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newsletter - OK-X
May, 2014
November, 2015
By Chapter Directors
Marie & Steve Wilson
Here it is:
Steve and I have really enjoyed the Chapter’s activities in October. We didn’t get to
participate in everything we wanted to, but we still went to a lot of events. The highlight
for us was the District Rally. It was so great to see our Pride Table and Rex riding his
jet-powered broom/wing, the lake/cemetery with all our 2015 certificates in it, the events
we entered in the Talent Show (some surprises in those, for sure!), the Theme Dress
winners (could you guess they were Bill and Linda Stevens under all those
costumes…WOW), and all of Chapter X participating in everything going on! It was a
blast! And we received LOTS of certificates for our entries in the different scheduled
competitions and events. We were honored to have seating at the front, and to go
through the banquet line first, in honor of our being the International Chapter of the Year
for 2014. I was really pleased that Char mentioned that the International Chapter of the
Year Award was really for all of Oklahoma and Region H, that we are representing
everyone with the honor. We worked hard to get it, but we really had a lot of support
from other chapters, as well as encouragement. Thank you!
Steve and I wish to thank everyone for your support in our moving on up to the District
position. We are ‘stepping back’ some as we assume our new responsibilities, and
asking John Irons to conduct some of the meetings. We feel that we are leaving the
Chapter in very capable hands with Char and Ron Sadler taking over as Chapter
Directors in January. Remember though, it takes everyone to keep Chapter X FUN!
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“Happy rides to you….”
Marie & Steve Wilson, Chapter X Directors, Assistant Chapter Directors for Oklahoma
CHAPTER MEETINGS: Second Saturday of the Month - 8 am Breakfast
9 am Meeting. Sirloin Stockade, 208 N. Perkins Road, Stillwater, OK
PLANNING MEETING: Last Friday of the Month
6:30pm Meeting
St. Andrew’s Church, Stillwater, OK
Chapter Directors
Asst. District Directors-OK
Marie and Steve Wilson
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AC Director – Deputy
Director D & H
Jack Wagner
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MAP Coordinator
Rider Educators
District Couple of the Year
Robert Fritsche
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Steve and Carolyn Cotton
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Ron and Char Sadler
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Ride Coordinators
Larry and Shiela Cramton
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Chapter Couple
CHOY Coordinator
District Trainer/CHOY
District Coordinators/Cont.Prizes
Bill and Linda Stevens
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John and Shawn Irons
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Looking for a fun person to snap
our pics!
MEP Coordinators
Robert and Linda Oberholzer
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David and Cindi Hudgins
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Cares & Concerns
Bob and Janis Day
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Assistant Chapter Director – Jack Wagner
November, 2015
What an incredible month we've had. Motorist Awareness event, parades, parking lot practice, a visit to Big Brutus, the
Oklahoma District Rally, and as I write this, the month's barely half over! Chapter X is always busy, but no one should
think they have to do it all and no one should be criticized for missing anything. There are other priorities in life – and other
I'm sure Fritz will write about our Motorist Awareness event and our parades (thanks for coordinating those), and Marie
will no doubt convey all of the recognition Chapter X received at the District rally, so I'll take a bit to talk about our trip to
Big Brutus.
I think it was a balmy 48 degrees when I rolled out of my driveway headed for Yale to meet up with the group. However,
before I returned home, it warmed up enough that I had peeled out of everything but my mesh gear – except for a t-shirt
and my “tighty whities” if you must know. We headed out from Yale through Sand Springs and Tulsa then up north toward
Coffeyville, Kansas on our way to West Mineral, Kansas. We passed the Brown mansion in Coffeyville, (which by the way
is white). I understand it is quite something – might think about a day trip to Coffeyville for a tour. However, our destination
was Big Brutus.
