Advertising Rates and Information



Advertising Rates and Information
Advertising Rates
and Information
Portsmouth Herald • Foster’s Daily Democrat • Seacoast Sunday
Rochester Times • Hampton Union • Exeter News-Letter
York County Coast Star • The York Weekly • Sanford News
Edge Magazine • • • Limelight Deals
Seacoast Media Group is not just
a local newspaper company, but a
community information franchise
where the stories are told and
achievements are celebrated.
Spanning its communities from paper
to online portal, The Portsmouth
Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat,
Seacoast Sunday, Seacoastonline.
com, and the rest of our
family of products provide the content
to explain the events, set the agenda
and start the shopping list.
Dominant coverage of the Seacoast,
Southern Maine and Tri-Cities.
53 miles
55 miles
North Berwick
South Berwick
The York Weekly
published Mon. – Sat.
26,952 readership
Kittery Point
New Castle
Rochester Times
Hampton Falls
South Hampton
Exeter News-Letter
published Mon. – Sat.
25,342 readership
North Hampton
East Kingston
published Tuesdays and Fridays
7,738 readership
Foster’s Daily Democrat
Hampton Union
published Tuesdays and Fridays
9,063 readership
published Wednesdays
4,544 readership
Portsmouth Herald
published Thursdays
9,531 readership
York County Coast Star
published Sundays
65,703 readership
published Thursdays
31,200 readership
Sanford News
published Thursdays
5,525 readership
Payment Policy – To qualify for contract
discounts, advertisers must not have an
outstanding balance due for over 60 days.
No advertising will be accepted from any
advertiser whose balance exceeds 60 days.
Accounts 15 days and older are subject
to 2% interest per month, 24% per year.
Advertisers are responsible for all contracted
spending or insertions. Performance will be
assessed at the end of the contract period.
A credit rebate may be issued or the account
will be charged, based on the actual contract
level/revenue achieved, according to the
published rate card.
SMG Created Advertisements –
Each client will receive a maximum of two
(2) proofs. Clients requesting additional
proofs may be charged an additional $10.00
per proof. Copy changes on proofs must
be provided a minimum of 2 hours prior to
Commissionable Discounts – All
rates are net. Commissionable discounts
must be approved prior to publication by the
Director of Advertising.
Copy – All advertising is accepted subject
to approval of the Publisher, who reserves
the right to revise or reject any questionable
advertisements at any time.
Correction Policies – SMG assumes
no liability for omission of advertisements.
Errors in content must be brought to the
sales representative’s attention immediately
following the first insertion date. We will make
good in space or credit only for the portion of
the ad that is incorrect.
Cancellations – After the printed
deadline, cancellations are not accepted.
Cancellations after deadline are subject to full
charge of the space reserved.
Position Requests – SMG will try to
meet position requests; requests are not
guaranteed. Guaranteed positioning can be
purchased at a 25% premium. Subject to
Non Publishing Holidays – Christmas
and New Year’s Day.
Cash, check or credit cards accepted.
Ask your Account Executive for a credit
application if you would like to establish an
account with us.
Rates and deadlines are subject to change.
print specifications
Retail rates are based on a six
column format. A full page is six columns
wide by 20.5 inches deep for a total of
123 inches. Advertisements over 19.5
inches deep will be charged full column
depth. The smallest ad we accept is
one column by two inches. Quarter inch
increments can be used for depth. An
ad occupying two full pages plus the
column between pages (a double truck) is
charged for 266.5 inches (13 columns by
20.5 inches). Special sections are often
formatted in a tabloid or booklet. Tabloid
rates are based on five columns. A full tab
page is five columns wide by 11 inches.
Classified rates are based on a
nine column format. A full page is nine
columns by 20.5 inches deep for a total of
184.5 inches.
