emily N
Lucas, Deanna L
Lucas, Erica M
Luckner, Christopher M
Luckoski, Kurt S
Ludwig, Ana M
Luebke, Cynthia E
Luedtke, Bradley K
Luff, Julia M
Luna, Juanita R
Lundquist, Megan J
Lunsford, Matthew A
Luo, Yu
Luster, Aurius L
Luther, Arah O
Lutter, Ben D
Luttrull-Hopkins, Paula J
Lyden, Audrey E
Lykins, Johnathan J
Lykins, Sarah K
Lynch, Delana M
Lynix, John C
Lyons, Breanne N
Lysakowski, Jason R
Lytle, Erica D
Lytle, Thomas W
Lyumanova, Zaynab A
Mabarak, Kathleen L
Mabry, Rachel G
MacDermott, Deandra D
Mace, Phillip R
MacIntosh, Bailey E
MacKellar, Justin D
MacK, Frances
MacKie, Jennie L
MacKlin, William
Mack, Ronea J
Macy, Sarah A
Madera, Carole A
Madison, Susan R
Madsen, Neil A
Maenle, Tracy A
Maez, Christopher G
Magana, Elias
Magee, Bethany L
Maggard, Robert L
Magomedov, Timur M
Mahaffy, Amanda K
Mahamat, Mahamat Seid
Mahmud, M. Iqbal
Maine, Douglas M
Maksachova, Kseniya A
Makse, Arminta A
Malcom, Derik L
Malhotra, Audrey I
Malone, Brittany A
Maloney, Meredith A
Maloney, Terry D
Malouf, Matthew D
Manders, Emily N
Manente, Rachel L
Manente, Rhiannon C
Manfredi, Anthony P
Mangold, Megan L
Mankin, Kellie N
Manning, Brandi G
Manning, Jessi V
Manning, Lisa A
Mansoor, Hasan Y
Mantia, Carolyn A
Mantle, Sharon S
Manuel, Jeffrey A
Marable, Demarco D
Marburger, Lindsey E
Marcano, Alejandro N
Marcum, Julia Geraldine
Marcum, Katie E
Marcum, Todd A
Marimbire, Bob
Marion, Erica L
Markland, Brian P
Markley, Ely F
Markl, Kyle A
Marks, Benjamin
Marks, Brad S
Marks, Michael E
Marlin, Denver L
Marquis, Jennifer A
Marquitz, Michelle M
Marra, Kaitlyn M
Marshall, Alicia R
Marshall, Jaleesa M
Marshall, Jerry L
Marshall, Jonathan H
Marshall, Kimberly M
Marshall, Martha L
Marshall, Percy D
Marticello, Susan K
Martin, Adam R
Martin, Calissa M
Martindale, Suzanne M
Martin, Dawn M
Martin, Erin E
Martinez, Juanita L
Martinez, Mariola
Martin, James M
Martin, Jesse C
Martin, Lindsey N
Martin, Martina S
Martin, Michelle K
Martin, Sarah N
Marvin, Michael L
Marx, Genevieve S
Mason, Cole J
Mason, Jesse N
Mason, Jessica L
Massa, Laura A
Massengale, Jeremy A
Massullo, Alexandra M
Masters, John D
Masters, Michael R
Matar, Niang
Matheis, Steven S
Matheny, Stephanie S
Matsumura, Misako
Matteoli, Lisa M
Mattern, Ryan L
Matteson, David W
Matthews, Caitlin N
Matthews, Nicole D
Matthew, Sondra W
Matthieu, Brittany M
Matthieu, David L
Mauntler, Rachel M
Maurice, Matthew R
Mauri, Justin M
Maxime, Bobbijo L
Maxwell, Duane A
May, Anna K
May, Ashley L
May, Kerri C
May, Lauren A
Maynard, Luke B
Maynard, Richard D
Mayo, Jessica R
May, Robert M
May, Tonya G
Mbah, Calvin T
McAuliffe, Hannah N
McBee, Stephen R
McBride, Melody O
McCann, Cheryl E
McCarthy, Rebecca L
McCauley, Russell M
McClelland, Anthony A
McClellan, James L
McClerren, Melissa A
McCloud, Jeremy L
McCollom, Juen
McComas, Anna M
McCormick, Matt R
McCoy, Catherine
McCoy, James R
McCoy, Kody L
McCoy, Tonjanika L
McCray, JonVelle
McCrobie, Theothus
McCroskey, Shannon D
McCurdy, Suzanne L
McDaniel, Troy S
McDonald, Elijah S
McDonald, Robert F
McDowell, Stan L
McElhaney, Ryan D
McElrath, Janice M
McEwen, Jennifer R
McFadden, Andrew D
McFadden, Christopher
McFarren, Tannis L
McGeean Lake, Maureen
McGill, Abbie M
McGowan, Che’ R
McGrath, Christopher S
McGriff, Jeffrey L
McGriff, Jennifer L
McGuire, Charles A
McGuire, Corey J
McGuire, Felicia M
McGuire, John C
McGuire, Laura E
McHaffie, Rebecca M
McHenry, Terrie L
McHone, Josie N
McIntosh, Deborah L
McIntosh, Karen S
McIver, Aisha H
Sept. 20, 2011
McKay, Shirley L
McKeever, Jacob D
McKenzie, Sara E
McKernan, Amanda E
McKibbin, Miriam A
McKiernan, Carol A
McKinney, Brooke D
McKinney, Sue C
McKinniss, Britni L
McKinniss, Danielle N
McKinnon, Kevin M
McKnight, Mary E
McLain, Edward H
McLaughlin, Casey P
McLaughlin, Crystal M
McLellan, Karen K
McLendon, Kimberly A
McMahon, Vicki L
McManus, Lee E
McMillan, Keiko
McMullen, Erika M
McNabb, John S
McNamee, Courtney L
McNeeley, Carol A
McNew, Jennifer N
McNiel, Sarah E
McPheron, Micah D
McPherson, Jacqulyn L
McPherson, Jesse R
McPherson, Natalie J
McStay, Bernie
Meade, Benjamin C
Meadors, Stanley C
Meadows, Loren P
Meadows, Melinda S
Meadows, Ronda L
Meece, Joyce E
Meenach, Kevin S
Mefford, Shanda J
Meinerding, Arliss
Meininger, Mark A
Meiring, Ashley L
Melson, Reid A
Melton, Donna M
Melvin, Michael C
Menke, Matthew D
Mentser, Kyle J
Merchant, Derecka D
Meredith, Sharice R
Merker, Katie M
Merrill, Michael D
Mervar, Julie M
Mescher, Melinda A
Mescher, Natalie M
Messel, Sylvie A
Metcalf, James B
Metivier, Christopher R
Metzler, Darlene A
Meyer, Jonathan J
Meyer, Joseph E
Meyer, Levi R
Meyers, Sandra M
Meyers, Tawni A
Meyer, Tara L
Michael, Andrew Q
Michaels, Callasandra M
Michalak, Jessica N
Middleton, Danielle B
Middleton, Elisabeth G
Mienko, Mary P
Mihalus, Dionne R
Mikalauskas, Sarajayne
Mike, Marianne V
Mikesell, Bethany L
Mikesell, Daniel S
Mikesell, Jay D
Miles, Glenda S
Miller, Adam M
Miller, Adam N
Miller, Amanda N
Miller, Anthony H
Miller, Ashley L
Miller, Barbara A
Miller, Brian E
Miller, Carly A
Miller, Carrie D
Miller, Christopher J
Miller, Daniel E
Miller, Danny D
Miller, Diane D
Miller, Elizabeth N
Miller, Hannah E
Miller, Jeffrey M
Miller, John R
Miller, Jordan M
Miller, Kara L
Miller, Kevin K
Miller, Kristopher A
Miller, Lacey N
Miller, Lisa M
Miller, Lucretia
Miller, Marquita L
Miller, Michael A
Miller, Paula L
Miller, Samuel T
Miller, Sherrie L
Miller, Stacey A
Miller, Stephanie M
Miller, Stephen James
Miller, Sylvia D
Miller, Taylor R
Millhoan, Kimberla R
Milligan, Max A
Milliken, Lindsey C
Millsap, Angela R
Mills, Laura G
Miloudi, Bouchra
Mingle, Hannah Marie
Minnich, Regina R
Minning, Ashley E
Minor, Heath E
Miras, John R
Mishler, Nathan P
Mitchell, David S
Mitchell, Jennifer M
Mitchell, Misty M
Mitrisin, Jaime L
Mitter, Maria N
Miyahira, Rolanda R
Mockabee, Nicole M
Mock, Raymond J
Mohamed, Farid H
Mohammed Hassan, Huda
Mohler, Jenilee A
