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here - OBEY Convention
June 6 – June 9, 2013 • Halifax, Nova Scotia
he OBEY Convention, Eastern Canada’s only music and arts festival dedicated to the
cultural outsider, is thrilled to return with an uncompromising sixth season. Some of the
acts scheduled to perform include bizarre indie darling Mac DeMarco (Montreal), Sub
Pop’s hardcore punks Pissed Jeans (Philadelphia, PA ), the world’s most supple free-jazz-punk
drummer Chris Corsano (Boston, MA), power noise punisher Pete Swanson (New York, NY),
ghost and song conjurer Grouper (Astoria, OR), psychedelic dream brothers Tonstartssbandht
(New York, NY/Montreal, QC), neo-classical drone composer Kyle Bobby Dunn (Toronto,
ON), cosmic jammers PC Worship (Brooklyn, NY), indie proggers Each Other (Montreal, QC),
hard rawk weirdoes Babysitter (Victoria, BC), psych outfit The Ketamines (Toronto, ON), and
Halifax’s very own road warrior party duo Cousins.
Besides music, look forward to parasitic art installations by James Gauvreau at the main
events, an outdoor “Music for Plants” experience by Lindsay Dobbin and friends, experimental
video screenings at the library, an art opening by Mitchelle Weibe, a resonating building, and
plenty more.
All events will take place at artist run and alternative spaces around the city—The Khyber
Centre for the Arts, The Bus Stop Theatre, the Common Roots Urban Farm, Lost & Found, the
Halifax Public Library and more. As usual, OBEY will bring in deluxe sound and light equipment
to maximize fidelity and audience pleasure. The main event venues are small and always sell out
quickly. Passes are now on sale online and at Lost & Found.
INFO | Lost & Found (2382 Agricola Street)
Khyber Centre for the Arts | 1588 Barrington Street
Bus Stop Theatre | 2203 Gottingen Street
Lost & Found | 2383 Agricola Street
One Block Barber Shop | 2010 Gottingen Street
Spring Garden Public Library | 5640 Spring Garden Road
San Antonios Church Hall | 6141 Chebucto Road
Common Roots Urban Farm | Corner of Robie Street and Bell Road
Ahna (Vancouver, BC)
Ahna is probably the heaviest and scariest band at the OBEY Convention this year. They deal
in the doom and power violence genres, bringing a sonic assault to our festival stage that is
guaranteed to induce a collective audience panic attack. OBEY has always tried to showcase acts
from Vancouver’s vibrant DIY community. The members of Ahna are leaders in this scene, not
only for being champions of everything underground on the West Coast, but also for simply being
one of Vancouver’s most devastating bands.
Andrew Patterson (Halifax, NS)
As a musician, Andrew has drummed for the exploding, candy-coated pop group Monomyth, the
spacey outcross-funk ensemble Deep Conditions and shares vocal, bass and percussion duties
in Atlantic Canada’s hardest working ESG cover band, EFG. His writing has been featured in
The Periodical Project, on the walls of Lost & Found and in two self-published chapbooks, 2010’s
Shards Bring Luck and 2013’s Collecting Unica. His appearance at OBEY marks his first foray into
performative reading.
Andy Boay (New York, NY)
One half of the sibling duo Tonsstartbandht, Andy Boay mines the furthest realms of abstract
psychedelia. His music continuously flows over multiple genres and moods, creating a dreamlike
experience for the listener where logic has no place in predicting one moment to the next, yet
everything makes more sense than it ever has before.
Arthur Bull and Norman Adams (Halifax, NS)
suddenlyLISTEN’s Arthur Bull is an experimental guitarist who has been active in the Canadian
free music scene since the 70s. He utilizes an aggressive style that is reminiscent of other hard
attacking virtuosos such as Derek Baily, Peter Brotzmann, and Evan Parker. Norman Adams is
the principle cellist for the Nova Scotia Symphony and artist director of suddenlyLISTEN, He
is responsible for hosting and performing at some of the most progressive concerts in Halifax
from over the past decade—Pauline Oliveros, Joelle Leandre, Eddie Prevost, and many more.
suddenlyLISTEN has been a constant inspiration for our work here at the OBEY Convention.
5110 Prince St (corner Prince & Lower Water)
Downtown Halifax • 425-2140
SIDEKICK STORE:101 Portland Street
Downtown Dartmouth • 444-2140
The widest and wisest selection of comics,
graphic novels, games, toys & nifty stuff!