Retail Column Widths
1 column = 1.697 inches
2 columns = 3.533 inches
3 columns = 5.368 inches
4 columns = 7.204 inches
5 columns = 9.04 inches
6 columns = 10.875 inches
EDGE ad sizes
full page
half page (V)
half page (H)
quarter page
eighth page
sixteenth page
media requirements
For electronic files, a PDF
(Adobe Portable Document
Format) is strongly
suggested. Files must be
print optimized with all fonts
embedded. For additional
acceptable electronic file
formats, call your advertising
representative or visit
electronic transfer
[email protected]
Classified Column Widths
1 column = 1.146 inches
2 columns = 2.362 inches
3 columns = 3.578 inches
4 columns = 4.794 inches
5 columns = 6.01 inches
6 columns = 7.226 inches
7 columns = 8.442 inches
8 columns = 9.658 inches
9 columns = 10.875 inches
Publisher – John Tabor
Executive Editor – Howard Altschiller
Circulation Director – Dennis Thompson
Advertising Director – Andrew Chernoff
Advertising Sales Manager – Mike Swiderski
Classified Manager – Sandra Titus
Creative Services Manager – Therese SanSoucie
Digital Advertising Manager – Peter Ross
Our offices ARE located at:
111 New Hampshire Ave., Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: (800) 439-0303
Fax: (603) 427-0550
150 Venture Drive, Dover, NH 03820
Phone: (603) 742-4455
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm
open Rates
Retail Rates
Dollar Volume
One Daily
One Sunday
One Sunday+ME
Any NH Weekly**
Any ME Weekly
All NH Weeklies
All ME Weeklies
One Daily +1 weekly
One Daily +2 weeklies
One Daily +3 weeklies
One Daily +4 weeklies
One Daily +5 weeklies
One Daily +6 weeklies
Two Dailies
Two Dailies +1 weekly
Two Dailies +2 weeklies
Two Dailies +3 weeklies
Two Dailies +4 weeklies
Two Dailies +5 weeklies
Two Dailies +6 weeklies
*Frequency discount +3% per buy
added, must run same week.
**HU/EN is forced buy.
***Legals are not eligible for
combination rates.
Add color for an additional 15% of the
cost of the ad.
Add a Weekly:
2 Daily Buy/Sunday, add each weekly
for $3.50 pci
1 Daily Buy, add each weekly for $5 pci
Non-profit advertisers billed at $25,000
DV level. Additional Ad Enhance charge
up to $15 may apply to price of ad
How does your
consumer shop?
Media consumption is fragmented today. Make
sure you’re putting your ad in the right place.
How often should
you advertise?
This depends upon several key points. How
thin is your market? How often is the product
purchased? How much competition do you
have? Other variables include:
Is it a new product
or service?
A new product or service will require a high
frequency to build awareness.
Is it a new campaign?
To establish awareness of a new campaign, a
higher level of frequency is required. However,
an ongoing campaign can use a lower
frequency level since it is a “reminder.”
Publication (Day)Deadline
Is the store or
service dominant
in its category?
Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat (Mon)
Thursday, 4:30pm
Portsmouth Herald, Hampton Union,
Exeter News-Letter, Foster’s Daily Democrat (Tues)
Friday, 4pm
Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat (Wed)
Monday, 4:30pm
York Weekly (Wed)
Monday, noon
York County Coast Star and York Weekly
classified display (Wed & Thurs)
Monday, noon
Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat (Thurs)
Tuesday, 4:30pm
York County Coast Star (Thurs)
Monday, 4:30pm
Brand loyalty.
Sanford News (Thurs)
Monday, 4:30pm
Rochester Times (Thurs)
Monday, 4:30pm
Edge Magazine (Thurs)
Thursday, 3pm
The higher the brand loyalty in purchasing the
product or service on the part of the public, the
lower the frequency requirements.
Portsmouth Herald, Hampton Union,
Exeter News-Letter, Foster’s Daily Democrat (Fri)
Wednesday, 4:30pm
Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat (Sat)
Thursday, 4:30pm
Seacoast Sunday (Sun)
Wednesday, 4:30pm,
retail & class display
Sunday Comics
Two Tuesdays prior to
publication, 4:30pm
Beachcomber Magazine (Fri, Seasonal May – Sept)
Tuesday, 3pm
A brand that is dominant in its category might
require less frequency due to existing higher
consumer acceptance levels and a generally
higher level of awareness. Consequently,
a minor brand will require a higher level of
frequency to establish its market position.