Molina-Thomas, Trina M
Molitor, Thomas J
Mommsen, MaryBeth
Monaghan, Karen Y
Monds, Jessica M
Mongin, Matthew J
Monnier, Rebbecca A
Monroe, Angelia L
Montgomery, Krista
Moody, Angela L
Mooers, James M
Mooney, Katherine E
Moore, Amber E
Moore, Ashley M
Moore, Brittany E
Moore, Cays D
Moore, Chyanne L
Moore, Danny C
Moore, GaVin L
Moore, Hilary M
Moore, Jamie L
Moore, Jamie R
Moore, Joseph E
Moore, Keith A
Moore, Kristopher E
Moore, Latoya D
Moore, Patricia L
Moore, Robert B
Moore, Ryan C
Moore, Tyler Lee
Moore, Zachary R
Moorman, Shawn C
Moots, Cory R
Moreaux, Roy C
Moreno, Debra D
Moreno, Mark A
Morgan, Crystal L
Morgan, Ella L
Morgan, Jeffrey N
Morren, Samuel H
Morris, Aubrey N
Morris, Dustin W
Morris, Lindsey R
Morrison, Benjamin J
Morrison, Sharice D
Morris, Shayleen Lynn
Morriss, Lisa I
Morris, Tyneah C
Morris, William G
Morsey, Renee K
Morton, David M
Morton, Kierra C
Mosconi, Sarah A
Moses, Justin M
Moses, Latasha M
Moses, Zachary R
Mosley, Jill L
Mosley, Tillman
Motley, Stephanie R
Mouser, Ashley J
Mowen, Douglas S
Moyers, Carlos E
Mukamugema Gakwaya,
Mullet, James H
Mullins, Jessica D
Mullins, Kevin S
Mullins, Nicole D
Mullis, Megan A
Mumma, Hannah R
Muncy, Amanda C
Munday, Tierney M
Mundey, Meghan S
Mundhenk, Caroline R
Mundhenk, Paula G
Munn, Casey J
Munroe, Katherine M
Munroe, Kathryn A
Muran, Lawrence E
Murphy, Chelcey M
Murphy, Heidi M
Murphy, Meaghan C
Murphy, Megan M
Murphy, Monty D
Murphy, Rodney D
Murphy, Shawn H
Murray, Kerry A
Murray, Lynn N
Murray, Montay D
Musgrove, Philip D
Muslar, Audrey L
Musser, Catrina G
Muterspaw, Carrie S
Muterspaw, Jacob A
Myers, Alexandria M
Myers, Christine Anne
Myers, Cynthia M
Myers, Geoffrey James
Myers, Mark A
Myers, Michelle N
Myers, Zachary A
Naas, Brittany A
Naegel, Matthew J
Nagel, Kayla A
Naguy, Benjamin T
Nails, Lisa M
Nam, Tracy L
Napier, Kelly L
Napier, Mary R
Napier, Richard K
Nartker, Afton V
Nash, Tayalia L
Naudascher, Steven A
Ndangurura, Thierry H
Ndefru, Aghanwi B
Ndoye, Angela M
Neace, Rachel L
Neal, Brittani E
Neal, Christina E
Neargarder, Jill E
Neeley, Grant A
Neely, Brittaney J
Neiman, Joshua C
Nelson, Amanda L
Nelson, Brandy J
Nelson, Bryanna E
Nelson, James J
Nelson, Jerannetta D
Nemec, Charity L
Nemeth, Robert F
Nepal, Aadhar
Neufang, Mary A
Nevin, Amy M
Newport, William B
Newsome, Kevin L
Newsome, Matthew W
Newton, Amy K
Newton, Ericka R
Nguyen, Dung Anh
Nguyen, Ngoc
Nguyen, Phuoc Huu
Nguyen, Sy H
Nguyen, Tri Q
Nguyen, Van T
Nichols, Eric G
Nichols, Kelsey R
Nichols, Kyle J
Nichols, Melissa L
Nichols, Scott G
Nickerson, Kathryn L
Nickles, Kimiko L
Nicolai, Brittany M
Nicoll, Sarah M
Nilo, Christopher P
Nilson, Traci N
Nixon, Carol R
Nixon, Shelby L
Niyonsenga, Emmanuel
Noack, Daniela
Noble, Cody J
Noble, Eugene J
Noffsinger, Marie E
Nolan, Lisa A
Nolan, Michael D
Noon, Brittany L
Norman, Brenda S
Norris, Melissa L
Norris, Naomi L
North, Tanya L
Norvell, Ian D
Nunamaker, Nicole R
Nutt, Heather N
Nyamdorj, Maral
Nyiraneza, Francoise N
Nystrom, Leah E
Nzigiye, Anita
O Connell Carne, Christina
O’Bryan, Kathryn M
O’Connor, Joseph M
O’Donnell, Shannon P
O’Neal, Aaron C
O’Neal, Kimberly L
O’Reilly, Patrick J
Oakes, Kimberly D
Oakley, Meleah R
Oakley, Melissa A
Oberlin, Chandra N
Obrien, Jennifer M
Ogbebor, Christiana
Ogletree, Dorian G
Oiler, Philip R
Oleary, Donna M
Olinger, Brandon L
Olinger, Loralee H
Olinger, Rachel J
Oliver, April M
Oliver, Bonita M
Oliver, Braedan T
Oliver, Chelsie C
Olivero, Jessica S
Oliver, Paul A
Omeara, Cameron M
Oney, Jeffrey D
Oney, Joshua J
Oostveen, Ashley L
Opauski, Charles E
Oppong, Kofi
Orahood, Josh S
Orndorff, Carly J
Ornduff, Kaylee A
Orr, Ryan N
Ortega, Kari Elizabeth
Ortiz, Dionicio
Osborn, Allison M
Osborn, Brody H
Osborne-Hicks, Janet
Osborne, Naomi R
Osei-Agyeman, Anthony
Osgood, Dondi N
Ossai-Charles, Mary N
Ostendorf, Ann A
Ott, Amber K
Ott, Casey M
Otten, Cody E
Otto, Sasha M
Ouafli, Asma
Ovenshire, Jeremy K
Overman, Emma L
Overman, Terry A
Overmeyer, Toni D
Owens, Ashley N
Owens, Savannah B
Owens, Tracy B
Owings, Joseph D
Oxman, Diietta D
Pacifico, Nicole I
Pack, Anna M
Paeg, Stefanie E
Paessun, Nancy E
Pagel, Alaina J
Page 6 the Clarion
Paige, Christina D
Palatas, Cassandra A
Palazotto, Dawn M
Palcic, Ryan T
Palmer, Allyn L
Palmer, Brandon L
Palmer, Constance L
Palmer, Gregg A
Palmer, Mary E
Palmer, Shannon A
Palmer, Susan J
Palmer, Teresa G
Pankey, Theresa A
Pant, Robert H
Paquette, Cortney A
Parcells, Michael D
Paris, Kenneth R
Parker, Andriel R
Parker, Rachel E
Parker, Ronda R
Parker, Steven E
Parkhurst, Jennifer N
Parks, Danielle C
Parks, Kenneth L
Parks, Lois G
Parks, Mallory S
Parks, Michael A
Parlett, Clifford E
Parlett, Kenneth E
Parman, Woodrow T
Parmer, Matthew J
Parris, Christopher E
Parson, Daenique I
Parsons, Sarah E
Partin, Brian K
Partin, Elizabeth K
Partin, Melissa J
Partusch, John S
Paschal, Terrance T
Pastiva, Charlie M
Paterimos, Cheri N
Patko, Kyle D
Patrick, Bradley I
Patrick, Yvonnia M
Patterson, Betty J
Patterson, Craig S
Patterson, Paul D
Patton, Nichole A
Paugh, Amanda J
Paul, Elizabeth D
Paxson, Christina M
Paxton, Lisa K
Payne, Letha R
Payne, Timothy J
Payton, Nathan G
Peck, Bradley J
Peden, Katherine M
Pederson, Hilary C
Pegram, Tawamda M
Peguero, Maureen D
Pemberton, Bobbi J
Pemberton, Melissa L
Pemberton, Todd W
Pence, Amanda J
Pence, Louise
Pendergast, Amanda K
Peng, Shaonan
Penley, Rachel A
Pennington, Carrie M
Pennington, Lillian G
Pennington, Rachel E
Penny, Matthew C
Pepiot, Kathleen G
Perdue, Stacey L
Pereira Duque, Jose Carlos
Perfect, Kathleen L
Perkins, Donald W
Perkins, Jennifer M
Perkins, Terri L
Perry, Anthony J
Perry, Sarah A
Perry, Sarah C
Perry, Tonya K
Peterman, Charles F
Peters, Amanda L
Peters, Andrew D
Peters, Nathan L
Peterson, John M
Peterson, Kristen M
Petrosky, Valorie L
Petry, Jeffrey S
Pettis, Keith E
Petty, Shelley D
Pevoar, Emma K
Peyton, Cindi A
Phelps, Corey L