Babysitter (Victoria, BC)
Babysitter is one of the premier garage punk bands in the country. Their sound is born of groups
like The Stooges, The MC5, and maybe even The Stones, but with a good dose of West Coast punk
thrown in the mix (they are from the same town as The Neos). Late last year they released an LP
on Montreal’s Psychedelic Handshake (Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Red Mass++), and they just
started a tour that has no end in sight. Bands this earnest, powerful and road tested don’t come
along too often. Bear witness to real Canadian rock and roll.
Broken Deer (Halifax, NS)
Halifax’s Lindsay Dobbin makes remarkable music as Broken Deer. Inspired by New Age
maxims and a fondness for the great (Northern) outdoors, she manages to record truly unique,
experimental electronic folk music for the 21st century.
Chief Thundercloud (Halifax, NS)
Craig Currie has been writing and singing disenchanted, warbling songs in Halifax for a long
time, both as a member of the death defying, catch-all-punk group Scribbler and on his lonesome
as Chief Thundercloud. He’s produced about as many cassettes as the year 1987 and almost never
shows up on time or sans bedhead. His songs fluctuate between a fractured lonesomeness and a
laconic fearlessness.
Chris Corsano (Boston, MA)
Chris Corsano first came on our radar after the release of his solo
drum opius The Young Cricketer back in 2006. As far as drums
are concerned, it’s not like anything else you’ve ever heard. The
record is an epic journey through what seems like every possible
sound that a drum set can produce. That Corsano is one of the
most skilled percussionists playing today goes without saying,
but it’s his reckless, punk rock approach to the instrument
that makes him so remarkable. He was Björk’s drummer for
2007-8, and has also collaborated with Evan Parker, Jandek,
Jim O’Rourke, C. Spencer Yeh, Paul Flaherty, and Bill Orcutt.
Corsano is another artist who we have been talking to about Halifax for many years. This one of a
kind performance will be a highlight of OBEY VI. Be sure not to miss it.
“…seriously one of the most exciting drummers on the planet.” -Adam Richards,
Cousins (Halifax, NS)
It’s strange that Cousin’s has yet to play the OBEY Convention. They are one of Halifax’s hardest
working groups, and they bring it live like nobody’s business. If you crave indie rock that is full of
energy and straight to the point, Cousins is your band. The duo of Aaron Mangle (drums, guitar,
vocals) and Leigh Dotey (drums, vocals) stomp out some of the catchiest tunes this city has ever
heard. It is pure genius and 100% fun. Cousins tour nonstop, so we are so grateful to them for
taking a break to cast their charms at our little festival. Be sure not to miss one of Halifax’s best.
D/A A/D (Halifax, NS)
Alex Pearson records dark ambient and industrial drone as D/A A/D. Taking a nerdy approach to
DIY sound-hacking and analog synthesis, he manages to churn out some truly wrought music—
possibly inspired by 80s b-horror film soundtracks.
Each Other (Montreal, QC)
Although now from Montreal, Each Other really is the
quintessential Halifax band. They evoke the famous ’90s
Halifax Pop Explosion scene with their shining chords and slick
harmonies. Bands like Sloan, Super Friendz, and Thrush Hermit
all play an influence here. But of course, Each Other are way
more progressive and mathematical than any of those groups.
For those old enough to remember, following the poppy indie
rock movement of the 90’s was the post-punk scene surrounding
North of America in the early 00’s. The dizzying displays of
timing and musicianship from NOA and related bands made a
serious impression on this town. The kids in Each Other (and Christian..haha) ate it up. Many
of Each Other’s past projects—Long Long Long, The Burdocks, Hop on Pop—explored this cross
section between Halifax pop and post-punk. Each Other starts where those bands left off. They
take the best of all their influences and past projects to produce a cohesive sound unlike anything
we’ve heard before. Each Other’s playing is difficult and impressive, and their songs are catchy
and fun. Perfect band.