Competitive stance in
the marketplace.
If the determination is made to meet or beat
the competition in the market, then higher
frequency is probably needed. Remember that
the higher the level of competitive advertising in
the market, the higher the frequency required to
maintain a share of the voice.
Special Advertising
Rates – Price per ad, per insertion. These rates are flat.
No other discounts apply.
Let Seacoast Media Group’s co-op department
help you find unused co-op dollars.
13 Weeks 26 Weeks 52 Weeks
Business Front: 6 col. x 3”, full color included
Seacoast Sunday $858$758$657
Monday-Saturday $495$438$380
Here’s how it works:
Sports Front: 6 col. x 3”, full color included
Seacoast Sunday $858$758$657
Monday-Saturday $495$438$380
2. Record your merchant number next to each product.
Comics Full Back Page: 6 col. x 20.5”, full color included
Seacoast Sunday
Weather Page: 6 col. x 3”, full color included
Seacoast Sunday $958$844$729
Monday-Saturday $539$477$413
Comics Spadea: 2 pages, 6 col. x 20.5”, full color included
Seacoast Sunday
front page ads
Full color, 2 col. x 3.5” ad.
13 week, 26 week or 52 consecutive week contracts
available. You pick the day and the publication.
Exclusive positioning - only one front page ad each day.
Subject to availability.
Rates – Price per ad, per insertion. These rates are flat.
No other discounts apply.
Open 13 wk 26 wk 52 wk
Portsmouth Herald
Foster’s Daily Democrat
$280 $245
Seacoast Sunday
Exeter News-Letter (Tues)
$208 $180
Hampton Union (Tues)
York Weekly (Wed)
York County Coast Star (Thurs)
funeral notices
& obituaries
The cost of listing services in all papers is $75 for up
to 100 words. There will be an additional charge if the
services listing appears in another paper or edition.
A premium services announcement is available at a
rate of $1.50 per word beyond the 100-word limit in the
Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat, Exeter
News-Letter and Hampton Union and $1 per word
above the limit in The York Weekly, York County Coast
Star, Rochester Times and Sanford News.
Exeter News-Letter &
Hampton Union (Fri)
Let us do the rest! We will:
• Research any available co-op dollars you may have.
• Report to you our findings within 10 working days.
• Assist you in applying the co-op to your advertising schedule.
• Produce an end-of-month co-op statement and tear
sheets for easy reimbursement.
The Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat,
Exeter News-Letter, Hampton Union, The York Weekly,
York County Coast Star, Rochester Times and Sanford
News will provide all families with a 125-word standard
obituary FREE OF CHARGE.
Available Monday through Sunday
RATES prices are per ad
1. Simply write down the names of any product you
regularly purchase from a manufacturer or distributor.
Rochester Times (Thurs)
$208 $180
Sanford News (Thurs)
special rates
Non-Profit, Card of Thanks, Funeral Notices and
In-Memoriam advertising is billed at the $25,000
Volume Rate. Political ads are billed at open rates;
pre-payment required and ads must meet all Federal
Election Campaign Act Regulations. Legal Notices,
Annual Reports, Bank Statements, Requests for Bids,
Bankruptcy Notices and Forbidding Trusts are billed
at the open rate or earned contract rates plus $30 per
notice internet fee.