Phelps, Kimber A
Philippi, Haley B
Phillabaum, Mark B
Phillips, Amanda N
Phillips, Christopher A
Phillips, Donald J
Phillips, James F
Phillips, Katherine L
Phillips, Kirsten E
Phillips, Rachael E
Phillips, Sydney M
Phillips, Taylor G
Phillis, Emily
Phipps, Stephen J
Piatt, Tammy M
Pickard, Tiffani K
Pickens, Janine W
Pickoff, Shana R
Pierce, Ashley M
Pierce, Ashley N
Pierce, Jessica R
Piercey, Ross W
Piergies, Robert
Pierson, Andrea L
Pietrzak, Mattie S
Pignotti, Berna K
Pina, Demian
Pinkerton, Sherry L
Pinkston, Amy G
Pitcock, Lorah S
Pitkin, Rachael W
Pitman, Terry W
Pittman, Andrea M
Place, Melissa J
Plake, Melanie D
Plante, Phyllis K
Platt, Cassidy M
Pleiman, Gloria A
Pless, Tammy J
Plowman, Michael S
Plumer, Kira M
Plunk, Joseph T
Poffenberger, Sonja M
Pohlman, Jamie N
Poland, Harold M
Poling, Robert S
Pollock, Colin W
Ponder, Tina S
Pope, Jessica E
Pope, Lianna M
Pope, Rachael
Pope, Whitney L
Porcher, La’shawn M
Porter, David M
Porter, Derek A
Porter, Elizabeth E
Porter, Martha K
Portis-Aikens, Janita J
Post, Thomas A
Potterf, William H
Potter, Lori M
Potter, Scott R
Potter, William E
Pottkotter, Theresa M
Potts, James E
Potts, Jessica D
Potts, Kia N
Potts, Melissa F
Powell, Aaron J
Powell, Darcy M
Powell, Michelle M
Powell, Michelle N
Powell, Stephen F
Powell, Steven C
Powers, Savanah M
Powers, Taylor A
Prall, Ana C
Prater, James T
Prather, Adriann J
Prescott, Kelly
Presley, Bryant J
Pressel, Chad R
Pressley, Taneshia N
Presson, Chelsey M
Preston, Jessy R
Presutti, Leah
Prewitt, Crystal M
Prewitt, Nancy J
Price, Brently S
Price, Cassandra L
Price, DeAnna L
Price, Kimberly R
Price, Stephanie A
Price, Tedd A
Price, Traci
Priest, Tanesia L
Prince, Adrienne L
Prince, Heather R
Pritchard, Graham P
Proctor, Patricia J
Proeschel, Madlin E
Protos, Alexander N
Pruitt, Breanda L
Prunty, Jonathan I
Pryor, Shannon R
Ptacek, Robert J
Puckett, Tracie D
Puerto, Gerardo E
Pugh, James J
Pugh, Tawnya M
Punihani, Jasmine
Purcell, Daniel H
Purnell, Walter C
Purpura, Jeffrey T
Purvis, Jessica C
Puthoff, Jennifer E
Puthoff, Victoria A
Quaye, Abigail
Quinlan, Brooke R
Quinn, Nicole D
Quintana, Margaret M
Raby, Cassandra J
Radcliffe, Oliver W
Radeloff, Carl R
Rader-Brown, Robbin R
Rader, Jessica L
Radick, Curtis N
Raether, Corinne M
Rahaim, Brittney K
Raines, Christopher M
Raines, Floyd M
Raines, Starlet L
Rainey, Rontae E
Ramadan, Filsteen S
Ramey, April W
Ramge, Bryan J
Rammel, Jennifer M
Rammel, John A
Rammel, Krystal M
Rammel, Shannon A
Ramos, Olga
Randel, Cess W
Randolph, Debbie L
Randolph, William C
Raney, Michelle L
Rankin, Angela D
Rankin, Luke A
Ranly, Benjamin D
Ransbottom, Elanie J
Ranz, Jeffrey T
Rash, Bobbie J
Rashid, Zakia
Ratliff, Daniel W
Ratliff, Kyle R
Ratliff, Ryan
Rauch, Brandi L
Ravencraft, Miranda E
Rayford, Jermar A
Ray, Jenna L
Ray, John H
Real, Jessica D
Redkey, Brittany N
Redmon, Belinda J
Reed, Katie L
Reed, Molly A
Reed, Molly E
Reed, Tiffinnie Y
Reese, Ashleigh M
Reese, Matthew T
Reese, Shea I
Reese, Stephanie C
Reese, Tamera L
Reeves, Nicholas J
Reffitt, Gregory T
Regan, Thomas W
Regulski, Douglas
Reherman, Loria D
Reid, Chris M
Reid, Justiya E
Reid, Miranda L
Reigelsperger, Jesse E
Reising, Laura J
Reissig, Jodi L
Rench, Shannon P
Rench, Terry L
Renicker, Bryce M
Renken, Kelcee B
Renner, Alecia B
Renner, Kenneth E
Repp, Lori L
Residori, Brianne
Resor, Christopher M
Rettig, Ashleigh D
Rex, Sara E
Reyes, Frederick C
Reyes, Jeffrey
Reynolds, Janae
Reynolds, Jennifer L
Reynolds, Jody A
Reynolds, Terry A
Rhoades, Adam J
Rhoades, Megan A
Rhode, Jennifer L
Rhoden, Randy W
Rhodes, Nicole B
Ribacchi, Dawn M
Rice, Darryll A
Rice, Ryan P
Richard, Meredith A
Richards, Alana M
Richards, John A
Richards, Mandi L
Richardson, Anthony P
Richardson, Christina
Richardson, Christopher H
Richardson, Dustan B
Richardson, Miranda E
Richardson, Nicole L
Richey, Tyler W.
Rieder, Joseph E
Rieger, Rebecca B
Riesenberg, Monica I
Rieser, Alexandra S
Riggs, Carrie R
Riggs, James E
Rigney, Kristian M
Rike, Christopher W
Rike, Lisa A
Riley, Charles E
Riley, Heather R
Riley, Logan N
Riley, Michelle S
Rimpf, Shermaine N
Rinehart, Cora R
Rinehart, Shannon M
Riouse, DeWayne L
Rippley, Lauren L
Risley, Andrea L
Risner, Ricky L
Ritchie, Daniel L
Ritchie, Jennifer M
Rittenhouse, Kurt
Rittinger, Hailee J
Ritz, David A
Ritz, Robin M
Rivers, Beverly A
Roark, Tyler L
Robbins, Becky L
Robellard, Ashley M
Roberts, Brittany M
Roberts, Dawn D
Roberts, Elise E
Roberts, Evan M
Roberts, Melinda M
Roberts, Michelle L
Robertson, Donald M
Robertson, Elijah M
Robertson, Elizabeth J
Robertson, Richard W
Robertson, Samuel W
Robertson, Tammy K
Roberts, Sharon L
Roberts, Tiffany C
Roberts, Valerie A
Roberts, Winter D
Robinette, Jeffrey S
Robinette, Kylee A
Robinson, Adrienne L
Robinson, Casey J
Robinson, Jarell M
Robinson, Kimberly A
Robinson, Lateena T
Robinson, Marcelious
Robinson, Mathew G
Robinson, Sheila L
Robison, Eric R
Robson, Aimee M
Rocheleau, Rebekah M
Rodgers, Robert O
Rodgers, Sharon E
Spring 2011 Dean’s List
Rodriguez, Jerome S
Rodriguez, Vanessa A
Rogers, Christopher T
Rogers, Colista J
Rogers, Corey C
Rogers, Yelena V
Rohr, Danielle J
Roland, David N
Rollings, Sara E
Ronnebaum, Matthew M
Ronoh, Betty C
Root, Sara
Rose, Caleb B
Rose, Jonathan S
Rose, Katherine C
Rose, Lisa M
Rosengarten, Amy E
Rosengarten, Jordan D
Rosetti, Milan A
Ross, Angela R
Ross, Garry A
Ross, Jessica M
Rossman, Stephanie R
Ross, Michael Jeffrey
Ross, Nicholas W
Ross, Roger D
Ross, Thomas A
Roster, Elizabeth M
Rotterman, Keith A
Rouse, Erica L
Rovi-Mosley, Cas A
Rowland, Kenneth J
Rowland, Lindsey M
Roy Anivilla, Baisakhi
Rudd, Allison P
Rudolph, Lillian D
Rudrow, Cassandra J
Rueda-Amaris, Julio C
Rue, Heather M
Ruemping, Nathan T
Ruiz, David G
Ruiz, Elizabeth M
Rumsey, Elisha S
Runyan, Charles A
Rush, Jared Ryan
Rushlow, Danielle C
Rusmiselle, Lisa M
Russell, Denise N
Russell, Donald A
Russell, Ramone J.