For those who may not know, Big Brutus is a giant
electric shovel, the largest in the world. The statistics
don't really paint the picture, but they give an idea of
just how large this machine is. It stands 16 stories tall
(160 feet) and weighs 11 million pounds. The dipper
(bucket) holds 90 cubic yards or enough to fill three
railroad cars. Speaking of railroad cars, it took 150
railroad cars to deliver the parts it took to build Big
Brutus – it was obviously too large to transport
assembled, so had to be built on site taking just over
11 months. Welding it together took over 3,200
TONS of welding rod. And painting took over 1,200
gallons of paint. It moves at a whopping one quarter
MPH. Remember, I said Big Brutus was electric.
There were two huge (3,500 horsepower) electric
motors used to drive generators which in turn
supplied the electricity to power all of the motors used
to operate the machine. Kind of strange – you don't
think of electric motors being used to generate
electricity. Why not just use the electricity being
brought in to drive the generator motors? And it used a lot of electricity – the electric bill for one month alone was over
$27,000! After touring their museum and climbing all over Big Brutus, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and headed back home.
You know me, never come and go the same way so we went south to Vinita then Route 66 into Tulsa before getting back
on the ever familiar Hwy 51.
It was a great day – for everyone but Cindi and David. But I'll leave that story up to her. I am so looking forward to our fall
ride over to Eureka Springs!!
Robert and Linda Oberholzer
Chapter X MEC Coordinators
November, 2015
Last month we talked about how much FUN is important to GWRRA members. This month we want to talk about the
SAFETY factor and how it relates to retaining members.
Aside from the obvious—staying alive, it is important we share why we have safety seminars by talented instructors and
the reason why we have parking lot practices twice a year. Practices help you correct any bad habits you may have
acquired. It also reinforces your good habits—proper swerving, braking and cornering. Sometimes we get strange looks
when we share that we are having parking lot practices. I wish they would change the name of those—we are NOT
practicing parking! But until they change it, PLP it is. Some of the other riders say they have been riding for years and
don’t need practice. We know better. Old dogs should learn new tricks!
When we have practice, our instructors, in addition to showing the correct way of maneuvers, are looking at our bikes for
anything that might be askew, that the owner has overlooked. Something that might not be seen by the rider as he is
riding. And how many times, have you learned something from another rider that is not an instructor. GWRRA members
are always ready to share their experiences.
There is another important factor in safety and that is when we are riding in groups. Watch out for your fellow riders. As
you are riding, check out that cycle in front of you. If you see anything out of the ordinary, either let them know on the CB
or if not as important, at the next rest stop. If you see them weaving, give them a shout on the CB, better to wake them
up, than see them go off the road if they are sleepy or ill.
So when you are talking to a new member, share that GWRRA stresses safety. And that we also wear all the gear
necessary to keep us as safe as we can when we ride. It’s important to continue our JOURNEY being SAFE enjoying the
Robert and Linda
Oklahoma Chapter X
Stillwater, OK
Steve and Carolyn Cotton
November, 2015
“Tips for Autumn Motorcycle Riding”
Autumn is here, and the summer days of riding throughout the warm long evenings are gone. With the season
change, comes new conditions for motorcycle riders to deal with. The weather is notoriously known for mocking us with
random blasts of heat in the fall - but in reality, the trees are losing leaves, temperatures are on the decline and daylight
is dwindling away. Here are a few tips for motorcycle riding in the autumn of 2015.
Look Out For Dry or Wet Leaves
Yes, the leaves are full of color and look beautiful in the autumn season - but they are hazardous to riders once they
start to fall to the ground, and potentially very dangerous. Dry leaves can pile up on the road and cover potholes or any
other inconsistencies. Keep your eye on the road and try to take routes you are familiar with. Rain or morning dew will
bring a different kind of hazard as they will create wet leaves causing them to make a slick pavement surface. This could
make your bike slide on the road, so try and avoid these kind of situations whenever you can. If you approach a pile of
leaves on the road, try your best to drive slowly until you’re past the obstacle.
Deer Season
Deer are prominent for being more active in the fall, whether they are searching for food or running away from
hunters pushing them into new areas. More collisions with deer happen during this season, so you don’t want one to
come in your path while riding your motorcycle. Make sure you put on your protective gear before going out for a ride,
and always scan the road sides if you’re cruising in any rural areas. Stay alert during dusk and dawn, as these are the
times of day when deer movement reaches its peak.