pre-print rates
To insert into any carrier-delivered SMG publication
Volume: per year
6-12 13-26 27-40 41-51 52-78 78+
Cost Per Thousand
Home Delivered*
$75 $65 $62 $60 $57 $52 $47
*includes all pubs other than YCCS
Volume: Per Year
6-12 13-26 27-40 41-51 52-78 78+
York County Coast Star Cost Per Thousand
$60 $57 $55 $52 $51 $49 $47
4 Page
$65 $60 $57 $55 $53 $52 $50
8 Page
$68 $62 $60 $57 $56 $55 $52
12 Page
$75 $68 $65 $62 $61 $60 $57
16 Page
$83 $75 $73 $70 $69 $68 $65
20 Page
$88 $83 $81 $78 $77 $75 $73
24 Page
$96 $91 $88 $86 $85 $83 $81
Direct Mail Inserts, Saturation Mail delivered through A.N.N.E. partnership
Volume: Per Year
6-12 13-26 27-40 41-51 52+
Cost Per Thousand
Single Sheet up to .35oz $72 $69 $65 $59 $55 $51
4 Page up to .55oz
$78 $77 $73 $66 $62 $59 8 Page up to .7oz
$85 $82 $78 $72 $68 $65 12 Page up to 1.05oz
$91 $88 $85 $78 $74 $72 16 Page up to 1.4oz
$117 $114 $111 $104 $95 $91 20 Page up to 2.25oz
$163 $160 $156 $155 $151 $150 24 Page up to 2.5oz
$176 $173 $169 $168 $165 $163 *No other discounts can be applied to pre-print rates, revenue from pre-prints counts towards
fulfillment of dollar volume contract with Seacoast Media Group.
Pre-print Technical Info - The maximum size pre-print that
will fit our papers is 10.5” x 12”. The minimum size is 7” x 7”. Single
sheets should be on 70 lb. stock or heavier. Minimum insertion fee
is $150. Space reservation is 12 days prior to publication. Delivery
deadline is 10 days prior to publication. Inserts should be stacked
on pallets, strapped and shrink-wrapped. No boxes except for
single sheets and postcards. No inserts on Monday. Add 2% to all
quantities sent for spoilage.
Insert frequency rates are for a 12 month period.
Zoning is available only in Seacoast Sunday, Portsmouth Herald and
Foster’s Daily Democrat.
Pre-print Shipping Address - For Portsmouth Herald,
Hampton Union, Exeter News-Letter, York Weekly, York County
Coast Star ship inserts to: 111 New Hampshire Avenue,
Portsmouth, NH 03801.
For Foster’s Daily Democrat, Rochester Times, Sanford News
ship inserts to: 150 Venture Drive, Dover, NH 03820.
For Shared Mail delivered to all non-subscribers in partnership with
A.N.N.E. affiliate Eastern Marketing Services (EMS) ship inserts to:
Upper Valley Press, Attn: EMS, 446 Benton Road, North Haverhill,
MA 03774
Ask about our We Print pricing.
Prices based on tabloid size. Print cost only.
Content support available at additional cost.
Printed 4 pages 8 pages 12 pages 16 pages
5,500 $1,134 $1,890 $2,365 $3,401
10,000 $1,475 $2,561 $3,366 $4,736
17,500 $2,040 $3,680 $5,033 $6,912
22,000 $2,407 $4,380 $6,064 $8,325
31,000 $3,145 $5,780 $8,123 $11,053
35,000 $3,471 $6,403 $9,038 $12,265
40,000 $3,880 $7,181 $10,183 $13,781
104,500 $9,160 $17,218 $24,943 $33,331
To insert into Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily
Democrat, Hampton Union, Exeter News-Letter
and Rochester Times
per 1,000
$30 $30 $30 $30
to insert into York Weekly, York County Coast Star
and Sanford News
per 1,000
$40 $42 $46 $52
to insert in Total Market Coverage
per 1,000
$54 $66 SMG write & edit
$350 $350 bindery
per 1000
$525 na
$82 $91
$24 $24
$2,000 or 40% deposit, whichever greater, due
before print date. The design and pagination of the
section is included in the price. All sections printed
on 35# premium bright white paper. Prices are
subject to change, subject to paper cost.