Russo, Emily R
Rust, Anna K
Rutherford, Jacqueline D
Rutledge, Amber L
Rutledge, Jessica L
Ryan, Justin R
Ryan, Tyler J
Rydalch, Jeralyn N
Ryerse, Taylor A
Sachdeva, Sucheta
Sacksteder, David Z
Sacksteder, Michael T
Sadai, Gerald R
Saddatov, Rustam
Saettel, Amanda N
Safarova, Lutfiya A
Sahle, Katie A
Sakosky, Brian P
Saleh, Ahmad M
Salehi, Reona A
Salerno, Laura R
Salmons, Lora M
Saluke, Amanda J
Salyers, Daniel J
Salyers, Kathleen M
Sammon, Daniel J
Sample, Eric E
Sampson, Christopher A
Sandberg, Dawn E
Sanders Jump, Amy E
Sanders, Brittany N
Sanders, Jill C
Sanders, Molly E
Sanders, Yvette
Sandlin, Crystal G
Sandstrom, Morgan D
Sanner, Joseph J
Santel, John E
Santoro, Briana M
Santoro, Rachel L
Sassenberg, Tonya R
Satchell, Thomas G
Satinover, Brittany D
Sato, Anne R
Satterthwaite, Hannah E
Saulsbury, Meghan M
Saunders, Lana J
Savage, Stella K
Sawaged, Kristina M
Sawchek, Samuel R
Sawdey, Ruth A
Scarberry, Kelsey A
Schaffter, Hannah J
Schenck, Tracie A
Schieltz, Julie A
Schiller, Jessica L
Schiller, Robert F
Schipper, Thomas E
Schirtzinger, John G
Schlosser, Candice M
Schmackers, Stephanie A
Schmidt, Ashley N
Schmidt, Joseph E
Schmidt, Joseph E
Schmidt, Lindsey M
Schmidt, Michele L
Schmidt, Stacy N
Schmitt, Jade M
Schneider, Coty A
Schneider, Jillian V
Schneider, Michael T
Schneider, Shane A
Schnipke, Joey A
Schoening, Kayleigh A
Schoen, Lisa A
Schraeder, Lindsey M
Schroedel, Bryan K
Schroedel, Eric K
Schroedel, Kellee D
Schroeder, Jennifer R
Schroeder, Jenny R
Schroll, Brandon C
Schubert, Laura A
Schuenaman, Amanda C
Schuerman, Laura C
Schuler, Chandra L
Schuler, Joshua P
Schulz, Nancy J
Schutrum, Daryl L
Schutter, Patricia Schutter E
Schwab, Katherine M
Schwall, Megan J
Schwartz, Amber E
Schwerin, Steven R
Schwieterman, Kelly M
Sciortino, Elena M
Scope, Antoinette D
Scott-Carpenter, Ashley M
Scott, Brittney N
Scott, Crystal M
Scott, Glenda L
Scott, Grace E
Scott, Joan M
Scott, Jodi L
Scott, Khalilah B
Scott, Larry Eugene
Scott, Lindsey B
Scott, Maria
Scott, Sarah N
Scramoncini, Kidist M
Seagraves, Angela R
Search, Amanda S
Sears, Lindsay M
Seeloff, Jeffrey A
Seever, Andrew T
Seiber, Jonathan R
Seidl, Jacob
Seim, Martin H
Seitz, Kayla M
Seitz, Nicholas E
Seker, Sidika
Selby, Andrea L
Sellars, Jason R
Sellassie, Amaha
Sells, Kimberly A
Seltzer, Evangeline L
Seman, Scott A
Seni, Eulalia
Senne, Gregory L
Senne, Michael R
Septant, Casey J
Serota, Daniel A
Setty, Bethany S
Sevier, Marty O
Sewell-Smith, Emily N
Sexton, James K
Shade, Douglas A
Shadix, Robert A
Shafeek, Brandy M
Shaffer, Joseph C
Shafner, Brenda K
Shafner, Dustin R
Shahan, Tim A
Shakura, Olesya
Shamblin, Holly C
Shannon, Wendi K
Sharkey, Kevin B
Sharp, Blake A
Sharp, Christopher E
Sharpe, Malarie Y
Sharp, Kristin D
Sharp, Laura A
Sharp, Patricia K
Sharrett, Bambi N
Sharrett, Caleb M
Sharritt, Jo Dona L
Shaw, Cindy L
Shawen, Oliver W
Shawhan, Jeffrey L
Shaw, Michael J
Shaw, Sally J
Shearer, Maria I
Sheets, Christopher R
Sheets, Shannon D
Shelton, Stephen A
Shelton, Steven J
Shepherd, Dorianne
Shepherd, Jeremy L
Shepherd, Rachael E
Sheppard, Katherine M
Sherman, Christa L
Sherrod, Ronald E
Sheward, Leslie E
Shewmaker, Kelly N
Shields, Nathan M
Shifflett, Tresa M
Shilt, Kristyn D
Shinall, Lauren K
Shinkle, John B
Shippley, Benjamin S
Shockley, Anna L
Shockley, Cassandra L
Shockley, Cynthia L
Shope, David J
Short, Bridgett R
Shotts, Andrew J
Shoup, Catherine L
Shoup, Heather M
Shouse, Keith S
Shover, James C
Shrout, Rebecca A
Shroyer, Amy R
Shroyer, Kristin R
Shultz, Aaron G
Shumaker, Gerald C
Shumaker, Maureen
Shurts, Mallory L
Shurubko, Vlas
Sierakowski, Jennifer I
Sigler, Julie I
Silcott, Brett W
Sills, Elizabeth M
Silness, Bryan F
Silverii, Mary E.
