Cherokee Uniform Tri-Fold



Cherokee Uniform Tri-Fold
In-Store Ordering
Uniforms Unlimited
850 Prince Avenue, Athens 30606
Ph: 706-546-1829
Payment Process and Subsidy
Cindy Thompson will process total
deductions for uniforms in 2 separate pay periods.
A subsidy check will be cut from
A/P within the first payroll deduction. (up to $90/Full Time, $30/Part
Time/PRN). Employees can expect
to see their reimbursement between
a week and 10 days from the first
payroll deduction.
Mandatory Go-LIVE Date
will be: JULY 1, 2015!
Uniforms by Cherokee®
If you are planning on purchasing your
uniforms in the store, you must present
your MMH badge and fill out a payroll
deduct form. Uniforms Unlimited will
send the invoice and payroll deduct
form directly to MMH.
Uniforms Unlimited
Here’s how it will work:
Every Week
(watch for dates to be announced)
Uniform color samples will be on display for
you to view during this process, located in
Susan Jackson’s office.
ALL Uniforms purchased MUST be
Cherokee® Brand ONLY.
Each week a department will discuss & come
up with a color choice and then notify the
CNO & HR of their choice. Departments will
have one week to decide.
Order Online:
2:00pm—Lewis Wing Dining Room
Join us for
Morgan Memorial Hospital is
Each week we will hold a ‘Reveal’ of that
week’s department color.
The chosen color scrub top will then hang in
each department and also be placed on a
poster to be showcased in Susan Jackson’s
office Window in the Lewis Wing.
Style poster is located in Juanita Wren’s
Once all departments have chosen a color,
we will begin the ordering process—Approx.
January 2015!
excited to announce that we will be
transitioning to color specific uniforms
for each department!
What Color Will
Your Department Wear!
*See back panel for color choices
Please note: Lab Coats, Scrub Jackets
or Scrub Vests worn must be the same
color as your designated Dept. color.
White is also acceptable
Note: Only SOLID White or Black shirts
are to be worn under scrub tops.
Online Ordering
Subsidy Reimbursement
All orders will be placed through
Uniforms Unlimited
Approved Uniforms will be Cherokee® brand ONLY.
Choose MEDICAL and click on
to view the selection of styles
that Cherokee has to offer.
*Please note that only SOLID colors
will be acceptable.
 No contrasting piping
* No contrasting color blocking, etc.
When ordering online, you MUST have a
proper receipt attached to a check
request in order to receive your subsidy
reimbursement .
Subsidy reimbursements will begin AFTER
the first pay period in January.
Part Time/PRN Employees will receive a onetime subsidy of up to $30.00*
If you are wearing scrubs, you will be
required to wear your designated
department colors.
When NOT in scrubs, you will be
required to follow the Company Dress
Code Policy
*Please see Payment Process and Subsidy Reimbursement section for further details
Please direct further questions to HR
Sarah: ext 239
Traci: ext 240
Full Time Employees will receive a one-time
subsidy of up to $90.00*

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