Leather Is Your Best Friend?
The cool, crisp air is very exhilarating during the fall. Temperatures are much more enjoyable to ride in compared to
the heatwaves that occur in the summer time. This is the time of year when leather can be your best friend. Leather
protects you from the wind and will keep you comfortably warm while riding. Your mesh jacket with the wind/rain and
insulated liners will keep you a comfortable temperature, as well as the protective armor providing help if you should go
Cold Autumn Nights
The weather is more unpredictable this time of year. It can go from chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon to
below freezing at night. Bringing extra layers with you is something to keep in mind. Once the sun goes down, the
temperature can significantly drop, and you don’t want to run into some unexpected mechanical problems while under
dressed. You may want to bring your rain gear too, because frigid rain can cause hypothermia - and no one wants that.
Frosty and Icy Surfaces
Cold autumn nights only lead to one thing - morning frost. It is important to be aware of frost on the roads in the
early morning, because that pavement could have a thin layer of ice on it which will cause you to lose traction. Shaded
areas will frost up first, so it is important to be knowledgeable of your surroundings while cruising.
In closing, autumn can be the most captivating time for riding. Traffic on the back roads has decreased, the colors
are full, and the air is pure. Once the leaves begin to drop, the landscapes become more open. The new settings that
come with this season aren’t more dangerous compared to those of others, but you will need to be prepared for the
conditions to come. Stay Alert!
Aggressively Ride Safe!
Steve and Carolyn Cotton
Chapter X Rider Educators
By Jack Wagner
Deputy Director
Regional H Trainer
November, 2015
“By the Book” articles are intended to help familiarize GWRRA
Volunteer Leaders and Members with the policies, procedures, and information contained in the GWRRA
Officer’s Handbook (OHB). A copy of the Officer’s Handbook can be found at the following Internet website:
Please feel free to reprint these articles in Region, District, or Chapter newsletters.
Do I Have to Own a Goldwing?
Have you met someone who would be a good fit with your GWRRA Chapter? But they don't ride a Goldwing. Encourage them to join.
Did a GWRRA member sell their Goldwing and either quit riding or purchase another brand of motorcycle? Encourage them to stick
around. Most of us know there are two categories of GWRRA membership, Full Members and Associate Members. To be a Full Member
one must own a Goldwing or Valkyrie motorcycle. Associate Members are those who either own another brand of motorcycle, or maybe
no motorcycle at all, but are still interested in being a part of GWRRA because of all we have to offer. It was recently announced that
Associate Members no longer pay any more than a Full Member to enjoy all of the benefits of GWRRA membership.
So, other than not having a Goldwing, are there other differences between being a Full and Associate Member? The short answer is 'not
really'. They can participate equally in any and all activities at all levels with only 2 exceptions – and one of those can be overridden in
extreme circumstances. Associate Members are not eligible to become Directors or Assistant Directors (at any level) and they may not
participate in the Couple of the Year selection process above the Chapter level. Yes, Associate Members may be honored as your
Chapter Couple of the Year – they just cannot participate in the District selection process. Yes, an Associate Member can hold team
positions, even the officer positions such as Trainer, Educator, Membership Enhancement Coordinator or Treasurer. The exception I
mentioned that might be overridden; in the rare instance of a Chapter facing closure due to no Full Member assuming the Directorship, a
qualified Associate Member desiring the position can be considered as an alternative to closing the Chapter.
So don't be a Goldwing 'snob'. Embrace Associate Members and encourage others to join and participate as an Associate Member.
Who knows, they may realize owning a Goldwing really IS for them! Its a great way to grow your Chapter.
For more information on types of memberships, refer to the Officer Handbook and New Member Orientation Guide.
The More You Know, the Better It Gets!
Jack Wagner
By Robert Fritsche
Chapter X MA Coordinator
November, 2015
The winter season is just around the corner. For some of us, we will clean and service our bikes for hibernation
over the next couple of months and break out the toasty warm four wheelers to visit family and friends
through the holidays. There are some of us that will add a couple more layers of clothing, hook up our heated
suits, and keep on riding.