“Each Other is an exciting new group bursting with energy. Their terrific second six-track EP
Heavily Spaced is confident, dynamic, garagey, angular, jangly, mathy, and melodious—almost as if
the bastard sons of The Magic Band and Preston School of Industry were being raised by Panda Bear
and Andy Partridge.” Review of Heavily Spaced —Pop Matters
Grouper (Astoria, OR)
As a result of a strange series of events, Liz Harris (aka Grouper)
ended up playing in Halifax last June. We were already fans
of her ghostly songs, with albums like her acclaimed Dragging
a Dead Deer Up a Hill being in rotation here at the office for
years before her visit. Anyone who has listened to a Grouper
record knows of the spell this music can cast. Harris’ mix of
ambience, noise and song has an emotional power that is hard
to describe. The records always left us unsettled. But the live
show was another deal altogether. We still hear from people that
can’t shake the experience. No wonder she is in such demand
worldwide, playing with acts like Animal Collective, The Swans, The Boredoms, and many more.
Grouper does not perform in too many North American cities, so we are grateful to have her back
in Halifax this year.
“Talking to people about her music, people who are typically ready to share half-formed opinions
about music of any kind, I find they often have trouble coming up with words; when it really hits, as
it often does here, the music of Grouper creates a feeling that can only be defined as awe, an uncanny
mixture of wonder and dread that nobody does better.” Best New Music, Pitchfork
Heaven for Real (Halifax, NS)
You know that theory of how monsters who look kind of like humans are way creepier to humans
than really monsterish monsters? Well, Heaven For Real make pop music that is almost pop
music, but never quite, and it’s all the more arresting because of it. The Brothers Grundy have
whipped up a brand new bag, and left drummer Nathan Doucet holding it. Skittering songs that
never rest easy, shimmering guitars and a strange, intellectual malaise are the backbone of this
band. Oh, and the banter. My stars, the twin-brother banter. It’s to die for.
Heather Rappard (Halifax, NS)
Longtime festival friend Heather Rappard uses video and film to beautifully depict the abstract
narratives of music. Her images are dreamlike and surreal, adding layers of meaning and intrigue
to the songs they accompany. Her videos have appeared on Noisey, Weird Canada, Stereogum,
Impose, Hartzine, and at festivals such as Pop Montreal, Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax
Independent Film Festival, and Halifax Pop Explosion. We think she is a special talent, and so are
very pleased to finally be presenting a much deserved, full retrospective of her work at this year’s
High Rise II (Montreal, QC)
High Rise II is the Tonsstartsbandht bros and their pal Jesse Hicks. Like their inspiration,
Japanese psych rockers High Rise, High Rise II uses blown-out riff worship and speaker
shattering distortion to deliver transcendence through rock and roll. It is a completely different
form of psychedelia from the brothers’ main outlet, but one that is equally potent.
James Gauvreau (Halifax, NS)
James Gauvreau is a video and installation artist from Halifax by way of Toronto. His work has
appeared at various festivals and events throughout Canada, and he also hosts a weekly 16mm
film series in Halifax called Sprocket Damage. OBEY Conventioners will know him best for the
hypnotizing video loops he presented in the Turret Room at last year’s installment. We were
constantly ungluing zoned festival goers from their seats in Gauveau’s special chill-out theatre.
For this year’s festival, he will be presenting large scale installations at each of the main events.
His work crew is in place. The plans have been drafted. Let’s see what happens next.
JFM (Toronto, ON)
JFM is the solo electronics project of Toronto sound and visual artist Jesse Matthews. A nomadic
creator, he navigates the outer sound waves, plucking bits and pieces of junk noise from the sonic
ether as he drifts. With a new LP just out on DIVORCE, he returns to the OBEY Convention this
year to once again win hearts and fry minds.
Kyle Bobby Dunn (Toronto, ON)
Weird Canada’s Jesse Locke first introduced us to the music of composer Kyle Bobby Dunn
back in 2011. We gripped his Ways of Meaning LP at the time, and it has been an all time favorite
Canadian release ever since. Kyle’s music mixes elements of drone, ambient, and neo-classical
influence. He has mastered the craft of subtly shifting tones and notes to create enormous sonic
space. His music is powerful and often stirs emotion. This was our second year trying to get Kyle
for OBEY, so we are absolutely thrilled that he decided to make the trip.