Simmons, Charley
Simonalle, Gwen C
Simpson, Emily F
Simpson, Jason L
Sims, Chanel J
Sims, Sarah E
Sims, William C
Singleton, Troy W
Sink, Daniel C
Sink, Julie K
Sinnott, Georgette
Sisk, Deana R
Sitton, Daniel S
Sivak, Ryan D
Sizemore, Bobby R
Sjoberg, Rachel E
Sjodin-Lester, Ashley K
Skagen, Jennifer L
Skapik, Wendy L
Skeen, Korei A
Skeens, Joshua A
Skiles, Lindsay M
Skilken, Amanda C
Skinner, Paul W
Slade, Larry L
Slagle, Jeremy S
Slamka, Dennis E
Slaughter, Brenda J
Sliver, Bonnie F
Sloan, Trica S
Slone, Gordon J
Slusher, Anthony W
Slusser, Linda A
Sly, Jeven
Smale, Kimberly A
Smedley, Johanna E
Smith-Warden, Elgin D
Smith, Alan M
Smith, Andrew R
Smith, Ashley M
Smith, Barbara P
Smith, Brian D
Smith, Brian R
Smith, Caprice R
Smith, Cara J
Smith, Christina M
Smith, Christopher E
Smith, Ericka L
Smith, Jennifer S
Smith, Jenny M
Smith, Julie A
Smith, Karen R
Smith, Katherine G
Smith, Kirk
Smith, Kirsten M
Smith, Larry Wayne
Smith, Madison E
Smith, Matthew S
Smith, Megan L
Smith, Melinda J
Smith, Nathan L
Smith, Randy B
Smith, Rebecca D
Smith, Regina A
Smith, Ronney G
Smith, Ryan J
Smith, Sarah E
Smith, Shawn A
Smith, Shirley D
Smithson, Andrea K
Smith, Steven L
Smith, Taylor W
Smoot, Kasy D
Snapp, Rebecca Lee
Sneed, Mitchell
Snelling, Thomas D
Snell, Penni D
Snell, William Q
Snook, Kimberly K
Snouffer, Alicia D
Snow, Jennifer N
Snyder, Angela M
Snyder, Christopher M
Sommerville, Matthew J
Sonko, Bubacarr
Soper, Laurie A
Sortman, Holly Ann
Sortman, Jeffrey L
Sosa, Miluska L
Southam, David R
Southers, Sage E
Sowald, Piper E
Spada, Joshua J
Sparks, Brooke E
Speaker, David C
Spearman, Glenda D
Spears, Alyson L
Spears, Brandon M
Spears, Nathan R
Spears, Reyna C
Spears, Tyler J
Speck, Nickolas M
Spector, Louis E
Speer, David C
Spegal, Traci L
Spellman, Heather M
Spencer, Katie L
Spencer, Lori A
Spencer, Sherri R
Speyrer, Julia M
Spicer, Amanda R
Spies, Gabrielle L
Spilker, Tracy L
Spitler, Elliot B
Spitzig, George M
Spivey, Rebekah E
Spoonamore, Beth A
Springer, Johnique M
Sprinkle, Anna E
Sprouse, Stephanie R
Spurlock, Jacob G
Spurlock, Kelly D
Squire, Jonathan W
Stacy, Amanda G
Stacy, Anthony W
Stacy, Danielle N
Stacy, Don L.
Stacy, Jessica C
Stacy, Josiah A
Stafford, Charles D
Stafford, Tammy D
Staggenborg, John B
Stahl, Katherine J
Stahl, Kelsey C
Staley, Matthew T
Stalhood, Megan E
Stallard, John J
Stamer, Theresa M
Stammen, Tracy L
Stamm, Maria K
Stamper, Ashley R
Stamper, Christopher L
Stamper, Ellen C
Stanley, Mark M
Stanley, Tyler
Stansell, Shawn D
Stanton, Tana A
Stapleton, Victoria N
Stargell, Rita A
Starkey, Jacob R
Stark, Scott R
Staton, Bethany L
Stayrook, Elizabeth E
Stebelton, Karen J
Steckling, Casey B
Steed, Laura E
Steele, Todd A
Steffano, Jennifer M
Steffenson, Elyssa M
Steiding, John W
Steiner, Christine A
Steiner, Eve D
Steiner, Jacob A
Steiner, Rosa C
Stein, Ian G
Steinmetz, Jacob J
Stein, Richard A
Stemberski, Kaitlyn R
Stephen, Richard D
Stephens, Angila J
Stephens, April M
Stephens, Danielle M
Stephenson, Rachel A
Stephens, Rachel L
Stepp, Daniel C
Stevens, Denyse
Stevens, John M
Stevenson, Craig A
Stevenson, Ida J
Stevens, Russell W
Stewart, Alana C
Stewart, Charles C
Stewart, Colin E
Stewart, Jacob C
Stewart, Jeremy Lee
Stewart, John D
Stewart, Kristy
Stickel, Zachary D
Stickle, Jung Mi M
Stickle, Matthew R
Stickney, Julie A
Stiglich, Stephen W
Stiles, April R
Stinson, Christopher R
Stinson, Jessica N
Stiver, Jessica M
Stockman, Timothy A
Stoltz, Ashlin B
Stone, Kyle J
Stoner, Hannah E
Stonerock, Ali J
Stonerock, Layla M
Story, Traci E
Stover, John L
Stover, Melissa D
Stover, Samantha E
Stowe, Christina C
Strahan, Elise N
Straka, Laura A
Stratton, Cindy S
Straub-Haskins, Tamelee J
Straub, Sydney A
Strauss, Erik Robert
Streb, Ryan T
Strecker-Simos, Danielle M
Street, Dalaney J
Strehle, Traves J
Streit, John W
Streuli, Samantha A
Strickland, Kayla D
Strickland, Morgan B
Stringer, Dorothy I
Stringfield, Erin M
Stringfield, Michael L
Strock, Tiffany A
Strong, Joshua M
Strong, Randall E
Stukenborg, Amy D
Stultz, Kendra L
Stump, Kelsey D
Stump, Lisa A
Stump, Sara Catherine
Stump, Svetlana
Sturdivant, Anitra D
Sturm, Kimberly M
Sturr, Zariah A
Stute, Susan L
Stutzman, Beverly
Summers, Kristin D
Supinger, Aaron C
Suters, Amber R
Suther, Natalynne C
Sutter, Lauren E
Suttles, Charles E
Suttman, Megan E
Sutton, Deirdre A
Sutton, Phaedra Michelle
Swafford, Cynthia N
Swallow, Janelle K
Swallows, Todd M
Swanberg, Steven R
Swank, Allison O
Swartwout, Randall L
Sweeten, Veronica E
Sweet, Jeanette M
Swigard, Michael C
Swiger, Eric S
Syring, Karen M
Szymanski, Pamula A
Tabor, Leslie M
Tackett, Alexandra M
Tait, Shaun R
Takahashi, Yoko
Talbot, Kathryn L
Tangeman, Erin L
Tang, Yanling
Tankersley, Matthew S
Tarjeft, Dawn M
Tarter, Travis E
Tatol, Robert J
Taulbee, James F
Taulbee, Jennifer L
Taylor, Bennie S
Taylor, Charles E
Taylor, Dwhite
Taylor, Heather M
Taylor, Justice E
Taylor, Lori J
Taylor, Maria L
Taylor, Michael A
Taylor, Miranda S
Taylor, Toni-Ann A
Taylor, Traves L
Tchervinski, Erica R
Teaford Cowan, Bucky A
Teague, Deborah L
Teasley, Jacqueline B
Tebbe, Nicole A
Teel, Summer M
Tellez, Hisayo
Temple, Nicholas A
Templeton, Dana N
Tener, Brandon C
ter Haar, Sterre F
Terada, Mayumi
Terrian, Michael Lee
Terry, Bryan D
Test, Amanda R
Tetteh, Jonathan
Texter, Kyle R
Thacker, Kimberly P
Tharp, Katherine L
Tharp, Marci C
Thaxton, Matthew A
Thiede, Maria N
Thomas, Annette
Thomas, Ashley N
Thomas, Briana L
Thomas, Deja M
Thomas, Kristie L
Thomas, Maggie N
Thomas, Michael M
Thomas, Scott D
Thomas, Timothy J
Thomas, Trentae M
Thompson, Adam K
Thompson, Amber D
Thompson, Andrea M
Thompson, Brandi K
Thompson, Charles R
Thompson, Justin Howard
Thompson, Kelsey A
Thompson, Loreen E
Thompson, Marvin L
Thompson, Matt R
Thompson, Ryan M
Thompson, Traveon
Thorndike, Brian T
Thornton, Amanda R
Thornton, Catherine A
Thornton, Denise A
Thornton, Roslyn E
Thrawl, Amber J
Tidd, Mallorey L
Tillberry, Tyler J
Till, William C
Timberlake, Julia A
Timmerman, Nicolas J
Timmer, William S
Timmons, Dustan
Timmons, Sarah R
Tindall, Heather Lea
Tipton, Amber E
Tipton, Olivia A
Tirey, Wesley M
Tobias, Josselyn N
Todd, Karl I
Todd, Kyle W
Tohill, Eva C
Tokarska, Daria E
Tolle, Lisann M
Tolle, Melinda E
Tolliver, Danielle E
Tomlin, Faith A
Tomlin, Shawn M
Tomlinson, Heather R
Tompkins, David R
Toohill, Jenifer J
To, Terumi
Totten, Jennifer M
Tozier, Nicholas D
Tran, Ly N
Tran, Phuong T
Travis, Diamond J
Travis, Stephanie L
Treber, Laurie L
Tremaine, Sarah T
Trenum, Martin D
Trester, Rebecca L
Tretchler, Steven C
Tripp, Ryan A
Trosper, Joei L
Trousdale, Kyle A
Trout, Terik L
Troxell, Brittany N
Trujillo, Michael R
Trusty, Stacie N
Trusty, Wilson T
Truxal, Thomas W
Trygstad, Katrina K
Tschirner, Hazel Joe
Tubbs, Michele M
Tudor, Andrew J
Tudor, Kylah D
Tuey, Kyra C
Turic, Michelle M
Turner-Price, Joyce E
Turner, Aaron D
Turner, Angela R
Turner, Ariel C
Turner, Bernard L
Turner, Chelsea A