Whichever the choice of transportation, it is of the utmost importance to pay attention to weather and road
conditions. There will be weather systems that come sweeping down the plains, deposit their pretty flakes of
snow, pellets of ice or raindrops that create this blanket of clear terror.
Sometimes the leftover from these conditions can be just as terrorizing…wet leaves on the roadways, refrozen
ice in shaded areas, let alone the sand at most intersections. And if all this isn’t dangerous enough, you have
the rest of God’s creatures out there also, two and four-legged.
Be safe.
1. If you do not GO after what you want,
you’ll never have it.
2. If you do not ASK, the answer will
always be NO.
3. If you do not step FORWARD, you’ll
always be in the same place.
By John and Shawn Irons
Oklahoma District Trainers
November, 2015
Having Chapter Training Days
Shawn and I just got home from a great Oklahoma district rally and was it fun. We were both really impressed
with Sequoyah State Lodge. It was really fun getting together with all our friends from around Oklahoma and our friends
from around Region-H. Shawn did a great job with the contingency prizes for the rally and everyone seemed happy with
what they got.
I want to thank Johnnie Fredman, Steve & Marie Wilson, Casina Dean, Robert McClure, Jack Wagner and Bill
Rhoades who taught the leadership training classes at the rally. We had a total of 43 people attend the LTP seminars.
Next year we are going to reduce the amount of LTP classes that we have at the rally and ask all of the chapter directors
to help put on seminars in their own chapters.
This leads to the topic for this month “Having Chapter Training Days”. We are lucky because GWRRA training is
top notch in what LTP, Rider Ed and MEC has to offer in the way of great seminars. But to have seminars we have to
have some ways of getting the members to want to come. Here are some tips that might help to get them to your training
1. What is the seminar about?
a. Obviously your seminar needs to have a purpose, so it’s important to determine what exactly the purpose
is for having the seminar. Knowing precisely what you wish each chapter member to take away from the
seminar will offer a smooth transition into setting the details of your seminar. Are there values that your
members will take away from the seminars that will leave a lasting impression? These are important
questions to ask when you’re planning what seminar to have.
2. Don’t worry about the number in attendance.
a. Like any event, you’ll need to determine the exact details of the seminar to make sure that it will fit your
chapter. Don’t worry about how many people you will have. Putting on a seminar for 3 are 4 people can
be just as fun as having 20 or 30 sitting in your class.
3. Spread the word.
a. Once you’ve secured your location for the seminar and got your instructors begin spreading the word.
Put the word out district wide. Get with the district director, district trainer or district rider-ed coordinator to
help get the word to all of the chapters in the district. Remember, many of the other chapters are looking
for a great excuse to ride and may need the same seminars so let the other chapter directors know that
you are having a training day. Get excited about the training and have some knowledge about each of
the seminars so you can answer any question that your chapter members might have.
i. Don’t under estimate the value of social media when it comes to spreading the work about your
training day.
4. Keep to three or four seminars.
a. Time is valuable to all of your members so keep to three or four seminars for your training day. Some
chapter will do a ride and have just one seminar. Whatever it takes to make is enjoyable for your
5. Bring food.
a. All GWRRA chapter members love any opportunity to eat so ask people to prepare a dish and bring it to
your training day.
6. Keep the seminars fun.
a. Get with your chapter MEC and see if in between seminars you can have some fun quick games or skits
to help keep your members laughing and smiling. This will help in keeping the members involved.
7. Get with an instructor.
a. The Oklahoma district has 17 great university instructors. They all have a vast range of experience in
LTP, Rider-Ed and Membership Enhancement to help put on a great training day in your chapter. All of
the instructors are there for your chapter and will help you plan your next training day.
Ride always with Fun, Safety and Knowledge in mind,
John & Shawn Irons
Oklahoma District Trainers
[email protected]
Bill and Linda Stevens
OK-X Couple of the Year 2015
November 2015
Tragedy struck OSU this morning. Please take time to remember those who lost their lives, those who were injured, and
those who were affected by the morning event. Some “X” members were riding in the parade, but were not involved in the
accident. However, they were close and stepped up to help victims. Oklahoma Strong!