“This is the most delicate bliss I’ve ever experienced.” — Anti-Gravity Bunny
Mac DeMarco (Montreal, QC)
The OBEY Convention is proud to present the Halifax debut of
Edmonton by-way-of Montreal indie darling Mac Demarco. His
bizarre, androgynous YouTube videos and Weenish sensibilities
are an irresistible combination for us here at OBEY Convention
headquarters. And our eyes and ears from across the country tell
us that his live show only just starts where the online persona
leaves off—sleazy banter, uncomfortable stories, inter-band
kissing, and god knows what else. All that jazz makes Mac an
experimenter and a true original, for sure, but beyond the antics,
it’s his ability to write and perform brilliant, chilled-out tunes
that make this twenty two year old such a star. His two Captured Tracks LPs have made too many
best of lists to even count. Check out Mac Demarco in Halifax while you still have the chance. Not
to be missed.
“a great guitarist, deft and spare, with all manner of little calypso flourishes, and the ear to bash up
the song a bit if that’s what’s called for” —NME
“undeniably fun to listen to” —The Fader
Mitchell Wiebe (Halifax, NS)
Halifax art icon Mitchell Wiebe has performed at the OBEY Convention with Soaking Up Jagged,
Cat Bag and probably a few others over the years, but for some reason we have yet to feature
his paintings. Wiebe’s artwork explores a universe of magical creatures living impossible lives. His forms seem to be more connected to pure energy than to particular physical bodies. His style
is loose and flowing. One can only assume that his ideas emanate from tuned-up dreams and
subconscious states, then burst onto the canvas fully formed and alive. A messenger from another
realm? It sure seems that way to us. Mitchell Wiebe is one of our all time favorite artists. We are
thrilled to finally showcase his art at this year’s festival.
Moon (Halifax, NS)
Moon makes krautrock, but instead of trying peyote or trying to re-create the German national
identity, they’re just trying their damnedest to not make another Halifax guitar pop band. And
for that, we are eternally thankful. We are thankful for boys and girls in the same band. Thankful
for the punk-rock flute. Thankful for guitarist Noel MacDonald’s sagely musicianship. Thankful,
as always, for cherubic frontman Andrew Neville. Moon is inspired as much by the galactic
satellite orbiting Earth as by a pair of fresh, rosy cheeks out the passenger side window.
Naza (Halifax, NS)
Alienating hardcore jams from members of Bad Vibrations, Genetic Angry and Bloodhouse.
These gnarly dudes come together to celebrate the early ’80s outsiders of punk rock. A new LP is
on the way this spring.
Organ Magic (Halifax, NS)
What probably begins with YouTube videos on circuit bending then leads to improvised
industrial techno via off-the-cuff samples and propulsive, woozy rhythms. Halifax’s Magnus
von Tiesenhausen and Jesse Mitchell have been dropping sets of custom electronics wizardry
at sweaty venues near you for the last few years. Their OBEY debut promises to dazzle your
rhythmic and sonic senses.
Paradise (Montreal, QC)
Paradise is a mysterious new musical project by Stacey Ho, Laurence O. and long time festival
and DIVORCE collaborator Tobias Rochman (Grand Trine, Be Bad++). They plan on “murdering”
OBEY. We’re still not sure what that means.
PC Worship (New York, NY)
Our good friend and US talent scout Zachary Fairbrother from Lantern first told us about the
weird sounds of Brooklyn collective PC Worship. This is super chilled out music with loads of
instruments, toys, voices and noise all just worming inside these zoned slacker tunes. Perfect late
night mood music. There are a bunch of surfers in this band, which probably explains the easy
pace of these dark jams (and why they want to come to Nova Scotia). PC Worship just released
an LP called Beat Punk on Ducktails’ label New Images, and they will be racing out of Halifax to
open for Animal Collective in New York right after OBEY.
“We’ve spoken nothing but kindness about the rad dudes in post-punk contortionists PC Worship
and there’s a damn good reason for that. The group—spearheaded by Justin Frye and a rotating
cast of characters with impressive pedigrees—is collective improvisation at its finest, making tiny
psychedelic nuggets that often stampede out of the speakers. Their sound is a full frontal assault on
a good system and in the live setting, and after getting familiar with PC Worship fans of noise and
spazzy, scuzzy rock are often left out with little to complain about.” —Ad hoc
Pete Swanson (New York, NY)
Noise fans will know Pete Swanson from his prolific, eardrum shattering duo Yellow Swans.