Turner, Dylan J
Turner, Everett C
Turner, Kaitlyn M
Turner, Kenya M
Turner, Larisa J
Turner, Ronald E
Turner, Wesley G
Turpin, Kimberly
Turrentine, Candace A
Turrentine, Jeremiah A
Turton, Jacob M
Turton, Lauren B
Tussey, Candace C
Tutt-Robinson, Heather R
Tyler, Brett A
Tyler, Larry R
Tyra, Jody M
Ulery, Jeffrey S
Ullery, Mallorie E
Unger, Sandra S
Unsworth, Michelle LeeAnn
Unterborn, Kelly R
Upp, Erica M
Uptegraft, David L
Uptegraft, Gretchen M
Urena Sarita, Jorge L
Ushry, Alvin
Utz, Jayson S
Uwimana, Falida
Valerio, Laura E
Valiquette, Lawrence E
Vallery, Sharon L
Vallo, Nick J
Valz, Anne M
Van Den Brock, Michael R
Van Doesburg, Kara L
Van Maldeghem, Emily
Van Oss, Melissa A
Van Spall, Tyron I
Van Vuren, Tallie R
Vance, Cory Daniel
Vance, Elizabeth R
Vance, Gwendolyn A
Vance, Jeremy S
Vance, Jessica N
Vanderhorst, Sarah E
Vandonkelaar, Matthew S
Vann, Constance M
Vanover, Rebekah J
VanWinkle, Gina L
Varvel, Mark J
Varvel, Rachael G
Vaughn, Megan E
Vaughn, Terra M
Vaught, Jeremy C
Veg, Diane M
Vellia, Constant F
Veney, Jacob L
Vergara, Adonis J
Verlin, Carine
Vermillion, Ryan M
Veroneau, Kevin M
Vesely, Martial A
Veydt, Jacquelyn L
Vickers, Audra D
Victor, Dustin L
Vierra, Erin R
Vilas, Melanie A
Vincent, Aaron M
Vinson, Faye M
Violet, Mark D
Vitale, Lisa M
Vittitow, Charles A
Vlasic, Amanda L
Voge, Lindsey M
Vogler, Mitchell D
Volkerding, Megan L
Volkerding, Sarah E
Von Lehmden, Katherine O
Vonder Brink, Jennifer M
Vongsy, Thong S
Vore, Courtney R
Votaw, Jenna L
Vo, Toan Q
Voudris, Christopher J
Vue, Mary
Vulgamore, Byron S
Vu, Nga T
Wackler, Chelsea L
Waddle, Amanda
Wade, Bobby E
Wagaman, Jennifer L
Wagers, Nancy D
Wagers, Scott C
Wages, Jessica M
Wagner, Brittany N
Wagner, Margaret I
Wagner, Michael J
Wailes, Candice L
Waizmann, David M
Waker, Emily N
Walden, Megan A
Walker, Aaron C
Walker, Allison C
Walker, Chanterell
Walker, Chasity J
Sept. 20, 2011
Walker, Hadley J
Walker, Julie D
Walker, Michael
Walker, Peter Jacob
Walker, Tammy M
Walker, Troy T
Walker, William W
Wallace, David R
Wallace, Jamalh M
Wallace, Peter C
Wallace, Renee B
Wallace, Sara A
Walls, Tracey L
Walser, Nicole
Walter, Joseph W
Walter, Paula S
Walter, Regina S
Walton, Bonnie J
Walton, Sean L
Wameling, Jennifer A
Ward, Dawn E
Ward, Kristin J
Ward, Stacey L
Warman, Angelique K
Warmatsang, Rangrigkyi
Warner, Brennan D
Warner, Emily M
Warner, Jacob S
Warner, Jessica S
Warner, Jordan K
Warner, Samuel R
Warner, Thanh T
Warren, Josh M
Warvel, Deven R
Washington, Toby L
Waspe, Carol
Wassom, Adrianna D
Watercutterd, Briar R
Watercutter, Jennifer A
Watkins, Daniel R
Watkins, Sean L
Watson, Crystal L
Watson, Kristen M
Watson, Laurel S
Watts, Heather N
Watts, Terri N
Wean, David M
Weatherford, Paulette L
Weaver, Brad L
Weaver, Darlene
Weaver, LaToya S
Weaver, Natalie A
Weaver, Rhonda R
Webb, Alicia D
Webb, Beau P
Webber, Leitha L
Webb, Jessika N
Webb, Julie A
Webb, Laura E
Weber, Angela D
Weber, Christopher B
Weber, Craig A
Weber, Jaime S
Weber, Matthew J
Weber, Sarah C
Webster, Melissa E
Webster, Shannon C
Wedgewood, Teri L
Weidenbach, Ryan Z
Weidner, William R
Weikert, Krystle A
Weikert, Mitchel L
Weil, John
Weimer, Brian K
Weingartner, Julie
Weir Thorpe, Christina M
Weiss, Jim L
Weist, Evonda L
Welborne, Monroe
Welch, Nathaniel S
Welch, Scott J
Weldon, Shannon P
Weller, Alyson J
Wells, Angeleah B
Wells, Catlin M
Wells, Dennis E
Wells, Derrick W
Wells, Emily M
Wells, Kristen E
Wells, Martha B
Wells, Robert E
Wemple, Cathy S
Wende, Esther
Wendling, Natasha N
Wendling, Stephanie M
Wenger, Lisa D
Wenning, Heather A
Wenning, Trevor M
Wenzel, Lindsey
Werle, Gerard A
Werling, Holly A
Wermert, Christa C
Werry, Mary K
Wessel, Jeremiah P
Wess, Sharon D
West, Alexander B
West, Cory E
Westgerdes, Jason D
West, Jesse D
West, Kyle P
West, Nick D
Westover, Claudia
Westover, Marc A
Weybright, Rachel E
Weyhrauch, Michele L
Weyrauch, Robert A
Whalen, Kathryn M
Whallon, Deela M
Whatley-Tolliver, Aja S
Whealdon, Wendy L
Wheatley, Alyssa P
Wheatley, Valbona
Wheeler, Aaron M
Wheeler, Nancy T
Whelan, Timothy W
Whipp, Alan S
Whitaker, Dustin A
Whitaker, Mark S
Whitaker, Tabitha J
Whitcomb, Rebecca L
White, Bryant L
White, Chantan M
White, Daniel J
White, Debra L
Whitehead, Matt A
Whitehorn, Brandon A
White, Liberty Ruth
White, Rachel M
Whitestine, Nicole L
White, Tammy G
White, Vanessa M
White, Wendy A
Whitmore, Kaci A
Whittaker, Eric R
Whitted, Aaron M
Whitt, Kisha R
Whitworth, Bruce E
Wholihan, Patrick J
Whorton, Casey P
Wicks, Dell M
Widowski, Jennifer L
Wiechmann, Benjamin R
Wiederhold, Leslie R
Wiederhold, Stephanie L
Wiegand, Raeanne
Wieser, Joshua L
Wiest, Michelle R
Wiggins, Bratiena D
Wight, Gregory C
Wilbur, Melanie R
Wilcox, Frances L
Wilds, Sabrina K
Wilkinson, Chelsey M
Wilkinson, Davetta L
Willett, Bethany M
Willetts, Amy L
Williams-Ellington, Katresha
Williams-Hickman, Trinity L
Williams, Acacia Ayn L
Williams, Amy
Williams, Andrea L
Williams, Ashley N
Williams, Benjamin P
Williams, Brenda L
Williams, Christopher A
Williams, Danny M
Williams, Dustin M
Williams, Eric R
Williams, Jamie D
Williams, Judith M
Williams, Katherine E
Williams, Kayla D
Williams, Kristyna
Williams, Melaina S
Williams, Merri C
Williams, Michele R
Williams, Odell Y
Williamson, Andrew L
Williams, Rachel E
Williams, Robert M
Williams, Sabrina S
Williams, Sally L
Williams, Sarah D
Williams, Tamara S
Williams, Tiffany W
Williams, Traci L
Williams, Tracy L
Willinger, Ashley L
Willis, Erica M
Willis, Kenneth D
Wills, Andrew D
Wills, David S
Wills, Kira B
Wills, Michael T
Wilson-Poole, Tonicia M
Wilson, Ashley L
Wilson, Brittany D
Wilson, Brook A
Wilson, David P
Wilson, Dennis E
Wilson, Devynne M
Wilson, Donita S
Wilson, Jason L
Wilson, Joe D
Wilson, Katelyn J
Wilson, Melody E
Wilson, Michael W
Wilson, Rebecca M
Wilson, Robert J
Wilson, ShaRhonda T
Wilson, William D
Wilson, Yuenman
Wiltberger, Rachel F
Winburn, Donald G
Winert, Charlene L
Wines, Alexandra M
Wing, Joshua R
Winkler, Sarah E
Winn, Charles S
Winning, Cody L
Winters, Chloe L
Wisecup, Jacqueline
Wise, Emaline
Wiseman, Beth E
Wiseman, Rachel E
Wiseman, Scott E
Wiser, Abigail C
Wise, Yoko M
Wissinger, Suellen
Witmer, Barbara Ann
Witte, Jason P
Witten, Kayla J
Witt, Rachel N
Woerner, Ronda L
Woerner, Susan R
Wolfe, Garry G
Wolfe, Sara E
Wolfgang, Jared D
Wolf, Ilsa K
Wolford, Ian M
Woliver, Jennifer K
Wombold, Alexis L
Wong, Amber B
Woo, Chul
Wood-Burgess, Stacy M
Woodall, Andrea D
Wood, Denise L
Wood, Dustin W
Wood, Janet L
Wood, Kristen D
Wood, Nicole D
Woodruff, Reece A
Woods, Bradley D
Woods, Candis R
Woods, Garrett A
Woods, Stephanie L
Woods, Troy G
Wood, Travis J
Woolf, Julie A
Wooton, Timothy W
Worley, David E
Worley, Leslie A
Worrell, Joanna
Worrell, Micah D
Wright, Demichael N
Wright, Heather J
Wright, Melissa S
Wright, Robert B
Wroda, Laurie J
Wu, Chao-Mei
Wuebker, Steven M
Wunder, Christina E
Wu, Yu-Han
Wyan, Chad A
Wylie, Alisia E
Wyman, Terri A
Xayasith, Charmaine C