Now to a happier note. Wasn’t the Oklahoma District Rally exciting this year? Bill and I didn’t lack for things to do. We
started off by helping get the Pride Table and Rex situated then opening ceremonies and Monster Mash Ball. Costumes
were interesting and there were a few people who definitely were not recognizable! Us and new member Bruce Myers
were the only “X” members to stay for the last dance. It was an entertaining evening with a great band! We hope we have
a chance to hear them again. Friday we were up and going. Bingo at 8:00 a.m., vendors, jewelry making, medallion hunt,
horseshoes with a few “X” friends, more Bingo, assisting with the participation ticket/prize table, the talent/talentless show,
then a moonlight hayride and sitting around the fire rounded out the day. Saturday activities included but not limited to
Bingo, vendors, Bike Show, Dress Competition, Bill and I competed in theme dress. We were prepared for Riding Gear
competition but they didn’t have it this year. Some other time maybe. We also helped with the Membership Enhancement
table and then more Bingo! Dinner and Closing ceremonies were good. Some of our “X” members were lucky enough to
win some prizes that evening. To end the evening several “X” members went to Jimmy and Nedra’s cabin and visited
about what all had gone on the last three days, what we enjoyed and talked about future plans for the chapter. Sunday
morning the group separated into smaller groups to make their way home. Be safe “X”!
Excerpts from the Couple of the Year Manual (continued)
District, Region and International Couple of the Year
Couples must consist of one male and one female.
Both male and female must hold Individual or Family Membership in GWRRA. (Note: Associate Members are not
eligible to participate in the Couple of the Year program at the District Level.)
Membership must be valid through the term of the Couple of the Year position they are seeking.
Couple must be a current or immediate past Couple of the Year at the level preceding the position they are seeking (i.e.
Chapter Couple of the Year if being considered for District, District Couple of the Year if being considered for Region, and
Region Couple of the Year if being considered for International).
The Couple must serve as Couple of the Year a minimum of three months prior to the selection process so they may
have adequate time to prepare, attend rallies or other events, and get to know other Couples of the Year.
Chapter Couples of the Year may not participate in the District selection process more than two consecutive years (i.e.
in back to back years).
Chapters may have only one Couple of the Year participate in the District selection process each year.
A Couple may not serve as a District or Region Couple of the Year in consecutive years (i.e. in back- to-back years).
Note: If a District or Region does not have a new Couple of the Year to replace the current Couple of the Year, that
Couple may serve as District or Region Couple for a second year. They may not, however, participate in the Region or
International selection both years.
A Couple may not participate in the Region or International selection process in consecutive years (i.e. in back-to-back
The couple must have never been a National or International Couple of the Year.
October 10, 2015
Rachel and Cadyn Burns and Symphony Hart helped Marie Wilson lead the Flag
Salute. Birthday girls were Betty Jefferies, Linda Oberholzer, Carolyn Cotton, and
Symphony. Robert and Linda Oberholzer were celebrating their GWRRA anniversary
with Steve Cotton leading the celebration.
Robert Fritsche was drawn for the “Who’s Whooo”. We learned he had hiked the
Grand Canyon way back in 1989. Linda Stevens tried for the green ball in the ball
draw, but didn’t succeed. The pot grows! Marie won the 50/50 and also was the
recipient of the “X”! She was looking for the banner and come to find out, she had it!
Steve Cotton was ready to present it on to her.