Since going solo, Swanson has further pushed the limits of sound both live and on record. With
solo releases on Type, Mexican Summer, Software Records and more, Swanson is ushering in
a new era of noise. His is the sound of broken beats battling it out with shredded speakers, an
industrial techno that will have the weak-willed club kids running for cover. This is punishing
stuff. Swanson’s PA rider is the most sonically demanding request we have seen in six seasons.
Show up early and hold on to your innards.
“With his most recent solo album, Man With Potential, Swanson has produced his first solo
masterpiece. Its core is instantly recognizable as Swanson: wild, entirely improvised electronics
wrought out of erratic hardware, then looped and edited into a whole of preternatural depth and
musicality.” — Kiran Sande, Fact Magazine
“It might sound paradoxical, but there really is a meditative aspect to Swanson’s flying noise. That’s
not surprising given his history of infusing all kinds of sounds with Zen-like serenity” —Marc
Masters, Pitchfork
Pissed Jeans (Allentown, PA)
We have been talking up Halifax to Sub Pop’s Pissed Jeans for
a few years now. The band encompasses everything that we
like about hardcore punk—aggression, rage, power, honesty,
and individuality. They follow in the tradition of punk bands
like Black Flag who pushed past the sometimes scene- imposed
limitations of the genre to reinvent the way punk is played and
received. Pissed Jeans are furious live. Prepare for a frenzy.
“They have a complete command of their craft: The riffs surge and
explode without ever devolving into free-noise abstraction, and
drummer Sean McGuinness pounds his kit like it reneged on a bet.” —Spin Magazine
“From the ashes of Myelin Sheaths and Endangered Ape, Lethbridge’s Ketamines have concocted
a heady record of tightly toasted jams that split the psych and garage spectrums evenly and apply
a wondrous sheen of pop to both. Following up a stellar single for HoZac the band have taken those
early bits of psych-pop crumble and refined them to a kaleidoscopic crunch on Spaced Out. The record
swings and flutters, blinks in and out of consciousness and then turns the amps to full fuzzed freakout
and makes it all go down with delightful ease. This one sees release through the love of Southpaw in
conjunction with Alberta label Mammoth Cave Recording Co. Definitely a good year for the crew at
Southpaw out of the gates so far, keep your eyes on Oakland for a fresh gust of garage and psych this
year.” —Raven Sings the Blues, Spaced Out! Review
The Party Upstairs (Port Williams, NS)
Despite being a new act, Port William’s Aaron Webster has released a fair share of psychedelic
sound bites, including a particularly trippy Ke$ha remix on his Bandcamp, as The Party Upstairs.
Webster would probably find good company wedged between Eric Copeland and Dan Deacon on
your next “out-there” party playlist.
Tonstartssbandht (New York, NY)
Arbutus Records brother duo Tonstartssbandht sing reverb
drenched, a capella hymns. They also play long form, delayalicious
drum and guitar scorchers seemingly designed to guide both the
listener and the band towards spiritual ascension. Every time we
spin one of their records, we hear something entirely different.
Indeed, it’s a rich psychedelia that we are about to enter when
Tonstartssbandht roll into town. In the months leading up to
OBEY, they will be touring Russia and Europe, fine tuning all this
sorcery. There’s no telling the mystical, musical powers they will
have acquired by the time they reach our fine shores in June.
“The borders are indistinct, the words (if there are any) obscured, but the sensation is of boundless,
ecstatic space. You hear this and you’re glad the band has taken the time to tell you how to pronounce
“Tonstartssbandht,” because you get the feeling you’re going to be talking about them for a while”
—Dusted magazine
Stelliform (Halifax, NS)
Stelliform is the experimental ambient project of Halifax’s Brian Hunter. Exploring a range of
frequencies from sub bass rumble to high-end shrills, Hunter’s meditative drones and engaging
sound collages offer a well-rounded music experience.
Torso (Halifax, NS)
Sandy Saunders (aka Torso) has been recording and performing power electronic and noise for
almost a decade. He is one of the original DIVORCE Records artists and helped found the OBEY
Convention back in 2007. Torso is considered one of the most powerful and emotionally crushing
noise artists in Canada. Although performances are rare, Saunders is the only artist to have
performed at every installment of the OBEY Convention.
The Ketamines (Toronto, ON)
The Ketamines hail originally from Lethbridge, Alberta and have been making pristine, psychpop records for over a decade. Now based in Toronto, these meddlesome rockers recently
garnered some international attention for their billionth release, last year’s Spaced Out LP.