Yates, Brett L
Yeager, Douglas A
Yingling, Daren R
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Page 7 the Clarion
your voice
Sept. 20, 2011
Q. “How do you feel about Sinclair’s food?”
Photos by Giustino Bovenzi
Danny Dawes
La’Quan Riley
Visual Communication
“They could have better
choices–maybe some
healthier food altogether,
but the pizza is good.”
“There’s not too much of a
choice. I was here last year
and it is the same philly
cheesesteak and waffle
fries. They need more
cheese pizza.”
“I love it. I eat here all the
time. The pizza is good
and I would know. I work at
Papa John’s.”
Jonathon Deeter
Rachael: “I love the chicken
Jose: “I like the Main St. Cafe.
The quesadilla is good. I wish
they had my pina colada
smoothie still.”
Rachael and Jose Amezquita
Education and Mechanical Engineering
clarion consensus
Making the case for
an upgraded menu
For more than 30 years, Aramark has held its long-standing
partnership with Sinclair.
Most of us haven’t been
here that long. But if you have
been here for two, five or
more years there is one thing
that has been reasonably consistent, the food at Sinclair.
Over the years, the
menu hasn’t changed, but
Sinclair has made some
One of the improvements
includes a salad bar that
offers a nutritious meal for
students and fresh fruit to get
students eating healthy.
Even with all these healthy
options, the one item that
students are drawn to is the
pizza. It is the only item that
is under two dollars, will
provide nourishment and
is easily accessible if you’re
between classes or on a quick
work break. But no one wants
to eat pizza every day.
With five different locations spread across campus,
students really don’t have to
go very far to find something
quick to snack on.
Lately, going to the cafeteria, Main Street Café and
the various food places on
campus has become increasingly annoying. Annoying
because we go to the Tartan
Marketplace expecting to
see something tempting, but
it’s always the same options
as yesterday. With that being said, to us the food has
become monotonous.
But there are some students that enjoy the food at
Sinclair and like the variety
the campus has to offer.
Many students comment
that Suzie has the best wraps.
Jimmy offers the best Asian
food. In Building 10, the Panini’s are delicious.
One thing is for certain, the staff
at Aramark, with a few exceptions, is very friendly. Maybe
that is what keeps us coming
back for another helping.
But, we’re sure that 4we all
agree that Sinclair needs to
add an outside food competitor. We would love for
Sinclair to sign a deal with
either Chipotle or Five Guys.
If so, it may just satisfy the
students craving for a new
menu. It would be just a small
investment to keep Sinclair
The Clarion Consensus is an opinion column written by the
staff of your Sinclair newspaper. Each week, the Clarion staff
chooses a topic to debate and comes to agreement.
puzzle solutions
As social media grow, so does First
Amendment appreciation
By Eric Newton
Each year, on Constitution
Day, students and teachers celebrate the most fundamental
laws of our republic. This year,
they should celebrate Twitter,
Facebook, Tumblr and all
other social media children of
the digital age.
Why? Because, it turns out,
social media are good for the
Constitution. Specifically,
social media are good for the
First Amendment.
Fully 91 percent of
students who use social
networking to get news and
information on a daily basis
believe people should be
allowed to express unpopular
opinions. But only 77 percent
of those who never use social
networks to get news agree
that unpopular opinions
should be allowed.
These sorts of surveys are
good at establishing connections, but not as good at
explaining what causes what.
Does social media make you
a First Amendment lover? Or
do First Amendment lovers
just use more social media? I
think it’s both.
Students using their cell
phones to text, tweet, blog and
Google are finding out more
about the world—like this
year’s Arab Spring—as well as
the connection between social
media and freedom.
This year’s First Amendment survey also shows
students’ use of digital media
for news and information is
growing. Appreciation for
freedom is improving right
along with that.
The survey says most
teachers do not support free
expression rights in a school
context. They don’t think the
school newspaper should
print controversial articles.
They don’t think students
should post things about
school on their Facebook
pages. And they mostly think
social media hurt teaching.
Are young people learning as much about freedom
via texting than they are via
teaching? Maybe. To their
credit, teachers say they think
their needs to be a lot more
digital media literacy education in schools. I agree.
Students are adapting to
these new tools faster than
adults, using them for networking and news, and now,
to better appreciate freedom.
Maybe we can learn something from them.
Government Static disrupts a
phone connection
Before filing suit to block
the $39 billion merger of
cellphone giants AT&T and
T-Mobile, the U.S. Department of Justice should have
asked a simple question:
Now what?
In its zeal to protect consumers from price increases
that may or may not have
occurred in the deal’s aftermath, government lawyers
managed to sandbag not one
but two major companies. It’s
a mess _ and so unnecessary.
The federal court action
puts at least a temporary halt
to AT&T’s plan for massively expanding its service capabilities. The company had
promised to spend billions
making the most of T-Mobile’s precious “spectrum”
_ the limited radio frequencies that government has
set aside for cellphone use.
Without the deal, AT&T’s
growth will be much slower.
That leaves one less potential
job engine for a struggling
domestic economy.
Meantime, it’s hard to
imagine why government
lawyers think T-Mobile will
be an effective competitor in years to come. True,
T-Mobile has competed aggressively in the past, offering
budget-minded consumers
some low-cost alternatives.
But it has bled market share
for months and months
now, and not just because of
doubts raised by its merger
T-Mobile’s German owner
has said bluntly that its U.S.
subsidiary will not compete
effectively in the future
because Deutsche Telekom
will not make the necessary
investments. Instead, the
company will fund a huge
build-out in its core market
of Europe, where it expects a
greater return.
Nothing Justice does
will change that business
As a result, no way will
T-Mobile roll out a next-generation network on a timely
basis to keep up with AT&T
or industry leader Verizon.
It’s destined to fall further
behind. And its strategic
options look limited too: As
a merger partner, its U.S. arm
is worth a lot more to AT&T
than to any other rival.
The distraction and uncertainty of the deal has accelerated T-Mobile’s decline. It
will be impossible for the No.