Both earned their bachelor’s degrees from Oklahoma State University, where they met on a blind date during the first
month of Carolyn’s freshman year (Steve was an older man - a sophomore!). They dated steadily until Steve graduated in
May 1973 and Carolyn in December 1973. Carolyn was adamant that she wouldn’t get married until she had earned her
bachelor’s degree!  So three days after Carolyn finished her student teaching and graduated mid-year in December,
they were married on December 23, 1973. The Cotton’s will celebrate their forty-second wedding anniversary this
December! Both have also earned their Master’s and PhD degrees in Education. Steve and Carolyn Cotton have been
GWRRA members since 1996, when they purchased their first Gold Wing, a 1996 two-tone white GL-1500. They owned
several smaller motorcycles during the first twenty years of marriage but it became a true “couples activity” when they
purchased their first Gold Wing and joined GWRRA! They quickly became active in chapter life and have held numerous
chapter, district, region and international leadership roles throughout their almost twenty years of GWRRA membership,
some of which include OK District Directors (2000-2003), International Directors for Leadership Training (2003-2005),
Region H Leadership Trainer (2011-2013) and Region H Couple of the Year (2015-2016). Steve is currently serving as
the OK-X Educator, and was the recipient of the Oklahoma District Educator of the Year Award for both 2014 and 2015.
Both have earned and maintain their GWRRA “Life Grand Masters” Level IV Master Tour Rider distinction and are both
GWRRA Master University Trainers.
The Cottons currently ride a 2006 Champion Trike, which is gold in color, and they like to say they ride a true “Gold Wing”.
They have affectionately nicknamed their trike “Champ”.
Both Steve and Carolyn are retired Oklahoma teachers. Steve retired in 2013, having served forty years as a high
school/junior college chemistry and biology teacher. Over the next two years, he worked part-time for the Tulsa County
Sheriff’s department until Carolyn retired this past July 1, with forty-two years in education. Carolyn taught high school
family and consumer sciences (home economics) for thirty-one years at Bristow High School, and the past eleven years
served as a family and consumer sciences program specialist for the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech in Stillwater.
The Cottons recently built a new home and after retiring moved from Sand Springs to Edmond August 1, to be closer to
family. Many Chapter-X family members “surprised” them with a Saturday morning house warming visit in early September.
The Cottons are proud members of OK-X, 2014 International Chapter of the Year!
Tammy Burns 14th
Cindi Hudgins 16th
Patty Bailey 15th
Ron and Patty Zerr 3rd
Jerry Sadler, Lori Hamilton’s son, and Dan Swart’s brother, are all having health concerns.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
Remember everyone brings a contingency prize in December because
everyone wins in December!
This past month I got to ride with Jimmy Seward and Nedra Sanders and the Oberholzers.
We went to lots of places. First we went to Braum’s in Stillwater and ate a burger with the other
members of X. About every month we try to go to a Braum’s in a different member’s town.
Nedra took me to work with her at Community Care in Tulsa. There’s a lot of nice people there
and I had my pic taken with a bunch of them. They liked me. Nedra’s in front of her computer
all day long! It was fun, but I prefer being outside.
We went to Chapter B’s meeting in Shawnee and had a great meal there. Jimmy and Nedra
couldn’t go to the Perkins parade so Jimmy took me to Char so I could be in it, because I LOVE
PARADES! Always so much Fun! I rode with Jack—he always has room for me.
Then we went to Rib Crib in Stillwater on Tuesday night. Chapter X loves
those ribs!
I got to ride in another parade, too--the Drumright Oil Patch parade. This time I rode with the
Chapter Director, Marie Wilson.
My big ride though was when went to Kansas to see Big Brutus after the X gathering. That thing is
HUGE! Jack wrote all about it in his article. I look so tiny on that track pad! And you all know, I’m
not tiny! The next big thing I go to is OK District, can’t wait!!
After the gathering, I went home with Robert and Linda
Oberholzer. The chapter was having Parking Lot Practice in Perry
that afternoon, so I rode there on the back of their trike and then
watched them doing emergency stops and curves. They practice a lot in order to be
ready if a bad occasion happens.
Then we went to the Oklahoma District Rally and I got to compete in the mascot
competition and won 1st Place! Bill and Linda Stevens had me looking like a Witch
on a broom over Lake Gibson! He always fixes me up to look great!!
Since Robert and Linda couldn’t attend the OSU
parade I rode with John and Shawn Irons. We
had such a good time during the parade, but
there was so much sadness at the end. We had
just turned the corner at the end and parked
when right in front of us there was chaos. I hope we never see
anything like that again.