They understand the two most important things about being in a garage-pop band in the year
2013: discernment and excitement. On record, each song is well crafted and carefully captured,
all potential incendiary singles. Live, The Ketamines erupt with hot rocks, fizzling over bright
orange, vital rock and roll magma.
Walrus (Halifax, NS)
Despite popular misinterpretations, Walrus is not the walrus. They are, however, a bunch of
shaggy-haired bohemes that call their “label” Poncho Records and work exclusively in the
fluorescent or dayglo colour palette. Instead of cartoon canaries, the various members of Walrus
circle around the head of Anton Newcombe when he is knocked unconscious by an unforeseen
anvil or steps accidentally on a rake. Their songs are drenched in reverb, riddled by shakers and
get released at an alarming rate considering their daydreamy sound’s suggestion that they are the
most insouciant young turks in the HRM.
tHurSdAy, JuNe 6
SAturdAy, JuNe 8
doG SHow
Lost & Found • 6 pm • All Ages | FREE
HeAtHer rAPPArd retroSPectiVe
Spring Garden Public Library • 1pm | FREE
eAcH otHer, mooN, Stelliform
One Block Barber Shop • 8 pm • All Ages | $8 Door
weird tHe GAtHeriNG: New AGe teA PArty
Bus Stop Theatre • 4 pm • All Ages | Artists and Passholders only
mAc demArco, tHe ketAmiNeS,
yellow teetH, HeAVeN for reAl
The Khyber Ballroom and Turret • 10 pm • 19+ | $15
ANdy BoAy, Jfm, ANdrew PAtterSoN
One Block Barber Shop • 5 pm • All Ages | FREE
cHriS corSANo, ArtHur Bull & Norm AdAmS, worker
Bus Stop Theatre • 7:30 pm • Wet/Dry | $15
PiSSed JeANS, BABySitter, AHNA, NAzA
The Khyber Ballroom and Turret • 10 pm • 19+ | $15
fridAy, JuNe 7
GrAce NoteS
Spring Garden Public Library • 12 pm • All Ages | FREE
PortAl SHifterS – New workS By mitcHell wieBe
The Khyber • 6 pm • All Ages | FREE
toNStArtSSBANdHt, couSiNS, HiGH riSe ii, wAlruS
Bus Stop Theatre • 7:30 pm •Wet/Dry | $10
Pete SwANSoN, Pc worSHiP, orGAN mAGic,
BrokeN deer, d/A A/d
The Khyber Ballroom and Turret • 10 pm • 19+ | $10
muSic for PlANtS ANd food wolf BruNcH
Common Roots Urban Farm • 1pm | FREE
riNGiNG BuildiNG – kHyBer HAllwAy PASS
By williAm roBiNSoN
Khyber • 2–4 pm • All Ages | FREE
reStrictioNS feAturiNG torSo
Lost and Found • 4 pm • All Ages | FREE
GrouPer, kyle BoBBy duNN, cHief tHuNdercloud
San Antonios Church Hall (Small) • 7:30 pm • All Ages | $15
William Robinson (Halifax, NS)
We first saw William Robinson’s sound art back in 2011 at Halifax’s art at night event Nocturne.
Quite by accident, we walked into the beautiful Saint Matthew’s Church to find an electric guitar
dangling from a pulley on the ceiling. Squelching and squealing thirty feet below was a tight
circle of upturned Marshall stacks with the volume obviously jacked to ten. As the guitar came
crashing down, we braced for what was to be a most excellent sonic explosion. To experience
such irreverent, intense and uncontrolled sound in one of Halifax’s most beautiful buildings was
quite moving. William has done installations in New York, Berlin, and Bergen. He has amazing
ideas that combine sound and visual spectacles. When we met, he started talking about a car that
plays drums! Stuff like that. I’m not sure why we’ve waited so long to nab him for OBEY, but we’re
psyched to have him on board this year.
Yellowteeth (Sackville, NB)
Folks in the know often say that hardcore kids are some of the nicest people you’re bound to
meet. The idea being that they get all their aggression out on stage. I suspect this is also true
of mammoth rockers Yellowteeth. Comprised of four young sweethearts from Sackville, New
Brunswick, Yellowteeth make crushingly loud, frenetic rock and roll. Nic shouts his heart out,
Kev bulldozes with his bass, Evan makes your heart murmur and Josée sears your face.