display rates
classified display
rate descriptionpci- per day publication
All other NH/ME combo All other Sunday All other NH open rate
All other ME open rate
NH and Maine
NH Classifieds
NH Classifieds
Maine Classifieds
rate descriptionpci- per daypublication
Employment NH open $19.95*
Employment NH/ME combo $29.10
Employment ME $14.55
Employment agency net
Employment agency PU - net $21.00
Seacoast Careers/print combo $105**
NH Classifieds
NH and Maine Classifieds
Maine Classifieds
NH and Maine Classifieds
NH and Maine Classifieds
* Pick up a 2nd day for 25% discount; 3-7th days get 40% discount (must run within 7 days to receive discount)
**Forced buy all help wanted display ads run on Seacoast Careers for 14 days and for 7
SERVICE Directory
rate descriptionpci- per day minimum buy publication
Service Directory NH 13x
Service Directory Sunday
Service Directory NH 30x Service Directory ME 8 wks
Service Directory ME 26 wks
Service Directory ME 52 wks
$11.50 $12.48 $8.94 $9.00 $7.20 $6.00 1col x 2” for 13 insertions = $299.00
1 colx2” ad for 4 Sundays = $99.84
1col x 2” ad for 30 days = $536.40
2 col x 1.5” ad for 8 weeks = $180.00
2 col x 1.5” ad /6 mos. = $86.400/mo.
2 col x 1.5” ad/ 12 mos. = $72.00/mo.
NH Classifieds - choose the day and your ad
appears in all publications that publish on that day
Seacoast Sunday Sunday
Portsmouth Herald
Mon. - Sat.
Foster’s Daily Democrat
Mon. - Sat.
Hampton Union
Tues. and Fri.
Exeter News-Letter
Tues. and Fri.
Rochester Times Thurs. (scheduled on Wed.)
ME Classifieds include all three
York Weekly
York County Coast Star
Sanford News Thurs.
NH Classifieds
NH Classifieds
NH Classifieds
Maine Classifieds
Maine Classifieds
Maine Classifieds
Real Estate
Rates include listings on
open rate 6 issues 12 issues color
2 full facing pages $850
full page
1/2 page horizontal $400
back page
$650 included
quarter page $200
Rates for non real estate advertising
open rate color
full page $325
half page $180
quarter page $95
For online listing customers: a $140 charge is allocated to
the Internet to come off of the print price. Classifieds
line ad rates
online rates
n Auto Max Exposure – Print: 10 line ad for 30 days in
NH classifieds and 4 weeks in the Maine classifieds, 30
days online at for $29.
n Auto Quick Sale – Print: 10 line ad for 10 days in the NH
classifieds, 2 weeks in the Maine classifieds, 10 days online
at for $19.
n ONLINE Only Ad 2 days online at
cars with limited text free (must be placed online).
Real Estate Online Packages
open rate 3 mos. 6 mos. 12 mos.
Premium Automatic Post N/A
$295 $250 $195
(from ListHub, unlimited listings)
Basic Manual Post
$169 $130 $118 $107
n Maximum Exposure – 14 days in NH classifieds,
14 days online, 5 line ad $39.
n Quick Sale ad – 7 days in NH classifieds, 7 days online,
5 line ad $20.
n Merchandise for sale under $500 – Single items
under $500. Your 5 line ad runs for 3 days in NH classifieds,
1 issue of ME classifieds and online for 3 days FREE. Must
be placed online or mailed.
Yard SaleS
n NH Classifieds – 3 days print and online, 15 line ad for
just $32.40
n ME Classifieds – 1 day in print, 4 days online, 15 lines
Buy both NH and ME classifieds for $39.90 (deadline is Tues at
11 a.m.)
Help Wanted
n Elevation Package – 2 Sundays in Seacoast Sunday,
10 lines of text and 30 days online for $213.50
n Employment Foundation Package – includes 3
consecutive days NH classifieds, 10 lines of text plus 14
days online for $191.25
n Employment online only – 30 days includes spotlight
upgrade for $199.
Real Estate
n Maximum Exposure ad – 5 line ad for 10 days NH
classifieds, 10 days online, $158.50.
n Quick Sale ad – 5 line ad for 7 days NH classifieds,
7 days online, $119.
n Online Only – 30 days online only, upload photos, $99.