Then we went on our annual fall ride. This year we went to Eureka Springs in
Arkansas! It rained while we were there and I didn’t want to get out, so I stayed
and kept an eye on the guys’ trailers. The ride home was beautiful though, no rain!
Oct. 15-17, 2015
As usual, Chapter X had a great time at the annual GWRRA OK District Rally held this
year at Sequoyah Lodge in Hulbert, Oklahoma. There were many things to do and
Chapter X participated in all of them!
Dress competitions
Marie and Steve Wilson were installed as
Assistant District Directors
Steve Cotton was presented the award for District Rider
Educator of the year by Max Rowlett
Robert Fritsche and Linda Oberholzer found the hidden
Medallions placed by Kathleen Smedley of Chapter J
Cindi Hudgins won a free registration
to the Louisiana Rally
Betty Jefferies won the $250 Gas card presented by
Carolyn Cotton
Ron Sadler took 1st Place for 1800 Trike and Trailer Custom
Here is a list of all the honors Chapter X received:
Parade Dress
Theme Dress Couple (Bill and Linda Stevens)
“At the Movies” Skit
1800 Trike and Trailer – Ron Sadler
Polo Shirt
Pride table
Honorable Mention – “Singing Cowboys” Skit
Oct. 3rd Drumright Oil Patch Parade
The Burns grandchildren were
Flag Bearers for the OSU Parade
Just before riding in the OSU Homecoming Parade, Oct. 24 2015
Fall Ride to Eureka Springs!
On Oct. 29, 2015, twelve cycles with twenty three people took out for our annual fall ride. We welcomed Marty and
Tammy Williams from Norman to ride with us. This year we chose to go to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We left Yale at 9
am with the Cramtons in the lead and ate lunch in Gentry, Arkansas at the “Wooden Spoon”, which was delicious,
especially their desserts!
We made it to our hotel, unpacked and of course it was time to eat again, and so we walked to the nearby “Rockin’ Pig
Saloon”—good burgers and brisket! Then we caught a show, came back and hit the sack.
The next morning we rode! If you like “twisties”, this is the area to go. The leaves were beginning to turn, but not at
their peak. It was still pretty though. The Hudgins led this 5 hour ride and on the way back, we went through Harrison
to see the Maplewood Cemetery, one of the chapter’s favorite places to see in the fall. It is always beautiful. We were
about 15 minutes from getting back to the hotel, when it started sprinkling. We decided to stop and put rain gear on
just in case. Of course, it just sprinkled the rest of the way, but you never know. That evening we ate pizza right next to
a motorcycle parts shop. The guys were wanting to spend more time in there for sure.
Saturday we rode the trolley downtown to shop. It was rainy all day and everyone went in different directions! That
evening, Halloween, we ate at Emilio’s Italian Restaurant, which is in a residential area. By the way, Emilio’s is
wonderful. Most of us ate lasagna, their special for the evening and it was the best, I’d ever had! Afterwards, while
waiting on the trolley, we were treated to seeing delightful Halloween goblins. The city goes all out in decorations and
When we left Sunday morning, we had lots of fog and it was pretty chilly. All the mornings were chilly of course. Thank
goodness for our heating gear. Makes riding much more pleasant. The fog burned off after a while. We ate lunch in
Kansas, Oklahoma at the Harvest House for our last meal of the trip and headed home.
It was another wonderful trip for Chapter X!