Art and other Randomness
Dog Show
We would be pleased to make your acquaintance at the OBEY Convention VI opening party
and group show! New art work by Miriam Moren, Dan Joyce, Sheryl Haws, Jody Zinner, Katie
Hernandez, and Kate Walchuk. Music by Paradise (Montreal, QC).
Grace Notes
Video works by Sarah Fuller, Nikolai Gauer, Tamara Henderson, Helen Hill, Steve Hubert, Seth
Smith, and Alize Zorlutuna. Curated by Stacey Ho.
A film is a mirage that pacifies or awakens the imagination. In dreams, heterogeneous
instances come together to form complex entities. Similarly, no single idea succinctly describes
the interplay between film and monument, writing and dreaming that comprise a work. Each part
hints at a larger whole.
The notion of grace is a platform that is open to adaptation. Rather than delineating a
definitive explanation, GRACE NOTES composes a singular presentation, one of many possible
versions. The plurality of means apparent in this collection of films and videos enrich this loose
platform. Looking out from all angles, each of these works hints at a graceful way of approaching
movement and action.
Heather Rappard Retrospective
Heather Rappard looks to music as her muse. Inspired by the evocative qualities of sound, she
translates music into moving images. By using a variety of experimental techniques and formats,
her videos present a distorted reflection of the songs they accompany.
Weird the Gathering: New Age Tea Party
Join Weird Canada for an afternoon mellow; rare vintage new age, replenishing tea ceremony,
and a guided discussion into the weird and wonderful labyrinth of the Canadian underground.
Common Roots Urban Farm Presents—
Music for Plants and Food Wolf Brunch
Improvised music. An urban farm. Springing plants. Locally-sourced brunch. All these elements
will come together on Sunday afternoon’s Music for Plants—a performance of improvised music
where artists will create soundscapes and textures inspired by their interactions with the plants
at Common Roots Urban Farm. Inspired by her love of nature and sound, Lindsay Dobbin wanted
to create an environment where the connection between the two could be explored, and she has
invited her collaborators Evan Cardwell (Double Vision Quest) and Jesse Matthews (JFM), who
call themselves JOURNEYS, to go on that quest. Tim Crabtree of Paper Beat Scissors will also be
performing his more ambient, improvisational sounds. Other artists TBA.
Common Roots Urban Farm aims to deepen the connection between people and nature, and
OBEY is thrilled to be part of that adventure by offering sound as a modality to grow food and
Ringing Building—Khyber Hallway Pass by William Robinson
“Ringing Building—Khyber Hallway Pass” will allow participants to actively play and alter the
sound amplifying the Khyber Centre for the Arts interior space with the movement of their
bodies. A specific hallway/corridor with in the Khyber will contain a sensor allowing participants
passing through it to control the pitch of the sound being amplified and reverberating throughout
the interior architecture space.
Portal Shifters—New Works by Mitchell Wiebe
Does black light make it better?
Does a candle sway to the music of sweet nothing?
Let’s hope this troll’s progress is filled with the abundance of all colours gone wrong and
so-so strong.
Launching Nationwide Distro January 2014
Norman Adams -­‐ Artistic Director original > exploratory > creative
_____________________________ 20 13/14 Artists
Magda Mayas, Arthur Bull,
Donald MacLellan, Chris Church,
Robin Streb, Giorgio Magnanensi,
Lukas Pearse, John DS Adams,
Peter Wiegold, Jeff Reilly, Erin Costello,
Nick Halley, Tom Easley, Jean Derome,
Andrew Jackson, Daniel P Roger,
Scott Thomson, Tim Crofts, David Aaron,
Joane Hétu, Geordie Haley,
Andrew MacKelvie, Jerome Blais
Students from Dalhousie Music Dept,
Norman Adams
2383 Agricola St
open tues - sun 12 - 6pm
“The Bibliophonic series appeases diehards
in a format that even the most casual fan
can digest.” –exclaim
catalogue of the ongoing history of
contemporary music.
NoMeansNo: Going Nowhere
The Dears: Lost in the Plot
The Wooden Stars: Innocent Gears
Jfm S/t lP
Also available
You’ll Never Get to Heaven — S/T LP
My Cat Is An Alien — Living on the
Invisible Line LP+++
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