Business Service Directory
n NH Classifieds – 4 line ad runs everyday for 4 weeks in
print and online, cost is $140.
n NH Classifieds – 4 line ad runs everyday for 8 weeks in
print and online, cost is $264.32.
n ME Classifieds – 4 line ad runs for 4 weeks in print and
4 weeks online, cost is $84.
n Maine Classifieds – 1 week print, 4 lines, 7 days online,
$31.50. Extra lines are $3.50 each.
Add your logo or photo to your line ad for just $5
Single listing for 30 days – $99
Single listing with display ad purchase – $50
Real Estate feed packages available for multiple location offices,
please inquire.
Help Wanted Online Packages
Online only single job posting for 30 days – $180
Standard Local Package – Unlimited access to resume
database, company profile with link to job listings and four ongoing
job slots. 3 months at $188 per month or 12 months at $148 per
Enhanced Local Package – Unlimited access to resume
database, company profile with link to job listings and eight ongoing
job slots. 3 months at $360 per month or 12 months at $280 per
Contract advertisers receive a 25% discount off help wanted display
rates. Multi Media packages available for recruiting across multiple
SMG print and online products, please inquire.
The best way to market your auto inventory online in a dealer
friendly marketplace. We will help you increase your profits
while protecting and increasing your market share.
Program includes:
• Expanded Audience Exposure
• Enhanced Inventory features
• Complete inventory uploaded daily
• Multiple photos
• Multiple links to your Web site
• No conquest or competitive ads on
your detail pages
• Prominent contact lead form
• Lead management and tracking tools
• Email and telephone call tracking
• On demand reporting Dashboard
• 5 line ads per month
100+ cars – $1,095
40-100 cars – $795
25-40 cars – $595
less than 25 cars – $400
Online Ads
box ads
Box Ads are the foundation of online advertising, and are the standard for
building brand awareness. They reach a large audience and have a healthy
return on your investment. While Box Ads are available on all pages, you
can select the audience that’s most desirable for your business with a
Targeted Banner Campaign. (Premiums apply)
Half Page (Tower)
60kb max file size
Animation: 15 sec. max, 3 loops
Open Rate: $22.00 CPM
Targeted 300x250 campaigns
now available on section fronts.
$26 cpm
1st and 2nd Medium
40kb max file size
Animation: 15 sec. max, 3 loops
Open Rate: $21.00 CPM
3rd Medium Rectangle
Must be JPG or GIF, 40kb
Open Rate: $14.00 CPM
Increase your brand awareness and message impact
by purchasing both the top leaderboard and medium
rectangle ad units together in a roadblock campaign.
Both ads load on the page at the same time giving your
company’s message increased visibility. Choose between
ROS or home page placement.
Specs: same as Box ad and Leaderboard specs
Rates: ROS 728x90px and 300x250px $31 cpm,
ROS 728x90px and 300x600px $33 cpm
Ask your Account Executive about
our Homepage Roadbock.
leaderboard ads
As with box ads, Leaderboard ads enable creative brand
awareness and result in healthy ROI. These can be
purchased separately or as part of a roadblock campaign.
Top Leaderboard
40kb max file size
Animation: 15 sec. max, 3 loops
Open Rate: $21.00 CPM
Bottom Leaderboard
Same specs as left
Open Rate: $14.00 CPM
Online Ads
sliding billboard ads
Sliding Billboard ads have high impact and are memorable.
Visitors will first see your ad when they arrive on the
Seacoastonline home page. After 10 seconds, the large
ad unit will slide into a pencil-sized ad unit that remains
on the page for the duration of the day.
Sliding Billboard Ad
1024x300px (80kb) into 1024x30px (20kb)
100kb max file size
Animation: 10 sec. max
Rate: $600 1st day. $500 2nd day. $400 3rd day. $300 4th day.