3 cellphone player to get its
mojo back any time soon,
even if it collects the huge fee
that AT&T agreed to pay if
the merger fell through _ $3
billion in cash plus a roaming
agreement and spectrum allocation worth billions more.
No wonder AT&T has
vowed to fight Justice.
Meantime, the Federal
Communications Commission hasn’t yet ruled on
the merger, and it’s possible
the agency will confound
Justice’s lawyers by blessing
the deal.
AT&T has discussed
making massive concessions
to reduce the combined company’s dominance in certain
local markets. Market dominance is the government’s
main objection. So if AT&T
were to divest one-fourth of
T-Mobile, as it reportedly offered to do, would that defuse
the alleged anti-competitive
problem? The FCC might
think so, especially when it
considers how the deal stands
to further the agency’s most
cherished public-policy goals.
Access to advanced
wireless Internet is the
key. A merger of AT&T
and T-Mobile would bring
an under-served swath
of America into the 21st
century of high-speed mobile
data communication. Much
like the rural electrification
movement of the 1930s, this
deal offers a chance for many
Americans to leap ahead
If Justice gets its way,
progress will slow to a crawl.
We think the FCC should
approve the merger after
obtaining appropriate concessions _ and Justice should
settle its case sooner, not later.
Dragging out this proceeding
stands to hurt a nation that
can ill afford more damage
from a government too often
hostile to business interests.
Deadline is noon Tuesday
for the following Tuesday
publication. There will be no
exceptions to this policy.
The Clarion
c/o Sinclair Community College
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Dayton, OH 45402-1460
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Letters to the Editor policy
Talya Flowers
Graphic Designer
Jonathan Hammond
Letters to the editor may be
submitted to the Clarion in
Room 8027 or email:
[email protected]
All submissions are subject
to editing without changing
No anonymous submissions will be accepted. Letters to the editor must be
submitted with the author’s
name and phone number.
This publication is printed by Ohio Community Media of Tipp City, Ohio.
The Clarion reserves the right to
edit all letters.
The Clarion reserves the right to
refuse any letters for
publication, especially those that
may contain vulgarity, obscenities (as defined by the supreme
court and explained in Law of
the Student Press), or that may
be potentially libelous.
It is the policy of the Clarion to
acknowledge errors in letters
with published correction
Submission does not guarantee publication. Space availability determines publication.
When space is limited, articles
may be filed for publication at a
later date.
All ‘Clarion’ editorials are
the opinions of the Clarion
editorial board and do not
represent the opinions of
Sinclair Community College.
Page 8 the Clarion
Sept. 20, 2011
Fall sports preview of Sinclair’s athletic teams
Giustino Bovenzi
News Editor
[email protected]
As the 2011-2012 sports
year begins, a level of excitement surrounds each sport
not only on campus, but in
the community as well.
The Tartan Pride competes in Region XII of the
National Junior College
Athletic Association (NJCAA) and is a participating
member of the Ohio Community College Athletic
Conference (OCCAC).
Sinclair’s student athletes
participate in five sports that
include men and women’s
basketball, men’s baseball,
women’s tennis and women’s
“Our programs, every one
of them, are commended
by great teachers and great
coaches,” Athletic Director
Jack Giambrone said.
Women’s Volleyball
In September however, only
women’s volleyball will be
into their season.
Head coach KC Gan
hopes the team will continue to improve with 4
returning starters, including two OCCAC first team
players, Desiree Brown and
Abigail Schlater.
The women’s volleyball
began conference play on
Sept. 9. The team won their
home opener against Lorain
County Community College, bringing their record to
1-1 in conference play and
2-9 overall.
Men’s Basketball
Coming off a 22-10 record
last year, the men’s basketball team prepares for a new
season with practices beginning on Sept. 12. According
to head coach Jeff Price, his
team’s defense will surprise
everyone this year.
“Teams are going to
underestimate our defense,”
Price said. “We’re going to
create a lot of offense from
our defense.”
The men’s basketball
team’s fi rst home game is
Nov. 9 against Pikeville (KY).
Although Price is looking
forward to week one, he highlighted a few games on the
schedule that should show
him what his team is made of.
“The game against Mott
will be our measuring stick,”
Price said. “But Cincinnati
State and Columbus State
will also be good games to
check our progression.”
Coach Price is hopeful his
team will peak at the end of
the season to meet the 20 win
benchmark his team has hit
in the past five seasons.
“We want to win the
conference, win our regional
tournament, then head to
nationals,” Price said.
Women’s Basketball
Sinclair’s women’s basketball team is coming off a
19-10 season. Jeff Dillon is
entering his eighth season
as head coach. The team is
returning five sophomores
and two freshmen from last
year and Dillon hopes to
lead them to another 20 plus
win season, similar to the
2007-2008 season where
they produced 22 wins and
only four losses.
“We’re going to be young,
but were a big team [size],”
Dillon said. “There will be
a learning curve, but we’re
expecting big things from
our returning players. We
play an exciting brand of
basketball and we’ll be a fun
team to watch. We’re going
to score a lot of points.”
In addition, the women’s
team is holding an open
tryout on Sept. 24 from 12:30
p.m. until 3:00. For further
information, contact Jessica
Th reats at 937-512-2860 or
via email at [email protected]
Women’s Tennis
Women’s tennis has been
put on hold due to a shortage
of players.
“As of this season, the
schedule has been suspended
because we only have three
photo by Giustino Bovenzi
Price coaching a Men’s Basketball practice
players,” said Giambrone.
The tennis team is losing
commitments to four-year
schools, according to head
coach Dave Pence. However,
Pence is encouraged and is
looking to recruit players for
next season.
“Our plan as of right now, is
to recruit around Montgomery County,” Pence said.
Men’s baseball
Head coach Steve Dintaman leads Sinclair’s baseball
team. Last year, the Tartan
Pride went 42-10 and was
ranked fi fth in the NJCAA
poll. Coming off a third
straight OCCAC title,
Sinclair’s baseball program
has high expectations for
next season. Players are now
conditioning and hitting the
weights in preparation for the
upcoming season.
The huddle
Sinclair’s Athletic department would like to
encourage more students to
come to home games this
year,according to Giambrone.
All Sinclair students get
into all Sinclair sporting
events for free. The cost
for admission is covered
by students presenting
their Tartan card at the
admissions gate. Cost for
regular admission is $3.
And because women’s
basketball and men’s
basketball is played on the
same night, admission for
both games is $5, according
to Giambrone.
“Our students are great,”
Giambrone said. “They
do things that students at
four-year schools never
dream about doing. They’re
moms and dads; they work
full-time and go to school
full-time. They’re true role
models. We just want to
invite them back to watch
their teams and promote
the Tartan spirit.”
Exercise benefits are more than physical fitness
JonVelle McCray
[email protected]
Each student would
benefit physically, mentally
and physiologically if they
attended physical education
classes, according to Billie
Sanders, chairperson for
exercise and nutrition and
sports sciences at Sinclair
Community College.
“I truthfully feel each
student should take an activity class every quarter. It can
reduce stress, allow you to
meet people and is important
for your health,” Sanders said.
Sanders, a Sinclair
graduate with an associate’s
degree in physical education, finished her bachelor’s
at the University of Dayton
in exercise and fitness and
eventually received her
master’s degree.
She admits that college can
be rough for students.
“A lot of students come in
and may feel beat up over life
experiences. They’re not prepared to experience a positive
college situation. They also
may not understand the seriousness of college. We provide motivation for people as
they explore responsibility in
a fun manner.”
Sanders said that students
have a plethora of physical
activities to choose from all
year round, particularly in fall
and winter.
Over the summer, renovations were made to the
weight room because the
weight room floor was showing signs of damage from
wear and tear. In addition to
new renovations, new exercise classes will be offered
this year too. Sanders said
photo by Jonathan Hammond
Sanders provides encouragement to her spinning class
the new courses include:
“Nea” – a mind and body
workout, “TRX” – a total
body workout and a PED105 – a stress relief course.
Sanders said she is
thrilled about this because
we are such a sedentary
culture that doesn’t seem
to know the significance in
physical fitness.
“I was walking the other
day and it seemed that
everyone was looking at their
cell phones and not in the
weather or atmosphere.”
Sanders also noted that
a lot of people do not know
about Building 8.
“ We’re the best kept secret
in town. We’ve got something
for everyone.”

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