Linda Oberholzer
2016 Events
Jan 15-16: Kansas Mid-Winter Rendezvous, Best Western Park City, KS
March 17-19: Region H Rally in Marshall, TX, “Three Winged Circus”
March 31 to April 2: Louisiana Rally in Lafayette, LA
April 14, 2016: 40 to Phoenix, Arizona
April 22-24: Kansas District Rally in Hutchinson, Kansas
May 19-21: Texas Rally in Temple, TX
May 26-28: Arkansas Rally in Harrison, AR
June 3-5: Missouri Rally in Branson, MO
July 7-9: Reno Rendezvous in Reno, Nevada
August 31-Sept. 3: Wing Ding in Billings, Montana
October 6-8: Oklahoma District in Muskogee, OK “Country Winging”
Directors & Meeting Information
Oklahoma Chapter Directors
Chapter B
Carol Haynes
[email protected]
4 Tuesday at Golden Corral, 2513 N. Harrison, Shawnee OK, meet at 7pm
Chapter E
Kenney Graham
[email protected]
Sherry Graham
[email protected]
2nd Tuesday at Golden Corral, 8144 E. 21st St., Tulsa OK, meet at 7pm
Chapter G
Jim & Binnie Gullane
[email protected]
1st Tuesday at Montana Mikes Steakhouse, 3825 S.E. Adams Rd., Bartlesville OK, meet at 7pm
Chapter I
Charlie & Lisa Robinson
918 688-5498
[email protected]
4th Monday at East China Buffet, 13202 S. Memorial Dr., Bixby OK, meet at 7pm
Chapter J
Bill McIntosh
[email protected]
3rd Thursday at Johnnies Charcoal Broiler, 33 E. 33rd, Edmond OK, meet at 7:15pm
Chapter K
Lee Headrick
2nd Thursday at Pizza Hut in Ponca City, meet at 7pm
Chapter L
Tom Clouse
[email protected]
Paula Clouse
[email protected]
1 Monday at Golden Corral in Lawton OK, meet at 7:30pm
[email protected]
Chapter M
June Stuckey
918 577-5520
[email protected]
2 Thursday at Hornback’s Catfish, 2250 S. 32 & Hwy 69S, Muskogee, OK, meet at 7pm
Chapter N
Larry LeTarte
[email protected]
3 Tuesday at Libby’s Café, 111 E. Center Street, Goldsby OK, meet at 7pm
Chapter P
Beth Jensen
[email protected]
Larry Jensen
[email protected]
2nd Monday at Pizza Hut, 600 Lynn Riggs Blvd., Claremore OK, meet at 7pm
Chapter W
Terri Lander
[email protected]
Mike Lander
[email protected]
2 Tuesday at GattiTown, 5833 NW Expressway, OKC, meet at 7pm
Chapter X
Marie & Steve Wilson
[email protected]
2 Saturday at Sirloin Stockade, 208 N. Perkins Rd., Stillwater OK, meet at 9AM
Oklahoma District Team
GWRRA Region H
District Director
Johnie Fredman
Gina Fredman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Assistant Directors
Kenny & Sherry Graham
918 752-4675
[email protected]
Assistant Directors
Marie & Steve Wilson
405 338-5393
[email protected]
District Treasurer
Jeannie Smith
[email protected]
District Educators
Max Rowlett
[email protected]
District Trainer
John & Shawn Irons
[email protected]
District Chapter of the Year Coordinators
John & Shawn Irons
[email protected]
Asst. District Membership Enhancement
Charlie Robinson
918 688-5498
[email protected]
District Newsletter Editor
Linda Frazier
918 360-1221
[email protected]
District Webmaster
Robert McClure
[email protected]
District Motorist Awareness Division Coordinators
Kay & ‘Smitty’ Smith
[email protected]
District Couple of the Year
Steve & Carolyn Cotton
[email protected]
District Vendor Coordinators
Robert McClure
[email protected]
District Camping Coordinators
Bill Shenberger
(918) 574-4663
[email protected]
District Event Coordinator
Gina Fredman
[email protected]
Mikal Brown Companies
369230 E . O l d H wy 6 4
Cle ve l an d , O K 7402 0
Pho ne : 918 .85 2. 6682
[email protected]
S ho rt S lee ve t -sh i rt $ 16 .0 0
Lon g S lee ve t -s hi rts $22 . 00
Hoodies $33.00
Chapter X Website, Check us out!
We also have a Facebook Page the Chapter enjoys.
Please send me any news, articles and/or photos you would like to have in the newsletter!
Chapter X Newsletter Editor
[email protected]

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