See your representative for additional day pricing.
carousel ads
This ad unit appears in our rotating homepage carousel and will be
the only ad running in the carousel. The carousel is located above
the fold among top news stories. As the exclusive ad located in this
prime position, it is sure to get visitors’ attention and make a lasting
impression that will connect with your audience.
Carousel ad
carousel 396x474px (40kb), thumbnail 127x102px (10kb)
Static JPG
60kb max file size
Carousel Position: #3, scrolls every 11 seconds
Rate: $1,350 for 7 days (Mon. – Sun.)
mobile ads
Reach your customers wherever they
may be: at work, play or anywhere in
between! Drive brand awareness and
new user acquisition in a rapidly growing
technology and reach an
affluent segment of on-the-go
Mobile Run-of-Site
320x50px, 300x250px
15kb max file size
Rate: $21 CPM
video pre-roll
& in banner
Watching videos is quickly becoming a
favorite pastime for many people. Now
reach this captive audience with a pre-roll
ad that runs before the video is played.
For all the details please inquire with your
marketing consultant today.
Digital Marketing
Let’s face it. In today’s electronically driven world, traditional
marketing methods no longer are sufficient on their own. A
strong digital presence is essential for the success of any
business. Propel offers solutions to establish a strong online
presence for your business through a variety of products and
services that can be tailored to meet your needs.
Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns – A dedicated campaign
manager will monitor, manage and update your search engine
marketing campaigns on Google, Bing or Yahoo! based on
your budget. We’ll provide reporting guidance and direct
communication to help deliver potential clients to your business.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – With millions of
searches being performed online every day, it’s important to
do everything possible to rank well on search engines. We can
optimize your website to translate well to search engines and
improve your performance.
Web Design and Hosting – We offer a full line of web
development services for our clients. Whether you need a brand
new website, a landing page for a pay per click campaign,
or just some tweaks and changes made to your existing site,
we can accommodate your request. We also provide top of
the line hosting services for your website and e-mail with live
representatives to assist you.
Reputation Management – Regardless of what line of
business you are in, people are talking about you on the web.
Marketing Blacksmith offers a reputation management platform
that brings reviews and mentions of your business into one
centralized location so you can be aware of what is being said
about you.
advanced audience
Limelight Deals is a way to promote your business—Risk Free!
There are no up-front fees to participate. It’s a profit sharing
venture so we make money only if you make money. In addition
to the revenue you can generate through Limelight, your
business will also benefit from the comprehensive advertising
campaign we implement to promote your deal. Your offer will
be advertised in our print and online products, emailed to our
subscriber list and published to various social networks such as
Facebook and Twitter. With no risk and huge rewards, call today
to become the next Limelight Deal!
Business Listing Distribution – There are too many listing
and directory sites on the internet to count. Erroneous and
missing information on your listings will lead to missed
opportunities and dissatisfied customers. With listing
distribution, one central listing can maintain your visibility across
the web.
For more information, please call 866-344-7716
or email [email protected]
Social Media Management – Through the use of social media
profiles, businesses can maintain free, results driven advertising
to customers who have already showed their support. We
can build custom profiles for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and
LinkedIn, help you to carve out a social marketing strategy and
even maintain your profiles for you.
Email Marketing – Why wait for a customer to come to you?
We can help you actively market to your customers through the
use of a custom email marketing campaign.
OnTarget Display Network – Online display ads targeted
specifically to the customer parameters that you set, placed in
premium positions at the top of the websites most visited by
your target audience. As a private network, there is no bidding
for position or third party placement. Higher viewability than
other display networks means greater results and increased
return on investment.
Online at
how it works:
Create an offer – Using your creative
assets and our merchandising team we
will help you create an offer that is sure to
generate new customers.
Promote the deal – The day your
offer goes live we send it via email to our
members (over 15,000), as well as promote
it through Seacoast Media Group’s suite of
Customers buy and share – A
confirmation is emailed to the buyers with
the coupon to redeem at your store. In the
mean time, buyers are sharing your offer on
Facebook and Twitter.
You get cash and customers – At
the end of the deal, you get money and a
LOT of new customers.

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